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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

28 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What This Course Can Do For You

    • 3. What You Will Learn

    • 4. What is an Empath

    • 5. Signs of Being an Empath

    • 6. Types of Empaths

    • 7. The Heyoka Empath

    • 8. Are There Levels of Empathy

    • 9. The Difference Between Highly Sensitive People and an

    • 10. The Mirror Effect of Empaths

    • 11. Empaths and Romantic Relationships

    • 12. The Clairs

    • 13. The Human Energy Body

    • 14. The 7 Chakras

    • 15. Mirror Neurons

    • 16. Setting Healthy Boundaries

    • 17. Inner Work

    • 18. Put Yourself First

    • 19. Present Moment Awareness

    • 20. Does This Feeling Belong to Me

    • 21. People Breaks

    • 22. Practicing Using Your Intuition

    • 23. Ways to Protect Your Energy

    • 24. What to do if You Can't Avoid a Crowd

    • 25. Crystals

    • 26. Energy Cleansing

    • 27. How Diet Affects the Empath

    • 28. Conclusion

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About This Class

About This Course


Are you an Empath?

Being an Empath can be both a blessing, and a curse. High sensitivity leads to many ups and downs when it comes to your emotions. You experience highs and lows, moodiness, and probably don't like crowds. This course is going to show you that you are not alone, and that you can do something about it. You can take control of your life and learn several ways to cope as an Empath. 

Benefits of this course:

Having more knowledge of what an Empath is, and what it's like to be one, will give you more power over your life, and more confidence. You will be able to go to that movie you really want to see! You will know when it's time to take some "you-time". You will be able to have more control over your emotions, and understand yourself better. This will lead to you living a happier life. 

What you get:

This course has 28 lectures that explore many different aspects of Empaths as well as coping strategies that anyone can use in their life to improve themselves. In this course you will learn what an Empath is and what it's like to be an Empath. You will learn about the different abilities that an Empath can have. You will learn what the pros and cons are, as well as several techniques and ideas to make your life as an Empath, easier, and more peaceful and fulfilling. 

By the end of this course you will have more knowledge on how to manage your empathy, which will leave you feeling more confident and happy. 

Helpful links to go with the course: 

A list of International Suicide Hotlines International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies Drug and Alcohol Recovery Helplines  Grief Helpline Resources  5 Early Warning Signs You're With a Narcissist  The Observer Effect of Quantum Physics. Our Thoughts Create Reality  A Complete Guide to the 7 Chakras for Beginners

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tammy Bennett

Spiritual and Emotional Empowerment!


I’m Tammy and my passion is Tarot Reading. I have been reading Tarot cards since 1999. Come and see what I do.

