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Adobe Illustrator CC Full Course: Combining & Transforming Shapes ( Part Two )

teacher avatar Youssef Zidan, Graphic Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. 0- Intro

    • 2. 1 Pathfinder

    • 3. 2 Pathfinder 2

    • 4. 3 Compound Shape and Compound Path

    • 5. 4 Shape Builder Tool

    • 6. 5 Shaper Tool

    • 7. 6 Project Part 1

    • 8. 7 Project Part 2

    • 9. 1 The Bounding Box

    • 10. 2 Transform Options

    • 11. 3 Scale Rotate Shear and Reflect Tools

    • 12. 4 Free Transform Tool

    • 13. 5 Project Part 1

    • 14. 6 Project Part 2

    • 15. 7 Project Part 3

    • 16. Thank You

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About This Class


Hello and welcome to part two of Adobe Illustrator CC series.

This part is also divided into two chapters.

In chapter one we will learn how to combine the shapes we learned how to draw in part one of this series.

and in chapter two we will learn how to transform shapes inside illustrator.

And after each chapter, we will create together a simple project using what we’ve learned.

You need to watch part one first before watching this course to get a better understanding.

I hope you enjoy this part and let’s get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Youssef Zidan

Graphic Designer


Learning and Teaching is what I do and it’s what I’m good at.

During life journey, I was struggling to find my talent, I didn't really know what I am best with.   

So what I did is learning a lot of skills in many different fields.

I started with Graphic Applications, I learned Photoshop and Illustrator then I felt I need to learn Photography and I transitioned to music, I learned how to play the Guitar and I found Web Development will be such a great skill to learn, and much more, I learned all that during my University study as an Interior Designer.

But I didn't really find something to fulfill my passion.

Then I found out that what satisfies me is not a particular skill, it’s learning itself, and teach... See full profile

