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5 Strategies to Find New Clients and Turn Them into Loyal Customers

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Stop doing this!


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      The mechanics of finding new clients


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      Tactic 1


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      Tactic 2


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      Tactic 3


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      Tactic 4


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      Tactic 5


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      Don't be afraid of selling


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About This Class

This class will help you attract new clients and turn them into loyal customers by applying simple strategies.  You will be able to pick and choose a strategy that fits best your comfort & experience level. These strategies will help you get better results without the need of chasing clients day in and out. 

In this class you will learn:

  • What activities are stopping you from getting clients
  • How to automate lead generation
  • How to establish yourself as an expert even if you are just starting out
  • Get clients without having a website
  • How to leverage clients psychology to get better results

If you have been struggling in the past to get clients, this class is for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Michael for this class is to provide with five strategies that you can easily put in place in order to attract new clients and turn them into raving customers. So I'm going to provide you with different strategies that can work for different types of business. Whether you're a freelancer consultant, I'm sure you find yourself in situations where you constantly chasing after your clients whether you're spending a lot of time on lengthen and sending different emails out. And you're not getting the types of result that you want your spending too much time chasing clients. Well, I'm gonna provide you with automation and easy systems that you can put in place like a cells funnel, for instance, setting up welcome emails, setting up shot box, and you're gonna be able to pick and choose different methods that are not so sells E and well, most importantly, set you apart from your competition by saying you as an expert from the get go. So when you're speaking to these clients, don't feel comfortable purchasing from you from day Juan. So who exactly? Well, my name is Anna Vega. I'm an e commerce consultant. I've been a consultant for 10 plus years, and I've gone through a lot of different trial and error. So Michael's to share what I've learned throughout the years and what works best for me. I'm also author YouTuber, podcaster and teacher on skill share. So I'm looking forward to have you inside this class and Cheryl the different secrets that I've learned along the way. 2. Stop doing this!: Hey, guys. So excited toe have you in this class of before we jump into all the different tactics. You probably are taking this clause because you find yourself in a situation where you're constantly trying to find your clients, and it's probably spending a lot of time doing the following, or you are spending a lot of time in different areas of your business. And, um, you just find it difficult to get clients day in and out, so I'm going to reveal some strategies. But before we do so, there are a couple things that you absolutely need to stop doing. And unlike what sort of being told on social media by a lot of different experts out there , these are some of the things you absolutely need to stop doing. You need to stop working on making your website perfect. There's plenty of consultant that of spoken to in the past, who, um, are nit picking when it comes to their website. And let me tell you, I've seen some landing pages out there that are not as pretty as we would like, and for whatever reason, they actually perform better most of the time. So it's important for you to, um have just a place where you can essentially share what you're working on and go from there. Um, you also want to make sure that you're not working on a block post aimlessly, essentially putting a lot of content out there that no one is reading. So you need to have a strategy in place. The same goes for your instagram feed. A lot of people, especially now. There's just all these emphasis about instagram marketing. Yes, Instagram marketing. But if you don't have a strategy behind it, you're not gonna get the results that you want. So you might be posting a lot of picture putting a lot of thought into the different pictures that you want to both and what you want to share. People are not commenting and what not. And it's not nestle gonna generate leads, especially if you don't have a strategy in place and finally going to networking events, hoping someone will hire you. So why, why you should stop doing all the following, Uh, especially because you've probably have heard it over and over again by different experts. Assess faras like this is how to get clients Well, Let's be honest because you're focused needs to be on establishing automation within your business, so it's easier for you to get clients day in and out. So essentially, when you're working on client work than the leads are still coming in. While you're focusing on helping your clients and you're not spending as much time on the phone and and trying to get cells, you also need to bring qualified traffic and you need to have a strategy in place. So you're always capturing emails. When people come on your website on, do you need to know where your traffic is? And there's just a whole whole stream of strategies that come in place, so you need. You need to have a better plan before you start putting content out there, and was importantly, you need to set yourself as an expert, and there's other ways of doing so that doesn't require you pushing out a lot of content. And also, let's be honest Personally, I think a lot of people hide behind social media because they're scared of cells. They're scared of really putting themselves out there. And ah, the unfortunate truth is that you do have to be more proactive in order to get clients. All right, so let's jump into the next chapter and talk about the cells process. 