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1. Introduction: hi and Tammy and welcome to my course. Are you an impact? I'm an impasse, and I know I've always been one, have been aware of my sensitivity most of my life, So I feel very educated in this topic as it is my life. So but I've also done a lot of studying as well, and I'm really happy to bring everything I've learned together into this course because there's so many of us out there that think there's something wrong with us and really, there's nothing wrong. You just have a unique mind, just like anything else on the spectrum, whether the autism or 80 HD or any of that stuff. It's just a spectrum of different types of minds, and if you're in an path you have a special gift that I'm excited to teach you about. So enjoy the course 2. What This Course Can Do For You: welcome. And congratulations on taking this course and empowering yourself. Here is a list of benefits that you'll get from the course. Feel more confidence when interacting with others insight into how the empathic mind works . Be able to go more places that you might normally avoid know that you are not crazy and that this is normal for many people. A sense of empowerment, from learning how to cope, gay knowledge on em paths and what that means. 3. What You Will Learn: here is what you will learn in the course. What a nem path is. The signs of being an M path. Different types of M paths, different levels of empathy, the difference between being an M path and being a highly sensitive person. What romance is like for a M path plus tips. Learn about psychic abilities. Learn about the energy body. Learn what the seven chakras are. The science behind being an M path, setting healthy boundaries in her work. Why you should put yourself first. How to use present moment awareness, how to tell the difference between your own emotions and others. People breaks how to practice, using your intuition, different ways to protect your energy, energy cleansing techniques and, finally, how diet affects the impact. 4. What is an Empath: what isn't M path. It's a person with the ability to pick up on and feel the emotions of other people around them. This is just the basic meaning, though there is so much more to being an impact and each one is unique. Many impacts can have psychic abilities as well. There are different types of M path which we will cover in this course. There is also a difference between being sensitive and being an M path. Yet all impacts is considered sensitive, and we will discuss the difference in this course. I want to make it understood that everyone can be a empathic and psychic. But many have disconnected with this ability to tune into the unseen energy of the universe and to tune into each other. It's a natural state of being. We are all connected. We just have to wake up and realize it. Believing that you are crazy for thinking you might be an empath doesn't help you, but learning about and understanding what it means will and I commend you for taking this step and doing something to take control of your life. 5. Signs of Being an Empath: signs of being an impasse, losing your sense of sell. This feeling is when you can't tell where your emotions end and others begin many times, and M Path will take it on the emotion of others. They have a strong urge to help others being able to feel their emotions, and this can make them want to join in solidarity when you know exactly how someone feels, you don't want them to suffer alone. Have you ever watched a sad movie and felt sad to That's empathy and M Path may feel obligated to feel bad about it because they can feel it. This doesn't help, though it just causes the impacts to feel badly to. On the other hand, feeling someone else's joy can be an amazing experience. Have you ever watched a child laugh and just couldn't help but smile? That is also empathy. Everything in the grand scheme of things is made up of energy. Our emotions give off psychic energy. M paths are like psychic sponges, absorbing the emotional energy of others around them. Imagine a sponge you haven't bothered to clean in a while. This can happen to anyone if they're surrounded by negativity. and don't do anything to rid themselves of that energy. I M Paths will sense this energy overload in others as well. Being bogged down with too much negative emotional energy is very unhealthy. The, UM path that has taken on too much can feel distressed depression, maybe even like they're going crazy. It could make them feel trapped with no end in sight, even suicidal. It's important to do in her work to help clear this negative energy being carried. If you or someone you know was feeling suicidal, take it seriously and get help. I've included a link to the suicide hotlines for international sensitivity to light and noise. There are non M paths that experience seven sensitivity to light a noise, too. So experiencing this may not mean you're in M path, but M paths do experience this. This will happen when an impact is exhausted. Feeling the emotions of others as well as their own can be very mentally training. This is a warning sign that that you need to rest. Downtime is needed so the impact can recharge time alone. Doing something relaxing is a perfect way for an impasse to recharge sensitivity to crowds and then path will feel overwhelmed and crowds almost claustrophobic from all the energy of the emotions of the people around them. Malls, concerts, movie theaters and large parties or some examples of places and M path will feel overwhelmed. There are non impasse that experience. This is well, such as those with sensory processing disorder, where the sensory input is processed in an exaggerated way. If the energy around the crowd is very positive, it might be easier for the M path to cope. Being grounded is important for a nem path. Just because a place feels unpleasant doesn't mean you don't belong there. The key to being grounded, its self confidence know that you have a right to be there, especially if you want to be. There are even impasse that enjoy going to public places and experiencing all the different emotions around them. It's all in the perspective. Physical activity is a great way to stay grounded, like yoga or even just walking. Many impacts feel grounded when they spend time in nature. On Lee, you know what works for you. So do something that makes you feel content and confident. Anxiety and M path may experience anxiety out of the blue for no apparent reason. They will get a feeling something is wrong but won't be able to figure out what it is, causing them to feel anxious. This could be caused by having a lack of faith in themselves. Learning how to know when a feeling belongs to you or someone else is very useful for a Nim path, which will be covered in this course. Impacts are natural worriers, and if they aren't focused on themselves, they are focused on someone else. Worry is fear. Letting fear lead you is never a helpful choice. Fear is there for us to know when there is danger. Currently, there is too much fear in the world, and M Path will worry about others like they would worry about themselves. If an impact is close emotionally to someone, they will pick up on the stress levels of that person. It's also caused by a lack of faith in themselves or that things will work out. Guilt is another cause of anxiety and impacts. Feeling another's pain could make the M path feel responsible and therefore guilty. It's important to communicate these feelings. Getting them out will help you feel better and help others understand. It's a good idea to surround yourself with support of people as much as possible. Some are impossible to avoid like family members, but do what is possible. Set boundaries and know what will and will not tolerate clinical depression. This is something that anyone can suffer from not just M paths, but many M paths have clinical depression. The reason why I m paths are much more susceptible to depression is because they tend to take on, take things on a more personal level, and they try not to let these things affect. Um, so they tend to push things that they should deal with away and ignore them. Unresolved emotional trauma will only worsen if it is not dealt with and let go. It can take years to get back to yourself. Due to the way M past feels so much more than a non M path, they are prone to depression, guilt. Many impacts carry guilt for others, even if they have nothing to feel guilty about. The M Path experiences guilt more intensely because they tend to be in a natural state of wanting everyone to be happy when something goes wrong. They feel like they should have felt it coming and done something about it, even if they aren't involved. They also feel that if they give advice or someone helps them and it doesn't work out the way it was expected that it's all their fault. Remember that you can't control what others do or how they react. Do your best to have good intentions and know that you have no control on how others respond. Only how you dio over sensitivity and pats can feel very over sensitive to how other people feel about, um, they will worry if they're wanted around or not due to a nem path, being able to feel the negative thoughts and emotions being directed at them and they will usually put the blame on themselves. And then more guilt happens. Feeling this way leads to depression, self loathing, feeling not worthy of being in the company of others. When this happens, you must stop trying to please others and just be who you are. There is nothing wrong with you. You just experience the world in a different way. You may lose some people in your life from this, but Those are the ones that aren't going to bring any good into your life anyways. It's like the trash taking itself out. You never have to apologize for who you are. Impacts do this too often prone to daydreaming. If an M Path is bored, they will go into their mind and daydream. It's a way to pass the time. That would be very un enjoyable otherwise, and M Path has a difficult time doing something they don't want to do. It's very frustrating to force themselves to do something that doesn't excite them. Daydreaming is also a way to escape deep, oppressive thoughts and feelings like a distraction. There is nothing wrong with this if the impact remembers to disconnect from it after picking up on other people's feelings and paths, pick up on and sense how other people around them feel and literally feel their emotions. The problem is that if they focus too long on someone's negative emotions, they will get sucked in and forget that the emotion does not belong to them when trying on purpose to pick up on another person's emotions. It's a good idea to check in with yourself first, see how you are feeling in the moment, then focus on another person and only for a short time. That's all you need any longer. You may end up feeling badly