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1. 0- Intro: Hello and welcome toe Part two off every illustrator cc serious. The sport is also divided into two chapters. In Chapter one, we will learn how to combine the shapes in their house to drove in 41 off. Serious. Any Chapter two, we will learn how to transform shapes and after each chapter, we would create together the simple project using what you need to watch Part one first people watching thes course to get a better understanding, I have you enjoyed peace for and it's get it started. 2. 1 Pathfinder: all right, it's time to learn how to combine shapes together. Actually, that option makes in a straighter, very powerful that you can combine very simple shapes to make complex ones. And Illustrator provides more than one tool to make that. In this lecture, I will talk about one of them. It's called Back Under menu. We can open it from Window Finder. It will be opened automatically with a line and transform in years. But we're focusing in this lecture about that friend er only and the rest of two menus. We will talk about them later. Let's click and drag all of them and put them here before talking about Bad Finder. I want to remind you off something we did in the project. Off the previous chapter, we used the Joint Command from object. Join the merged two separate lines into one. This is held image open best like lines and arcs. But with bad finder, we're going to Mitch closed best, like rectangles and circles. So by finder has a lot of options, some of them you would use a lot, and some you want or will use them. Rarely I will, Joanne Rectangle like so and give it the full color. And also let's increase best stroke. I will select the strict angle, using the selection to a hold old and directo. Make a coffee and give it another color. The first option is unite. You need to select the shapes you want to work with first, then click your light and as its name. It will unite the shapes you have selected and you will find here. It's saying you are selecting a pair instead of rectangle, and it give it the full color off the front. She empress control Z. Next one is minus front, which will subtract the forward shape from the backward one, and also the tango became just a bear. Intersect will get it off everything except the intersected area off the front shape and you can see and also he'll turn it into a pair. Exclude is kind of the opposite Off intersect. It gets rid off the intersected area, but it put the result in a group, as you can see here so I can go toe object menu and then group them or use the short cut controlled ship. G Divide also put the results in a group. Let's on group them, and, as you can see, it divided the objects. Trim is like mine, a strong, but it doesn't get rid off the front shape, and also it put the result inside the group. And for some reason, sometimes it gets rid of the strokes. Merge year is like unite, but with the shapes that has the same color. For this case, they are different, so the result will going to be like trim. Let's make them, has the same color and exigency it, united them and also get rid off the strokes. Trump is like intersect, but as you can see, it kept the intersected area off the backward shape, not the front one like interceptors and it with the results. Inside the group, you will find the intersected area and another shape that has no fill or stroke with me. Give it a full color to see it better, and this behavior is different from one version toe the other. If you're using an area version, you might find some objects with nopal of strokes as well. We have any over the options were discussed, especially the auctions that with the results inside the group outline. Get rid off the film. Let me increase best stroke and I grew them to see the results. And finally, minus bag is the opposite. Off minus front. We have not yet finished talking about this panel. Let's complete in the next lecture. 3. 2 Pathfinder 2: in this lecture, we will continue talking about Bad Finder panel. If you noticed, you will find the back finder. Options are divided into two sections. Cheap moods and Pathfinder's and with shade moods. There is a button here called Expand, which is always great out. So let me tell you the difference. When uber over any one of these Pathfinder options, you will see its name Bonnie. But here in the shape mood, you will find another option between parentheses, old click to create a compound shape and to shape area. Well, what does it mean? So let's try what it say's. I will hold out and Clegg to see what will happen. You will find it did unite their shapes. And here you will find it tells you compound shaped brother than path. And also the expand. Bottom is active, and when you look closely, you will find the actual shapes are still exists. And here in the layers panel, I will find the layer called compound shape and inside it that two shapes. It's like a group, actually, so I can double click toe, activate the isolation would and change in the position of the shapes and when I finished, I can press escape or DoubleClick outside. Here. Exit eyes, official mood. All you can move if the shapes without the isolation mood using the direct selection toe. And I am really sure about my modifications, I can click on the expand button so it will turn again to a pair. Let me burst controls Ito and do to show you something. You can release the compound shape after creating it from this flyer menu and choose release compound shape. It's based Control Z again to show you that using this method, you can switch among these options, even after creating them without the need for undoing. You need to select the shape first and Chris old and click on subtract, for example, and, as you can see, it did the operation. 4. 