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Anyone can 'PORTRAIT'

teacher avatar Nanditha Vijayan, Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and supplies

    • 3. Creating Strokes with NIB

    • 4. Creating Strokes with PENS

    • 5. Creating Strokes with BRUSHES

    • 6. Tracing

    • 7. Outllining

    • 8. Shading & Coloring

    • 9. Thanks and Bye !

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About This Class

This class is created with an idea of creating Portraits by anyone who does not have any prior experience. Which means: 'Anyone can Portrait' is specially designed for all those people who dreams to create Portraits  with ease.If you feel that you are not having good skills to draw Portraits and that you can never do this task ever in life, then this class is JUST FOR YOU:This is achieved using a tracing technique and hence you do not need any special skills in drawing.Through this class you will definitely achieve your dream of creating Portraits.

In this class, students will learn how to:

1.  easily draw portraits of people using tracing technique

2. use ink or pens for detailing and outlining

3. use watercolors for shading  and applying color to get a washed out finish.

Finally,there is a Bonus class from which they would also learn how to illustrate some prints and lines on clothing.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nanditha Vijayan




I am Nanditha Vijayan, a SELF-TAUGHT ARTIST and PATTERN DESIGNER.  I have been a stay at home mom who is deeply passionate about creating artworks and dreamt to see my artworks on products. TODAY I WORK AS A FULL-TIME PRINT DESIGNER AND ONLINE EDUCATOR  creating artworks for brands and business and teaching students through MY CLASSES. This is a creative journey I have started off and I am taking you along with me to share what I have learnt through the process and to help you bring your creative dreams to a reality.

Let us learn together and stay connected!

Join me here on Instagram @houseofnvj

From my experience, I know how it feels to be a creative head and be immersed in ideas but not really be able to put them on a pape... See full profile

