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2022 Beginner to Advanced Link Building & Backlinks

teacher avatar Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is Link Building & Why It's Important


    • 2.

      Understanding Your Link Building Goals


    • 3.

      Benefits of Link Building


    • 4.

      What to Do Before You Start Building Backlinks


    • 5.

      High Quality vs Low Quality Backlinks


    • 6.

      9-Point Checklist to Recognize a High Quality Backlink


    • 7.

      Link Building Strategies to Avoid


    • 8.

      To Follow or Not to Follow


    • 9.

      Why You Need to Review Indexed and Non-Indexed Pages


    • 10.

      A note on Black Hat Link Building


    • 11.

      The 3 Types of Anchor Text (&Why This is SO Important)


    • 12.

      Internal Promotions to Kickstart Your Link Building Efforts


    • 13.

      Start With the Low Hanging Fruit


    • 14.

      An Easy Way to Find Curated Lists of Backlink Opportunities


    • 15.

      Receive Customized Backlink Recommendations from This Tool


    • 16.

      Does This Strategy Still Effective?


    • 17.

      Lists Designed for Your Link


    • 18.

      Using Other People's Traffic to Generate Visitors & Backlinks


    • 19.

      Benefiting from Soon to Be Broken Links (Before Other Link Builders Find Them)


    • 20.

      Let Me Fix It


    • 21.

      Content marketing


    • 22.

      You Share, I Share, We All Share


    • 23.

      Fastest & Easiest Way to Build Valuable .Gov & .Edu Backlinks


    • 24.

      Easy Features for Easy Backlinks


    • 25.

      Backlinks Without Text


    • 26.

      Value Swapping


    • 27.

      Responding to Requests from High Quality Sources


    • 28.

      Who's Talking About You?


    • 29.

      Becme an Interviewee for a Guaranteed Relevant Backlink


    • 30.

      A High Quality Backlink from a Site Google Loves


    • 31.

      Backlinks from What You Already Use


    • 32.

      Giving Back to Aquire Edu & Various Other Backlinks


    • 33.

      Bigger & Better for Backlink Attraction


    • 34.

      Buying a Link...Without Actually Buying The Link


    • 35.

      Buying a Link...Without Actually Buying The Link (Option 2)


    • 36.

      Do You Have Any of These Existing Relationships?


    • 37.

      Extra Value for Extra Promotion & Backlinks


    • 38.

      An Advanced Opportunity (for Use with Multiple Sites)


    • 39.

      Find Your Proven Promoters


    • 40.

      Which Email Address Should You Use for Outreach?


    • 41.

      Email Outreach Send Times & Frequency


    • 42.

      Name Drop for Accelerated Results


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About This Class

If you’re looking for a link building strategies that produce big results for your website, this is the ultimate resource for you.

You're about to go from beginner to advanced link builder. Link building can feel like a complex task to master but it doesn't have to be. In this course, we're going to go in-depth into a 3 step link building strategy and cover a wide array of link building strategies that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of the website. These steps to link building success are:

  • Step 1: Link building foundation

  • Step 2: Determine your objective(s)

  • Step 3: Link building the “natural” way

It's important you have a solid foundation of link building so you know what a high quality backlink looks like and which ones will positively impact your website This section includes a 9-Point checklist you can use to recognize a high quality backlink.

You're going to be strategic about your link building so you're only focusing on the links that are going to be an excellent addition to your backlink profile. Having a strategy is far more effective and results are achieved faster unlike randomly building a link here and there.

After all, your goal of link building is actually not to acquire backlinks. Your goal is the result link building will bring you whether that is more subscribers, more leads, more sales, more revenue, etc. Keeping this in mind, we will go after the backlink strategies that will help you achieve that ultimate goal...and not just randomly build a ton of backlinks.

By the end of this course you will understand:

  • The 3 types of anchor text, how to use and when

  • The 9-point criteria for identifying a high quality backlink

  • NoFollow vs DoFollow links

  • How to give you new webpages a boost before you begin backlinking

  • How to benefit from 20+ high quality link building strategies

  • Strategies for email outreach

  • and even more

I know that there are plenty of ways to cut corners with link building, however, my focus is on not only your short term wins but making sure the work you do today will continue to pay off years into the future. We will NOT be covering any link building strategies that could result in your website be penalized. We want to focus on the strategies that compliment our work so our results get better and better, year after year.

If you're ready to simplify the link building process so you can immediately start acquiring high quality backlinks, this is your go to resource.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur


Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. 

Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office.

In her time, she has built 100's of websites and blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla. Christine has also provided training to individuals and businesses to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.

