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Acrylic Landscape Painting for beginners

teacher avatar Mohini Sinha, Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Used

    • 3. Introduction to brushes

    • 4. Making TexturedPaper

    • 5. Drawing RoughSketch

    • 6. Painting Clouds

    • 7. Painting Grasses Hills

    • 8. Detailing

    • 9. Detailing2

    • 10. Detailing3

    • 11. Tree Detailing

    • 12. Bonus Lession

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About This Class

Hello All ,

In this class you will learn how to do detailed painting of the landscape ,so that it look realistic.

Hope you will enjoy my first skillshare class

Materials Used are:

Paper: Arches paper 300 gsm , cold pressed


-Cobalt Blue

-Cerellium Blue

-Lemon yellow

-Cadmium Yellow

-Permanent Yellow

-Brilliant Blue

-Titanium White


-Burn Umber

-Raw Sienna


Brushes Used:

Fan Brush-sie1

Comber Brush -size 1.5 

Rigor Brush -size 1

Flat Brush -size 1 amd 6

Gesso -8oz Liquitex

Varnish: Liquitex 8oz

You can also follow meon instagram :@mohiniartgallery

Thank Youandenjoy the class

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover



My grandfather encouraged us to paint Goddess Laxmi on the wall during Diwali; this is my oldest memory of my creative self. I never dreamt of being an artist, but as a kid, I was always inclined toward painting and even participated in various school-level competitions. I'm from Patna, India, and almost every child goes for engineering or medical. I was no different. I completed my engineering in Information technology in Indore and moved to Pune to work as a software engineer. I worked in top IT companies for a decade, and suddenly, the forgotten love for art came back, searching for me. I started my journey as an artist in early 2019 and eventually became a full-time artist in 2022.


