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A Healthy Delicious Menu In 5 Steps

teacher avatar Deactivated P.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      A Bit More About The Class


    • 3.

      Step 1 - The Beautiful Skin Salad


    • 4.

      Step 2 - The Cauliflower 3 Ingredient Soup


    • 5.

      Step 3 - Tasty Veggie Quinoa


    • 6.

      Step 4 - Chia Seeds Yoghurt


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      Step 5 - Banana-Chocolate Oats


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

NEW: Download your free ebook plus one bonus recipe inside. File is is included in the project section.

I am so happy to share with you my own tips on a healthy satisfying and delicious diet. I am giving some healthy meal ideas that are useful for anyone who is interested in being happy, energized and productive every day.

In this class I am going to "build" a healthy menu, containing:

  • a salad
  • a soup
  • a basic dish
  • a snack
  • a delicious desert.

My recipes are vegan/vegetarian because that's the kind of food I generally prefer. Typically, I do eat meat once a week. I am currently pregnant so I think it is going to be very funny to take you too into my healthy mom-to-be journey. I hope you enjoy my class :)

Meet Your Teacher

I'm a law student who is passionate about art and graphic design. I'm into healthy and active lifestyle too.

My goal is to develop and expand my skills every single day and to inspire people do the same.

Social Media

I'm a huge fan of Instagram - instagram.com/sackseeka/

You can also take a look at my artwork on Society6 society6.com/sackseeka

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1. Hello!: Hey there they for stopping by and welcome to my kitchen here to delicious Maine. In fact, states is my first kosher, of course. And I'm very excited about my course. Targeted Bayrou. And, of course, to have some fun. I'm going to show you five really easy, fast and tasty recipes and just take a little bit about I truly believe that preserving and taking care of her mother Earth is a very important thing to do against Hilton. Anything is the first thing to start with. So thank you and looking forward to meeting you in next. 2. A Bit More About The Class: No. Here we are in the first video. I'm just going to say if you were to part your project, I'm not going to require a one from you. And you certainly do not have to cook the things I do cook in your product. You can cook anything you like and want in share with the other people in distinct your photos and recipes. Of course, we're going to group together a salad, so a basic dish. And of course, it's not going to desert. Since I'm not going to do to any heart techniques and show anything Card. I decided not to include physical demos in my course. So for all of you that take part in the course, I'm going to provide a free A printable PdF, and you can use it in any way you want. You can positive your block or Whiteside. You can give it to your power, anything you want. So that's it. And let's get started 3. Step 1 - The Beautiful Skin Salad: I'm sure that most of you have heard that sell. It is one of the most important foods, including our daily menu. And that's true because they provide our bodies with fiber that kill stage ation in lots of healthy fats. I'm going to use this case to speak a little bit about healthy fats because I'm sure you're going to know these two that I'm using. Ah, lot off fat in old recipes I'm going to present. And that's why I believe that hilty fat is one of the most important things for women. Core minal balance. I'm not going to dive into any details because I'm not a doctor but eating the right amount of healthy fact. No transferred. It's really important for us and, of course, delicious. Consuming enough, fought on a daily basis. It's also important for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. You cannot observe the vitamins without effect, and another thing that is really important and I want to talk about is soaking nuts. You're going to see that in this salad. I'm using walnuts in Teoh. They just any notes you need to show them you can find a lot of information on the Internet about soaking hours and how much is enough for them to be soaked, depending from the different different types of nuts. But for walnuts, it's enough to show them for 4 to 6 hours. What a beautiful picture, isn't it? I love to look at it and, of course, to eat all of the things you can see and thes air are ingredients for the salad. You need every Keitel iceberg lettuce, carrots, apples one or more, depending on your taste. Walnuts all years always olive oil and healthful lemon or line do So. What about the health benefits? Well, I think the name of the salad says it all. The beautiful skin salad is oh, for your skin. It makes itself in provides with all with the vitamins in the hilty, first, other needed. Here you can read everything you're interested in, And of course, you're going to find that same information on the printable. Pdf. I'm going to provide together with the course 4. Step 2 - The Cauliflower 3 Ingredient Soup: Hi. Today I'm cooking their sedation and have chosen one of my favorites. I decided to call it the free ingredient Cauliflower Soup. It's amazingly easy and very tasty. Here you can see everything you need. You cannot more veggies in spices according to your taste, of course, but this is such basic today I'm going to use the cauliflower. Of course, some currents. Olive oil organa in some chili tumeric is great, too, in case you like it. The's garlic guys behind there, my sultan paper. I always use them in anything I cook. Sometimes I cook this soup with mustard, but today I'm not going to. And of course, you can no issues bother or coconut oil or any other old you prefer, actually, instead of the old of oil what you need to do, we simply burled of ages together for like 30 minutes and then blend them, adding the olive oil in the spices. Enjoy the soup. I love it, and I hope you love it, too. But this is not only a culinary but also a health class. I promised big just a little bit about health benefits of the dishes I'm cooking. So here you can see generally the most important things about this soup, um, to sum up is great for your skin in those who for pregnant women, especially because pregnant women have a high blood blood volume in. That's why we need more potassium in magnesium. And, uh, yeah, Vitamin K is the best for your skin combined with vitamin A, and the makes it such a great thing for your skin. And generally that's it. I'm not going to overwhelm with information. I really hope you like this lesson and looking forward to see you in the next day. 5. Step 3 - Tasty Veggie Quinoa: here we got to her step number free basic dish. I decided to present tasty veg Akinola. What you need for the cooking is one cup of quinoa, one zucchini, two carrots, two peppers like 300 grams of boiled bees. We can buy frozen ones, ginger and some garlic. What you need to do to curb these days is first toe boiled Akinola. According to the instructions on the package, you can boil it together with the bees, then all the other ingredients put in your pot in just fry a little bit with any all you prefer. I would advise you to use coconut oil. I find it very delicious. When everything is ready, simply mix it together in viola. Here's your tasty veg aquino dish. When it comes to health benefits, the most important about this dish is that it's protein sirs on. This is very true. Broadening against your vegetarian or vegan is really good for you. In case here or not, it's still good. I like it also, thanks to the ginger and the garlic. It can kill all the bacteria inside your body. Andi, Because ginger and garlic fight any flu's, it's good prevention. In the cold months 6. Step 4 - Chia Seeds Yoghurt: the tears seed. Yours is one of these is things to make and yet one of the most delicious All you need is some your art and Chia seeds. You need to soak the tears days for like four hours in the old And there it is yours neck. You can always that honey or others we dinner to it. You can add fruits or anything else. I prefer this way because the taste is of it's our in light. Two seats and yard is also a great combo for your gut. It keeps it clean and regular. 7. Step 5 - Banana-Chocolate Oats: tomatoes Dessert you're going to need organic chocolate, bananas, boats, care of flour and honey. That's everything boiled. Hold water and melted chocolate in, then mashed some bananas and at the roads and melt chocolate. Do the oats into bananas. Then, at some honey in the care of flour, mix everything together well. Put some plastic foil and moving to the fridge. Generally, these desert is reaching high quality sugars and magnesium. It's really nice and the cramping in case you want to make it even richer you can at cocoa butter. 8. Final Thoughts: here we are reached the end of our cars together. I really hope you enjoy it and try recipes I present. I'll be happy to read your comments feedbacks in recommendations because I want to make more classes and I'm interested in what you're interested. Next time I want to die to be more precise, but this is my first course. It's just trial, and I'm really interested in what your imprisonment like I said. So please do not here today to leave me any comments, good or bad, positive or negative and during our community together, thank you and have fun.