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Level: Beginner

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1. What is Link Building & Why It's Important: you're about to go from beginner to advanced link builder right here in this course, If you've been looking for lengthening strategies that produce big results for your website , this is really going to be the ultimate resource for you. Not only are we going to cover a wide variety of link building strategies, I really want to make sure that you truly understand the link building process and understand how to create a strategy that is specific to your website so that not only can you identify high quality links, you know which links are actually going to make an impact for your particular site. Now there are a lot of ways to cut corners when it comes to link building and they will work. But I want to make sure that we're very clear from the beginning that that is not what we're going to be concentrating on here. I want to make sure that we're not blinded by the short term benefits and that we're really making sure that the work that we do today is going to continue benefiting your website for years and years to come so that as you continue your link building process your results are just going to get better and better for you. So specifically, the strategies that we're gonna be covering here are one simple, which means that they're not just easy and you're gonna have them overnight. But it means that they're going to be very straightforward for you, and you're gonna understand the process As we go through here. They're also going to be scalable, which means you're going to be able to repeat this process over and over. And you'll even be able to hand this over to a team member if you choose to do so. These air also white hats If you've been doing s CEO at all or reading about S CEO at all, I'm sure you've heard of black hat versus white hat strategies. So we're going to focus on the white hat strategies that are gonna be high quality links, and these are the ones that are gonna benefit you over time, which means your website is going to remain penalty free. You don't have to worry about Google updating their algorithm and your traffic getting wiped out overnight. Thes air. The strategies that are going to hold up for a long time because we're doing them right from the beginning. And we're doing them in the way that Google would want them done and how they would want to see them naturally up here. So these are the link building strategies that are really gonna hold up for you over time. But better yet, you're going to be more effective and you're going to see results faster because you are going to have a strategy behind your link building process instead of randomly building a link here and there just for the sake of doing so. So let's get into how to create your specific strategy and dive in more specifically into all of the link building strategies that you can use and how to get them done. So you know how to get those results that you're after 2. Understanding Your Link Building Goals: As with any strategy before we start, we want to make sure that we are clear on what we're trying to achieve so we can make sure to match any of our link building decisions back to what our ultimate goal is. So I want to make sure that you take just a moment to think about what your old medical is here because your ultimate goal isn't bill back wings. So, for example, everyone wants Google to trust their website. They want Google to trust their website because they want Google to send more organic traffic to them. So there is an ultimate reason beyond just acquiring back links that you actually want to go through this process. So I wanna make sure that you are clear on what that is. You got to know what your ultimate goal is. So your ultimate goal could be that you want to be known as an authority in your niche or in your industry. You could also want to bring more visitors to a particular sales page to a particular sign up page. Whatever your goal is that when a visitor comes to your site, that is the specific action that you want them to take. You may want to get more visibility on your website. You may want to generate more traffic to your website because you have advertisers pain to be on that website and they expect to have a higher number of visitors. So in turn, link building tends to translate to an ultimate goal of revenue in one way or another. So, for instance, our goal of link building is to improve. S CEO. We want to start generating more organic traffic, can also receive more referral traffic, of course, but this traffic is going to in turn bring us to the website. More leads mawr customers, clients, visitors, subscribers, whatever it is that that you want to attract and then those leads customer subscribers in some form or fashion 10 to translate into a form of revenue. So that tends to be the old Michels really think about. This isn't just were trying to acquire back links just for the fun of it. We have an ultimate goal that were using the back wing strategies to help us achieve 3. Benefits of Link Building: there are many benefits to building back wings. And I'm sure you're very aware that building back links is going to help the S e o process . In fact, it could be the most important part of all of your SCL work. But I see far too many people get overwhelmed by the link building process and stop right here. This really could make such a big difference in all of your S e o efforts that are really going to pay off, which is why we're here doing this right now. So this is going to help you increase your ranking. So if you've gone through the rest of the S U process you've done, you're on page optimization really well, and you fixed your technical issues and you're kind of just still hovering in a place where you don't want to be in search results linked build. These link building is when helped boost you in the right direction. Now, this is also going to send you a lot of traffic when you pick the right sites to build back links from because they are going to have a relevant audience that is shared with you and their audience is going to be clicking through incoming to your websites is gonna help boost your traffic. That, in turn, is also going to help your SCL. So all of these pieces really start to work together, which makes us a lot of fun. Now. What a lot of people don't realize is that building and back link is actually the fastest way to get indexed. It helps Google crawl your website, realize that your site is there, that your new pages there because they have already crawled another side that they do right early because the site is updated, it is high authorities site. So this is going to help get your site or page index. Now, there's also some additional non s e o benefits that not everyone thinks about like brand visibility. Getting your website to be a war of an authority in your niche or your industry is going to help get you known. So this isn't purely for SCL benefit. This is also for the people who are going to beginning to know you, your website and benefiting from you. So this is about that relationship that you're starting to build with these potential customers visitor subscribers or whoever you are trying to attract to your website. Now, this is also going to build your reputation and your credibility. And a lot of this happens just by starting to be affiliated with other high authority websites. And as your brand gets listed with, there's people start to associate those brands with yours. So this is another benefit that is really helping you build up that trust with the people who are going to be using your website? No, As you go and you work handling building, you are going to start to develop a network. And if you don't have one today, that's perfectly OK. This is going to help you get there and you're going to build this up over time. But the this is really gonna help you build relationships. And these relationships are not only gonna help you build more links in the future, they're gonna help connect you to even new relationships that you don't have. And this is also great ways to monetize your website and start collaborating with others. So these relationships that you build along the way while they take some time to do, just can pay off in ways that you just can't even quite grasp Yet until you start to do this process Now, what I want you to realize about all of these benefits is that these air evergreen, which means that you're going to see a bigger and better result As you continue going toe over time, you're going to see an increased R A y, which is just going to be huge for you as you consistently implement this process and build these back lings. 