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Basic Motion Graphics - Animate a Text Mask Reveal in After Effects!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

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About This Class

What is this class about?

With this short class I wanted to show you how you can create a motion graphics animation project from start to finish. This will be a clean design, showing you the entire workflow, what to work with, how to use shape layers, keyframes, masking and other adjustments in order to create this final animation.


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In case you want to expand on your After Effects knowledge and learn it from "zero to hero" feel free to enroll to my 4+ hours Masterclass course teaching everything about motion graphics and After Effects you need to know from scratch. Finishing this masterclass guarantees that you will understand all my smaller design classes without any problem!

After Effects for Beginners - Get Started with Motion Graphics!


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Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in this after effects class, I want to show and teach you a fun workflow where you can prepare an animation like that. We will work with a cool, phoned, proper shape element key frame and animate them. Reveal them with masks and many, many more things all don't within aftereffect. It's a really fun project. No matter if you are a total beginner or know your way around by the end of this class, you will be able to create this kind of animation on your own from scratch an aftereffect. I sincerely invite you to take the class with me and have some fun designing and roll now, and I'll see you inside. 2. Lecture 1: hello and welcome you in this new project. Now it's January 2017 and it's freaking lee cold outside. That's why I'm sitting here in this polar in my duvet bunker because I have negative 10 degrees and at night it was negative 20 degrees, but that's super relevant to you. But I just wanted to they say about this because it's really cold, even in my home. So I just went. Since I'm cold, I went to a fund website and I have selected a fund I was browsing around, and I, for example, so this just a farm. So I've just downloaded it, and I would like you to select also a cool phoned, downloaded and use it now. I would prefer if you use a bold phone, so a big fund what? You'll have the animation inside of it because we'll reveal a text with a nice animation. So a big fund like that would be perfectly suitable for this. You can select anything you want. I've selected just a fund, and I've saw it's free for personal use, So let's make a personal project. Once you have downloaded the fund, you go into after effects you create a new composition and this will be come. One eight decides 30 frame rate and adoration off. Seven seconds is perfectly OK. I will select. Okay, I was scrolling out and I'll write the text. I would like to be revealed here. And if you are clueless like me, what to write? Here it is. Go over our beautiful Internet. You go to a website called Random Lists that come, you select 50 and you click Refresh boom 50 crazy random works and stranger, naughty, rotten. How beautiful is that rotten? It just warms my heart, even saying that Rotten. Yep, that's really awesome. So I will select the rotten tax and I'll select my just a front. Beautiful. It gets better. It looks like a movie title, like a Avengers movie title or something like that, but I'll stick to it. Since I selected it. I'll get rid off my italic, and now I have to text in the middle prepared and I would like to start and the first lesson will be also for you to select a color scheme. We selected colors came a dozen of times. If you follow my lessons and you should have no problem with that. And I can, for example, do this within aftereffect. It's super simple. If you have after Effects CC or one of the newer versions, you can go toe window extensions and select the adobe qualities. The Adobe Caller teams should be here. I'll have it, and I'll select by clicking Explore. I am exploring the most popular ones because they are pretty good. But let's select maybe random. I don't care. Well, they don't seem this good, but this one this look for equal, I really do like those colors. I love dark, bluish colors and in supplementation with those reddish orange e one, This would be perfect and I will have to use them. I'm sorry. I wanted to search for something else, but I see such colors. I just am tempted and I used them and I will select a new solid. And by the way, I've done it by selecting control. Why you can also right click new and select and you saw it. This soil is layer. I can also by clicking control shift and why change the color? But I want to stick with this bluish one. So that's my selection and the further the text, I should have one of thes. So I will select my Pickwick and I select the first color or maybe the last one. I believe he will start with the last one. And then we will slowly go with the innovation towards this one. Because this is a beautiful contrast between the background and the actual text. So OK, select the first text selected background and this should be your initial design. You can click on the background. You can lock it down so it will not move. I cannot click it. I cannot move it and I have the text. I would also like to be precise, so I'll goto alliance and I'll put the text perfectly in the middle. Okay, this is it when it comes to the first lesson. So you should have a color scheme, a fund, and you should put your beautiful ward in the middle off the screen. My beautiful word was rotten, but you can select any word you would like If you have no ideas like I do just go to a random word creator, select refresh. And you have so many words to choose from all right. Thank you for listening. And Alexis over to the next lesson. Where will continue and built up this animation. 