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7 Google Calendar Gems To Help You Be More Effective

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Google Calendar Intro


    • 2.

      Beyond The Standard Views


    • 3.

      Add Events Quickly


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Multiple Time Zones At A Glance


    • 6.

      Creating Public Calendars


    • 7.

      Other Useful Calendars


    • 8.

      Google Calendar To-Do List


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About This Class

Many people use Google Calendar. Although you may have used Google Calendar for some time, there are some hidden gems you may not be aware off, that can help you be more effective

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James Woo

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I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website JamesWoo.net and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

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1. Google Calendar Intro: now Google Canada is a pretty powerful to, if you know, some off the hearing things that you can do with it Well, because off the nature go calendars that you sing across a lot of devices, and I think a lot of people use it just for that future. There's actually a lot more. You can do it Google calendar and we shall see that India next segment on this video. So let's head on and check out this seven hidden gems that you may have missed with Google Kalinda. 2. Beyond The Standard Views: I'm gonna share your seven tips. They have you make your Google calendar more effective and have you to be just a little bit more productive. So this is the first tip in Google. Kalinda, you will notice at the top. Here they are. A few taps here. You can choose debut. You can just a week, you demand. And of course, the agenda. Okay. However, what if you want to select a two weeks view, there is no taps or you talks select two weeks. So the only way you can do it exactly to hit on the world to the calendar here under left and click on this pattern and drag it to the end of the following week. So here it gives you two weeks view, and this would be very half four, especially towards the month end, if you're doing any program or you want to do any planning at the end of the month and also for the following week in the following month, using this method allows you to see Google calendar in a two week view and allow you to make plans that way. 3. Add Events Quickly: tip number two Now, Usually, when you create an event in grow Collender, there are two ways that you can do it. You can off course, I select the date here and then click event, for example. You may want to say breakfast, okay? And you can select your Collender and then added the event by maybe making some adjustment , right, Changing the time, changing the location as a try. So this would be one way to set the events on your calendar. Another way, Is that you to click on this, Create Kalinda. Okay, so this would also be a similar way to create an event in your calendar. However, even notice there is the bottom pointing aero here, which is quick at, So this is actually quite a nifty tool. If you have not known about this, it is a hidden gem. Click on quick at that Said you went to arrange breakfast, and I'm going to say with uh, Jason 7 30 I am now. This is where it gets interesting. If I just clicked Morrogh, Google Collender will automatically know it's gonna be for Saturday. Okay, so let's undo that and try something a little bit different C game breakfast again, Jason. And this time I'm going to put say, 7 30 I am again, and I'm gonna put their 5th October. So Google Calendar automatically puts that event into 5th October, and you don't have to fiddle around and make changes to the event by editing it. Clicking or here in quick at Google has something like syntax recognitions as your type, I go go know roughly where to put it. All right, so this will actually be much quicker way to at an event to York, Kalinda. 4. Notifications: Okay, The next step is actually about notifications. Okay, let me just switch back to them. One of you? No. Notification is something. There is very interesting that the usually notification. Let's click on this event. You did it. Okay. The Yuzhin that notification would be a your notification. Okay, you can set in at the event where there's going to be 30 minutes or hours or days. Right? So notification you got two options. One is whether you want to add an email or standard notification. Now you can set the notification for individual events, or you can actually set a notification for the entire calendar. And to do that, what you need to do is head on over to your Kalinda to your last year, click on the downward arrow and click on Collender said things click on any notifications so you can change the default notification by changing it to email here every time there's an event coming up. So whether you said it for an hour or a day or weeks, Google will send you an email to notify you off the event, and that is a good reminder 5. Multiple Time Zones At A Glance: for those of you who have customers always sees or you have colleagues overseas or you may have relatives you want toe arrange a Skype call or a webinar or some event that you want to know the time on the other side. I found it a lot of times I must. I'm trying to figure out what time is it do? Do they like saving times? And I said, Try you click on the gear here and hit on the wood to settings and click on labs right and you scroll down. That's an option to add a world clock, and you need to enable it. And, of course, click on safe. Okay, so now on your calendar, on the right hand side, you'll see that there is a war clock and there are times there, for example, Pacific Time, Eastern time, London, India, and you can actually change this settings as well. Okay, let's click on the setting, and these settings goes from minus 11 gente, which is green, which, meantime, and goes down. Okay, Google could have added such function, but there's no such function you need to do is to scroll down and you can see here. London is GMT plus zero. All right, so let's say you have some people in Australia. AGL it is here. Gente plus 9.5. Okay, lets just truths at let this matter and you need to scroll up to save it. So now you can see the other relate time is there what says your local time? This would easily have you