4. What to Do Before You Start Building Backlinks: you actually have some work to dio possibly before you start building back links. And the reason I want you to be aware of this is because I want you to be able to maximize your results. I want you to get the most out of your effort that it takes to actually build back wings. So these are some of the things that you need to make sure already done before you go into building back wings. So you get the most results from it first, that you have a quality design site, and when I say quality, that doesn't necessarily mean it's over the top. It super fancy simple can be a quality site, but make sure that it's easy to navigate its user friendly uses. White speaks well. It has called actions. Things like that are really going to help. No. You also want to know your keywords. Is this something that you want to consider? Is your writing your content that you're gonna be sharing out there to acquire back link? You want to know this for when you're writing your anchor tax within your keywords, as we'll be talking about, so something you definitely want to know. Now, as you're going through the S u process, of course, your first step is going to be your keyword research. Next up is your on page optimization. I encourage you highly to complete all of your on page optimization, get it done and get it done. Well, that's really gonna help enhance your back link effort. So make that first. Now, if you don't already have content, please go. And at least five quality post. Don't just throw anything out there and add something of value to your website. So this is going to help make your site appear more authoritative as well. And also, as you drive traffic back, you want to give them something to take a look at. I also would encourage you to have a content schedule. I like to split a content schedule between not only just having the content that I'm gonna be posting on the particular site. I'm working on blood content or we're gonna be publishing elsewhere. Whether this is social media, this is guest post that we're doing content that may need to be created for acquiring other types of back links. We have a schedule we know who's gonna be writing what when it needs to be done by when needs were reviewed by on set to publish. Now, when you're writing your post your checking for your five quality poster thinking about your content schedule, you want to also think about the length of your post is while, especially if you want to be ranking these particular post. So good thing to do is to use the ECM Rush content audit here. So as you can see you put in your information here, and what this gives you is the results of the top 10 ranking sites, and you can see right here the length of their post. So if they recommend 500 words. 700 words, it's going to tell you specifically how many words your post should have based on the top 10 ranking site, so it's really helpful to know. So that way, whether you're writing the content or you're giving it to someone else to write, you can tell them specifically how long that post needs to be. So that's really cool. Tool, toe have and use. Now if you have followers, anyone who is commenting people who are adding discussions you might have this going on in social media on this might be comments on a form you have on on a block post. Try to be engaging, try to interact with them, to thank them. It doesn't have to be anything that is overly time consuming, but just a simple response can go a really long way and not only building up credibility with your visitors, showing them that you really care. But this can also help just with Google's eyes that they see that this in fact, is a legit site that there is someone behind it who is participating wants to add value, so that is a good thing to do, so make sure that you have these things done. You have a process for some of this ready to go and then you're ready to start building your back lings 5. High Quality vs Low Quality Backlinks: I want to make sure that you can identify the difference between a high quality back link and a low quality back leak. That way, as you go to implement some of these different strategies, you see some potential sources of Back Ling's. You'll know if it's going to be worth your time at all. So the first couple of things that we want to look for are one the page authority and to the domain authority. So Page authority talks about how authoritative the specific webpage that you want to acquire back like from really is and domain authority refers to the authority of the overall website as a whole. So if we jump over to Google here for a second, I'm looking at golf carts for sale. And I have the MAS Bar Free Chrome Extension installed here, and you'll see if I scroll down to the organic search results. We have this bar here that gives us some information about each of the search results. So the 1st 1 here says P A 29 that stands for page authority, and the score is out of 100 and over here we have domain authority or D A with a score of 17 again out of 100. So, as you can probably guess, the higher the number, the more authoritative the page or the site is. So this is more of a local site. Here, it appears, and then you have E base. You can see the difference of ah Page Authority of 29 versus 60 page authority of 17 versus 29 so it makes a difference now. It's not enough for you may tell right this site because there are many different factors besides just the page authority. But this will give you an idea of how easily you're gonna be able to see what that score is . So is in terms of authority. Typically, anything from 30 up is really good for you to have. And, of course, if you can get something the forties, the fifties, that is fantastic, the twenties just aren't going to carry as much weight for you. But sometimes we have to get those links just to build up a bit. Next, we want to look at site relevancy. We want to make sure is this website actually relevant to the topic of my website and is going to be just relevant to the niche or industry that I'm speaking about. And if so, that is something that you want to consider. If you're posting something about one particular niche on a website, that is about an industry that is completely different, that something may want to reconsider. Now we also want to think about where the link is actually going to be placed, because this does make a difference. So this could be referred to as contextual relevancy or natural placement. And really, all this means is that you're going to place the link within the content in a way that adds value to the reader. So, for instance, you may not just want a list of resource is all within one post randomly put their altogether. But rather you will see articles where the person has naturally woven in a link. And they've just linked some text that goes over to another site for people who want additional information that is being talked about but doesn't really need to be covered in that particular post. So that looks natural. Now you have longer posts. It does make sense, not only include a link to your website, but also to another authoritative website as well. It starts to build your reputation, but it also starts to help Google see you in line with them. It passes around some of that authority, and it makes it look much more natural. Then if you will completely focus on yourself as well. If you are going to be posting someone else's website and you are clearly just trying to get a bunch of links back to your own well, they may not work with you where they may take out some of those links. Now where the link is positioned on the page is also something to consider. So the higher up your Lincoln be on the page, that better that can be for you. So, for instance, if you have a an article and you were able to link to your page within the beginning of that article in the middle of the article, that's gonna be far more valuable to you than somewhere in the Footer or the sidebar of a website. Now editorial links. This is something that Google talks about actually specifically on. What they mean by this is that they want this. They want it to look as though the site owner added that link intentionally because they truly believe that added value to the page. And it wasn't just randomly thrown in there, so make sure that it is going to look natural in that way. Now, anchor text is something that we we cover here, and we go into much more detail than we're going to cover right at this moment. But we do want to have the correct anchor text being used, and we want to make sure that it makes sense. We want to make sure it's not the same across the board that it fits in, and anyone reading is going to easily understand it. They're not going to question why it's written in a certain way. We're not repetitive, which is stuffing. Are keywords in there now link co occurrences? I like to think of this as almost a video. If you were to embed a video on your website. Google doesn't really know what that video is about because they can't understand a video. And so Google relies on the tax that is around the video to better understand what the video is actually about and this is what happens when you place a link on a Web site as well. Google is also considering the text that goes around Jerling toe help it better understand what it is about. So that is something to think about is how you word the paragraph of the sentences around it. So Google really understands how relevant your link is to the content that is on that particular site. We'll also get into more detail about follow versus no follow tags, and this is essentially telling Google whether or not they should count the link and pass along any authority to you. So, ideally, you definitely wanna have more follow links, but you do not want to completely stay away from no followings first, that just doesn't look natural, and you want to have a natural looking back link portfolio. So we want to make sure that we do have some of those thrown in and then also shows that were just out there that were adding value. And people are adding our links in there because of the value that is being provided now. Lastly, we also want to consider just not necessarily about the particular link itself for the particular page that we want Teoh acquire the link from but that as an overall plan here that we're comparing that particular link to the diversity of our back ling portfolio. So we're looking at the sources. Are we finding new sources to acquire back Ling's From Are the pages that were linking two different? Are there different? No follow versus do following. So these are some of the things you have to think about. Are we using different anchor text? So that way, we have a bit more diversity in her back ling portfolio, which is going to look much more natural. So this is a mini checklist here of the things that, as you look for the different back ling sources, you find one that you believe is going to be good. This is a little checklist that you want to run through to make sure it meets those criteria. Do you know whether or not to actually pursue it? 6. 