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Basic Japanese Writing

teacher avatar Shogo Kajihara

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Lessons in This Class

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      A line


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      Ka line


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      Sa line


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      Ta line


    • 7.

      Na line


    • 8.

      Ha line


    • 9.

      Ma line


    • 10.

      Ya line


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      Ra line


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      Wa line


    • 13.

      Dakuten and Handakuten


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      Combination Hiragana


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About This Class


This course is about the basic Japanese writing known as Hiragana. As a Native Japanese speaker from experience learning Hiragana is the first step in learning the Japanese language because it will affect how you would view or tackle Japanese. It also helps in improving your pronunciation. In this course you will learn all the basic Hiragana as well as the special Hiragana and the combination Hiragana to help you get started in learning the Japanese language.

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1. Introduction: show this. Hello, everybody. My name is Sheldon. I'm a native Japanese speaker, and I also have an experience in translating in this course. I would want to teach basic Japanese writing known us here. We're gonna Why learn here we're gonna us. Well, in my experience, it's easier to pronounce Japanese words properly if you know here again. And it is also easier to start learning Japanese. If you know the basics of Tarragona, after you're done with this course, you'll be able to read and write Tarragona like a native. So let's forget. 2. Strokes: before we get started on the hero, gonna I would want to emphasize the importance of the stroking order we're learning. Tarragona. My grandmother was a Japanese calligraphy teacher and from my experience, it really makes a difference when writing Japanese letters whether it be here are gonna Kana Kanji. So please take the stroking, ordered the consideration when learning Japanese writing First tackle the basic Aragona, which is composed of 10 lines. And after that we'll go through different kinds of special hero Ghana, which are either the byproduct to hero gonna combining to be read in a different way or a transformation of the era Ghanem made by placing a special symbol on the basic Caravella confusing right. But don't worry. After discourse, you'll be good enough to teach other students, so let's get started. 3. A line: we're going to start with the first line of zero Ghana, which is toe up line. The first of the line is the stroke quarter is as follows. The second of the R line is the stroke orders as follows. The third of the airline. The stroke order is as follows the fourth off the airlines. The stroke order is as follows. It is tricky. Make sure you do the stroke Do in one Go on the last of the line is the stroke orders as follows. Okay, on to the next nine. 4. Ka line: before we go through the car lane, I would want to state that it would be easier to memorize the other lines when you put into mind that from the airline repeats itself in all of the lanes. But just with a different letter before it. That being said, let's start with the first of the car like this. The stroke orders as follows. Second of the car Linus The stroke or dresses follows. 1/3 of the car line is Mistral. Order is his father. Fourth of the Carline Escape the stroke orders as follows. The last of the challenges stroke orders his fellows okay onto the next main. 5. Sa line: We're going to start with the satellite. The first of the sound nine. This road orders as follows. Second, a stroke orders his finals. The third of the sound. Linus, Mr. Order is as follows. Fourth of the skyline is sick. Stroke orders as follows. So stroke order is his father. Okay, I went to the next night. 6. Ta line: We're going to start with the Taliban the first time, darling. Destroy order is as follows. The second line is cheap. Mr. Porter is as follows. 1/3 of the finest Miss Recorders his father before his death. Mr. Orders has found us the last of the line. Stop the stroke orders. His father's okay on to the next night. 7. Na line : we're going to start with in that line. The first of the new airline is not Mr Orders as follows. The second of the Non Aligned sneak stroke orders follows the third of the nine. It's new stroke orders as follows. The fourth off the Nightline. Isn it stroke orders His father's. Make sure you make a zigzag at the beginning of stroke. The last of the line is no strong orders. His father does okay under the next night. 8. Ha line: we're going to start with the hard line. First of the hardline. This stroke orders has found those second of the hard lines stroke orders as fathers. The third of the hot minus export orders has found those. It's written here that full dispelled it f you, but spending it with h you. It's also about it. But the correct pronunciation is nephew. The fourth of the hotline is stroke orders, respondents, The last of the hard line is home Stroke corner is as follows. Okay on to the next line. 9. Ma line: We're going to start with the my line. The first of the minus stroke orders as follows. If you notice that Mark, it's actually similar to home. When you're a beginner from my experience, you tend to interchange my home. Just remember that mop doesn't have a line of sight. The second of the man. I missed me. This rope order is as follows. 1/3 of them are Linus. Stroke orders has found those. The fourth of the my line is met. Stroke Order is as follows. The last of the man that small the stroke borders his follows. Okay, on to the next night. 10. Ya line: We're gonna start with the line. This line only has three here are gonna characters. But this lying is part of the combination Tarragona we're going to discuss later. That being said, let's begin the first of the nineties. This rope orders as follows. The second of the line is you. The stroke orders as follows. 1/3 of the lightness York the stroke orders as follows. Okay, on to the next night. 11. Ra line: we're going to start with there are, like the first of that outline. They set up the stroke orders as follows. Second, there are nine stroke orders. His father's. The third of that are Linus stroke orders as follows. The fourth that are line the stroke orders his follows just like neck from dinar line. Make sure you write the zigzag during stroke, too. The last of their line is stroke orders. His father's okay onto the last night. 12. Wa line: we're going to start with a watt light, just like the yeah light. Wildlife is also shorter than the other nights. The first of the UAE. Linus what the stroke orders his father's just like right, right. That's exactly during stroke, too. The second of the twilight this war, the stroke orders his father's at the last of the basic hero Gotta. Is the stroke orders as follows? Technically, this is the part of the wildlife for the purpose of starting Tarragona. It's easier to include that. The wildlife. Okay, we have completed all the basic Tarragona onto the next listen. 13. Dakuten and Handakuten: Now that we're done with the basic here again, aligns, let's talk about the doctor conducted. He's here to symbols place on the top, right? Part of the hero gonna change its reading, but it only applies to a few. Here, we're gonna lights you write the doctor operating two lines at the heart, Doctor, it's a circle. Let's begin first with deducted the first line that will transform Mr Carline, the Cocky Cookie Co. From Carline will transform in Dubai the car light, which is a guy group. The satellite she's so will transform into jazz Ally. We just g it. So that will transform into the delight that debt at the last line that will get transformed by deducted. Mr Hunt, How he who will become the byline, which is about be boot bit. But But now for the hot ducked it the hon Dr. Actually on the transforms one line, which is the highlight, The huh? He who will transform into the pilot? We just got beat put bit, but that is older hero gonna characters that will be transformed by deductive and inductive . They're onto the next lesson 14. Combination Hiragana: Now we're going to talk about the combination hero. Gonna the combination here organize made by placing a smaller version of yeah, you on the bottom right corner of a specific Here again, it's easier to remember the reading of the combination here, a gun I take into account that whatever, whatever hero Ghana it transforms. You just removed the second letter and replace it with yeah you for you. Let's begin. Keep from the car. Nine is transformed into kept cute and kill. Keep from the highlight. His friends formed yet cute, cheap from the sideline, distress form into shop. Shoot the show. His readiness is age old, but this way, always also correct. From March. This transform into you the chief Thailand. It's transformed to check the tattooed. Your here is returned with an H. It is also correct if you used a why. Instead, read from there are like his transform dirty at Do you feel me from The line is transformed into yet you a new now for deductive geek from the garden. It's transforming to get you kill a team from this outline, transform into that Joe Jean from the darling it's transforming Jack do job. The beat from the byline is transformed and to be at Butte and built Leslie for the doctor . The parliament is transformed into a few. That's all the combination. That's the end of my course. Please continue to practice. Remember, practice makes perfect.