7 Flatlay Compositions in Practice for Your Better Understanding The Flat Lay Photography | Valeriia Cherpak | Skillshare

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7 Flatlay Compositions in Practice for Your Better Understanding The Flat Lay Photography

teacher avatar Valeriia Cherpak, Graphic Designer,Photographer & Traveler

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Circle Composition Part 1


    • 3.

      Circle Composition Part 2


    • 4.

      Square Composition


    • 5.

      Triangle Composition


    • 6.

      Rule of Thirds


    • 7.

      Diagonal Composition Part 1


    • 8.

      Diagonal Composition Part 2


    • 9.



    • 10.

      Diagonal Grid Composition


    • 11.

      Negative Space


    • 12.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Do you want to learn flat lay photography through practice? Then this class is for you!

The practice is one of the most important parts of the learning process. So I offer you to take this course to improve your flat lay skills by practicing.

What you will learn:

This is a completely practical course. In each lesson, I’ll introduce to you a new composition. You will learn 7 composition techniques:

  1. Circle
  2. Square
  3. Triangle
  4. Rule of thirds
  5. Diagonals
  6. Grid
  7. Negative space

Who is this class for?

This course will be especially useful for these students, who already took some theoretical courses about a flatlay and want to strengthen their results.

In general, flat lay photography skills may be useful for:

Who is this class for?

  • Photographers. If you're learning photography and want to try a new technique this class is for you.
  • Artists. If you're creating beautiful calligraphy or illustration, knittings, toys or other hand made things you will learn how to present your works, using flat lay.
  • Bloggers. Want to learn how to make your blog or Instagram profile more interesting for your followers? Learn flat lay photography to make your blog stand out.
  • Business. Want to create beautiful content for your social networks or blog? Flat lay photography is the key.
  • Creatives. Can't imagine a single day without creating? Do you want to learn how to convey a beauty you see through photography? Let's join this course.

 After this course, you’ll have no struggles with styling and composing your flat lay pictures.

If you missed some theory about flat lay in this course I invite you to check my 2 theoretical classes on Skillshare.

If you are interested in photo editing I invite you to visit my course:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Valeriia Cherpak

