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5 polymer clay earrings

teacher avatar Kalina Koleva, Art Student-Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Earrings number 1


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      Earrings number 2


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      Earrings number 3


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      Earrings number 4


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      Earrings number 5 final


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About This Class

This is a very simple and quick class on how to create 5 earrings made out of polymer clay. For this class, no prior knowledge is required, I won't be using any fancy materials or complicated techniques. Don't forget to post your class project. 

The inspiration for this course came from the theme ''icons'' on the ''practice for illustrators'' group.

Let's get started! :)

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Kalina Koleva

Art Student-Artist

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: welcome to this new lesson in the five following videos and going to show you how to create those five hearing for this course. I'm not using any fancy tools or complicated stuff. It's just a course for beginners. As for the supplies, you're gonna need a regular metallic ruler, a signal white gel pin, some polymer clay. I'm using the one from the brand female, some baking paper to not let the problem Eric Lee stick on table and finally, some kind of acrylic bait. The project for this class is very simple. You just need to create one of those hearings or any kind of problem Erick Lei earrings that you want. Then you just need to post your project by clicking on the class project description. Then create a project. I hope you will enjoy this quick course. 2. Earrings number 1 : Hi. Welcome to this new video. I'm starting this one by creating two small bowls off polymer clay. Then I'm squishing them. I'm getting the edges off to I pins to make them shorter, and I'm putting them in the two squished boobs. I'm also making a hoe using the bet. Then I'm creating to bigger, flat surfaces. Then I'm making the main shape off the earrings using a cap of a job tried to make the surfers as thin as possible. Remember, it's gonna be on your years. The heavier it is, the more your ears are going to stretch. And here you didn't see me flatten out the second shape. I'm using a metallic ruler to clean off the excess Poland Mark Lake and to make the edges off the round shapes cleaner the same way as before and using a pen to make the holes in those earrings, you're going to see why later on in this video, I'm putting that in the oven for 1/2 hour, and then I'm using never to creen again the edges and to make them round. Then I'm applying acrylic paint to cover the surface with colors. I'm not worrying too much about the edges off the paint because I'm gonna cover them later on with black Pasqua pin. I'm using three shades of green on one side and pinks and reds on the other to create a contrast. And here you can see me add on both your rings, the lighter green when it's all dried amusing a thin black basket Ben to create the line out of those earrings on both sides. I'm also trying to create some more texture with those dogs and lines on the red side, also using doctor runs on the Kiwi side for the outlines, for the smaller part off the earrings, amusing a white corrector or white acrylic paint to create a white circle. Then again, with past couple, I'm adding a black, smaller circle inside the white one. You can also see me at the ear hooks and the jump rings and dry, making those earrings and see in the next video 3. Earrings number 2 : Hi. Welcome to this new video. I'm starting this one like the others. By flattening out the surface for the earrings, I used the tape to mark the shapes off my rings. I also put a Knipe in on each ring. I used the cap off one of my birth pens to make the hole in the rings. I take them for half an hour and then used a nail file to clean the edges. I think it's also worth mentioning that I used a metallic roof No, to clean the edges before baking that your rings for the paint and using acrylic paints because they covered the surface very well. I looked for color palettes on Pinterest to create this green being and white mixed with yellow color palette. For now, I'm not worrying too much about the edges of the paint. I'm gonna defined those with a black mask up in later. Wrong. In the video, some parts of the earrings will need a second layer off. That's what I'm doing here. Then I'm letting them old dry and then using a black fine basket Ben to create the line out of those earrings. The design idea for those earrings is inspired from the Group on Skill Chef practice for illustrators and especially from the icon Steam last week back to the video. So as you can see, I added texture on the yellow white side to make it a little less boring. I love how the black line out separates the pastel colors and finally amusing a nose plier to add the year hooks to those earrings. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks for watching and Syrian the next one. 4. Earrings number 3 : Hi. Welcome to this new video. I'm starting this one by making two small oval shaped pieces off polymer clay then and splattering them, making the holes with a been on adding the iPad after the bigger part off the hearing and making the whole into it to attach it to the small apart. I'm adding the paint as usual. I'm using acrylic paint because they're very opaque and can cover the surface very well after it's all dried out, inventing the other side of the earrings as well as the edges. Then again, using a black thing busca pen. I'm painting a open I on the green part off one of the earrings, and they close one on the other. As usual, I'm joining the two parts off each airing with the jump rings, and for that I'm using a no supplier, and finally I'm adding the year hooks. Be careful to take them in the right direction. I hope you enjoyed making these You rings with me and share in the next video 5. Earrings number 4 : welcome to this new video. This one and the next one are going to be really simple, mainly because there's not much painting as usual and flattening the pulumur clay with Finn layer then here can see me cut off the shape that I want my earrings to be in. I wanted to resemble a very abstract feather, then, as usual and adding the holes with my best as usual, a banking the two earrings for 30 minutes in my office here, you can see I already painted some sides off the hearings off camera. But don't worry, it's really simple. You can do it yourself. I just made one fixed stroke and then a thinner one on each side off each hearing, as you saw the paint, is easily removal on that surface. When you finish painting all your earrings, I suggest you add a layer off black. It's going to make the paint waterproof and Chinese. I suggest you using a spray one, because if she used a liquid one and you apply it with your paintbrush, it's most likely going to smudge your acrylic paint. And I'm not even talking about the state of your paintbrush after you used it here. You can see me slowly finishing the painting off those earrings. Also, I'm really sorry, but I forgot to turn the camera on what I put the jump rings and hooks. But there's no problem because you can see me doing that in before over videos. I hope you enjoyed this quick video and see in the next one. 6. Earrings number 5 final: welcome to the last video off this quick course here. As you can see, I'm getting off the shapes off those earrings out of the bowl. America Clay. Then I'm adding the hearing head and then making the minutes. Here, you can see me painting a first black layer on each side of each area. For those earrings, I decided to add the year wires before painting on each side of the hearings. This way, I can hang him somewhere to let them dry after the earrings are dry and adding the word details with a signal wise jelly rope. You can also use white acrylic paint or wash. I don't know why, but for those, I think I just wanted to make a little change for one earring to the other. I hope you enjoy this quick course on how to make those five innings Check out the others on my property. If you decide to me. Oh, don't forget to send me a picture on the class project. You will for sure get some positive reviews from me and the other students. If you enjoyed this class, please leave me a busted review. And today