Who I'm 

Hi, I'm Mohini Sinha, a self-taught acr... See full profile

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1. Introduction: my friends. My name is I'm from India Painting artist basically inspired by nature. So I mostly do acrylic landscape painting. I want to go through a painting. This is my first sketch class in this last be teaching you that's just framed. I like this class on in this world class teaching you times of pressures which we can use in a landscape painting to make it trio. Different techniques and different lectures will be applying and a pending so as to make it a realistic one. How to make crosses. How to make lecturing the people Jessel making off the crosses with my fan brush How to use fan brush to make the grasses so that it looks really making leaves country different Different color mixing techniques and using my rigger brush for making tree Find varnish my painting so as to look, Look, this is 2. Material Used: Oh, welcome back. So the materials which abusing use people 300 GSM old press. So this is a five size paper which I'm going to use. Andi Thistle is the picture. It's just so which I'll be applying a lot of people one inch masking tape. You can get easily from any shops. The's pressures, I assure you that details my next class Watto, then ballot Carlos, which I'm using, is black. This is brilliant Blue lemony alone Sienna, cadmium, yellow Is that all off? Different brands off liquid. It's camel in. Thats is really in blue from Benson Newton. Negatives. Did Danny White Usual number Permanent Yellow. This is a jindo course my spray. 3. Introduction to brushes: welcome back. So let's talk about the pressures. We'll be using us. The 1st 1 is Toe combo Combo Brush series. Five sized, 1.5 inch. So second brush is the Rigger Brush series. One size, two things. The combo. Brush rich. I'll be using it for my tree tech show. This is a rigger brush and comes the flat brush just size toe. Then comes the Texture Brothers, which is raising size three by a tinge. It's the fan Brush series, four size one, and this is a flat brush, which has hard prisons, and this is sarees or size eight. So let's begin. So just out putting dot or its I'll be using it for the lecture part off the tree. So just during the trip off the brush and creating a texture, second is the texture brush, which I'll be using for my crosses as well as to tree. So I'm just using the perfect and just slightly pressing it, giving the door tools shape. God brush is the compa brush, which will be using it for making my grasses. This is a step child abusing for making the dot, as well as for making classes just dragging it Don't words sound food. Brush is the flat brush, which would be using for filling up my sketch. So comes 1/5 brush is the fan brush, which I will be using for my glasses and mountains. Just using the site corner off my brush and just making a stranglers. She don't shape out off it. Eso You was far crosses as well and comes to rigger brush, which I'll be using for making the three branches as well as the leaves who all these takings I'll be using in my painting. So let's stop my paint. 4. Making TexturedPaper: Hello, friends. Welcome back to my class on now. I'm using this frontage Manage masking tape which had a play all with a sheet area that two advantages of using masking tape Oneness. Your sheet will not move while you're painting. And secondly, it gives a nice, nice border dodo painting which looks very attractive and beautiful ones your painting and stunned. So it's good if you're using masking tape, you can get this easily from any website, any painting website or any craft website, so make sure you put this masking tape evenly. All the wood is off this area off this at OCS paper and press it nicely so that when you're applying color to it, it does not cause inside. On this. Uniformity is maintained and now I'll be using duh critics just so professional for this office preparation you just used for self is preparation for acrylic. You can also you other products like Colton Gamel in Mentor Newt Breaststroke there many other productive which you can use, but I prefer using liquid X. It gives us the nice self iss. Don't picture do the paper while you're painting. So whenever you when you're using acronym it dries faster. So the lecture when you're painting when you're applying this texture and painting on that , it sorts less water when you're applying acrylic paint donut. So it's better to use Jessel on the surface area, so I'm applying this. Oh, just so on the holes. That's office area off this paper. Make sure that you apply it an evenly and one direction. Either you can use horizontally or vertically. I'm using your horizontally. You can also use it would likely whichever way you wish on it should be applied evenly on this office. And make sure that your surfaces clean and you apply all over this office area to the corners off paper. It takes quite a long time to get tried, so it takes around 2 to 3 hours to dry up on. And when does it takes a longer time so you can use the hairbrush way you can use the hair dryer. So not the Hamlisch had triumphed. Dry off this saw office. If you want toe, paint it quickly or you can live it for 3 to 4 hours. Once it has completely dried, then you can live being so I have applied on all the world to surface area you mentally? No. I'll keep this to try for 23 others and then next. 5. Drawing RoughSketch: Hello, friends. Welcome back to me class on this. Make sure that this just so which ever played in my previous class destroyed completely not making the sketch a rough sketch off this painting. So let's biggane take my pencil and drug war for trying on ruler for making us replying So first electro Aw, straight line you So I'm just trying a rep scared. So that will be easy for us to make depending. I'm sure it was not so clear, but Allah touch the sketch. My clothes you can you can easily see it. So the three parts in the grass, which I'm drawing it. So this is the one. This is one part show you so you can see the three parts which I'll be drawing in the mountains on the clouds with eight section which each coloring section and draw it up so that we can colored easily. So one section I have drawn So the other part off the grass be trying. It's just very light sketch. So I'm not sure whether you'll be able to see or not. So this is a mountain back mountain, which I'm drawing so below is the grass section bogus mountains, so we'll make it docks. Whether you'll be able to see it, I'll be drawing the tree pod. The trunk off the tree studies the Plancher's, which I'm just giving a rough sketch to its solar while painting a people toe painted leave just a rough sketch off that tree tree, giving it a little exact oval shape. It's a quite victory, which is covering the whole area. I'm just giving uptown up tone dissection on and after drawing the tree, the clouds just throwing the yellow lights or give a little bit section to it so that I can binge. Was he usually the's other club bards returned, joining it roughly so It's almost done. So the soldiers just rough sketch, which I have. Tron. I hope you can see that clearly. I always thought dodged this in my section. The strong sketch got your people to see it properly. 