3 Compound Shape and Compound Path: in this lecture, I would like to talk about compound shape and compound bad. In a previous lecture, we knew how to make a compound shaped by holding old and click on one of these options. The question is, what if you want toe end another shape into this compound shape group, for example, a circle you might think about just selecting both of them and hold old and click on one of these options. And it did measured the two shapes. But the problem is inside in the layer. Spano. As you can see, you will find a compound shape inside this new circle and the old compound shape, and this is not the right way to do that. How this control Z? Instead, I will click and drag this circle and put it inside the Compound Shape group, and then I can select it with direct Selection two and changed the merge option, which is the default by again holding old and click to minus front, for example. Now let's talk about compound path. I will make a circle inside of a circle and select them and just click minus front decorate . It is shape, which has a name off. Compound back Your intern here, Spano. Basically, compound path is a path that has a hole inside it. As you can see, when I move this object, you can see through this whole we learned in a previous lecture. If you want to release the compound shape, we can do that from this fly out menu and click release compound shape. The question is, can you release a compound? Beth? Yes, You can just selected and go toe object menu, compound beds and release so we can say that compound shape and compound path is similar to each other. You may wonder what is the difference? Well, in compound bath, you can only release it when the hole is inside of it. Not in the age. Let me make another circle here and use minus front. Now, when I tried to release it, only the inner whole released. So it's up to you to decide when to use, which 5. 4 Shape Builder Tool: in the biggest lectures we have been talking about one way of combining shapes together to make more complex ones using the Pathfinder menu. There is another way to do that, and it's called shape a little, too. It located here, and it's your cut is shift em with shaped of the two. You can merge, extract, delete or create shapes from negative areas. It starts by marrying. I will create a circle this time and give it a prominent color. And I will hold old and Recto make a copy. And also I will be holding shift to drag it perfectly. Result Lee. Now I was select both of them and select the shipbuilder to now. When I Khobar over the boards off the ship, you will see this great to merge shapes together or what you need to do is to click and drag to the areas you want to merge. You will see this highlighted red outline indicating them. Bridget areas now with the two circles became one shape. This is like unite in best friend Armenian, our best control Z. To extract an area, you can just click on it. And now when I select it and drag, you will find it became a separate shape to raise apart. You can hold old and click. You can also hold old and click and drink. It's pretty old. And move this area you can with shipbuilder to create a shape from a negative area like this one in the middle that were deleted by Simply click on it and here we have it back. You can use your imagination with the shape of the two to make beautiful shapes. 6. 5 Shaper Tool: in this lecture out like to talk about another tool not only for combining shapes but also for joining them. It's separating you two inside illustrator Cold Shaver, too. This tool is really useful for the people who use growing tablets. I'm currently using the mouse. It's OK, so when I tried to draw a circle or a lapse, it will make it for me. Same with squares, rectangles, triangles, etcetera. And this is the part one of this tool bar to is combining shapes. I will draw two circles intersecting each other, and when I scribble like that, it will unite the two shapes. I want this control Z, and if I scribbled like so here it will subtract a vacancy. The best word is the two shapes are still exists, and you can edit them easily, as you can see here in the nurse panel, we have a group called Shaper Group, and the two circles are inside it. If you want to edit them, you can click with the shipper to, and you will see this arrow, and when you play connect it will enter to the group or simply double click with the ship to then you can adjust the position of the shapes and also here in this attracted circle. But you need to click on the Al Klein and use. This time the other kings toe position it because if you just drag, you will end up doing a new shape. In my case, it did throw a line. So with shaper to making the bounding box visible is a good idea. Our press, the shortcut controlled ship to be. And now I can easily move the subtracted shapes by clicking here in the center as you noticed when I drove, for example, another shape. Even if I have inside the group, this shape will be out off the ship group. However, you can still combine it by scribbling like so so you will find. Now there are three shapes inside Bishop Group. 7. 6 Project Part 1: Now it's time for making a project. Using what we have learned so far in this project, we will make this simple background and, as usual, we will discuss some new options inside the project. Some of them is easy to understand, and some will be discussed more in depth in a several chapter, Our great Any document in what category with 900 pics of my 900 pixels. Let's start with the sky. I would make a rectangle and give it this dark blue color with no stroke, and I will make a circle and give it a white color Old and Jack to make a copy right here. And I was elected both of them by holding, shipped and hold old and drug a game. Then I will select all of them, and I will use my shape of the two and click here in the center to create the shape. Let's the the circus. I don't need them and let's make some clones of it, and I don't want all of them have the same size, so I would go to human you and make it about, um, box visible. Then I will click here in the corner withholding shift, not toe, stretch it and scale it like so and also with bounding box. I will rotate it a bit by hoping the cursor here a bit away from the corner until I see these arrows and drug like so, and I will repeat this process several times and let's make the stars using the start to and I would tweak it by holding control and red like So Now let's make the moon. And then I would draw a circle and Cove yet to this position, and I would select them both. And here in the properties panel, When you select more than one object, you will find the Pathfinder menu here with the Pathfinder options. And when you click you, you will find the filming you. So I don't click on my miss Front enemy in using the bounding box, our rotated. Now we're finished the sky. In the next lecture, we will create the ground and the trees 8. 