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Artful Collage - Create your own painted papers

teacher avatar Susan Mitchell, Illustrator, painter, maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Let's paint


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      Snip! Snip!


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      Stick to it!


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      Thank you


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About This Class

Have you always wanted to try collage but didn't know where where to begin?

In this class I will show you, step by step how to create your own unique painted papers and create a simple and beautiful collage with them.

Who doesn't love to cut and paste? Let's create and have some fun!

This class is for all levels and beginners are welcome.


Meet Your Teacher

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Susan Mitchell

Illustrator, painter, maker


I  work as a freelance illustrator and have illustrated children's books, greeting cards and products for the giftware industry. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to create things - sometimes out of paper and paint, sometimes out of fabric or wool and sometimes out of cardboard and glue. I also love to teach and share.

Skillshare is wonderful. I love participating in projects - there is always something new to learn. And I really appreciate the spirit of warmth and community.

If you want to share your class project from my latest class on Instagram, please use the hashtag #artfulcollageskillshare or tag me @susanmitchellillustration



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1. Intro: Hello. My name is Susan and I'm an illustrator. I work with watercolor and acrylic. Andi. I also love to paint my own papers and make collages with them. I find it gives quite a different feel from some of the joins or paintings that I do somehow the image of seem a lot more spontaneous. And I really love that The painted papers constantly give me surprises. And I think that's really wonderful. I think all of us can remember what it was like when we were kids on def. We were given a few pieces of paper and some scissors. We could just happily slip away for hours on end. So when I'm doing cola shots still with the kind of feeling I get, I like to just come by Lots of different shapes. Play around with things. Sometimes you just cut a certain shape and it really clicks and makes sense for the class project. We're gonna make either jog or a vase with some flowers in it. I'm gonna take you step by step through how to make your own painted papers, Andi. Then give you some ideas off, how you can then cut them up and lay the code to make a really interesting college. It could be a simple she like on. I think the nice thing about this kind of project is you don't have to have strong drawing skills necessarily because a lot of it is just working with shapes, cutting it with scissors. Um, because you're no good to be sticking anything dying until you arranged or your shapes. You could really play around and try it lots of different things before you make a final decision about how you want your college to look. So I think it takes a bit of pressure off Andi. It certainly does not have to be perfect. And I hope you join me in this class on to have a lot of fun on. Learn some things along the way. So let's create 2. Inspiration: you can get inspiration for your car lodgers from so many places. For example, you could you might have some books in the house, or you might want to go to the library and do a little bit of research. You could just look up books on car large and see what you find. You could look a particular artists like I have this book by four teeth. He did. He's absolutely wonderful. Paper cups. Will you just cut very, very freely on this one? All the pieces of soft patch together to get the shapes that you want it here's a very abstract piece on. These are lovely to these figures, just full of movement. Any. Do we just cut directly with the scissors? Called it, painting with scissors. There's another artist. It's a real favorite of mine, taught Sarah finale, and she really mixes all sorts of media. She uses printed papers for two copies by the looks of it hand drawers. She has a whole bunch of different techniques that she uses and mixes it with interesting looking type missiles. Vintage papers. She does some mark making its of music here. I find her work incredibly inspiring because it's so fun and vibrant and full of life. So you could do a bit of research at the library and maybe see the kind of things that inspire you. Go outside. You could take your own photographs of flowers and plants. You could sketch some rough ideas from your photographs or just look at them and try just cutting out the shapes that you see. I really like to use paint. Arrest is, ah, a source for my ideas, the so many interesting images I've created our special inspiration board for the class. Andi. I think you can really see the huge variety of artwork that can be made with painted papers provided a link for the class in the project description. They also have quite a lot of other boards that you're welcome to take a look at Andi. Hopefully you'll find some things that will spark some ideas for you and get you excited about making coal ash. The only thing I'd like to notice if you are using a photograph for reference, trying to almost copy what you see, I wouldn't take or your inspiration from one photograph because somebody took that photograph and they owned the copyright to that. So you might want to take inspiration off, say, a shape of a flyer from one photograph troop of a jogger of ours from another, and then combined those ideas so that just to make sure that whatever you create is unique and completely your own on, not taken from somebody else's work. 3. Materials: thats college class, winning quite simple supplies. The paper is just printed