9-Point Checklist to Recognize a High Quality Backlink: I cannot emphasize enough that you need to be focusing on quality, that being the quality of your back links and putting aside for a moment that quantity of back links when you're just getting started, it can feel very daunting to look ahead and say, Oh, I need 17 back links. I want 50 back wings Let's not focus on that. We need to focus on the quality of those back links. It is more important than the quantity, and I promise you the quantity is going to come over time. So let's not get blinded by the fact that we don't have the number of back links that we want yet, so we don't start making the wrong decisions when it comes to selecting a back link so real quick. We have nine points that we want to check a back link against, first at the site contents relevant. We want to choose higher and domain authority sites over the lower sites. But while I prefer to go for site that has a domain authority of 30 or higher, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm gonna turn down a site that has maybe a D A of 20 or within the 20 somewhere as long as first. We're meeting number one here that the continent's relevant and the content is of high quality that you can tell that the website owner really cares about the value that they're providing on that site, and they're working on making their site more authoritative. Next, what I haven't mentioned is that you want to make sure that you are working to acquire back wings on new domains. So if you've already acquired back link from a site and you have an opportunity to receive a second back link, perhaps on another page, let's say that's wonderful. But it is not going to count as much as the 1st 1 is not going to count as much as if you go find a back link opportunity on a brand new domain that has not linked to you yet. Now we also want to consider your page quality. Make sure that when you are dead, linking to your own content that you are picking a page that is of high quality itself, it is valuable to anyone who lands on it. So if you have content that really hasn't been developed, it doesn't provide a lot of value than let's not linked to that. Let's update that first. Now the link within the content that it's be included adds value. It's relevant and makes sense there. And you want to make sure that you are including other authoritative sources. People tend is a I don't want include other people. I want they visitors coming to me. But this also starts to help to build your authority as a website, not only in terms of S e o, but also for the visitors who are reading in the actual article. And you never know when you can pick up a back link. That way, when you have others who let's say our writers and they're doing research and they're trying to come up with other sources and write about a particular topic that they may link to your website as well. Now you only want a link to your page within content once, maybe you can add it a second time. If you have a longer piece of content and it really makes sense to do so now, you also want to have good placement. How can we get that link more towards the top of the post rather than the bottom or just in the footer of the site, for instance, and you want to make sure that the anchor text that use is valuable to the reader thing. But the reader first and S e o second. So we don't end up keyword stuffing our anchor text, which is not going to look good. 7. Link Building Strategies to Avoid: We've talked about high quality back link, so you should be very clear on what that looks like. And that should mean that you're pretty clear on what a low quality back link would look like. But there are some link building schemes out there that can be easy to get caught up in. They could be a little bit tempting, especially if you're trying to build your numbers and want to make sure that you avoid those first. If it's any type of spamming at all whatsoever that, of course you want to avoid it. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is it. It's really easy to get. Well, something's probably not quite right there, so you want to investigate that a little further. There used to be in the old days, the good old days where you could just go on to people's blog's and just leave a bunch of comments and going to forums and do the same. And then, well, now you got a bunch of back links. Well, those just don't count if you want to do that in a way that is actually going to refer people to your website because of the value that you've added within a form post, for instance, and that could make sense in that way. But this isn't typically a back ling strategy that we want to use. You want to make sure that you're aware of that, because you'll see this come up now. Paid links. This is one where you have to think about this carefully and when I say paid links, because we will talk about some paid options because there are definitely some legit paid options out there. But typically, if you're going to go to a website and just click on the buy links now, button well, that's probably something that you want to stay away from because there their goal is just to get you to pay them money so that you can link to site. Google sees that they know that it's nothing that's hit in. It's very obvious and out there. That's definitely what we want to stay away from. So any type of of links schemes, or if you're trying to exchange hey, you put a link on my side, I'll put a link on your site type deal. These things just don't work so If you have a question about link building, you see Cem a strategy that I haven't mentioned here. I probably haven't mentioned it for good reason. But if you don't see it, then ask about it and let's make sure that you are focusing on the high quality ones now. There are also a lot of people who do private blawg networks, and essentially what this is is They have created a network of all of these different websites or blog's, and then they can link one to the other, and they start building up the authority. So then, as they have a new site, they could easily describe a link from a site within their network and link to that site, and it starts to help it rank rather quickly. They can acquire those back Ling's faster First, this goes against Google's guidelines. You need to know that if you are thinking about building your own network or participating in one if you build your own network, this takes a lot of time, a lot of dedication, a lot of money to actually set it up properly, and you could easily spend that same time going out and using other strategies to add value . If you are purchasing a link within someone else's PB N or private blawg network, when they decide to remove that well, it's going to fall off of your back link portfolio, and that can hurt you a bit. So that is something to consider. I've seen this happen with many businesses. They've been working with someone who's been providing us yo, and as soon as they start paying them all their back wings go away and then their quality starts to suffer. So these are just things that I want you to look out for and no to avoid if they come up. 8. To Follow or Not to Follow: you may have heard of no followed links, and I'm gonna make sure that you understand the difference between no follow and do follow links as you build up your back. Ling's here and you you understand when to use them because there is appropriate time to use one over the other. So there are a lot of questions that tend to come up about this orbit. Address this so that you are clear on this. But if you don't understand from the get go, what and no follow versus a do follow link is if you have a do follow link that simply iss signaling to Google that your site is of authority. So when a website links to you using a do follow link, they passed some of that authorities. When that relevant over to your website. That's a great thing, right? That's what we're trying to do. However, there will be cases where you will receive a back link, but it is marked as no follow, and so essentially that is saying that they're not passing any of that authority or relevant over to your website. Now that doesn't sound like a good thing, does it? But you do want that in your portfolio because no fallings do serve a purpose. First, they could drive some traffic to your website. They help get more eyes on your website. That is very important. That is a good signal to Google in terms of S, E O and Google even reports that good websites, the real ones that authoritative sites do generate no follow links. Okay, now Google. Although they say it doesn't pass any relevance. A lot of CEOs disagree with that and do believe that it does pass along relevance. It does give some those signals to Google. So what does this look like? A no follow link Simply