to having healthy, healthy boundaries, and knowing yourself well are great preventive ways to get better at controlling your focus . It takes time and practice to stop and realize if on emotion you are feeling belongs to you or not. It's a great way to find out if someone is lying to you, too, giving others the benefit of the doubt. The M Path tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. They will give someone every chance they can just to make sure they aren't wrong or judged him unfairly. This could be a sense of guilt or a fear of being wrong or hurting someone. Anim Path will want all the information before making any judgments. It can lead to enabling the other person, taking responsibility away from them for their own actions. You can end up resentful to the other person. In the end, we can't make someone act the way we want them to. It's a good thing to give people another chance. Just make sure you have set healthy boundaries, so you're not taken advantage of strong connection to nature and animals. There are non impasse that simply love animals and nature that will have a strong connection to them. But impasse are more likely to experience this. An impasse can feel the energy of other living things such as animals, insects and plants as an impact needs to take what I call people breaks to rest and release any excess or negative energy picked up. Many feel spending time in nature very healing, feeling the pain and suffering of others. If an M path is around someone who was suffering or in pain, they will feel bad with them and even possibly take on sympathy pains. This has been heard of in the delivery room, where the father gets sympathy. Labor pains and then path can also match their vibrational energy to another person, which then makes them experience the same feelings and possibly physical issues as the other. As the other person, it's always a good idea to clear the body of negative energies by doing inner work. Meditation, yoga, Tai Chee, time spent in nature, anything that helps you feel relaxed physically and mentally, even visualizing the energy in your body, flowing smoothly all around you, each impact has their own unique ways. Do what feels right to you, desire to help others and paths can feel an overwhelming desire to save people from themselves. Be sure that your intentions air from a place of love and not just trying to appease your ego. Every event in our lives is a gift we learn and grow from it. Lessons and blessings in our lives can come from unpleasant experiences or happy ones. Don't try to fix someone without their permission. Ability to sense, dishonesty and past can often feel if something is true or not. It's like having a built in lie detector. Being able to feel the anxiety of lying from the other person is helpful but can be disappointing to it. Never feels good to be lied to. Don't forget that feelings can change from moment to moment. Perceptions can change. What is being felt about a thing now may change tomorrow, so try to keep an open mind ability to heal others. Many M paths or natural healers. This would be considered a higher level empathic ability. They can tune into the energies needed and send this energy to another. Ricky is a form of energy healing. You will find impasse in all kinds of helping or healing jobs, from doctors and nurses to animal shelters and counselors. When it comes to energy healing, though, it's important to remember that you are not healing the other person. You are enabling them to heal themselves. This could be done over long distances as well, but no healing will last. If the receiver is not ready to heal feeling like you don't fit in, I m past can feel like they do not belong in this world like a fish out of water. They can feel alone or feel like they are an alien. When an impact is amongst others that do not share the same perspectives. The M Path can feel like they don't fit in or belong. They can feel misunderstood and even feel victimized. It's important to do that in our work. Take those people breaks, spend time in nature, find like minded people, other impasse. There are many supports on social media that you can join toe, learn and meet others, just like you feeling overwhelmed. It is easy for a Nim path to feel overwhelmed. At times, this could be due to there being too many people around or too many things going on at once . It's too much energy and information coming in at once. This is another reason why doing inner work and cleansing yourself of excess energies is important. This could be a simple is taking a shower and visualizing all the extra yucky energy washing away or keeping certain crystals around you that are healing. I personally light incense or I smudge my home myself. We will get into these strategies Maurin the course. It's a good idea not to allow yourself to feel overwhelmed for too long, or you can become fatigued or even ill being a highly sensitive person. And paths are considered highly sensitive people. They can pick up on the slightest changes of energy in an area. Have you heard of the old fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen called the Princess and the Pea? A princess had to prove her royalty by doing a physical sensitivity test. She had to sleep on several mattresses and a small P was placed under one of them. She couldn't get comfortable on the mattresses and didn't know why this was how they determined she was highly sensitive and that she was an impasse. Changing the energy M past could feel the energy of another, but they can also change the energy of another. Two. People will feel very comfortable and assured around just the presence of a Nim path. If you sense negative energy in a room or from a person, you can just imagine positive energy moving towards and removing the negative. Visualize it. However, it feels good for you. This is very similar to what Ray key practitioners dio. It's not magic or healing, but simply sending positive energy to remove the negative. Try not to look at it is good or bad. Look at it like a spectrum. We couldn't no one without the other. They both have their purpose. In this existence, the key is finding a balance. You can do this to help relieve anxiety in yourself or others, difficulty accepting help or gifts for an impact that can feel like failing, accepting help. They could feel a ziff. They're not competent enough to do things on their own. You must allow people to experience who they are, and giving or showing gratitude or helping does that for them and for you. Don't let fear decide what your actions are. If you are setting healthy boundaries and making sure you're not always in a taking position, there is nothing wrong with letting people help few or show their appreciation of you putting your needs last many impasse Feel the drive to help humanity and never feel like they have done enough. This leads to taking on more than they can handle. It's a very wonderful thing toe. Want to help others? Make sure that you feel your own bucket first, though, because then you will have enough to give others remember those healthy boundaries and that it's OK to say no. Sometimes no one should expect you to run yourself dry for them. Avoid those types. I have included a video from my free course. Choose happiness now, all about how it's important to put yourself first and why shyness. Many M paths, especially younger ones, tend to be very shy. This could be because of a lack of self confidence. Feeling things that you do not yet understand could make you feel like you don't fit in or you'll be made fun over misunderstood. This happens. Maura's a child or a teenager. The older weekend, the less shy B we become because we care less what other people think of us. Try and remember that each human is basically their own universe, living their own lives with their own mind and perceptions. What others think about you does not matter. Be who you are and love yourself for your unique way of experiencing this existence. Being drawn to sociopaths and narcissists. Sociopaths and narcissists are drawn to M paths, and M paths are drawn to them. The impacts desire to help and fix people. It's strong. Since sociopaths and narcissists have little to no empathy, they could be hard to read, even for a NIM path. This makes an impact an easy target for abusers to take advantage of emotionally, mentally financially. Due to the impasse tendency to give many chances and take on other people's problems as their own, this convict come a very unhappy trap. If you are in a relationship of any kind, where you were always feeling guilty, that everything is your fault, that something is wrong with you, that you were never right and always wrong. These are just a few red flags that you may be dealing with toxic person. Be sure to get help and never stay. In a situation like this, the best way to deal with a sociopath or narcissist is to avoid them completely. Sometimes that is not an option, in which case as little contact as possible and never give a reaction. That's what they want. They get enjoyment out of taking away someone's power. If you feel like you're being abused, I have provided links to places to get help in the USA and Canada. Drugs and alcohol. Why do some am paths turn to alcohol and drugs to ease their stress? Some impacts have a hard time coping in this reality. This world has a lot of pain, innit? Humans are very warlike in general, but an M path is not and will take on the pain of the world. Therefore, it's so important to keep doing that inner work, filling that bucket, having those healthy boundaries and taking people break rather than dull the pain with harmful drugs and excessive alcohol, why not find solutions to the problems, such as taking this course. I'm not saying not to have fun. Just use moderation. And if you're a Nim path, be aware that these things can increase your sensitivity. If you or someone you know has an addiction, I have provided a link for help. No tolerance for war. War is trauma and fear and anger and hate. Nothing good comes from war. There needs to be a peaceful balance. An agreement made by both sides. Compromises needed not killing for power. And then path understands this. What a nem path may struggle to understand is how there could be so much war in our history and to this date. Feeling everything is challenging enough keep on loving others and doing your best to live a happy life without hurting people. We can't force people to act how we wish they would, but we can set a good example death in the M path. The impact will feel the movement and loss of energy. If someone they're close to dies as M paths feel guilty so easily, they may feel guilty for someone passing away. They will wonder what more they could have done to stop it or help should they have felt this coming and done something. If it was a suicide, it will be even more traumatic for a nem path to get over impacts need to give themselves a break and remember that we're not in control of anything other than ourselves. Look to your religion. If you practice or spirituality or even just your own inner voice for help and guidance and healing. We're here for a reason were made up of energy. Quantum physics shows us this. When her body dies, we don't stop existing. We just exist in a different way. Have included a link to a video on this that I recommend you check out. And I've also shared a link to Grief counseling International. 