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Architecture Made Easy using Oil Pastels :

teacher avatar MOHIT BHARDWAJ, Creative Explorer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Make the Workspace

    • 4. A Romantic Evening in Paris

    • 5. The Eiffel Tower

    • 6. The Story of a Couple

    • 7. Projet Work

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About This Class

Hi, I’m Mohit Bhardwaj and I welcome you to this class named  "Architecture Made Easy using Oil Pastels" 

Oil pastels. They’re not crayons, but you can colour with them. They’re not paints, but you can paint with them. They’re not quite like any other medium, and can be kind of  tricky to work with. 

In this class I will take you to a country and we will make its famous Architecture using oil pastels.
You’ll learn how to use these Oil Pastels in the simplest way and some tricks to blend them.

You'll get to learn some new Hindi words.

You won’t believe how versatile these sticky little crayons can be. I use them often in my work, and will show you how to make your oil pastels a go-to medium for your own creations. 
Whether you work figuratively or in abstract, you will enjoy this class 


Material you need for this experiment 

- Oil Pastels (Whatever you have is fine to start with.)
- Any white Sheet 
- Pencils (Graphite)
- Masking Tape 
- Tissue Paper 
- Correction Pen 
- and A Cutter 

Whatever you can gather from that list will be helpful. At the minimum, you’ll want oil pastels, white sheet , A Pencil and Tissue paper. That’ll be enough for this class .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Creative Explorer


I'm Mohit Bhardwaj, an Engineer, Artist and an Explorer from New Delhi, India.