has this tag here R e l you'll see. No follow. Okay, That means that is a no follow link. If you don't see anything, well, that's just a do fall link. There isn't anything to add for that. So someone has to intentionally add that no follow tag to your link in order for it to look that way. So when do you use the no follow links? So typically you're going to use no follow for any comments, any paid links, forums or any content that For some reason, someone is linking to and says, that is, you know, untrusted content or they're not sure about that content, but are for some reason linking to it. No. In the middle of 2019 Google came out with two new link attributes. So now there are three ways to mark your content. Instead of just saying no follow. You have two more attributes that you can use. The first is sponsored, so if there is some sort of compensation, it doesn't always have to be financial. But the link is in some way sponsored now is set of marking that is no follow. You could mark that as sponsored now you can also market as you G C, which stands for user generated content. This is typically going to be used if you have any forums or you have comments that are on your website, and you don't want someone who places a link there to receive that credit, you can mark those as you G C. And then, of course, for all else you have the no follow tax. Now there's three of these link attributes that you can use. You do want to make sure that you include some no follow links. Don't try to just avoid those completely, because all of the sites that are ranking well do have no follow links associated with them , so it is a good part of the process. Now, if we jump over here to ECM Rush and we look under Domain Analytics and go to back Ling's, what we're able to do is go check out the portfolio of our site or any site and we'll scroll down here to the link attributes. That's what we're talking about here. Now you can see there's follow no follow sponsored or UGC. So now you can see how many different attributes of the links are actually going back to the website. So they should start receiving mawr follow links, but they do have quite a bit of no follow. So if you are looking to diversify, but you want to look for one type of link specifically, you're able to click through to see which links are specifically no follow versus ones that are just follow. And then you can sort through those azure trying to look for new back link opportunities in that way. And if you just want to see what you have, that is exactly how you can determine what is in your portfolio. Already 9. Why You Need to Review Indexed and Non-Indexed Pages: We're going to take a moment to talk about indexed versus non indexed pages, and the reason we're gonna do this is because we don't want to go to all this effort to generate back links for our website Onley for them to not really count because there's something going on Rome with our website. So we want to make sure that our pages are index and those that don't need to be indexed or not, because this can actually make a difference when it comes to ranking. So just to give you a little bit of background here, essentially what is happening is Google's robots are going out and crawling through the Internet to find different Web pages that air new finding pages that have been updated in order to deliver relevant content when people are actually searching for a specific queries . So typically, there are three ways that Google is going to crawl your website. One they're gonna look for your site map dot xml file. This is just a list of all of the Web pages that you submit to Google. This is typically done through your Google Search Consul account, and that way they can see all of your pages and decide which of those two index and put into search results. Second is through a back link. So this is actually where the fastest ways to get a page on your website index is to take it and get a back ling for it on a website that is generating in traffic. And then, as those sites are typically crawled faster and more frequently, And so when they crawl through there, they're going to then discover your website, your particular page, and the third is through internal links. So this is linking from within your website on Samir Most popular pages, for instance. And so what happens here is we don't want to index every page on a website because when we index the wrong pages, or essentially the pages that are of no value, this can actually start to hurt your rankings. And so we don't want that to happen. So we want to do here is actually remove. Any of those pages are are not of any value, any of them that are not necessary for Google to know about because they would never put those in. Search results are ones that you don't want in search results for whatever reason. So essentially you're helping Google do their job because just because they go through the website doesn't mean they're going to index all the pages and you'll see what they're actually indexing in your search consul account when you submit your site map and you can monitor it there. So to get to the bottom of this, what we're trying to do is make sure that if you're building back links that you have not accidentally told Google, not Teoh Index, this particular page or even the section that this pages and so typically what you're gonna do is when you go to a website, you're gonna be able to see in the code there of this code right here at the top. Meta name, robots content note index. And if you see that no index on a page that you are trying to get a back lane to Well, then it's not going to help you because you've asked Google not to index the page. So what we want to do is we want to look to see what we've asked Google to index and what we've asked them to take a look at. So typically, we're gonna just ask them to index the pages here on the left, The post, the ones that are of value, that you're actually creating, that you're optimizing your trying to rank and then on the other side were asking them not to index the pieces of our site that are not valuable. Maybe we need them, but they're not actually something we want to get, right, So this could be the block categories are four or four air pages of the duplicate content because this is actually that, that we can go off on that for quite a bit. There's different ways that the site can create duplicate content, but any of our community profiles that don't need to be there. So let's say you have a website that has 1000 members, but maybe only 100 of those are really super active, and all of their post a very valuable. You want those to show up and search results. It brings a new traffic, but the other 900 well, let's say they don't post really anything of value. They don't post very frequently, so we don't need those. So being able to even separate who we want to be, Index And who not could make a very big difference, because now they're only searching 10% of those profiles instead of having them go through 1000 profiles and trying to determine what is relevant and valuable themselves. Same with author pages, admin pages. Do you know where you log in? You work as an admin, Any thank you pages. You know, these air typically things that you don't necessarily want indexed. So this is something to make sure you pay attention to. So a good way to easily see Has Google actually index my site, head on over to Google, type in sight, semi colon, and then put it in your domain dot com. And if no results come up, well, then your site has not been index, but it is going to show you how many pages you actually have indexed. If you if your pages have been indexed Now what you can dio as now the next. If you're gonna want to do is go over to this web master tool for the robots testing tool, and this again is going to pull up your specific domain and it is going to show you what your robots dot txt file is. So this is actually where you would want to tell Google which pages Air index in which pages you don't want them to index. And the reason want to do it here is that we don't to do it on the individual pages. And you don't want anything conflicting between this and like, your site map, for example, so really wouldn't even just how's everything in this one small txt file. It just makes everything easy. And you don't have to worry about going to multiple different places are accidentally overlooking anything when you've put the code on individual pages. So this is what you want to look for. Anything that says allow. As you could imagine, you are OK with Google indexing and anything under this disallow it is anything that you would want Google to not index. So definitely take a look at your robots dot txt file. See which of these pages you can actually remove. And this, especially if you have a an existing site, you're trying to get a boost and rankings. This can actually help you 10. A note on Black Hat Link Building: Let's talk about black hat versus White Hat s CEO. This is probably something that you've heard about, even if you don't fully understand the difference. So when we talk about white hat s you know, we're referring to the strategies that are okay in the eyes of Google black hat or ones that go against Google's guidelines. And they are more riskier because they can result in receiving a penalty if you are caught . So this is where I say, Let's focus on white hat because we want to not only make sure that we receive results. Now we want to make sure that everything that we're working so hard for when it comes to link building really is gonna