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Basic Video Editing for Youtube Facebook & Small Business

teacher avatar Uttam Kumar, Instructor | Motion Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. New Project & User Interface

    • 3. How To Clean Up Footage

    • 4. My Experience

    • 5. How To Import Sound & Basic Volume Editing

    • 6. Basic Of Effect Control

    • 7. How To Speed Up & Reverse A Footage

    • 8. How To Edit Multiple Videos

    • 9. Graphics Option

    • 10. How To Modify Color

    • 11. How to Export

    • 12. How To Import Photo & Capture

    • 13. Shortcut & Suggestion

    • 14. What's Next?

    • 15. Final

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About This Class

If you want to start your Youtube channel/ Facebook page where you want to share videos,

Or as an entrepreneur, if you want to do some tweaks of your products' advertising video by yourself

But still confused about where to start learning video editing

or lost concentration to learn video editing before, then this course for you.

Or If you want to start learning video editing then this course will give you the confidence to learn more. 

This course is very brief and well-designed for complete beginners. This course will make you an intermediate video editor. 

After finishing this course, you will be confident to learn advanced video editing.

In this course, only the basic tools covered which use most for editing; so that you can finish the course at a stretch.

This course for:

  • Youtuber, Vlogger 
  • Entrepreneur (small business)
  • Complete Video Editing Beginner

You will learn:

  • Basic understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Cleaning up your video
  • Adding sound and very basic editing
  • Adding multiple videos
  • Basic colour correction
  • Thumbnail from video
  • Basic effect control
  • Simple techniques to make your video interesting (scaling, positioning, speeding)

What will you need to follow this course:

  • No prior knowledge of video editing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 (an older version or updated version will work perfectly)
  • Some recorded video (use your smartphone/DSLR camera or you can download some stock footage or download the videos from the class project) 

How to follow this course 

  • It's better not to skip a lesson
  • If you don't understand a part, skip it and keep learning so that you don't lose concentration
  • If you skipped any parts, check them later after finishing the classes
  • If you need to watch the classes a second time, then I suggest you play the classes on your smartphone and practice on your computer at the same time. If you have multiple screens then you can play the video on second monitor