I started Art as a hobby but with time it became an important part of my Life. I find my inspiration in my day-to-day life See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello everyone. Welcome to my class. My name is Barb gouache and I am an electromechanical engineer for Indian railways. I started out as a hobby, but with time it became an important part of my life. I do sketching, painting, crafting, doodling, and many more things. But these days, I'm crazy. After this oil pastel colors, I'm making a series of five classes in which I will take you 25 different countries and we'll learn how to make some cool architecture using this oil pistols. This class is the first part of this series. So let me tell you about this class very quickly. Number 1, we will learn how to use this oil painters in the simplest way and how we can add fields to our book. Number two, we will discuss some known and some unknown facts about the country we are in and about the building. We are making. Number 3. In this class, I will use English, Hindi, and English make English. So I guess this is one of such classes available on Skillshare. So congratulations, we have something extra to LAS. Number falls. Basically a degree hotkey to see key poorly haughty. Cqi, CQI, Zurich boutique, ECT Missouri hokey. But hierarchy simply going occurring. Story voting is class PBX Doria. We will discuss that too. In the next video. I will tell you the supplies we need for this class. And at last, there will be a fun project for you all to complete. So let's get started. 2. Material Required: The material we need for this class are oil pastel colors. Oil pastels of any brand or any type. Whatever you have is fine for this class is white sheet, pencil on dark shade, masking tape, a correction pen, and the cutter. Whatever you can get them from the list will be helpful. At the minimum, All we need is oil pastel colors, a white sheet, a pencil, and a tissue paper. That will be enough for this class. 3. Make the Workspace : We are in the city of romance. And it guesses where we are. Yes, we are in Paris. To start with, we need, if I cheat and a masking tape. This sheet is square in shape. Now using this masking tape, I am making a margin. Also. This will help to grip the sheet on the table. And we'll also give a grace to our work. This is simple. Right? Now. We are ready with our working area. 4. A Romantic Evening in Paris: Let us start making the background of a romantic evening in Paris. For this, we will start with BP yellow color, leaving some part of the sheet and just make a small rectangle and fill this with the PLO. Don't press the only paste still very hard. Tried to keep it smooth. Now, take medium yellow color. Again, molecule area and fill it in PR strokes. Color that they don't look too different layers. This might not be visible right now, but this will help to blend the two layers and give an even texture to our work. Light-blue color. Make a rectangle to mark the area above this white color. This is easy. Right? Now, we're using some Boolean blue V3, fill the half of the remaining area. And at last, use this encrypt blue to color the topmost layer. Some dogs stroke near the masking tape. Batteries is known as the speed of light. And here it is. Now, it is time to blend the colors to give it a smooth finish. For this, we will use this tissue paper for this multiple times to get an edge like this. Now, start to blend the layers. I guess the advantage of blending it with tissue paper is visible now. But now it is soft and smooth texture. This is easy part. Also, this gives, is sort of satisfaction. All we need is. Grip a tissue paper and keep on the rubbing it on the layers until the blend completely. This is the advantage we get by working with oil-based two colors. Now, take a fresh tissue paper for different color. Fold it multiple times to get hard edge and start blending. V used a fresh tissue paper because we don't want us to look yellow. You remember, we used via oil-based to which was not visible that time. See, it is now helping in blending these two layers. Upper part is all blue, so we can cover more area in fingers token. Art Museum. I guess this part need some more blending. It's done now in the left over space, and we will use this red color to give it a sunset look. Government the remaining area with black colors. This small space in-between, this leaving check up and blending. Which color it is. Again, a folded tissue paper and start blending. I guess we need more often bought the colors as well as black. One more time. 5. The Eiffel Tower: Now it's time to make the Eiffel Tower. For this, we will use a dark graphite pencil. I'm starting from deep top and it will keep on coming downwards. Okay? Make an extended semicircle. Basically. It's the SMEs or current fused with rectangles to slightly curved vertical lines and a horizontal line to complete the shape. Now grown to slightly outwards, delicate lines. You can notice these lines are Notepad. Let's close this with the horizontal line and draw one more lines to make the first base. Again, two more vertical lines which are bending outwards. And make the second base like this. Repeat the same step of making to outward bending lines. Just make sure to draw it till the black colored area. Draw a semicircle like this to make the legs, which is the outer structure of our Eiffel Tower, is ready. Now, let us add detail to it. First, start with the upper part of pitta. Two lines like this, and divide it in three. Now, two lines like this, to divide this space in almost three equal parts. These lines are slightly tilted. In this part, make a trapezium, make some horizontal lines here. And we need not to keep a count of it. Okay? Now, we will start the shading to make it look more beautiful. We are focusing more on the left side of this tower to give the shadow effect. John, I don't know, magnate for batch didn't cover telehealth, have Jante. I put out by the restart free to 163 feet. Some close lines like this to fill this space. And to make it more realistic. Do you know there is so much iron in the IFA that its nickname is The Iron Lady. Now, color this part completely black using this same graphite pencil. Move your pencil in a way that the area is colored evenly and there is no any white patches in between. Do you know there are 18,008 feet, three metal parts in the Eiffel Tower, and 7300 tons of iron. For this base. Dark strokes on this corner and very light strokes in the middle. Again. This part completely dark strokes throughout so that it gives an even shade of black and no whitespace is lead anywhere. Especially in this part. I'm trying to keep it very simple so that everyone find this very easy but effective. I've jumped ahead. I feel darker colors, Hampshire, they take death and the heater happens. If car color red or brown worker thata and your AHG, bronze color as the tower is painted in every seven years, it takes 15 months and 60 ton of paint to paint it completely. Also, it takes 25 painter to paint it using their faint brush. Yes, it's all done with the hand. Now, we need a pencil. Lead is not on the same height through our B. By six. This is visible. So we didn't know this work using oil-based to help differentiate the areas which were mixed because of the same black color. I'm using my finger. Blend this with the base color. Bones. This is looking good. 6. The Story of a Couple: To make the mode, mode romantic, we should make a sweet couple here. For this, we will use this same graphite pencil. Start with index a curve to make hips. Make sweatshirt like this. I am making the stretcher. We did. But this is completely optional. Actually, everything is optional. There is no any defined shape or algorithm to make this cup. If you know how to make a human body, just go for it. You want. But if it's your first time, dense, keep on falling dv, I am making it. I'm humbled. I inky key toward us or lumbar. Told is it shortly? Products are potlatch, go lucky for us? Has been negotiated by I0 is both a given me. It is coupled able to yard Dick Taylor, Katie. Cool mid chart data should be Willard. Case omnivores are escaped her Konopka, Bhutan. Now Johnny is a cup. It's not the Jacobian. Sri Lanka keycode PRS or sadness, soccer or their votes, the polychaete that a given ME or Jeevan cobalt Caribbean, whose key deplete hidden up out here at day on subcooled, walk back. Now Janet wouldn't say it anymore but hogan, not jammy, come on, say it anymore. But hokey plus lambda k equal to serve on Cadmus. Could child legato such? Thought? He was kidding me as that kid Jesse was lucky code but Niagara, scaling. More upset apparently. The limma battering to say pedis villa, particularly KKR up Paris, he gave to you or slurred Keiko named pinata or Jehovah does. This promise is my inspiration for this class. Vada autarky incremented, see, sham, me, just go hungry. I'm Nissan. Had Tommy Lee, full locale going desktop. Lee Iacocca War geopolitics. See Germany will call vessel he. Gsa also alerted kidney, compete with lowercase ACO, Hatta, up net Bianca is high, we'll say. Second map. Then catch. Heck are some key custom hair chasms, ham Copia, surfeit of Israel, land tikka, caterpillar, yoga gauge on NGS, QC, boosting classroom. That but I eat combi say Poor Law campaign. Oh, yeah. What we have to color it in navy. That date is no. Any pledges in between. The black colored should be even. Now, we read blank discolored using this year, but this will help to make it very smooth. We will use this one more time to fill the leftover area. And this is all set. Now. We will make some buildings in the back ground to give it the city look. For making buildings. We will make some rectangles in the background and fill them plague using this graphite pencil. This is again, a simple step. All we need to make some random size rectangles and it will give the field of liberalising. We need not to be very pleased I used to doing this. Everything is fine here. I tried to keep everything in real time nor time-lapse. Know, fast-forward, nothing. Finally, we need to make a solid semicircle between the legs. And we've got is the radix. Once again, we will use this pencil to give the Sun a shape of proper semicircle. Mosaic Law, vote shall data ha, ha ha, protoboard Delta U, he took cast beta0 Shaoqi. Now, the last and final step, we will remove this masking tape very slowly as we don't want any method at this point of time. We didn't this to be how completed as pay in Paris. I hope you enjoyed your visit. By the law made chip data storage. 7. Projet Work: Hi, I hope you had a wonderful time in Paris. And I guess you also felt the love in the air. Now, this is the time for the project work. Time making an architecture of your country or the country you visited recently. Click picture of your work and upload them in your project section. Also tried to mention the fun facts about the architecture you are making in the project description. The next part of this theories is on the way and will be published really very soon. Then. Most subcooled, courageous up cushy day. And by cushy, I don't mean the Pozzuoli cushy, right? I mean the actual happiness. See you in the next class and buh-bye.