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2023 WordPress for BEGINNERS - Build a Pro Website in 50 minutes

teacher avatar Sinead Geraghty, Wordpress, SEO & Digital Growth Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning Your Website

    • 3. Optimizing Your Images

    • 4. Buying Your Website Domain

    • 5. Setting up WordPress hosting

    • 6. Choosing and Uploading Your Theme

    • 7. Editing Your Theme

    • 8. How to Create a Blog Post

    • 9. Edit How To Edit A Blog Post

    • 10. Yoast SEO & Search Engines

    • 11. Yoast SEO Page Optimization

    • 12. Summary

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About This Class

Learn how to set up a great-looking, professional WordPress website in just 47 minutes. This is about creating an amazing WordPress website that ranks high in Google. In this step by step guided course, I will show you:

  • Which web hosting to use and how to set it up
  • How to buy a domain name
  • How to install WordPress onto your hosting service
  • How to choose and install your WordPress theme
  • How to plan your site content so it works for you
  • How to customize your WordPress theme
  • How to create a blog post
  • How to optimize your content for Google
  • Which plugins to use
  • How to create SEO rich content

This course is for:

  • Beginners who don't know how to install or configure WordPress
  • Anyone who wants a WordPress powered website
  • Business Owners
  • Aspiring Bloggers
  • Personal Brands
  • People who need to get more leads and sales for their product or service


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sinead Geraghty

Wordpress, SEO & Digital Growth Expert


I thrive on everything digital and started out building sites for fun as a teenager. 17 years later, I have completed my Masters in eCommerce, have my own digital agency and have a wealth of experience delivering successful digital strategies for clients. 

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to know how to create a WordPress site from scratch?

Would you like to how to SEO your website effectively?

Would you like to improve your ranking in Google?

Would you like to learn how to create effective Facebook & Google Ads?

Would you like to how to set up and run your Shopify Online Store?

Would you like to how to set up a Woocommerce website?

