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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Material Required for First Craft


    • 3.

      First craft : Base Making


    • 4.

      Decorations of First Craft


    • 5.

      Making the Bark of the Tree


    • 6.

      Some more Decorations!


    • 7.

      Final Look : First Craft


    • 8.

      Material Required for Second Craft


    • 9.

      Second Craft : Base Making


    • 10.

      Preparing Second Base Layer


    • 11.

      Message Pop Ups!


    • 12.

      Adding Text to Message Pop ups


    • 13.

      Final Decorations


    • 14.

      Final look: Second Craft


    • 15.

      Material Required for Third Craft


    • 16.

      Third Craft : Paper Wreath


    • 17.

      Decoration of Wreath


    • 18.

      Final Look : Third Craft


    • 19.

      Material Required for Fourth Craft


    • 20.

      Fourth Craft : Paper Tree


    • 21.

      Final Decorations of Paper Tree


    • 22.

      Final Look : Fourth Craft


    • 23.

      Fifth Craft : Christmas Banner


    • 24.

      Project work


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About This Class

In this class I will show you how you can create some Christmas crafts easily on your own.

This class is for All levels. You can easily Recreate the crafts even if you are new to crafting.

This class includes the crafts that can be stick to walls easily and also a greeting card that you can gift to your loved ones!

Basically, this class is a complete package for you to do a lot of art and craft on the occasion of Christmas ! 

By the end of this class you will be able to craft 5 different Christmas crafts for your Christmas celebrations.

These crafts can be used for school projects also.

This class focuses more and more on Crafts that can be used on the occasion of Christmas. 

So, if you are finding something to be created on Christmas then this class is surely for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jyoti Aggarwal

Art and Craft Teacher




 Hello, I'm Jyoti Aggarwal.

I am here to find myself again. 