Graphic Designer,Photographer & Traveler



Hi everyone,
my name is Valeriia and I am graphic and web designer, based in Czech Republic, originally from Ukraine. 
I'm passionate about photography, blogging, content making, traveling and art. 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, Ron. And what come to my new skill shared class about floodlight photography? Do you want to improve our flatly photography skills? And you'd like to practice well, these classes what you need this is a completely practical curse. In each lesson, I will introduce to a new composition. It will earn seven composition techniques Circle square, triangle rules, thirds diagonals, greed and negative space. There will be no theory. Only practice after discovers you will have no struggles restarting and composing your floodlit pictures. These cars will be especially useful for these students. Authority took some theoretical crucible differently and want to consolidate learning through practical application. For a class project you'll photograph like like picture based on one of the compositions introduced in the class. Everything you need for the cost project is a camera and some objects to photographs. If you're ready for a lot of practice Syrian, this class 2. Circle Composition Part 1: first. What I'm going to show is different geometric compositions. So what we're going to do here is copy some geometric figure Circle Square and trying go. So there are two approaches to draw new, invisible figure and roughly place your objects. Or, if you want to be really precise, you can use a ruler or some paper tapes or templates. Let's start from circle composition. We can use some round objects too great a foundation for the composition it can re plate or trey or coaster or something like that. I usually use thes toe trace because of its neutral cars. Then I have this one. It goes really well with some handmade things or organic products or something like that. And this one is really specific because off its ah color and Oriental motives, so I don't use it really often. Okay, so let's want for other first composition. I chose thes trade, but first I want to create some layers here, and I'm going to put a magazine on the bottom. Did I place my tray and I would put on the top an old book, Let's fix it little meat. And now we created perfect circle here. This will be our focal point. And now I'm going to put my props all around the central point in my Syria tickle curse about fled play. I told you that each color in flatly needs pair. So I put here a pink notebook and I tried to put it in the same car off Kendall and nail polish. And here we can see some gold color gold brown cars. So I put this in, develops on Dhere. We can see black, black and Blake glasses, and I always like to feel flatly we something small props. I like to use thes companies for this purpose. And I chose a thesis, This one because color really much the no, I just put it randomly all around fluently. Okay, Our floodlight is ready. So let's take a picture. So I sickens. Immigrated A circle composition here we placed there a circle Trey. It grates thes around. Look. And there we put props all around the central point 3. Circle Composition Part 2: Now I'm going to show you how to create circle composition without using some rounded object. So I'm going to place my hero peace in the middle. And then I would like to be a circle with my props. So first of all, I want to add some layers. Andi, it took great some depth here. So I will put my trade here. And then I will editor some hero pieces. I decided to create some beautiful I play, so I will end my beauty products. As you can see, it is it is interest in geometry here. So I would like to follow the lines on each site and at probes there. Parlow. Due to these lines, put megacity here. Or maybe I even put more layers there to make my composition more complex. Some something like this. And I will under some freeze and glasses. I don't make sure that everything is part oil to these lines. No, I would get here some more beauty products and undertook. I will at some Kendall. Here are my smartphone. It's also nice treat to open some interesting picture on your smartphone and included in flatly because it makes your composition more complex an army. Something here. Because now I can see that this part of composition is too heavy. Because we have some Massu big peace here, but nothing here. So I won't. And they're something my case. And I want to make sure that it's parallel and I will fill it with some small props. So I will render sewer rings because I considered here ISS a silver label. And here is silver Lines. So it will be nice to complement the silver We some another Cyril silver pieces. I will just check how it looks from my smartphone. I can see some shadows here, so I will use a reflector to decrease these shadows and I will take your picture. 4. Square Composition: Now we're going to talk about square composition. It's the same as the circle composition. We can use some square object to create a foundation for us for our flatly on In this case , I chose thes trade. Onda, we are going to build our objects inside inside of this trade so it will create closed composition which means that all other objects will be placed in kind of frame here. So let's go. I like layering. So I always try to place have been under to create more layers. Even if we build square composition inside a frame, we've rebuild Dagano, so it's like composition inside a composition. So I tried to keep my props to make these line and a gay. I try to put flowers on the top off the place because it creates a really nice look. So, as you can see, I try to put all my props in diagonal direction. So we're flowers. Sweets, cap kindles are in one day, you know. And now I want to fill my flood lie with the smallest basis. However, use discomforting. It also will complement the color or two lips. Okay, I also lose a reflector here Because if you can see, it's kind of dark here in this corner. So now you can see how reflector works. So this is with reflector, and this is without reflector. You see the difference. Okay, but before before that, I really making cup free. 5. Triangle Composition: Now we're going to talk about trying a composition on. It's really simple to make and to understand. So basically, you draw an invisible triangle here, and then you put your mind objects on the tops off triangle. So let's start. First of all, I'm going to bring her, but she to grade these, um morning bad look. And then I'm going toe place their mind main objects. So I'm going to place here known books and again, I use Larry here. So I place notebooks one on on an under. Then I will place here flowers. So this is my first stop second and here I would bring comfort and I'm going to bring cross son. And just in case it's some glasses just to create some story like morning the reading and drinking coffee Very attention that here we have bring flowers and we complemented we Spink notebook and brown coffee and brown cross. Um, so, as you can see here we have try and go and I'm going to check it for a camera. It's OK and I would use ah reflector tool decrease shadows 6. Rule of Thirds: Now we're going to talk about Drew off Sturtz. This is a better campus, she rule. And the point here is that you imagine your composition divided into two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. So there will be basically nine squares here, and you put your hero pieces into intersections off next lines. So if we turn around, agreed on our camera. We can see here to vertical lines into horizontal, so we will put our hero