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Animals in Profile: Face Painting in Zone 1

teacher avatar Laura Pennock, Face Artist & Instructor: FAI

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Discover Zone 1


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      Todays Project


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      Splash! Shark and Dolphin


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      Yeehaw! Pony and Bull


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Time to investigate zone 1, Face painting on the cheek. We are going to focus on painting animal profiles. It is so fun to help kids express their love in face paint, and this is a perfect place to start. We will explore the zone, and walk through 4 detailed animal illustrations. Come paint along! Thank you to the wonderful Denise Cold for her support and input on the cute dolphin in this class!

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Laura Pennock

Face Artist & Instructor: FAI


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1. Introduction: Hi, this is Laura. Until you were going to be looking at face painting and zone one animals in profile. I'm really excited to be looking at Zone One because cheek art is where every face painter starts. It's the part of the skin that the kid is expecting to get peanut. I love painting animal profiles because it gives you all of their personality, but it takes away some of the challenges of symmetry, and you don't have to even paint the full bodies. Even just the heads look great. We're gonna be learning how to pay a shark, a dolphin, a bull and a pony, and we're gonna have a lot of fun. So go ahead and roll, and we'll have a chance to learn some new designs together. 2. Discover Zone 1: when you're painting in a restaurant or your opinion birthday party, the opportunity to paint whatever you want is there. So kid wants a pony and you get to do a full pony mask and it's exciting. But what happens is when you get back into paper face opportunities or a company picnic, where you have a long line of kids being ableto have designs that are ready to go. That Archie cart, but are oppressive and exciting is a very powerful position to be in. It's happened more than once that I've been painting with another painter on a kid wants something like a kitty on my cheek, and the painter has to say, How about we do? Your whole face is a kitty because they don't have the skills to paint in this zone that is so basic. Another reason to paint on the cheek is because it's really useful for small kids. I know with my own. It's a lot easier to wash off the design when you know you're not worried about getting pain in their eyes and stuff when they're under the age of two. So if you do paint on small Children, it's really good tea. You someone a lot. The other nice thing to know about cheek designs, and the reason to be really good at them is often it's the only thing that apparent will pay for. So even if you could do the coolest full face tigers with a $10 price tag. Sometimes the parents look no picked the $3.1 So being able to deliver something of high quality that that is quick for you is really powerful and impressive. 3. Todays Project: We're gonna do something a little bit different for the project today and sit in a single design I want you to do to. I want you to pick and do a boy version and a girl version. Now they can be designs that are exactly the same animal. Or you can pick to animals that are similar. So I have two examples today. We're going to take a look at the bull and the horse. We're also going to take a look at the dolphin in the shark. Now, both of these designs use very similar design elements. And then we're going to add the differences where we're gonna make one taylor towards the little girl that wants pink and sparkles. And they were gonna take the other and make it really mean and tough for the little boys. So we're gonna go through we're gonna do an angry bull that is great for rodeos and fairs and things like that, or they're several sports teams that use this is their logo will go through, will learn that we'll learn a shark and a lot of the sharks that you see use the mouth and it scoops up on the face, but it's really hard on a small kid to have them not lick their lips and mess that up. So this shark is gonna be bent and really fit well into this. So then we're going to do a pony, which is easy enough to turn into a unicorn. This is one of my most requested designs. I love it because it's fast and it's really fun and cute, and you can put in personality. You can match their clothes and a lot of Lee leeway with this design. So I'm excited, show you that one and then the last is a dolphin dolphins. A really nice. They're a perfect substitute. When a kid asks for a mermaid, you can say, Well, let's let's have you be the mermaid. I will paint you a dolphin friend and often get you out of having to pay. Never be so you can for your project. You can just do one or the other of these designs and post your pictures. Or you could go ahead and you can use of the elements that I've taught in the class and do your own pair. I would love to see what you can come up with. 4. Splash! Shark and Dolphin : here we are today with my friends Ben and Chad Lee, and we're gonna show you a cool pair of designs. We're going to start by basing out our color and with boy designs. You want there to be a little bit more sharp angle. So I'm using a flat brush, and we're going to just do this first strike. Is that a boat? A 45 degree angle. And they were gonna come and we're Onley painting with the corner. And then we lay down the rest of the brush and we make a backward see kind of like an apostrophe. Then write about it that your level