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Acrylic Painting: How To Paint Ocean Sunset

teacher avatar Debasree Dey, Acrylic Artist & Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Acrylic Art Supplies That I Use

    • 3. Step 1: Color Block The Canvas

    • 4. Step 2: Paint The Sky

    • 5. Step 3: Create The Wave Lines

    • 6. Step 4: Color Fill Each Of The Waves

    • 7. Step 5: Final Touch Up To The Waves

    • 8. Step 6: Paint The Sparkles On The Wave

    • 9. Conclusion And Final Words

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About This Class


Do you want to paint beautiful seascapes in Acrylics? Then this class is for you.

In this class, I'll show you my process of painting a seascape and teaching you the techniques of creating sunset reflections on the sea waves. It's a really easy process once you know the techniques, using which you can create any painting with sun reflection.

I recommend this class for everybody - no prior art experience is necessary. If u haven't painted in a long time and wanting to brush up your skills or if u haven't found anyone to mentor you in your creative journey,  or if you are not sure you will be able to paint, or if you just want to paint pretty landscapes just to feel good - this class is for you.

In this class, you will learn about:

  • My painting process from start to finish
  • My favorite paints and brushes to use
  • How to create shadow and light in the waves
  • How to create the sun reflection on the waves

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create this kind of paintings and if you have followed along you should have some physical proof! Do share it with the class.

Look forward to seeing you in the class





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You can purchase all the items I use by clicking on this link.

This is an amazon affiliate link, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will make a commission, if you click and make a purchase. Thanks for your support :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Debasree Dey

Acrylic Artist & Educator



Hello, my name is Debasree, a fine artist & educator from India. I enjoy painting abstract landscapes with textures and bold brush strokes! From an IT professional to an Art Teacher and now a Freelance Artist and entrepreneur I love it all! Read my story 🧚‍♀

As an educator, my work is to help people identify their inner artist, guide them to create beautiful paintings, which helps bring a lot of confidence & happiness as bi-product!

Visit my online gallery: 

I'm an absolute nature lover, so all my classes will be focused on the beauty of mother nature!



After teaching close to 10,000 people in physical workshops, I'm so excited to t... See full profile

