ACRYLIC PAINTING TUTORIAL- AFRICAN LADY - with traceable to paint along- for beginners | Vered Thalmeier | Skillshare

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ACRYLIC PAINTING TUTORIAL- AFRICAN LADY - with traceable to paint along- for beginners

teacher avatar Vered Thalmeier, Artist / Easy Painting Vered

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to my class - Introduction


    • 2.

      Getting Started! Backgound & Traceable


    • 3.

      Painting Process 1


    • 4.

      Painting Process 2


    • 5.

      Painting Process 3


    • 6.

      Painting Process 4


    • 7.

      Last steps & thank you


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About This Class

Hi everybody, my name is Vered and I am an artist and a YouTube creator. Today I am really excited to walk you through my painting tutorial!

On this class I am going to show you step by step on how to paint this beautiful African lady with acrylics. You can find a download version of the sketch we are going be using for the final portrait. All you have to do is to save the traceable, trace it to your painting surface and paint along with me :)

Don’t forget to follow me on Skillshare and you will be the first to know as soon as I launch a new class. You can also follow me on Instagram and YouTube *** Easy Painting Vered ***

So grab your brushes and let’s get started!


where can I find the traceable?

click the thumbtack icon at the bottom right of the 2. video (getting started! background and traceable) to find the link to the attached file. 

The supplies I used for this class:

- A soft graphite pencil (5b)

- Small and medium round paint brushes. Sizes: 2,5,16 (see photo)

- A flat paint brush (24)

- 9 x 12 inch (24x32 cm) canvas / canvas painting panel / acrylic paper (300 g/ 140lb and up)

-A Jar of clean water

-Paper towels

-A paper plate

Acrylic Paint:

Oxide Black

Titanium White

Turquoise Green

Burnt Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Red Vermilion



Yellow Lemon

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vered Thalmeier

Artist / Easy Painting Vered


Hi, my name is Vered, I am an artist and illustrator. Love to paint and draw people from all around the globe. Check out my YouTue Channel with easy & fun painting tutorials: Easy Painting Vered 

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1. Welcome to my class - Introduction: I did it for people. My name is very artists and YouTube creator. I welcome you to my class in this class. I'm going to walk step by step on. How to paint with acrylics is beautiful. African lady you have to do is to download your traceable translated converse and paint along with me Thats classic for beginner artists and also great for anyone who wants to brush up on the painting skills. Grab your prices started. 2. Getting Started! Backgound & Traceable: Hey, guys, it's very welcome to my class. Let's start with the first lesson. We're starting with the background color amusing here. Yellow Oka and my brush is a flat paintbrush, and I'm just covering my big grown doesn't have to be perfect, - and I'm waiting until the paint is completely dry. After printing, you traceable. Take a self Spencer and go over every line off your design. That's where I'm getting a thick layoff. Graphite, and I can transfer it easily to my converse. - I'm using just a normal pan in address over the lines. - I mean, now we're ready for our second part. 3. Painting Process 1: Hey, guys, it's weird again. Now I'm starting with painting amusing burnt sienna and Iran Brush. I loaded with color and I start to paint. I'm getting my brush now Wipe it off on a paper tower and just blend the edges off the color as long as the color is still what I can do it. Not too much water now continue to do the same, first with color. Then I clean my brush again, wipe it off and go over the ages. I'm just lightly brushing over it. I'm using my background color toe plant. That's my roca and I just go over the edges, not with water but witty Arocha. It's also way to blend it, and that's how I continue with all the phase. I start with Mancina and a blend it into the background sometime and use my background color You couldn't do, boss, it doesn't matter. What have you like as long as the paint is what you can planned it. Okay, we're done and we are ready to go to our third part 4. Painting Process 2: everybody. It's weird again. Now we're starting to get some color here. Load your brush it color and go from the bottom off her head just up, just like tihs on. Make another one. Here's the bright side off the brush. Load your brush again and I do the same on the other side. Off the head. I'm following the shape off. My strokes are not straight. Let's continue now with magenta and amusing. The bright side of my brush. It's wet on wet. I walk fast. I continue with pink, my brushes round brush. It's the same brush I used before for phase and clean my brush. Wipe it off. Take my background color. It's the same. Liquidated in the first class and blend it together, just rictus. It's if you have the feelings of colors too thin. Just make another layer on it and am using my burnt sienna to make soft blending between the pink and the burnt sienna. A brush very lightly in the mill between the two colors. If it's after we're all done with the pink, we continue with their eyes. We had some color eyes. You can choose, of course, whatever color you like just a nice line above. I continue now with the yellow. I'm switching to a bright brush, Take a little bit of color load money, brush and just make a few strokes that spent our lives and switch to a smaller brush around one. And I just cover lips with red color. - I continue in the background. I'm using whites. As you see, I'm using short strokes. And now I'm taking my background color my yellow ca and I go into my white just like this. I just want to see just a little bit from the white. Okay, let's continue toe on export. 5. Painting Process 3: everybody, it's Leonard again. Okay, let's continue now with the eyes I switched to a line A brush worth in one take The sin is one You have a tone and I color eyes with burnt sienna As you see now I had a little bit off fellow Oakar to highs and continue no with wide The white is not thick and I want to see them yellow Oka underneath a little bit of flight to slicked is on earth and now I toe a little bit off placing. It means I take my round brush and burnt sienna with a little bit more waters and before and I make the shadows on face the places I didn't do before Great . Now we take our publicarla. We're coming to the fun part now and we do outlines in black. So I have my run brush black color with a little bit off water and then I go over the outlines and what I'm doing right now, it's also kind of glazing. I'm taking black with a bit more water than before and I go on the underside. You say to sixties not too much, that they wanted to be too dark here also. Great. Now we can start with the face 6. Painting Process 4: Hi, everybody. It's lead again. Okay, so now it's really fun. It's our fun part now. I'm using my liner brush round brush and I go over the outlines off face. It means that's the way I'm going to shape her and to give a the kind of face I like. You can always change. The is make a lip service bigger if you like a smaller. I was playing here. I don't really I think when I do it, it's all about having fronted it. And I think it's fun. I like it. Don't forget all the paint is already dry. When we started black, - he's and I'm switching my brush again. I'm taking them Ron Brush, but not service in one on the neck. She looks good, really know. What do you say? Are we doing placing again with black color, taking Carlo with a little bit more water than before, and and just over brush over very lightly Amazing toe brushes here. I'm going to work with both brushes at once. One of them is clean and the other one is with pains, so have to walk fast that the paint is not dry too slick. Tous Now I continue with my background. I'm taking my bright brush and black paint and I cover my background. Doesn't have to be perfect. I want to see the strokes 26 this It's kind. It's almost right. My paint. Now I'm taking my background color. It's my yellow Oka and I go into my black if I'm not really happy with my black, so I can cover it with yellow Oka. 7. Last steps & thank you: Hi, guys. Welcome back. It's very dear. It's the last part off our class and all we do now is taking white color with the liner brush and make all the highlights on her face. I'm starting with the eyes. I don't add much water to it Here. I'm planning the color with my finger just like this. I don't want it to be too white. And here was some bringing goes with my finger until I'm happy with the way it looks like. I don't want it to be too bright. Continue with the lips. If you have in acrylic marker like Posca, you can also use it if you like. And I'm using here. Just a normal brush. A brush. Let's get to the hearings. Also here. I'm using only white. - Okay , we are done. Now all we have to do is to sign the name. I hope you enjoy this class. Peace for me, on YouTube and on skill. Isha have many tutorials. Thank you very much. God bless Bye bye