6. Types of Empaths: types of M paths. Each M path is unique, just like each human being is. This will explain six of the main types of impasse that there are. Each has a different set of abilities. Understanding what type of M path you are can really help you make the most of this gift and help you better take care of yourself. Here is the list one emotional M path Emotional impasse are the most common type. If you were this type, you will be able to easily pick up on the emotions of others around you and feel them as if they were your own emotions. This isn't to be confused with sympathy, which is to imagine how you would feel in another person's shoes. Empathy is experiencing another person's emotions as if you were them. But in your own emotional body, it is very important for the emotional M path toe. Learn the difference between their own emotions and that of others. This way they stay mentally healthy and are better able to help others with this gift. If they wish to physical or medical M path, this type of M path can pick up on the energy of other people's bodies. They intuitively know what is not well in another person. Many of these types of M paths become healers, whether medically or alternatively, some of these impasse can see auras and conceive physical energy. Blockages in another person's energy body, a medical impact will feel the symptoms of another. This can lead to health problems in the M Path if they don't do self healing on a regular basis. Things like breaky yoga, meditation or whatever makes them feel light and refreshed and no longer heavy with emotional energy. Three. Geo Man Tick Em Path This type of M path is also called place or environmental empathy. This type can feel the energy of a place or landscape. They will experience a feeling of discomfort or happiness in certain areas for no apparent reason. A geo man tick em path will feel a deep connection to certain places. They may feel drawn to sacred places like churches, places like Stonehenge. Some may be sensitive to the history of a place they can pick up on the emotions of the past in the area. They're very in touch with nature and will grieve for any damage done to it. Seeing trees being cut down is painful. For instance, this type of impact will most likely need to recharge in nature. Helping the environment will be a healing experience, too. Filling their home with plants or natural sense will make this type of M path feel the most comfortable and happy four Plant em path. Plant em path will intuitively sense what plants need. They will have a green thumb and be naturally good at growing and gardening. They will most likely be happiest working in parks or landscaping or gardens. Some more practice. Plant em paths have been known to receive messages from plants in their minds. Five. Animal and path. Many M paths have a strong connection with animals, but an animal in path will devote their lives to them. They will work in zoos, animal shelters, anything that involves caring for animals. They will most likely have pets at home. To some comptel, a path thickly communicate with animals. They're very good at knowing what an animal needs and will also be likely interested in the biology and psychology of animals. Six. Claire Cognizant or intuitive M Path. This type of M path will pick up information from others just by being around them. Sometimes it only takes one glance. They will know when someone is lying to them because they consents the intentions behind the words. This impasse can resonate toe other energetic feels and read the energy of others easily due to feeling the energy of others all the time. This M path should learn ways to strengthen their energy body so they don't get overwhelmed by the energy of other people. It's important for the same path to spend time with people they feel aligned with, not overwhelmed by them. You may find that you feel like you are more than one of these types of M path, and that is OK. Most Sam paths have more than one ability. The more you work on your abilities, the more that will show up for you. Being an M path can be very stressful. Understanding your abilities will help you to cope better and use it to help others. If you choose 7. The Heyoka Empath: the Hay Oka M path. The hay Oka M path may be the most spiritually attuned of the different types of M paths. The word Hey Oka is a Native American word that means sacred clown or fool. The Hanaoka M Path will use humor to help open people's minds to hell. They work by almost tricking or joking with people. This type of M path sees the world differently. They understand that sometimes the way to shift people's negative ways of thinking is to startle them out of it. They do this by showing others a completely different way of looking at things, usually the opposite of what one would expect. Hey, Okkas don't seem to take life very seriously, but the work they do is important. They behave as a mirror, reflecting the behavior of others back to them so that they can see themselves in a new way . And he'll What does the hail could do in Native American ceremonies? The Hay Okkas role would be to disrupt things to enable people to see things differently. This type of M path will use silliness and humor to open people's eyes to the new possibilities and different ways to see a situation. They even have the power to shift to the energy of a group. This way. Modern day hail ca M paths will say or do something to shift energy and change perceptions . This allows others to start to see clearly in hell. This kind of em path doesn't heal in a conventional way with crystals their hands, such as Ray Key. Instead, they create the space for others to become more aware of how they're behaving so they can heal. When Heo Ca M Path needs to heal, it is usually through chaos and disruption. This is not always an easy or peaceful healing, but it may be necessary for those completely stuck in a way of thinking that doesn't serve . Um, hey, Oka M paths understand the emotions of others and can provide the healing method suited to a person's needs. They don't completely heal someone. They point them in the right direction and following. I'm going to show you some traits of a Hail M path to find out if you maybe one traditional signs of hail ca m path. One being born breech to being dyslexic. Three. Being emotionally unpredictable, four doing things backwards. Five being left handed and six thinking differently than others. Other signs of being a hey Oka m. Path one. You feel other people's emotions and instinctually know what they need to heal to. You may notice that when you have a deep conversation with someone, they often experience life changing insights. Three. You help people to hell through humor or point out the humor in a situation which is using Hey Oka Energy and four. If you often find people are surprised or shocked by what you say or do, but then come around to your way of thinking and can move forward in their lives, then you are probably a hail ca. 8. Are There Levels of Empathy: are there levels of empathy. It's more a matter of what stage of awareness and attunement the person is at all. People are empathic. To some degree. It's part of human nature. If someone is considered a high level M path, it just means that they're very in tune with their own empathy. The more in tune you get with your own empathy, other abilities may start toe wake up. I'm talking about psychic abilities such as telepathy or one of the Claire's, which will be covered in this course. The more you learn about this ability, the more you will be able to control it and therefore have an easier time controlling your own emotions. 9. The Difference Between Highly Sensitive People and an: the difference between a highly sensitive person and an M path and paths have everything in common with highly sensitive people. But highly sensitive people don't necessarily have everything in common with M paths. Let's see what the differences between the two. You hear some traits of highly sensitive people. They have a low tolerance for stimulation, the need for alone time, sensitivity to light, sound and smell. A strong dislike toe large groups takes longer to toe wind down after a busy day, typically introverts, and they prefer to keep to themselves. The impact has thes traits as well, because they are highly sensitive people, too. The difference is that impacts, feel the energy of others and even absorb it. The M Path will literally feel the emotions and energy of the people around them and can sometimes mistake these feelings to their own, especially if they don't know that they're an impact. Look at empathy as a spectrum On the high end, you have em paths than highly sensitive people. On the lower end, you have sociopaths and nurses is when it comes to feelings and emotions. It really is a spectrum just like everything. Duality is a part of this existence here on Earth. Knowing ourselves is the goal 10. The Mirror Effect of Empaths: the mirror effect of them paths. Have you ever had someone instantly dislike you or suddenly stopped talking to you? And you can't figure out why? If you're in M path, you can sense and feel the resentment and dislike, which is not fun. Remember that there is always going to be someone that doesn't like you. None of us are perfect, and some of us just clash. It's normal, but there are times that it might surprise your catch you off guard. Some people are just jerks and hate to see others happy when they're miserable themselves and paths are unable to be fake. We thrive on being authentic, weaken sense when others are not being authentic or hiding something from us. Since people can't hide the parts of themselves they don't like from a nem path, they feel threatened. In this sense, the impact acts as a mirror toe, others reflecting to them their own flaws and insecurities. Many times, the things we don't like about other people are things we don't like about ourselves, since we're all made of energy, which is basically sound vibration and light. We have a frequency em paths and people with different exception. Ality is vibrate on a higher or faster frequency. This convey, make someone feel uncomfortable and they won't even realize why. It's another way we mirror for others. Sometimes M paths are mistaken for being stuck up for anti social. This is not true of all in paths. As super sensitive people and paths