If you want to do any of these things, just... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Do you have 50 minutes? Because if you do, I can show you how to build a great looking WordPress websites that can Geffen on Google search. You don't have to be a techie, a web designer or anything like that. This is the beginner's guide to WordPress. And in this tutorial, I show you step-by-step how you build a great looking WordPress websites that can be found in Google search results. So what does this course entail? Well, we look at how to choose the right domain. Had to choose the right hosting, had to put your WordPress on that hosting. Then how to choose the right WordPress theme had added that team to create the content first, and then also had to optimize their contents or can be found correctly on Google Search. This course is the number one beginners word press corps on skill share, check the reviews and check the students attending. I am constantly updating this course so that it is always the newest and best information I am giving you. So if this tutorial sands right for you, why don't we click the Next button and let's start. See you there. 2. Planning Your Website: In order to create that amazing looking WordPress website, we need to plan it out before we build. There's no point in rushing ahead and building the website. If we don't have a clue how we want it built and who isn't built for. And if you go straight ahead with the build process, you will take 34 times longer to build your site. Trust me, because when you've built it, you'll go back like, oh, I miss this, I forgot that. Now is the time to plan. So in the planning stage, we want to know what pages we're going to have on our website and who we are writing the content for a younger audience, Notre audience, male, female. And in order to really be emphasize em and judgment, once we've thought about this, we look at our competitors. What are their websites like? What's the content Lake is a good, is a bad, take inspiration from them. So this is called a swot analysis. It's called strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. So you want to see what the competitive strengths are, what their weaknesses are. So you can actually be better in that area. Whereas the opportunity where they missing it that you could really take hold on. And the treads lake, you know, how do you be competitive against them? Right? So once we've done that analysis, I want you to open up a Word document. Within that Word document, the headers are going to be all the pages that are gonna be in your websites. And then below those headers is going to be the content. You're going to write the content before we even build a site. That means that when we build a site foolishly copying and pasting in and any images you want to use it, you're gonna put it into a file. Alright, it's really as simple as that. So now I'm going to show you a document I've prepared so I can run through the process. This is my planning document for Dave's toast, these website. So as you can see at the very beginning I say, what is the site name, what is the site description? Then I go into all the pages I will have on the site. So there's four pages for this site. The first page has four sections, so I break them up. Why do I separate the sections in this document? Well, I'll helps me visualize how I want the sections to be created on the website. Therefore, distinct, distinct zones, so I wanna make sure I keep them that way. And also at the end of this section, you will see that I have the search engine optimization information. So this is what people tend to type in Google, to find my website by having this information that helps me better rank on Google. So I pick my target keyword and the site description. As you can see, I've done this for all of my pages. I've even gone into the detail of putting in what color I want on the site. So what's my color scheme? This means that I keep on par, shred the site and I keep with the design team. 3. Optimizing Your Images: Before uploading any images onto your site, make sure that they are optimized. They're the smallest size possible without compromising on the image quality. If you are, images are too big in size, it really will slow down the speed of your size, which isn't great for search rankings because that's one of the things that Google rank you on how fast your site uploads. So a great tool for making your images really small but really great quality is called crack and dot IO. So just click the lossless button and drag and drop your images in. So you just go to image folder, copy them all, drag them in. And then you scroll down in UC, it's already saving so much. So, so far we save 7.07% on size. And you can just open them up. And then you can upload them straight up to your website, simple edge. Now you really come to know that your images are of the highest quality, Bush, the smaller size. So you've optimized your images now. 4. Buying Your Website Domain: Okay, so we're going to buy a domain. So why use Who is to buy my domains? But there's many other different websites you can use. So we go to the US main page and we type into the search bar, the domain we want to buy and see if it is available. So this is top-notch WP.com. We hit search. Once we've done that, we see if it's available. Yes, it is amazing. We had added a basket and before we go to check out, we want to add the privacy protection. Why I do this personally is I don't like my name and my e-mail at there, so I get spammed. If I add this, I don't get spammed bonus for me. So we scroll down and we want to either login to our existing who is a canned or create one. Once we've done that, we can click and the payment option and pay. Once this payment has been processed, you own the domain. It is that simple to buy a domain. So once it's processed, we go into a backend and we look in our demands and we see, yes, we have bought it, we own that domain, but now we must and point our domain to our web hosting. What this means is you can't just buy a domain and leave it as it. You need to be able to direct that domain to where your website is hosting. And in this