3. The mechanics of finding new clients: All right, so in this chapter, I want to talk about mechanics of finding new clients and couple things that you need to keep in mind when you're putting together your strategy. So the first thing is, Are you an expert or year? Are you setting yourself up as an expert? Are your vocal own social media? I'm going to talk about different tactics. Ah, that will help you get that expertise faster. But it's really important to stay in people's minds. So making sure that you're involved in the right Ah, Facebook group communities or, um, perhaps Lincoln groups, making sure that you're an active voice. The other thing is, are you generator generating leads and collecting emails on your website? Where do you currently have a landing page where you're doing? So so remember Moha? We talked about the fact that writing block post can be a big waste of time. Yeah, well, especially if you're not collecting emails because I have any opportunity that you may have of attracting someone to your content is a good opportunity to have them part of your email list so they can learn more about your business and warm up to you. The other thing is, do you have a self process in place? So what happens when somebody is interested in working with you? Do you set up a phone call with them? Ah, do you send him a survey? We're going to go over all the following through the different tactics. But take in the fact that it's important for you to have ah process in place that work specifically based on the nature working on. So obviously, if you're a designer, you're going tohave a different cells process than if you are a digital marketer, for instance, or if you have any commerce door. So how can you win a new customer? Well, it's a little bit like dating, and this actually applies to all industry. I don't care if your consultant or U N. E commerce So the first thing is brand awareness. So someone discovers you, Ah, whether own Facebook instagram wherever it is. And, um, there you're gonna pick their interest for whatever reason. So again, the importance of having content that is, um that is relevant. So So, Bren, awareness is a is the first thing. Then they're going tube, potentially considering working with you so through having a discussion with you or through your email, etcetera. So, uh, important for you to understand that the first step is brenna whereas the 2nd 1 is bring consideration, then they're gonna perhaps purchase from you if they feel comfortable doing so and then from there, uh, potentially become a loyal customer. So this is very important, and it applies again. Like I said to every business, you wouldn't go up to someone at a bar and asked him to marry you right off the bat. So the scene goes when somebody's interested in working with you and I don't care what interesting you're in, it takes time for them to feel comfortable for them to trust you and be willing to work with you. So you need to establish a value ladder. And what the following is is, um, essentially step by steps for people to sort a warm up to you. So the first thing is showing your expertise. Um, we're going to talk about different ways for you to do that. So show your expertise. Show that you really know what you're talking about. Whether, um And if you're a designer, it's potentially like showing different piece of drip portfolio, different things you worked on talking about the design and how you were able to help a specific client. Ah, you need to propagate your message. So showing Europe expertise, um, by being active, then once, ah, and then I guarantee that if you do just these two steps, you're going to start having people reaching out to you and wanting to work with you. So those third thing is setting up cells call or setting up a process. Ah, funnel where people can essentially get to talk to you and and potentially work with you. And then you need to have a customer network. So these are people who already had worked with you. They're happy making sure that you're grabbing their email address that you sorry you're grabbing their testimonials and giving them an incentive to do so. Video testimonials are great. So if somebody has a had a positive experience working with you, make sure to, um, to do a video testimonial afterwards just so they can share. Um, you know, their overall experience working with you so very important for you to hop d steps in place . No. Let's talk about cells, funnels and what they are. And I've gone over this in several of my classes. But essentially, the goal here is to bring traffic. Um, so generate trust by so retargeting is, it is one thing. So again there's different. There's different, toxic. No, we're going to go over them, so your first goal is to generate traffic. So how can you do that either through social media, um, or through bringing people to your website whichever way it is. And then you definitely want to try to get the crop their email addresses. Right. So you are you are you are retargeting three Facebook ads or Google at networks. So essentially, you