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Artist Block : Four Exercises to Spark Your Creativity

teacher avatar Gintare Budvytyte, Watercolor Illustrator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Materials Needed


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      Exercise One


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      Exercise Two


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      Exercise Three


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      Exercise Four


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Are you struggling with an artist block? Do you find yourself just staring at a blank piece of paper and have no ideas where to start? Well this class is going to help you!

This class is for everyone that is creative and find themselves struggling from time to time. I want to help you get your creative juices flowing back into your head. 

Wether you are beginner or an experienced artist you will find these exercises useful.


  1. Limited color palette jungle
  2. Funny faces
  3. Drawing with non-dominant hand
  4. Mushroom composition

This class will help you to spark your creativity and can also act as warm up exercises before you begin any project. I know how hard sometimes it is to come up with great big ideas so this class is here to help you!

At the end of this class you will have four beautiful sketches in your sketchbook. You will have experimented with limited color palette, drawn some funny faces, practiced your opposite hand and created a beautiful mushroom composition.


I can't wait to see your beautiful sketches in the project gallery!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gintare Budvytyte

Watercolor Illustrator


Hello, I'm Gintare and I am an illustrator behind my brand One Tooth Moose. I specialize in watercolor and love working on a large scale. My paintings are full of texture and little details as I absolutely love studying paintings that have lots of texture. 

I recently started focusing on producing short creative process videos of my paintings for my youtube channel and it has become something I absolutely love. 

Since I have found my voice in art I decided it would be amazing if I could teach other people the things that I know and help them out with their artists blocks. I want to share my tips and tricks with everyone and give back a little bit to the community that has tought me so much!

