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5 Minute Creativity: Letting Go Of Your Baggage

teacher avatar Eugena Washington, Model/Beauty Specialist/Actress

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Write and Let Go Of Your Baggage


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About This Class

This bite-sized class is a part of Skillshare’s latest learning experiment, helping you explore your creativity in 5 minutes or less! The full version of this class is available here.

In this short class, you'll learn how to release any emotional baggage you are carrying by writing it in a letter with the prompt "Today I Release" and... letting it go! You'll learn how to symbolically 'destroy' the baggage by tearing, burning, or making it into a time capsule.

All you'll need is paper and a pencil, pen or marker.

Meet Your Teacher

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Eugena Washington

Model/Beauty Specialist/Actress


Hey! I'm Eugena, a model, actress, host, beauty specialist, and true renaissance woman based in Los Angeles.

I've been in the fashion and entertainment industry for more than a decade. You may know me from America's Next Top Model or as Playboy Magazine's titled first Playmate of the Year in the Post-Nude era.

What you may not know about me is that I believe that everyone on this earth has a unique gift and I'm dedicated to helping people fine theirs. I want to see people follow their inner voice, discover their purpose, and realize the beauty in just being YOU.



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1. Write and Let Go Of Your Baggage: Now, I know that we all have those things in our life that have changes for the terrible. They're sad, they broke our hearts, they hurt us, and it's serious. I understand it because I have those things too. But the problem is we take them, and we drag them around with us in our lives, and we make them a part of our story. It's called baggage. But we got to get rid of that stuff now because the first step to confidence is being able to see yourself in your glorious and full self. But we can't do that until you get rid of the old stuff, so let's do that now. Get your favorite pen out, and start with this prompt and just see where it takes you. Today, I release. Now, when you're doing this, don't judge yourself, and don't second guess or overthink. Just put pen to paper, and let everything come out. We're going to write these things down with the intention of seeing them, but also just letting them go. To look back at some of these things that hurt you in order to let them go because it's not cute. It ain't fun, but you know what? It's necessary and sometimes, we take these things and you breeze over them, and we act like they didn't happen, and we try to move on with our lives. But you know what? These are the things that are holding us back. Remember to just be patient with yourself. This is a hard one, and if you need to come back, it's fine. Just take all the time you need. Remember, this is a journey, and we're on this together. Now that you've got this on paper, it's time to let it go. Here are some ways that I suggest you get rid of this thing. One way is you go put it in an envelope, seal that [inaudible] up, and rip it up into a million pieces. Another less extreme way is to put it in an envelope, and make a note not to open it up for another year from now. Hopefully, a year from now, you can look at this letter and just see how far you've come. But some people might want to get rid of this forever, like burning it. If you choose to go down that path, make sure that you use caution and do it safely. I'm deciding to put it in an envelope and rip it up, so let's do that now. You got to shake it off. Shake it off. Shake it off. We got to do the hard stuff, so I think it's time for us to just be sweet to ourselves. In our next lesson, we're going to talk about affirmations and our strengths.