are warming them up. Then they subscribe to your mailing list. Ah, well, within your mailing list, this is where you show your expertise. You should send a Meller try to send a Meller every week makes a huge difference. The more people see you, um, your emails, even if they don't open, the more you're going to stay in their mind, especially if you provide them with great tips. So build a bond there, and eventually they'll purchase from you. Um, again, when you're doing Mellors. It's important to continue selling to them. You're different programs if you have a course or, um, if you have different offers and what not and just reminding them that of the opportunity to potentially work with you. All right, so let's go through all these different tactics. Not that you have an idea of dub backbone and how the cells process happens online. It's going to help you or we're gonna I'm gonna keep it as a reminder when I walk you through different protecting technique. Sorry, they can put in place to start getting clients. 4. Tactic 1: all right, so this first tactic, anyone can apply. It's great for someone who doesn't potentially have a website or has a website that needs to be reworked on this strategy works. Um, and it's a way for you, especially if you're not comfortable being sells. E. It's a way for you to selling without being too sells. E so essentially the first thing I do recommend. But this is not a must if you're starting out, but it's so good thing toe. Have a simple lining page so you can use click funnel. There's Entre Port. There's plenty of other places where you can do that. Um, and personally, I think you're better off doing a click funnel with, ah, way to capturing people's email addresses. Because this way, whenever you're being proactive out there, you can have people download something free. If you're a designer following my not work as well, or maybe you can have them download a poster. I mean tryto be creative here, But the reason I like letting pages because it's a way for people who are not necessarily interacting with you for you to still capture their email addresses. Um, so if you are going to create a lighting page, you need to make sure that you include on the problem that you're solving. You need to have a good description. And ah, social relevance also helps. If you have key studies or testimonials, recommend that you include that there and then some form of emergency messaging, whether it's the fact that you're providing them with a special offer and that within a week it wont be available, anything to encourage them to for them to grab your email address. So like we talked about in the lost chapter because it's so important for you to warm up your lead. This is why I, like, ah for you guys to think about having a lining page. Now, if you're desperate for clients and don't have time, fine, you can directly move into the step to, which is essentially becoming a Facebook group E. So Facebook groups and communities have been absolutely huge. Dis last, um, this last year I feel like they had a resurgence, and if you're not familiar with them, there is a Facebook group for practically every niche out there, whether it's Brendan Ing, um, or marketing what not so if you haven't already joined a Facebook group and make sure that you're providing value and you have posts that essentially show whatever it is that you are working on or potentially a marketing tip or you're sharing any form of knowledge and be as active as possible as you can be, I'm gonna show you an example of a post that you could potentially make on Ah, on a pretty consistent basis. So here's a quick example of a potential post that you could have. I just wanted to show you quickly that layout Ah, without revealing, um, the Post. But essentially, what's great about this post is that there's plenty of different icons. As you can see, it's jam packed with information. And, um, this following post was also followed by a great image. Ah, personal photo, for instance. So this is just an example of the type of post you should be, um, putting within a different Facebook groups. So people start knowing who you are and start looking as you as an expert because they can tell from the type of information that you're providing. And again, if you're a designer, then you can always have whatever. Petrolia, if you fit, just finished working on a website. Talk about, um, you know, the specific challenges that that you had and how you were able to solve your clients problem, etcetera. It's a really focusing on sharing your knowledge within these different communities. There's also on array of Lincoln groups as well. But personally, I've noticed that Facebook groups there are just a lot more active than the ones on like then. But again, it really depends on your image to make sure that you do that research. So then the other thing is a switching. I've personally maid is using my Facebook for business again. This might not apply for each and every one of you for digital if your digital marketer definitely make the switch, Um, So, for instance, your cover photo make sure that you have a banner that explains what your brain is about perhaps where you've been feature that includes the link to your website or the Lining Page like I talked about in the first slide, Which is why you might want to consider it, um and then make sure that you're consistent so essentially used a post that I just shared with you and the last slide and beyond Facebook groups as well share that type of knowledge within your Facebook personal profile. Why? Well, it's a little trick that, as marketers are currently using, because ah, and ammunition probably disclosed us. But I love you guys so providing you with plenty of