need to take time to be alone, it literally recharges them. Also, crowds of people can be very overwhelming for an M path. It's hard to feel all that energy and emotion at once. We aren't stuck up. We're trying not to feel claustrophobic. I personally have some mild claustrophobia in small spaces, but I get the same feeling at a concert or in a movie theater. It's all the energy of all the people around me. So remember, you are a good person. You are more in touch with your soul than most, and that intimidates them. Just be polite and keep on being you. There are more of US impacts than you would think 11. Empaths and Romantic Relationships: M paths and romantic relationships. When it comes to romantic relationships, the M Path can struggle. The fact that we're so sensitive to energy in the emotions of others could make it difficult for someone to keep up with our changing moods. And, um, Path always knows when they're being lied to, even if they're only feeling the intentions of their partner. It's not easy to always know these things. Let's talk about some of the pros and cons to dating as an M path, starting with the cons. The 1st 1 is troubles getting past their partners, hidden feelings and possible issues. M paths express their feelings faster, being more in tune with emotions and this conspiracy partner in a new relationship and paths or moody due to feeling their own emotions strongly as well as the emotions of others around them. Mood swings, air goingto happen. This just means some alone time is needed to recharge. M paths hate to be lied to because they will feel it. It's not fun. Knowing someone you care about has ill intentions, and paths feel complacency in a relationship. Every romantic relationship reaches a point where things level out because you're very used to each other. This will be felt intensely by the, um path, and it can cause misunderstandings and paths have a hard time giving up for letting go of a relationship. They want to work it out no matter what. Sometimes this is good, but not always. Many impacts stay in unhealthy relationships because of this. M paths hate being alone but love their own space. This can frustrate a partner. M paths need regular alone time to recharge from absorbing all the energy around them and emotions daily. M past love to be a love but can't have someone hanging around them. 24 7 Either balance is needed, and paths take their word seriously. If their partner doesn't do what they say they will, it will annoy the M path greatly. Also, impasse are rarely taken seriously as their ideas can seem far fetched. Sometimes it could be very insulting. Lastly, M paths are often attracted to narcissists due to their helping nature. Their sensitivity is what makes an M path of prime target for an abuser. Now here are some pros M paths care. You won't find someone other than maybe your mother that will care for you more than an M path, and pats understand the feeling of needing someone to be there for them, their natural nurturers and caregivers. If you're sick, you're M Path partner will be on the Internet looking for ways to make you feel better. Faster, they will be loyal, and there for you and paths could make you better do to how into it. If they are, they can see the best in anyone, even if that person can't. Your M Path partner will always encourage you to be your best self, because they will want to see you happy. More than anything, they're very inspiring. You will not be bored. M paths can't stand being bored. So expect an exciting fun time with your M Path partner and past love to make others happy . And they're just a sensitive to positive emotions and energy as they are too negative and paths are in touch with their inner child and will be bubbly and fun. Impasse will spoil you. They love to make you happy and will go out of their way to see you smile whether they shower you with gifts or attention, especially the little things you will be treated very well in this manner. Any two people who love each other, whether they're M paths or not, can be successful in a relationship. If they communicate their needs openly, a little understanding goes a long way. 12. The Clairs: the Clears. Many M paths will find that over time, as they become more comfortable and knowledgeable with their empathy, they will start to develop psychic abilities. There are four clairvoyance clear audio. It's clear sentence and clear cognizance, these air different types of intuitive abilities that people can develop, whether they're an M path or not, Everyone can tap into their natural empathy and intuition. Some just choose not to open themselves to it. Some people will have all four of these abilities, and some may only have one. Each person is unique. Even if you don't have any of these abilities, that's okay, too. You can always practice if you're curious, and it doesn't make any less of a beautiful soul. If you're curious as to where this energy or messages and abilities come from, that's ultimately up to you. If you are a religious person, you may feel the information comes from God. If you're more on the spirituals side as I am, you may feel it comes from your higher self, your soul or the universe. And if you don't believe in a higher power, just think of it as training your mind to give you the answers you need. Let's discuss what the four clears are clairvoyance, which is clear. Seeing this is the ability to see visual images, pictures or movie like scenes that flash in your mind's eye or outside of the mind. These images can appear in color or black and white there, usually symbolic and meaning. Sometimes they can be like a riddle that needs to be pieced together. Clairvoyance is the ability to get intuitive messages through site Claire audience, which means clear hearing. This is the ability to hear that inner voice speaking to you. It may sound like your own voice like mine does, or it may sound like a different voice. Some people hear it in their mind, while others can literally hear it in their ears. Clear audience is the ability to get intuitive messages through hearing clear sentence clear feeling. This is the ability to feel the energy around you, and you can receive intuitive messages this way. It could be an emotion that you feel or a physical sensation even smell, taste and touch most. Some paths are also there. Santy INTs or it is usually the first ability that they'll notice. I get goose bumps or I get a feeling of presence beside married behind me. I also feel emotions. It will be unique to each person. Have you ever had that gut feeling that is clear? Santillan's at work. It's the ability to get intuitive messages through the feeling of energy, their cognizance clear, knowing this is the ability to just know information without really knowing where it came from. You know those random thoughts that just pop into your mind? Sometimes most people ignore that, but this is clear cognizance that work. We know more than we realize. If we can just get past our egos and listen. The key to this ability is having confidence in yourself. Trust in your intuition and the messages you receive. Claire Cognizance is the ability to know things without knowing how you know them. 13. The Human Energy Body: the human energy body. The human energy body consists of five layers of energy. The first layer is your physical body, the body that you can touch and see the four outer layers of the energy body or what is known as the aura. Together, these five energy bodies make up the human energy field. Someone with the clairvoyant ability can see all the layers thes air riel energies with a pulse that can be measured. And now we will go over the five energies and their descriptions. One, the physical energy body. This layer is our physical Selves. Our physical bodies air not just made up a flesh and bone and blood there also made up of energy. This is just the one that we can see and perceive to the Lyric energy body. The second death Eric Layer of energy is approximately half a inch away from the physical body. It has been referred to as the holograph of the physical body like a blueprint three. The emotional energy body. This third energy body is the emotional layer. It's located in the center of the five layers. This one holds our feelings. This is where our fears and joys live. It could be very uncomfortable during high and low emotions for the mental energy body. This layer is where our ideas come from. Our belief systems air stored here to our thoughts are created here as well as our personal truths and perceptions based on our life experiences. And finally, five, the spiritual energy body. This is the final layer. Many believe this is where our consciousness is. This is where our soul lives, our higher Selves. 14. The 7 Chakras: This video is going to cover the seven chakras. So what is the chakra? It's a center of energy in the energy body. The word chakra is from Sanskrit and means that wheel, which is how the energy behaves by spiraling around and the different energy centers in your body. These energy centers help to regulate the processes in the body from organ function to the immune system and emotions, physical and emotional. There are seven chakras in the body, starting from the base of the spine, all the way up to the crown of the head. Each chakra has its own unique vibrational frequency, which is shown in different colors. So we're gonna go over the seven chakras, their colors and their meanings. The first is the root chakra. As you can see, it represents the color red. The location on the body is the base of the spine that covers the peritoneum along the first three vertebrae, and the pelvic area right at the pelvic area. Area. The characteristics is security, safety, survival, basic needs like food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc. It can be physicality, physical identity and aspects of self grounding, support and foundation for living our lives. So as I've said, this energy is physical and emotional. The second is the sacral chakra. The color it represents is orange. The location on the body is about three inches below the navel at the center of your lower belly. Behind in the back it's located at the level of the lumbar vertebrae, the genital area, especially at the level of ovaries for women and the ********* for men. It's associated with the lymphatic system. Some characteristics, emotions, feelings, relationships relating expression of sexuality, sexual, sensual pleasure, feeling the outer and inner worlds, creativity and fantasies. Third is the solar plexus chakra. The color is yellow. The location is the solar plexus area, which is the upper part of the belly where your diaphragm rests. It is the third chakra from the bottom. Okay, so the characteristics are we'll personal power, taking responsibility for one's life, taking control, mental abilities, the intellect, forming personal opinions and beliefs, making