paper. It's not particularly heavy. Bear takes the paint very well. It buckles a little bit if you use very wet pain. But pieces of people can usually be put between some books to be flattened a little bit, But I often find the pieces that I'm cutting a relatively small, so it's really not an issue. We'll need something to stick our college pieces onto, and I usually this cards. It's £110.250 sheets relatively inexpensive, so it's a great surface to work on. It takes off some pressure. So when you're starting with college, if you make some mistakes, it's no big deal. You can just put this one piece aside and use another. So I love it and you can see I've used a lot of it and I don't have much left. We'll need some basic paints on These are the kind of paints I get from the dollar store, um, or the art store. And they're great, the really inexpensive Um, but basically, I think you should have a primary red, yellow and blue. Actually, I don't think this blue is what I call the primary glutes. That needs to be a bit stronger than that. But if you have these three basic colors, you're able to mix them and get other colors. Andi. I would also recommend a black on a white so you can nix you. Can you the darker nor light and also creates a mutual colors, which I think is really important because thes paints of selling expensive. You could always by some other colors that really appeal to you as well. This blues one of my favorites. Nice thing to use it quite a bit. So have a good look around the art store or a dollar store and see what you confined. What appeals to you. You'll also need brushes. You don't need a lot of brushes. I recommend maybe a flat ones. Quick, good. A large brush if for your paints to spread the pain around. This is this type of brush. Little flat brushes really good. If you decide that you want to use a gel medium or await glue instead of a glue stick, it's a great way to put on. You'll need a glue stick or gel medium to attach your your college pieces to the card stock . The Joe medium works for you well, and you can use that with the brush. But I really to be honest, I used a glue stick a lot off the time, and it works very well. Andi, I recommend getting some wax paper. Sometimes it's good to place underneath pieces that you put the pieces of paper that your painting, but also it's great when we go to actually glued the pieces. It keeps everything really clean on stops things from sticking to each other. So it's very useful. And finally, your need some water for rinsing your brushes or your brush that you've been using. The John Medium with some people title, which is great for dabbing your brushes and drying them off when she was changing color. Andi a palate. You can use something like a ceramic plate. This was one that I have I bought from a secondhand store. I think it might be originally for eggs, but it works really well. I I also have a picture play that I use. If you don't have a play or a palate, you can even use things like this. Plastic lids from a yogurt container and you could always use a bunch of those two mixture different colors on and you're gonna need a pencil. Might be nice for you to have some colored pencils. Uh, some sort of black line marker. You can use other markers like Posca pens. He's a pit oil based pencils, and I find I use them a lot. It just seemed to give a really nice texture, but I talked about that more when one actually making the colleges. I'll also make a PdF of the supplies list that you can refer to later line, but for now, I think we're ready to start. 4. Let's paint : This is the really fun part when we can just start painting lots of pages. I like to paint more than I think I need Andi. I kind of just like to paint a bunch of different colors. So, for example, I'm going to start here with some blue Andi. I like to have different textures. Like you can see. Um, I've added a tiny bit of water when you can see the brushstrokes. Sometimes I like to see a little bit of the wait. People showing through you really can't go wrong, But be nicely think to have a few sheeps of C blues, yellows, reds will do some greens, so it could be very, very rough. But I feel like the sort of rough for the Pink strokes, the better. I'm gonna take a little bit of the yellow. This blues a bit deep? Probably. I think I probably need a bit of a greater blue. You can experiment with your colors. Just see what you get. You can also kind of mix the paint on the page. No, just soft on. I know this looks kind of messy, but that's kind of the idea behind this. I'm not looking to have smooth, perfect pages because if you want to just one sort of playing simple color, you could, uh, just by construction paper. So that's what's interesting about this is you You're gonna get different effects by the way that you mix the color here. I'm just adding a bit more water. It's also really useful toe have some newspaper laid out somewhere. So I should paint your sheets. You can lead them on top to dry because you can't go quick fast with this and you can make a lot. I'm trying to do some greens, but I want to do, um, some different colors of greens. It doesn't all have to be the same. I'm gonna be showing you some other ways to do texture because I'm planning on doing a series of thes college classes. This one, we're just gonna concentrate on just some sort of simple painted pages. Yeah, in some future classes, and we're going to focus a lot more on texture and mark making. When I'm doing this, I like to make a whole bunch because if they don't end up getting used for this project, I know I'll use him for something else. Sometimes I paint papers for a specific thing. I have an idea in mind, and sometimes I like to just paint a bunch of papers and then the papers. That would give me an idea of what I'd like to do. If that makes sense, I'm gonna do one with some lovely blues that I was showing you earlier that I I picked up from the art store I love these colors on. Would also