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Are you Career Relevant? Network Like A Boss: "Build Your QR Contact Card"

teacher avatar Professor Rick, Professor of Career Relevant

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      SkillShare: Network Like A Boss


    • 2.

      Business Card Content


    • 3.

      Update LinkedIn URL


    • 4.

      Create QR Code


    • 5.

      Modify Business Card


    • 6.

      QR Contact Card Samples


    • 7.

      Final Thoughts and QR Card Strategy


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About This Class

Everybody hates networking.  

Let's create a strong first impression without saying a word.  Let your QR Contact Card speak for you.  

This class will teach you how to create a customized QR code and add it to your personalized business card.  A business card template will be provided and by the end of this class you will network with confidence.  Join me.  

Let the networking begin...

I am Professor Rick; Gainful Employment Expert, Professor of Career Relevant, and University Speaker & Author.

I teach college students to be gainfully employed before they graduate.  Are you Career Relevant?

If not, take your 1st step with me, I can get you there.

Be Relevant.

Prof. Rick

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Professor Rick

Professor of Career Relevant


Welcome to Skillshare.

Hello, I am Professor Rick, university professor, digital author, and career educator.

After a successful traditional 10-year corporate career, I was fortunate to give back through higher education. With 15 years in academics as a professor and leader of career development; I am here to share our best practices, through our Book, Career Relevant – A practical guide to “Gainful Employment” for all college students and future graduates.

Our Skillshare class will showcase some key areas from the book to jump-start your career goals and be employed “Before Graduation.”  If these goals interest you, let us build your interest.