decisions or setting the direction, clarity of judgment, personal identity, personality, self assurance, confidence, self-discipline and independence. That's the energy of this chakra. Fourth is the heart chakra. The color is green. The location on the body is the center of the chest. It's the fourth chakra counting from the bottom of the spine. So right where your heart is, the characteristics, our love for oneself and others, of course, relating relationships, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, transformation or change, the ability to grieve and reach peace and compassionate discernment. Fifth is the throat chakra, and the color is blue. The location on the body is located at the center of the neck, at the level of the throat. It is the passage of the energy between the lower parts of the body and the head. So that's important characteristics. Expression, ability to express your truth or to speak out makes sense for the throat chakra communication, whether it's verbal or nonverbal, external or internal. Connection with the aesthetic realm, the subtler realms, spirit and an intuitive abilities. The propensity to create, projecting ideas and blueprints into reality. Realizing your vocation and purpose, a good sense of timing. Next is the third eye chakra. The color is typically purple, but sometimes it's indigo as well. The location on the body is between the eyebrows, slightly above at the bridge of your nose. The characteristics, our vision, so intuition, perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy, psychic abilities related to clairvoyants and Claire audience, especially access to mystical states, illumination, connection to wisdom or insight. It motivates inspiration and creativity. And last we have the crown chakra. The color can be purple, but a lot of times it's white or clear. The location on the body is that very top of your head or just slightly above the top of your head. Characteristics here, our consciousness, that's where our spirit, awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, connection with the Formless, the limitless realization, liberation from limiting patterns, communion with higher states of consciousness, ecstasy, bliss, and presence. There's actually a whole lot more to these energy centers, these seven chakras. I've given you the basics somewhere to start from. If you find them interesting, you want to keep learning. There's so much information, books and YouTube channels and probably courses on the topics so you can really dive deep if you want to. But I hope you've enjoyed this basic explanation and the starting point. 15. Mirror Neurons: mirror neurons. It's no question that how we feel is influenced by the people around us. Most people don't realize how powerful those influences are, though. Our brain is designed to learn from others and mirror those around us, and it's referred to as social learning. Babies do this in our brains. We have something called mirror neurons, which fire when we observe actions performed by someone else, and that triggers us to do the same action. An example is that our physical body will mimic someone else when we observe them. Crossing their legs or yawning. Yawning is contagious, right? This is because of mirror neurons. Our brains assess other people's emotional states and then reflects or mimics what is being observed. And this is influencing how we feel. This is empathy. It also seems to prove that impacts are a really thing. I'm glad to know that because I am an impasse. I feel the emotions of others around me literally. Some of us are more influenced by this than others, though depending on their level of empathy, you probably have noticed that when someone around you is extremely excited, it makes you excited to, or you can feel their excitement. Or maybe you have found that when you talk to someone who was really depressed, you walk away feeling sad, too. Emotions are contagious. This is very important to understand how powerful is this influence. There have been some studies done. There was one study where participants were found to be influenced by seeing an image for only 30 milliseconds. That's not even enough time for someone to see the image consciously, which means they are not actually aware of what they're seeing. But their unconscious minds could interpret the image and react to it. In the experiment, participants were shown a face with either ah, happy, angry or a neutral expression. Since it was only 30 milliseconds, they were not aware of what expression they were being exposed to when they when they were shown images displaying happiness, their bodies reacted by increasing electrical activity in the muscles needed to smile. This also happened for those who were exposed to images of anger. The thing that's amazing is that the participants were Onley seeing the images for 30 milliseconds. Imagine the impact that the people around you who are experiencing a strong emotion have on your body's reaction. Another study found that we are also influenced by observing another person experiencing physical sensation. In this study, they showed participants videos of a hand that is placed into either visibly cold or visibly warm water. What they found is that the participants hand temperature changed based on what they saw in the video. The's studies, among others, really shows that the people around us can influence us at a very deep level. If you feel you are an impact the next time you're feeling unhappy, stop and think about who may be influencing you. Who do you interact with a lot? What emotional state do they tend to be in? What can you do to limit your exposure to people who negatively affect your emotions? How can you surround yourself with people that mirror an emotional state that you want to experience more of 16. Setting Healthy Boundaries: setting healthy boundaries. What? Our boundaries. They are a set of limits that you will not go past or let another intrude on. If you aren't sure what kind of limits you need, just look at it as finding ways to avoid being drawn into negative drama. Be sure to learn what your triggers are, as this will help you learn how to set your own boundaries. Triggers can come from a childhood trauma and accident. Anything that affected you on a deep emotional level, doing inner work, learning about who you really are, what you want and where you want to go will help you understand yourself better and help you set the right boundaries for you. Help others if you're able and if it feels right. But do not let people take advantage of you. Learn to say no when you need to. 17. Inner Work: in her work. What do I mean by inner work? This is the process of working on yourself, healing your past or current pain, sadness, fear, etcetera. Why do we need to do in her work? Everyone needs it. Throughout life, we have experiences, and those experiences shape who we are, how we think and our core beliefs when emotional trauma happens, whether it's big, like someone broke your heart or small, your mom didn't buy you the toy. You wanted a child. We end up storing that energy in the energy body where it will continue to effect. Thus, until we do something to heal it, you can see why an M Path would need to do in our work. They absorb their own energy, plus the energy of those around them. So what is in her work? What do we do? We rewrite those limiting beliefs into positive ones. We think back to the bad memory that is affecting us now and take steps to change your perspective off this memory and therefore change your belief and emotion about it. Here are some steps to follow. One recognize that it happened and old it admit it, except that it happened to go back and remember it with the relaxed mind. Face the memory with curiosity, not fear or hate or sadness. See how it happened and keep an open mind. Three. Now you can create a new understanding of it. Approaching this negative memory with forgiveness and understanding, You can come up with a new conclusion or perspective on what happened and what it can teach you. Write it down so you have a visual of it. This helps make it feel real and true. Here is a hypothetical example. When Sally was a child, her mother left her and her siblings and father for a new man. Sally gets into a relaxed state by taking a walk for you. It could be anything that helps you feel relaxed now that Sally is relaxed, she thinks back to that moment. But instead of feeling the usual pain of being abandoned, she tries to understand her mother's side of it. Maybe Mom was depressed or had a mental illness or was unhappy in her marriage or overwhelmed Sally for gives her mother. Understanding is what leads to forgiveness. Forgiveness is healing now. Sally knows she is lovable, and that not everyone in her life will abandon her. She has let go off the pain and gave it new understanding. Getting rid of limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep your energy low is some very effective inner work. I have included extra downloads focused on limiting beliefs in this section. 18. Put Yourself First: put yourself first, fill your bucket. Imagine that Each person has a bucket, everything that must do with how they feel inside. So their emotional state health, well being fulfillment energy level is dependent on how full their bucket is. Every person can use the spout and pour into someone else's bucket. There are some people who are bucket fillers. They are helpers and givers who go around filling other people's buckets. There are also people who are beggars asking for their buckets to be filled without doing it themselves. Sometimes the givers give too much, and their buckets end up empty. They sacrifice themselves for others. They get drained, lethargic, stressed until eventually they have no more to give. In some cases, they become very ill or even pass away, leaving behind any number of people who believe they needed that person to fill their buckets. This is all because of one big misunderstanding. Each person is 100% responsible for and capable of filling their own bucket. Not everyone takes responsibility for it, though they look for handouts to fill their bucket instead. Beggars. I have good news. You are perfectly able to fill your own bucket when dependent people are forced to stop being dependent. Guess what happens? They do it. I also have good news for the givers. They can fill their own buckets. That means you can focus on your own bucket. You need to learn to feed yourself, take care of yourself, do things that bring you joy. Use your natural talents. Do something that makes you feel like you are flowing naturally like yourself. Go for a walk or spend time in nature. For some people, filling their bucket is reading a book or playing a game, going to the movies, listening to music or creating art. Just remember what fills your specific bucket and do more of that. You won't feel dependent on