Happy Learning


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Uttam Kumar

Instructor | Motion Designer


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1. Intro: Hi. If you want to edit videos for YouTube or any other social platforms, are, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to edit your own videos, then this goes for you. Or if I just hit start learning P2 editing, then this course will keep with the competence. Discourse is very brief and oil designed for complete beginners. This course will make you an intermediate video editor. I am auto Kumar. I'm a motion graphic designers and artists. I love making fetus. I will be your instructor in this course. See you in the class. 2. New Project & User Interface : If you open the Adobe Premier Pro, you may see this page or different page, whatever 00:00:06.175 --> 00:00:07.735 To create a new project, you can click this new project, how you can go to File - New and project. Here. You can give the project name. Project name is The tree. In the location. you can go to Browse and select the folder. You want to save this project. Here you can choose HDV. Then click, Ok. This is our workspace of Adobe Premier Pro. If you see your workspace is different. than this one, that means you have selected a different workspace. If you go to these options, you can see Editing Color Effects Audio. those are the workspace based on the work this time we'll select Editing. And if you click here, Double-click, then you can go to the folder and choose the file and open to import that file. You can also import the file, just drag and drop the files directly here. So you can import very easily. One more thing you need to understand, if we expand the panel. how can we expand this panel? Here We have some panels. when we are clicking a panel, a blue line, we can see, if we click this program, we can see a blue line. This is the boundary of this panel. If I click here, we can see this is the boundary of the panel. And if we go to the boundary, then you can see this double arrow . And if we hold the left-click and move our mouse, then you can make it bigger or smaller. You can see there are already many panels opened here. You can choose the panel you like if we do not want a panel, then just click on the three bar or menu bar, you can see and close the panel, then it will be closed. So all the time when we will edit the video, we will use our project name, the project the tree, and we will import our files here. It is very easy to select the panel. If we click this double arrow key, then you can choose the panel. You want to see here. That is quite easy. And we can make it smaller. And if we want to edit the video, you need to drop the video in the timeline, you can click the video you want to drop and then hold your left click and drag the video in the timeline. when you drag the video in the timeline there are a lot of options you will see. You can see there is a line here or bar. You can see if you just hold your left-click and move it, then you can zoom it and zoom out. This is the option 00:03:30.410 --> 00:03:33.545 we will need to use a lot in future. And if you want to customize your user interface, just you can customize as you need. So maybe this time we only need the timeline. smaller, but when we use a lot of videos to edit, then maybe our timeline need to customize and need to make it bigger. So this is the very basic of the user interface, Adobe Premier Pro. If you don't see a window/panel. Then go to the window and you can choose the panel you want to see, like last time, we just close this effect panel. You can see there are blue mark on these panel. If you see this blue mark, that means that panel is already opened. If it is not a blue mark, that means that panel is not opened. So if we click here this time Effect 00:04:34.385 --> 00:04:36.545 we can see the effect panel. If you go to the window this time we can see the blue mark in the effect panel. we can also customize these effect panel just to hold left-click and you can just move it, then you can move this panel anywhere. as you like. we can move it here, we can move it there and you can choose the panel. you want to see. Just clicking the panel name. That is very easy. So this time we can click this project, The tree, and we can customize in this way. See you in the next video. 3. How To Clean Up Footage : To play this video, we can click this play button and you can click the stop button to stop the video. But in this course will not focus on this panel, will only focus in this timeline panel. in this timeline, you can see this timestamp. You can move it and just hold your left click and move this. You can also click on the timeline to move this timestamp. To play the video. You can press the space from your keyboard to play. And you can press this is again, to stop the video. If I want to cut the video, then you need to choose this razor tool. In this course, we will use this selection tool, the eraser tool, and this Type Tool. Most. So we will not focus on the other tools because those are not important for this course. So this time, we can choose this razor tool to cut the video. Suppose if I do not like a portion of this video, maybe it gets shaky. So if I click here, after choosing this razor tool, it will be cut. If a click here, then video is now divided in three parts. I can divide it as I want. And then if I click this selection tool, now I can select those portion of this video. And if I do not like this portion, I can delete from the keyboard. So when we delete a portion then what happens if a press the Play button