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an artist. I am doing art and craft from years and I find my inspiration in my day-to-day life See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my class and GOT either Val and endless class. I will show you how to create some cute and simple Christmas graphs at home. I will firstly tell you the material for the first graph and then it's procedure. After that, the material required for the second graft and it's procedure and so on. In the end there will be a fun class projects for you all. So let's get started. 2. Material Required for First Craft : For our first Christmas craft, we need six as Chrome States, green acrylic color of flat paintbrush. Federico are glucagon, some water and some queue declarative stuff. I will use radius cubed little stars and thermocouple balls, along with some unique and colorful buttons. We're also going to need some small piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors. And one marker of any Kahlo. I will be using black shade of universal micro. I plan. We will start crafting and the next video. 3. First craft : Base Making: For our first Christmas craft, I'm going to use six as drumsticks hill. Now, I'm going to use a flat paint brush. And I asked him stakes. I'm doing multiple goals to ensure that clean, shiny surface. Now, let's just keep these ice cream sticks aside for ten minutes and let them try to form a triangle out of these takes. Simply joining these Jake's edge to edge using a glue gun. You can use a favor. If you want. Just follow the steps as I am doing. I first triangle is now ready. Let us move on for creating the next triangle. Both the triangles are now lady very low further for decorating these triangles. Now, for decorating this triangle, I am using these cute little shining stars. And I'm using these dyes to the triangle using favorite call. I'm simply applying some favorite girl drops here and there, so that I can simply become stars and put those styles on these ethical drops. So just enjoy the process of decorating a Christmas tree and continue doing that with various degrees of material that you have. And using the shiny styles and legionnaires, you go with some small chemical balls after this. Now I'm done with styles. I will now apply some fabric coil drops on this triangle so that Eigen simply place my small cube term Mughal boils over this to decorate it. More pdV. Yeah, now almost done with the degradations. It's time for the star. Now, I'm placing a golden big insulate the top of the tree. Now done with the upper part of the G, we will invoke for the bag off the tree in the next video. 4. Decorations of First Craft: Now let us start decorating the second triangle. For this, I'm using various size of buttons. These are cute buttons that I have collected. These are reading styles in reuse colors, somehow blue, pink, yellow. And these all are not of theme size. I'm going to use this to decorate the Christmas tree. A few drops, our favicon, and they're on this triangle so that I can simply pick up the buttons and keep those buttons on these drops to get pasted. I just randomly placed thing defenses buttons here and there on this triangle depending upon the space they need and the combinational. So I am here decorating it with buttons. You can use any other material that you feel like using. You just simply enjoy the process of decorating your Christmas tree. Now, the time for the angels instinct of big golden star at the top of the tree. Now, the upper part of both the trees is ready. Now we will move on to the next video and work on the back of the tree. 5. Making the Bark of the Tree: Now the time to start for the bark of the tree. Now, I'm using the guard bullshit and cutting mood to pieces into the shape of half ice-cream stick. Even simply applied some fluffy call at one end. And based on these two triangles that we made a real change, we will now start walking on the back of the Tree Hill. I'm gonna use black universal. I've been for making some straight lines on this. Fools tree is on Muslim. We'll move on to the second one and draw the lines on the bark of the tree. We are now done with the barks of the cheese. We will do more declarations in the next video. 6. Some more Decorations!: Now I'm adding some shiny stuff. To mean this tree look a little more brighter. Just putting in there and then placing these cute little stuff over it to make it more beautiful. You can use any other kind of shiny stuff too. I'm just using these to make it look more beautiful. Decoration materials are off radius days that are available around us. So you can look for something that you already have and can use those kind of stuff. Because we are doing this for just the purpose of decoration. So you can decorate it with the stuff that you already have. No need to copy the exact stuff that I'm using. I'm now going to use these kind of small loan decoration stuff to make it look beautiful because US and big stuff made things look more blue and more shining. This is totally optional. You can use to kind of stuff, or you can use only one kind of decoration stuff. Everything is totally upon you and the kind of decorations that you want to add to your Christmas craft. You can also notice that I'm using a forcep to hold these stuff into my hands. I'm using for this. You can also use a forcep. If you are degradation stuff is really very small, is going to help you manage your work easily and less messy. Now, I will show the exact final look in the next video. 