anyone else to fill your bucket, and yours will run over and you will have more to give. Then the oxygen mask idea. Here is an analogy, using the oxygen mask and airplanes when they give the demonstration about safety before the flight starts. They tell you that when the oxygen masks drop down, make sure you put yours on first. There is a good reason for this. You will only have so long before you won't be able to breathe and you will pass out from lack of oxygen. You won't be able to help anybody. Then what? Your mask on first. Then you can go around helping others putting their masks on. After what this is saying is that you can help more people if you help yourself first. If you look back on your life, you can see that there were probably times when you made decisions that truly honored you or times that you did what you loved. Even if it was unpopular at the time. Maybe there were times you chose not to participate in something that you knew wasn't right for you. No matter what anyone said, maybe you gave yourself a reward or took a much needed break. And because you made those decisions, you improved your psychological and emotional state. You became stronger, your bucket became full. You were better able to care for yourself and others. Here are some questions you can consider one. Are there any decisions you made in the past that have honored you two? If so, how did it turn out? Three. In what ways are you honoring yourself or taking care of yourself? Right now four. Are there situations that you are self sacrificing almost to the point of self harm or no longer being able to help those very people that you were sacrificing for? Five. Have you ever put yourself out there so much that now you just can't help anybody? Six. Is there any changes you could make that would put your own oxygen mask on first or fill your own bucket so that you were better able to assist others? Seven. What are some ways that you can fill your own bucket? Eight. What feeds you makes you feel fulfilled. Nine. What changes could you make that would stop beggars from being dependent on you filling up their bucket? And 10 If you commit to fill in your own bucket, how will this change your life? 19. Present Moment Awareness: present moment awareness. The present moment is where you will experience freedom from suffering. You can only feel free, peaceful, safe or happy. Now this now moment is all that exists, Really. The things we dream of and even fear are nothing but a figment of the imagination. There is no future, which we will experience. Then when we experience the fear, it will be now at that time. For us, thinking about the future can have positive or negative results. Dreaming of a future experience of joy can make us feel better now. But worrying about the possibility of a pain or fear in the future makes us experience that suffering now as well. The thing to understand about the future is that whenever you think about it, you experience whatever you expect the future to be. Now it's the same with the past. There is no such thing as the past. Past means everything that happened previously. This means that it is not happening now, and it never will weaken. Re experience the past by thinking about it, though, just as with the future, this could be good or bad. If we remember times we have suffered, we relive that suffering. But if we remember positive memories of happiness, we get to relive that happiness. Now. The idea is to learn how to use your mind to purposefully remember memories or imagined future possibilities in a way that makes you feel good, not bad. Then you can choose your thoughts. Now here's a process you can use to help yourself be in the present moment. Try this when you catch yourself or catch your thoughts going in a way that makes you feel bad. The more you practice catching yourself and bringing your awareness to the now, the easier it will get and the earlier you will be able to catch yourself. The steps are next. One stop. I even picture a stop sign and be aware of the present moment to notice your body. Three. I notice you're breathing. Put your hand on your heart and feel it beating. Four. Notice how your hands feel warm tingling. Five. Feel the life in your whole body. Six. Notice the sounds around you. Listen, what do you hear? Seven. Noticed the space in the area that you're in. Look around. What do you see? Eight. Notice the light around you and where it's coming from. Nine. Ask yourself what is good with this moment? What is beautiful? What do you appreciate? Find something in that moment right now. After you have done all this, what you have done is taken yourself out of that negative thought process. This works because if you stop thinking and purposely focus your mind on the present moment you stop resisting or worrying and you feel better. Doing this slows down your thinking. Now that you have control of your thoughts, you can ask yourself some questions. One. What would I prefer to think about instead? Two. Is there a different way I could look at this so that I can feel better about it? Be patient. It does take practice. You will not be good at this right away. Don't get frustrated. I'm still practicing. It gets easier, so keep it up. 20. Does This Feeling Belong to Me: does this feeling belong to me as an M path, you were going to have a lot of feelings. Your own emotions are stronger than the average person. Bless you, get to feel the emotions or energy of others around you. Many times, M paths will mistake feeling the emotions of another for their own emotions. Therefore, some M paths can see moody or have mood swings. There are lots of other reasons for mood swings to, and it is always important to talk to your doctor. If you are having mood swings that seem unexpected. Any time you come across the negative feeling, stop and try not to react to it and rather question it. Why are you feeling this? Is there a reason right now while you were feeling this? If so, what can you do to change it? If it seems random, it probably belongs to someone else. Stopping when having a negative emotion is a great idea for anyone looking for more emotional control. Stopping keeps us from reacting in a way that we may regret later. It gives us control over our emotions, giving us the power to be happy instead of giving that power away to others, 21. People Breaks: people breaks. Everybody needs a break. Sometimes we all need to take time to ourselves to relax and just be m paths need to take these breaks. M paths feel the emotions and energy of other people around them, plus the experience emotion in a more intense way than the average person. If an impact doesn't take some alone time away from the energy and emotions of others, they will end up depressed or worse. And I'm path needs to take regular people breaks to function better schedule that alone time for yourself. If you are busy, make time. It will only help you even if you only take 10 minutes a day. Do it for your health and well being. Do whatever you like in that alone time. Just make sure you are alone and relaxed. This is how you recharge your own energy body. This is how you can release all the extra stuff you don't need during the day. Many M paths are introverts. Because of this. It can feel so much better to be alone, sometimes more peaceful. What's A person learns to enjoy their own company. It could become almost addictive due to the Peacefulness of being alone. If this is you, it's a good idea to make time to socialize with others. Just make sure you pick quality people that will make you feel good and you will be set. You don't want to become a hermit. 22. Practicing Using Your Intuition: practicing using your intuition. Everyone has intuition. We're conditioned his Children to ignore this inner feeling, and we prefer to use logic only instead. Logic is great, but intuition can help you take more control of your life and the choices you make. What is intuition? It's a positive or negative feeling we get when we know we should or shouldn't do something . It's like weaken sense. If an outcome is going to be good or bad, it's that gut feeling we get. It's a knowing as well as a feeling. The psychic abilities of Claire cognizance and Clear Santillan's mixed together are what intuition is. We discussed these abilities earlier in the course. Here are some different ways you can practice using and enhancing your intuition. One. Pay attention When you get that gut feeling, stop and question it. What do you think you know? How do you feel the outcome will be. Instead of ignoring it like usual, really, pay attention to it. Be present in the moment to prioritize logic a little bit less, or combine it together with your intuition. The logical answer may not always be the most emotionally satisfying. Be sure you're not using logic to hold you back from what you know is right. Sometimes we feel like the emotional choice is the right one for us, even though the logical reason makes more sense to society. Logic comes from your brain. Intuition comes from your soul. Logic may not always agree with what your soul wants. Three. Keep a notebook, those random ideas that pop into our mind. That's intuition. This could happen to us several times throughout the day, and we normally forget a lot of it. When this happens, write it down. You can also write down your dreams when you wake up before you forget. Um, a lot of intuition can show up in dreams when you get an inspiration or an idea or gut feeling, write that down. The more you pay attention to it, the easier you will recognize it for. Keep a diary when you have a gut feeling or knowing, Write it down and then afterwards, right down the outcome of the situation that you had a feeling about just to see if it was correct or not. Keep doing this and see how many times your intuition was right. You can also note the times that it was right and how it felt This way you can recognise when your intuition is telling you something. It's like learning to ride a bike. You get a feel for it, then eventually you can just do it. Five. Experiment The next time you need to decide something, put your intuition to the test. For example, let's say you need to decide on what route to take to work. Choose from at least two different choices. Pick the one that feels the most right to you. Later, you can find out if your intuition was right. This is another way to practice and practice makes perfect. Six. Reduce your negative emotional reactions. I know this is tricky for a nem path, but practicing this will help you cope as an impact as well as help you develop your intuition. Do that in our work. We talked about practice, meditation or yoga or whatever brings you feelings of peace. Having better emotional control will help your intuition come through easier because it won't be blocked by strong negative emotion. Negative emotions are good to feel, too, but when they get out of control, it's