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1. Intro: then Hello there. My name is not pathology of an artist on desire. I love creating illustrations and adults. I use a lot of mediums like actual X watercolors, tens Marcus formalist regions. This is my first, and I'm very excited to start us on how you could easily create your important or porters of friends and family and use ink for detailing and finally views for the colors for depth , shading and apply color to get a washed up finish. To those of you who would like to know to please portrait easily to learn on how to create in frustration on how to use what colors on your in castrations, this class will be beneficial if this is what you're looking forward to loathe. Pisa in this class, whatever reading for Let's Start. 2. Tools and supplies: Hi. Welcome to class a lot. A lot of mediums that you would use in illustrations. I like to use acrylics, watercolors, pens and ink, watercolor pencils and water. The LaMarcus formalist regions in today's class Wind different size off pains I've set of eight pits are dispense black from favor Castle. You could use any complete bends, preferably waterproof in different size or features, but at least cap of medium sized pin on a small size two people Babel suitable for water, cars and ends. I recommend using papers with a minimum off one lady GSN. I used a cancer mixed media 300 GSM paper for portraits and thinking. I use a 300 years and council crab paper, but I mainly use for the colors three lives Innings. You could use any types of news off your choice for the final project, but I highly recommend you to things. Have a fine in order to get delicate and finds troops as decide for your project Current . I use a Windsor and using black water resistant ink, which is widely used for illustrations, designed category feet and food, water bottles and markets. My favorite medium is watercolors. I use a Windsor noon, not 45 half. It has a high quality pigment, and it comes with I only use 12 colored mark events for my creations. Five brushes you would need to use fine pressures of sizes. 02 or four pink Brush size six or eight to practice different restrooms. Think of brushes with pointy ends. Can give you both. Dinner on strolls number six. What a fella. Pencils. You could even use watercolor pencils into the water colors. Uncreative. Final project. Don't bring your creation with your own ideas by playing around with different mediums of your choice. Seven. Finally, you will need a pencil and 3. Creating Strokes with NIB: welcome back, creating strokes. Online illusions are fun exercises in this class. We are going to create different strokes. Online illusions. This is an exercise that you could practice at home or whether you have time before we start our actual portrait art. So, uh, what? Our life lines are the fundamental element of design. Let's start with the lib and create as many relations and lines. Try drawing straight lines and variations in straight lines. For example, horizontal and vertical lines, shops, straight lines, long straight lines. Big to small, small, too big medium sized lines, slanting lines, carb lines, relations and carved lines like dictating and vice. Waza picked a small and other way around. You can also try lines with or without space between each other. Also try to do a street hatching on cross hatching right now under lines from to slide on small. Once you're done with this, let's create slanting lights on board direction. There are different sizes off lib available in the arts to you convey by them and explode. Donald would be expensive, then dipping unit into Do not dip it completely. Just a most tip still half off a plane also there are a lot of calligraphy means available . All these use permanent or water Resistible Inc. That's what I recommend just so that when you used water colors on top of your things, it doesn't get washed. Create some flights, for example. One. It goes up and comes on. You need to proceed the same way without taking your hand off from the people. Now try drawing a bracket like this, starting from a big and more into small. You can also do the same. What little space between when I drive with. Just make sure you don't press the too hard and damage to tip. Just breasts and go down. Press and go down. Press on golden and on you go and very the length. Make it small, small. Next, let's create some horizontal lines, one by giving space between the lines and another one a bit more clothes. You could also try one. What longer lines is an example of how you do straight hatching come across such straight touching is basically you do ST four lines on straight horizontal lines. Cross hatching is what you do. Slanting lines starting from life, right on, moving to left and on the other side, starting from left, going down the right side. Thes type of shocked lines can use for deputy heads. Folks are even, for just keep practicing. Practicing these can help you get more control on your line. Mediations. Next, let's do the same process with different eyes off pins. 4. Creating Strokes with PENS: Welcome back. Next, let's do the same process with different eyes off Penn's Redo the stroking size separated with and also to get best of this class practice and read as many religions as possible on X s determines X just tip s sentiments. Just keep practicing. Practicing these can help you get more control on your line with delusions. And these f is fine. 1.5 its upsides. And it's this and thats me, which is soft brush s C, which means soft Chisso and the brush. I'm speeding up the post for you. You can try out mortar from strokes and blind relations using your creativity. If you have created most jobs, don't forget to add an image along with the project. So these are different rushes used and we are creating the same efforts with these pence as we did with in addition class. I'm unsure how I need. I was a nice I draw eyeballs like a brood. Yep, that's right. That's what we are in the street. Yeah, just draw and combined shot and needing strokes to illustrate the eyes and dark in the outline off. Rival, you contract is this section of the class before you start drawing your portrait. Next, we're moving on to the brushes 5. Creating Strokes with BRUSHES: Let's try doings and strokes and line vacations with precious I'm using a size two at eight with class. Create straight lines long and short. Horizontal unpolitical, lighter on documents. Read all the stroke X isis that ended with live, and the only thing you need to concentrate while using brushes is the amount of water. Use pigment to use on the pressure you apply on bush. Take your own time to get control on these walls. Right now, I'm making shot on long lines and some horizontal. Just keep practicing at your own pace, you know, as I mentioned in the beginning of this class, the basic principle why using a brush on paint is that you concentrate on the amount of water on pigment use and also the pressure that you apply on the brush. Just try to create lines from darker to lighter and also the other way around, which is lighter, too dark to get. Like the strokes. Add more water to you brush, and to get darker lines, add more pigment. How do you get thick and thin lights to get thin? Alliance. Give less pressure on your brush tips and for tick aligns, add more Russia. Try as many different lines and different types of strokes. Keep doing this family size until you're happy. New troops tried to wear to the pressure you give on the brush to get decide revolutions and lance and strips. If you have done most drops, don't forget to take a picture on Share it along with your project. 