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7 Secrets to Get Started & Stay Motivated to Write

teacher avatar Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D.

    • 2. Class Success Tips

    • 3. Secret #1

    • 4. Secret #2

    • 5. Secret #3

    • 6. Secret #4

    • 7. Secret #5

    • 8. Secret #6

    • 9. Secret #7

    • 10. Congrats! Thank You for Taking This Class

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About This Class

In this class I will give you the seven tips that I use to stay motivated to write.  I am a busy Mom.  But I love to write on my blog, write books, and create online classes.  Please join this class to learn my tips to create great content.  Please enroll now. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.


I have self-published 300 books, have over 50 classes, and have many of my social media post gone viral. While I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, I love to teach online only on Skillshare while I am a Stay at Home Mom. I enjoy creating, reading to kids, and hanging out at my local coffee shop to play Settlers of Cantan with friends.  

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1. Welcome to Class by Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D. : Hi, everyone. My name is Lee Service Check and I am the author of many books, The Charlie. The Cavalier Book Series, which currently has four books for Children. Um, the 50 positive 1600 positive things to say to someone else Book series, which has a book and a coloring book, and I also have 100 other books on Amazon as well is 24 skill share classes. And the reason I'm telling you this is as I earned my doctor in educational leadership in educational technology online. I had to write every single day in discussion boards and writing papers, things like that. And then when I finished, I decided to keep writing, writing, writing, and that's how it turned into all these books. So in this class, I want to show you my seven motivational secrets to keep writing. So, um, grab your drink and we'll get started and learning today. This class is really for anyone who is interested in writing or is currently writing. You might write for different reasons. You might write a blob like I do. You might write books you buy right for classes. You just may write letters to our social media to friends. So this class is really for anyone from the beginning writer to the experience writer that just needs an extra, um, an extra kick again. So please, in wellness class and let's get started. 2. Class Success Tips: Hi, students. Thank you for enrolling in this class. I want to show you a way that it will help you succeed and learn from this class. And it is to keep notes in Project section. So please go over to your project and then click there and start. Um, click on your project. And this is where you can start adding information for your project so you can put in a title. This could be the title of the class or your name. Then start putting information into the project workspace. Now, this could be anything from images. But also you can enter text too. And this will be really helpful for other students to see what they learn in this class. It will help others do and see this class. And it will give me feedback to know what Teoh bring to you next to for students. So, um, please click on the your project section and I leave me your feedback. Thank you. 3. Secret #1: Hi, everyone. Thanks for enrolling in this class and let's get started. All right, so you want to start writing more, and my first tip is to talk to your friends. So you I'm currently a state home mom, but I do get out of the house. Sometimes One place we go is our local coffee shop. It's Avenue to nine and we go downtown and we played four games. And just during those four games, I just once in a while, I asked my friends, One of them is a writer, but the others you want that we normally play board games with, You know, what do you think about this, or should I go this way or that way? And I think these people are very helpful in helping me decide where to go next with my writing. So, um, I'll tell them about certain things I'm excited about or not excited about. So then the next time I asked him a question, they kind of know what direction I'm going in. So without these friends there, um, I know I would have made a lot of decisions with my small businesses or my writing that I already have. So these people are very important to me and helping me make decisions and my writing. So please just, um, just start talking to people about your writing. Um, I went to dinner once with a friend, and I started talking about my books, and I really don't enjoy editing. I think there's lots of parts of writing, but editing isn't up in that for me, but I still enjoy writing and getting my stuff out there, and he said, Oh, I'll add it for you. And I was just so surprised. Why would anyone want to do this job that I really don't like to dio? And he was really excited about doing it. So if the more you talk about it more different people, they might help you out on your journey in different parts that you might not be good at, so are you might need help along the way to get through a certain part of it. So just talk to people that secret number one. All right, look into the second secret 4. Secret #2: Okay, Now we're getting to Secret number two, and the second secret is to have a Facebook page of your own. So this is my Facebook page, and you can see I created a header on can. But I have a class on that if you're interested. Yeah, this is where I have about 2000 followers currently. And I talked Teoh different people on here to bounce ideas off of them to keep motivated to keep writing. So I'm sure you one current project I'm working on, um, this is, um It's poems that I'm writing that I eventually want to create a book out of. I could create small books if I find images, but I'm not sure if I want to pay for the images yet. So I've been just writing these small poems. Basically, I, um I play with my kids all day and they say different things to me, and I start writing them down, and then I create these poems out of them, and then so it's growing and growing. So first, what I do is I write them down in a word document, I can tell you that here. Well, we'll get to that in one of the other secrets and I first ever I don't know where document and then I put it into. So, for example, this is one that I wrote the magic palette. I'll read it to you real quick. Magic Pellet. This is my magic palette. I have a rainbow of colors on my palette. I use a magic wand. Paintbrush? This is my wand. I did the magic wand and color I want. And then I paint the wall with magic. I like to paint the walls like a rainbow. I like to pick up and down left and right. I like to paint in circles. To what? Would you like me to paint for you? All right. So very simple. You can see I feel it on there. 