again, we can see this empty space. So now we need to move the other portions of the video. You just need to hold your left click and move your mouse to customize this. But what about? You want to move this two potion together? Not one by one. Then you can select this two or three as many you want. Then just hold your left-click and move that portion. That's it. You can also overlap the video you can just click there and hold left-click. And just to move the timeline. So you can overlap the video very easily. You can also see in this, time playhead position so that you can cut the video in the exact time you want. Suppose you want to cut the video in two seconds. So you can choose two second, but it is difficult to move the timeline/timestamp, select D position of the two seconds. Then what can you do it, you can just zoom in of your timeline. Then it will be very easy to select that play head position. If you're into cart here, then you can just choose the it as a tool. Cut if on the card this video later, then you can choose this add two marker. Then a marker will be added. If you make any mistakes, you can just press Control Z. If you are using Windows. If you're using Mac book, then you can base just command Z. This is the basic, got the timeline to edit your videos. See you in the next class. 4. My Experience : When I start the learning for doing today, IS so confused what causes this Tupelo? And know where to start? So in this course I keep everything in brief so that you can start immediately. The most important thing is this course is brief, so that you can follow it at a street. And I make it to very easier to follow because we use very bested absent. But even these options like any basic bar, you can use your creativity to make your video. Paulo a, because from then the big bubbler happens. Like we launched our constitution in the middle, was, so Penney followed this course. You will a will not be, will not lost your concentration that this course will give you a peek at this. And immediately afterwards finishing this course, you will be able to make nicer PDS. Like. In the first section of our class. We talk about the user-interface, then how to clean up your photos and neck to video. We applied the same knowledge. And like how do you add to music or to clean up your music. And that add on how to add multiple videos and use the best setup. Some status is bending, positioning and rotating speed. At the first, adding text. To make the video on myself. I hope it will be a creative start or good start for you. See you in the class, then. 5. How To Import Sound & Basic Volume Editing : If you want to mute the video, then you can just click on this m. Then it will be Mu. Whatever. I don't want to mute this whole time. But ion to keep a Bhushan, this one. But I want to delete all the audios. So I click here to unmute. This time. If we click, right-click, then on link, then this audio will be unlinked from this video. Now we can select this audio and video separately. If we click on this, the audio and video selected. But if I click on this, I can select them separately. And I can deal with this audio of this video. If I click here again, right-click and on link. And I can delete this pity easily. This time we do not want any audio of our recorded video, so we can delete all the audios. We want to add a audio in odd PDO. Put that I have already downloaded audio audio file from n pi.com. You can download an audio file from anywhere you like. And I drop it here. And I got my audio. This time, I can move it here. And if I play this video now, PDO. But we can see that here, this audio is so long. It is very easy to clean up the audio. We know, we just see like this it as a tool and delete here the audio we don't need. Then we can Selection Tool and Cosimo, but this time we do not need to remove. So I base contours jet to undo. If we want to deduce the sound of this video, I'll increase the sound of this video. Then we can click this audio first. Then you need to see heads, the effect control panel, select it or not. If not, then we'll click this fx contour. Then we can click this left and right. Now it is in blue. When you click it, it will be black. Will learn this more in future. And if we click here, then if we make it minus, minus tardy or minus 40, minus 10 as you like, then the polio is three. If we want to increase the sound, then we can just make it plus 10. This is easy. What about u1? This time the polling will be increased, but this time the volume will be in the same. So this time for the whole audio track, we can and we want from this 42. Okay, I can zoom this timeline. This force again to six. Again, the polymer will be increased. So we can just choose this residue and separate this audio to six. Then we separate this audio. Then we can selection tool. Click this portion of this audio. Now we can increase the sound in this time. So if we play this video again, the sound is increase in this time. This is how we can edit the audio. Basically. See you in the next class. 