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30-Day Growth Club - Self-Guided, Goal-Focused Life Coaching

teacher avatar Wade Galt, 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur & Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Invitation

    • 2. Welcome!

    • 3. Your Next 12 Years

    • 4. Your Next 12 Months

    • 5. Gratitude, Drops, and Adds

    • 6. Progress, Obstacles, and Lessons

    • 7. Your Monthly Growth Topic

    • 8. Your Goal(s) for Next 30 Days

    • 9. Your Game Plan(s) and 1 New Habit

    • 10. Commitment, Accountability, and Progress

    • 11. Implement Powerfully with Your 30-Day Checklist

    • 12. Leverage a 30-Day Calendars

    • 13. The 2-Page Plan

    • 14. Engage Your Kids in the Process

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About This Class

Coach Yourself to Higher Levels of Success & Personal Transformation Every Month

How many personal growth programs, courses or projects have you STARTED, but NOT FINISHED?


The 30-Day Growth Club is a simple course that can help you START and COMPLETE 1 POWERFUL GROWTH PROJECT PER MONTH.



  • Crystal Clear Instructional Lectures

  • Light Focus on Philosophy... Heavy Focus on Action

  • 30-Day Growth Club Game Plan Workbook

  • Q&A Feedback from a successful 20-Year Growth Seeker, 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Software Company Owner, Life Coach, Multiple-Book Author, Father, Husband, Friend, Beach Volleyballer, Basketball Coach, Wakeboarder & More

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wade Galt

3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur & Coach


I teach people to create the LIFE, LIFESTYLE & LEGACY they most desire with courses, coaching & software.

As a father & husband, my time with my family and friends is priceless.

My work, vocation and the impact it has is very important to me.

But I'm not willing to miss out on Life, Love & Friendship to make more money or earn more followers. 

It's possible to create a life you enjoy, make a positive impact on others & do work you believe in.

20 years as an entrepreneur, software developer, life coach & entrepreneur coach have helped me learn how to help others create similar results in their lives.

Employees, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners can benefit from this work.