case, I host all my websites on site grand. So by pointing your domain, someone types in top-notch WP.com, it goes to where it is. So what we want to do is login to psycho and click go to sea panel. And once you do that, you find your name servers. So your name servers or what is the road that leads your website? So you copy the first one and you go into your domain setting and who is, and you click name servers. Just there. You copy and paste your new name server into the first section. Then you copy your second name server and you paste it into the second option there. And that's it. You wrote us built your once you go to top-down WP.com, you go to the website that's built on psi Grand Central US. 5. Setting up WordPress hosting: In order for your website to be found on the internet, you need hosting because that is where your website is stored online. So when you type in your domain WW dodge, it gets redirected to your website files which are on your WordPress hosting. So which hosting should you choose? Well, first of all, it should be WordPress hosting. And secondly, not all WordPress hosting is created equally. And I've created a blog on this, what I recommend for what type of level of website you want to create. The link can be found below. But to keep it simply, if you're starting out with WordPress, there's nothing better than SiteGround. So click the link below and you'll get a discount. Why I recommend all my clients to use. If you're getting hundreds of thousands of visits to your site, while the option, the best option is constant. But for you guys, go with SiteGround, it's a great price. You get the disk and below. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to purchase, cycle and hosting and how you point your domain to it. So when people type in your website name into the search bar, it gets redirected to where your files are stored on your WordPress hosting. So let's go over it. To get the lowest priced psycho and WordPress hosting package. Click on the discounted link I provided in the course description. When you click that link, you brought to this page and you'll see three package options. I recommend choosing the start-up package. The reason is it's the lowest cost and this is probably your first website you're building. So you don't need a lot of storage. And when you decide you want to build more sites than it require more storage, you can always upgrade in the future when you need it. So click the Gap Plan button and then you're brought to the choose your domain page. We have a domain already, so we're just going to throw this in and hit proceed. Once we hit proceed, we get to the film on the details page. So this is when you fill in your email name, your billing details. Now you can buy domains from SiteGround. I tend not to do this. I like to keep all my domains in one place. It just gives me greater control in the future. Once we're happy with all this, we hit the pay now button. And that's it. You're hosting a setup. So we go to the customer area, which is also known as the dashboard. Once we're within this, we want to start building a WordPress website. We had setup site. And this great thing about Saigon, and they make it really easy to set up your new side. So we hit Start new website. We click Wordpress, and then we click what will be the domain details and we click Continue. Now I didn't want to show you all my domain details for a few reasons. So the site is nearly setup. All we have to do is hit Finish. And that is it. A WordPress site is set up. Now it's time for us to Bespoke it and build it. And that's what the next sections or a badge. 6. Choosing and Uploading Your Theme: Now it's time to choose an upload our Wordpress theme. So what is a WordPress theme? And WordPress theme is a pre-built professional looking WordPress website templates. So what we do is we upload that templates and it allows us to edit and make changes for us to create our own professional-looking website. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you exactly how to do this. So we've put the word press M on our hosting. Now it's time to pick a theme and degrading Bed-Stuy grant. They have this starter kit and they have all these free themes available. And you can preview them and search by what type of site you're trying to build and uploaded very simply onto your site and they're very good free themes. So we're going to build a grilled cheese sandwich website called Dave's toasty. So I kinda wanna restaurant, Cafe feel. So I'm kinda just searching for what's available. Didn't financing and the search. So I'm gonna click down to restaurants and have a look and see what these themes are like. So I just click that plus button. Brings me Anna, let's me preview the look and feel of the theme. This looks like a nice theme, but I tend not to like those. And Samaj bar menu's, okay, I like this menu but better yet, it's a nice theme. It could work very simply. I could edit it up and have it created in like 30 minutes, no bother. But I wanna see what my other options are to. So here's another one. This is the cookery Class1 and not really relevant to what I'm looking for. Let's have a look. I like the coffee one. Let's have a look at the coffee one. So again, we scroll over it, we click the plus and we go into us. I like this, this'll work well for me. And so I like it. So I'm going to hit select and go for it. So the slight buttons just there in the top right corner. So we just click ish. And we see that great. It has a really simple builder and it has Woo Commerce and enabled if I want to sell something, it also allows me to get and contact forms in very simply. So I hit Select and I don't need all of these options. I'm just going to do that and complete because I'm going to set up Google Analytics definitely. And yes, they optimized for SEO. We'll click that as well and hit complete. It's going to take a few minutes to update. And once it is, we hit preview the site. So we go, I want to view the site and look, hey, this is Dave's toasty. Is dot-com available ready to go? All that's left to do is for us to edit the site. So it actually looks like Dave's testes. But before we show you