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7 Premium Blog Post Ideas Part 2

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      7 Premium Blog Post Ideas Part 2


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About This Class

Have you ever been stuck when it comes to creating killer blog post content? Well look no further, because in this course I'm going to walk you through 7 premium blog post ideas that will allow you to further deliver your message and engage your audience.

After you've completed this course, you'll have clarity on your next post and be able to finish it faster utilizing one of my favorite techniques (shown in the course). So if you're a blogger or you are just looking for more great content ideas, go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, my name is James Cans and Alan, welcome to my core seven. Premium block post part two. Okay, Aside from the fact that this is part to what this is going to be, obviously by the title, they're going to be a lot of helpful posts, not only when it comes to blind. So this isn't just for bloggers. This is for anyone who wants to put more content in the world regarding their niche or expertise, whether it be blogging. Of course, it could be Facebook. It could be Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Keep in mind. These can also be basically packaged into information for videos. So once we have it on a video, or even if it's just in text, you can post these on many, many platforms, not just for blogging. So keep that in mind. With that being said, this is basically going to run through seven great ideas. Just in case you're running out of ideas of content, you want ones that are really going to engage work involved, value ever. It's going to be this is really gonna help you do that. So with that being said, that sounds interesting to you. Go ahead and roll right now. Now look forward to seeing you on the next video 2. 7 Premium Blog Post Ideas Part 2: Why Hello there. My name is James Ganzon. Hello and welcome to my course. Seven premium blogged post ideas, Part two. Now, in case you can't tell by the title, it's going to be pretty easy to guess what I'm going to be talking about here. So I'm not big on introductions, so let's dive right on into it, shall we? Starting with numeral uno, which is the ultimate X y z. And if you have no idea what I mean by that well, that's why I created this course. I'm going to tell you. Let's continue. So the ultimate X y z post, let me tell you about this. I put this first because this is one of the most powerful types of Post and the value can be extremely and I really mean extremely high. So think of a high quality product without the price tag on it. So this type of post is going to take a little bit more effort, a little bit more elbow grease and, of course, a little bit more time. But the payoff in terms of goodwill and thank you's and future purchases and building your tribe is going to really, really increase because of this. So aside from that, I want to give you a node that you do not have to use the word ultimate. Okay, X, y z can literally be anything. I'm gonna talk about that in the examples, but I remember there was a really great post which is in the examples here on the bottom. It's going to be called how to prevent your Facebook ads from getting banned. It was something along the lines of that. It was like the Facebook apocalypse preventing your account from getting shut down. But it was literally a steady walk through all the steps and the precautions you need to takes. You don't get your Facebook ads account slapped. It was perfect. It ran out an ad. It got so many comments, loves, likes and shares because it was exactly what the audience was looking for. So it doesn't have to be the biggest topic in the world. For example, that was about Facebook ads, but it was one specific branch of it, but it was very important. Okay, a lot of people were worried about that, and that's usually a good sign that it's going to make ultimate post. Okay, so here's a few more examples. The ultimate guy to posting. Excuse me, the ultimate guy to profiting from Facebook ads. OK, that is a very, very wide variety of people that hits because it's very broad because it could be someone who's in weight loss, someone who's in real estate, someone who's in business. A lot of them are looking for Facebook ATS. Okay, so any type of entrepreneur or online marketer digital marketer that could be basically from a dizzy all right, all the way, starting from the beginning in terms of picking out your audience, setting up the targeting, setting up the picture, the ad copy, the landing page, something like that. Like I said, think about there's a lot of courses like that, but it's gonna be without the price tag. I have seen many of these before, and they always get a lot of great comments, depending on how big or small the tribe is. But with that being said, the next example is the ultimate business set up for digital marketers. All right, this is just another way of saying like how to set up and run your business. Maybe on a shoestring budget. It could be maybe the types of auto responders you should use. Maybe the type of funnels WordPress hosting and so on and so forth once again, very helpful to someone who's going to be kind of in that start up area. Okay, next, the 10 week blueprint to more muscle in half time. This just happened that come up off the top of my head. I was looking for a training routine I came up with. Something like this would be a great example for building muscle fitness niche. And as I talked about before, how to prevent your Facebook gets from getting banned Now Now, aside from the fact that is very high quality, it doesn't have the price tag. You want to make sure you really zero in on something that your audience really wants. Okay, that's why the how to prevent your face. But Gadge from getting banned. Their shutdown was so popular, it's just going to take a little bit of research. But either way, this was the 1st 1 Very important, very powerful. The effort, Earl, what I like to say the juice is definitely worth the squeeze with this one, but Either way, that's number one. Let's move on to number two. Okay, F