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2D animation - Introduction to Toon Boom - Lets create your first character

teacher avatar Sajeev .G Nair, Learn, Teach and Repeat

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Class project


    • 3.

      Creating new scene


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Importing images and assets


    • 6.

      Basic drawing tools


    • 7.

      Creating the head shape


    • 8.

      Using of shape tools


    • 9.

      Creating facial details


    • 10.

      Creating character body


    • 11.

      Finishing the drawing


    • 12.

      Creating color palette


    • 13.

      Using gradient editor tool


    • 14.

      Coloring rest of the drawing


    • 15.

      Rendering the Final Image


    • 16.

      Thank you


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About This Class

In this class, we will learn an introduction to the toon boom harmony premium. by the end of this class, you will be able to create a new scene, learn to use drawing tools, create and organize color pallets and create your own character which is ready for rigging and animation. This class is created for a complete beginner, but still, anyone who is interested to learn the industry-standard 2D animation software can enroll and learn to create amazing animations for youtube, professional works, and other visual media. To follow the course you will need a copy of the harmony premium, which you can get from the official toon boom website for trial. I hope all of you are ready and let's explore the world of animation.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sajeev .G Nair

Learn, Teach and Repeat


Hi, I am Sajeev G Nair, I am a 2D and 3D animator and Motion designer with years of experience in teaching and working in the Animation industry located in India. I will be teaching everything from graphics design to 3D and 2D animation in my courses. You are always welcome to ask doubts and questions related to the course you are following. I wish all of you good luck and hope you will learn something new from all of the courses I am teaching. I wish you all good luck and happy Learning.