37 people it reached. Yes, that's out of 2000. And you can see one of my friends commented on it, and that was very nice of her. And her comments actually keep motivated me to write. So that is when I was trying to show you. And then, um, I took this poem then and other poems, and I created a pdf out of them or different images on camera. So let's find that one. And, um right, so keep so These are all the different ones. I created just short, simple things. Here's the magic Taliban. Okay, so now I've created it into an image. You can see a little bit more people solid 41 people solid this time. And I also put it on my website. 47 people saw that post. So on Facebook, different posts are seen in different ways. So even though there's 2000 I could also for this to my mailing lists. But I trying and only said them certain things. But a Facebook group is really nice. Teoh way to stay, motivated to keep writing. So I saw this. I see people are liking it. I have someone Pinterest that people are going to my webpage to see. So this is motivation to keep writing. All right, we'll move on to the next secret 5. Secret #3: all right. The next secret is to go to your favorite writing place. Where is your favorite place? You like to go? It might be in a garden. Ah, park a coffee shop. It might just be a desk at your house. It might be clean and might be dirty. Is just a spot that you can find that, um, you enjoy writing in. So some people might write, like to write on paper. Other people I would like to write in and accept. And we're document other people just might write on their hand. I have a friend when he gets ideas to, right. He just started to writing out his hand so you could just see the thing. And if you have seen about it, he'll say he's not sure. But, um, he just has these ideas that he starts writing down. So find your place that you like. Personally, I, um, right when my girls were napping, but the I write, there's a couple places I like to write. I'll tell you what they are. One is when I wake up in Mill tonight at like two AM and I can't sleep, so I just have to go downstairs to my computer to start typing, and then later in the morning I'll start editing and figuring out what I was talking about . And the other place I like to write is I just find my ideas when I'm playing with the girls . I see my husband playing with the girls, so I need to have a piece of paper out, and I just write it on there and then get it transferred to my computer to edit it later. So just find your writing place. 6. Secret #4: Okay. The next pick point is to not just have it on paper, but toe Have a Google doc ready that you can write in. So here you can see my computer and I move the screen capture of a little bit so you can see this up here. This is where I can find all the things to start motivating me. If I'm just sitting bored at my computer, I can click on these things. They start motivated. Meteo. Start working whether it's writing an online class, whatever it is. So here you can see I have different writing places that I have here, and we'll click on summer 2016 kids because that's where I'm starting to write my Children's poems that we were talking about earlier. I'm also writing other things, and I just keep entering information. So I'm writing brownies and thank you notes. It's as I make brownies and thank you notes. It's a way to, for me is a stay home. Mom too, help out others, even though sometimes I think I can accept it. So busy. So, um, here you can see I start, um, I have I've numbered them and made them titles so they can outline is on the side here. And then you can see some of my if I get to extras. This is just stuff I start writing down, and then when I get bored or I'm tired, I get going to this document and I start piecing some of these things together. So here's just some of the things I hear during the day and then they'll eventually be put into a poem or book. So but the thing that I guess the point or the secret I wanna tell you here is at the top have a link. We can just click on in the bookmarks that you can go to a Google back. So then, when you're bored, even dis click and then get to this place and then just start typing. Because sometimes when I keep things and no books or things like that, it's hard to peace and move them copy and piece them together. So then when I get something that I enjoy, I I'll label it. This is 21 is the last one, so it will be 22 cumbia pace. It will make it a title. I'll make the top of tight, also, then Aiken on the outside. Isn't that in the outline? And then I usually copy Pasted into Facebook to see people's feelings about it. And sometimes when I look at it in Facebook, I can see it in a different format or a different fund, I guess, and it kind of motivates me to keep going and be excited about it. So sometimes when I read it there, it looks a little bit different than I read here so I could change it up a little bit and then copy and paste it back so it's ready for when I turn it into. 7. Secret #5: all right. My next tip is to find a group of people that, um, right similar books than you or just authors and start seeing what they're posting and writing about, because I think that is helpful. As I said before, I am a stay home mom. So my group happens to be when the kids are sleeping, I go onto Facebook and see this group here. But there's lots of different support communities to help you write, publish and market your books. That can be very helpful, so I just want a word of caution. Sometimes the administrator of the groups are trying to sell you something, which may be fine, and, um, it's great that they're administrating for free in hopes that you buy some of the products . But it's also, I think, people really do it because they just want to help out others, learn what they've learned. So, um, here you'll see you could go If you Google aspiring out there's group. You could find this group, and this