7. Final Look : First Craft: So here is the final look of our first Christmas craft. You can decorate days by sticking both of these one beside the other to the wall using a double-sided tape. 8. Material Required for Second Craft: For us they can Christmas craft. We need a rectangular green sheet, a pair of scissors, favicon, or write a four size sheet, a pencil, a ruler, a floral sheet. Using a floral sheet is totally optional. If you want, you can use any simple sheet of any color. It's completely your choice. And I will also be using some decorative staff to decorate the card. We will start crafting in the next video. 9. Second Craft : Base Making: For our second Christmas craft, here I'm using a rectangular sheet. I'm dividing the length of this rectangle into by marking appointed the center of this sheet. It's a proxy or center and not a particular cento. Now drawing a triangle over it, it's not of any particular length or at any particular angle. It's just a rough triangle, not folding the sheet along the lines. Now, make another fold, just like I'm doing. I'll just take a pencil and draw a rough semi-circle over it. Just from the corner of this flap of the triangle. Just observe the point. What I have chosen for this along this line using the Caesars will make tree kind of a structure on the front of this card using a ruler and a pencil. And just making the random lines here and there on this card to make it into a shape of a Christmas tree. And got along these lines, just duck flap of this card, none of the above lab of this God. Now, to turn it into a proper Christmas tree shape, just observe the kind of cards that I am making here on this guy. The basic structure of this card is now ready, will start decorating this card. And the next two videos. 10. Preparing Second Base Layer: Now you input the white sheet and let this tree guard and made the outline using the pencil of this whole triangle. Now, got this triangle out of this paper using seasons to where. Now, as you can see, this is really overlapping the compete triangle. So we'll came this along the tree site. Now using these triangles together. And we have to cover the other two triangles the similar way we did for this one. So I'm simply going to Curt the triangles of the similar size to cover the three triangles. And these together. Speaker two. Our second base clear is also ready. We will do the further process in the next video. 11. Message Pop Ups!: As we are done with the white base layer, we will now move on to create for small and message Bob be-bops. Far these message pop-ups, I'm simply using and flooding sheets and cutting them into small rectangular pieces. These two rectangular pieces are a little bit in size and art for the triangular who isn't Middle. Now, I'm just for Lindy's into half, keeping the flow inside, outside the plane sheet inside. Now, we will simply based these two message pop-ups and do the medulla this card using Federico. Now we have to make similar message pop-ups for the other two triangles. Rectangles that we are going to get will be a little smaller in size because these two triangles are smaller than size as compare to the one that was in the middle. Now, pasting these two message pop-ups as we did earlier. Now, to make the decks that we are going to write in this message pop-ups visible. We are going to make one more layer of green Carlo on Buddha's. Just make sure to use any undercover load that makes her Dijkstra with DB2. And simply guarding some square braces. Or you can say that rectangular pieces of wrinkling recording booth sides of these message Bob burps, as these two middle pop-ups seems, says that is why I'm simply got into green slips of the same size. And going to these slips on today's message Bob abusing, simply fair, because now we have to do the same for the other two message pop-ups. And I'm just pasting the green slip on to these using fabric. Now, these four message pop-ups are ready. We will just keep this aside for a Bronx ten minutes and let it dry completely. And let these message pop-ups covers sit perfectly so that our message Kardon popup like this. So let's just keep it aside and Buton read over it so that it does completely. So see you in the next video. 12. Adding Text to Message Pop ups: So now in this video we are going to add x to n message pop-ups. And to add the text to these message pop-ups, I am going to use my Blues pocket ban hill. You can choose the color of your choice. Just don't forget to test the pen on a rough she'd just to make sure that the text you're going to add as visible to the viewer. I'm simply adding the messages that are really, really common. And the greeting cards, you can write whatever you feel lie messages are totally up to you. And according to your relation with the viewer and the one who is receiving this card. Totally okay if you're not very much code with the cartography and have not a good handwriting. Even simply go with the symbols and smileys, animal genes to make your card look beautiful as islands attractive. We are now done with the message pop-ups. You can simply like Merry Christmas or any other message that you want to write over here in the white space will then start decorating it. And in the next video. 13. Final Decorations: So now in this video we are going to do the final step. That is to decorate the front of this card. For decorating the front of this card, I'm going to use some terminal called balls that are colored and some cute little stuff like cute sparkles stars on maybe some other leaf shaped stars or something like that. Hell, I'm applying some physical drops here and there on the complete front of the card so that I can use the forcep and just simply pick the thermocouple balls or does does that decorating material and put those material on these drops so that I can paste these easily. I'm using various colors and loss thermocouple balls and some styles you can Tools if you want to make it just one colored material or if we want to make those decorate with the stars only. And that's totally up to you and just using various things because I like different kinds of things using the card so that it makes it shine as well as more casual. So it's a combination of both. That is what I like about creating cards. So you can choose whatever you like. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I'm done with decorating it. So really given aside for a case stem labs so that everything gets settled. Fire throw darts and next to radio. 14. Final look: Second Craft: So here's the final look of Irish second Christmas craft. Isn't it looking so beautiful? It can give this Christmas card to your loud vans on the occasion of Christmas limits Charlie loved desk and this will strengthen your bond for sure. You can write personalized messages in these pop-up message cards and then give this to your left two ones. We're done with the second. The third. The next video. 15. Material Required for Third Craft: For our third Christmas craft, I'm going to use a simple sheet. This is a yellow sheet. You can choose any other color if you want. This is a rectangular sheet. And also we're going to use a ruler as Caesar, a pencil. And later on we'll use for recall and some decoration material to decorate as tough, let's move next. 16. Third Craft : Paper Wreath: From making this paper that I'm going to fold this rectangular sheet into half. Hell, you can notice which side have taken on which angle. So yes, I have folded in an equal half. And now I'm going to use a ruler and a pencil to draw a line on this side of this sheet. Just keep these lines straight so that we don't mess up anything in that paper. Read, just leave some space from the top, some very little space and then model this line. Hello, Okay, I'll draw this line is really dark ones so that it's visible to you. So non making this line so that it'll reusability you. Now, I'm going to use a Caesar and going to cut along this side and it makes small fringes hill. You can notice that I'm making really small, small fringes overhead. Just cut then this line, you don't have to cut more than this line. You just have to cut from Hill till this line. That's the rule for making this paper read to you can say that just to hold this biophysically so that the other side of the sheet don't get interfered in this sheet. So you will get proper and benzene is to just try to maintain some equality in between these so that you don't get the fringes of different sizes. But there's no need to measure each and every fringe and then cut it. If you want, you can do that, but there is no need to do that. You can simply cut these with some rough measurements. You can say are some ideas for yours, like just cut it without measuring them. If alpha is below five years, I suggest you to take half of your elders for this step because using this he says it's not safe for kids. So you can ask it and it does all friends or family to help you for using these seasons. You have to be a little patient while cutting these so that you don't get hurt ourself and you don't just make fringes of other other sizes. So just be allergic patient. This process will take some time and some of your iPhone to. But I fast forwarded this video so that you don't get bone in between. And you know the process while I'm explaining you the complete process. And you can follow step-by-step. Now you can see that we have already done this much and it's left a little bit. Now, this much collecting bottles done may not open this paper, but do all this stuff vega for lead to not just deal at our pages. Just be a little calm and be arranged to patient while doing this, says just open this up and then turn this paper like this. Now the next step is to apply because over this coordinate, this trip only do not add this fabric call to the fringes that we have made. Just add the favicon in this particular area, the line that we have made, you just have to take care of this. Now, just notice carefully what I'm doing. I'm just folding this from like this and then we'll paste the other side of this to this side. Just look at this carefully. This step is really, really important and you can paste this very slowly Also, there is no need to hide. This step is a little bit tricky so that you can also ask Al frames to help, like have taken a half of my sister. So you can ask your family or friends to help you adjust these today. They just hold it for two to five minutes and then it will visit. The next step is to based from this point to this point. Now this is the step that we make this. So just add some value and place the other point that it turns out to be afraid. Now what we have to do is you have to set it into a proper shape, just press it from this side and then tried to turn it into a proposing. Use your arms is often goes to turn these fringes and little bit curvy. And you can notice how I am trying to turn it into a proper shape. And now we'll keep it aside for finally next to let it dry it, to let it set vetted, and then we'll move forward. We've been decorate this red. And then next video. 