6. Painting Clouds: Oh, friends, welcome back. So for clouds will needing cobalt blue, cerulean blue permanent yellow, magenta, cadmium Yellow it to Danny White Some watto cleaning a brush on a spree So far So that'll be spraying the upper part off the painting, which is the cloud section so that the painted mixed properly. So now, applying the mix audit accounts. So start. So here, taking some liquid and cobalt Prue. Sorry, Liam Blue on a little tent off. Magenta has to make it a little publisher and white, a little bit more Kruzel and more off. Imagine toward makes it properly add a little bit off white. So that says to give it a little grayish color. Do it very little. Don't offered west to give it a Gracia publish. Look, I think that's white. Good enough. Charles showed the color, which is coming out a little bit, greyish purple and blue mix, so I'll apply on the highlights off the clouds. I hope you're able to see because my hand is coming in between, so I'm playing to the part which is left the system. Hello. So there's little bit shine just coming from Lightfoot's. It's okay to see it properly. I'm applying it on more off white toe, same painting, one little light shared off it and it'll bluish picture. So Manning's really implored of it and more off white part which is left in between. Fill it up. Yeah. Oh, yeah, you can see that I am leaving the Triana blind. The left part, which is It's so leaving the tree pot. Just done with that. No wash off the brush but using the yellow highlights. So I'll be using permanent yellow. And what a little bit, Andi Cadmium yellow to it makes it totally and apply on the pods left. I think it's little bit dogs, so I'll apply little white to it. I was too light in the color. Apply on the parts which are left, - so we almost done with the clouds. First part of the cloud painting 7. Painting Grasses Hills: So let's start with tree part. I'm using your brilliant blue lemon yo and black, so I think I'll be needing a little bit off phone number as well. Just a little bit on. Just take it out. So now I'll be mixing brilliant blue on lemon yellow. It gives a nice green deck. Shaw. Just nice, bright green color, adding a little bit off cadmium yellow to it. So we're too bright in a bit up. More. Show you how. Let's client below part. You've seen the below part on this up aside part I'll be using. It's a nice right shall be applying. You were the below part and a both, but is almost planned are both part. So once journal using seemed going applied more off. Hello, that will stop more. A little bit off white dot Supposed to light in the color up. Start applying on the spot. I think it's OK. No, - it's almost time. Be using your blue and black on cadmium yellow mix should be darkish green. I think it's good. Be using one up off him. Part stopped. It's very dark. - Stands above part. It's little bit off. Imagine tacklers. I'll be adding a little bit off magenta. Do it. Same doctrine. Color a little bit off, mentioned on the top of it on below. Same color. You know, I guess we almost done with the blocking assed colors. Now I will see toe detailing part in my next class. Let's start the next close. Thank you. 8. Detailing: Hello, friends. Welcome back. No, I will be applying another court on the clothes. Make sure that try same color. I'll be using it. Which made it in my previous class. Just putting a good on it. So that becomes more even next . I'll be using white. Andi slipped a little water with the yellow. Make store more off right to give it a cloud tech show can be applying on the circular manner over the cloud area. It has to give it cloudy effect because you need to move it in a circular motion in the same flat. Fresh? No. - Do you? Oh, so I guess it's almost done. The clouds part comes the lecturing part just But, uh, this is my lectured brush, so we'll be taking black and just stepping the top part off that brush. If you don't have the texture press, you can use hard brush as well. Flat, hard brush, which has hard crystals just tapping from the above ape off depression. And we'll be covering whole area, including the grass on the mountains as well as the tree. But no , you know. So almost all areas now covered, So begins the next thing 9. Detailing2: Oh, welcome back. No help plicating the trunk and branches of the trees abusing black on born number, mixing the colors a little bit and, using my brush, give it a shape, just trying to make the shape tree trunk. We will be filling with the same color, shaping the tree branches during the whole T trunk and the branches with same color using my flat brush. Nothing. It's been more blacks. I'll be adding a little bit of bone number, so that creates a little bit off brownish green and black ish color picture off that. So now we're done with the branches and the trunk, but so now we'll be using flat brush, which has hard oppressions. This can also be used for the deal in Corpus, So just tap on the top off it with the same color Andi for Linda spaced area around the trees, giving it to shape off tree. So in and out shape is a fact. It is in and out. So I'm just filling the whole part with this brush. Yeah, so ones it was done. All right. I'll be no painting the mountains. Thats the same doctrine Karlovic was using for coloring the mountain and add little bit off white on raw white, an ultramarine blue to it. It has to give a delight. Tech show. Yeah, right. I'll be using a fan brush to and just I'll be adding the corner off at color. Just a tip off the foundation of side, and I will be giving the shape like a triangle to it. Don't show you how it is. There's just a topping and giving around triangular shape. So we're doing the same thing over all of my mountain area. - Oh , - so I completed the whole pot. So once I'm done, leave using the same color and using more off white and do it to light in the color texture and be using the same fan brush. I gain doing the same shape. Do it Triangle shaped would not be pulling the whole part. Some part will be left like this in some part, be feeling it. So I'm done. But the mountain