6. Basic Of Effect Control : To ADD and videos, you need to understand some controls of the video. So when you click in a video on the timeline, you can see Effect Control Panel. If we do not see this effect control panel, then you can go to Window and just click on this contract. If you select a video in the timeline, you will see that two videos. If a contour until options. Here, we will only work on this position, scale and rotation, these three functions. What is the position? You can position LP, do. He picked click here. Then. You can see, you can see the position on TV deal. Why do you want to place this video? If you want to escape it up means June, then you can just increase the scaling. Suppose in this video, you're going to escape this site. Are you going to doom this site? And then you can just scale. Then you can just partition disjoint. You can click on this said the number by yourself, or you can just hold your left k. Then move your mouse to increase or decrease the number. This is very easy. Rotation is a little bit a mouse calling the left-click, then you can draft it D PDO. If I click here, then I want to join this time t, so on. So I clicked this video because I undo, edit this one. Then scaling. However, if I play this video now, this is how you can edit your videos using the African total panel. We'll learn some entrance tetani in future. See you Monday next class. 7. How To Speed Up & Reverse A Footage : If you're making a cooking video, our lab video are blocked. And you want to speed up some portion of your video. I have already deco to compete for you. This time you can zoom out of this timeline and we can select all of them and move them here. And I have already imported a PDO. And I can do here. You can see this time this video. I can speed up this process. If a right-click and on link ion to unlink this audio, I don't need. And again, right-click. And then you spit. And I can increase the speed to a 100 percent 300 person as I1, I2, 300 person. And okay. So this time we can see it is speeding up. I can add Morley speed. And we had 600%. Okay? So this time we can see it is so fast. So I can see a little bit here. And I can unmute this threat and this time we're going to do next. We can also define speed. I can right-click and then go to the speed. And this time, if we mark this is reverse the speed, then the p-doped wouldn't be. Okay. Now we can see. So we do not want to defense dv du, so I press Control Z to undo the PDO. Also slow down these PD. If we click this video, right, Gleick is spit do mission. Now it's 600%. If we make it 50%, then the v du will be slower than before. See you in the next class. 8. How To Edit Multiple Videos : Created multiple radius. We need to import multiple video are many, which is in our timeline, not in our project. So I double-click here, and this time I select six or seven videos. And open and TPUs are important. So harder the problems you can face when you draw those videos in the timeline. Suppose I want to drop this video in the timeline. So you can see that when I am dropping here, then I can see this audio he's affected. You can press Control J. To solve this problem. You can just log district. If we log this threat, then you cannot click on this drag or you can have select on this track. If a log this video track, then I cannot select the track. So if you want to select it drag again, you can just click on this lock. Then it will be unlocked. And now you can select. So we block this. We can log this track also. If we want to add more tracks in this timeline, we can right click here and add tracks. Okay, Then another track will be added. We can add more track. As we want. We can also zoom in and zoom out of this track. If a good deal in this bar and hold Alt, left-click and move your mouse. Then you can do mean or tomorrow. If you join me in, then you can see the thumbnail of the video. It is very useful when you are walking lot of PDFs so that you can see this PDO far determinant. And you understand that who is PDO? Is this, this remake and make this panel say speak up. And I can move it to see our dependent, or I can zoom out. So I log those panels because I don't want to affect the spinning. It could do so already finished. This domain can unlock this timeline. And I can zoom in a little bit and unlock this one. And this one already unlocked. And I can unlock this on also. If I select all of them. And right-click and nest nested sequence one or you can give any name. I can give connect the first one. Okay, then those all Pashtuns are defeated person will be one PTO now. And this time you don't have to select one by one. You can just Move the pole nested repeat, just clicking and dragging. If I double-click there, then you can see the sequence in the anodic timeline. You can see now we have two penance had passed on and this editing, okay, I click here, this is our tree project. And we can add two more videos this time. So I locked this timeline. Now I can add more videos and just drag and drop off. This is the flower. This is another flower. I can change the hue of this timeline, just clicking here. I can peel and I can add D. Tedious in our timeline that is engraved. Now, if I play this video, quite nice. And if I do offer left this video, then what can I do? Then I can just move it and I can move it to off I left a video system we don't want to overlap. So this is fine. And see this flower. If we want to zoom in, in this time, what can we do? Suppose we undo this question. So we can select this it as a tool and cut this portion. Okay? And selection tool. Select this one. Then again, go to this epic content. And so if we play this video, oh, it gets shaky here in this time. So we can select this red card, this question, and we can delete. So he caught the empty point. You can move it again. You can move this video and you take grid here. And if we are on mute the track this time. Unlocking, then unmute. And so I, I love this question. This time. I can move it off. I love it. But I can mute this video this time and mutant this on off. So so you can see it's very easy to control. And to do a speed of here. I can see who noticed my finger when I did the