how to add these WordPress websites, I'm going to show you how you change the theme. So we saw that the free theme, but what happens if you want to buy a theme or upload a team from somewhere else. Let me show you. So click appearances themes on the backend dashboard. And you see this is our active team right now, but I want to add a new theme. So I go to the top and I click the button, Add New. So by doing that, I can either choose again, more free themes or I can choose to upload a theme. So I click the Upload Theme button. But where do I find these files to upload? Well, actually the best site to get paid teams from is theme forest.com. And the link is below. And what you do is you search according to WordPress websites. And so we've logged in to my account here, we click the WordPress and we scroll down. And I also buy the most popular. Now, if I am to be a 100% honest, I tend to only use the VAD, a theme for pay teams. And the reason is, look how many people bought it and look at how, when it was last updated. It is updated consistently. The support is amazing. It is better than any other theme. What that means for you is it won't break. You have a support festering in case there is a full power which a website. So what we're gonna do is we're going to have a look at what this evaded team looks like. So they have all these demos, if so many demos that you really don't have to customize a theme too much, which is also another bonus. So they've 68 people themes, everything from like dog sites to hairdressing to cafes, to co-working spaces, to e-commerce shops. Absolutely. Everything you could need. So here's a look as one of their, one of their samples and it's a pet supply website. And, and this is Woo Commerce enable so people can purchase on this side and it's very simple to setup. Okay, so I happy. Why don't we just go ahead and purchase the added theme. So as you can see, I already have it, Bush, I can just click and the top corner and by again to cars and proceed. And now once you purchase the theme, it will be in your download section. So I'm just going to show you where that is. And you click downloads and you scroll down, there's my vita. You click that download and all you want is the WordPress file. So once that WordPress file is downloaded, illusory, just drag and drop it in. Once it's drag drop in, press Install. Now, a perfect that team is now uploaded. And when we go to Appearance click themes, we can see all the themes available to us right now. So if we decided that we wanted to activate, we would just active base of ADA. So by activating, it means that that is Ned, the theme being used. Now, we're not going to do this in this case because I like to theme we've chosen. But what I tend to do is I delete all the themes I don't want on the site now. And that really is just a quick and up the side. I don't want all these files on my hosting. So I click, I go down to the bottom, I delete simple, then I go to the next on quick delete, grayish. So team has now been uploaded. We're happy with it, and now it's time to edit it. So it looks like Dave's Tuesdays. 7. Editing Your Theme: Okay, so we've uploaded the team onto the hosting next time to edit your theme. So it looks like the website you want to create. So let's get started. The website looks great role this demo content, but we need to edit it so it looks like our own website. So the first thing we do is we hit the Customize button at the top of the screen. Then in this menu we hit header. Then when we're within the header section, we want to first look at the logo. So we changed the logo, so we click logo. And then we click Change Image. And then we change in the coffee shop logo to our own logo, which is Dave's TO cities. And we hit submission and we hit publish. And look, we've updated our logo on Dave's toasty is the next thing I wanna do is I want to change the colors. So I wanna go to such identity and insight identity, I want to go to general stylings and then change all the colors that are the Browns that are used for the coffee shop design to the yellow we had in our planning document. This way we can start to make the site look more like Dave's TO cities instead of the coffee shop. So within this section, we just change all the colors that we think are important to the yellows. Now this is all due to your own design. So the link color, I'm gonna leavers black, but the hover color I'm gonna change to the yellow. We'll just do a darker black. Perfect. So we hit publish. And then we go out of the general stylings and there's one more area wanted to change the color within, and that is with the page title and it's a hover section. So if we scroll down to the bottom here, we'll see the brown coffered overlay cover. And so we want to change this to a yellow. Perfect. And let me just check if there's any others. No, we're going to leave this as a ok for the moment and hit Publish. Never going to change the size identity. This is the title and description that comes up when you go into search. So we go to the main menu and we hit the site identity button. The, we change the site title if we need to be. And that staves Toast is the moment I already updated dish, as well as the tagline. And now we're going to change the favicon, which is your site icon. This is a thing that appears in the tab of your Chrome search. So we've created a small little logo, Dave's toasty. So we're just going to put that in and you can see where it is on the left-hand side of the screen. And you see the tab illustration. That's how it shows up on your Chrome tab. So it's a bit more of branding. It's a minor detail, but it does add some effect. So once we've done that, we hit the Publish button. And then we can start to tidy up a menu bar, which has a lot of pages we don't want on it. So we go to the main Dashboard, Appearance and hit menu. And what we do here is we just delete all the pages. We don't want to appear on M&E for now. So as you know from the site planning document, we really have four pages. And that is the home, the wedding, food truck, the truck and the booking form. Very simple. We haven't created all those four pages. Yash