6. Tracing: that's about in the last class, relying to create different straws. In this lesson, we've alone how to trace an image. Easy image Tracing is fun and easy to don't of you. Who would want to do their hand are most welcome to do so in your project. Don't forget to mention it in your project description. In order to trace an image, you will need to use a black and white copy of the image Don. It's around and on the back side of the image. Start scribbling horizontally and water with a pencil are graphic. Stick ashore and do this until the pencil marks completely covers the area of the image that you need to treat, then collecting photographs to draw. Always take the ones, which clearly shows the facial features, which means those richer captured from a close distance on which are not blood. Once this is done, turn to the image and start outlining the facial features and hairlines with the fences while tracing. What you need to keep in mind is that you trays all those cubs on lines that create the basic shape and also whatever that comes along with it. What stands out in your reference image. What I mean to say is that you capture all those lines and curves as much as possible so as to get your image correct something. What I noticed why doing portrait's is that some traced images comes out perfectly as they look in the reference image right after you finished raising. But some images after tracing, needs to be given shading. Only then they would actually look like the person in your reference image. This technique is it time to the victim you can use is whether you need to create a few book on when you do not have a lot of just really help. - Next we would more toe outlining your portrait. 7. Outllining: and then welcome back. It sounds shrinking. Let's start outlining the company Baldrick with ink. Try to get the stroke flight, follow the pencil lines and create out. Use fine nib to get delicate and 10 Schultz for hairlines and fees. I'm using a Liana 13 England forgetting transfers. You shot curves drugs to create the eyelashes. If you have any doubts about illustrating Aib Rosen eyes, just go back to the class, creating strokes with pen, where I Devil Street on how to l Street them. You can erase the mental marks later. Once you're finished with the outlining, I'm speeding up the process of declining. All you have to keep in mind is to fall all the pencil lines and dreadful to your actual image and see the direction in which the hairlines are moving. There are some hairs also that falls on the forehead. Just make sure you look into your reference on draw them to. Since I m illustrating a curly hair, they tend to bend at the tips. The girls are not. Even so I'm spreading them around from different directions. Now I'm giving some light draws hatching on the forehead and Dr Strokes under the neck. We can also use pens for outlining, as we learned in our previous class, creating strokes with pens just combined shot long on medium strokes to get the hair's done . Let's try using different sizes from extra small, small, medium and find depends to get the outlining done. There are always a few hairs that are seen sticking out when you draw them. It brings more natural ality rather than just giving a plane shape to the head on drawing hairs inside the shape. Give some shadowing effect on the forehead right below the area off the hairline. You can use slanting lines are light gross hatching applied Russian to give more depth to hairlines, dark in the areas in such a way that it creates more depth and wall into the hair. Make the hair outline darker that surrounds ahead. Use s or s. Depend to create the facial features. Keep following the pencil lines, refer to your image and get as much off curves and lines on the fees and near the eyes. Vile drawing mustache or beauty. Use shocked on medium strokes next to each other and about Abu Give debt. That is what is very important. Do not make it evenly placed. Shot has are to be illustrated, uneven and use a shock, slightly curved lines to industry them. Continue outlining the rest of facial features. I'm finishing with the other I on the lines or wrinkles near them and yours on the year low . Since it is a close tie, more wrinkles appear about and blow die, and eyelashes are more prominently seen. The beard should be moved darker at the bottom area, I said, It's creating shadow. And so I'm giving more strokes at this place. Once you're done with the outlining, we consort with the shading and coding now next class. 8. Shading & Coloring: Welcome back. Let's start this glass. Put shaving what we need for this class. Our brushes of sizes six or eight on too awful. I'm using a recall design synthetic brush, but you can use any good quality brushes available in our store in your locality are simply buy them from online. You would also need a buffalo water on water colors. As a big love. You can always use any company or lose. I'm mixing but a flat on a little bit of brown colors together. For shading to start with the shading and to get a washout, finish for better Carlo on your palate and add water to light in the pigment. Now start applying this to your illustration. How do you get a washed off finish? It's basically added more water. If you feel the color is still dark, add more water to the already applied color on the eventual to life in the color. And to get the war start, always keep in mind that you should refer to York actual copy and also original colored image shading the new refugee image you can see they're all the shadows are falling. There are shadows under your eyes near the nose on the upper lip area just underneath the Libs. You get shadows on curls beside your lips when you smile on the neck on the edges off fees a V us under your forehead. On the years you call the lines on the phones, off your dress and so on. Just follow the reference image. If you make the states, or if you want to wipe out the excess water, you could just use a big time. When you do the shady, make sure pigment is not used too much. Add water and simply spread it to constantly get the washout finish. You need to give a very light wash and then add in the second courteney on top of this to make it dark. Make sure it does not get to dock if you want to get this washed. If it country shading wherever required by falling. The copy of the image past reference before the first layer off your color dries off are in the second quarter of color in same way. By adding a little bit off color on more water. Give more depth to the hair by adding more color. Keep checking on the image. Copy and see where all you confined dark areas on lighter use and do the shading according give a second. Courting off color wherever you feel is like. Once shading is over, you can apply color to your image, then applying color to illustration. Keep in mind that you are more pigment of choice to lighten your image or are more water to light in the pigment in order to apply light shading with that color. When you want to use two colors like the one I'm using for the print on my shirt, start with one color and apply the other color on top of the first color, just a bit before a Driesell, and you get a marched effect of both the colors. You could use a white gel pin or right actually paint to correct your mistakes. Auto. Just eight years, which are too dark. I'm adding a little bit of black to give depth for lips and also on the hair to doctor. Check how the head bands of cops and areas between them You get a doctor shades at such a tease. As I said people in your reference and see lighter on dark areas and shave those eight years, which are creating the shadows. If you want to use other mediums for the section of calories you're free to do so explore on. Bring color to your image with your own imagination. There you are done with your portrait. 9. Thanks and Bye !: thank you for taking my class. I hope you enjoy learning how to draw border. It's easily practices sessions on creating strokes, using pen never and brushes and come out with a beautiful portrait using leader pen or live for outlining and used water colors. Are any other mediums of your choice for shading and color me If you try out different strokes and line variations, don't forget to add an image along with your portrait. If you have any questions or remarks, leave your comment in the community. Bold. If you like this class, it would be great if you could leave a short review so that it helps other students to know about this. Last. You could use a creation to give someone something special or simply framing for your table of all Thank you for watching.