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Diana and I'm another straight the basin WR United Kingdom. Some of you might know me from Instagram under the name of 12V Mace. I create these beautiful and expressive what's color paintings as well. Some line where now this lesson is for everyone that is great and find themselves in a little bit of a pig co, when ideas dry out, when that most famous artist blog finally hits you. And you are too scared to draw anything because you simply feel like you have no ideas happened to me and I'm probably happened to you too. Or maybe you want, I begin 1-2 lens, something different excellently at different mediums and find the writing style than these excercises might help me to get on track to finding your own artistic voice. And today, meaning, you are not going to do full little exercises that will hopefully start getting your creative juices flowing and you'll be more creative. Well, we'll do limits, kill Apollo. Painting will make raising a beautiful Django. Well, we'll draw a lot of different simple faces and experiment with different emotions and tried to create simplistic type of portrait will also be exercising our non-dominant hand. And we will be doing a lot of those sketches with our non-dominant hand. And last but not least, we'll, we'll be making this beautiful mush from composition. I love mushrooms, they're fun to draw funds, a pint, and hopefully you will say why. By the end of this class you will have full beautiful illustrations. You will have extra mentor with a lot of difference and a lot of different styles of painting and joy. And you're also going to have that sense of achievement that you actually have quite as something, even when you didn't feel like you want to know what to create. Now, if you want intrigued and want to get inspired, then please don't be shy and join me on my third ScalaCheck class, and let's do some exercises together. 2. Materials Needed: Materials that we will use for this exercise. I'm going to be paint. I chose auto guys. Then we'll, we'll need some paint brushes. A few different paintbrushes are guarantee to be just fine. Then for MOOC making, where will he gave some Marcus, why Japan? Pencils and most importantly, sketchbook. Those are all materials that you'll need for this exercise. It's nice and simple. Most likely you have everything in your jaw. So pick those up and meet me on our first exercise. 3. Exercise One: Start painting leaves switching between darker turn and the lighter tone. Don't overthink about the composition. We'll want our mind to wonder Frey and users exercise to explore different ways of making marks. How to similar colors work together and how contrast and color might bring the painting together. For the first layer tried to paint a few leaves separately from each other, scattered across both pages, then see if you can overlaps and leaves with the existing ones. You want to create the feel of a jungle so your leaves need to be quite dense. And working with the limited package will make you think about what color your leaders should have. So the end result will look like a Django and not just a one big mass. Working with a limited palette is very beneficial. First of all, you start having a better understanding of how your Kahlo's work together. The simplicity of the limited color palette also allows you to work pretty quickly and the overall composition has mole, has_many. During this exercise, I alternate between do shades of the same color. But if you'd like for this exercise to be a little bit easier for you. Try it, the pain, the fair set of leaves in the one color, and then the second set of leaves in a different color. Unlimited palette constructs you. And by doing so, it makes you think creatively. For lighter colored layers. You can use the dock a time for the stems and for Dhaka time leaves. You can use your contrast and color for the stems. And as you can see, the sketches coming along nicely and it will only get better. To spice things up a little bit and you'll jungle, try adding some texture. I love plays and does, and short lines across the paintings. But you can do whatever you have only one term. I like going back to painting will just two or three colors as it does make me think how to place my composition. Also, it is an exercise I can do pretty quickly what I'm stuck with what to draw, but still one to create. And using only a couple of colors can make extremely beautiful patterns. And this exercise is quiet and nice and simple, but it's also very relaxing and therapeutic. If he would like to use white gel pen that I would recommend creating some dark areas where you can exponent was a mock making use in white gel pen. If he is Marcus, he can also scan for some flowers, all some leaves around the page. I personally love mock making, so I tried to fill in some empty spaces with some dots and lines. You can also do that with a BA in that you are using open, so the options are endless. I will be adding some white circles on the dock areas, but again, feel free to use any material and any type of mark making is there's just an example. As you can see, the pages come into life, is beautiful, vibrant and expressive. I would strongly recommend this exercise when you're stuck for ideas or just need a bit of a break. But fell one to create. And now you should have a beautiful illustration depicting ALL Django web limited palette. Now let's move on to our next exercise, which is going to be drawing some nice, funny faces. 4. Exercise Two: Let's start this exercise by bending are lot of different shapes and sizes blobs across your paper. I have also decided to do some cat faces. So feel free to either continue with the same blobs or make the shape of the cats or dogs or other animals heads. After you have finished painting or shapes, let the paint dry, usually the bids that you painted first, we'll be joined by now. Becky, ascend marker and start experimenting with different knows, shapes, eyes, and lips. There is a good chance that you won't like your first few terms, but I can assure you you will start feeling more comfortable as you go along with this exercise. If you're anything like me and the thought of joining simple faces make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, then this exercise is perfect for stepping out of your comfort zone. Trying to exponent with different emotions like scared, prize content, or happy. Don't be scared to exaggerate features make the nose extremely large and lips very small. Eyes, very asymmetric call a very long neck may be a very short and thick neck, may be a very long Chan. The options are honestly and less. Most importantly, don't pressure yourself to finish all the faces and one set saying You can do just one or two phases and one suddenly it for couple of days, gone back, adding a little bit more. But as long as you keep on experimenting, you will develop new skills. You will note is that the more you are drawing, experimenting with these spaces, the more creative and imaginative you becoming. A lot of people wrongly assume that drawing simple faith, this is easy, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It is quite difficult to convey emotion and feeling when drawing a super simple faith. When I was at uni, I was constantly mesmerized by other illustrators. Capability of making simple faces have hundreds of different emotions. And whenever I tried replicating something similar, I would get disappointed. That was before I discovered this fun exercise. And the shapes that you have been to the extremely useful to you. You can imagine what kind of face you're withdraw before you even start drawing. If you fancy filling in the empty spaces in between the faces, it can just grab a different color, maybe pencil, pains marker, and just Jolla, but I've mark making and between those faces. I remember University for one of my final projects, or dead children's book about a child that has authors. And I managed to avoid painting faces for the whole 12th double-page spreads. But I soon realized that I do have a problem and need to face it. And this exercise in particular really helped me. You might find yourself repeating the same nose or eyes or even the same facial expression. That is okay, after the same time phases, maybe they 11th will be different. It is all about practicing. Now the reason why I chose the ducats tears because these cat faces where the very beginning of my journey, I was less frightened by doing animal faces. So if you are Tillman comfortable drawing people faces, may miss thought was animals. Don't be afraid to make a very quirky looking face. Maybe plays the Nyos very low or high make IS very large or tiny. Or maybe a very asymmetric or give a huge grand, or maybe a sad face. Don't forget about giving the phases are but of a texture. And good idea would be to use a pastel or call a pencil or a marker. During this exercise, tried to put yourself in a child's shoes. Children don't think when it comes to join, they just enjoy the process. Therefore, don't sink. Just draw even if you think that it looks rubbish, unleash yet in the child. If you fancy, it can also fill in the negative space in between the faces with some extra market-making bullet, the illustrations like leaves. And here we have a bunch of different faces. So you will start noticing the difference between your first and last phase or how much more confident you are doing your very last face. Now if you are ready, less crack on with our third exercise. 