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1. Introduction: Welcome to this class on introduction. Don't want family premium. My name is said you a maturity and a three d animator In this class, you will be learning and you tradition returned home harmony. By the end of the class, you will be able to create a character off your own with the tools and techniques you'll be learning from the cost, you can download a trial version off the software on the official website once again will come to the class and let's big. 2. Class project: though the class project will be to create a character off your own, using all the tools and techniques are you have learned from the class. Make sure toe take me any reference and the create a concept drawing before starting the process in the software. Once you have created the character, share the come share, the final output with the community and social media and a big Lord awful a difference. You can use Google images or appeal just for Lord off. Good images. And there you can make your own character and make sure that you're following all the process. Best off lack. 3. Creating new scene: So once you have opened up harmony, you will get there will come window just like this. You can see on the left side We have a place for creating in your seen on the right said we have Ah please For the opening our existing seems recent files we have created in harmony. So in the creating, using fast awareness name. So we will give a name. Call new character below that location so we can call the location, browse Burton and select the convenient location here I will say, like the documents on scapes here class select The folder next to scandalous is here. We have already have a number off three different cameras. Aces. You can select a There were no them according to their need. And if you want to create a custom, camera stays. You can conduct place better next to the camera says and you can give all the values were tied and frames per second. All that details and you're going to create your custom young bonuses. Once you have selected all three options, click on creating. Okay. No harmony has been opened up on the here. You can see Don't boom harmony seen new character washing your character, your out file names new Carrollton, and you can see a star next to the finally. That means that the current file has not been saved. So just will go to the file menu and save the file ones. So now you can see that star has been disappeared. So we'll just go back to that folder. So yeah, I have, ah, documents and skill share Class agency. Ah, told Mom already created a for little called new character. Oh, dear. Folder, You can see a number off different falters like elements in Norman Flames and Exeter. And some supporting files also are there. So here are mean finalists new character dot extend These are mean fell. Since these are all are supporting fells when you have in your shift at the or move that off all that or that filed a different location or a different computer, make sure that you're coping the entire folder. If you don't copy, they and therefore that they will be a problem with the file. They will be filed missing and other issues will be occurring. So make sure that you're copying the entire folder in order, though moved to a different location or exist up. That's it for this video. See, in the next one 4. Workspace: So once you opened up Germany, it's just like him in this After you can see me New bar on the top left side, we have our told our bottom said we have a timeline and the Wright said We have multiple panels containing different different options. And here is the camera view. While the animation, all the drawings, everything will be created in the camera. So once you open apart money, the default dock space will be here. You can see a little bit selector if you please contact were dropped on me. Knew the anti air number off different workspace Han drone compositing Any mission and scripting if you select are different, like a hand or the interface will be changed in tow. Handwara interface and it is useful. Full creed and don't and emissions on. You can see here all the panels, everything has been delayed for hand on an emissions and at the same time, we can actually create our own workspace and save it for our own custom. Usage will do that. You can click and drag each panel and undergo. After that, we can read up them in tow. Any place we need in order dough. Elaine them according to our need, you can select. Divide us and you can move them toe make the panels can be God's more according to her need . Once you have done all the danger, we can go toe window box space and you can save the workspace. When you say at Oxford the currency experts will be saved in tow which oh, over workspace you have selected in this case If I saved this fuck space, it'll be see very dirty for dark space. You can always Sorry said the workspace way. I'm going to the window menu and restore default workspace. He will reset all the panel streets or general speed, please. No, As you can see, all the panels have been reeling in tow. It's orginal place. One more thing you can see is the you know what I'm moving. My most were different panels they deserve read highly. It is coming and sell, showing that that that particular panel is selected in before this option will not be turned on toe. Do that. You can go to edit menu, the friends and in the general tab you can select focus on more center. We can enable that and press OK. This option will enable you to access each panel. We thought clicking or selecting you can just most of that particular panel and you can use that by any shortcuts are letter to the particular panel. You can add extra new panels by clicking on the bless acre next to a panel and you get select A. They were not different panels in orderto Adam. And if you want oh, close any panels, you can select the particular panel and pressing the cross. I can't on that panel. It'll delete. So that's it for this video. See you in the next one. 5. Importing images and assets: I guess they come back. So let's go over on how to import images in the Harmony Premium. So here agency, I have a background created in 40 shop and you can see all my layers has been reached to different fallen for different folders. And it is important our instrument folders on this is how harmony will recognize them. And that's a break them into different layers. So to import that these files this images in the harmony, so just save the file ones. After that, I will open harmony here. First, go to the file menu and import from here. Select images for one thing, importing the individual pop up here faster. Begin selecting images by picking on the browse burden, and we'll go to documents. The class will select background image. I want you opened up for us to be our layers panel first, or we will select read single layer names. Electorate after that, Just below that, we have important options here. We have a different options for importing as a tone boom bit map. What on will make the drawings for now? We will keep it as what is a little bit map image. Elaine mond. I will select fit and for transparency, things all the files Aaron separately is and we want to keep the transparency as it is. So for that we will just select street. So that means all the transparency on the border generally midget will keep the same elect once we have selected all that. If you press OK, one more window will be opened up here. You can see one message with some of the items you are important containing multiple layers . Please indicate how used these items to be important. So here on the create button, we have three different options we can import. These files are a single layer Onda groups as layers on individualised things. We how can arrange it all the layers into different groups. I will select groups are layers under transparency us earlier Real select street. After that, we'll just click. Ok, I know you can see that agreement has been appeared in the camera view on we have a four different images and the mean file name will be background as we selected and water file flare names we have agreed, given that will follow after the background me So we here we help background for after that layer name for countries. Then trees on ground on sky like that. Different names. So here you can see that off. Our file has been appeared, but it's not matching with our camera. However, camera view so toe make them want toe. Resist them. The camera size so fast we have what we are to do us. They will select that Here we can see one tool is there for transform. Tool is there will just select the grand from gold and make sure that you're just a ball that you can see. I can offer character running. We can just take and hold on it and they will attain off. Animate off will sell adoption for animal off because we're not currently animating this still option. We're just giving it to fit the camera because off that we will just keep the animal off or nothing mochi frames will be created or anything like that. Well, just sell it. I will say, like the first layer in the timely and the holding shift. I will say like the last letter. When they do that, will the in we do lane letters will be selected. So next thing is I against elect um So if you don't hold shift, that aspect ratio off the images will be not keeping correct. So legal states and squash, we can see it can see here. So if I hold shift, the aspect ratio off the image will be kept the same only so we will just scale it so that the majors will freak for a camera. You know, you can see that the majors has been, uh, Elinda for our camera view. And the next thing, but you can see, is here we can see that our all off layers is only visible for one free. So if I take conduct off blame selected and if if I move it, you can see that it's not visible for other frames. So we wonder. We want to extend that exposure to the rest of the, then see a regency before to be how 60 flame selected for. We want to make sure that all the layers has been exposed