3. Lecture 2: I'm super hyped recording about this animation because this is such a great project to create an after effect, and it's so simple, you'll really love it. Now let us start the animation which will cover up this text. For that, you have to de select everything, select a pencil and create a simple object like that. And now your imagination will come into play. Just make a stupid one like that and that's it. This is because I would like to use those points to somehow cover this text or because I want it to be revealed from bottom or from topside from left. I'll show you everything in a moment. At first, select a panto and make peace to quit object like this. Okay, Now you have this object and you would like to place it on the selection tool operas V and you would like to change. This article would like to keep frame it, please open it up, go to contents, go to shape and click on the pack. Having the pet selected like this allows you to change its points. And that's the entire beauty here. So I'll open up the pet and right at the beginning. I click on the key frame, but then I can select everything and go back to the pack. I can go forward and I can start the animation. So 15 frames in. Let me make it liquefied like that, like that. Like this, Like this, like this. And it happens that I amazed perfect amount of points. But if you would like to create another design, it can be like that. It's no problem. I just wanted to make this wave just to have some little fun with it. Okay, the first wife is here, so I'll go now toe one second and let's see what will the Chief if we make something like this So this is our initial animation have to wave. The wife is growing and I think everything should grow. So we go toe one second and 15 frames. You don't have to be so precisely. You just want to make an animation which will Well, the best thing would be if it will cover the entire screen because then you can work with it from bottom from left and from left. It should be also big enough. So that's what I want to achieve. I was, like, all points and I'll have fun with open. It was so slowly start to cover up the screen. Okay? Going forward. I am trying to make it an equal amount. But I as I said, I do not have to be precise here. Boom, boom. Okay. And a bit forward now it should go even over the screen. So I'm sure that this is big enough. Okay, so we have our path and the nation, and let's select and preview. What do we have? Okay, a completely stupid animation. But I think if we duplicate this animation, we do some tweaks. It will look really nice. So when I was selected key frames, right click on them key frame assistant and eased them in because we would like this animation to look a bit better. Let me get his closer. Yep. Okay. You see, at this point isn't as interesting. So I'll take this information and place it higher. And I'll also take this key from and placed higher. Maybe let's make a fluid animation out off it because those didn't look good at all. Let's make them stay like that. Okay? Things could be done better. But you know, I'll just stick with it and we will see what will happen. OK, as for the rest, I'll adjust them just slightly so I'll have an animation like this. Okay, that would slowly, partially and gross into the design. Okay, so you have the first step red. You have to shape layer. You keep framed the shape layer and your east the key frames a little bit to make it better . This is enough for this lesson Now, finally, a final comment because we'll make a few tricks to finalize this information. Thank you for your attention in this lesson and lets it over to the next one because it will be a very important regarding mask. It will be about masking out this orange object. 4. Lecture 3: Okay, now we continue the design. Now comes the most pleasant step because I want to show you how you can mess. Get out. So you have this shape. You have this rotten text and just select the text. Be sure that the second object is here. Clicked the second Aiken or press a four on your keyboard and select track might ultimate shape layer one. This shape layer will now reveal the text, but the text will still have its native color. So if you would like to change the text year, the color off the text, you change the actual text. You do not have to change the shape layer because their shape layer itself is only here to reveal this off. It doesn't matter which color it has because it's Alfa matted. So only the visible portion is working as the reveal. Er, so this is your only concern. So we have an animation like that which is revealing the text. And I don't like this this beginning, but I will not adjusted now because we are going forward with the design. Okay, so I have this information, and now, for example, I could adjust the text a little bit. I could press control five and select a drop shadow. Let me select a drop shadow And you see, this text has now gotten this little shadow. And once it's revealed, it has a nice shadow like that. I just thought I would like to have a strong shadow here. I would like to shadow to be softer, maybe make six distance, 15 softness. And as far as the opacity goes, um, 50% is enough, but I'll maybe make the distance to 10 and a bit softer. Okay, Now I have a big visible shadow in this decide and I do really like that. Okay, we have our first rotten text. Please close off the shade layer. So you have this this information now and how you can multiply it, multiply incurable. Be very simple, because you can simply select the text and I'll call it Reveal er, reveal her. Let's maybe also make it orange. So we see it better. You can simply select us to control sea and control V aftereffect copies. It automatically makes the track mark. But you see, I'm eight and after effects made an error here, the reveal er is second and the Texas first. It should be the other way around, because now it will not work. So you take the reveal, er place the reviewer here and everything is corrected Now 22 off. The same layers are revealed now, so select the top to you. You've duplicated by pressing control de by the way and place them a bit forward. Now I should select the second text and select the second color for it. Where? My colors. I had these colors. So my second color with the Pickwick will be this orange one. And you see now what happens? I get a reveal like that and I'll show you the most beautiful thing here. It really amazes me each time because it is so easy and so cool. You can adjust the entire animation like working with this shape layer. You would like it more to the left side. No problem. Look at