I look forward to... See full profile

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1. Invitation: highway gold here. Author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is Founder of Four Day Workweek, Entrepreneur Academy and creator of the 30 day Growth Club, where we help you focus on creating meaningful transformation one month at a time. If you're like most people or if you're like me, you done growth work. In the past, you've worked on something. You've started something you've got excited about something. But maybe it didn't get implemented. Maybe it was too much. Maybe you bit off more than you can chew. Maybe was a really huge goal and it didn't get implemented because it just seemed overwhelming. As I've gotten older and looked back at all the things that I started but didn't finish a common theme has come up for me very often. I was taking on things that were 90 day or 360 day or five year projects, and somewhere in between, something would shift. My life would change. Or maybe I just took on too much and got overwhelmed. As I've gotten older, I've got a little wiser and focused on simply making one big shift every 30 days. Now that shift can be moving towards a specific objective. And, of course, I still continue doing all the things that I normally dio. But as far as making a breakthrough, creating something brand new, something that's never been done before, trying to do too many things at once has been proven to be recipe for failure. In the 30 day growth cub, we focus on having you hone in on one thing each month when we help you get really clear about what that thing is and how you can make that happen. I hope you join us in the program. I look forward to helping you create your most desired life one month at a time. Let me know whenever I could do to help you on before two Senior on the inside. Thank you. 2. Welcome!: welcome to 30 day growth Club, where we're gonna help you create meaningful transformation one month at a time. I congratulate you for taking your growth seriously and being open to looking at a new way of growing on a consistent basis. Most of the growth we create in our lives doesn't happen right away. In fact, if we look back over time will find that there have been many small things were little things that add up over time during the process, maybe we couldn't see it, but eventually we were able to see the growth and what came of it in this program. What I'm gonna do is teach you how you can create regular growth on a monthly basis by simply focusing on one thing every month and allowing that to be part of a master plan that takes you where you'd most like to go in this program. I'm gonna help you lay the foundation for how you conduce this. I'm not looking to take you to any specific direction. I'm simply gonna help you look with inside your heart within your soul of what's important to you and what you want to create. I'm gonna keep it as light as possible on the philosophy in the theory and really go into focusing on what's gonna help you make changes. If you have any questions at any time in the program, please put them in the comments section below. Or if you don't print there, you could always email me. You'll see a link that you can do that. I look forward to helping you create your most desired life one month at a time. Please let me know whatever I can do to help four to seen you and your comments in the community. Thanks so much. 3. Your Next 12 Years: I mentioned in the invitation this program that sometimes having long term goals could be overwhelming. I've also experienced that sometimes if I only have short term goals, there might be some disconnection or lack of continuity as far as where I'm going and how the gold support each other. What I'm gonna look to do in this exercise is help you get an idea of where you'd like to go over the next 12 years. I want to be clear on this. You might be clear that you only want a look one year, two years in the future, or more or less whatever works for you, I'm gonna hold this out as a 12 year possibility. I know sometimes, in my case, I have certain milestones. For example, my Children are in age where in about seven or eight years, they're going to be both out of the house, presumably. And if that's the case, I'm not too sure what the rest that's gonna look like for my wife and I and what we're gonna do. We have some ideas, but were actually enjoying letting it be. So this is not meant to be something that you have to know where you're going to go. And if even in all of this you say Wait, I don't know where I want to go 90 days from now, that's great. But some people like to have a sense of a projective where they're going, especially if they are working towards a longer term goal. So in this exercise, we're going to focus on that When I'm in occurred you, If you haven't already to pause and get out the workbook that goes along with this or the sheet that goes to this exercise so you can do this along with us. All right, So what I'm gonna do every time we do one of these exercises is I'm gonna do my best to really help you get present to the exercise. So as somebody who has a background in a master's degree in psychology and has certification and life coaching has done a lot of work in this field, I know that sometimes our brain, our head, our ego, whatever word you want to call that our mind can make decisions for us that are based on fear or based on worrying about other people's opinions for us or are we gonna get approval or whatever it might be? And sometimes we need to get to a place. It's a little more centered, a little more focused and a little less worried about What are they gonna think now, For some people, that's just simply means getting quiet. Getting still. For other people, this might mean inviting inspiration from God, the universe, whatever you might choose to believe in. I'm not gonna focus on God, the universe, anything like that in this program. But at times I might invite you, if you like to to call an inspiration from whomever or whatever inspires you. It might be, ah, famous athlete or a famous artists or somebody from the past that you just think the spirit of that might help you. I don't pretend to understand how the universe works, but I do know what I have experienced. That if we can get out of our day today, just really stressed out mines and focus more on getting present and and silent and quiet and hopefully turning off our mind a little bit. These exercises will