till that six different do that first table select, just like earlier. Fast, it'll say, like the last frame off the first layer and holding shift. I resented the last frame off the last layer and I didn't know I will. Right? Click it again. See? Extend expulsion. What again? Press a fi own keyboard. I'll prefer that Really? So we'll be doing this throughout the video throughout the course will be doing multiple times. So remember that short got ifwe for extending explosion. So once you enable that you can see now that layers has been export 0 60 frames. Next thing is if you want to extend that you would tame bling like how many frames has been exposed to know? So now with the default, we have 60 frames and Agencia red color bracket at the end. If you can move it, you can extend the frame exposure. You can extend them toe more toe How are the more frames on? Do you can shrink them? Don't make less frames One more we can do us We can go to the scene Meenu And here we can see seeing length here under weaken here we can give how many frames we want if we want for different Regan gift of difference and this okay toe singled off 50 frames of it. So this is one vato do that. So here we already have a number four differently medicine against. So sometimes when you make multiple layers, it'll be crowded. So if you want toe if you want, I want to keep everything organised. We should create the folders to do that, we can select our all the layers, like selecting the faster one than pressing shifter. We can select all the layers. Then they feel select right click hand here against group selection or control G. If you do that, it is all the layers will be a raised in the one single group. We can use that less and miners Aikens expand or shrink that four layers. Oh, it would be more organized for no eldest high data images. Make it. I can. I can. That's how real important images in tow. Harmony. So let's go over on how we can important other assets and the templates in harmony. So do that. First will go to the library panel reveal located on rights, Italy with the default, and if you are not able to find library panel, you can go to the indoor menu and select label. Once you open up live labor, you can see two different area on the left side, we have our different folders. And if you select that folders off your roommate container, maybe your vision will not coming because you just may be installed or you're not in the added anything into the library. So here I already have a number of templates. And right, sir, the water files we have added I will be visible. So here you can see on the Harmony Premium Library. There is a log, but that means currently were not able to import any fires because it's been locked here. Agency. If I select that folder and try to right click and import, it'll show one pop up message. Tondo Harmony Premium Library is a read. Only that means we're not able to import any files currently to import files in tow. That we because the right click on that particular fault, if the folder is locked, I take on the Fuller Onda. Then we can see one option called right to modify. If you click on that, that that look will be disappeared and you can goto that particular fallen and to create a new folder for that we will can see one folder has been created. We'll just rename it us back out. So we will select the folder on Down on the Right Side Will Say Right click and the import files and the here you can see on the supported files it has been showing those SW Fells Adobe Illustrator files video files for the demonstration because I have a converter or background into a PDF file. Reagan see background or radio with a select the file and they open. So it's opening, so here wants it openly. We will get the proper for renaming the felt were currently l just press OK, so you can see that that image has been appeared in that folder called a Background, or PPL. People fell off the rack template files and one thing. Make sure that we know you're saving. You are tuned boom files or library. Make sure you're saving you toe to a local drive, so because if it's in the tour, know if the network is not available, there will be a problem with accessing library fells. Make sure that you are saving you to the local Dr so once it has been important, you can see that. You know, the file has been appeared on that right. Now begin this dragon, Drop that file into this camera view, and we can see that the file has been appearing here. Well, no. Begin selling the and re Sezam on just like before, holding shift. And we can resist them according door need. And we can give the exposure as we need. We can select the last frame or how war frames we want began select them and oppress five toe under exposure. So this is all you'll import our illustrator files dot swf files. That means flash our files and video files in tow. Harmony, premium. So 12 other this files into library. If you goto library, these files will always be there on that. This wells will be saved into the local document for those Elect so you can look at them anything for any projects. Oh, that's it for this video. So you in the next one 6. Basic drawing tools: in the last video we went over How very important images and assets in tow Harmony premium on by the window Help! Do you use library panel? So in this video we will be learning how to use basic drawing tools and other medicals So fasting we have to learn how to create a basic drawing layers Or to do that buster Here you can see the place saying if you can't hold on if you could Cornet, you'll get a number off options to create different kinds off layer Here we how born later camera, color, car different, different things we can see up. So here what? We want to create this drawing live well here you can see the option drawing The shortcut is for creating during Larry's control So discreet Conroy and a little name it us going Just name it is drawing test a present Begin on close So now you can see a layer created with the name drawing best. So just for the first delivered will be going forward These old restored so you can see here on the third molars are vegetal on how this tool is looks. Is it actually if you have a pen down are digital. Display it up. If you're connected with, it will work with the pressure off the pain. So that means if you're using, that's pressure, the line thickness and ah allow the components related to that particular brush. It will be showing like small lanes on may be less a passivity on the small town of like, kind of things. When you use more pressure, it'll the line will be thicker on they will show off 100% of positive Smoking is another thing that letter to that particular fresh so you can best by drawing lines with the less animal pressure by doing back on. If you go over to the right side here, we can see a panel called Tool Properties on. If you're not able to find told properties, we can go to the window menu on the year we can find all properties. So now we have selected Bristol so old properties later that the Bristol will be visible in the cold properties. First thing we can see the minimum diameter that is the size off the British. How much because we want the rest will be or we get on just a maximum size there. The 2nd 1 This moving when you're drawing, maybe if you're do are drawing pain, befriend many mission. It's always better. The house, um, smokiness turned on. That way. We're drawing lines. The lines will be much more smarter that he you can see that of in your drawer lane because we added smart enough, you automatically smooth out the lines. The lines will be more straight on call. Now the lines will be more perfected that we already have a number off rece presents available with us. So if you want to change any of the bridge, if you want to change any properties off a bridge, begin to select out that British Onda. We can click on the arrow next to that that will open up the dish properties. Here we can change a number of values what the steep should be. If it's around Diamond Square, that kind off people be. We can change Onda below that we have a number of different values on Ah, deafness angle, that kind of things. What you did then all that by picking Wanda, I confer, creating new British. You can savour does it new British. And once you save that, the British will be available at the border. Malta. Bishop Alec will begin select our own custom Russian, the Wigan drawn. We can create our drawings one month thing this Maynard reallocating breast strokes. One thing we heard, though, will be available to stack each breast stroke is a single object. You can see I actually created a when drawing here against the wedding Select Bristol. Each off the stroke is it's separating. So that means we know they're creating drawing. Make sure that you are keeping this in made. So I've been new, creating multiple strokes like this. Yeah, it may be getting too much on the software Might be getting slow so that they are they gonna do us. Once you created older drawings, we can say that the entire talks and you can go to the tour properties here we have flattened option at the end off the oil in the operation. Never the end. We can see known optional video. If you click conduct here again. Seeing highlighting, flatten Just drawing objects on Greece strokes into a single layer. If you click on that well that separated drawings will be converted into one single drawing that we have in our area. Selecting that drawing it will be a single object. The teacher one is connected. Now you can see only few off the campaign because they're not connected together, if you can. If everything is connected to together, all of them will be converted into one single stroke. That way we can under how Maney miss Breast Rocks were cleared. Let's say you are not able to do that so before handle everyone you want to do that or why duo your drawings? If you set the breaststroke bristol, you can see the same option here on the bridge stolen so it's available. Auto flatten. That means platinum your lines into the existing artwork is what we're