would like you to do a few neutral colors, even if you really love so brighter, clearer colors, I think you'll find that having some neutrals really creates a nice contrast may also find that you're going to need to change your war quite often. I'm trying to it Quick, Quickly, Hicks. I want to show you something else that you can do. But if the paint dries too fast, it will just it won't work. But let's see if we could make it work. I just tried to put a lot of pain on, and I just want to take another piece and place on top quickly. Peeler off. You can get quite interesting textures, and this time I'm gonna work with a bit of black. You can really see the marks from the bristles, and I think that's an ace effect on once that's dry. I could always add some other colors on top because the paper is cheap and you can buy a big packer off it. I really recommend that you just play around and just try and make make more than you think you're gonna need if you have a particular palate in mind of colors that you would like to use and you can stick to that. But you can also try different things because sometimes you can get a nice surprise. - You can tap your brush, create some dots, and if it's in quite wet pink, the painful spread where it's drier, the paint more spread less than anything I'd advise for. This is make sure you've got quite a bit of newspapers or scrap people underneath it, and also that is not near anything that we're going to get covered in pink get pretty messy . I do this with kids quite a lot and seriously start with this. They go absolutely mad and paint starts flying everywhere that they're having a great time yet I just square it a couple of color street onto the paper on I've got on old card. I was gonna take the end of my brush, scratch into it a little bit. Here, have taken one. That was a print from the peace of the other paper that I painted, plus the people on top of it. And I'm just trying to use up a little bit of my paint year because I have some left in the palate. I'm gonna try with the car to scrape it and see what happens. So you get really cool effect. It's almost like a wash going across it, because you can see the darker colors underneath. We use up that weight so they definitely look a bit strange and bit messy. I suppose it It's almost like we're making abstract paintings, but it's amazing how effective these will be when you go to start cutting up the pieces to make our college. Just make sure the end, once you're finished, to give everything a good wash like this card is complete mass in a fainting with acrylic. It's always good to put your brushes in water and of sinners, your dung wash the mate with soapy water because acrylic dries very hard and if it gets left on the brush, the brush won't be usable anymore. If some other ideas for perhaps the flowers that we're gonna use with the drugs, I would try painting a few sheets of white tissue paper with this dish API but slightly shining on one side on more matt on the other. So I'm gonna trying to On the more Matt side. Andi, I find thes fluorescent paints at the dollar store. So I thought it would be fun just to try that on. And I'm just gonna spread with the card and you have to work quite quickly and that you can't do too much with because it's tissue paper. It could disintegrate pretty fast on when you're going to leave it to dry. Maybe it's a good idea to put it on wax paper so it won't stick. I'm going to try one with over pink and white just gonna use same card medical content. But that's OK with the fluorescent paints. The scanner can't pick up these colors if you will, wanting to work perhaps with collisions, photo shop or illustrator. You won't get the true colors. But if you're using these for a card or a piece that you wanted to put into a frame, the colors will. Steve vibrant like this. I did a little 12 and find the after Got dimension. Probably a really good idea to put on a new old shirt or an apron just to cover yourself up , because the acrylic paint really stains clothing and it's very hard to get out. So if you're anything like me and kind of a messy painter, uh, and he couldn't be a good idea because the people's quite light, it does curl off it the edges. What you can do is just pile them all up on weight, them doing with something a pile of books or whatever you confined That's nice and heavy. Just leave it overnight, and there should be a lot flatter and easier to work with to stop cutting out our shapes. 5. Snip! Snip!: So now we have all our papers ready to work with. A good beginning is to separate all your papers by color. Put the greens together, the blues, the neutrals just so it's easier to sort through them on. But I also do is I get the Ziploc bags. Andi. I label the easy way to categorize him. So when I got scraps and I went to come back into another college later, it's easy to find what I'm looking for. It's on my piece of card stock, Andi. Then I just have to pick some papers that I like. The look off on the way I later work is I really do you just work with my scissors? Matisse. When he was doing all those paper cups, he called it painting with scissors. Don't they have a nice loose quality to them? And I find for me my drawing is often quite tight. So for me, this is a really nice way to create. Maybe that's much looser. It feels quite free to begin with. If you don't feel confident about cutting the papers or if, say, there's a piece that you've made that you really, really love you might want to test that I own a scrap piece of paper. First, cut the shapes a few times until you feel more confident or if you really want to, you can just draw in the back. So just remember, for example, if I was to draw a job with the handle and I want the job facing this way when I if I drew it this way and I cut a when I go to stick it is going to face the other way. So just remember, if you're doing something that is directional, that when you go to draw it, you want it to be the opposite