help. So I'll take you through this exercise now and I invite you in the future. If you want to meditate before this, pray before this brief silently for five minutes before this. Whatever is that works for you. And you could do that now and then. That can sometimes help you get better answers. You can see if that works for you. Now let's set some big picture goals of what your life could look like over the next 12 years. And what I would encourage you to consider is that this doesn't have to be perfect. And this is just gonna be a starting place for us. As I mentioned before, this could be as many years as you want it to be. What I invite you to do is take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Close your eyes if you like, or keep them open. If you prefer, take another deep breath in, and now slowly release it and allow your thoughts to kind of just melt away. Allow yourself to be open to whatever is about to come to you and breathe in one more time and slowly breathe out. As we do this exercise, I invite you to be open to receiving inspiration from whatever sources you find inspiring, whether that the artists or musicians or entrepreneurs or people in your life or people you've known or historical figures or God or whatever works for you, I invite you to consider if we were looking back on your life. We were talking 12 years from now and you accomplished one main thing. There was one overarching theme, one big goal that you achieved over that 12 years. What would that go? What would that super Goalby? Maybe it's a financial goal that has something to do with how much money you've made or saved or how much debt you've paid off. Maybe it's family or relationship goal of how you've got along with your spouse or your Children, your extended family. Maybe there's something to do with your career involving union career starting a business. Maybe there's something do with your education, whatever that is. Allow yourself to see what that super goal is and feel free to positivity if you need to let that surface for you. And once you've gotten clear on that, I invite you to consider in each of the following years. Starting this year, what would be the one thing that you could achieve or the one goal for that year that would make that year an awesome year. And maybe you get 2 to 3 years into this. Maybe you get all the 12 years through whatever way is fine, but allow yourself to receive guidance and inspiration and look at what would it be that you'd be achieving? Maybe all of these achievements would be supporting your super goal. Maybe they wouldn't but in each case see what it would dio in order for you to hit each of those. How that would support your main goal and how that would make your life more the way you'd like it to be. And if you need to at any time, pause the video and then once you've gotten your goals, I invited you. Consider what one habit could support each of those goals. One habit that you would master. Maybe it's getting up early in the morning at 5 a.m. Maybe it's working out a certain number of times a week. Maybe it's meditating or praying. Maybe it's doing a certain number of exercise. Maybe it's studying a certain number of hours or learning or growing. Maybe it's spending a certain amount of time with people you care about. We're volunteering. Whatever that IHS, get clear about what that habit is. Maybe it's a weekly habit or a daily habit, something that helps you really support that goal for that year and again, positivity, if you need to, to complete this and then once you have your super goal and you're 12 individual goals or however many you choose to do and you're related habits, Look at that and see, is that what you want? Is that what you want to create? If you're really excited about it, then you're finished. You're not sure you're done with it. Maybe put it aside for a while, come back to it and get it as close as possible without obsessing over toe. What you'd like to see happen as you go down the page, you might be less certain about what you like to see happen, and that's OK. We just want you to have a place that you're aiming towards and you're moving towards for as much as you'd like to plan to the future and having a goal and a habit that supports that if you have any questions on this. We need support this. Please let me know. I invite you. If you feel comfortable to post your 12 year super goal in the comments section, there might be other people who are doing the program. Who could support you in that? Certainly. If I know people could support you. I'll do my best to put you in touch with them. As always. Look forward to helping you create the life you most desire. One month at a time. Please let me know whatever I could do to support you in this. Thank you. 4. Your Next 12 Months: Hopefully now you've become more clear about some of your longer term goals. What I want to do now is help you think about what's most important for you over the next 12 months. It's what I invite you to do, because if you like, close your eyes or keep your eyes open and take a deep breath and slowly release it, take another deep breath. Slowly release it and take one more deep breath and slowly release it. And if you wish to call on anybody or anything for inspiration or support, I invite you to do that. Now I want you to think about if we were talking 12 months from now and you only got one new major goal completed. One new super thing that was done. What would that thing be? What one achievement or accomplishment would make a huge shift in your life and the way you live your life? Maybe it's a financial achievement, like paying off a certain amount of debt. Maybe it's a career achievement, like getting a certain job starting your own business. Maybe there's something to do with your relationships or the way you get along with your family or your friends. Maybe there's something to do with your physical health or something of that nature. Think of what that one goal would be. And then now, think of in the upcoming 12 months. What's the one thing you like to see happen in each of those 12 months? Each one of these months might or might not directly support your one super goal for this year. Very often it will think about again. If on a month by month basis you got one main thing done, what would that one main thing do? What would that be? What would you achieve? And in order to make that happen, what habit would you need to embrace? What new way of being and doing what