drawing. We know that drugs are connected. You do automatically flat and that all the strokes in the one single object you can see. Now I have drawn something, and if I select that one can see the means. Stroke is a single object on the world over is separately created that will be a safe, productive or that will begin here. Make sure that all the strokes were creating. It's a single stroke So that sub restore on next one, we will go over pencil. So earlier we have learned how Greystone Books so on extremely will go. What happened since the works? It's actually quite similar to the breast. Or so you can see here also for very big painkillers off the precious introducing everything looks dissing, little licked So you can see I never I'm going with more pressure and more pressure The lines will be more taker. The special means like length will be peanuts. Onda like that only so in total property is also the housing properties mean one is maximum science Pinson size Onda smokeless. After being a pencil, strokes will be there Below that, we have ah, number of presets for pencil Onda just below the smoking. We can see one more option Start on, uh, in and joined. So this is showing the new Glodok creating a pencil stroke the deep The starting tip off the pencil stroke will be around with the default little bit around. That's what the here joining. And if you could turn the hold on it, you can see one more option will be there that this flag option will be there. So if you select flat option on, that means venereal creating in your stroke. Starting off that the stroke will be flag for saying the same thing with Peter in India. And also, if the if it's in around, that means they will be around Onda. If you select flat that wants a little red flag. So next we go over how we raise it all works. Before that, I don't just mean a few strokes with the relationship ends up. Yeah, we have a recent, totally rested stories, just like many of the software. It'll just very stuff of our door drawings you have created you can really is using the This is so in the Dole properties, we have the similar properties dislike in a brush tool and the principal. We have ah, Simone size and a few reasons for a reason. Next, we will go over the difference mean difference between Bristowe Onda pencil so fast it'll create a few strokes national and defensive. Here you should sell it the second don't corn daughter leader, the store on the White island or if you select that Andi. If you press the conduct of breast stroke. You can see the points at the jump off that structurally. So if you want to 80 you have to eat the points. Each of the plans and you hado change in order donated the stroke. That means if you want, does it the stroke? You have facility in their point. I don't need you. And there you are. Don't move them. So that does Bristol on that the same time you select the incidental you can see the points are descended off the principal Since the bigness is uh since the sicknesses are consistent roared I enter princess stroke It is quite easy. Don't get it the stroke That way we can easily seeing the strokes on the water where design or water shape we want comfort of the sport Onda each of these tools how they're on I do nt just I mean when we're doing creating drawings or mean basically to create strokes and or Bristol is the But that's also the pensionable Wednesday But that took the agreed truffle colors and all Bristol is better. So that is the main difference. We're doing a pencil and a vegetable, But in the next video we will go other tools in detail. On day we will be start creating our own character. That's it for this we don't see in the next one. 7. Creating the head shape: I guess we'll come back. The last few videos we went over the basics off. How important images and acids Window harmony Onda We went over on the basics are drawing tools like a brush tool pencil on the resettles. So from this we knew we d own words. We will be start creating our own garica, using the basic tools on a few more tools and techniques, so hope you're ready so we will start so before we're starting lived the previous class. Are we actually important that this background images into harmony? So we will just keep only the mean believe background image and the remaining all the files we will just delete to delete that you can select a particular layer on their timeline and that you can call them minus. They can totally delay us, so we will just keep the bag known. That's it. This and we will just hide it by clicking Wonder the disabled layer I can. So we'll hide that layer by disabling getting on the disable a record. So I know we will be importing a concept. So now we will important concept image. I have already prepared area. The selector file import. You made this just select D Mich All that options we will keep as a taste like major option . Keep us original bit map a lean, mean Toby fit under transparency to be straight, we'll just click OK on in the pop up menu of things. I want all the layers to be a single layer and just select a single earlier Onder transparency Straight and Press OK 01 more thing are so zooming and so much you have to use number one for sumo and number two subsuming. So no, you can see in other emit our image. Character difference image has been important indoor timely. This is how the friends so for not dis look that layer this more than layer A bought a bag room later, and then I will just look it all that I will not accidentally moved or anything like that. So this image I have created in for the shop for for this adorable purpose So we will be a leaning or let off basic drawings, tools and creating on the finally will be creating this character and then we will be preparing it really for on character digging and the future will be animating this character so and to start growing faster, we need to have a few layers doing layers to be set up. So don't do that. Previously, we learned how to create the drawing layers. There is one more option eyes there. You can see it button here for adding drawing less if you could conduct, you have, ah, get a pop up menu window for creating layers. So here are all the line at all the colored everything we will be creating under the Terra lips so faster we will be creating for character heads. So for doctor with me, yeah, character underscore character head early and they just are. When you want to add multiple layers you after naming it, you can displace add button on. That particularly will be added with our timeline. So next to warn us in that I had literally we want to how our separate all that the companies we want a separate like right Isa Break left, I celebrate. I rose to be separate on the characters Glass Toby, Second separate. So to do that, we will name all that separately faster, and we will create a mode and then we'll press pack. All right, underscore. I left Underscore. I write. I brought then left eye, bro. And finally Oh, get a gun knows and Nanosys after adding all the less well, just press close in order to close all the windows So now you can see all the lands. Everything has been created. Eso faster. We will create the basic aid ship. In order to do that, we'll just select the first early foster creatively that this character head layer just room into the Garrick under treatment. After selecting the layer here, you can see one Ah, I can offer. This is like table. If you can enable that I can see that suddenly all the layer except our drawing the current select earlier Everything will be freed out These issues for us to create the liner. Obviously this way. So So we really enable the light table and will start drawing things. So after enabling them like table, make sure that you are taking on the enemy. The burden on the training animate off Well, we're just creating the character on. We will be creating this character for popular and emission. That means we will be reading this character Onda, we will be using that the character in orderto do the animation So we will turn off the animate but end up wonder writes it off the agenda in camera panel you can see the place named Il Nancy. Currently we are underline big This is useful for to create lineup on Colorado. That means in the Leinart section that this l highlighted by letter l here we will create all the lines are claims and everything on the When it comes to calorie we'll be using cholera act section So it is easy to organise lines on the color separately and it is easy for us to eat it in future. For union emission poppers or anything like that would be easy for us to read it. So we will select the line up section on We will go toe we go door paints a little and in principle well, just just a breast size first. I just keep the precise Toby five as default and smoothing on Keep around ar 15. Okay, Once you set up all that options, you can start drawing your character. Well, we will just go each up that lines Onda. We create the character now you don't have the border about all the cross sections and extended on the other little bits and pieces, Doctor, we will be removing in the kicking up section and now we're just going over and creating the basics lane out. - Or we meet this goal each off that lines Onda we will basic and Theodoric addict Theodore drawing as perfectly as we can. And if you're not able to keep a study and hand us, you can add the most muteness in orderto have the lanes more smooth there and the perfect No, I'll just keep it drawing. Okay, so now you can see I just finished up the basic for no I'll just hide the me our mean drawing are sold here You can see these are basic outline off our character head so you can see here Load off extra bits and pieces here and there we can see on Do we want to remove them? Onda came up. So did you say you also told for that one mental begin uses our selection told we can select And when you can see when you're Celik that extra parts when it's off that'll pencil lines has been Later you can select the extra parts like extra bits we can select and mislead. Delete that this one way toe. Remove