a Q. Very simple here. Okay, so the F A Q Post. Obviously this is frequently asked questions, but it's very easy to do. You just need to know your audience, right? If you have some type of audience than that, shouldn't be too much of a problem, right? So what keeps them up at night staring at the ceiling? This is a very important question I once heard. This is basically trying to figure out what do they keep struggling with the most? What is their biggest problem? What can they not get over? Okay, these are the types of questions you're going to want to answer in this post because it's gonna have the most relevancy to your targeted audience. Okay, Yes. Someone who's looking to start a business online wants the know how to set up their lead pages and hook it up to a webinar. Okay, but that isn't as big of a deal in terms of getting those clients in, so they can at least build their business and have positive cash flow coming in. Otherwise they can't. All right, they're going to be running out of advertising. They're gonna lose money. That's a much bigger problems to keep that in mind, right? Also, this is a simple is putting down a question than answering it, then repeating the process. That's all this is. It doesn't have to be really long and drawn out. It would be Q. Okay for question, Type in the question and an A type in the answer. All right. You might have a little introduction. Were saying, Hey, I'm just gonna be answering the most frequently asked questions and then get into it. It doesn't have to be that detailed. People know what n f a qs Okay. Also make the questions more specific to allow a more precise answer. I don't know about you, but depending on what you're passionate about, what you are an expert in whatever it may be, probably one of the worst questions I always here is like, what is the best whatever. What is the best way to make money? What is the best way to build muscle? What is the best way to lose body fat? And it's such a broad question that it's literally impossible Answer. Let me give you a perfect example. Someone comes online, says Hey, what's the best landing page building ago? You know what? That's awesome. It's click funnels, Go get click funnels and they go to the satin like Oh my God, I'm not spending $297 a month. Okay, so you really can't answer anyone specifically when you create the question of being what's the best landing page ball about. So to make them mawr specific and precise created question where says, like, Hey, what's the best landing page if I have about, I don't know, $100 to invest okay, so literally right away that's gonna knock out click funnels because they don't have $300 a month. So with that being said, you can give a more precise answer. You see where I'm getting at this could be true for anything. But the more specific you are, the more easier it is going to be to deliver the question and someone who's reading that can obviously based upon where they are. Okay, so that's the F A. Q. Let's move on. Next, we have stir the pot. All right, we're gonna be changing it up a little and you're going to see why. So store the pop hosts for drama in Laguna Beach. Just that water. This was a little tag line from the show Laguna Beach. Remember my girlfriend, like watching gonna happen to remember that. But the reason I tell you that is this is all about I guess you could say drama. So if you're not big on drama, if you're like me, you probably won't use this one much. For example, I particularly don't like this at all, but it doesn't mean everyone else thinks that way. So I had to put it in here because it can be a very powerful type of post. So with that being said, it's going to be either controversial against the grain or even calling something out like something you see in your marketplace, or maybe in your area of expertise or what some guru is doing and you just don't like it, and you're going to speak your mind about it, All right? The great thing about this is that it creates an US versus them mentality. This is really going to strengthen the bond of you and your tribe and those who don't really carry, you know, maybe it'll strengthen the more Maybe it'll completely dissuade them. All right, So either way, it is definitely going to be polarizing. I recommend that you do not use this unless you have a very strong belief in what you're posting. Otherwise, it's just gonna come off is you know, you trying t o you know, be ah, Shock Jock, you know, is they say for no particular reason. So aside from that, let me give you some examples and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. So what? I remember seeing a squeeze pages or dead? Okay? Someone had some type of block post like that. Usually it's similar where they will talk about that. And then we'll go on and say, Hey, I got better results without using a squeeze page. Does that mean it is dead? No, that means the person says they don't recommend using it. Either way, there's going to be people love that, and there's going to be people who basically say this is the worst blood post I have ever seen. Either way, that's that person's belief. And as long as they're strong with that, they're either going to grow their audience and build up the people who already like them or maybe changed their mind, or they're going to get the people who infuriate and don't like it. That's what this is all about. Okay, so next cardio isas, baddest cheeseburgers. I made this one up because it actually came from a sales letter where once again, this could literally be a block post. But the reason it was in the headline is because it is pretty controversial. So when someone sees that there's a good chance they're going to want to keep reading, okay, this next one. So this person thinks my business isn't legit. I actually remember hearing this from a story who was a personal trainer. He was doing a video, and he basically said that this person was trying to bad mouth them, saying, Ah, he doesn't get any results. He doesn't make any money. And actually what happened is he put all that stuff all that bad mouthing that the person said about him on his own, blogged, and he basically asked his audience, What do you guys think about this? He says, I don't get results. He says, I