Bo, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you what for menu options look like in the home bar for the moment. So now I go and have a look at what the website looks like. So I hit the refresh button. We see the menu bar has now been cleaned up and tidied. Now it's time to start editing the main homepage. So I click edit with elements. This is the watches. Here's what you get. Design builder. You can drag and drop and edit anything in the page. So I do recommend this for beginners. Don't add it to the backend. Use a builder, so simple. So I'm just going to highlight this text and changes to the text I want. And I'm going to change, do delicious, toasty. And only if I could spell right, perfect. And you can see there's a call to action right below. In order to edit that, all I have to do is hover over. And I want to change the icon from a cup of coffee to a slice of toast. So I click that and insert. And I'm going to leave that be for the moment and edit the link where the link goes at the end. Once I've edited everything. And I want to now look at the background. It's a coffee shop. I wanted to be a toasty van. So I go to, and the second option, and I click background, and I'm going to upload an image to upload limits, just grab it from me folder and drop it in. It's as simple as that. And make sure they're optimized. I have that in a nother section showing you how to optimize images. Once that's uploaded, just hit update. And now look aside is starting to look a bit like a toasty website. Now we go back to our planning document and we see what the first section has to look like. So the first section, it's really simple. We want an image on the right and text on the left and the texts we have in that planning documents. So it's a copy and paste ash. So it's all about the toasty. We go back into our planning document, we copy the text below, and we paste that in as well. And it really is as simple as that edge only if do is highlight any place you want to edit and, and start making your changes. So you see here the image is of a coffee pub. Well, we click on that image and we change it to toasty. And so you're gonna turn media, click the image we want, and then we just fish uptick. Now that has been updated, let's have a look at the call to action button. It says, if you products at the moment, but we want people to book a toasty van for events. So we want to change the image first. And we're just going to look for like a hand, for a click. And so we have a look through the eye comes and will choose this one. Perfect. And then we hit Insert. And then we change the text because I don't want it to be viewed products, I want it to be book now. So there we can change within the box on the left-hand side. And we type book. No, perfect. And then we hit update. That section is now done. Now it's time to look at a second section. Again, go back to your planning document. All the information's in the planning document. First of all, we want to change this background image away from coffee, put it toasty, and look at some stock images we have. And now the site is again starting to look more like a toasty website. Now changing the text is as simple. Just put your cursor over way you want to edit and then you can start typing within the box or on the left-hand side in the editor, it's up to you. I'd recommend using the left-hand side editor till to copy and paste the information in. Because sometimes format changes. So if you were to use the right-hand side, it does work most of the time, but sometimes it messes up, it changes colors, puts paragraphs in weather, doesn't need to be, so that's just a little bit of a warning. Them always use the left hand side menu when you can. So let's edit this and call to action again, we want to use a click and we type in the icon, click in search. And then we want to change the text instead of learn more. We wanted be book now. Perfect. And also this call to action is brown and doesn't really stand out. And also I want to hit the style button. So if you see them, we hit Style and instead background colleague Bina, brainy color, we're just gonna do waste because that stands out. But then I have to change the text color to black instead of white because we need to see it. And then what I do is I just hit update once that's all done. Perfect. So the last thing to change in this section is the image on the right hand side. Again, it's of the coffee shop. We needed to be of a delicious toasty. And it's good to showcase your product, stretch your site so people know in an instant what your site is about. So we were talking about our food truck. There's a food truck on the right. And we say what we do, then we show what we do. Let's update the third section. So this says action is not really the look and feel what we want to go with, but we do like this look and feel of what we've already created. So let's just duplicate this section and drag it down. So to duplicate it, just follow my instructions here on the screen. Hit to bookish. Now we wanna drag it to drag a. You just polish right down to the section where you wanna put it. Perfect. C, where it's highlighted blue and we just drop, look a third sections there. We need to update it, but let's delete this section because we're not continues this. So we just hit the middle button and hit delays. So again, we go back to planning document and we update all the text and the images here. Once we've done all this, it's time to work on the final section, which is the booking form. So you see those recommendations here. They're really good on most websites, but we really don't want them on this side for the moment. So let's just delete this section like we did previously. Just click the center button and just scroll down to bottom and the leech. Now it's time to edit the booking form. So the first thing we wanna do is change the background. So we go into the style and we click the image and we put a food truck as the background image. So we inputted and we update. Now I want to change the color of the booking form background, the black. I want to make it darker more Stan dairy. So I just moved the opacity across all the way to the right and