the lines and the best way to remove the lines is toe used to cut it. Or if you click on the arrow next to the selection toe, begin C ah tool called the Contador. If you select cuddle, cuddle is useful for cutting parts off an image like drawings and removing like small bits and pieces like this. So once you selector select the card, it'll work. Uh, you can just drag on the extended piece like this. You can see this, but I don't want Toto believe that part of acid is working this drug. A line over that piece on Do do be removed. Well, this is the easy vedo. Remove that extra bits and pieces when you are drawing Onda, clean it up perfectly Oh, I will just go with the mean toy and I will be moved extra abusive And now you can see how the mood almost all the more be 10 pieces and everything. So one more thing you can see is Liga intersections like this how If I select our selection condo rated to tow and if I select DNC Lord off extra points on wondered points, you can see the one best of you to clean of this is to use small, smooth told. So if you click on Condor, editor told Arrow, next to the taro here, you can see smoother the once you select a smooth editor toll. We have a few options here in the Dole properties. And if you click on this bridge shaken. We have three different options on these British second Oneness Marquis, and the 3rd 1 is lost. So it was like the best tool wherever you how Lord off extra points when this paint over that area and, uh, after every Lord, automatically detect onder, remove that extra points on the second awareness of market. You can select an area and begin same thing a software will delete external wondered point here you can see if I select our while if it could want a tangle and it'll automatically the war external wondered points, and they're still, well, removing the points. Still, the tool will keep all the shapes, all the details assets for this is one easy way to remove extra points on diffused Teoh Oneto More points you can use the Condori leader and you can keep can delete on wondered points in orderto keep your drawing water cane. Same thing if you want to delete the lines. Also, you can select that the lines using going to read it and you can relive Ah hyun Urgency. I have deleted a number of points and here No, I have a gap. So in order to connect this gap properly, what I can do is I can use the Condor editor on the in the tool properties here a how on option all the snap and early. That means if I move one particular point to another, it'll automatically snap and it will compete so I can use this point and they can move that boy in tow. The next one also I haven't enable adoption will enable the option, and I can more that critical appoint and it'll automatically snap and Allen to the me at this point. And, uh, that way we can keep our drawing king. And this is since we have completed all basic your chip in the next video, we will go on and greed finish up the rest of the dry season. The next one 8. Using of shape tools: so in the last media will be used up Insult or the Creator Basic headship. Andi I have made a few litigating this in order to clean up their drawing a little bit better on de So In this video we will be using shaped holes to locate the rest off the drawings go faster. Next thing faster we will start creating over the characters glasses. So for that of the selectable glasses layer we have created earlier Onda, after selecting the layer, will go to the pool. So are the media and the here again see a toll shaped direct anger. So if you click conduct, you will get there a few different options Rectangle, ellipse line onda poorly ling So we have four different tools here we will be using rectangle told creator the glasses off your character so we'll just select the rectangle door and we will just draw a basic rectangle. Once you created the basic rectangle, you can select the the Condor editor you know, do you eat it? The points and they will just move the points towards I mean cornice. Okay, I want you move the corner like more than points to the right corners Here you can see our glass Sheep have ah around It's more like a round shape early. So our rectangle is to how straight lanes. So in order to make the lines more courage more round, we can hold on shift on and on each lane way new, more condo rated to tow the line. You can see that the listing changing into a narrow. So now we can click on move. When you move that you can see the line is becoming more cars. So, like using this option began, Arlene, eat all four lanes. You know, more cut of ships and begin eleni to our last ship. So I want you, uh, created basic ship Begin. Just select the that the basic mean shaper using shape Poland. We can just say control C and control be on. Begin this scale it down. And, uh, you can use our tools, other tools on the keyboard in orderto a Lindholm and they begin, I just Desai's here. If you want, I will make it to me more like maybe three more. I'll say four and four are mean shape or soil. The plane tick Mr before and once you have cooperation that begin on just the lines once for day, once more to Ali in the inside sheep offal character glasses. Okay, now you can live with seen Brazil on the other side. Off our character. I considered both the ship and you can see control see contrary and that we can move. Do that right location and we can I lend up. And if you were having problem with the leading the points properly, and if you can see if you click on that particular point, you can see X two extra lanes will be a pretty this base year angles you can use in orderto hated the shape off the car, shaking in order to read the ship more precisely more perfectly on. And this year we can keeper, drawing much more cleaner on the lines to be perfect girl, and that'll shape to be perfect. After completing that mean ship, we can use lying toll in order dope an index dropped, he says, for line. Also, Kida size to before or the rule the entire drawing the size will be direct. Will just brought two lines, connect both over right side and left their glasses you'll use a condo. Really? Don't talk. Make it a little car Onda. We can use Cut that told, Oh, delete extra bits and we will finish the drawing by completing the legs or for characters glasses. And we can use a Condor editor again one more day to make it a little bit better. So now that we have completed the glass ship in the next video, we'll complete way will create our characters Ice and I Bra's using a lip store. See your limits one. 9. Creating facial details: So in the last video we have completed, our character characters are glasses. Eso in this video will be creating on the ice off character. I Sendai blows off character. So really just select the right. I fussed in this room in a little bit. After that, we'll just select the shaped hole in there will select, relieve, stole and the size we will keep it. Three. Painting Mr Bedri and I will just draw are a lips. Once you created the in labs, we can select our your self selection tool way Will just Elaine in the dark are drawing perfectly. I want you have done that. You can just say copy and then you can select the left eye layer make and set based after that again, just more toe that night position and rotate. And Elaine it mattered that a sheep in the earlier video we actually forward to create do extra layers we have to create a do externally is for our characters, right and left eye pupils. So we'll just create that do extra layers. Discreet Kanda. The drawing layered, working and will say right. And now we will say left you think after creating that we can select Delius. Expect Julius and the Weaken Creed on Ali on your shapes. According Toa drawing. Okay, now that we have created the the ice ship way Wilmore, to create the the eyebrows for our character. So to do that same thing, we will repeat the same process will just select our earlier First we have selected All right, I brought and will go on if you land, we just create that circle first. After that are using the condori. Later we will just no and a lead in the points boarding door dry. And if you feel that our points are extra began to select the points and believe I want you deleted. If you click on a particular point, you can see extra busier handle Sarah Peary. You can use these. Busy it, Anders In orderto Elaine, our drawings perfectly. Onda, if use our altar burden, you can end usually manipulate the busier that the particular busier handle on Do you can Elin that lines perfectly. I want to How creator? That one say I broke for one senate in the Cilic that the particular I broke and say control. See Onda, we can select out there a Bryant layer and second or B and we can in the gold property in the operation section, we have, ah option for flipping the drawing here we can safely put asunder once that has been leveraging this move that life location, and we can just a Lamy rotate and Olynyk Who might you? So next we have to create the North or for character Onda Motor. Forget to create the north will just like the north layer and again decided Circle door or your lips start and they will discreet they'll an ellipse. And we will use our condo rated Olynyk according to our drawing. And here we can see in the North later if I I did for immediate a few parts off for no doesn't have that the extra lines. So we have to remove that. So in order to remove it perfectly, we can add extra points on the perfect position. So don't do to do that. If you select the line and the press control on the click on do you can add a extra points . After creating the extra point. Begin the Selic that particular I extended line and we can say believe and it will be lead on day. We will end up with the half circle on. We can use the busier handles toe in extra points and Ali lead or joy and began completely Troy. So now we have completed our north drawing on next to smoke. Well, just like the most. Totally after greeting the moat earlier you just used, Lang told. And we'll just create a street lane first. After that begin just a wound already tearing under