that. You would like it later. No problem. It will reveal the text like that. You would like it to go from left site. No problem. And that's why I made this animation so big. Look how big it is. Second reveal er 90 degrees. Um, it's still a bit too small. It's nearly, but that's no problem. I can process. I can up the scale now Watch what happens. You have the first animation real from bottom and also the review from the left side. Both happened simultaneously, and I could, for example, also placed them with your ear and you would have a really beautiful animation as far as it goes Way haven't animation like that, and you see how I made it a bit stupid here because it kind of whoops and stops hoops and stops. I should have made one continuous innovation, but this doesn't really matter. I can. At each point, I can press you on the key frames and sorry, not you reveal the reveal. Er, I can click on the pad, and I'll maybe change the path options. I change them like that, and now I have a different information. Okay, those old sorry, those ones were Victor small, and that's the beauty that I can adjust it so quick and simple. Now I know the information will be a bit more fluent. Let's preview it if it's still too slow for you. Select all key frames Prester elect, Old key and just a direct The key things here. Now the animation will happen quicker. Okay, Still, those should be adjusted. The beginning is already adjusted. And if you'd like to see how are you doing this? It will be no problem. It will be just It just requires a bit of time from you. It can be down without problem. I would need to go to each key frame and make them a bit quicker because I was too slow on those key frames. Boom, boom! And the last one was okay, Okay, now the animation will be a bit more fluent. Let's go over this in the next lesson where we'll adjust and slowly finalized this animation. Let's rev it up by making this design even better. 5. Lecture 4: Okay, We are inside the design and we've copied those objects. Let me show you. It will close it down. So I have the first text revealed like that. And the second text, I It's the same text. But the second reveal her like helps from the left side. If you would like to. A justice takes you can go to you. Open up key frames. You can open up the graph editor clicking on the pad. And I could adjust the key frames like that and they will get a different motion, A more fluid motion. It's like you would like to have one continues movement here and I'll try to do this. I make this less. I would need to come closer if I really wanted to adjust that. And you see what's happening here. So I was a bit too strong here have been struck here. That's OK. Now the entire motion will be a bit more fluent. You see, it doesn't stop us hard here. It stops a little bit, but this can be adjusted a little bit. It was too strong here that make it like that. And now the motion The motion now follows through the entire design. And the beauty here is that I can still, um, let me close to Stone, take this text and just control D. Now it's a proper Here's the shape layer. Here is the text control deep again Text three text for so text number Tree will have to call her number Tree text number four will have the color number four and now the Texas revealing like that. So the text the turret reveal er the press are and make it 1 80 degrees, 1 80 degrees and should come a bit later. You see what's happening now? I really do like this design. And maybe this this one from the left comes a bit too quick. So this Waas Ah, number two, Select number two and place it later. Okay. The problem here is because text number four is coming in and text number four should come from the right side. So one more time rotation. Okay, 2 45 Maybe it will be like that because you don't always have to be the same. I can, for example, make it from this site coming in like that and that's absolutely no problem. Well, it's a little problem because I need to process. And I need to make it bigger in order for it to cover the entire text. And I can place a bit later, okay? And what? What happens in the design? We have four different text reveals, and I know this immediately. It's everything is too quick. Control eight. You on my keyboard. I would like it to flow in for at least three seconds. So once again, I select my old key. Oh, sorry. Not all at once. I have to make it like that. And I would need to adjust them like this because I had some mistake like that. Then select the last one like that, and boom. Now the entire animation will flow in slower. Well, the last one is really taking its time, so let me adjust it. Boom. Okay, this is because the last one was the biggest one, and I still think it's it's too slow, so I could process I could make I can make it a bit smaller because I overdone it here. Uh, this would be enough. Boom. Okay, okay. I see it's starts to nearly boom and beautiful. Their little mistake you're is that the red gets totally forgotten. But we could adjust it by selecting the 1st 1 the red one, and making it start earlier. So the red one will appear at the screen. It's quicker. Okay. Once again, I overdone it. You need to select it here, select the key frames from the red one and come closer with key frames. These are just tweaks I'm doing around here once you have all those tweaks you you've made the design as he wanted. He should have a reveal like that. I was still adjust the sandy one because I don't really like it. So I'll press you. I will take the last key frames. And I placed him earlier at the end. It gets the slope, so I'll take the last key frames quicker. Last difference quicker. And this was how you can make very quickly such an animation. And now we will continue and let's maybe try to make an ending for it. 6. Lecture 5: okay in the last lesson. I have complicated things by selecting the rotation, and the rotation did mess up at a few drinks, but it made the animation a bit more interesting. If you would like to go for a simpler approach, you do not have to use the rotation. Let me show you I would select the rotten and the reveal er, so the first rotten and review I'll press control and to create a new composition. And I'll control Vida inside the composition. As you remember, the reveal er needs to be in top because the