pieces here on the intersections. So that's why turning on greed on your camera is so important. Because fruit agreed, you can see where to put your objects. Let's start to build our composition. First of all, I want to make my background more interesting, So I will add one more layer here. It will bring some texture to our composition. And now I'm going to add my main objects. I decided to use coffee, donuts and flowers. So our used three in Durst intersections here. So first I'm going to my coffee, and I want to add some layers under the cup free to make drink it more complex to bring some depth to the flat play, and then I'm going toe end, my donut. It will December somewhere here I will check. Pruitt agreed. After and bad engine it. I add some one more layer here, first of all, to use layering and also to complement the color off these scarf and to complement it with this paper. So as we can see here, we have three brown colors and also comfortable brow and our doughnut. And now I'm going to add some flowers here. Yeah, I like to make flowers a little bit messy to make ID to bring this nature. Look, I wrote a jobs here playing the under. No. Now I'm going to check it for my camera. You can see the donut. Coffee and flowers are on the intersections. What else? I'm going toe. Adhere is some small floppers and leaves to complement three color off lovers. And also to fill my floodlight with smart, some small props. So I bring its randomly ladies, I'm going to check it. My beats too much. And now I'm going to check it for my camera. Maybe ever make some nice curve here? Okay, that's good. So now I'm going to make a car free, and I would add some milk to the coffee cream. It will create more texture in our flatly. Okay, our flatly is ready. And now I'm going to take some pictures. Mr Quincy, everything is in intersections and paint engine that here we have some little bit strong shadows, but in this case, it's good because it creates a really nice texture on this car. So in this case, we don't need degrees shadows. I will switch to square moored. 7. Diagonal Composition Part 1: Now we're going to talk about diagonal composition and point here Easter to place their objects diagonally in the frame. So can simply for this line here or this line here or can mix wolf diagnosed in one floodlight. So I'm going to start to style my flatly by placing sweater here to bring some texture and depth to the foot. So as you can see that place, they're gonna And now I'm going to pull here, raising under the stricter and a gay. You can see I go here. Now I'm going to add some props all around, and I will create some players here. And I put coffee on the top of Maxim. Okay, Our flick lit is ready, so let's take some pictures. 8. Diagonal Composition Part 2: Now I'm going to show you another example off diagonal composition. It will be more complex. Andi, it will not be so obvious. Is in previous example so that there will not be some straight strict line. But still I will place objects so display to create some diagnose here. So first of full magazine soon. This is like first line. Then I'm going to it toward. But I will not place in this way. Don't create this streaked lines here, but instant ever put it this way and the same. I will place it like these spots. Something like this. So now we can see some get here, so I will fill it. Wazed, props again. We see marble here in here. So these two props complement each other and pink can Don't think Bill and I read one more being pope? No. Is it some floors? No ways to If we create this guy, No. Here. Let's add some floors here. Just you. It's so with flowers we, like make these street climb were soft. And I'm going to feel my flatly with small stars. - Pierre starts he because it's toe empty in this cooler. And let's take some pictures. So as you can see here, we created Decca knows, But we don't do so street lines as before. 9. Grid: really composition. Let's imagine your surface divided by horizontal and vertical lines on and we will place our objects. Underlines. You can do, draw, flee. Just imagine some lines and place it there. Or can you? Some tapes to make it more precise. So we will place our first tapes. It will be tough for over flat play. No, we build it, Frank for us. Let's place her objects. Oops. I know where everything is done. I'm going to remove these tapes. Yeah. 10. Diagonal Grid Composition: in this video, I'm going to shoot a gun. Agreed. Composition on. And I will use thes paper tapes and I will place them on the surface. And then I will put my objects following these lines. So I'm going to both thank this and like this. And then I replace my first object. Then a real create second line here and flowers. And finally Advil place Turk line. No, I will remove these lines and I will take your picture now. I considered it will be better if I will move my phone here. 11. Negative Space: Now we're going to talk about negative space technique, and it's really simple to use and understand on it. Confused as standalone technique in Case Toe underlies some objects. So if you want to, are your viewers to pay an attention on some objects here, so we will create negative space on opposite side so here will be negative space. Or it can be used in case toe at some text to the picture. Eso We will place her objects here and then a while editing. You replace some text in the middle on din. This case, you can create frame from props or create some diagonals here or you wouldn't play seat around encircle. It's really up when you and I'm going to show both types. So first we are going toe create slightly when you want tour underlying some objects. So we're going to place here magazine Did. We are going to place your scarf to it, some texture to the picture, and let's say we want to take a picture off some beauty products, and now, while taking pictures I'm going to, I'm going to lose some negative space here and also pay attention that when I have greed here. I tried to place my beauty products in the intersections, so that's what we were talking about in rule off thirds composition technique, and I will switch to square mood and again it's you couldn't see. My products are placed into intersections. And now we're going to talk about situation when you want to play some text in the middle. Andi, we're going to create frame. Ah, with our props. So it's really simple. You basically just put your props here around the frame, and now we're going to take some picture or we can arrange a different way. Like I need to create some space here and don't help frame here. A. It's really up on you. That's it for the video. See you in next one. 12. Final Thoughts: our curse has come to an end, and it's time for a class project for a class project. I offer you to choose one of the composition introduced in the class and use it for our flight like picture after your capture flatly uploaded to the project and resource is section. I'm looking forward to see your beautiful works. If you meet some Siri about flatly in this curse, I invited to visit my too theoretical curses on a scale share basic cars, floodlight essentials and more advanced Curse Ledley Photograph Indicator Instagram's success there I will give you all the necessary knowledge to create beautiful floodlight pictures. If you have some questions or you need an extra help from Frito, ask me in the Commons down below the class or you can open your discussion if you want to receive a notification next time, I will publish a class. Make sure that you are following me on a skill share and I would really appreciate if you really fit back for this class. See you in the next plus