way. Now, I quite like this. I think this has got some really interesting textures and this could be in peace for a job . And because I like it when shapes are completely symmetrical or perfect, I'm not going to do it. I'm just gonna go ahead and cut it. So I'm gonna try and make something about this length. So I think I'll cut the paper and see where it please. Yeah, that seems like a good height. Then I'm just gonna look at it and decide. When I went to cut my joy. What's blue in the black, or do I want some of this creamy color? Would it be good this way? Would you? Should be nice that way, I think. Okay, let me go for it. But as I said, if you feel more comfortable, feel free to draw in the back. So I quite like tall jugs. So funny little handles again. I don't, uh, necessarily want to be realistic. But like I said before, you know, if you want to look at reference for particular jug, so of ours is feel free to do that. I think I'm just gonna angle this a little bit more. Sort of echo the shape here. I'm just gonna whole I'm not gonna have perfectly straight lines. But that is what I find very appealing in college. I quite like that. So I think I'm just going a little bit of detail to it. If you want to decorate on top, you can use anything you like. You know, you could use things like Posca paint pens. You could use a black marker. You could use color pencils. I'm gonna use this one that I really like. And what I'm gonna do. If you got going to draw any details, take away a card stop. So you just drawing on the piece of scrap people underneath? And I think I'm just gonna troll a couple of stripes. And I love this The texture of this pencil. It's almost like charcoal. Sometimes when I'm doing college, all scan. He says in put them together in 40 shop, which is another class that I'm going to be doing. So I find when I scanned them, the texture of this pencil was really, really nice. One line. And this is just where you can just go to time. You can just do whatever you like. You can decorate as much as you like. You could leave it just exactly the way it is. You could dots and stripes and other little marks totally up to use. Take this yellow color. Your make of ours gonna be little handles. That kind of looked quite years and my pencil again. And I think this one I'm not gonna kite handles. I'm just gonna color the men. Just make it simple on this complex issue like and obviously you don't have to use black like I am. So I think I'm just gonna try drawing a design. I haven't really thought this. Hackett. I think this is no my doctor. Something to say about that signs brave, but she's not. And again, if this is something, if you want to plan something a little bit more, you can always take a scrap piece of paper and draw something. I I'll just decorate this whole piece. - I could think about what I would then add to that meet. The other thing is, you could even just draw something here. You could use color pencils or markers and draw your flowers and then just have the joggers College again. There's lots of options. So now I'm going to cut some flowers to put in my viers. Andi, my jug. We're going to start with this. I feel like doing something like daffodils. I thought that might be quite sweet with the yellows against this blue, so I'm going to start off cutting out the leaves quite like this piece because it's got really mixed colors and textures and it I'm gonna cut some stands when you come to do your your leaves and your flowers. That's up to you. How realistic you want him to look. The first thing you might want to do is just make sure the scale is right. Going to see what it looks like. A job, I believe. The crypt. A simple sort of long shaped, Quite skinny. Yeah. I got quite a lot of marks on my leaves. I like that. You can always choose a plane. A piece of your painted paper, if you prefer. I'm just gonna do a few sort of leafy shapes that would go quite well on all kind. A few stems Mason about college is you can play around with your shapes, cut different things. I replace things you don't like the look of it until you get what you're happy with. Quite like this. I'm just gonna cut a few more stands. So I think that's the next beginning. I'm still going to move things around a little bit. Let's studio daffodils. I have this very bright people that has some of the fluorescent paint on its I'm just curious to see up with. Like if I cut off flower shape of it. Good morning. I have a sheet that's got more of the flourish in on it with some yellows. Been a cup, some of it. So that look like for the center part of the flower. Yeah, I like that. Not all realistic moose will be quite fun. So I've laid a quite roughly, but I like the look of it. I think it's really fun. I like the break colors. I took some of the being to tissue paper with flirts and on a torture little shape, which I made use as a base just to crowned it. I have not made up my mind about that yet, so that's pretty much ready to go on to be stopped. Hang on now, I'm gonna work with this one. I think I wouldn't do flowers on this one. I'm gonna try just doing some type of greenery on. I I'm just gonna cut some shapes and see what I like the look off. I really like this piece here that's got lots of different colors in it. So I think I'm just going around cups and almost like fully age. Take shape site. See what again? He's a great stylized I'm not observing anything. I'm just cutting do something like that. I like the simplicity of the shapes. Compared to this again, I might play something on the base year of strip of paper. When I go to stick everything dying, I can re evaluate and decide what I might want to take my sleeves. A piece of this from the bottom based color. Almost like a table cloth like that. And the other example I showed you with the daffodils. I cut a torrent a little shape this I think if I do stick it down, I'll make just stick it right on the very bottom. Justus. A nice contrast against the blues up here. Okay, so