pay off for us for years and years to come, and it's just going to get better and better and better. So one good thing to do is to make sure that you are familiar with Google's Web master guidelines, and this is now called Google Search Console. So they so called this there. What master guidelines, though. But this is going to help you be clear General of thumb, I say, is if you're in doubt if this is the right strategy. You're probably right. You're probably going to want to stay away from that strategy. If something is too easy, then it probably is. It's probably not right for your back link portfolio. There's something in the back of your mind that's telling you. I don't know. This doesn't seem like this is legit, then is probably something you want to stay away from. But you can certainly take a look at the guy lines if you scroll down. They have their quality guidelines, but they give you some basic principles here. You know, a lot of this is going to be common sense, and this is where I say, If it doesn't feel right, you're doubting it. You're probably right. Listen to your gut here. But if you're doing something that is for search engines and not for users, well, then that's telling you that you're doing it for the wrong reasons of you. Focus on value. You focus on those that you were working to serve. That's going to always pay off for the most part there. But you want to do anything to trick any of your visitors. You don't want to try toe trick search engines, which is a statement that's a little bit funny because essentially, that's what we're doing. We're manipulating the search results by Link building that we're just kind of speeding up this process. But these here are all the things that you want to avoid. So sometimes if you see other people doing certain things, that doesn't always signal that it's the right thing for you to do. So. One you want to make sure that it does work for your strategy, and this will make more sense as we go through everything here. But you can also check it against the specific guidelines of things that you should avoid. This doesn't take that long to actually look through most of this. You're just going Teoh recognize through common sense. If you're trying to do something sneaky or you're trying to do something that is just going to go against the quality or the value that you can create for the users, it's probably not going to make the most sense. So what you choose to do is personally up to you, but we're going to focus on the strategies that are going to yield you results for years to come without the risk of penalty 11. The 3 Types of Anchor Text (&Why This is SO Important): you've probably heard of anchor text. And if you don't know much about it, well, we're gonna change that here because anger text is actually very, very important when it comes to helping you rank when it comes to really building these back ling. So the more that you can customize your anchor text and build that into your overall strategy, the better. So what I want to do here is gonna look at three different types of anchor text so that you can see how you can have different anchor text is still going to help you because we don't want all of our anchor text to be over optimized meaning we're just making sure all of the anchor Texas has are keywords, keywords, keywords and nothing else, which is not natural. So we always have to think about. If this was happening naturally and I pulled myself out of this, what would likely happen? How would this look? And it's not likely that all of your anchor text is going to be the same. So let's look at these three different types. The first is keyword relevant. This is the obvious one. This is what most people do So if you're not familiar with anchor text, this is essentially where you have your link on a Web site. And that text that someone it would actually highlight in Link is considered the anchor text. Okay, so it's those words that people can see when they click on that phrase or the Siris of words there. That's gonna be the anchor text that they are clicking on. So this is, for example, if you want to rank for how to build a deck over concrete, then you would likely build a link using anchor text. Build a deck over concrete so you see that it's keyword relevant there. So here you can actually use the title. How to build a deck over concrete. As one type of anchor text. It is cured relevant. You can also use that exact keyword there, you know, build a deck over concrete, or you can customize it within that keyword where you're putting that phrase inside. Some other words. So how to build a deck over concrete slab? Do you just really expanding on it there? Or just a partial keywords? A part of the phrase that you're using deck over concrete so this is very straightforward. Mostly, we're gonna get this is this keyword relevant anchor text and then we have brand plus the keywords. So if the company is John's decks, we could have John's Decks guide to build a deck over concrete. So now you're combining the two. So even within this one type of key word here, you can use these different strategies. Now this probably straightforward. Everyone knows what keyword relevant means and how to put the keyword in the anchor text. Let's look at the other types here. Now. The second type is a branded anchor text, so this is more specifically about your block here. So when you have one that is more natural. So I mentioned, how would this happen if you were not involved? So something like Read this Blawg is going to be more natural or, you know, click here or see John's Blawg. So this is where we start to get into the branded section John's decks Blawg. And then, if they made that the anchor text, they know they're going to go over to the blawg of Johns decks. Or if they list according to, if they're listening a stat or a quote or something from your website, according to. And then you put in the site Ning, where you put in the brand name there. So according to Johns decks such and such or there could be no text. So if you have an image and the image is linked, then that can be the anchor text itself. Or this could be something random. This could be click here. This could be just something within the sentence that doesn't necessarily have the keyword . It doesn't necessarily have the brand name, and they've just randomly picked a few words within sentence and made that the anchor text . Now the last one is u R L anchor. So it's just like what it sounds like now they're actually taking the You are out. So if you have in the first example, you're you're out. But it's not going your home pages, maybe going to the specific page that you're trying to wrangle that you're getting the back links for and you're grabbing that whole your L and putting it in there. It could be just the website name. So according to johns decks dot com, or could be the home page, you're out. And even if you take out the https, for example, that is a different type of you are l in the eyes of Google. So if you have it without https, if you have it with, if you have it with www or without www, those all look different to Google. Those air different links in their mind. So these are three different types of ways to diversify your anchor text. So these air different ways that you can diversify your anchor text. So coming up, we will look at how toe actually diversify that that anger, text and how to do so depending on the type of back link that you are going after. 12. Internal Promotions to Kickstart Your Link Building Efforts: when I have a new piece of content, I always want to start with any internal promotions that I can dio. Not only is this going to start help getting this particular piece of post more views, it's going to start helping it build up some shares and some comments and engagements so that as I go out there and start to promote the content even more start to request back links to this particular piece of content people see that has been shared. See that there's comments on it, that it's a valuable post, and Google not only likes to see back wings, but they want to see that there is actually some engagement, some traffic going to the site, going to these particular pages. That does help give it a boost, and you never know that any of the shares ready. The people who come and see it could actually turn around and give you a back link that you actually weren't intending or actively going out there in trying to build, so that could be a bonus. So we really want to make sure that we're taking that post and distributed it. We are promoting the heck out of it. I have an entire course on content marketing promotion because there are so many things that you could do to promote your content. To really get it out there, drive a bunch of traffic that's going to help your SCL already. But this is one of the mistakes that I see is that people don't even take the time to do some of these internal promotions. So something as simple as internal linking where if you can take an older post and use that to link to your new post or use your new post to link back to an older post. Of course, that were following the typical guidelines that it is relevant. It makes sense. It's valuable to the user. This is going to help connect those pages. It's gonna help keep visitors on the site for longer. It's gonna help build that internal back ling. So as Google goes through your site, they see which pages are valuable. Social media distribution is also going to be important, of course, putting on all your social media channels, but what you