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1. Introduction: way. I'm artist and creator behind. There's little You should know more about me. You can visit my station for five. And if you see more of my paintings, you can visit my instagram page. I pretty much being toe imposed their interests class. I'm teaching you one of the most requested painting on my feet. And I'm so excited to teach you guys censor deflation painting and with all the techniques that you love this plus you can create any Santa deflation being things like these. That Yeah, it looks like a very complicated painting. Right. But trust me with the right guidance on the right techniques, you're gonna create this painting very easy in this class. I'm gonna be taking you through each step of the way, starting with the base layer on, moving on to the more details there, creating the way of effects. No, I recommend this painting for anyone from beginners to intermediate. If you're someone you to actually paintings and try out actually paintings. This is a great place to start on. If you are someone in the intermediate level one alone, this kind of techniques, then you just follow through and create this painting on your own. So super excited to teach you guys this gorgeous painting and I look forward to seeing you inside the glass. 2. Acrylic Art Supplies That I Use: Hey, guys. So in this video, I'm gonna be telling you all the arm genius that you need to create this painting. So for that, I have actually pains. As you can see, these are my acrylic bottles on. This is the brand I use. It's called Favorite Real, actually colors by a technical pretty light which manufactures in India. So I'm not sure if you get this plant outside India, but these are the bottles that I buy, which are 500 Andrea. And for this painting, you're gonna be needing only five covers orange, yellow, white, brown and black. So what I do is normally transfer these colors into this muzzle bottles so that they're easy to use on. These are very fluid, Ain's as you can see, they're not very heavy body, so they float very smartly on that. I kind of like things kind of pain so that I don't have to make a lot of water tow fluid up . So this is the color that I pray for. So you could see how much food this is just taking off the colors right now. That's all you are meeting this off five colors only if you are still the shades afraid for yellow. I'm using a chrome yellow your you can use any other the shape that strictly find stone. Use yellow. That's not the color you want. You want a lemon yellow, a room yellow on. If you have lived near, you can mix it up with orange and you will get chrome yellow canna shed on. I'm using this. Can this board to paint for this painting is a crook and this board You can use a campus pulled or stretched canvas or and this people, anything is fine. I'm using this to prop shoes off. Your one is a flat fresh just for the background, and one is a keen cash. Any brushes? Fine off. Actually, Painting whatever that you have is fine. John. Water toe. Wash your brushes on a couple of tissue papers, so that's all you're gonna be needing creating this painting. So let's get going 3. Step 1: Color Block The Canvas: we owe. So let's start with the flat brush first, and we will start blocking the campus completely off the water park and the sky, but as well. So for the sky, I am taking yellow and orange mix. You can just was draw the horizontal line at two different chipper in the sky in the water , so it is almost 1/3 from the top. So divide your canvas into treehouse on and consider the top half top part as the sky. So that is the part that I'm filling up now with only orange on. So don't mix the colors on the plate. Just pick them up separately and try mixing them on the canvas by creating horizontal line . Give moving your brushes in the horizontal strokes, so don't try not to move it in any other direction. Just keep doing parts of strokes yellow and orange, alternately so that you can see that there is a kind of line that is forming in the sky by using both the color separate e. If you mix up with the colors and come up with one solid color, then these lines will not be formed and the sky will not have the lunatics should that we have. So if you look at a sunset sky, it has a lot of lines, excuse and all those things, Which are you gonna do later? But for the time being, just create as much lying Sudan by alternating the colors. Now I'm starting to paint the water part for tired. I'm using mostly brown and orange. So just like the sky, how we alternated between yellow and orange. Now we will alternate between orange and brown. So just keep doing the same staff exactly in the horizontal collection. Make sure you to the horizontal line really well and it doesn't get inside your sky area on the side. I did a little bit of political stroke, but that is just to fill up the canvas. But after that, keep doing it in the horizontal direction. See, on the horizontal layer. I am adding a little bit off brown just to separate out from the sky area and just keep crashing and all over from left to right, creating multiple heart mental lines way now that the complete campus has been covered in culo. Now I'll start doing a little bit more off horizontal strokes in the water area, just like what I did in the sky just to create a little water line kind of thing, even though we're gonna paint all the waves separately. But if you have more lines rather than a solid background, it gives a little bit more extra to the painting. So try creating as much lines. You can have them creating one solid color to fill up the whole waters area. 4. Step 2: Paint The Sky: No way, no way will start painting the sky and the sun on all the cloudy effects. So pick up your small brush on dick plain white color and make a small circle to create the sun with the white. If your background is still wait, it might not. Oh, come out properly. As you can see, my color is kind of blending in with the weight background off yellow and orange so you can give it some time before doing the sun. But I'm doing it immediately, so it's kind of blending in, um, after during the white yellow and make one 18 line through the sign, trying to create the cloudy lines in the sky that forms during the summer time. Just keep picking up yellow else. Try to create a few lines little way. We do not create completely straight lines, but create a little bit of wavy lines around the sun that will create all the Sun City Sky China thing with all the lines that you can see in the sky during the sunset time, I'm adding a little bit of orange, just just to give a little bit of shade to the yellow. All the yellow and orange is part of creating the sunset sky here of creating a couple of lines, a little wavy lines with the yellow, adding