tow. Make it so now that we have completed the entire head of character in it, you will just I mean drawing. And they know the complete video. And we contain off for the light people to see the completed Tony. So now we have completed that Aminzadeh beheaded In the next video we will become the new that drawing Onda We will finish up the character 10. Creating character body: I guess we'll come back. So in the previous video, we have completed Garrett ahead. So in this video we'll be finishing up the character drawing by completing the rest off the body parts. So first thing is we how toe either extra doing layers for our body pack for will start creating that first click Kanda drawing a layer but greeting, drawing layer button will say, uh, I mean discord mean body and Adam no, no. Right on. Well, I after that left off, then. All right, hand Onder left the hand, then right? All right, leg and we'll say left leg, then. All right. Sure. Onda left shoe. No, we how added all the extra layers. Onda here agency Our number off layers are building more and more. So since we have completed all the head layer part begin dist Ah, against them a well that mean head parts into one single folder. Or to do that with the selector, the top layer off our layer glasses on the last leader Character head on D will say controlled G that'll create there andare folder for their character head and the layer that we will mean with us. So that way we can easily organism and you three want We can hide them easily with one click away. Begin Haider in their character head. So next thing or fasting weirdo, You're dis characters, entire body. So just like the mean body layer Onda on We have to prepare for our character for proper digging and for an emission. So here we can see we need all of for characters limbs like and would hand and both legs to be separate so generally will be able to animate them and make an emissions much more easy . Because of that, we will create the body into a separate layer on the hands to be a separately. So like earlier Will Giulio, the any of the dolls begin used to create. So here t I use the bridge toll also reap in central in order to create a petition. So I'll just select the layer main body and I will stand on the lately swimming a little bit recites will keep it just five and I'll start doing ah here. You can see I actually created the body until the start off our legs. So for us, it will be easy if you create a body shape like this for us, it will be seen to manipulate the legs. Usually the doctor, they extended that the full body shape. Uh, I filled it starting off her legs. So now that we have completed the basic shape, we can Lindholm properly, we can delete text are with 10 pieces. Just select X Star on wondered appoints and begin Since in the last video, we have enabled the option for the nap Mandolin points together so we can snap the points together in orderto murdered system. Together, we just missed their supply lines under delete on wondered points. Once you have deleted all the extra and wondered point no, we can use our busier handles. And Elaine the lines perfectly again press shift In order to make the lines more Carvey Onda, we cannot Lindholm based on our different story just more this the entire points little bit words up. Okay, Now that we have completed the basic shape, we can add the extra details asses we have Ah, you, Nora. A definite strike just used a pencil door to complete the trying and I will use the cut toe delete all the extra pieces again. We'll use the cockpit door gain of the drawing. No, perfect any No chickens and we have finished the basic body shape. Now we will move on to create creating the hands and legs off our character. 11. Finishing the drawing: So in this video we will be finishing up the drawing, recreating the legs on the hands, hands and legs. Awful jet to create the hands and legs. We will be using the line. Dole goes the lines administrator So it would be easy where to create the hands and legs using better lentils. Just select the right arm layer. Onda will selector 19 I know that we are completely the basic lines. Begin this you so, uh, rule Strolin Deployments and the company t try. We can delete the extra points for using the card it'll like in our previous videos and, uh, next door. We will create that. I'd hand select the right hand layer and we'll use the pain sitter, and I will just draw the fingers I can use. That's more a little. It's more about the lanes, ends more perfectly andare deleting extra points. Now we'll see like contour Editori, Norberto Elaine the lines everything but the safety. And I want you completed that begin the silica, our selection gold, and we can select the shape and say, first you'll say, Uh, but I don we'll just sell Appreciate. Certainly Inter ship will say control C control re also a candle See, and we'll just select the left arm player and will second all week and we can use the flip toe. Horizontal told and Americans Elinda according to our drawing next. Well, just select the right hand. Yeah, and we'll just select the drawing Second, Dorsey and the left a handler and the second will be and we can flip over the Sunday and we can move them on Delinda matchup on also agreed the legs. Also we will follow the same process. The salad that I'd lived clear This time we will lose a rectangle dole, since our characters legs are straight and they see to create. And we'll just see if the rectangle tour in order to create that when she created the rectangles you can use to conclude a reader in order to redid the points. And one thing we will just extend the leg silly little bit into the mean body. So we knew when we actually do the digging for our character, it will be easy for a story now on the bones. And then it will be easy for us to animate the character. Well, just we're caricaturing people will just adamantly would I want you completed that we can duplicate copy. Press that down Going to the other side A selector left leg layer to control we and will your stuff left your sandal option and they really do dot Mitch No! Williams are conducted Toto in the points. The same store drying No, to finish up. The going will discreet. We'll create our right and left director shoes. Just select the right Julia. I will use the line tool in order to finish it The dry again. Finally, we can use our condo Rida Ali in the points everything perfectly. Once you have done that, we can duplicate that true shape into the other levels. Dis copy like the next layer paste. Condori based your stuff up. I know that we have completed our entire character. We will day no further late deliver on Beacon Dis evil death difference, Troy. And now you can see our entire character with the lanes going. So in the next video we'll be leaning how to free the custom color palette. Onda, we will be start coloring your character. We'll see you in the next one 12. Creating color palette: for in the last few videos we have created and are completed, our character lane sections on in the next few videos. Who will be coloring the character? And so let's get to do it. Oh, now you can see we how created Although layers, everything and all Dr Lee's everything is poorly actually exposed, really for one letter offering. Or we'll just select our rest of frames by clicking on the faster layer and just drag it well, Dan And they will just less a five on the keyboard so the explosion will be extended. 58 the flames for, uh so next thing what we will do is, uh, no, we don't have any background color over the middle, anything like that. So we'll create a color card in a little house on background color. Something like that. What? We can do this. Beginning. Click on the split second on the here you can see color card. Are there option We can see color card. If you feel connected, can see white color. Background has been appear in the camera. Onda is autumn very background image. Oh, if you will know, you can see that it's more Grecula rectangles on that. Uh uh, This color cut. I should be select that our if you selected differently, you can see that God would disappear. What you gonna do us? You can just select the color cut and keep it locked. And only one word or anything like that. So next thing yes, uh, we have to start coloring or Galata. So one main thing water. So one mean thing that makes ah, don't boom really powerful software. This is color palettes so underwrites Italy. You can see you can t look debating the Venus agency on the on the developers or evidences of arrows. So normally we will have Ah, two properties will be there on just below that we can see over color palette. If you click on this arrow towards up should record that one. The color palette will be fully exposed. And the here against Ito parts in the first part is off. Seen pilots in the one thing you can create a mass many pilots as you want. And in each palace there will be different colors will be containing on the here. You can see when we created that our file holding you character here. It's already been commuted. One color palette already created without filed me on in that ah color palette. We have some different colors black, white, Onda, RGB and just below that we have default. And we have our color palette, one color palette for our background. We have important earlier, so I want nothing. If you're not able to find the color palettes on the right side off the window, you can go to window menu, and here you'll be able tow elect color on you. That particular window will be appeared here. After that, you can go through all the details. And so next thing is, since we already have a scene pilot called New Character, we will use that. See Val Italy. But if you want to create your own palette again in the Color Bannon, you can see a place and bless again. You can see you can just keep on the place on. Do you can name your ballot here for the temporary per person buoy character and the color we have Ah coloroso prince injection? Or so since our palate APIs color will just selling color and the once you created that door, you can