video. So how to solve it? I can just click here on the to-do. I can chill me and move it to the body. And if we want to ease speed up, then I can right-click speed pediatrician. And then I can 300 person, select the 300 person. And okay, then this PDO speed up. That is very easy to eight. Now. You can also add a multiple songs and just to add to your sound here, and you can add d sound in disentangling. This is how you can add date multiple songs and 82 PDO. If we play this video now. And you can see, it looks nice. So plus d, so on I1 to offer lip here. So I can move this and on the track and I can help I live here. Select them and move. I can unmute the PDO, the audio track, sorry. Supposing this time to this cloud flower. Here. Here. I can just select this recitation and head to this person. Then select, select this and show me if a clear this PDO. Now. So it gets here. So I can select it as a tool again, click and select this portion and delete it. Now we can play this video again. One more thing. If you see that to your computer, became very slow when you are editing, the video renders very, very slow. Then you can choose one by four, or half or one by 16, so that your video will be rendered to pay the fast. Suppose if I select this full, this time, it is okay for my computer, because my computer can to then dot-dot-dot it very well. But if we are competent or become slow when you are playing the video, then you can chance full to one by four on B8. Then it would be faster. So I can play this video again. It looks nicer than before, right? I can play it from the fast. This is I am, I am going to shoot the video. Nice to see you in the next class. 9. Graphics Option : We have already finished editing the PDO. So I can select all of them and try to get then nest has before in a sequence two, okay? And we can see this timeline now. This audio. If you want to remove this one, I can just right-click unlink and selected ten. Delete. This time we'll add text in RPT. So I select this Type Tool and click here. So you get opsin to type. Now we can type. Then select the Selection tool. Now we can move it. And just holding left-click, we can get all the options are typing card graphics by clicking graphics here. So if a ligand graphics here, then the interface is chance. And this time we can see more options of the graphics. Click here, Edit. Then we can get options of this text. We can resize the text. Again, change the color. Because this is red. We can add strokes if we want. And we can add background. We can resize the background or the opacity. You can also add shadow if we want, but we don't need. We can change the font by clicking here. Then you can change the font. And we can place it here this time. And we can take here the stem in this timeline. Track. Suppose if a play the video now, I can increase the time as I want. If a go near to the strep, then I can lead click calling the left click and move the mouse so that I can change the track timeline. I can change the Office city paid easily, create a clique here in the control panel. I get options. We can also, do you mean by scaling, again Gen Z position? As we have done for the video, we can drop it if you want. And you can change the opacity, the style. And I can play the video again. Okay, ion, to keep this road here. So I can move it. I want to add another text. Grass flower. I can click on the Type Tool. Click here and drive crash flower. Then this selection tool, I can deduce the size of it. And I can change the color. You can change the background color. And I can click here. And I'll say, if you're making vlog video, you can add some escaped. But also I can slip this type tool again, click here and be supplied. Then the selection tool. Put it here. I can change the opacity so that it looks nicer. Oh sorry, this scaling. And to change the opacity, you can see the subscribe button display. You can also make it a little bit nicer. Hard to do that. Again, duplicate. And this one very easily. Just to place the order of your keyboard. Alt, left to hold the left-click cornfield mouse and move the mouse. Then you can just duplicate this subscript batter. I can duplicate it here so that I can get an effort. Okay, I can play it again. So here I can see an effect is, okay. This is how you can add ticks on the LP deal and make it nice. And you can also see some template. If we click here Essential Graphics then browse, then you can see there are some templates. If a cold the left-click and drag in the timeline. Then if we click it, can see this. And we can go here to Edit. We can change the size. So you can see we have added, we can add two more template just to browse. Like this one. I can drag it here. Gosh, flower. If I play the game. And those gigs. And you can change the size and the stroke. You can add background and you can resize debate com. And you can always change the petition. And again, change the rotation of a city. So if a play the video now from the fast on mute. Thank you for watching. See you in the next class. 