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Abstract Infinite Tunnel - After Effects

teacher avatar Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Resources + Texture


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      Create Tunnel


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      Glow Effect + 3D Human


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      Trippy Animation


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About This Class

On this class you will learn to create an abstract infinite tunnel using After Effects.

We will start by creating a black and white animation with fractal noise effect.

Then we will turn this animated texture into a 3D Tunnel.

During the following of the class you can experiment with different options or levels as the process is more experimental and it gives you the freedom to explore and get different results.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Clarence. On the stress, you will learn how to create this exact animation. If you like drippy animations with a retro vibe, this is the class for you. You will learn to you some tools that can help you to create interest music videos or some simple loops. I will help you with the resources so we can create the animation using only after effects . This will be a from process, and in a few minutes you will be able to create cool animations like this, so make sure to enroll and see the whole class. 2. Resources + Texture: the guys. Welcome back. So before we get started on aftereffect, I just want to point out on information about the resources for the resource, which is this PMD file with this three d flying man. Let's say if you want to download just this image, you will find a link in the description of these scores. But also, if you want to download more, resource is like this one. I have uploaded a pack on my website. Go on, Clarence. That design and under the free resources goto three d human. And you will find all this, Sir, sources that you may use on your design or your animations. But in this case, I will use just this one. So I will live this link in the description just for this image. Or if you want to find the similar image to this, you can start from Google like Flying P and G and guilt. I'm sure you will find the similar images like this. But anyway, now let's get started on aftereffect to create our animation. And basically, first we will create a new composition. So right, the new composition on Let's go with HD resolution. Ah, let's make the duration 10 seconds. Frame rate 30 on DA click. OK, now we will create The new compositions are going composition new composition And now we will change the height The let's make it like really big on click. Ok, now we're going to create a new soul It so right click you solid and the color black click Ok, and now we're going toe apply an effect toe this solid image Let's zoom all first Now let's go to effect some presets and we're going toe type fractal noise and let's apply it on the black solid layer. Now basically, we're goingto play around with this, uh, settings right here on the fractal noise. The fractal type should be basic also noise type soft, leaner and I'm going toe increase. The contrast also decrees the brightness. So just some small highlights from from this ah black solid fractal noise on now goto transform and make sure you check the uniforms scaling on on the scale with the scale That's ah, make that's decreases scale with an increase the scale heart. Now basically, we need toe animate this, uh, the expected noise that we are creating, And, uh, I will play around with the offset turbulence with several station, which should be this some rotation. So just click on this cycle's right here on this like a clock, because we're going to animate it and also remained the evolution Click on these icons. As I said, off the terrible separate ation and devolution. And make sure you are on the start point on the frames and now you go to the and frame and we're going toe change all these options that saves the soup rotation, five rotations and also the evolution toe. Eight. Click OK, and now let's see how this looks. Case After we animated this, we're going toe. Apply it on our main composition. So let's go to our first composition and on the projects go to this composition toe. The second composition that we did on. Let's apply it on our main composition. Okay, so now we are going to apply some other effects toe this soc on the next video 3. Create Tunnel: Okay, So after we applied that second composition toe the first composition as you can see its shape right here, we're going to apply an effect called CC Cylinder and let's apply it on the this composition. And basically what this does is turn the the composition into, like, a three D cylinder on. We will goto this rotation section and rotate the wrist Rotation X. Let's turn it toe 90 degrees so it is in front of us on. That's Ah so mean so you can see better case. And now we need to apply some color to this. So let's create a new adjustment layer. So right click and go on adjustment there. Let's Ari name this color. Let's go to our composition and on the effects and presets. Let's type radiant, and we need to apply that four color Grady int. Let's apply it on the adjustment layer, and as you can see, this creates four color radiant, and we can change the callers right here and also change the bland setting. So mostly I will pick some income purple blue colors. Okay, let's now change the brand to like 500. And, uh, let's change the blending moto color. Okay, so now we applied this, uh, these colors on the hour composition and the next step is doe toe. Apply some glow affect rate. 4. Glow Effect + 3D Human: case. And now let's apply the glow effect. So again, on the effects under the style eyes get this glow and applied on the adjustment layer, and we need to play around with this settings. Let's make this like, uh, 80%. Let's increase the flow radius on the glow intensity. Yeah, I think it looks nice. Maybe we can see how it looks. The whole animation. Yeah, I think it looks OK. Anyway, you can play around with glow effects if you want more glory or less glowing. I think this is a good balance. Uh, so now let's ah, at the our image, our image reference the three d flying man. So let's go to a project DoubleClick and open where? Where you have save it. Okay, so let's apply our image in the main composition. Let's place it in center. And, uh, I need to scale this so go to transform and scale. I'm scaling this like 35% and now we're going toe work with some adjustments so we can blend it. More in tow are composition, so see in the next video 5. Blending: J. Soto blend This image morninto our animation. I think we can copy this effects that we apply it on the composition colored radiant glow. So command control. See, and let's goto our image And let's face this effects on DA I think we can, uh, play with a blend mode on this color. Grady Int. Let's make it 100 onda. Also, let's change the blending Moto Something like Overlay, I think. No, I think we need to increase the blow on the background because it seems like this image eyes more glory than compared to the background. So let's go toe adjustments and on the globe. Maybe we can, ah, decrease that. No threat sold. Also, let's decrease the radios like a 70 also has decreased this low intensity that's decrease a little bit ago. Radius. Yeah, I think it looks much better because it looks more natural with this glowy three d element , the flagman case. And now we need toe add some, uh, radial blur effect on the photo reference. So let's make a copy of this So select layer command control C command control be onda. We need to change the mode from normal to something like lighten. And that's san. Check the low effect so it doesn't buy again. Onda. Now let's go on effects and presets and type radio blur. So let's apply this sissy radial blur on the a copy of the image that we created. And basically, how this works is we have this amount, and if we increase this as you can see, it cards off at some animation toe our image. It makes it feel like it is really flying toward us. So basically, we will create some ah animation with this. So let's make it like 11th and, uh, click on the amount and we're going toe change the value in different frames just toe at some animation. So that's gone. The on this ah frame, right ear changes amount like 70. Now let's go to another frame. Let's make it 100 and 50. Now let's go to the and frame on. Make it again. 10. Okay, so, no, I will just add some adjustment to the whole composition. So see, in the next video 6. Trippy Animation: Okay, So before Adam adjustment Layer, I'd like to ask you to share your projects. If you create something by learning on this tutorial on also, I would appreciate Ah, good review. Okay, so now let's create a new adjustment layer and make sure it is above all ears, and I will apply color balance. You like saturation effect on the adjustment layer on. Just to make this, like more trippy, I will play around with the hue saturation with a few right here. And make sure you are on the start frame. Now, go to the and frame and just change the uto. Uh, one. Okay, let's see how it looks. I'm changing the quality to quarter, so it ah, loads faster. We will see the high resolution video in a few. It looks good, I think only the radial blower I think it needs toe be changed. So let's go on the radio door on Duh. I think we need to change the type toe like fading zoom. It looks much better, I think. Okay, so now let's surrender this so we can see it in HD resolution. So file export that render queue on Just save it in a folder 7. Finalizing: que softer were under the video. Let's open and see how it looks. Now you can see the details and the glow effect that it looks much better in HD resolution . Also changing that you makes more trippy. So, yeah, I hope you are happy with the result. I would like to see what you create to, and if you want, you can share it on instagram and tag me so I can re share it. So yeah, I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Just, uh, send me a message of what would you like to learn next on my instagram page? So thank you for watching and see on the next classes by