new activity would you have to do that would support that monthly goal? Now, just take a moment, pause the video if you like, allow the ideas to come forth to you and then right out the ideas on your next 12 months sheet. If you have pencil, that could be a great idea, and just know that these are things that can change. This is just a starting point so we could be moving forward And once you've had a chance to complete all this, complete your goals, your habits and you're one super cool. Take a moment, look at it and just consider if you can get this done, would this make for a great year? If the answer is yes, then your complete with this exercise. If there's still some things you don't like, maybe put it down for now. Come back to it later, but keep working on it until you get it the way you'd like it to be. If you feel comfortable, please put your 12 months super goal in the comments section. If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, I look for to helping you create your most desired life. One month at a time. Thank you. 5. Gratitude, Drops, and Adds: Now let's focus on what you'd like to create over the next 30 days in this workbook. What we're gonna do is have you go one step at a time and getting clear about what's worked for you over the last 30 days and what you'd like to see that you're gonna create in your life in the upcoming time. Now in here, some of the exercises in the parts of this are going to support where you're going when they help with the thought process to get you in the right space. Some people might say, Well, wait, I could just write down on a piece of paper with my goals are and yeah, you can do that. And if that works for you, that's awesome. I find it's best for me to do a little bit of a recap and get clear about what's been working what's not been working when it like when I don't like and that process that helps me get a lot more clarity about where I'd like to find myself and would like to go in the future as you get better and better at this will take less and less time to do it the first time I'm gonna walk you through the process and explain a little bit. Maura's. We do it you might find. Eventually you simply take out the worksheets and do it without any help whatsoever. The first thing we're gonna focus on is gratitude. In so many programs, coaching programs, in life, in literature and self help books, you hear so many people talk about the value of gratitude. And when you first hear that, it can sound like somebody's telling you, well, you know, you should be grateful. You should be thankful other people have it worse than you or whatever that might be. This is not a concept of coming from that place of what you should or shouldn't do. This comes from the concept of gratitude and appreciation being something that helps you really enjoy something more. So this is something I first really learned powerfully from one of the teachers. Somebody all might know Deepak Chopra, and he talked about the word appreciation when he talked about the idea that when you appreciate something, not only do you value it, but as the word also means when you talk in, let's say real estate or financial world. You make something worth more that thing appreciates. It becomes worth more to you, becomes more valuable to you. So a lot of gratitude and appreciation is about being present with what's already awesome, so that we can not only feel abundant and feel like things are good in our life and and see what already is not as a trick, but to really see what's already there. And it puts us in a higher energy state and a higher evolved state of being able to create more because we feel more powerful were in a more really just engage state that says yes, things were good. Things are powerful. I have a lot. I'm grateful for what I have. And knowing that I have been blessed makes it easier for me than to realise chances are gonna be blessed in the future. And I'm grateful for these things, and that energy puts us in a great space to get clear about what we want to create in the future. So I invite you to take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Take another deep breath in and slowly release that Jake. One more deep breath in and slowly release that, and I invite you to consider what are 10 things that you're grateful for. These might be 10 things that have occurred over the last 30 days. Well, there might just be 10 things in general. What are 10 ways that you're blessed? 10 ways that your supported 10 ways that, you know, life is good. And now, invite to consider what are some things you'd like to let go off from your life. So while we can be grateful, we can also identify things that we don't want to be a part of our life. I encourage you to think about five things you like to drop from your life. It might be external things or internal things. It might be that you want to drop your expectations or you need for perfection. It might be that you want to drop certain relationships that aren't serving you. Maybe you want to drop certain habits that don't take you where you'd like to go, or you'd like to drop certain investments, whatever that might be. And the now consider what are three things you'd like to add to your life. What are three things that would make your life more joyful, more happy, more efficient, more fun, more abundant. And at any time pause the video to complete this. And when you're ready, move on to the next section. 6. Progress, Obstacles, and Lessons: Now I invite you to consider what are some things that you've made progress with over the last 30 days? These might be things that you have made happen. Maybe there's things that have happened for you or co created by you. What are some things that have happened that made your life better over the last 30 days? And once you've written those think about a few things that did not go the way you planned . What are some obstacles that got in your way that kept you from moving as quickly as you like? Were kept you from making the progress you wanted to see or things that just outright annoyed you? And then what are 10 lessons you've learned over the last 30 days? These might be life lessons. These might be specific lessons to relate to education or your job or a specific piece of knowledge. They might be relationship lessons on how to treat people better, or how to ask for what you most want in a relationship. Whatever those are, take the time now and positivity if you need to to complete this until you feel satisfied with your answers. 