7 Project Part 2: Let's complete our project. I would draw a rectangle by just clicking and give it 900 pixels for the width and 275 pixels for the height and put it down here. And given this dog green color now I want to make it wavy, so I need to add more points in order to reposition them. To do that, make sure you are still selected it and go toe object. Beth and Ed Good points. Let me hide the bounding box by pressing control ship Be. And, as you can see it added these four points. I want to add more points because that is not enough. So I will go again Toe object menu that add anchor points. Great now, with their direct selection to, I will click on this point and move it up a little bit, and I would do the same thing with this point. And let's move at this point down a little bit now I will hold shift and click on this point and this point to select all of them, and I would drag anyone of these little circles to sorting the edges. Now let's make the tree I would do it out here. I was selected. Believe in two and clicking. Drag embraces the down arrow key to make a triangle, and I will hold shipped as well toe online its base for his Aunt Lee. Then I will hold all can shifts and drag it down to make a copy. After that, you can goto object, transform, transform again, or just use the shortcut control de toe. Make another copy. Let's scare the two new triangles. I will select this one and here in the properties panel in the transform options, I will make sure the reference point is at the center. And make sure this chain icon is active to make the hide change with the width and the same race you when I change the width and I will click here and use the scroll well to scale it up a little bit. And let's make the same thing with this strangle, but make it a little bit bigger. We are almost done with the tree. I just need to make a line, so I will use in the line tool and with the help of the smart guides, I can draw it perfectly. from the center and let's increase the stroke and give it the same dark green color. Now I want to merge all the shapes together. So if I selected all of them and choose Unite, this will happen because we are trying to merge filled objects, which are triangles with a stroke, which is the line. So let's convert this stroke line into Phil. To do that selected and go toe object and choose expand and make sure the stroke option is active and cake. OK, now you will see the stroke became Phil like a small rectangle I can even give you did a stroke. So now I can easily unite there. Let's put that tree here and skill it if I need to and make some clones with different side this and now you can goto file export Export says. Give it a name and let's say a J big for the extension. And here we are 9. 1 The Bounding Box: in this lecture, I would like to talk about the bounding box. I assume you already know that the bounding box is an option. You can activate it or hide it from the human. You all using the shortcut controlled, shipped be and also the bounding box we can do to operations off transformation, scaling and rotating to scale an object. Just drag one of these eight points, and if you want to maintain the proportion, hold shift while dragging. And if you want to center the object while skinning it, you can hold the old key and to irritate an object. Move your cursor a bit away from one off the same points until you see this, a rrochet and drink and my holding shift. You rotate the object in 45 degrees. There is also another effect that bounding box does, and it's a bit new. So if you are using an old version of illustrator, you might not find it. You will find in some of the primitive shapes, such as the lips and the Mulligan. These control points. With this control point, you can change the shape for the ellipse. It will let you to trim it and to re sited. Just double click on one off the control points and with the bullet on it, will lead you increase or decrease the corners. The last thing I want to tell you Associate ID with bounding box is resetting the bounding box, as you can see after rotating a shape, even after the select in it. When you selected again, you will find the bounding box is still at the angle you left so sometimes not very often, but still you need to reset the bounding box to do that right click when you are selecting the shape and choose transform, and here the reset bounding box option. In some cases, this option is grayed out. Why? Because resetting bounding box is only available with live shapes or, in the other words, the shapes that is not primitive like these three shapes. So to convert a primitive shape toe alive shape, you need to move one of its point. I was select the Direct Selection two and click on this point and move it up by pressing big up Frankie. As you can see, it tells you, shape expanded. I would bring it back by embracing the down arrow key, and here it's no longer a rectangle. It tells you it's a pair, so now you can reset the bounding box. Another thing you need to know is Illustrator for some reason considers the store shape and the flare shape as life shapes. So with a starship, you have no control points with the bounding box, and also you can reset the bounding box without the need for moving one of its points, the same with the flair to, of course. 10. 