17. Decoration of Wreath: Part decorating our paper wet. Firstly, I'm going to use this small star over here. This is a stick star, which means I can just remove this back paper and then stick it to the place wherever I want to stick this. So this is a glittering star that is already made and available in the market. So I'm just going to place it over here. Make sure not to stick all pages that we have made altogether. So just try to keep these a little apart and then place this star over it. So we're done with this. We'll now decorate this complete. You can also just fix this shape using your hands. And for completing this, all love read the declaration. I'm going to use this small Tomoko foul balls. I'm willing to apply some fabric colon these walls and just place it over here and there on this complete. You can use some kind of stars or some kind of shiny stuff also to decorate this red, you can use some cotton also, but Haram using only the thermocouple balls. Notice that the color of these AMA called balls is very much visible on this red. I'm not going to use any right or yellow-colored trauma call balls because that will not be very much visible onto our paper red. And we want this paper read to look really beautiful and shiny and bright. So that is why I'm using the different colors panel called balls all over it. You can choose to paste some stars over it. You can add some ribbon over. Now just keep it aside for ten minutes to settle down. And then I will show you the final look of this red. And then next video. 18. Final Look : Third Craft: So as a final look of our paper, red, isn't it looking so faulty? You can change the color as per your choice and asked by the color of your decorations. You can make a bigger paper read if you want, as made a really small paper wet over here. We'll move to the next craft in the next video. 19. Material Required for Fourth Craft: For our fourth Christmas craft, we need a simple green sheet. You can choose any size and ice cream stake in Hill, I have shown you two size of item six. This totally depends upon the size of the tree that we are going to make. So you can choose any one according to the size of your tree. We're also going to use a ruler, append the symbol meant to draw some lines over this and also am using this round brush pen. And I'll also use scissors. You can use any color in place of brown brush pen. You can use a triadic colors also. 20. Fourth Craft : Paper Tree: For our fourth Christmas craft, we are going to make a paper tree for this. Firstly, I'm using this sheet and ruler and a pen to draw a triangle. I'm just choosing a point on this sheet and then drawing two lines. Joining the third line, that is the one side of this sheet, you can make exact triangle if you want. The size of this triangle is totally up to you, and the size that you want to make for your Christmas tree. So this is the triangle that haven't made. Now, I will use the scissors to cut this triangle out of the sheet. You can take help of here. Below the age of seven or eight. So you don't hurt yourself, just ask your friends or family to help you and then you can proceed further. Now, this is the tree that we have to make, and I'm just using these tags to know which stick after use head. If I place this smallest take, this is not looking so good and great. It is looking good if I place this bigger one. So yes, I'm going to do is this bigger one you can choose as by your triangles size or the size that you want to make for your Christmas tree here. And I'm using this brown brush pen to mark the line. They didn't. Well, I have to cover this as don't stick with this brown color. You can use a triadic colors also. You can use any other colors also if you want. Hello, I'm using this round brush pen because this is very much easy to use these and this, I like mystery kind of colors and this gives good texture over these asked him stakes, that is why I'm using this. That's totally your choice. And I'm discovering this rest of the stick that is going to be visible. So and now we're going to keep this stick aside for five to 10 minutes till then we'll decorate the tree. So that's the thing that is why we have painted this first and then we're moving on to decorate the tree. Now to add the Engine X star, I'm using this tick kind of style. These are the stars that are available in the market easy. We just have to peel this back paper from it and these are ready to stick. So I'm using this to point this point. Yes, we have to place this point to the point so that it's not like that it's going somewhere else. It should cover the tip of this Christmas tree like this. Now the excess, but that is visible to us from here, like this one. So we're going do is this is us and going to remove this excess part so that this looks good. So for this graph tends done when the decorations and none next we deal. 21. Final Decorations of Paper Tree: So now it's the time to decorate our paper tree, fond equations that I'm using this cotton and I'm going to place this cotton hand there on this tree, on this paper string to make it look like this tree is covered with snow. So now you can notice how I'm just being this cotton out of bill though, most of the CO2 because these have to be really ready to run, not the heavy cottons. These after we very much a thin layer of it. You can add some fabric and then place it over here. So I'm just adding favicon on the sheet or 10 and then I will just keep these keep making these outdoor. The rule, I just make these modulators are Tophat and then I replace those over these recall patches. And just take these out of this bigger so that you can also do that very much easily. This is not difficult, you just have to be this very soft skill. Now, after this, I'm going to use this boutons dyes that I have two based on these remaining spaces as well as over the quarter and you can paste them. So I'm just going to add some type of record that in there. And then I'm going to place these dyes over those favorite color drops. So that does get pasted over to the tree. Keeping mind the Jews, the client, I'll just dies as the sheet because if they're not visible, then there would be no point of pasting those ties. Also, you can use any other declaration material like