secrets here, but ah, yes. So pages are not the organic reach of pages were really horrible right now. And in order to get better reach with pages, you need to essentially, um, you need to essentially pay for the following. So using for your Facebook for a business, I will make all the difference of something for you to consider. So this is the first tactic. Pretty easy to put in place again. It depends on who's on your network on Facebook so might not work for everyone. Don't worry. There's plenty of other toxics that have in the back for you, so Ah, yeah, Hopefully, this should help you get clients. Essentially, they'll start reaching out to you right after, and we'll talk about what to do. Once they do 5. Tactic 2: all right. A second tactic you can use is a Lincoln strategy, especially if Facebook is not a good platform for you to do business. So, um, somebody I highly recommend you follow if you don't know about him yet, is John Nemo. This guy is a Lincoln Group and following him for a while. So the reason I have him here is Wells because he does a great ah job with his lengthen page. So revamp your Lincoln Page and, ah, I like how he's using is cover photo. It's a great way for him to show credibility where he's been featured Aziz Long, as well as stating what he does and how he helps people. So use your space accordingly. Also, write an action driven description so people know what you do and how you can help them. You can also include a link to a freebie like we talked about earlier. Having a landing page does help, but if you're pressed for time, that's fine. You definitely want to. I encourage you to think about doing so, especially once you start having some clients coming in because find yourself like the metaphor of essentially going out fishing And if you don't have a proper fishing nets well done, you're going to spend a lot of time and energy going fishing without having as many opportunities to catch a fish. And essentially, what you want to do is have them part of your mailing list. Seacon City, that can get to know you and warm up to you. You also might want to include a video riel, especially if you have something available. It's not a Nestle must, but people love video. So it's a great way to kind of feature your work and your case. Study and lengthen allows the following and most importantly, make sure to follow Johnny Mo because he's got a lot of great advice. So the other thing is, start using lengthen as you would your Facebook profiles of. The great thing about Islington is that they just launched the video live, Ah, functionality, and it allows you to go live and share your knowledge, whether it's a webinar, whatever it is. And I've seen a lot of people who are doing Lincoln videos on a daily basis, which I think is really smart. Thing is, you have to be consistent, So if you don't feel comfortable with doing video. No worries at all. You can have long post and share knowledge bombs like I shared in the Los article with plenty of emojis. Plenty of actions or knowledge, essentially and Ah, and make sure that your being consistent so either you're doing it daily or at the very least twice a week so you can stay in peoples in mine. You can also share your accomplishments, but a photo of you and whatever your accomplished, whether there you are a speaker on an event or ah, you want an award, make sure to do the following whatever you do, whatever you pick, be consistent. So I assure you, if you start doing this at least within your direct network, they're going to start noticing and are going to start following you. So now if you're like well, you know, I don't really have a big network. My recommendation is to start building your network on lengthen by ah, being active in groups and commenting and just start making friends on Lynton and just adding people. You'd be surprised a lot of time. People will add you, especially if you have contacts in comments. It's a great way for you to essentially start building those leads. Also, Lewington has a great future where you can pay to have access to individuals, a lot of cells. People use the following to reach out, so something you might want to keep into consideration. And while it really depends on how big your network is now, I also recommend that you presently message your network, especially individuals. You've worked within the past simply Hello and checking in to see what you're working on. Don't make it about you. Don't try to sell them anything. Simply say hello like I said, and ah, get a sense of what they're working on so you can stay present in their mind and then you can build A. You can build a relationship again from there and tell them about your services, but just warm up to it and, ah, make sure that they can use your services. So I mean, staying president people's mind is the most important thing so they can know to go to you and then, most importantly, you'll be setting yourself up as an expert by having these different block posts are, I mean essentially post on lengthen Ah, because you'll be sharing your knowledge so individuals will be interested in working with you 6. Tactic 3: let's talk about direct outreach something that a lot of people feel all uncomfortable with . And, ah, this can be apply still with the two other tactics that I shared earlier and essentially. So this is where you actively search for leaves? Yeah, you can go through Lewington and ah, essentially, look for people that could potentially use for your help. And you can use the in message feature. Or you can simply look for their email addresses if they have a website so you don't have to pay the Lincoln feature and, um, on this email, So actively searching for it leads. And, um, you should be contacting