reveal er is the actual alphabet, which is revealing the text. Okay, or you know what? I'll use the adjusted reveal. Er, I think the reveal our number two was a bit adjusted, so I'll select reveal their number two and I'll copy it over here. I'll select rotation and I'll select zero degrees. Okay, this was the reveal er I have, and if you would like to designed to be a bit more simple, press control D. Now it's OK. Control de Control de. You don't have to do anything more than shifting forward, shifting it forward, shifting it forward and now selecting the This was text number one. This was text number two. Color number two, Text number three, Cholera number tree text number four. Caller number four And you would have an animation like that. Beautiful, of course. Ah, this one. Texts should not be visible in the beginning. But you know why it is visible Because the track matte is not working here because the track matte simply isn't here. This will be the correction now the track matte works since the beginning of the composition. That's why the text waas revealed earlier. Boom, boom, boom, Really beautiful. I do like this animation. And if you would like to make just mind of tweaks here, for example, at this point, I'd like this to not be us revealed. You just select the reveal er and you reposition it, reveal er proposition it reveal er position it a bit, reveal er work around with it. Okay, Now the design has a bit more off a different flow and it looks really nice. And it was much, much simply, let's preview it really beautiful. It's lovely fight into the screen and this is how I can change the design. I can do this over and over again and achieved different results. We are slowly finalizing this animation. Let's go to the next lesson where we'll just make one small animation to close everything out. And then we are done. So let's head over to the next lesson. Let's make their quick fadeout. Thank you for listening to this lesson and let it over to the next one. 7. Lecture 6: let us assume that you have to animation finish. You either, mate this animation like that with the rotations you made a simpler one going from the bottom and growing into the design. And you look for something to close up this composition. Now, you could make even a very simple circle and just burst the circle from the middle. How we do this, I would go to the shape players. I would use my rectangle tool and the lips told I would select a lives and make it as big as the screen with my shift in control key like that. Okay, make it a bit smaller. Okay? It's gonna be like this with the fill color out selected background color or a black one. Let you make it smaller because I don't see the text. It could be a simple expressing s keep framing scale from zero to 100%. So they're designed fates in okay. Off course. This was quick. This should be a bit later, and this circle would fade out. This animation now I owe the overdone it, of course, with the scale, it appears as the 1000% was far too much Okay, now this information would be slower and off course you got us always going to the graph editor. Select those key frames, click on the scale, eased them in, make it like that. And now the animation would be a bit more pleasant. You could also shift them closer. And this would be a very simple fade off. Another very super simple fade off will be just to using the opacity. So let me delete straight player. You could select everything apart the background, right click, pre compose and selecting. OK, now you have the entire information on one pre composition and at the end, you could trust t lie capacity. He could keep frame it, you could go forward and you could just placed opacity to zero. That's how you could make a very simple fade out here. This is about it. When it comes to finalizing this animation, I do really hope you did not only like the lectures, you like the animation itself. You like to work on such animations and you enjoy the class. I would very appreciate if you could give me a house up a positive review for this class, so I'll know that you like such contact. You would like me to record more of such content. And I'm really enjoying this. So if you have fun, feel free to watch as many of my classes as you want. I have much other useful content like that about aftereffect. So you are always very welcome to learn with me. Thank you a lot for listening to this stupid tutorials. I hope you did enjoy them and see you in the next ones. 8. Lecture 7: Okay, I have adjusted this animation a little bit to go in from bottom like that. And I would like to quickly change the color to see if some different colors would look better. So I took each text and I placed and fill effect on it. This will be the simplest effect. You just right, Phil. You drop it down and then you can adjust each color as you want off the text here in the effect I do not always want to click on next four tree to one that why I can use a color controller. You can right click select new no object. Call it color control, for example and guilted effect. Color control. This is a simple expression and I can duplicate, duplicate, duplicate this color control by having two players selected, I could select the text, text, text, text. I have my left control key. I could open them open The effect opened the fill. And here I have to call. So I would need to do this for each one. I would need to click on the color with my left old key. So left old and hitting the stopwatch. Thanks. Selecting the Pickwick. Oh, sorry. I don't have the color control selecting the Pickwick and linking it to the first color. Now, it'll inherit each color I select here, and it will automatically change in this place. So now I need to reveal each text separately. Text number, tree effect, Phil. And they call it left. Old click on it, Pickwick. Oh, against. Sorry. You need to set the color control. You need to pick up it and take on the second core. And that's how you can link all colors and then quickly change them on one layer. This is just a bonus quick tip. But some of you might know about this. And some of you don't know how to make those car controllers. So it's a perfect opportunity to test it out and check if this works for you. If you have any trouble, please let me know and I'll try to help. Thank you.