see here are good character Palette has been creator on just below that. A default Toby Howard black color for since he already created this book character, our color back, and just use it used to seeing Pilot for the rest of the video. So here, if you aren't so, if you want to add extra colors in your palette or the selective particular panic, and in the color section you can click on the plus second, and it will create a new color. After that, you can just sort of you name it well, first again, selector by day would double clicking on the car, you can say like the color picker, and here I always prefer a hue saturation on disability. So insure off RGB. I will select it. Just adjust week so it really cops, if your family a little for the show for illustrated or anything like that. So it is much similar to that. So I prefer that I just weeks I'll just select late this week and here first to renew our character hair color so we'll just select a dark Greek color after that. Have just keep the name here, Eric Until he named Collection and they'll created the mean recent we're creating the color palette is that once you completed the entire animation, maybe for a few minutes. Ah, like that. And suddenly, if you want to change color off a character so you know normally now that's or pairs. We gotta go to each frame and we have the change of color. You mean topped the frames, so it will be a tedious process, but in tow. Once you created this palette, you can just come back and the chain the hell out here. Collateral. Different color Onda. It'll change the car hair color for the entire animation so you don't have to go to each of Raymond James the health care color. You just how protein the palate color, and they will change the entire color for the entire any mission. So this stool color palette it's a really useful and oh, we will create our stuff for Nicholas. So, uh, let's pending, folks, we hope just completely the color palette for hair. And then we'll use the scene for our eyebrows next day. So we have to create our colors for ice and ice. People on the skin color. Onda stopped the body and all the clothes and over just select behavior a lot. And I will just say, Plus the lad one more color and the next tour Nosal Select White color. They'll say it's a white Why I named it. Why this? Because we since it's, ah, single white color, we can use it for I white color any other colors we want to use white. So instead of naming it as I white, we can just turn me with. That's right, so we can use the color for but other parts also. So I will just go over and finish up the entire color palette. Nextel selector. Black selective, pure black and the baked in dark blue color for glass free with the glasses. Begin selector like White, maybe a little grace color. Andi, just below the other insurgency in option called Alfa Alfa is nothing more capacity. So now it's in 100%. As you reduce the Alfa here you can see the variation, the original color and they needed color. So we will keep the AL fide maybe half 50% s so that it'll be Citro. We can see the characters I see through the glasses, I will create a that don't know name with Does Glass. Next is our skin color we have to select could create. So I will create that and give al 400% that the supplier mean priority. After that, Just below the alpha, you can see a place called Soul It and ingredient I still know we were using solid that wins only single color. Just next to that we have, ah, shop for ingredients. And if you're familiar with any graphic designing or any other software hands, you know what is great in great in this transition, be doing your more colors. So here we'll just enabled really induction. And in the first a lot. He will select money, babyish skin color and the second will the Selic being Kalev. It's a little variation. Maybe a little doctor. Well, it's asking. Well, now we have created skin. Also, our next us We hard toe be the shock marble, like the shark collects and instead of greedy in will the select solid and I'll select a real Jewish color and they'll say shock. We'll create the next one. And this one else elected little orange is orange color Nelson patterns. It's a shock. Pardon it. It's underscore patterns and next dourness our bag. We'll just selected dark, maybe a little blue gray color, the suit pants. And finally, we will read true colors that one will just select that, well, Dr Brown color And sure, So now that we have created the entire color palette just saved the world from file. Once on the in the next video, we will be going over and darkly adding, this colors toe over character and they're finishing up the entire characters, and I'll see you in the next video. 13. Using gradient editor tool: So in the last video we have created our color palette and being a leader our all the colors we want to use to finalize our character. Oh, In this video, we will be going over how to use radiant callus on how toe aided the grating colors using alien editor. So we have created one grade in here. You can see if I double click on little grade in we can see your skin calories. Agreed. Ian eso we will I seen the skin color dough. Are director means feed here, Look at the layer. First we can see character Dinora character had group will be how character hit and you hear clicking on that enable So long one, I'll just enable I'll just make sure that only that character I mean, how did selected? So once we did that, we can go over the little menu Onda Here we have ah being back. It'll if you click and hold. We have multiple options on the faster in the speed we just select opinion door Onda. We make sure one more than we show that we selected the layer on in the color pattern palatable Senate skin and we'll just click on disk in media so suddenly you can't see our greedy in Has we not seen? So maybe, uh, most of the time, we will not be proper. Palisson would be on the place You actually want them to be. So we want to read it for once. You as in the color toe. That particular earlier You can go to that. Uh huh. I want the room we knew we can go toe Ah, second to land a click and select enable. Oh, you didn't really know texutil but won't you select that you can use this tool in order to eat integrated? Oh, I'm going to select that the Indus click on the color and the here you can see a tool is appearing For one thing we want to meet Remember that in the greedy in its will be how to different radiations One is lenient on one usually agree a radio Currently the harvard in your color options selected. So when you selectively Merkel adoption we have three different options here on the center off the tool we can see Circle point will be there You can click on the circle and you can shift the colors. So as you can see, even I'm moving that the different places that the color eyes moving along with that as against it. In the second dourness, we get scaled pull, and the steal the color. Oh, here you have been in clicking and dragging on the small rectangle box. You can see the greedy in total is getting because on smaller that means we are actually scaling The greedy int on that will affect how the colors as invisible on the third and final option in the linear my ingredient old s brought it. So that means begins our fate. Our ingredient, uh, in order Do make sure that the one particular color rezone water, water or left or right like that we can rotate and make sure that that particular color is on the right position. Right place. So the 2nd 1 we will go at this radio before that will just double click on the skin color and the instead of linear. We will just enable radio and will close one more day will re select the color of using for Certainly you can see our tool has mean ain't Indo for radial anything we have a different you're also we can see at the center of our circle we have one point. This is a murder point form like moving the color moving center off color Onda. Along with that, we have ah, our rectangle on the rectangle Once a vacancy, each of don't begin skilled The last legal against a chance question in orderto Alan Dems And that alone is beginning to wisdom and seen the color How the color has been a saint and , uh, I know awareness begin to aid them in orderto make sure that colors as we nothing properly and at the inch off the corner of the rectangle begin scale the color on. If you press HOA shift, you can make sure that the aspect ratio off the tool is keeping correct. If you don't hold a shift, the aspect ratio will be not correct and the total will be stretching and squashing on that . That might not give you a perfect result what you were expecting. So once you have done that, you can just are just a color according to Richard, when you want for now, I'll just keep it as radial itself and I'll just kill the stool a little bit so that it just offer fees are characters. Phase will be little darker and center off the janitor fees will be more breaker. So these are you yourself really in the calorie? Really? You know, do us in the colas properly. So in the next video, we'll be laughing the rest off the color store character. See you in the next video. 