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7 Tips to Craft a Blissful Handmade Paper Flower: 10 Mins Crafts

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the Crafts class


    • 2.

      Cut Crafts Paper into required shapes


    • 3.

      Craft First Petal of Handmade Paper Flower


    • 4.

      7 Tips to craft a perfect handmade paper flower easily


    • 5.

      How to paste all 5 petals together easily


    • 6.

      How to make the round flower


    • 7.

      Adding Final touch to our Handmade wonder


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About This Class

Learn to craft a realistic handmade paper flower: From our 10 minutes crafts series.

One of my favorite material is paper as it comes in the most various colors, patterns, shapes, forms and thickness.

Today we’re going to see, How to make these floristic decorative flowers using craft papers.

You will learn to make a 2 colored handmade flower along with 7 tips to do it easily and quickly. You can use this handmade wonder to decorate  your writing desk, or computer table or even gift your loved ones.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Crafts class: Hi, I am around one off my favorite materially spay per as it comes in the most various colors . Battle saves, forms and thickness, so way are going to see how to make these florist IQ decorate of flowers. Using graph papers, you learn to make a ducal owed handmade floor along with seven tips. Treat easily on quickly. You can use this handmade wonders to create your desk or able or even give your loved ones . Let's jump into this craft in the next video. 2. Cut Crafts Paper into required shapes: Let's stay to color papers, the makeup, papal floor like this. We need five square papers. So let's take three square from this Bronco paper on to spoils from this orange color paper . No, I'm going to cut four spoils from this brown colored paper, but I will use one Lee, three. 1234 We need only three, but there are four spoils, so let's cut all four off them. But leave one behind. This last piece is not a square, so let's keep the design. 1234 I said earlier. We have got four squares, but we need just three. So let's leave it aside now. I'm going to cut to Morse coils from this orange a four seat. So now we have got the required fais coils to do this. Fipe. It'll floor. Let's craft this piece off Brown Squire paper in the next radio 3. Craft First Petal of Handmade Paper Flower: So we are going to start doing the first petal with this drone square paper. There's going to be Samos what you see in my mobile. First, you need to fold this square piece diagonally. Place these two triangles together on, then fold the paper like this. Then bring the right corner off the triangle to the top center. Andi, fold it now. Do the same for the left corner. Want to? So we have got a folding like this. A square m balls inside that Rangel. Let's continue now. Listen carefully. You need to take this piece unfolded like this along the border line. Right side is over. This folding is meant to make the process easy because we are not going to use this bend now. You need to take out the folding, open it on, press with one finger in the middle, then make these fallings. Now let's more onto the left side under the same thing, I said before. This folding is just for reference or to make the further fold ings easy. Once you have done this, take adult open it on. Press it here. After this, it's going to be easy now. We are going toe bend down these triangle ports. Here comes the use for our reference bend when the strangle on the right by hope longer reference fulling that we have done earlier Repeat the steps for the left. For two we have almost completed crafting the first petal off the floor. What you have to do now is to bring these both ends together. That's all you have got the first pedal. You just need to pace these two triangles together. I play some instant on hazard or blue on. Base them together until the glue gets dried up. Humane. Sort your fingers inside the petal. Andi, proceed together. Once the glue has got dried up, you can split the papers inside the pedal like this. 4. 7 Tips to craft a perfect handmade paper flower easily: in this video, we are going to craft another petal. But this time I'm going to give you Lord Soft IBS so that you can easily trouble so the problems that you're going to face while doing this Step one first look for the sword ages . Don't use soar page on one side on roughage on underside if you have to sort ages used them at the top like this. This is correct, but these types off holdings all wrong. Simply if you have to soar purges, use it like this. Tiptoe. You don't need to care about the right and left corners anyhow. They're going to hide inside off the pedal that we're going to do so just fold out casually . Now bring the right corner to the top center has said before. If you don't have sort or perfect appear not to worry living Cassidy's on. We want to the next site a tree. You should notice this edge. It should be sore pond, perfectly aligned because they fill the bottom off the flavor. That's why you need a sore pitch here. So the first tape I gave you was to use the sort edges on the top second dip is not a cattle boat. The right and left corners. You need a sort edge here. Now comes the fourth day In the previous video I asked you to make a reference folding here and then they took it out, opened and did the rest. But if you want to make it forced, you can directly go for this folding we thought making the reference fold. But make sure that this central line intersects with the border this centre line on this border Then just pull it out. Sometimes you may feel some hiccups when doing this folding If you don't make the reference fold If I If you have to make the reference fold than make it perfect don't do it like this . This won't fit you Good drizzle folded like this. Here are so you should make a perfect folding. Don't fall like this Fall perfectly The six When you bring both ends together, the inner layer will get some congestion on protrude like this That would be a sorted in space for the inner layer toe Or come this open it puts it all the way to the right and then present one small This will move all the excess paper that is the congested inner layer into this region so that you can bring the ends together without any problem. 87 If you just pay some moderate address, do the portal will open by itself before even getting dried up. So I address you toe press here up to the middle. Don't press the upper region. It would mess up the look off the flower. Just press until the mid point, Then you will get a flat surface. Now a play that desu squeeze the excess of has you out. This time it won't come out. That's why we pressed it in the middle. Now you may play some weight over this pedal to keep them together until the blue gets dried up. Place the wait for just two minutes. After that, you can take note 5. How to paste all 5 petals together easily: how completed Crafting these five petals individually. We just need toe based these five petals together. But even holding these five pitchers in hand is a bit difficult thing. Then how can we pasted together that easily? Don't worry. I have got an easy solution to this problem. First, press all off these petals up to the middle like this. Just make them flat in the middle region. See, holding these fight battles in the hand together. Is not it off a job now? Just a play some instant adesso toe each off thes fight battles on Hold it together like I was holding before Make sure that these five petals are aligned correctly at both off these sites, Then press them for less than three minutes. 6. How to make the round flower: we have almost completed crafting this paper flower. Now comes the most important part. Place your hand on the center Pittle on press. It's in the middle. Once you have done bit one for the next one on the Ader sites. Now gently press all the petals off this flower on. Make them round at the top. If you have done it directly, then the first on lost petal said how met automatically. If not, no problem. You bring them together manually. Now we have got the flower. We just need toe based on these two sides. Play some under a zoo on these sides. Un press them together gently. You might notice how I'm pressing both off them against each other. So we how god a well contrast colored paper flower. We just need to separate the inner petals which got pasted together. You do the excessive blue to separate these in orbital's. You can insert your finger inside it and separate them gently. Finally, our paper flavor is ready 7. Adding Final touch to our Handmade wonder: Let's sad. Some final touch tour paper flower. Take a small square paper or that one. If you don't have, choose the contrast colored one. Then roll it into a small corner like this. Echo the final edge on based it so that the corn doesn't open by itself. Take a scissor on. Got the top to get a flat gone. Now take our flower on. Insert this corn right in the middle off it. If there is some excessive corn fluttering outside off, over flower, just cut it out. That's all, folks. Our flower is completely ready.