a few more yellow lines below the sun. All right, try to get this lines as clean as possible. Closer to the sun that gives more off the cloudy look. Remember, as many lions he would create in the sky will give the more cloudy effect. So just adding brushing in just a little bit of orange in between. Also, you're marrying a little touch off yellow around the sun to give the sun more glowing effect. But because my background is still great, it's not coming out really well. As you can see, it is almost blending in the background. So I decided to add one more layer off. Why? Just to make it look even brighter, because three yellow was completely going through my son. So I added one more layer office white to create the sun and adding the yellow blue around the sun. Try to keep this line, asked Venus possible while surrounding the sun with the yellow, and I'm creating the lying through the sun once again because psychology trying to create the line as Mevius possible. If you look at the sunset sky, the clouds are so wavy they're not once read lying. They're like nice wavy lines. The reflection of the sun during setting is starting to look really nice with the reboot of war. Isn't allies that we created earlier and a little bit of club cloud effect that we're creating now? Don't do too much. We're keeping it really off the Lewis. I just a few lines here and there, marrying a little bit of orange below the yellow to give more depth to it. 5. Step 3: Create The Wave Lines: Let's start fainting the wave section. But before creating the waves, let us start by creating a few more lines by alternating brown and orange near the horizontal line. No, we will start creating the weight lines for that start by mixing brown and black and start creating the headlines on your campus. You can see how I'm creating the Web lanes, a little gravy arch Onda. We will create the lines just alternately, not one on top of each other. This might look like your black to you, but it's not absolutely black. I have mixed a little bit of brown with it, so it's black and brown, kind of like that brown. So keep creating just the way flights. No, it doesn't have to be exact again. Form your own lines. Just make sure that they're kind of alternating. We will keep doing this until at least half off the campus way, our way upward, my way of lines of becoming smaller and smaller. Compare it with the wave at the bottom, off the campers to the one that I'm doing right now. They are fairly smaller. As we keep moving award, it will become even more smaller you can say I'm making really small lines. One more thing to notice as I'm moving hyo that the lines are becoming a little bit more Strader. They're not absolutely straight learning, but they are more straighter than the labial lines that were down down at the bottom, off the canvas. So two things to keep in mind as you are going higher that the sizes are excusing. The lines are a little smaller, and they're not that much way. They are getting a little bit more stretch wear , still using the same black and brown combination to do the lines tonight. I know it might feel a little tiring right now, doing this lines after lines and lines, but trust me, this is the first state off creating the wavy painting that we're going to do. So just keep doing without thinking much, because it's gonna all get beautiful at the 6. Step 4: Color Fill Each Of The Waves: After creating all the lines in this tape, we are going to feel in each off the ships that were created on start forming them gradually. So for that, what we'll be doing is our start feeling in up each off the Web lines that you created with brown and orange so makes up a little bit of brown and orange and start by brushing below the black line that you've created. Keep taking a little bit of black and brown that you had created before the dark ground just to blend it in with the first line that you created so that it doesn't look really or orman out kind. So just keep blending in everything. It starts with black to brown or it. So it basically is docker on the job and lighter at the bottom. - Basically , what we're doing here is we're creating the shadows off each of the waves, so the doctor is creating the shadow that falls below each off the waves on the top part is light because the light is falling from the sun on the truck. So see here iam a mixing brown and orange and coming down at this point what I'm doing is I'm just mixing brown and orange below each off the web line, and I really haven't started coming down yet, But I'm just feeling it, filling up the top part of each of the wave with brown and orange. Give watching a little bit off it before you start painting, actually, so that will give you a good idea if you just watch it for some time. You see how I am blending it. It's all about blending, um, from that light. So we are moving. We're actually playing around with three colors. Black ground, orange. Right. So we're coming from black to brown toe orange. That's how we're creating off the shadows off each. Now you see, as I'm coming down, I'm not touching the bottom whip. I'm leaving a little bit of gap between the bottom wave and as much incoming That way. The background orange that we had done on the canvas is showing through, uh, go slowly as you're approaching down and leave a little gap. Yeah, so you see, after you leave the gap, it seems like there is a tiny bit of lying that you created on top off everywhere. But it. Actually, not any line that you've treated. It is just the background showing through No, continue doing the same technique for at least half the can. This still wherever we have the bigger lines on the small lines were not winter to the same technique, but actually still the lines till till the place where we have the bigger lines off the waves were going to do the same technique way. No way as a moving upward, you could notice that I'm not taking too much of black anymore. And the colors are also reducing two more off brown and orange because as we're going higher, we're going a little lighter s well, so make sure not to make it too dark as we're moving upward. - Oh , that said for this tape. In the next step, we're going to learn how to fill in the colors in the upper half, off the sea 7. Step 5: Final Touch Up To The Waves : way still Antonio, during the same techniques that we did in the previous step on Lee, that in this state the weight size is a little bit smaller. So these are not the big waves that we did at the bottom of the capitalist who were sure the lights of pretty small. But we keep doing the same thing as, and we just keep adding orange below each of the or dark lines that we have created, so keep brushing it very gently. Don't make it too dark, Yo. So keep brushing in a little bit of orange with each of the Web's In