one's not for promotion so you can promote your books so that will be deleted, which is actually kind of nice, because then you won't have to see all that stuff from other people. You could just see some of the good stuff. So, um, you can. People will ask questions, and you can see lots of people will answer them, so sometimes it's very helpful. Um, Teoh view this information. You could also see other groups once you join certain groups that other members air in. So that might be helpful. See on the side, the suggested groups. And that's very nice. Once you start becoming friends with more of these people, you'll see what groups there in, and you can join those groups and hopefully keep growing up in that way and that some of times these things will motivate me to keep writing and Teoh share my experience with other people so hopefully conjoined or find a group, whether it's in person or on Facebook, and it will motivate you to keep writing 8. Secret #6: Okay. The next tip is toe. Have paper instead of writing on her computer to write on. So here is some of the paper and telling my notes as you could see you. Sometimes they're very pretty. I kind of scribble things down when, um when I'm playing with the kids, so I'll just write things home. And but another thing is, you could have a writing problem. So every day I when I wake up, I try and write three things I'm happy about. And that may have gotten up me to that book over there. 1600 positive things to say to someone else because I was realizing it wasn't being very positive. So I just started writing and writing, and that's got me to that boat. But I'm just writing positive things about my day here. So three a day and it starts Mito get out, At least get out my door and I'll open it up and start writing. And then later, when I have ideas, I start scribbling other things. So I have pages and pages in here sometimes sometimes good, sometimes not when I transfer, then I make sure I transferred to my computer cause if I don't get it in that document we talked about, then sometimes I just will never get to it. So once a week, I try and do it Friday mornings, I write that right it in. And then I scratched out a little bit, so I know it's been written in, so sometimes I'll miss a leak, so I'll just write two weeks in, and that way I'm getting on my computer and I conserve every things around. So even if you have an idea, you have to keep going back to that idea, adding to it. So first I have an idea to write it down. Then I have to transfer to my computer. Sometimes I'll just read it right into the computer. So I worry about that. Then I keep going. Then I put it on Facebook. Then I have to make you know an image of it or make it into a document. Actually get it on Amazon, so you just have to keep moving with that idea instead of just having it in your head. So keep watering it, Um, also you can see here, I, my friends, have started to realize I like the right. So they have certainly buying me kissed me, son, writing I got this book for my birthday from a good friend. She writes She wrote me a really good thing in the beginning. Um, so yes, So it's very I sent my friends started to see my writing and my parents want me this beautiful 10. I like assignment books of this tend to and I really enjoy it s o just have paper around or right on anything. Sometimes it right on receipt of find hype. Er's so that is a motivational tips have paper out open so you can just drop things out when you, um when you think of things, honestly, if I was just going to read a Children's book and I had to just sit there and right, I don't I think I could do it. But since I have all these notes put together, they just start to form. So that is how I am motivated right 9. Secret #7: The last thing I'm gonna tell you is you can schedule writing time. So like I said, I like to write sporadically. But if you want Teoh, for example, I say I put my note to my computer every morning on Friday, you can schedule something Google calendars, Air free. My husband and I use it for both our work schedule. So we can see, um, when we want to do things. And if you put something in here and you have a smartphone or you're at your computer, it will be even tell you. Hey, this is coming up. So that is one way, Teoh. Get yourself to be motivated to write. 10. Congrats! Thank You for Taking This Class: all right. You made it to the end of the class. We did it. So hopefully you can just take the ideas that are around you. So, for example, this compass is a Florida couple Got it at the Goodwill store. And sometimes I find images on here that I like her. It just makes me think of the beach. Um and, um, so you can really find ideas everywhere. Hopefully, you enjoyed this class. And please, um please comment below and tell me what you like and didn't like, So I can improve for my next classes, and hopefully you can start writing more. I would love to see your books. Please add for your class project what your favorite motivational tip is or how we're using it. I love to see images or even the text that you're starting to write. You can share the things you're doing on social media and then posted in the class product . So could really put whatever you want in there. And I'd love to share and bounce back and forth with your ideas. All right. There's lots of books that you can write, and I have lots of classes. So if you want, Um, for example, are motivated to write, and you never created a book before a paperback book. You can see all my books here in different formats so you can actually create them for free on creates peace. And, um, it's it's free. So just keep getting your work out there. Just I would have my first work will just say this was my first book, 50 Things Known for having a baby. It isn't my favorite, but it is a stepping stone to get to some of these other books that I I personally think, or better books. And I think other people from the comments that they give me a better book. So just you need to just get started. So get out there, start writing and keep moving your running along. So from paper Teoh the computer to an e book to a print book, Teoh, keep going. Keep going. So hopefully this class has motivated you to write, whether it's books or blog's air on my classes or anything else. So I'm excited that I hopefully I taught you something and so keep writing. All right, have an awesome day and remember that you are loved. All right, bye.