we're gonna go up and down to give him his nice Finn, and then we're gonna flip the brush around, always keeping the dark edge on the outside. We're on a scoop back around and turn that ciento in a little apostrophe. Then we go straight down for the tail and out and straight up and out, then directly down. If we're to draw a line from Hiss, Finn comes his little swimming Finn. And it's important that this Finn points down. Some painters have a tendency to point it up towards the mouth and then it look, it turns it into a dolphin. And we want to keep this guy. I mean shark now for the color on the dolphin. I love that you can pick any color you want, and it still looks like a dolphin, mostly on sharks I keep to blue or gray, but here we kings purple, you can use pink. It's a lot of fun. So we're gonna dio a little bit of a different shape. So we're gonna do one big teardrop going up. Then we flip the brush around wherever colors you're using and you trace the same teardrop on the opposite color. Then imagine the rings of Saturn. We're going to come in and put in the little nose scooping that same following motion, and I will put her little Finn right here. A lot of people put a dolphin spend too far up on the head. It's actually kind of more in the middle of the back. So we'll put in a little thin right there and then come up here and a dolphin's tail could be a lot rounder than a sharks. So we get that tail in there, so you can see already that using the filbert brush for the dolphin. All of these edges. We have a lot of nice round feeling, and that helps to keep it very feminine. Over here. Using the flat brush, we have very sharp straight lines. So once you have the color down, I like to go toe white next. So here on the dolphin, we're going to do a teardrop. That kind of opens up that little dolphins mouth and you go all the way and cut off a street right there on the fin, and then we start again and we pull all the way up to the tail. Then we come right in here and we're gonna just put in a nice big white dot one round on the top and then kind of a reverse round on the bottom for the white on the shark. What we're gonna do is I like to start with the I by doing me, I first it gives it a lot of time to dry so that it won't cloud up on you with the black. We're gonna come. We're gonna give them three meals because he's a fish where the dolphins a mammal. I like to do a little bit of my highlighting as long as I've got white on the brush and then I don't draw this line, but I'm gonna show it to you if you do a downward frown going from about 2/3 over to there , That's kind of the line that you want to imagine as you paint the teeth kind of a guideline and then mirror it coming down like that. And then I like to add a little bit of a highlight mark there. Now, if you don't like how stark it is, any time you do a highlight, if you brush your finger over it, it just fades it back a little bit. Okay, Now we're loaded up with some black. We're gonna come in the eyes nice and dry, so we do a little flick and curve around. Then we come straight down and curved back, and then we just mimic that line right up there for a really heavy eyebrow. We'll put in a nice little pupil, Iris, Whatever. Right there. Perfect. So that's the on our shirk. Now that is the most important part of any little animal drawing. Here's a little nostril put here. And then I love how if you do a teardrop and you bring it up right into the eye Brow Ridge . Perfect. We're gonna come straight down. Trace the top line of the teeth in the bottom, put in a little chin. I like to put in a little extra, um, curve right there. Just makes the shark look that when he opens his mouth, um, it bends his skin like it. Really? What? Then we can do a teardrop up here. Okay, go ahead and do a shadow on those gills. Come down here to curb around his back. Remember that? We're making it a little bit sharp. You can add a little bump into that tail, and here we go. And then I just trace straight lines down. I find that with a kid, especially towards the end of the painting, they'll often wiggle. And so this gives the teeth some definition, but you're not in there going like this. So if we just put on that little bit of red now are shark went from angry to super angry. Okay, so outline the dolphin. I like to start right here and come up and I cut in a little bit further than the top fin. Then I come to do the top fin and scoop back around. Go ahead and put in a nice tail here. Okay, so then it cut in just a little bit further, and then we're gonna bring this up and make a nice little smile on a dolphin, and we do the bottom lip and around and that right there. All right, so now we have the bottom smile, Mark right there. And then we're gonna do a top one to make it look like as it smiled, that cheek just popped it. We're gonna curve around the top of the eye and give it some little eyelashes and put a little And then you can also add a little eyebrow mark. We come and we bring that line all the way up for the tip on the shark. I showed you how to put the highlights in, as you did the white on the dolphin. I'm gonna show you how if you have ah, dryer brush and I flattened it, you can kind of see how it's flat. Then I can use the skinny side is coming here and add a few of those highlights. Joe, here's your doctor 5. Yeehaw! Pony and Bull: All right. So here we are with my friends, Caleb and marriage, and they're gonna help me show you our next set of twin designs. So here my base coat on my pony, I'm actually using a star blends. So this is just the white powder. I do a circle, and then I do a little up for the first year when it come over here and I do the second year, Usually that second year will end up disappearing. But I like to have it there else. Then