7. Your Monthly Growth Topic: in this section, we're gonna do some research. What I would encourage you to do is to learn something. And that means whether be taking some sort of mini course or just simply reading an article watching an educational video, whatever's on your mind, it could be that you already know what your goal is gonna be for the upcoming month, and you might watch something educational about that topic. Or maybe you're not sure what you want to have your goal be for next 30 days. But there's things you always wanted to learn. Suggestion is to learn something and write some notes about it. Learn some information. Take down your notes, maybe look at a couple different articles on it. This is gonna be the foundation for you being able to do self directed learning and leveraging the vast amount of information that's on the Internet, some of its not so good. But a lot of it's really high quality. And the difference between a lot of coaching programs that people pay a lot of dollars for , and simply self study is in the coaching programs. The focus is on implementation of the content. Well, if this program the 30 day Growth Club is focused on implementing content and implementing ideas and strategies. You'll notice that there are plenty of strategies you can find on YouTube, videos, podcasts, other books or give away books that experts perhaps give with where you opt in for an email address or so forth. So this is really about you committee until learning something new every single month. Now, if you're not sure what that topic is, you can wait until after you set your goal for the month and come back to this. But I encourage you outside of this program, be looking to learn something new. It really goes to that same concept of looking at school. If you talk to some kids and they only want to learn what they learn in school, and then there's others that want to learn more outside. If you look at employees, some employees say, I'm only gonna learn whatever I'm taught inside my job and the ones that evolved use your the ones that are reading outside articles or learning something new, our constantly growing. So the theme of this is just to be learning something new, growing in some way. It might or might not be information that directly serves you. And you can always circle back if you find that you have a more precise goal or you studied one thing, and then you said you're going to want to learn more. But somewhere in here we want you getting new information from other sources other than just your inner circle of friends and family and from outside sources that give you a sense of a different perspective of what's going on the world or with your goal with the industry or whatever it is you're aiming for. Once you complete this, then you're ready to move on to the next section. 8. Your Goal(s) for Next 30 Days: now let's create a new vision and a new focus for your next 30 days. If the next 30 days went the way you'd like to see them go, what would be some of the things that would change for you? What would be different or new in your life? Results wise activity wise, That's not currently in your life. And if you had to identify five specific changes in your life, what would those five changes be? Thes five changes might or might not happen. Maybe only one of them happens, but we're creating a vision of what we'd like to see happen. If you could Onley achieve one new thing over the next 30 days, what would that one thing be? And if you were able to complete that goal, what would be to other things you'd focus on? These are things that might or might not happen. They might be the next steps after your first goal, so maybe they're actually a goal for 60 days or 90 days from now. But if you completed your first goal, you move on to these. What would you want to see happen if you already? John, your main goal completed 9. Your Game Plan(s) and 1 New Habit: Now let's move beyond the stage of simply setting the goal and look at what it would take for this to happen for your first goal. What actions would you need to take in order to support this goal happening? And when would you need to complete them by? And if that worked out for you, what actions would you need to take to support your second goal? And when would you need to do those by? At this point, I want to encourage you to consider that your second goal might have nothing to do with your first goal, in which case you might be working on both of them at the same time. Sometimes I'll have a business goal that I'm working on during my workdays, and I'll have a personal goal that I will work on on my days off so they don't necessarily have to interfere with each other. But we definitely want to be clear about what is that first most important goal that you're gonna take action towards and you're gonna most focus on making sure it happens. And what would be the game plan for your third goal if you set one? What would you need to do? And when would you need to do it? And what key habit would most support you? Achieving your number one goal? This habit might or might not support your second or third goals, but it definitely needs to support your first goal. What happened would make it almost guaranteed that you would at least do everything that's in your power to execute your game plan for your goal number one, something that's so critical to remember this whole process is sometimes will execute our game plans exactly as we've set them out, and we might not achieve our goal. But at least if we executed our game plan, we can know that we're person who honors our word. We make things happen, and then we can change our plan accordingly. This is far easier than if we don't honor our action plan. So what? One habit would support that and make? It is likely as possible that you're action plan gets implemented for your goal number one , and that you're successful with that. Take a much time as you need to complete this, know that you can change it or tweak it later. Do you have any questions on this? Please let me know and then we can move on to the next section 10. Commitment, Accountability, and Progress: any time we're making a commitment to do something, our willingness and our ability to execute what we've committed, Teoh is critically important. And so is our willingness to do what we said we were gonna dio. I want to invite you now to make a no excuses commitment to executing your game plan, as best is