2 Transform Options: in this lecture out like to talk about the Transformed Options Illustrator CC 2018. You have this new property spanner, which, as we know, changes its options depending on what you are selected. A good example. Now I'm selecting nothing so it has general options, and when I select this rectangle, it gives you transform options, the appearance options and some quick actions. However, you can get access to these options separately using the window menu. For example, if you are using an earlier version and won't use that transform auctions, you can go to window transform and you will find the transform options just like you do here in the properties panel. I like this new property Spanish, so I am going to use it with the transform options you can scale, rotate more and flick shapes. Currently, it tells you the width and the height off the selected shape and its position in X and Y axis. The document size is 1000 pixels by 1000 fixes, so this shape is perfectly at the center. Let's change the X value to zero, and as you can see it, put the rectangle at zero position, depending on the reference point. Currently, the reference point is at the center. That's why the head off the rectangle is out of the document. Our Chris controls the and change the reprints point to the left, and you will find here. The expelling changed to 250 pixels the quarter of the document, and let's make it zero. So now the rectangle is at the left that's moving. You can change the angle often object also depending on the position off the reference point from here, and that's rotating. You can click any object vertically or horizontally, also depending on the position off the Prince Point. And that's flipping. You can scale any shape off course, depending on the position of the reference point, by changing the width and the height values. And if you want to maintain the proportion, make sure this change icon is active, and that's killing very easy. The rest of the options you can find here change depending on the shape itself. As you can see, I did drove the strict angle using the Taliban to so these options associate it with polygons, like changing the number of corners or the roundness, etcetera. I'm sure you got the idea being free to discover the transform options with different shapes. The last thing I want to talk about is these two options. Currently they are not active. Notice The stroke here is 14 points and the roundness is 100. Vixens. If I scared the object, the stroke and around this are the same. So if you want to scale them proportionally with the ship, make sure these options are turning on. 11. 3 Scale Rotate Shear and Reflect Tools: As we move throughout the course, you will be familiar with the concept of doing the same thing with different tools or options. That's very common in graphics software such as Illustrator in this lecture Out like talk about some tools to scale, reflect rotate and sheer shapes. Let's start with Skilling. You can find in the two right here its name in skin, too, and it has an S as a short cut. The skill. An object using the skill tool. Just click and drag, but be careful about the direction off dragging. If you drag horizontally, you will scale the shape at the X axis, and you can hold shift to get more precise results. Same If you drag perfectly, you will skill the shape and the Y axis. The skill the shape in both X and y axis drag in 45 degree angle and also hold ship to get a better result. Can you see this green mark? This is the reference point with skin to you are not trapped in specific locations like in transforming you. You can click anyway to reposition it. You can even click outside this scope off the shape to reset the reference point, I will de select the shape and re select again. You can skill any object numerically using the skill to buy, just double clicking on it. But in this case, we will scale the object depending on the reference point, which is at the center. So I will hold out, notice these dots, then click. So we will change the reference point and the scale tools menu will open. And I think this menu is really easy to understand. You can scale it uniformly or non uniformly. Use the previous auction to see the result on the fly, and you will find here they seem toe options. We discussed Skilling corners and strokes. These tips they discussed with the skill tools are just the same with the rest off that transformation options. For example, rotate to click injector rotates, all hold open, click Same with the reflective and this youku 12. 4 Free Transform Tool: in this lecture, I would like to talk about very easy tool for transformation. Hold free transform, too. It's very similar to bounding box. Yet with it, you can not only skill and rotate objects, but also you can distort Ben. It's located here, and it's shortcut is E. As you can see when you select this tool, this box appears around the selected object. Same as this. A small menu, just like with the bounding box. You can skill the object by clicking and dragging on one of these points to maintain the proportion you can hold, shift or activate this constraint option from the tools menu and with pre transform tool. You can skew the shape by clicking on one of these points and drag like so same with the rotation and also holding shipped will make it rotate in 45 degrees. But with this tool, rotation is a bit easier because you can move your cursor away. And still these arrow appears indicating the rotation operation. But with the bounding box, your cursor must be close to one off the points. That's why I usually use the creatures for two for rotation rather than the bounding box. Besides, it's shortcut is shorter, just the inky. And of course you can change the reference point by Dragon it. The rest of two options are for distorting machine. The 1st 1 is perspective distortion to use it, just click and drag one off the four corners, and the 2nd 1 is three. Distort. The disadvantage here with these two options is the bounding box always resets itself, So modifying the distortion is very frustrating with this, too, to show you what I mean. I will use the same auction inside another software like photo shop. And when I distort the object like so, the bounding box doesn't reset itself, so I can easily modify the distortion. Luckily, there are alternatives, and I will talk about them more in depth in 1/7 chapter. But it is a hint. I will go to effect menu, distort and transform and choose, for example, pretty starts and my distortion. Then, if I want to modify it, I can click here in the appearance options. You can find the effect we have just made and do you modifications 13. 