5. Exercise Three: During this exercise will, will be trying and sex. And before you begin up and project resources where you will find some insect reference photos to work from. Now, begin drawing the outlines of the insect. Spend more time looking at the reference picture instead of looking at your sketch, really see those outlines. My little tip forward, you don't think just draw. It will be a 1K or lines will be wavy and you will be very slow by that S birth. Ok. There are a lot of benefits to practicing drawing with your non-dominant hand. Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain and even grow new ones. There are also studies that show that he is and your opposite hand will make your brain nears both hemispheres. If your creativity tried to switch between materials you are using, do some with Ben cells, some with markers, or maybe even paint. If it is your first time draw ganglia, non-dominant hand, you will most likely find this exercise and let orbit tiring. Please feel free to stop whenever you feel like you have to. You can always come back to it and finish it off the next day or after an hour or two. I would like to encourage you to use different colours and materials to do this exercise. Don't be scared to overlap the drawings. It's sort of as a bit of spice when you open a sketch but page and there are some drawings are well-off and with each other. As you can see, my loans are 1K and working very slowly. I'm not used to drown with non-dominant hand and, uh, had to speed up this whole video as otherwise. So what happened entire hour showing you how to draw the non-dominant hand. Drawing with your non-dominant hand will encourage you to draw what you see errata of drawing what you remember, you will end up really studying your reference failure TO seeing every line and mark. Instead of just looking at your sketch book. I read somewhere that we subconsciously, I started drawing on their side. That is quote unquote the correct one. So if you are right-handed, you will draw the right side fares than if you are left-handed, you will draw a left side burst. I found that quite interesting. And now whenever I draw a catch myself drawing on the right side, as I just find that fascinating. Just remember to take breaks whenever you feel like you need to. It is not easy to practice your non-dominant hand, but it will get better the more you practice it. You need to accept the fact that the drawings that ego and I've been making, we are non-dominant hands are not going to be masterpieces, but it really helps you to understand how you process images. Another benefit of this exercise is that it really lets you let go of control and judgment about greater output. There's a perfect exercise for self-exploration. There is also evidence that use a non-dominant hand will give you the brain at different type of sensory and cognitive work out. Drawing whether your opposite hand fulfill or unnatural, but that's okay as using your non-dominant hand. Well assembly upon diffuse your brain as it normally functions on predictability. This exercise is also very useful for loosening up a little bit. And the more you practice, the better you will get at it. I personally prefer sketches that I make gears on my left hand instead of right. They feel more raw and fill out. They have more character and live to them that my right hand sketches. I remember when I was first given this exercise, our files like there's no way my left-hand can draw Ennis and good. But I was deeply mistaken. Yes, it was really awkward, but it made me really let go of those fairs of making imperfect lines. Feel free to add some details to the background or keep it nice and simple as it is. And this little exercise is perfect when you want to really study the object you are drawing as it really makes you look at every little detail. I noticed that my opposite hand sketches standout way more detailed than when I did similar sketches with my right hand. Without being said, maybe tried deal one-page with one hand and then to compare it to do the opposite page where your non-dominant hand. And here we have a beautiful double-page spread full of beautiful sketches of different insects. I hope you had a lot of fun doing this exercise. And if you're already at less crack on with our next and also final exercise. 6. Exercise Four: Choose around spot in your sketchbook, pick a random color out of your palate and start painting. As I have probably guessed, we're not using pencils, so any mistakes we're going to make will be incorporated into the entire composition. A little side note, this is the only exercise where I will be giving you lots of instructions or notes. I want you to paint with me here and truly express yourself. I have selected this exercise for last, as it is one of the more relaxed. And once you get the trophy, go crazy with colors and Makemake and also many different machines you can paint. You can also scatter the different mushrooms all over the pages and then tried to incorporate them into the final image. If you're working with watercolor, then tried to add some texture on top of the mushrooms while the paint is still wet. Enough to leave a lot of empty spaces. And there's some color, texture. And I would recommend adding details as you go along, especially if you are working with watercolors, let some colors bleed into each other. Don't be put off by the middle crack, try and Bain between two pages as that will bring our composition together, Antoine glow club to similar but totally separate pictures. But I want to go a little crazy with colors. Use colors that may be done human go together, uses have palettes if you wish. You can also add some flowers, all leaves, something that would go quiet well with the mushrooms to create an even stronger image. I have chosen to frame my metal composition with some dark color around it. My intention is to draw mushrooms and why gel pen unmarked, tried to do something similar. Maybe have some splotches of dark color hair and that not necessarily as much as I'm doing for this exercise. As you can see a why Japan looks really good on the dog Karla, it fails a little Kolyma and really balances out that craziness in the middle. If you are using watercolors than the dark color 1B as dark run dry. So you can also add some mushrooms and textbooks and he lacked Malika. You can also introduce a single color to these dark areas of contrast and color could really work well with market-making on the dark surface, like orange or red. You should really notice now how your composition is really coming together. I personally am crazy about market-making. So of course my finishing touches will be a more texture. However, don't feel lucky near the o of this mark making to do whatever feels right to you. Here we go. We now should have a beautiful double-page spread in your sketch book full of Grey's colors and textures. I really hope you had a lot of fun doing this exercise and that you really let go of your fears and express yourself. 7. Final Thoughts: Hopefully you now have full beautiful sketches in EarSketch birth your more inspired. And you're gonna go on and create beautiful project of R. Now whenever you feel like you're a little stuck here, too scared to drawing and think you have no idea. So you can always come back to these four exercises and just carry on practicing them, implemented new techniques, maybe practicing with a different medium. They're extremely good exercises to relax and, and when does, while, while listening to your favorite podcast, some music or watching a movie. And I really hope that these exercises have helped you and caught your creative juices flowing back into your heads. And hopefully now you're gonna go on and create beautiful pieces of art. But before you go, gleaners share some of your sketches and our project gallery. You fellows cheaters and I would love to see what you have created, what kind of colors he years and how your non-dominant hand works and share your experiences, how you found practicing them a really high. I'm going to see you on my next ScalaCheck lives. And in the meantime, you can always go and follow me on my Instagram to be the first one to find out when I'm creating a new skill share class and also get inspired as idea. Posed some exercises there too. I hope you're going to go on and have a wonderful day and a half. I'm gonna see you next time and now buy theirs and see you next time.