don't you know, talk the talk or walk the walk and he got a ton of comments and what actually happened was that all those people lashed back at that competitors er and they had to do like damage control, so it backfired on them. So, as you can see, it was very beneficial to the person who was, you know, saying, you know, your business sections, like, really, let's ask my audience about that. So that's one way of using it, OK? And of course, the last one, if I ever had to do when it would be, why being humble will kill your chances for massive success. Once again, this is very much against the grain. Everyone loves being humble and playing themselves down. However, I feel that is massive crap. If you really want to become truly successful, Ah, that's literally going to kill your chances. So that's something. For example, I believe very strongly in, and like I said, you can't create something. Just take someone's idea and say, Oh, I'm gonna post about this cause when you are not really 100% strong and it's going to come off of your voice or maybe your voice and your typing on the block. If you do an audio video, whatever is so either way, that's the stir. The pot I recommend use very sparingly. Okay? It's not one of those things you want to do all the time. At least I don't recommend that. But either way, it can be very powerful if used correctly. So with that being said, let's continue, motivate and inspire. Okay, this is very simple, but obviously, it's very powerful. But, James, I don't have a motivating story. Well, awesome. You actually use someone else's story. Okay, This could also be from something you read or saw somewhere. Hey, I was at the mall the other day and I noticed this guy. He gave $100 bill Little homeless person. That really inspired me to go out to a soup kitchen and help out whatever it is it could Literally anything you can you can tie in anything to any stories. Gotta be a little creative. Okay, that was a random example. But you can also use quotes the beef up your post. Okay. I have failed over and over and over and over again. And that is why I am successful in my Michael Jordan voice. If you've ever seen that, how he is been trusted to take the winning shot and missed all these times. Either way, you could literally talk about Michael Jordan. You could literally talk about one of those Mihm's or picture quotes and how it inspires you, motivates you. Maybe if you're in, like weight loss, you can talk about how your best friend lost all this weight in it. Kick started you to get going. Whatever it is, just you got to be created with this. I don't know what's in your mind. I don't know what stories you have, but pull them out of you. Put them down on your post, see where it takes you. Okay, so here's some examples. I've used these previously, but when I was young, I was picked on as a kid. I was skinny than I was really fat. I turned red when trying to talk to women, so this could be very inspiring if I was. If I was still in the fitness niche, whether was building muscle losing fat or even if it was like the seduction niche, I was the dude who could not talkto women at all. Okay, that could be very inspiring to realize that. Hey, this person wasn't always great with what they do because a lot of people don't realize that people who are now masters at what they do. I used to want to be disasters at it. Okay, so that could be very inspiring. Okay, aside from that, it was on unemployment. Living with my parents. Aiken, you definitely pull out a motivational story. These are actually true here. And my first personal training business, just quote unquote felt Okay, So either way, dig deep with inside you. If you don't have anything, look for someone else's story to basically tell from your point of view and how that can motivate and inspire here. Tribe. Okay, next is the interview. OK? The interview post. Sorry. It's an amazing way to bring in the quote unquote heavy artillery. Or if you have many experts in your field, a lot of them love talking about themselves, so there's a good chance they might have no problem coming to your blogging and, you know, doing an audio video if you do it the right way. But either way, that's another course for another time. What you want to do is set up questions in a step by step progression. All right, so let's see, we got the best Facebook ad person on there, and you're saying all right, so whatever your name is. All right. So, Susan, you were the go to gal when it comes to Facebook ads. So when you walk me through setting up a Facebook ad from scratch, OK, so when you obviously you're going to do an interview, gonna talk about them, why they have their expertise. But when you get into the questions about what they do, you want to set it up like that because it literally becomes a product that's kind of built into a step by step formation for your audience. So they're really going to get a lot of value out of it, because if they're taking notes, that can say, Oh, this is where I start. Okay? I research my audience. I get my picture, I do my copy. Then I create my ad. I do my targeting. I do my age and I set up how I'm going to run the ad I hit. Go. Thank you very much. That was awesome. Okay, so basically, that's how you kind of want to do it. I've done a lot of interviews myself, and those have always worked very well for me. Okay, Like I said previously, this can also be done through audio or video and posted on your block. All right, basically, if you're doing an audio that's gonna be a podcast or if you're doing a video that's cool, too. You could use the Google hangouts or Skype has that. I think it's called Tintin. Either way, they have that ability to split screens where both people can talk and be seen at the same time. And also remember, give the expert plenty of benefits for them to participate in this. Okay, they're taking the time out of their day to help you in your audience. So you better make sure you give them lots of benefits, whether it be traffic to whatever they have to their website, whether be sharing on all your social accounts, would there be running traffic to that? Just so they get their name out there more. Whatever it is, you got to make sure that they are happy and they