I think we're ready to stop gluing. Everything dies. 6. Stick to it!: do you? But this one wasn't going to do is I'm gonna grew all the parts of the flowers to care the first before I stick them down and Attash into the jug because I've got quite a lot pieces here. So I'm gonna separate out the flowers. Andi, I'll start gluing the individual flowers together. I'm just gonna add a little bit of glue in the end, get down. What I like to do Take another piece of works paper. Yeah, I'm going to agree on this side, and then I can place my other people's over here. And then I compressed down with my fingers so it doesn't smudge anything. I don't just place it to the side then and I'll do that with all of the daffodils. I'm gonna fault that over. So no has got the glue inside, and I've got a clean surface for more gluing. So here's my card stock. Just gonna leave my until I see a composition that I like. And I want to see what goes behind what goes in front because the pieces, uh, obviously they go behind, we have to stick first, and I'm probably gonna overlap a couple of them too. See what excites with junk. Make this one. I find that yes, One of on this A bit too. But I don't want them to crime together. Then I have a couple of leaves, so I know for sure. Like that one there, So I'm just gonna so I think I'll stick these two first. I don't want us to high up, because if I do put in a frame, I want to make sure the space for a mat or just don't get too close to the top of a frame gonna angle that I was gonna do is I'm gonna mark with a pencil where the bottom in the stern is gonna go covering this up with the jug. It doesn't matter. So ugly, this one first I got the mark of my pencil there. Go over with wax paper, and then I'm gonna touch Mark that with a pencil, and I'm gonna I just want to angle it. I don't want things looking to straight. I'm gonna check again with my drug so that c I think I'll push the jug up a little bit, and then I'm just gonna see what I can add couple leaves. Maybe I'll put up on under a little bit. I want to see if I can overlap that. So I was maybe too quick to stick that one. I think that form of it is kind of in line with the space that's here is going to be similar. So if it was to be put in a frame, it would have a kind of balance to it. And what I'm gonna do is Marcos with pencil. So I know where to line up. You can do everything by I. So in a line up here, make sure it's kind of centered, which is okay, So now I just have to add the jug and then it's finished trying to send to it in here we have our first finished piece. You could draw the line in the back as if it's about grand. You could just leave it completely white. You could add all section of people that comes down the bottom here. You could even have a section of people that goes underneath us a background again. This is where it comes down to the table college you like to do. I like it like this. I feel like this pink echoes some of the fluorescent colors here, and it creates a nice balance, but also would have worked with eight. That that was just something that I want to try. So now you're ready to glue the other one together? This vases create told, So I think I'll place a bit lower. Onda, I'm saying I think I was gonna experiment and try a piece of this. I know it's very bright, but for some reason it appeals to me. I'm gonna roughly cut it. It doesn't have to be the exact size blue, this big piece of paper time given the car stopped. That's fine. And then what I'm gonna do is ill. Um, just trying. So fix I did this. I hope it straight. You could always measure Mark with a pencil too little, not just at the point that you want to line up to. That's helpful for you. I like this dark here because it almost looks like a shadow coming off the bars. And I think what I'm gonna do this time because I've got all these pieces that I want to stick, dine and play around with, Um I'm gonna stick the base of the bars dying. I'm gonna just glue just a little bit at the bottom. So I sent her to make sure I go to in the right spot, and then I'm gonna line up my sleeve, basically, on the bottom end of ours, try and center. And especially when you're robbing over this, it is really useful to have the wax paper because I don't want to smudge any of this pencil . Now I'm going to move these pieces around again. I was looking at the speak one. I'm wondering if I should include it. I want to decide if I'm just gonna have everything over laughing or if I'm gonna have little branches coming off sometimes you don't know these things until you try. I'm going to take some of the pieces that have smaller bits and attach them to others. So then I can play it. I'm with them a little bit more and see what I like. Quite like that. So I think I'm just going to try and solve angle these and I'm gonna have this one at the back. Looks like layers of for the age, so I'm just gonna bring that day not too close to the top of their off the paper. So I'll glue that one down first. And then all of the others, you know, no stuff to glue the Boston. And I think this piece is finished. I think it makes a nice contrast to the other one with Doctor does. So I think you can see that process is quite intuitive. Really. Even play a ring with shapes and chi, many pieces of paper. Does you, like, try different things until you get something that you're really happy with? 7. Thank you: Thank you so much for taking the class. I hope you had a lot of fun on that. You call the college bug on that? You want to keep going and keep creating? I can't wait to see what you make on. If you want to show you work, you cannot load it in the project section. Plan on teaching some other college classes in the future. So if you're interested in those on you would like to receive a notification when the next class is published. Just follow me on skill share. Also, if you enjoyed this class and would like to leave a review, that would be really lovely. See you next time.