his update. Once that's been done, I actually want to push a am a title on the booking form like a clear call to action, like book now in big letters. So in order to do this, we need to go to drag and drop features. So we opened up a menu and we pick Tikal and we drop it at the top of the booking form. So we change our text book now. Now we want to font color to be white, so and centered. So we centers, then we go on to styles, we change it to a wash. And then we want to see how big we want to make this. So we can just drag this across and make it as big or small as we want. And that's it. So we update. So now I'm mean homepage has been fully updated. Bar B end section, which is our foster for this website, I want to keep it as simple as possible, but I am going to show you how you can edit this. To edit, we need to go into your WordPress dashboard, click Teen Panel, click my library. And then we want to edit your site for sure. Now we want to add it with elementary, the drag and drop feature. Once we open this up, we can edit like we do with any other page or post. So you highlight over the area you want to edit for text M. So just test. And then for other sections like recent posts, these are to do with your blogs. So we have three blogs featuring here. What happens if we want more? Well, we can edit the number here on the left and increase it to say six. Everything that you can change in each of these sections are Z on the left-hand side. Also, we can add more elements. So let's just drag and drop a Google mapping. It's as simple as the ash. You can drag and drop as many options as you want into your for the menu. So I recommend playing around, drag a few and see how they work and see what works best for your site. But like I said previously, I don't want to actually have a footer on this website. So we're going to disable the four ohm pages near the way we wanted. However, we need to edit the booking form so that we get any email like that century. So in order to do this, we must go to our WordPress Dashboard, go down to WP forms, all forms. And we're going to edit our contact form. The form is setup very well for the moment, so I don't really want to change the name, the email, the contact information boxes because they work race. What I wanna do is I want to change the notifications so that I get an email every time someone fills in the form. So we type in every recipient email here. So you go to Settings notification. And then when it comes into our email, I wanted to know who would farm. So web form, Dave's toasters.com. Now you can change the subject or whichever you want in these sections, but this is all I change. So we hit publish narrower booking form. Anytime someone fills in on the website, we will get the booking forms. Now what we wanna do is we want to create our other pages. I'm going to show you a plugin that is brilliant for duplicating pages that already look great. So we go down to Plugins and we're going to add a new plugin. And this plugin is called an duplicates. So how we add a plugin is we hit Add New. Then we go into the search, the plugins on the right-hand side here, and we type in duplicate. Now there's multiple plug-ins that duplicate pages. My favorite one is the one on the right here, which is called duplicate page. I've used it loads of times, never had any issue with it, and it's so simple to use. So what we do is we hit install and then we activate the plugin. When the plugin is activated, we can duplicate any page or post. So let's have a look. So we go to a paging section on the website. And then we go for the homepage at someone we want to duplicate. So we go duplicate this. Once we've duplicated as we see the draft and elementary, and we go, let's edit. So we added this the exact same way we edited I previous page. So just copy and paste everything that's in your planning document. Change the images where necessary. But I'm not gonna go through every single page bit by bit because I would just waste your time. But really everything we did previously, you do right here and you click Update. Once you've done all this, I'm going to show you how you quickly update the pages so that they have the right title and description image. So we wanna go to the Pages section again in our dashboard. And we see that we have to with the same name. So we want to change the second one so we do a quick edit. Now we change this to event future clients at a wedding future care. And now we wanna add it to our menu. So we remove those other and standalone ones we had put in our menu, the fillers, and we add a new pages. So a home bent future KaiA or wedding food truck, and we add ish. It's okay if you didn't put these in order, just drag them and move them around to where you want to put them. And that's the order they'll see on the page. Now, the wedding food truck higher is a bit long, so we just want to change it to wedding higher. And same with the event higher. We want to delete the food truck because I menu bar will look too cluttered if we keep it all in. Once we're happy with this, we hit update and now a website menu bar has been updated. So I've shown you how to edit each of the pages, customize your team. Now I'll show you how to write a blog and edit blogs. 