get the biggest benefit of all from being able to participate with you. All right. Unless you're one of those podcasters or interviewers kind of like entrepreneur and fire where people are just begging to get on their show, then it's going to be a little bit different. But for the most part, I imagine you're not in that specific situation. So make sure you give the person is going to be doing the interview a lot of great benefits . And in terms of examples, I know you got this right. Because you're the expert in your industry who can get other experts. So you're going to know exactly what to talk about. Giving titles could literally be anything for this. Okay, so with that being said, let's move on. Next. We got the comment, maximize. Er okay, now, this is usually a shorter post. Okay, but your main goal is to get many comments from your tribe. All right, It's very important that whenever you're doing a block post, you know what your main goal is? Okay? For example, with like the ultimate guide, you want to just drop a huge value bomb. OK? Is going to be this awesome product like block post. No price to pay. Just great value in good. Well, with this, your man goes to get as many comments as possible. Okay, I remember hearing some type of reference. Where Mawr Someone kind of comments on your block post. Or maybe your social media post. The more likely are there They are to purchase from you, which isn't too bad right now. I don't know how true that is, but, you know, in theory, it sounds great. So why not go with it anyway? Right. So either way, this is more important for giving you examples, because this is going to be a shorter post. Words like, Hey, I'm doing a contest, and I want to give away. I don't know, 50 of my new products. That's really gonna cost $97. Okay, which is also a freebie. How many of you would like that? Go ahead and common down below. Give me a yes and give me a reason why will be handing them out to the best reasons for 10 people. 20 whatever it is. All right, so I've done this before. This is great for product launches. Where I say hey, if you wanna win a free copy of this? I'm giving out five or 10 free copies, simply just coming down below and tell me why you should get it right. And I'll go through it and say, this is a really good response, okay? If someone like Hey, I want this because I want to make money. In my opinion, that's not a great when I look for ones that are really deep in detail. OK, but that's just my opinion. Next, what would you do? Alright, Maybe explain a situation. You're between a rock and a hard place and maybe already have your own opinion on what you're going to do. But you'd like to hear you know, another suggestion people love giving their opinions. This is another great one. Okay, so you could do that, type out a few sentences and say like, Hey, I'm just curious to think What would you do next would be I need your help. This could be for anything. I need your help because I'm looking for the best content to create. I want to know what you enjoy the most. I want to create a new awesome freebie where it's gonna solve your biggest problem. Let me know. How can I help you out? Okay, not as specific, but you're still going to get comments from that, depending on how loyal your tribe is. Last but not least is they serve a bribe. Now, surveys can be really annoying. This sometimes gonna be, like pulling teeth. This might be like, Hey, what are you looking forward to the most in this marketplace? What do you need help with the most? What type of product would be the best fit for you? All right. Stuff like this can really affect how you do business with people or how you blogged with people. Maybe depending on what your goal is. Obviously. So what you do with this to say, like, Hey, if you help me out with this, I'll give you something awesome. All right, that's this kind of the bribe. Either way, this is the comment Maximize, or you just want them to get as many comments that air is targeted to what you're asking down below. Okay, last but not least, we have the ungh ated freebie. Okay, so think of a powerful lead magnet and paste that into your block. post. Okay, Lead magnets are very simple, Judy. Like some type of template, some type of cheat sheet, some white paper. Whatever it is, this is basically you're taking out the opt in page and you're putting like the thank you page. Or if the PdF you can type it up onto your block post. This simple is that now this is perfect for running Facebook ads to in putting a retargeting pixel on. Because if you think about it when you create a freebie, the best freebies air going to be the ones that get the most amount of opt ins. So if it's going to get that much attention with an opt in, it's going to get a lot more without an opt in. Okay, so here's a few examples for you how to get clients for your online service. I saw this recently where a person would put this as an article, do a promoted ads on Facebook to it, and then they would we target it where basically like, Hey, if you enjoy that, hop on a call and I'll see for a good fit for coaching, okay, perfect example that next could be the five step, Cici to the perfect affiliate. Pro Mohs. Same thing there. Once again, you're basically just gonna post it on their depending on what your expertise is. Obviously, you're going to be the best. Do that. Last but not least, seven premium block post ideas. Oh, my goodness. I never would have thought of something so awesome like that. Kind of just joking. But either way, wrapping that up, that is the last of it. All right, so you know, it needs to be done. Go ahead and find the one that is basically perfectly suited for you and give it a shot. Aside from that, that's basically the end of laissez. Thank you for taking this course with that being said, that is the end of the course. If you love this course, if you liked a little bit of it, if you got one helpful tip, one gold nugget just the tiniest help of all, go ahead and give it a thumb's up. Just to let everyone else know that you learned at least something from it, I would greatly appreciate it. So with that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, Thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you soon.