to arrange and schedule things when you have people in different time zones by just taking a glance at this world clock that you don't want to have the work out there any more. What you need to do is to click on this and it will go away. 6. Creating Public Calendars: the next team sexually about creating and sharing Callin this. Let's go and create a contender here by clicking Create new Kalinda. And we're just going to name this Kalinda ESA. So maybe you play for so in it with a team of people, maybe a team off 56 people or more. And we're gonna make this calendar public by clicking on dear off course, the accident permissions that you can set they can only see about a comic changes, okay. And begun to create Kalinda. Okay, So Google will have warning here that making your can in the public with me all the events visible to the world, including Google Search. Are you sure? Off course. Yes, we're going to do that. So now it was noticed that the foot so calendar is here. And let's change the color to purple. But blue collar. All right. Okay. Lets see your team or people place foot. So on Saturday and going to do it beginning of first off October will change it to the foot . So it's a foot. So practice and let's click on a B. Let's make this and repeat event our weekly Saturday. I'm gonna finish it off at see December that the defense so is going to be for two months the lying am to 11. AM I said a time zone as well. I'm just going to enter my local time zone here. So let's save this event, and you will notice that who has populated all Saturdays from nine. To 11 with the foot. So practice. Okay, so now just to make it a little bit more interesting, I am going to say that on on the 24th off. December Christmas. If there is no for so practice, I'm gonna delete this event. This one single and say only this instance. So now on 24th off, December Christmas if there's no for self practice. Okay, So the next thing that you need to do in order to share these contenders with your friends or your teammates, click on this again, click on Kalinda settings. All right, scroll down to Collender address over here and click on. I care. Okay, you will see this link over here. And if you share this linguine people with your friends, they will be able to add your calendar into the out one calendar. Okay? I'm gonna show you how to do this. I'm just gonna click on, OK, I'm gonna heat untoward toe my other collender. All right, This is my other Google account. I'm going to click on other calendar, the bottom and it by U R l. Okay, just paste this. You are out there. You have copied early on, and that is to the calendar. As you can see, my foot. So practices here on the 9 a.m. Every Saturday. And if I scroll down, there will be a gap here as well know for so practice on the Christmas. If so, That way. Anybody with the link. If you just emailed the link to your friends, they can at this calendar onto their own calendar. Or if let's say you publish, it may be on your Facebook page or anything else. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to at this Kalinda. And they know exactly which day you have foot. So practice. So this would be also useful if you have meetings with party more people and you know where the meeting is on or off. You can schedule that in with the location as well. So this way by creating and sharing calendars. You know each other's schedule, all right. And if let's say there is any event has been cancelled, for example, I want to cancel this event on a certain day, then you also cancer in the other person's calendar as well. 7. Other Useful Calendars: Let's get other calendars if you click on the article enders on browse interesting calendars. You notice there are three taps over here. You can have holidays sports, right. In case you're interested in football, you can add a football calendar. But let's look at the holidays. So here you have a list of holidays around the world in different, different countries, and this would be actually be useful. If you are. You travel a lot or you have people work will see is that you want to meet schedule any events, schedule and anything you know which RDR holidays that 1/2. I have friends in the United States less subscribe to the holidays in United States and back to Collender. So this I just whole days in the United States. Obviously, Christmassy. If that would be a holiday, Election Day is on. Yeah, I can see that on Election day. I can see they like savings time. Okay, so I know times will be changing when Thanksgiving. I'm not an American. I don't really know which days. Thanksgiving. We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving where I live here. So now with this Collender here, I know that I shouldn't schedule anything on this few days, right? That's the Thanksgiving week. Or maybe Election Day. Or if I'm really interested in the election, I should make time for it. Okay, so that would be browsing and adding other interesting calendar. 8. Google Calendar To-Do List: one last tip how to use Google Calendar as a simple to do list all you had to do it. If you hit on the word check See on their site here, you see that there is a pass. Okay, let's click on this tusk and you'll notice that to do this comes up on to the right hand side of your calendar so you can actually add things that you need to do for example, by milk and see pay bills. Of course, you can actually set other things here by clicking on the Eddie details. So maybe you want to put a good it right? It's No. Do they just leave it as it this So back to list pay bills. That's pay bills. That's pay bills by the second off October. Okay, so, back to this and you'll see that there is. Do that over here. Okay, Now, if you have done your to do list, just click on this button here and check it off. Right? And this thing is checked off. Can you can also delete it by clicking on the venue and delete task. Okay, so I don't delete it. You cannot solve you recently deleted items like a bat out actions. I can move the things up, for example, Se. So here's the car. Okay, I can move this item. Okay, so they are the actions as well. Then we are moving down, for example, indented. They say something to do That depends on something else you can actually in, then That item. I hope that with this tip has actually have you to be a little bit more productive using Google. Kalinda, Thanks for watching this video. Remember to something small to build a better business.