8. How to Create a Blog Post: To create a new blog post on your website, you need to go into your dashboard of your WordPress website. Once you're within this, you click on the left-hand menu posts, and then within the posts, you click add new. This will create a brand new blog posts for you. Now, it'll bring you into the Basic Editor of Wordpress, which I do not recommend using because you have to be beyond beginner level, I recommend editing all pages and posts using the elementary. This is the drag and drop option. This allows you to create your website the way you want it to look very simply. So this, the menu is here on the left-hand side. So let's look at drag-and-drop. We're going to create two sections. It's a left and a right. In the left section I want to create a title, so a heading. And so I've just drag it in symbols that might change the title on the left-hand side here, I change my text, then I want to add a text underneath. So I just do text editor and I drag it right below that option, simple. And then I added the text the same I did a few moments ago. So once I've done this, I want to have a look at the right-hand side section. So I want to add an image. And so I just drag the image box in and then I click on the left-hand side, the chosen image. And that brings me to my media gallery and I choose the image I want. I can hit update. And now I have text on the left, image is on the right. Let's drag, say a video on Indonesia into a big wide section. So automatically it goes straight in and this is for anything. So let's have a look at maybe doing a divider. So divider is giving a bit more gap in the sections. Now I'll show you how to actually delete a section you don't want. So you just right-click ish and you just hit delete, and now it's gone. So let's pop in a button, so a call to action. So that's saying click here, come to my website book, anything. And so to change the texts, you've changed it on the left-hand side. And then in the link section, you change where that link will bring you to. And then you want to see if you want to center it or move it to the right or left. And then here in the Style section, you can change the colors of your link. So let's stick it to maybe read. It can be a yellow or whatever color. Takes your fancy. And this slider is the, how big you want that button to be. And I always recommend them to be quite present what I've been overwhelming and size. So we click the Update button and a new post has now been updated live on our website. So let's have a look at what it, how it looks. So we go to the blog section of the website and we see our new blog post. She needs new post. However, we don't like the description and there's no image and that describes the post. So I'm going to show you how to edit this. So we go back into the blood and we click the settings on the left-hand side. And we have all of the Featured Image button. And we click the image that we want it to be that featured image over a blog when people see it in the blog description. So then we wanna change the text that comes underneath the title. And we just change it here on the left-hand side of the image. When we're happy with all this, we just click the Update button at the bottom of this section. Once it's updated at site, goes from looking like this to having an image and a better description. And that's how simple it is to create a new blog post. 9. Edit How To Edit A Blog Post: Previously we showed you how to edit one of the webpages. Editing a blog is no different. So again, once you're signed into your WordPress website, you can click on any of the pages and edit them directly. So what we do is we go to the blog section and we click on the blog that we want to adage. Once we're in this page, we have two options of how we want to edit it. We can encourage when Elementary, which is really simple, drop and drag builder. Or we can use the backend WordPress editor tool, which is just edit post, but it's very text-heavy and I totally do not recommend this for beginners because you won't get the site built the way you want to. This is using the element or the elementary is drag-and-drop. If you want to protect it into the blog page, just drag it from arrived, drop it in if you want to put in an image, drag drop it in, and Google Maps anything. So it's really simple. Let me show you how to edit a section. You click on the text and then on the left-hand side you can just edit the text straight away. It keeps the same format. Now, if you want to go a bit more advanced, you can click on the additional tabs here, but this is beyond the beginner level. This is when you want to set a border shadings, backgrounds. But let's go back to a beginner level. You want to add an image state within this text section, you just make space. Click Add Media, click the image that you want to add. And this puppet in, that's really as easy as it is. So once you've made all your edits and changes, just click the Update button. Now you notice blog post has been. But let's change the main image at the top section. This is called your featured image. So we do this in the sessions and we change the title of your blog, which sits below that image. So we're gonna put new future care. So what is a live event M diagram is going to be new food truck. And then we change this image. We click on the image. We clicked the one we want. Let's just pick the first one. That's fine. And then we click Done and we click update. Once we click update, we're just going to see what this page looks like in another page, in another window. So I'm just going to take the URL, so right-click ish. And there we go. And what do we see? We see that now the featured image is updation and also the text below the feed featured image has changed to new food truck. So we've updated the feature image. So now you know how to update your blog. Update the feature image, update the title of your blog. Well, let's have a look at how we bulk publish or and bulk draft and blogs you've written. Because sometimes you're right loads of blogs at once, but you don't want them all published at once or live at the same time. So in order to bulk edit multiple blocks and ones, all you have to do is click these checkboxes. So we're gonna click all of them by the one we've just edited. And what I wanna do is I click the bulk actions button and click Edit. And then I have to click the Apply button. Once I click the Apply button, I have many options of how I want to edit all of these blogs that have ticked. But the only one I'm interested in is is a published pending review or draft. I want to put all of these as drafts only want one blog life at the moment. So I just hit draft, I hit update. And all these blogs are no marked as draft. So they're not live on the website anymore. So when I go to the blog section of the website and I scroll down, only one blog is now live on the website. 