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Basic Character Rigging in Toon Boom Harmony Premium

teacher avatar Sajeev .G Nair, Learn, Teach and Repeat

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. 1.Introduction

    • 2. 2. Seprating the body parts

    • 3. 3.Changing the pivot

    • 4. 4.What is peg

    • 5. 5. Assiginig peg for layers

    • 6. 6.Parenting the layers

    • 7. 7.Creating head rig

    • 8. 8.Creating animation

    • 9. 9.Class project

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About This Class

HI Guys, Welcome to the character rigging class in toon boom Harmony premium, If you are an animator trying to improve your skills in 2D animation, or a complete beginner, this class will help you learn the basics of character rigging. This class is a beginner series but even if you are an experienced animator you will be learning new tips from the class. So feel free to ask any questions or doubts you may have regarding the class.

Happy Animating 

Meet Your Teacher

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Sajeev .G Nair

Learn, Teach and Repeat


Hi, I am Sajeev G Nair, I am a 2D and 3D animator and Motion designer with years of experience in teaching and working in the Animation industry located in India. I will be teaching everything from graphics design to 3D and 2D animation in my courses. You are always welcome to ask doubts and questions related to the course you are following. I wish all of you good luck and hope you will learn something new from all of the courses I am teaching. I wish you all good luck and happy Learning.

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1. 1.Introduction: character rigging in tone Boom harmony, Premier interest. Hi guys. I am said you on Welcome toe this class on character rigging in Tondo Harmony Premium here I have a character really for the reading process. If you are know to this class, I suggest you watch my previous class on creating a character in harmony. We will be using notes to create the character day here. As you can see, I have all really created a gap. But we have to separate the characters body parts in order to create the rig. There are several different mothers to create the rig in harmony, but we will be following the easy on widely used mother off parenting the limbs to create the ring, although we will learn the are doing smothered in future classes. 2. 2. Seprating the body parts: separating the body parts before separating the limbs mean you to create more, drawing less click on small place second, with the shape on the timely to create the layers in the proper panel named earlier, Head impressed. No, it Wrangler is created in the dangling. Continue this process and create layers for the rest of the body. Parts you can press control are to create more, drawing less to continue to create multiple layers you can press, adding the hope of India. No continue to process. Once you've helped re enter water layers, you can check the dangling two inch. You have created all the necessary layers. Correct All the north and you're the order option are inter notes. No so that the head off the character bay dragging using the selection tool Press control extra cup. No, said the newly created it layer and pressed control me to paste 20 new This process under all the parts are separated. You can create extra layers if needed. Use the shift, but the select multiple objects to select object on a different layers. Press control on click. This will help you notice speed up the process. - Once all the parts are separated. We can use the transform toe to re arrange the body parts into their orginal place to all in the layers properly. You can shift the layers in the time bling or you can see in the collection order, you know, review fashion individual. 3. 3.Changing the pivot: changing the board. Fine. I know that because separated all the body parts we need to sit there with what points in the right position to do that. Select ahead layer using the Transform Gold until a killer title from subtitle Actually on the radio now the port one will be highlighted. Click on the oil on moved to the bottom off. The headship are short. No, you can see the characters is rocketing property. Can't you knew this process every layer to properly interrogation off the body parts. Make sure to check their patient off the lives to avoid future corrections. 4. 4.What is peg: creating fix. In the previous video, we house separated the body parts and said, They're your points properly Now in this video, you will learn about picks on how to use picks in our territory. So what is it Big. Simply put, they are invisible objects that are used to move and manipulate other objects. For example, here I have three different drawing layers with different shapes. Since they're on different layers, we can animate individually. No, you create a big sound kind of you to the drawing lab. As you can see by selecting the pigs, we no other option off moving and manipulating the objects or at once and at the same pain , begin individually, animate each layer separately. It gives us more control over the animation process, So in the next video, we'll create picks for each of our players. 5. 5. Assiginig peg for layers: assigning pigs for layers. Once you have double checked all the layers. Now we get to the northerly library and search for pay. Grab the pig to the north view on, keep all the settings to default, so we will start by connecting all the layers. So the one pig we have created once you are connected, older layers press control. Be to create new pair named a big no connected to the main character Big and panic the border and into the hit left. Now create a big for the upper body and connected to the mean pig and let continued us to the lower body. You can get a new big toe the layer by holding world on driving between the mean pig on drawing little collection and canned coffee the plate to duplicate. Don't forget turning each big properly funding. Others tell all the pigs are created. Now we have created bids for every lap. So, just like before, meaning toe all in. The report points off the creative picks to its right position. Let the rotator and start placing the board plants on the drive. When placing the port wine, make sure the rotations off the layer this proper by destiny continuously do this process. Everything left 6. 6.Parenting the layers: bending Galis now that people are saying begs for the layers, it's staying for parenting layers properly. We will start with the body on the head left. So when the body moves authorities, the head also needs to be more so correct. Upper body, back to the head. Pigs. This is with the upper body, the apparent on the head pig. It's child. So when we move or a total body layer, the Hitler also moves. Same way. We need to connect a full body to the lower body. No, depending for the body and head layer are completed. Continue the same process for the legs. Connect the upper leg to the lower leg and the fourth to the lower leg. Left full of the video on bearing all the body parts correctly. Once depending focuses, completed double checked irritation. I'm moment for every lace 7. 7.Creating head rig: creating Hedrick. As you can see, the head is in a single layer toe enemy. We need to separate each part to its own less so creating new drawing left and name it arse mouth on flick at in your layer will be created. Continue to create layers for the rest of the components. - You have created all the necessary letters. Create a new composite north by navigating to the north Very that in order to the north of you found it. No. Connect the note to the main called faucet and connect all the new layers to the newly created Not right . I broke on peace to the new right April. Now that the left Cairo and face to do the left eyebrow layer kind you knew this under all the layers are separated. - Once all the parts are separated used their efecto toe. Arrange the paper point to the proper position. No parent, all the layers to the head pig to properly Aronson, hold for better navigation. We need to create backdrop. So select the burger menu in the North Review panel and navigato insert honestly corn backdrop you call the Yellow Square on the backdrop and name it character head no by clicking on the corner, skilled a backdrop and cover all the north and leaning the head layer. Now, as you can see by moving the backdrop became more than an entire not in the head. Cruyff half of the video and create backdrops for the rest off the notes. - Now that we have completed the Hendry, we have successfully completed the basic character. In the next video, we'll create s more animation to district. 8. 8.Creating animation: 9. 9.Class project: so thank you so much for watching the class. Onda. Make sure that you are uploading your projects. Your project used to create a simple character on freely characteristic following the class picture that once you help 100 your character share with the community. So you negate the positive feedbacks Onda criticism on once you feel confident enough being quick arithmetic and make a simple animation as I shown in the video. So until next time to you happy animating.