14. Coloring rest of the drawing: So in the last video, we have ah, seen RBD in color toe. Our characters mean hate sheep. So in this video we will fill the rest off the colors and we'll complete the coloring process for our character. So in the layer next door nuts, we will go over to the right eye. And it was just select the white color and it will just collect the painter and we'll just click under mean spear off for life. After that Devil selectorial left, I will do the same and the right people and will select the black color on the field will fill the black a lot and left pupil and we'll beat the black off. I know that we have completed that. Next you will go to the glasses and we select our glass free in color and they will just feel the blue colas and the photo mean glasses will just select the glass. And I will just feel that Alison, I know that we can see in the glass of how enabled Alfa option Or we can see that that glasses are did see Prue. Andi, if you sell are definitely can select a color. Andi If you are just a Alfa, you can make the more or less OPIC like if you want O make the more a pick. Krystle, you decreased ALF option. And if you want to make them more transparent John Maeda Oh, that options we have. Yes, Onda. After that, if you want to change the colors to a different maybe maybe a blue on any other colors you can do that also. For now, we'll just keep it as a gray color, as we did there yet and just it as it is. So our next dourness move Just select, uh, left under left. I broke and we'll just sell it the ah, hair color and we'll just passing them the stable and are they didn't go and finally will just select the hair. That means that we are totally door regional director Hit on Di will just feel the hair colors and the food out. Yes, we will have seen the same skin color and no, actually we know that we finished that in their head and we will move on to the body. Will just galloped collapsed Ah Hager carried badly so that other layers will be visible properly we'll select the mean body layer will select the shark color and I will fill in the shot. After that, we'll select the shirt by dance and we'll just fill in the button but us. And then we'll select the Panchal it. On day we will fill in the band area off the main body and our next level selector right click will fill the collapse left leg from the colors. Then we'll select right you shoot colors, then finally left tissue and for a on right and left angle this ellipse like a less and we love seeing them. And I know you can see on I'm clicking and are sending them. You can see the colors are not being filled. That means earlier when we created we have left a gap in here. If you saw that the right hand, they're actually not right hand right arm layer. You can see there is an opening so they know there is an opening in and layer will not be able to fill the colors. So in order does at the same thing the one doctor openings to be in David on one day. The lines to be appearing but also so in order to feel that we have, ah, useful tool here. Ah, in the into a sectional it if you click on DA If you go, you can see if a little girl stroke. So how the stroke tolars working its stock. You'll help us toe create some invisible lanes on in order to feel colas. And since these lines are invisible, it will not be showing up in the render Fraggle in Very Mean disorder. Arrendel videos. So after that, we get the selector Legace, and we will create a line connecting Bourdain's Get this click on Draw a Line, and when we really the most, we will get a pop up message. You have added a stroke to the drawing, but we do not be visible unless you active it. Sure stocks on the view minutes. That means now we have created the stroke. Since I mentioned that these are invisible uh uh, stocks. It will not be visible d for her to go to the you may know and of the how to make sure that they are any Billy. Sure, your strokes option. Other ways. Weekend press Gay on the key book, but in order to make sure that out is legs and visible. So now you can see when the monthly enabled that option. We can see one the invisible line connecting but that lines on the begin user community. Toto, Eileen, the lanes. And if you want to, we can believe any extra planes or anything like that. We will just all in the line, silly, though this will be little organist and proper leader. Now that we have done that well, just select the or pinto Onda filling our color. Now you can see that color has been filled properly, and if you want todo disabled, you feel don't want to see the strokes. Afterwards, you can express key on the keyboard and it will be going back to the previous and we will continue the same motion for all right, left arm also well, just solo back. No, we will select a stroke and before drawing Leah with the selector brusquely on the keyboard . And, uh, we will make sure that it is a line pairing and we will just fill the colors. I know that we completed that we will just more to the right and left hand. Onda. We will just fill in the skin colors and the left ahead. Oh, no. We have completed almost all the colors and all, and they're here on the bank. Both the legal eggs you can see there is no next are lying is coming. So what you can do is you can do yourself a rap condo, religion and then we can just elected layers. I'm Deacon. Select that line and you can just press the lift. But when you delete that, only allow claims will be deleted on what other colors we have. You let that colors will be staying the same so we can just believe that closing lines Now you can see on all the colors with nothing. And no, you didn't see if you come to the new or Syria that knows is not Elaine properly. It's actually this below the glasses, so we'll just say the l in the north. We just expand that behead group and they will just move the north layer about the glasses and for the nose. Also, we will use the structural andare feeling the colors Well, I never troll kind of like the board and and other will just feeling our skin color and we will just reeling. The I know one more thing you can see is the hands on order. Ali properly. Same thing with those shoes. Also, they're not telling properly. But what you can do is begin reeling all the latest in the right position, like God. But the shoes has to be below Dulay hanged leg layers or begin the selector shoe left and I chose Meghan modem just below the legs. So it'll be Elaine properly. Same thing. We can do the same thing with our hands. Also, we will just see I mean, body left in the right, on the arms. Everything should be just below the body. So they also will be allowing the properly and about the hand should be left and right hand should be dis below the arms. Well, they also belly properly and here you can see the north is not trialling properly will begin the select the nose layer. No, just cereal in. Now you can see that we have completed the entire character coloring process and know things that we completed that we can goto our color card. We can just delete No Oh, you will be brutal t exceed the final output. And I know you can go and change any color here. I feel that ups in color is little great. So we can. I just took a list a little bit more darker. And if you feel that glasses I wanted last to be more transparent, I and I can know that. Or did you mean now useful features feature off using our color template pallets recovering after even after coloring. Also, we can go back and see the colors. How are we like, Oh, once we since we completed all that began, just select the entire character, including the character ahead. Begin the select Leander character in Zwischen said Control G Onda will just leave with us Boy, underscore character and, uh should enable the background. They just skill the background Labour's more oh holding shift will decide linearly with more character will be elinda. I don't think couple So once you completed all back Hey, you know we're in a camera view on Dhere bottom. We have two different options. We can see open Jill View Open GL view in the open. Jill, your living will be creating was the drawings, animation everything on next to a doctor be our interview. If you click on that, you will get the final. Then that output. How would be we will get that the color everything will be final output allege. Here you get to Kanda. Render button under. You can see how our character output everything becoming. 15. Rendering the Final Image: during. Now get the final output for character in the background fast over here, but we have to do is we have anybody on that in the final, and the settings on generally will be able to save the majors. Don't do that faster. We'll click on this placed second, and they will go to the north of you in the new review section. And for now, we're just leaving everything alone. And in the evening section, we'll be learning more about your views in the north of your section. You can see not colder right in the right nordle, justly Kanda, Yellow box Nick to next to that north and in the settings output settings we will just fell and select The drawing folder will be there just selected choose, and we Will just said, I just select Rogic folder documents, school shirt class and just to stuff all that and up in the drawing type section on Guy just I will select Duff BNG and I will just say close. So these are all the sitting. We are the Selective folder on. We have to sell it off image type. What output will be doing after that, they begin would are drawing off the camera section and that we can go to the file export and they're in the right notes on the shortcut, for in that I know that this candle shift away, I'll export on your shift away and begin this. Select the door in the range option We can select selected French and off them the mind offering one. That means only faster flame will be in that and we get this enable preview option. So in orderto see the final bring you after anything and they will say OK, but we can see the rendering causes is ongoing. After saving that, we'll get our final limits. So when you get to finally made, that means other doing during his complete I know we can go back to your folder and we can see that our character has mean the final 13 husband ended and here we can see our final output. So now that we have completed the entire process in the next part, we will be reading this character. So that's it for this video here in the next one 16. Thank you: eso acted guys. So thank you for so much for enrolling for this class. Make sure that you're falling all the process and creating a wonderful character off your own. And I don't forget the share your project with the community and the social media And make sure that you're following me on skill share s so that you will be able to follow the rest of the course and in the next part of will be reading the character. And finally real big animating the character eso best off the leg to all of you and the one more day Thank you so much for enduring in this class.