bad for us and our intuition. Seven. Avoid media brainwashing and materialism. Understand that material things don't matter at all in the end, because when your body dies, you can't take that stuff with you. Happiness comes from within. It comes from your perceptions and your ideas and experiences and choices. Also, don't let the media tell you who you are and what it takes to be happy. The media is full of ads on how to be the most attractive how to live longer. We are taught that we must be financially successful to be a good human. Learn to think for yourself without media telling you what to think. Your intuition can't reach you if you are being led by material things. Eight. Ask a question. This is like the experiment practicing where you're creating scenarios to test your intuition. In this case, just ask a question and then see if you get an intuitive response. What is the very first thing that you think or feel your soul has? The answer. This is a great way to practice feeling for a response. Intuition is something that all humans have. We have just been conditioned to ignore it. Your subconscious knows the answers that are for your greatest good. Open the door again and use your full potential to live your best life. 23. Ways to Protect Your Energy: ways to protect your energy. One detachment. The only thing that can affect you is what you give power to practice prevention. You are sympathetic to others because of your need to fix them. You want to help because you feel their pain. If you can practice stopping and remembering that people need to experience pain as a learning tool in life. Justus, you dio learn to know that everyone will be okay and it is not your job to save everyone. Take care of yourself. Fill your own bucket so that you will have enough to be able to help others. Then to journaling. Writing down your feelings is a great way to release negative emotions and paths experience most energy in the form of emotion. You can also write how you would prefer to feel, too, who put it out there. Three. Energy vampires. This type of person will make you feel drained after being around them. There could be places that may make you feel this way to the answer Seems easy. Just avoid those people in places, right? Well, yes and no. Sometimes we can't avoid certain people like family members or places like work in this case, be sure to be grounded. Spent time in nature before being in or around them. I personally use visual ization and a process called shielding. I snap my fingers gently and imagine a sphere of energy flowing all around me and my personal space. I call it my shield, and it makes me feel protected. Do whatever works for you, even if you just stop and take a few deep calming breaths. That will help. Just be sure not to shield yourself completely from people. That is just a zone. Healthy is letting others drain you. Four. Meditation Meditation is something we all do unconsciously. Those moments when you are alone and everything is quiet in your mind wanders that is being in a meditative state. Just get comfortable and take at least five minutes a day to sit and just be. I find taking purposeful deep breaths helps me quiet my mind because I'm focusing on my breathing. I like to visualize each of my chocolate swirling with its color throughout my body. You can also listen to a guided meditation to help you focus. Five. Water water is cleansing. It cleans your physical body, and it can also cleanse your energy body, take a shower and have the intention that it washes away all the negative and excess energy from the day you will feel much better after six. Send it back I m paths or like energy sponges. They soak up a lot of energy and emotions that don't belong to them. When you become aware of feeling the negative energy of another, imagine sending it back or sending it to the sun to be turned into a light. Imagine whatever you like. If you are releasing it quickly, it takes practice, but when it becomes a habit, it works. Seven. Gemstones. The protective healing power of crystals has been used since forever different types and there are many have different qualities. You can keep them around your home, where them on your body, keep them in your pocket or even under your pillow crystals absorbed negative energy, so it's important to cleanse them, just like you do for yourself. You can soak them for a while in water and salt, or keep them out in the moonlight overnight. They need to be kept in a safe place. Eight. Nature. The first ever medicine came from nature spent some time in nature. You can go for a walk in a park or a trail. Ah, process called grounding where you stand on the earth and bare feet is very useful. Emerging science is showing that direct contact with the ground allows you to receive an energy infusion from Mother Earth. Justus, the sun above creates vitamin D in your body. The ground below provides you with vitamin G. A kind of energetic nutrition G standing for ground. Yeah, it's bad joke. Nine time alone. Don't forget to take those people breaks. Make time to be alone to recharge your energy and you will be stronger and more able to let energy go That doesn't belong to you. 24. What to do if You Can't Avoid a Crowd: when an impact finds themselves in a crowd of people, it could feel incredibly overwhelming feeling that much energy all at once is draining, and it could make us want to shrink into ourselves. But this is more harmful to us. We want to feel safe in the space that we're in, but shrinking your energy will make you feel even more claustrophobic. Rather than going inward, expand your aura or energy body. Did you know the Oregon spend all around us as faras 50 feet? We all have that personal space feeling well. You can expand it. Most people imagine about nine feet around them. Imagine this energy around you and this will make you feel like you have more space energetically, even if you can't have it physically. Focusing on this condition flecked the energy of others Instead of being hit with it, it takes practice like any good habit. And the more you do this, the easier it will become. The imagination is your biggest ally 25. Crystals: crystals that air helpful for em. Paths Crystals have bean used over the centuries as healing tools. Today, you will find crystals in electron ICS as well. Crystals act as channels for healing so that positive healing energy flows into the body and negative flows out. You can place them on the body, place them around your home, keep them in your pockets or under your pillow. I have listed five crystals that are very helpful for em. Paths. One rose quartz. It helps em paths to keep negative feelings around them away by helping them feel unconditional love. This crystal also helps with grounding and healing the heart chakra two black tor 1,000,000 . A very powerful protection stone. The stone keeps powerful negative energy away. It's a good stone if you must spend time around energy. Vampires. Three AM A fist and then path needs to be able to trust their intuition so they can tell the difference between their own emotions and others. This crystal strengthens intuition. Four. Lippy delight. This crystal increases the power of other crystals around it. It eases anxiety, which is common for em paths and five malachite. This removes emotional blocks caused from stress and absorbs negative energy. Very useful 26. Energy Cleansing: energy cleansing. We all need to clean ourselves to stay healthy. This includes our energy body M path. Soak up energy and emotions of those around them like a sponge. This energy can make us feel tired and drained. Bogged down, it can seep into your surroundings. It's important to clean this. Get rid of people's garbage. You have your own to deal with, too. Here are some ways to cleanse your energy and the energy in your space. Sea salt and baking soda Salt has been used through the ages for purification. Salt water is very cleansing and healing. Baking soda also has very powerful cleansing properties. You can Sprinkle some in your hands or just rub a little of either one on your body in the shower. Have the intention that you were washing away the excess energy that does not serve you body oil or lotion. A lotion with coconut oil or lavender are great ways to put a physical barrier between you and others. It's good for your skin and your health as well. Use whatever makes you feel the best. It's all in your intention. I have even read of some putting a small quartz crystal in there, lotion or bathwater do what feels good to you, smudging with sage burn, a sage stick or even just some good natural incense that you love. The smell of wafted around your whole home in every corner and every window and door way. You can even smudge yourself in this way. Have the intention that the smoke is cleansing away all the energy that doesn't serve. You. Clean your space. Is your home messy or untidy? Clean your home tidy up. This will make a difference in the energy in your home and in your space. Move. Get moving. Moving your body helps shake off excess energy that is not yours. Exercise or go for a walk. Dance, play sports. Do whatever movement works for you. It's good for your physical body and energy body. You can also use the ways to protect your energy, such as shielding whatever works for you. Do it. This will make life as an M path, much less stressful 27. How Diet Affects the Empath: how diet affects the M path. All living things have energy, including the food you put into your body. At the basic level, everything is made up of energy. Impasse, really are what they eat. Drug like and processed foods will make the M paths challenges mawr challenging many impacts become vegetarian or vegan. The closeness to animals makes it very difficult to begin with. But taking in that energy of abuse and murder is not going to make an impact. Feel good. If you are a meat eater, don't worry. Everyone is different, and making a lifestyle choice is personal. I personally ate meat for years until one day I just decided I couldn't anymore. You're not a bad person. If you eat meat, you will stop If and when you are ready, The best thing to do is eat a balanced diet, take vitamins, drink lots of water and try not to eat too much processed junk, and you will feel better physically and mentally. 28. Conclusion: Hi. Congratulations. You finished my course whether it was choose happiness now or terror reading without being psychic. Or are you an M Path? Experienced true love, or even meet your higher self? Any of the courses I put together for you? I am really proud of you for going right to the end. Because that means that you are doing something for you. Self improvement. Just be proud of yourself. You did something for yourself. Something to better yourself. Pat yourself on the shoulder. Congratulations. No, but seriously, I'm really glad you finished the course and go forth and be happy now.