some places, if you know this, I'm adding a little bit of black just to make sure that the oranges blending into the previously added black, which has dried by now, right, because actually colors dries pretty fast. So because of that, just to make the blaming looks model, I'm adding a little bit of black line. In some places, lines are getting smaller and smaller as we are going aboard, so over here it is basically nothing much that you can do. Just keep doing small lines. In some places you can you can kind of ordinary between orange and black and brown, so just keep creating a small lines. It's really difficult to explain over here what exactly is happening, because over here there are so many small lines that is so much of chaos here. So what you can do is just watch me do it for like sometimes you get an idea how I am moving forward. But it's pretty much creating lines. A small lines with the variety off colors like that round orange, a little bit of brown in between. So just keep creating small, small lines as we bring higher at that will give you the look off the lights. In some places, I'm coming down if you can see that in the pretty much in the middle off the sea area, there few lines that had missed out in the previous steps. So I'm just filling them up with the same technique, actually, from with that on top toe, like the color at the bottom of each of the pipelines. So that is exactly how I'm feeling in the lines in the middle of the members after doing the small lines on the job. On that is how pretty much we keep going in this step. - I'm starting to pick up a little bit of black and add a little highlight off black in some places because we don't want you to be to monitor us with Brown and aren't we need to make some of the waves look little. We can show the shadow off the lives. So just to show the shadow, I'm add a little bit of black in between. In some places who give more highlight to the waves and in the process, I'm creating a few moves in the blank, any off the envies. Wherever I see there is a little bit off space remaining, I'm adding a couple of extra guidelines Now that you understood the technique, What is happening? We are treating where blinds and we are coming from doctor light from top to bottom. That is pretty much how we are going to cover the whole water line area. So keep adding more black. If you feel your black has been covered by brown orange at a little bit of breath, black on the top off the red light. That is what I'm doing your on. Also adding a few waterlines black lines in the in the middle where ever resulted in space . Whatever I can find in space, don't leave the space empty on your campus. Keep adding a little alliances between that will give more dance. Look off what lights like , - Oh , another to have pretty much covered all the way Flynt's that were done. I am coming back at the bottom and adding your black color just to give more shadow to each other. The waves on. As you can see, I'm just extending the lines to blend in with the rest of the world lines just to make it look more realistic. So over here I'm not doing anything new. Whatever lines we have done before, I'm just giving a little bit of patch up to each off the waves on adding few lines in the middle just to create more two lines. That is pretty much the end of this step. In the next tape, we're going to paint the sparkling effect off the sun rays off falling on the West 8. Step 6: Paint The Sparkles On The Wave: the already The painting is starting to look so beautiful, and we have reached the final part of the painting, which is my most favorite part. It's creating the glitter effects on the waves created by the setting sun and the reflections and the sun rays. So let's get to it. So now to create that, we're gonna make so the white and yellow and orange and create a very lighter tone off the sun color basically, and you start creating little dash and door on the top off the waves. So as you can see, I have made it really like that tone, and I'm creating little lines. It's not a continuous lines like the waves we created, but it's like little broken lines. So it's It's almost like doing dash and dot not exactly in that order. So mostly we're gonna do little dashes, and then we can create a few doors to show that leader effect on all of these lines are all the paintings that were doing for this step is going to be on the top of the Web lines that we did in the previous steps, so make sure not to go under the wave lines. Make sure to do it on top of the lives off the black area. Don't come in the black area and a stick to the center of the canvas. Just blow this up. - Oh way. Nothing different. You keep doing the small thoughts on the top of the waves as you're moving high. Oh, as an aside moving closer to the sun, make sure to keep the doors. And the that dash is really literally small. Don't do too much because the we're blends are also very small overhaul in this area. So I try to make the lines really small as you're going higher, as you can see that I'm shifting a little bit towards the left side. So, like I said before, I try to keep it directly below the sun so that it looks realistic. So even if you move a little bit closer right like I'm doing, you can add a little bit of strokes on the left side to balance it out. I'm extending the later effects little bit on both the size. Don't just keep it straight in the center. It should look like blended, and you can add a few off the black reflections on the right and the left just to show that the reflection has moved a little bit for that away as it as you're coming down on the canvas. And that's pretty much eight guys. There is nothing else. Just keep doing this. And your painting is gonna look beautiful after this way . No, - Theo , I hope you have created a beautiful painting by now. 9. Conclusion And Final Words: Hey guys, I hope you have an excellent time following the tutorial on creating the sounds of tribulation on her own. I am so excited to see what you guys have created. So take a picture off your painting on posted under the project section. Your you can also upload it on your instagram story and tell me I would like to see what does a creative I also shared with the boy to show everybody what you guys have done. It was a very easy painting, right after falling the techniques I know do share your feedback to provide your reviews on our skill share and you get if you're not following me on instagram or you could start for the meat because I pretty much paint as opposed to every day So you guys can help me design what to paint for my next check tutorial. So you can now you can. I totally people seeking my stories to pay based on their your stations. I love to pay the land tutorial for you in my next class. Still then stick you You get cool ticket. My