them, golf balls, another kind of stones and other kinds of stars that's totally up to you have applied mostly recall yet in that to apply more another kind of stars, you can notice the kind of shiny stuff that I'm adding these I may miss valuable in the market and you can find them at all. And you also suggests find anything that you've seen that seems very much attractive and beautiful too, you just use that thing that's totally up to you can also use this pocket powder that we have at our house for various declarations. Who pays the syllable stones over these cotton so that this looks that this coordinate is shining. So you can use any other kind of stones if you have. So now I'm done with the degradations of the upper part of this tree. And I filmed this much as very much enough. You can do more degradations if you want. Now I'm going to add this stick to this tree, falls down when to apply, if I recall, on the rest of the ice-cream stick that we haven't painted just a plethora. Enough amount of agriculture that does, doesn't come out of that paypal. Now simply become the tree that you have made up, up out of the tree. And please, over this stick, reading slowly and very carefully. Just press this very firmly and yes, Veni vidi foam Lee you don't have to press the image hardly and then just keep it aside for five to ten minutes so that it gets everything settled well. And in the next video, you'd have to find a local factory. 22. Final Look : Fourth Craft: Some guy's head is the final look of fat paper Christmas tree is in developing so beautiful. Then move on to the next Christmas graft in the next video. 23. Fifth Craft : Christmas Banner: Fi fifth Christmas craft that as a Christmas banner, I'm using a long strip. You can use a smaller one that depends totally upon you and the size that you want to keep for your banner to write over it. I'm going to use this green brush pen. I'm writing Merry Christmas, or would it letter by letter on the alphabet up capital? You can change the font and the design. If you're not telegraphy, then you can also use that skill. Hill and making this banner. Tuesday, the yellow color to be the base color alpha, this banner, you can choose any other color that is totally up to you. And the kind of the call you want to add to your Christmas crafts. After completing this run record, I'm going to leave some more space. That is going to be the part that going to differentiate between the two words. So now I write Christmas Over here. Don't worry if your handwriting is not that grid. This is just a banner for the body or the degradation. So you can just go to Window and writing that. You can say that it's really very neat and clean and use all the capital alphabet. Just leave some particular space between those and you're good to go. Now we are done with the writing part degradations. I have this model style with me. I'm going to paste this in between this median Christmas. So this denotes a kind of an angelic style, or we can see it's like a snowflake, whatever you feel like. So I had this TIE Fighter that this matches up very much related to Merry Christmas. So I just pasted this. You can use any other kind of styles too, also for the rest of the degradation. Now I'm going to use these small stars that I've already mentioned available in the market. So then I'm just selecting the color that will be very much visible on to the yellow Kahlo. So I have selected the colors and now I'll paste them using the fabric, will just apply the fabric on one side of the stars and then just those on these banners. So these will get pasted in and you can choose any other colors, any other declaration material also, that's totally up to you. I'm using these stars because I really feel that many Christmas decoration that is usually due to this task, that is what I'm doing. So now as we can notice here at one side, this is extra, this sheet is really, really big, right? So I'm going to use this uses and willing to cut this extra sheet from Hill, can use any other design. If you want to add some doodles, you can do that. If you want to add some more pictures or some stars, you can do that, but am just getting that But out of it. And now I'm selecting these small stars of red and pink colors first so that I can paste them. And then if we want, we can choose any other colors to choose only those that are visible on this yellow color. And you also should keep this in mind that if you are using any declaration material that must be visible at least. So I'm using this red 1 first. So I'm just going to apply something we call on the run side of this tire and then just paste it. So that's really very easy. And you can use Tomoko Rawls, you can use some other kind of stars, some songs, any kind of decoration material that you have, you don't need to buy specifically, more and more stuff just to decorate. You have almost everything in your surroundings. So just look for the stuff that is available surroundings to you, in your surroundings suggests. Find that stuff, just use that stuff, use that reuse, that recreate the things. That's the trick for any artist to do the well economical crafts. Now I've Christmas banner is very much ready. Just have a look. This is the final logo file banner, isn't it looking soap to do you can just take this to the wall using some double-sided table, using any silo table also. 24. Project work: So guys hedges your project work. Try making these graphs on your own. Click pictures of your Christmas grafts and upload them in your projects section of this class. If you don't want to miss any M, Dave's relighting menu as classes unskilled show not r. Forget to follow me. Thank you for joining me. Keep creating, keep grafting.