possible. In fact, executed 100%. This does not guarantee your goal will happen. But if you do execute your plan, you'll know that you did everything in your power to do this. So if you read the commitment, it says, I commit myself 100% spirit, mind, heart and body to achieve in my primary goal in the next 30 days. That means doing everything in your power to make that happen. If you're willing to make that commitment and on Lee F, I invite you to sign this and put a date on. If you're not sure, I encourage you to say I'm not sure and write that on there because at least you'll be clear with yourself. So I dont talk you into saying, Yes, you have to do this in the next 30 days. The focus of This is evolution every 30 days, but it also needs to be true. If you know you're about to go on a three week vacation and this is a goal that maybe should be for the following month, then that's more accurate and you can still move towards it. You could be clear with yourself. Say, Yeah, I'm just gonna move towards it. I'm not fully committed to it this month. The integrity of yourself is huge. Now, if you're open and doing this, find yourself an accountability partner. It could be somebody You see who's taking this program, whose maybe made some comments here or in the community and find somebody who you know that you're going to report to them, whether they're doing something or not, whether they do their plan or not, that you're gonna report to them, that you're doing your plan and you're giving them updates of what you're doing. And in the wording of this, it kind of assumes that you have somebody who's working on this with you, so if you can encourage somebody else to do this work as well, that could be very powerful. But you might not have somebody who's doing this? It might be a simplest. You ask somebody. Is it okay if I email you once a week to let you know where I'm doing And where I'm going on this project? Because I want to make sure I'm doing this. I respect your opinion, and I want to make sure that I'm reporting to somebody who I'm gonna feel kind of a little bad if I don't keep up to my word and I don't do what I say, what I'm gonna dio. And then finally, I would invite you to make progress reports here on your piece of paper. These are going to the progress reports. You're gonna be emailing to the person you're keeping in touch with. I also encourage you to put your progress updates in a very short form. Whenever you feel like sharing comfortable sharing inside the area below as well, people will support you. People were encouraged you. If you're sharing what you're doing, he will be likely to help you if they're able to do so. And this is where we really get over that last part of just having something like a personal growth book that maybe we've read that sitting on our shelf and we haven't taken action on. This is where we need that support, whether it's from simply reporting to somebody or share with somebody what you're doing. And if you don't know somebody who you can report with, send me an email or communicate with me through the website and I'll see if I can find somebody for you. And if not, you can do that with May. So I invite you to get clear on this about your commitment to yourself. I invite you to really take this seriously and not sign it until you're ready, but do if you are four to, as always, helping you create the life you most desire. Now we're gonna look at some of the tools in the next section that you can use to help you make sure this gets implement. I honor you for your work, and I thank you for your commitment and afford helping you create the life you most desire . One month at a time, 11. Implement Powerfully with Your 30-Day Checklist: congratulations on creating your 30 day growth plan. Now we look at is how you can help Make sure this happens. There are a few different tools we have you can use to help you follow up. Feel free to use any or all of them. You might not need all of them. I'm gonna start first with the simplest one, and that's the 30 day checklist. On the top of this, you simply write what your 30 day goal is and your 30 day habit and then on a daily basis, if there's a specific thing you're doing that supports that goal, you can take some time in the morning. Get clear. What is it you need to do to execute that day? Most of these ideas will come from your game plan when you created your game plan back in your 30 day plan. But there's other ideas or no to things that pop up. Put them in there for your today's goal. Then you want your progress for that day and also right what you're grateful for. And then finally you indicate whether you completed your habit or not. I'm gonna suggest this is gonna be one of the best things for you to use to report to your accountability partner. This is gonna be a simple way to really look at. How well are you honoring your plan? And how likely is it that you're going to be successful at the very least at implementing your plan and perhaps also at achieving the goals you've set out? So we don't want to just set goals and do nothing with them? We don't just put him out there and hope they happen. We want to be following through and even more so if we don't see our goals get achieved, we want to know what happened. It's a lot less disheartening if you realize that you Onley implemented two days out of a month and you didn't achieve your goal, then if you implemented 30 days and didn't achieve your goal. But if you implemented 30 days and didn't achieve your goal, the thing about that that's awesome. As you know, you took action and you simply might need a different plan. Or it might just take a while working that same plan for things to manifest and show up and results toe happen. Not all results show up right away. In fact, most take time. So this checklist could be a simple way to hold yourself accountable to your plan you've created to create the progress in the transformation. Your life. You like to see you have any questions in this, Let me know. It's always look for helping you create the life you most desire one month at a time. 12. Leverage a 30-Day Calendars: Another powerful way you can track your progress is to use one of our calendars, and what you can do is at the top of the calendar. Simply put your name, your 30 day goal and your 30 day habit. And then, if you like, you can simply use a regular calendar and right what it is you need to do on each of those days and then see if you did those things. Now you can