at least 100 plus people on, ah, daily basis, if you can, or at least at the release 50. Just because your response rate is not going to be as high, especially because you're sending cold leads and then you want to send that email out so you want to email to focus on you, providing them with a complimentary consult session. So you need to make it personalizes possible, making sure that they know that you spent time going on there. Website you my identify ah, potential problem that you see and tell them that you have a solution from them and you'd love to jump on. Ah, call of them to this cost how you can help them. So, um, once they reply to you, you'll want them to send, um, a survey. You'll want to send them a link to serve a page. And on this survey paid, you are going to understand whether pains are there yearly income, their income goals and, um also whatever pertinent questions that fit specifically within your niche, you want to do the following using type form. Why is a survey so important? Because it already sets up the call. You need to have an understanding of what these people's yearly incomes are, especially before you jump on the call with them so you can have an idea of the type of budgets they would feel comfortable with. You also need to really make them feel the pain they're having. So the so when they call when they go on this call with you, they have during a different mindset and they feel their pain Ah, versus them going in and you starting a pitched him. No, you need to put them in a position where they understand that in order to grow, they absolutely need your services and part of it. The psychology of it is done through the survey, and you need to tell them the reason you want them to fill out the surveys so you can make the consult call as effective as possible. So you really need to position it as a way of you. Um, I mean, which you are You're helping them. So then, ah, once you have, um, once they feel that the survey this is where you set up a phone consult when you, when you let them really explain the core of the problem. Asked as many questions as possible. So you really understand the psychology of what they're going through, and you simply explain to them how you can help them. Ah, you can bring up different key studies you can share. Have you helped him from clients? And then at the end of the call, you just provide them with an irresistible offer, something that they feel comfortable were with. So if you're doing instagram marketing, for instance, you know, tell them that you want to test the waters out and, ah, potentially work with them. And this is what you can offer them and you can provide them with, um, you know, a monthly retainer. Ah, and the first month you're going to give him a discount, whatever it is. But just make sure that you pushed on Chu essentially say yes to you right then and there and pay you right then and there if you're dealing with bigger retainers, at least having a deposit, so you know that they're serious, very important when you're doing these cells calls that you have them send you a deposit whether through PayPal or whatever it ISS. So keep that in mind in order to be successful, that's gonna be very important. But this is a more aggressive approach, if you will. But it's something that you can use with your other methods, like we talked about and this is extremely high efficient. Ah, lot of the individuals you sell high ticket item go through this feature. This does process of essentially warming up their leads and then having a phone call with them, where they explained the benefits of working with them and making sure that they're signing them up right then and there. So I mean, I'm simplifying it quite a bit on, and I apologize for that. Um, this would take another, Probably our for me to explain the following Ah, and walk you through sort of all the rationale, but you get a sense of what the different steps you need to put in place in order for this to be effective. And again, this is something that you'll probably want to integrate within any of the other tactics that we discussed because obviously, once somebody reaches out to you on Facebook Arlington, you're gonna want to move it to a phone call so you can discuss all the different benefits of working with you. And, ah, I highly suggest that you put a survey in place in order to warm up that call and also for you to understand, um, set your personal expectation and understanding where you can help them 7. Tactic 4: all right, so this tactic is Julie's favorite. But if you're looking to ramp up your business highly recommended especially this is an automation that you will need to put in place because the other strategies I, uh, mentioned with you guys, As you can tell, they're really time consuming unless you have. Obviously, V is helping you, but this is how you're going toe automate the process, moving forward once you start having clients more consistently, so you want to essentially. Oh, and by the way, So this is a class that I did on skill share. If you haven't watched it where I go through more specifically this process ah, and you'll you'll be able to understand in greater detail the mechanics of it. So you want to create a V SL so video cells videos, especially It's a webinar, if you will that explain the specific problem your clients are facing. You need to focus on the problem they're facing and how you can help them with these problem and also why they're facing these problems Now. The key here is toe have a ah ha golden nugget, which will fix one of their specific problems so you position yourself as an expert something that no one else has ah shared in the past, and that they will feel confident contacting you also