don't want to forget is that you can reschedule your content to be promoted at other times. So it's great to post something this week, scheduled out again for two weeks a month, and so want because people who see it, maybe it's seven o'clock in the morning aren't necessarily people who are going to see it at three in the afternoon. Maybe they missed it this week, but then they hit it the next week when you breathe promoted, so don't just promote it once and forget it. Keep that sharing going. You can even consider pain for a boost. If you wanted to. To get even more eyes or new eyes on it, you should be building a list. This is fairly obvious, but if you have a list at all whatsoever sending that post out to people, including in your next email to get more people out to your site, viewing the Post is going to be very helpful, of course, sharing within your network. Anybody that you know and anybody that you've worked with will be talking about relationships here coming up, and you may even want to start considering paid advertising. So this isn't something I typically you start with from the very beginning. But it's something that even if you do something cheap like a Facebook boost or something like that, you can get in front of new eyes as long as you make sure that that content is going. Teoh. Connect that person to the next funnel. So this isn't where we just go out in and post something and create an ad for something we're selling. But some piece of content that is going to be valuable, something that's going to intrigue them, and then you can take them through the sales process. There a lot of ways to do this, whether it's social media ads, Mullah. Like I said, there's tons of ways to promote your content, really market and get a lot of eyes on it. But this is where you want to start, making sure you can do what you can before you start going out and start building some more back lings. So this will give you a boost, but it doesn't necessarily give you as much control because you don't know who is going to see it, who could possibly share it or link to it where it's gonna go. But this is going to help you get that boost and start getting some of those extra links 13. Start With the Low Hanging Fruit: we want to make this process is easy as possible on ourselves so we can do this by finding the low hanging fruit. And this means well, let's just make this easy on ourselves. Let's start with what we can do that is the easiest. So as a few ideas, let's think about what could we do without having to build relationships and let's start with those and so we'll see some of these strategies. Now another one that we can do is grab some of our competitors. We've already done our keyword research at this point, so we know who our competitors are, and we can go back to the back, back link analysis here for SCM Rush, and this allows us to put in some different competitors. So let's say we add in some competitors here, we can compare these and we can start to see the different links that they have. We can see the different link attributes as we've talked about. We can see the different types of back links that they have, whether they're text images and so one to start to see some of the different opportunities here. So now we can see some of these referring domains. So what is a good thing to do here is definitely to go in and check out what back links that they do have and then go ahead and export this list. So now we can export this list into a C S V file here to excel file and then your mail. Better see this. You're going to be able to sort by domain authority by how many links how valuable these are so that you can see where you can start with and which one of these will be easiest to acquire, but at the same times will still make an impact on your results. So any of these hidden opportunities that we're going to talk about we want to start with with those. But one thing that I really like to do is to easily expand this by looking at the competition. You see, this is how we really get a lot of good ideas so we can see what's working, especially if we can see multiple competitors having certain links, and that is what we want to go for here. So we, of course, were looking at our direct competitors, But what we want to do here is look for competitors who aren't exactly competitors because they serve the same nature industry. But they provide different products or they provide a different service. So we kind of compliment each other. We share that same audience and we can go after back links that they have and that those could be back links that are direct competitors have missed out on, which gives us a bit of an advantage. Now, if you are working with a local site, one great way to do this is, let's say you are working with a kitchen remodeling company in Houston, Texas. Well, now you can start looking for kitchen remodeling companies in Miami, Florida, in New York City, San Diego, California and see what back links they have. So these maybe back links that your direct competitors and your specific area have not acquired yet. But you found them by going out to other areas. So they're not direct competitors because someone in Miami is not gonna go serve customers in San Diego, so it makes sense, and this is the easier way to find some of those back links. We'll also look at a strategy that were actually analyze the back links for you and tell you which ones to specifically go after as a place to start. 14. An Easy Way to Find Curated Lists of Backlink Opportunities: now, this is a really good strategy to use to pull up a lot of different prospects, and this is going to allow you to just really expand on the list that you have. And then you can start to use the strategies that we talk about here. To actually approach these different websites or blog's in a way that's going to make sense for what they have going on on their website and, of course, the strategies that you decide to use. So let's say that I have content around the paleo diet, and that's what I want to find some potential websites to get a link from. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna head over to Google and I'm a search for something like best paleo diet websites. And then we can see that what comes up in search results are seven must follow Paleo Diet Blog's and websites. Here we have 50 paleo diet logs of 2018 so this is a little bit older list here again. Top polio blog's Who in keep scrolling down? This is the top 75 paleo diet blog's websites and influencers in 2020. So this is something that you can do. If you are seeing content that is a bit older, you can also, when you do the search put in the particular year that you're looking for so it doesn't pull up old content. Now. What you can also do is go to the tools menu here and you can select content in the past year, for instance, if you want to. So now it's going to pull up content that is more recent, you know it's more to date. So here we have the best polio abs. That might be another opportunity as well. In addition, toe bloggers and websites influencers. So here you ever be able to change this word from websites to blog's to influencers, and you were able to pull up different search results. But you can see just by the number of search results we have here, and many of them are actually numbered. Here's another one the six best polio meal delivery services, so that might be something that you can do So as you can see, this is not only bringing up a lot of different websites and bloggers that you can get in touch with, you're gonna find out who the influencers are. You're gonna find out if there's something else in that space around your topic. So, for instance, here we have meal delivery services. It brought up APS up here. So now that gives us something else that we can go search for to continue expanding that prospect list. This is gonna make it so much easier on you as you go, is starting to get into some of these other strategies. So again, if I put best Paleo Diet blog's, for instance again, it's gonna pull up some of the same content. But it is pulling up some different search results as well that we can go in and get a full list on. So I would definitely go into something like this, for instance, the top 75 paleo diet blog's websites and influencers. And now we can just go in here. We can grab the website here. It tells us about how many fans they have, so you can get an idea of how popular there they are. Of course, we could go out and do the research on them. Find out what kind of content that they publish. See what kind of strategies they're gonna work for each of these, As you know, there will be a little bit different. It's going to vary depending on the website, but definitely start with. This is a great way to pull up a lot of prospects for you. 15. Receive Customized Backlink Recommendations from This Tool: an ECM rush. We have the ability to create a project. And essentially, this is going to give us a beautiful overview of everything that could be done for a particular site. So as you can see here, we can do it. A site audit. We contract the rankings, we can check. How are on page Optimization is looking. Is there anything that needs to be done? Begin to everything from social media actually posting on social media tracking are paid ads, link building content. So this is really awesome. Sweet for SCL and content creation. Really, all of your marketing so much of this can be done right here. And so one of the things that we are able to do is see specific back Ling recommendations So you