write in your own numbers if you like. We have some other calendars with different numbers already put in them, and this is the more generic calendar that allows you to write your own content in it. And we also have a more detailed calendar that allows you to write whatever is your goal for that specific day. Indicate how much progress you made. So 100% progress, or 80% progress where the number is, and then to put a check mark. If you completed the habit on that day, so you can be really just big picture looking at the overall situation and what is you need to do and use this like a desktop calendar and your calendar you've used before to write down What is you need to do? And maybe just circle if you did it or right on it, whatever you like or if you like, something more specific, you can use this to be clear about exactly what was the goal for that day. What progress did you make and what happened? So is an example. Here. I could say that my goal for the day is to complete my plan, and my progress is 100%. I completed my plan and let's say my habit was to exercise that day. I exercise that day so I could do this in a very simple way to look at what I'd like to see happen and track that each day of the month so I can maintain my progress, see how I'm doing and see where I'm going now. If any of you all have also taken part of any of my coaching around working a four day work week, I have the same calendars available in a four day workweek style. Whether week is simply arranged in a different order so you can focus first on doing your work week and then having your weekend days. Put separately, if you have questions on that, you can go to four day workweek dot com to check that out. So I hope you find that calendar helpful. If you have any questions on this, please let me know. And there's always look for helping you create the life you most desire. One month at a time, Thank you. 13. The 2-Page Plan: Once you've created and implemented your 1st 30 day growth plan in the future, you might decide that you either want to do it with or without the videos, and you might want to simply do the form by yourself. You might also decide that you want to do a shorter version in the form. If you prefer. We have a two page version, the form that can help you do it a little more quickly. If that serves you, as in the other forms we focus on, what are you grateful for? What things do you want to drop from your life? What do you want to add? What progress you've made over the last 30 days? What are some of the obstacles you faced? What lessons have you learned, and what area do you want to focus on for your growth that month? Then you can focus on your vision for the next 30 days. The changes you'd like to make your main goal and the game plan that supports that main goal. You can then focus on putting your signature to your commitment, finding your accountability partner and making your progress update so you can decide you prefer going with the full programme, the full workbook and doing all of it, or maybe still easier for you to do things in a way that's a little lighter and a little simpler. Well, you also find is if you want to inspire other people to take this up and they're maybe not quite as committed as you, this can be a great place to start. This could be somewhere that you perhaps involve your Children. If you want them to start getting involved in some sort of goal setting process, that's not too long, but gets them thinking something as simple as this congest them looking at. How do they make things happen without expecting that things were gonna happen for them and taking action, working towards something that's important to them? I hope you find this helpful for any questions in this. Please let me know. It's always look forward, helping you and all those around you create the life you most desire. One month at a time. Thank you 14. Engage Your Kids in the Process: If you're a parent like I am, there's a good chance it's important for you to help your Children grow and learn develop. One of the more challenging things sometimes is how to engage our Children without forcing . Things are pushing things in the full 30 day growth plan. We have accountability, follow ups and we have checklists and we have calendars and those are things that hopefully for us is adults will support us, and even for us, might be a little bit more than we want to do. Sometimes what will encourage you to consider is even with the two page plan, if you can get your Children just to look at it and do part of it every 30 days, Or maybe they just write out the plan when they don't have the follow checklist every day, depending on their age, depend on their motivation what they're working towards. It might not be great to push them, and yet at the same time it might be very helpful to at least getting them thinking about the connection between their goals and the action they take on their goals in order making their goals become a reality. If you have any feedback on this? I'm also all years as a parent of always looking to see what I can learn from. I've done stuff like this with the kids, that coach for basketball, inviolable, my my son, my daughter's friends. And like with most things, some will respond really well to it. About 10 to 20% really run with it. Another 30 to 40% kind of take it on another 30 to 40%. Don't even only take it on it all. So it's not about putting a huge expectation on yourself. But it could be something to get your kids to take a step forward towards things that are important to them and additionally, the 12 year goals and or the annual goals. By month, the monthly goals could be something that's helpful for them. Just show it to him, let him take a look at it and let them play with it. And if they embrace it, great even better. If they decide to create their own version of, I really encourage you to not be attached to what I've created. And if they look until I like this I don't like this, have them create their own. And I'd also love to see that if they do that, because I, too, am learning how to reach Children in a way that is powerful but not overwhelming. And all jokes aside, those also might be things that help us adults because we're also pretty overwhelmed as well. Sometimes too. So thank you for doing this. If you have any feedback on this, let me know. As always, afford helping you. Your family, your loved ones, your Children create the life you most desire. One month at a time. Thank you.