10. How To Modify Color : We have added text and this time we can learn a little bit about color. For that, we need to click color here. And we get this color. Use an interface. If I expand the spinal Lumetri color. If you want to make this color nicer, then I can click the PDF. And if I click here basic correction, I can change the exposure, increase a little bit. If you're a PDO, brightness is very low. You can change this exquisite. That's enough. We can also play with this contrast, but I can only play with this exquisite. And if you click creative and chance the pipe rents, winds increase the vibrance. The color of your video, we'll pay very well. You can see the difference now. With that vibrant means low vibrance. If a increase dehydrogenase, it become more colorful. So these two opsin is okay for, for real this time. This basic correction just change the exponent. If the brightness is pretty bad, then you go to creative and Gen Z or increase the vibrance. Saturation a little bit till you make it good. Pto, nicer. You can play with this opsins if you want. And you can see the changes, but make sure you make it full. This option. If it is on May 4th or on by 8, maybe you will not understand the color very well because the quality will be four times lower or a TMD lower, so you need to change it full. So did you understand the changes fairly wide? You're going to change the temperature if you want. But for you as a beginner, this x Bowser. And describe, sign up. Thank you for watching this video. See you in the next class. 11. How to Export : We have learned all the basic things of the Premier Pro. Now you can be able to edit any videos and you are ready to upload to your PTO in any blood from this time, we will learn how to export our video. So here, we don't need this portion of this audio. So I click this it as a tool again and got this and Selection Tool. Select this one and delete. Now I go to File Export media. And here you can choose the format. Is when to 640 is the standard for all YouTube or on Facebook, you can say. And you can still a chaotic mess the high bitrate. And you can click Export and Export Audio. You can click here to choose the output folder. And you can write the name of the file D, G, and save. And you click Export and give some time to your computer. Then the video will be when dashed. 12. How To Import Photo & Capture : For your video, maybe you need a terminator. So you can take a photo from the video easily. Suppose you like in this frame, this frame. You can drag the photo very easily by clicking this export frame. If I click this icon, export frame, it is look like a camera. And you can select the folder. You want to save the file. And you can double-click here to rename the file. Flower. Okay? We can see the Porto from the video. You can also add photo individually. Suppose I want to add this photo in the enol video so I can drag and drop it. And then I just drop it in the timeline. So if a play this video now, I can see this photo. I can take this photo. I again, just if I want this part off for a long time, then I just expanded. If they do not go on for a long time. And I can religiously it. I can also use the Control Panel. I can scaling the photo, reduce size. Also. I can also change the position. 13. Shortcut & Suggestion : It's always better to learn some shortcuts to work efficiently and faster. For this course are, as a beginner, you can use only two or three shortcut C from your keyboard to select the eraser tool. If a, please see the keyboard, I can select this razor tool and cut and v from your keyboard to select the Selection Tool and Control Z. To undo. This shortcut will save you a lot of time. One more thing you need to remember. Don't forget to save your file all the time you work. And when you export your video, make sure you unmute the video file or the audio file you want to export. Otherwise, if I mute this video and I export, then this video sound will be muted. So make sure you unmute the audio track. And to open your separate project, you can click Open Project or you can go to File, Often project. And then Tuesday project P1 to open. 14. What's Next?: If we have pin is discourse, then congratulations. Now you become a video editor. Before falling any advanced courses, make sure that you have practice this best adoption. And make some PDO using only these vesicles. Then it will be very easy for you to learn any air transport says. You can also follow me for any alphas courses in the future. Here, I have made a PTO using only those basic techniques. Enjoyed this video. See you in the next closest point, come to the CED sub p d, f out the cheese 2D down magnitude in Hutto Chengjiang. I am with compromised and lead to me dawn fight that initially, when we explored these enchant naught a towel around too. Hi. 15. Final: Hi, This is the final video of this course. If you watch the videos in YouTube or Facebook, you will see that when most of the videos, they have doomed the video and use the simple EPEC, like adding text and add music. Sometimes they speed up their videos. And someone who also uses the CAPEX or any meeting in their videos. But that's not a big deal. But most of the time, people use decent Beth VG options like the God that foot is. Make it cleaner. And they add the music, and they add text. And if they want to escape in some part of that video, then the skeleton and they export and shared it. As if you event check the YouTube videos, you will see the same effects. If a large see a lot of videos with the VFX. So these scores will clearly be helpful for the TOEFL. You need to first learn how to use this, the best league options. And as this course is very big. So you can follow those options many, many times. And most of the time we use this sons. And one more thing. Makes sure that you land these investigations value while if you still confused about anything or any part of the tutorial, you can watch it again. Though, everything will be clear to you. And if any fill find anything. You do not understand, then you can comment. I really do deflate to you. Thank you very much. Bores judging this course. But I will see you in the next. The digits in disguise.