5 Project Part 1: all right. It's time to make a project using what weapons so far. And, of course, some more new options in this project. We will make this alarm. Let's start by making a new document 900 pixels by 900 pixels, and here in the layers panel, you will find one layer by default. I will double click on its name to rename it, and I will name it guides because I will make some guides and I like it in a separate player. Now I want to make guides toe. Identify the center off the documents for this document. Science. It's easy to do by basing. Quintal are and snapped the guides by holding ship on 450 pixels vertically and horizontally. But what if the document size is something different, Something hard to calculate the center of it. In this case, I will show you a trick I do. I will draw a rectangle covering the whole documents, but I wanted in a separate player off the guides layer because it's going to be the background anyway, to name a layer while created it. Hold old and click on new earlier icon, and I will name it Alarm notice. Here, the color off the layer is different than that. Layer more about that in a second. Now let's go the rectangle and give it this blue color with no stroke. To see the center of the rectangle like I do here, go to window attributes, make sure the rectangle is selected and click on show center icon. That way I can see the center off the rectangle, so now I can easily make the guides at the center. But of course, the guides has bean made inside the alone layer, so I need to select them with the selection tool. And if you cannot sell like them, goto view guides and make sure guides are not locked or use the shortcuts. All control semi colon, which I encourage you to remember and select both of them and notice the high life color is red, just like the layers color, and click and drag this small rectangle and drag it here. Notice. Now the color has changed to blue. If you want to change the color off the layer, double click here on the empty area, not on the name or you can double click here on the layer icon and it's changing to yellow , for example. So now when I select a rectangle noticed the highlight color changes to yellow. There's color is very useful when you work with complex projects. Now I will press. The shortcuts are control semi colon, the look, the guides and now we are ready to go. 14. 6 Project Part 2: Let's complete our project. I will select the lips to to draw the body off the color from the center. If I just click here on type the size 550 pixels in both width and height, it will create the circle here in the right bottom off the documents to make it centric. Hold old before clicking. Perfect. Let's give it a read stroke and let's increase the stroke weight to 60 points. Currently, the stroke alignment is inside, and I wanted to be at the center. Now I want selected the line tool and make a line like so here. About 25 vixens and make the stroke pinpoints. And let's give it this orange color. Let's change the end of it. I don't want it to be sharp like that. Much better now. I was selected in the Rotate to and hold out and click here at the center and change the anger to 30 and click copy. To easily repeat this step, I will use the Transform again option by pressing control the several times great. Let's group them, so I need to select all of them first to do that easily instead of holding shift and click on every single one of them. I would just select one and go toe, select same and choose stroke color and press control Gene and let's name it numbers and named the other layers as well. Toby organized. Let's make the clockwise. I would draw a line from the center about 140 pixels and give it this pounds stroke color and make the weight 14 points. Let's create the other one at eight oclock. This time I will just click here and make the length 80 pixels and anger 210 degree and make the weight 20 points. Now let's takes this ugly issue. I will cover it with a spoon circle by holding out and kick here and make it about 50 pixels. It would create a circle with a brown stroke because that was the last thing we used with the clockwise. So if the switch a stroke toe Phil hold shift embraces the X key, so now the brown color became a fill rather than a stroke, and I like it to be read 15. 7 Project Part 3: all right, we are almost done in this lecture. We will make the pills and the legs. Make sure we are selecting the alarm there and do a Circle 200 fixes by 200 fixers with no stroke and a red fill color. And I want to make 1/2 off a circle so I can use the bounding box to do that. But it will be a bit tricky to make a perfect off a circle. So instead I was select the direct selection toe and select this anchor point and press the delete key, and it would make an open path. So I will use in the joint command by pressing control J. Now I will make a line exactly at the centre, about 65 pixels and give it 20 points. Joke and a white color. Let's make another circle here, about 40 pixels with white color, and I wanted to be behind the red circle. I can use the layer spanner to do that by clicking and dragon or I can right click and choose a range, which has very useful shortcuts that I recommend you to memorize. Actually, I will use it our place control lift rocky several times. Now I would choose everything we have made and group them using control G and name it pill . Now let's rotate it. I will use the transform to like that and also it need to be behind the alarm body. So our press again control left bracket key several times. Now let's make a copy in the other side. I will use the reflect too. Hold odd and click here at the center and I would choose copy. Now I will draw a line here at the center with 20 points stroke and another one horizontally, and I will use this mild guides tow center it and I will make it with around the caps with 40 points took and group them using control G and control lipped Radike several times for the legs. I will lose it. The Ark two. Like so, use the F key to flip the arc if you need to, and I will give it brown color with normal caps and put it behind the alarm body, and I will use the flip to to make a copy in the other side. For final retouch I Woodrow and inlets like so with black color and reduce. It's opacity toe 50% and make it behind everything and here we are. 16. Thank You: thank you very much for watching Part two of my Siri's about learning Illustrator. If you enjoy this course, I will be glad to leave a review. That's what really help me. And if you want to learn more, check out my profile. Toe the rest off the Siri's and many other courses.