something that will attract them enough to want to take the call to action and set up a consultation with you something. You also want to include. His case studies on how you've helped other clients. Now you might be in a position where you don't have case studies yet that's fine. My recommendation is to really focus on those Golden neck. It's provide them with as much information as possible, so they feel comfortable contacting you. So this is a little bit more time consuming your video. You want to make sure that it's anywhere between at least 20 minutes. So, um, whomever is watching? It really feels, um, like they're getting something out of it. So when you're setting up of the SL, essentially, you're going toe set up a landing page where people are. When you're going to grab email addresses, you're gonna tell people how you can help them sell the specific problems. So, for instance, how to reach 10,000 plus customers only spending $5 on Instagram, which is the title of one of my courses, but potentially that could be. That could be a whole webinar video that you can set up so you can position yourself as an instagram marketer. Within the following, you're going to explain the problem they're facing, so essentially you'll grab her email address. You'll give him a link to the video. They'll watch the video, and at that point, you'll at the end of the video, you're gonna encourage them to set up a consultation call. So this is where you're gonna create a cells funnel like I've been speaking about for a really long time because it's the backbone of visual marketing because you want to warm up your lead so you have the click fall. No, like we talked about or any other item or ah, software that allows you to create a leading page. It can also don't be done in WordPress, but personally click funnel. Yes, it's more expensive, but it has a lot of features you need in order to process payment. It's really easy to set up, so opt in for access to your V s l. And then, if you if you don't hear from them. You make sure you have a series of five welcome emails where you warm them up to, um, to you. So essentially, the first email would be talking about, um Well, essentially giving them access to the V s. L The 2nd 1 talking about specific problems, how you were in their shoes in the past and how you were able to fix that problems for some of your clients and what not So, yes, five emails, it seems, seems aggressive. But, um, that's mean, considering that people don't often, um, they kind of drop off. It's important for you to continue providing them value throughout these five email. So you are establishing yourself as an expert. So once they've received their email addresses in them to have on your five emails and they haven't taken action, you're going to switch them to your mailing list until the decide to take action so personally so you can use melt him to do the following, and you can create lists within Meltem. I personally have switched to call obvio because it makes it a lot easier to, uh, essentially segment people. Ah, within my within the different. My different clients. Ah, mailing lists and what not. So you need to share as much knowledge as possible through this cells of funnel. So they feel comfortable and obviously share whatever course you per perhaps our, um, have set up or anything to that matter. Now, for the following to be automated, you need to create Facebook ads. Yes. Um, so you need to make sure that you create a website conversion. Add Ah, a B test was different ads and gather as many females as possible again. Um, not spending a lot of time on this because, ah, Facebook ads. I could spend two hours speaking about the following. Ah, I can do class on on this if you'd like, Let me know in the comment section. But essentially, the goal here is to have an ad. Ah, I'm sure you've seen plenty of those where essentially you're not reeling. The video, you're just telling them about specific problem that they're they're gonna you're gonna be helping them solve having, um, a decent. So it's funny. Um, when it comes to Facebook ads, text, that's That's pretty ah, to the point works. And also long post. It really depends. It's just a matter of the demographic and just testing what works and what doesn't work. And, uh and that's it, guys. So let's move on to the next chapter. 8. Tactic 5: Alright guys. So aren't you happy Final technique, but ah, last but not least so in real life events extremely powerful. I understand it doesn't work for everyone, which is why I included five different tactics. But I personally love it, especially when you're starting out. There's nothing like in real life. So create an event where essentially you're going to do the same thing as the V sl, where you share a specific knowledge which can help your audience. They're going back to the example of how to reach out to 10,000 plus on INSTAGRAM with just $5 for instance, could be the title. So you can Essentially, what you're going to do is you're going to set up either a meet up or an eventbrite. Um, it depends if you want to do it. Just want one time to test it out. Do eventbrite see if there's any other type of events within your community that I've been successful that our people are doing. Make sure that you have a catchy title, something that's searchable personally. I like to use buzz Sumo be used. Zz Ah, sumo in order to find articles are being shared in a specific topic in order to help me find a catchy title, you also need to look for type of events people have attended or are intending in your city and include great photography. All right, so little traders trade secrets is I usually, um, take photos that I find on the Web that I feel portray what I'm trying to put