part. I'll give the shape to the mountain and used the black color on that same green cover and makes it, but they don't get the border lined toe that mountain here. Oh, I'm giving the shape through the mountains. It's so on just climbing the mountain up apart to give it a proper shape. On this, I'll be creating. It's more. It's more door to suggest It appears as if there are trees on the top off the mountains. Small, small dots, child creating. I'll show you if you're but to see it. Just a small, small taught shape. I'm giving the top off the mountain. Done. Now I'm giving small small trees and bushes. Had the base often won't inside, but same black and on double mix color and show you how it is. Just a small, small, tree shaped hardship I'm creating based off the mountain. No, you. So now it's done. I'll be using the same brilliant blue and lemon yellow. Make sure to give it boundary to the base off the mountain so I look even and straight, just giving a company line to it. 10. Detailing3: so no, I would be giving detailing in the lower part of the cross. Have be using brilliant blue and yellow would off black ground of a picture. So I'm using my same. That broad brush makes the color. Yeah, gives nice, brilliant green shape in a bit of Rome. Do it off dark shed. So say, I'll be using the fan brush and I have to be tipping the top side in just dragging the brush. What a cutie tone day. It's little but dark. A lot. It's not. Yeah, you visible from the main. A light color padding, more off cadmium yellow. A bit off white Just touching me. Oh, Theo. Way, way, way, Theo. - Way , way with same fan brush. Be using okay, Create a nice grassy texture. - I'm done with the Borden part. Well, it starts with the upper part. I'm using LaMunyon one a little bit off green. Very light green texture to it, having a bit of water because it does take no well, feeling this color on the top off the grass, so make sure that your brushes completely try what it does not resist on it. So this cover I'll be filling on the top off the grassy area. - So it's almost so again, same color, using more off cadmium, yellow picture and white. So delight in a more looking, yellowish green color. We're applying on the top of it, you're and putting the daughter technique. Only the tip off the brush is hitting top off the grass. - I guess it's almost done speaking with the next part off it. 11. Tree Detailing: Hello, friends. Welcome back. I'm doing the treaty dealing part. So I'm using the same color which I have used for the mountains. I'm just adding a little bit off liquid tow it. So I asked Lieutenant a painting. I'm just making small small dots to it'll show. I'll show you how it just just a small, small, tree shaped thoughts on the entire tree. I'll be doing it. - I mean, I've taken a few leaves so that to look a little realistic because trees are not same. So some off the leaves which are showing our So I'm almost stunned the scholar. So I'll be using 3 to 4 different shades off green. Now I'll be using permanent blue and cadmium yellow. Make sure photo next layer in, um, adding little bit off liquid. Do it. Add a little bit black so that it just little bit dark enough. I'm doing same process again. Did it? - I hope you able to see this. Let me suman a little so that it is more clear. No, I think it's just done. So now. Good. So now I will be using little lighter version of green, which I use for the grasses. I have just mixed. Brilliant yellow Sorry, brilliant blue and lemon yellow. Two word. And that's a bit of white. Oh, so it's done for. Just give it a shape to the tree trunks. - A little white. Do it as well. So black on Dwight and just plan Kahlo's so not adding more off clean direct have just mixed. Brilliant blue and cadmium yellow. A little bit off black. Tow it, Dr Greene. Shame which help you're playing on the top off it just random mental. So it was done. Same color abusing for the boundary off the mountains, Just creating a straight line with my rigger brush so as to keep it Nice shopper. Look through it stand. So now, using the same black color for creating small small trees. So now I will be using raw sienna to highlight in the black part Off the tree. Yeah, so just using raw sienna and white a bit off black, I'm adding to it. - So mixing the same color a little bit off white. Do it just a tip off. I'm very likely you need stop the brush. I hope you're able to see it way that's done. Almost homes and I'll be using my lemon, you know, and the little bit off green to it and white color. I'm just mixing it with my flat brush. Torricelli Light greenish Kara Touch Just coming out. So this color, I'll be applying it. But my family rush on the upper green's office just using the tip off depression, just tapping it. Make sure you don't take too much. Gunnar. Just lightly tap on the above area. Yeah, so be using same color to highlight some parts of bottom area. Papa Coronary has been is to create cross dry grass effect lying seem black, white and longer raw Sienna color. The cross area just a little bit off. Highlight to it. I think I'm almost done. So no to is I'll take my Rick a crush on but off white Daniel White in a play. Little dots, one tree, but that it looks that there are gaps in between the trees, just randomly applying it. It's not in areas taking a look quite and lots of water, adding a lot off what do it Very 10 color and just playing it on the mountains. Status drives. I'm just spring, but water ordered that the color mixes. Well, I'm just sulking. I'm great. Random clouds. Just moving it. Suddenly, I guess I'm almost done with my painting. I hope you like it. So I'm just digging out my masking tape Slowly. You need to take it out so that Bieber doesn't comes out so you can see the border. Just appeared by using this tape. So my baby? Yes. Ready. Hope you're knighted. You and next class. 12. Bonus Lession: Oh, Prince working back does. I'll show you how to furnish it. I'm using a high gloss, warn ish eight owns, so this will be applying and the sponge brush, which I will be applying on all of what this painting. So I have taken out Los and to then be just applying it in a friendly manner. I've taken the sponge and just applying it horizontally all over my painting in one direction. Make sure that you apply no corners and the body is not. It's better to apply in one direction, either. You can use horizontally or vertically before doing it horizontally, just mixing it properly so that bond and that the parties left. I guess it's almost 10 so you can see the loss just coming out, scaring your very nice effect. My painting framed painting and divide frame. Thank you for watching my clothes