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1. SkillShare: Network Like A Boss: welcome to skill share. This is my first class network. Like a boss. Build your Q R code with me. Professor Rick. The goal is to create a Q R code. Here's an example of one is already done. Are you cry relevant? Well, here is an example of a completed cure code that was finished in our skill share class. And if you notice I went ahead and downloaded a free Q R code reader a recorder on our phone, I will launch it. And once it's launched, all they have to do is scanned a QR code. And once you see the cure code that we customize, I open up the scanner and there we are direct. Two are linked in your well. That is how you network. Like a boss, the class provides a business card template, the process of how to make a cure code and the reasons why you provide the creativity, the content and the confidence to network. Moving forward, you could make 12 It's time to network like a boss. Let's begin 2. Business Card Content: your cue. Our contact card with me. Professor Rick. Thank you. We asked his question. Are you clear? Relevant? Do you have a job that you're passionate about? Is there a market demand for that job? Does your professional network support that career path? Basic Yes or no questions. If he answered no to any one of those three questions, we say we're not clear relevant. How about this? This you nine out of 10 calls. Graduates are not interview ready by the time they graduate. Why is this? You can't tell their story. They don't know their market. They lack confidence and direction. It's tough, but with crude relevant and being cruel relevant. You help you with being interview, ready as well. So let's begin for this class project. Look at the business card content that we need to build on. Here are the six things that we want to build on our contact card. If you don't have a professional email address, we suggest you create an email address with Gmail, and ideally, you should be your first and last name. Maybe first dot last name at gmail dot com. Contact number through Gmail. We suggest to use Google Voice If that interest you nice thing about Google voice is you get unlimited messages and you can control where your messages go to, whether it's to your cell phone or your Google Voice number three. What is your target degree? Are you finishing undergraduate? Are you finishing your associates, or do you have a graduate degree already? Number 43 word phrases that relate to your college program that you would like to be known for. We'll talk more about that later and give you an example Optional quote related to your career and linked it. Now keep in mind. If you haven't had linked in, now's a good time to create your profile and create an account and moving forward. They will be checking your online brand your career brand, and the first choice they're gonna look into is your lengthen. And that's the environment where you can control your content through Lincoln. So ideally, you want to customize that link in public. You are Oh, so let me share a screen with you 3. Update LinkedIn URL: Once you create your linked in profile, you go into your profile. And on the right hand side, it'll show Edit public profile in your URL When you click that you'll go into another screen and on the top right hand side allows you to edit that euro. So when you personalize that your L for your profile on the right hand side, you'll see a logo of a pin click on that 10 and here you could add it. You're you are l. And ideally, put your first dash last name as you to put personalize your euro. And once you see that, highlight this right click. Copy that, which I did, and you'll notice you own that you are all once you save it. So when you have your completed your l personalized, you'll notice little speedy Lincoln dot com four slash i enforce last year name. And when they search for your name, it will come up as that you are l, which is idea. Now you get to own that, too. 4. Create QR Code: and you can write this down or you could even click on it yourself. Open up another browser window type in a cure stuff dot com You are self dot com is a QR code generator, and it this enables us to create a You are code. So, for example, on data type you want to click on linked in, then click on linked in profile and earlier we say that you are l. So we can click inside this box. The curse is blinking right Click click pace and there is your girl Encoding options. Click static for the third step for the QR code generator for the four foreground color. Keep it to default, then download your cure code and want you download your QR code that becomes your QR code. 5. Modify Business Card: So you mentioned we have the business card content. We have the six areas if you want you to have in advance. Then we went into the leaked in profile we editor your l and we customize that you're l to your first and last name. Then we went into Q R stuff and created our Q r code with that linked in euro. And once you have all those steps here is the you are actually here is the that you could download the network like a boss template. It's a PowerPoint template from our skill share class. It looks like this. Let me share this screen with you. So I'm gonna go back to sharing the screen. And we noticed we went ahead and downloaded the network like a boss template. PowerPoint template. You launch It Looks like this. It's kept simple. So it's a beginning point now, mind you, you could delete anything you want to delete from here. So I'm just gonna delete that. Delete this, for example. I'm also gonna delete this now. This contact card is simple. It's yours. You can modify as you see fit, but the first thing they're going to see is your first name last Name your program degree. The quote that relates to you on your program. Major, make sure you give credit to where you got that quote from if it's not you, or you can use your own cold. Actually, also, here's a contact number. You're a fresh inal email, which is your first and last name. And then you could also cut and paste your linked a neural down here. Earlier, we mentioned that there were three words or phrases that relate your program major. In this case, we put big data cloud computing and business intelligence, and we have those six elements that we're looking for the beginning of the class in a basic black and white business card. And to make it a Q R contact card. Remember, we saved the QR code in the desktop. Someone insert a picture and there's the QR code. I answered that picture and now I have the QR code in the Power Point template. You can grab the corner and resize it. Now you're gonna notice that this particular cure code has writing. It says connect with linked in Now this video or this class, you won't show you how to do that. But watch look for my video on how to edit your cure code and add wording below that now, Although this is not a PowerPoint class, we created this template in Power Point. It's so we keep it simple. And if you're interested, you can go under a design and pick different backgrounds that interest you are that you like. He's trying now with just for kicks, and you get a chance to view it. Once you and you could resize the words here, you could move things around if you want to. When you're done, save this temple it call it test one, and when you're done saving it, reopen it. And when you finalize it, make sure you goto file save ass. And when you say that file, re save it as a PNG a portable network graphic format extension, and what's nice about that is you get a chance to still edit your template, but you also have it ready for business card submission. So let's go back into our presentation and you'll see 6. QR Contact Card Samples: notice that if it's a clear background, the cure code comes in very cleanly. If it's not a clear background, you have to be able to make sure it fits well with a non clear background. Now keep in mind that these air completed cure contact cards and with the PNG format. All these cards were created under Vista print and with Vista print, you're allowed to upload a PNG file, and before you submit it, you get a chance to view it. Viewed, approve, and make sure that the you are contact card is to your liking than save it. And then from there you could 50 the type of paper and the type of format that you want with Mr Print, and they could Mel this finish version to you. 7. Final Thoughts and QR Card Strategy: So let's look at this final thoughts with our cure coach strategy. Now remember, we had opportunity to view the QR code with the QR code reader with a completed QR code or contact card, and the theme or the strategy is here. We have your name, your credentials. Also, in this case that you want to be known for, there is a quote. There's your linked in profile. There's a contact number. There's your email and of course, there's your QR code. Now the strategy is, once you present this Q R code in person, you have an opportunity to have them reach out to you or you reach out to them. So why not modify your email signature to match your QR code? So those should we have the name of the area of expertise. The contact number there is the leaving. You are l. There's that quote. Here's another quote that I promote. It enables your audience to see that you are a serious networker, a serious professional. Your contact card matches your email signature, and now you can build your story. I'm going to get back into this, get back into you could see me so I could see you. Here we go. So remember, we have a chance to network like a boss that enabled you to be relevant. It helps you to become interview ready throughout Our Siri's will build on being cruel. Relevant will build on being interview. Ready. And now, after this class, you're ready to network like a boss. Here's your contact card. There's your Q R code. And when you go to confessional organization or if you network with someone that you want to get contact information, how powerful is it to present your card? And if they don't have a QR code reader, we're gonna ask about the QR code and what a nice ice breaker. Help them download a QR code reader, have them scan your contact card, and now they have the network information and you're gonna ask him, you know, you and when they email you, you're gonna have a matching email signature the tallies back to your contact heart. So that's an example How, you know, work like a bus. You become more career element. You will be interview ready. So thank you for taking our class network like a boss. Keep in mind that cure code that we created We're gonna use that sank your code and our future classes Look us up with rock star your resume Compete with your cover letter But for now, thank you very much for your time network like a boss. And remember, be humble the relevant Have a great day.