Autumn Wedding Photography - How to edit wedding pictures in Adobe Lightroom? | Martyna Nysk | Skillshare

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Autumn Wedding Photography - How to edit wedding pictures in Adobe Lightroom?

teacher avatar Martyna Nysk, Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Editing process in Adobe Lightroom


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About This Class

Hello everyone!

In this class, you will learn how to edit autumn wedding pictures in Adobe Lightroom.

We will go step by step through the whole editing process, so you will not miss any of the important steps.

Meet Your Teacher

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Martyna Nysk





Hello, I'm Martyna!

I am full-time photographer & filmmaker currently based in Czech Republic.




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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. My name is Martina and I am full time for the gunfire from Czech Republic. Today I am going to show you how to edit autumn wedding pictures. Now the bill I drum. So if you're beginning for the year for and you would like to learn how to edit another rely true, I believe these classes for you. I will go. I just step by step how I am anything. My wedding pictures for my own portfolio. So we will not make any off important steps. So let's move to editing part. 2. Editing process in Adobe Lightroom: Hello again. We are in other buildings from right now, and this is the picture which I will read it for my wedding portfolio. I took that picture, I think, one week ago during my wedding editorial for autumn season. And the reason why I was doing this wedding editorial is because I would like to show the bride's how their pictures might look like if they will do their wedding day during the autumn season. If you are a wedding photographer, I really recommend you to do the same, because if you will have more interesting pictures in your portfolio, it will attract more clients through your photography business. That's all about photograph in business for now. And let's start playing around with this picture. So, um, the first step might be a little bit confusing, but you have to believe me on that. Let's move exposure to the left. E think minus 30. It's enough that school, and the reason why I am doing this is because, um, later I will move the colors and then and the shadows up. So, um, let's say I would like to have more control over the colors and brightness, and if we will do this. It's not the result with which I am looking for. So just believe me and moving to the left. You will see later. Uh, if when we were playing with this part, you will see why I was doing it. So I am exposure minus 30. End of the story. And, um, let's move shadows to the right. That's enough, I think. And let's move. Take sure to the right as well. Now let's move here. Click here and move it up and Mitt Stones will about Okay, that's cool. And now I will show you why I did that. If we will have base on zero, it's just too bright for me. I would like to have more darkness around. So this is one of the reasons why I moved to the left. And if we are, you are playing with this part. You have more control over the brightness and everything. So yeah, I think if you would like to play with your pictures, this is the better way. How to do it now we will play with Tom Colors. So for sure, I will change the green color and I will change it to the yellow to make, um, more. Let's say autumn feelings. It's kind of funny, but no one your anything picture. You have to think like how you can, um, how you can make feelings like on this picture how you can make this picture more. Um, let's say it's very hard to explain that. It's like when you look at this picture, you need toe see only like the autumn pipes, nothing else. So the green color is very disturbing. The picture the same thing is this blue color on the right side. So just let's remove it. You know, you have to avoid every, um, unwanted color and unwanted apart from your pictures to create the really nice autumn VIPs . Yeah, I think this is how I should explain that. So, um yeah, another thing, which I don't like on this picture is the color off this keen? So let's change this orange, the yellow. I think we can do the same with red color, a swell but just a little bitty. And now it looks much, much better. And, uh, I think we're done with this part. And now let's play with brightness off image, individual colors So this is the part and the reason. Other reason why I changed exposure to minus 30 because right now we were be popping out the in individual colors. And if you will have too much bright picture, it will not do the effect which we want to achieve. So let's move this orange to the right. Cain. That's cool. Let's do the same with the red core. Perfect. And, yeah, let's more feel oh to the right as well, just But just a little bit. That's cool. And let's move green to the right. A swell. Yep, that's amazing. So as you can see this picture, folks cool already. Let's move load to the right. This well, yeah, I think that's enough. So I really, really like the look of the picture already. But still, let's play with colors off the highlights and shadows. So, for highlights, for sure, I will choose the yellow color. Okay, that's that's but okay, that's that's the result. What I was looking for and for Shadows, let's choose the's kind of blue collar and let's play. We've better look how it will looks like OK, I think that's quote and I think we can add more yellow tone to this picture. So let's just move. Leased them temperature to the right. Okay, dots. Enough. And this is the result. What I was looking for with the colors, shadows and everything around. So, um, another thing which we can do to make this picture more eye friendly. We will put out the couple in this part from the picture. So click here and choose darker and create circle like that. Like these and maybe shadows like about minus 13 and click here. Number. Okay. Lets play around with the circle. Maybe we're going out. Yeah, off the shadows. Like this and that. Cool. As you can see, once we did that, this part of the picture pop out and this is what we were looking for. Another thing would weaken due east weak and at some brightness to the bride. Hey, just faint the brightness here. Okay? It looks like my computer is having some problems because it's like supercell. Okay, we'll handle OK, that's cool. But I will change it. Toe 15. Yeah. And last part which I would like to do is, um, the flowers. Let's at some contrast to the flowers and like that, they will about a little bit. Let's maybe even and a little bit of clarity and highlights. Yep. Okay. So I think we are done with this picture. I really like this feeling which is coming out from the picture, and it's really like autumn VIPs say on this is before and this after. So, as you can see, we did a huge difference on Lee with light from we didn't use photo shop at all. Um, if you would like to support the shop, I think, um, of course you can. Um but I think lights room it's more easier and more faster than photo shop. The only, uh, think which, uh, evil make better in for the shop, of course. Is, um, very touching. But I don't know. I think when you are doing fighting territorial and wedding pictures, the big um, the big Plus is that, you know, before the photo shoot to have a lot of people which are taking care about your bride and your couple, So in the end, you don't have to retouch it because, you know, the bright is prepared for the father should already And if you have to retouch it. I think the stylist was not so good as it should be. Because when you are waiting for the great for you have a lot of pictures. So, you know, to edit. So like that when you're you have a very good team off people which take care of the bride . You have more easier work to do. So yeah, that's all from my side. So I hope you enjoy it. And I hope I helped you do learn, Um, a double light from a little bit more. So thank you for watching. 3. Project: Hello again. So I hope you've enjoyed my anything process. And I hope you learn something new in a turbulent room. And because practicing makes our skills much better, I've prepared a project for you. I will give you three off my ultimate wedding pictures in Iraq quality. And you will have to edit them Another village room according to the previous video. Of course, if you have your own wedding pictures from ultimate sees and feels free to use them as well , I am looking forward to CR edits. See you soon.