together, something that it's sexy. So make your event look and sound sexy, so people want to be part of it. Um, making unpaid now it really depends up to you. I mean, I've Ah, I've done events where essentially I've partnered up with restaurant have made it brunch events where it was free, But then when they came, they just had to purchase brunch. It's a great way to keep people's attention and for them to essentially, um, really taken what you are sharing with, Um um, any. I mean fighting a venue if you have ah, decent amount of people coming shouldn't be hard for you to do, especially if you cut a deal with the venue or co working spaces as we're are great way for you to a set of these events. Now the problem with paid versus unpaid so unpaid is a great way for you to get out there. The thing is that people are a little bit more flaking when things are in pain. You can have people just stop a $1 to make sure that they show up and have a better sense of who will be coming to the event. All right, so then the next thing and the absolute final thing you want to do so what you'll do during the event is you're gonna walk them through your via cell. Make sure to make it as engaging as possible again. This is, ah, something great for someone who's comfortable with public speaking. If you're not, don't worry. I mean, it's fine. Ah, this is just practice for you. But, um, a D n. You want to tell them about your prey program or your services? Or you might want to ask him to join. A Facebook group didn't talk about the following and full death, but doing Facebook groups and being the admin of a specific Facebook group is a great way for you to grow your community. So don't dismiss it. If you are doing these events Have these people join your Facebook group or tell him about your amazing free offer. If you have an e book, you'd like them. Don't to dull note or whatnot. Um, endless. Importantly, you want to make sure that at the end they come see you for your services and you do that by having a no amazing, irresistible offer. Ah, which is only available during the event where you give him 50% of your paid program or what not. So this is pretty straightforward. Eight works, guys. I mean, if you don't have any clients right now and you're feeling a little shy about going on social media doing in real life events works. Um, and it's great way for you to gather testimonials quickly. So all these methods that I've shared with you guys are efficient. So now, um, let's move on to the next chapter, where I'm going to reveal some of the other aspects or items that you need to keep in mind when you set up any of these different strategies 9. Don't be afraid of selling: So the last thing I definitely want to stress is don't be afraid of selling now. I did. Share strategies are little feel little owes sells e But it's important for you to feel comfortable sharing. Duh. Sharing your services. I mean, essentially, you can't look at it as selling. You are helping these individuals with their specific dream whipped or specific businesses , whether you're a designer or ah, an artist, whatever it is like you're helping these individuals with, ah, with whatever their goal is. So you need to remember the following now all these different tactics, they can be ah, stocked, meaning that you can use them all at the same time. You just need to see what is working best for you. You absolutely, absolutely neat automate. So the via cell tactic I shared with you guys, you don't need to put that in place because, as you can tell, some of these six weeks are a little bit more time consuming than others. And you do want to find yourself in a situation where you are out of automating. So cells funnel cells, funnels cells funnels are key. I cannot stress that enough. Whatever you do, going back to the first chapter, whether it's a block post, whether it's e mails, whether it's instagram content, you need to have an editorial calendar in place and you need to have a strategy in place, Which is why first, focus on getting those clients. And once you've done that, you'll have a better idea of what the's specific problems are. And you can solve those issues all within your social media. Um, if you don't have the Ben with, then put that on hold until you do. And then once you do, bring in a V A to help you. But make sure that whatever you're putting out there that you have, people go back to a night, um, that they can download or a specific call to action. This is key, and this is going to make this makes actually the difference between people who succeed and people who have a hard time. Because, I mean, you're spending a lot of energy putting content out there, and if you're not seeing results, it can get quite discouraging. So don't get this. Courage uses technique, and ah, please let me know I stop once you were able to lend your clients, which I'm sure you will most importantly. Please leave a review. Extremely important. Ah, for me. So I can make sure that I'm providing you with type of classes you like to see. Or if you have any recommendation or anything you like for me to Ah, dive a little deeper on. I shared a lot of information and I apologize in advance. If you hoped, I could have spent more time on speaking about cells panels and Facebook ads. But like I said, this would be a class of its own and wanted Teoh shirts focus my time sharing all these different strategies. You can have a 90 of how to structure the following. Alright, guys will if anything, you know where to find me. You can find me on Luna vega dot net on instagram. I miss at Miss Luna Vega and everything is on my skill share profile page. All right, guys will Thanks again for watching and I can't wait to hear about Your progress is by guys