we do a smaller circle right there, and it's going to look like a peanut or a pear shape. And then from this point, I circled back like I'm making a bigger circle, and that's gonna be the neck of our poem. I've loaded up some blue and pink. I'm using a filbert. You're gonna start right here behind that year and come over and curved. They were gonna imagine that that line goes through the year and comes this way, and we're gonna curve around so you can see that circle. And then, without flipping the brush, we're gonna come and pull this side, and then we're gonna meet it flipped the brush again and we're gonna pull this way. And then let's go ahead and pull this one back around. I will do a little tuck, right? All right, Now we're doing the same shape, but I'm gonna show you how to lay it on with a Filbert. We're gonna do a nostril here. This is one of my favorite wants. Do we curve around and back? It's kind of like an s laying on its side and we're gonna go in and we're gonna put in the other nostril. Same shape, only bigger to put in the eye. Gonna come across the top of the head and down. You can add a little bit of a flick right there and put in an ear right here. Then we're gonna curve the same mouth line to create the jaw, turn that brush around and do the front neck Now of bull's neck needs to be really thick, so this neck goes back straight to have one straight and one curved. And then what you can do is you can just use whatever's left on your brush and just fill in , and then we want to do the front year right there. Okay, so here we come with the white, you're gonna just drag the side of your brush to do that. I right there and then we're gonna do the same thing. Kind of dragged the side to get the teeth come in behind this I ridge, we're gonna kind of trace it, and then we're gonna do a peek up, and then we want this one to be a little bit smaller so that we go with that 3/4 view we've got going on. And you can use the white you still have on to just add some of those highlights. We're gonna bring in a yellow, and I've got a little tiny bit of red on it, and we're just gonna put in that ring. We're gonna start right up here with the ear, get that in there, and then we're gonna do the front year, and we're gonna come. We're gonna scoop down, kind of gives it a nice horse shape, and we're gonna put a little bump for that nostril right there. We're gonna scoop back and around nice little smile and put in a second national that we're gonna do a chin. Come up and a job, and then we're gonna do the front littleneck, And it's really important that we always give an animal plenty of forehead just like people have. So we want to start this. I kind of a direct line from that front nostril, and we're gonna do a nice thin that picked, then line that's gonna be the top of the island. We're gonna come down and come down again and do this circle right there and then we're gonna bring this up over to give it the top of the island. Then from this back line, we're just going to do with three little flicks For some eyelashes, the bigger this is the Mauritz going toe look like a young pony. If the kid wants it to be, Ah, horse. Just by making that I if you move it up just a little bit, um and you make it a little bit smaller it'll look more like a horse. Kind of put in some black highlights and just, you know, pretend like this horse uses a straightener. We're going just back, and any of these lines that come up you can just bring them back, and it gives it a nice hair. Look, this one here, give some thinner once can you know, corn. All of the hard work's already been done. We just get to kind of trace around. So we have a nostril. I kind of do the back of the nostril a little flick up for this. I come down enough, then put in the top lid here. This is gonna be kind of his little hair there. When I come around and then trace the top ring, come out and trace the bottom part of the ring. I just match those two up, maybe bring the nose across. Then we're going to bring this up. We're gonna have a extend just a little bit. We're gonna have that extend just a little bit. And the teeth reloaded here. We're gonna do a straight line angling down, and they were gonna come in and put in the teeth from this bottom lip. We're gonna put a little bit of a beard and then circle back up for the job and we'll put in just a top kindness snarl mark right there. And we'll do that year on this side. We'll come out here and we'll add a year here. We're gonna do a little bit of hair down to that jawline and kind of connect those, and we'll do the inside of the year. I will do a nice straight line down and a nice curved line over here. Then add a little lip right here so that that horn is growing out of somewhere. And we'll just outline the outside of that horn and the outside of this one. Do a few little flicks up to give it a nice horn appearance and wasting to put in the eye gonna bring in our red here at the very end and add that angry I their little shine right here on that ring. And here is your bucking bull. This is a great design if you're at a rodeo or an affair where they have some of these animals. 6. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for watching. I had a blast to sharing these designs with you. I'm really excited to see what you make of. Please go ahead and take a little bit right now, Teoh, right? And review the class. I would love to know what's working for you and what could be a little different as I move forward with classes also, uh, get your paints out. It's time to start making a mess and do something beautiful. Go ahead and upload those pictures and we can all comment together. I love how Here on sculpture we have the chance to be a community, so go ahead and great review and Suri projects.