10. Yoast SEO & Search Engines: So Yost ICO is one of the best plugins you can install on your WordPress website. We install it like any other plug-in. So we go down to plugins on your menu bar on the left hand side, click Add New. And in the top right corner you'll see a search plugins such Barnes. So just type in Yost SEO. Once you search results population, just go to the Yost SEO. Click Install Now and then just activate it. Once Yost SEO is activated on your side and menu bar for Yost will appear on the top of your screen. Just click that and I'll bring it to your dashboard. When you dashboard or periods, you'll have a popup, which is a general settings pop-up. And it will give you a good guide on what used SEO is. And it'll be a step-by-step on what used to SEO can give you a size. Which is, we're just going to skip that for the moment because I'm going to show you the essential feature which is the Webmaster tools. So there's no point in building a really good website. And if the search engines don't know better. So we let search engines know about websites by introducing them to the site. So we add a site to their indexes. So we do this first weeping. We sign up for being, and once we sign up were brought to this dashboard, we add a domain. And once we do that, it asks us for a site XML. So aside, XML, XML is pretty much a map of what I cite consists of. So what's the content about how many pages do we have? And Yost SEO actually creates this forest. So all we have to do is click on it and copy the URL of a sitemap. And then we just pop it into the Bing click Add, and we're nearly there. So I'll final step for this is we copy that measure name and code. And we put that in SIs. So we put it here and then we just click Save Changes. Once we've done that, we go back to being and we just click verify. And that should tell us that, hey, we're good to go. Your site is now indexed, which is great. So what we're gonna do now is do the exact same thing for Google and Yandex. So we sign up for Google and by clicking the button and brought to this page. So if you already have an account, use that account if not create one. And we're going to do the exact same verification method using the Meta name again. So you hit the HTML tag button, you copy this meta name code and you pop it into the box where the Google Search Console is and hit save changes. Once you've hit Save Changes, go back to the Google and scroll down and hit verify the now you've submitted your sitemap to Google, we're gonna go one step further and go to Google Webmaster console. This is an absolutely free tool that Google provide and it's brilliant. So you sign in with the same sign in details used before. And we click add property. This is a just adding our site. So type in your domain here and click add. Then you bought a verification page. We don't have to copy anymore code again, we can just use the same thing we verified on our website and just scroll down and click Verify button. Once we've done that, were brought to the Search Console and dashboard. So a few options here on the left. But what we're going to go straight forward and do is we're going to submit the size index or the sitemap straight away. So just go add sitemap. Put in the URL, and click Submit were a double our chances of getting in Google search rankings as soon as possible. So after we've done this, we're going to Fetch as Google. So we just go fetch and render. And once we've done that, you'll see and submit to index button below. Just click on that. And a pop-up should appear. And I'll give you two options. Call this URL or called a cURL, and its links are due this URL and its links, because you want to show that your relevant and you are who you say you are. And if you've links and verifying this, it does help you rankings a wee bit. So we've done all Google. Now it's time to have a look at Yandex. So Yandex is blushes number one search size. So we sign up by going at a site. We press the link below and we create our own login details. Once you've filled all these in, you can then add your site to Yandex. So all you do is add the domain and click the Add button. Once this is done, it again as for the meta name to be copied and we'll put it in our website, same as restart we've done before. And click Save. Once you've click save, just gone back to Yandex and just hit check. Once this is done, you side is now added to Yandex. 11. Yoast SEO Page Optimization: Adding or editing your Yost SEO information is very straightforward for webpages and logs. So go into your pages and click on any page. Two adders. When you're within the edit page, scroll down to the end of the page and you'll have the Yost information where we input the data. So we click right here because this will allow us to change the description and for what people will search for when they're looking for our product. So we've already have this information within our planning documents. So let's just copy and paste this in to the Yost SEO meta-description. So we see that it's a bit long. We know it's a bit long because it's Amber at the end. We want it to be green because Google won't show us. You'd be penalized a bit. So we just cut it down and put dots on the Atari doers. And so let's have a look at the focus key phrase. So this is what people will search for when looking for your website or webpage. So this is wedging food truck. So once we've imported this information, we just hit update. That's really as simple as it is. 12. Summary: Congratulations, you have finished the course. By now, you should be really confident in your ability to create a great looking WordPress website. If you've liked this course, please leave me a great reading below. And also if you have any comments or questions told them in the commons there, and I'm always replying. I'm on it every day, so please feel free if you've decided, OK, I know how to build WordPress website, but actually, I just don't want to get into the nitty gritty of it. Well, myself and my team, we build them day in, day out. So hop onto top-notch WP.com and have a look at the services we offer and see if you want to go that way. Thank you so much for being part of this tutorial. And if you hit the Follow Me button, you'll be up-to-date on all the courses that I bring edge. So thank you and happy WordPress website building and see you next time.