can see even when we look at our on Page Seo opportunities here, that gives us 19 different ideas of specific things that weaken do on one of the categories Here is back Ling's. So now it tells us we have three ideas for these specific pages, and we can click into the back links section as you can see to get that idea. So as you can see it scrolled us way down here to the bottom where the back links section is. But this is where we're getting all of the recommendations of what we can do. Is there anything that we need do with our on page optimization, Any content ideas here? So when we talked about is there anything that we need to do in terms of content? It's going to give you ideas of what the competition is doing. So you can do at least that and hopefully better here. So that's all good. But going down to back Ling's because that's what we're looking at here we can click this show all button here, and it recommends to us to try to acquire back Ling's from the following domain. So here it gives us a list. These are the ones that you want to go after. Now you want to run this through your quality check. This is an automated check, and they're pulling this from your competition. Your competition isn't necessarily always going after the right back links. They may not be focusing on quality like we're doing. So you always want to double check these here. But if you are unsure about how they're doing this. There are always going to give you more information on s So that's what's really helpful here. But you can click through to see the more detailed analysis here. It's going to give you their domain scorer so you can see which one is the highest. You can also check the competition here and see what they're actually doing, where these links are specifically coming from and you can click through for more detail here. So this is a great place. If you're like I don't know, we're gonna go throw these strategies. I don't know where places to start. Throw your domain into a project here in ECM Rush, and they're going to give you specific ideas. You can filter through those ideas based on the criteria we cover, and that will give you an initial list to start with 16. Does This Strategy Still Effective?: they might be thinking, Whoa, What are we doing here? Talking about directories. Isn't this something that no longer works anymore? And you'd be absolutely right to question that, because there are a lot of really low quality directories that are out there and they Onley exist just to get more links into link out. They don't actually provide any value. On the other hand, there actually are some directories that are of really high quality that can actually positively impact your back link profile. So that's what I want to talk about here. And I do want to show you a couple of examples here. A swell, but what I want to make sure you're clear on is six criteria that you can check a directory against. To know is is actually a high quality back link. So the first is we want to make sure that this directory is specific for a niche or in industry. And it's not just a general directory where everybody in the world can come and add their website linked to it, and it really doesn't provide any value in that way. So when a directory is very specifically made for a specific niche, then what they have there is is more valuable. It's of more use. And when the directory has an actual process that they go through, then this makes it harder for anybody and everybody just to add their link in there. So this is actually a good thing for you that if you have to go through a little bit of a process, you have to prove that your website, your link is a value. Perhaps you even have to pay a little bit more to get in. This more highly selective process means it's weeding out a lot of the bad website. So all of the sites that are linked from within this directory are of high quality and you're surrounded by those now. You also do want to make sure that the directory is part of a valuable domain, and by that I mean this isn't necessarily just a domain, and that is the whole entire purpose of the website. But rather it is a sub domain or it is a part of an overall valuable website in the directory is just a piece of what they do well, look at an example of that now of course, I keep talking about how important it is to think about the users. The purpose of the directory should be to serve humans, not box. So if you look at this and just think if you are a person looking for this specific type of information, this specific niche are you actually going to find this directory helpful to you and your are you gonna be able to find what it is that you need? Of course, you want to make sure that Google has actually index the directory so that they're gonna find your like they're gonna be able to count, it's gonna be useful. And hopefully you're gonna be able to receive a do follow link back from those website, so definitely see what kind of links are available. So as an example, here we have Angie's list. And while they don't focus on a very small niche, they do focus solely on home services, and you have to be selected to be in this list. You have to go through a bit of a process here. You're going to get reviews from people. So this is directory that you actually do want to be list on especially if you are a local business and you provide some of these home services. Now this is another example. And what I like about this example here is this is actually going to pull up a lot of different business listings. You can see them all by area. Here you can see there is an awful lot, but this is actually part of an overall website. So this is just their business directory. That is not the whole part of what their website is, is not just what they do. As you can see, there's a lot of other things here that they have in the directory is just a piece. So that is really how you can see is, is a valuable domain, or are they solely trying to build up a bunch of links within a directory? So when you follow this criteria, this can actually help you acquire some new back links from directories, diversify that portfolio a little bit and still have a positive back link in your profile 17. Lists Designed for Your Link: resource lists are a great way to look for potential back link opportunities because these are list that combine a whole lot of different resource is about the topic that you are writing about on your website. And typically these were going to be sites that are trying to create a post that is very valuable for their audience or using it to attract more traffic and people coming through to their website. And they put this together by linking out to other people's resource is so they're not actually creating anything other than the Post that is just compiling these different resource is so what's great about this is this creates an opportunity for you to put your resource your link of value in front of an audience that is very similar to yours, that you would actually want to come to your website and start engaging with you there. So when we're looking for these resource is I'm gonna show you a couple here in a second, we're gonna be looking for, like, the best of or resource is or top list, and how this is worded is gonna differ depending on your particular niche and what topic you are writing about. So you're just gonna have to think about what are people searching for when they are looking for your type of content and they want the best of it. They want, you know, a big list. What are they gonna be looking for? And then we want to check the page. Relevance Is this Actually linking out to competitive a resource is, is is actually linking out to content that is right in line with the content that you have on your site or the particular page that you want to add to this resource list. If not, it doesn't really make sense, because, remember, we're not just trying to get a back link. We want to get one that makes sense. We want a back like that would actually also drive traffic and get people to stick on our website as well. So if you have the patience and then you can go about this a little bit slower and what you do is you're really essentially building the relationship. Whenever you can build a relationship to get a back link. That's only going to serve you now in the short term, but it's going to serve you for a really long time to come, because you can continue to maintain a relationship with this person. So when you have something else of extreme value, you're able to reach out to them again. And now they're just helping you because they know you. So the more time that you can spend reading their site, really getting familiar with their work and the type of content that they put out there, comment on any of their articles that they posted, Not just like, hey, that was great something actually of value or a thought that you may have that can contribute or go on top of what they have said there. If you want to take content, they have and share that on social media shared in a newsletter that you have linked to it within a post, something to start sharing some of their content. That is a good way to build up a bit of that relationship, and then you can reach out and start sending them an email that talks about their content again. The point isn't just to reach out to somebody and say, Hey, do this for me That's how we start establishing that relationship by giving to someone else before we then turn around and ask them to do something for for us. So what we can do after we have started to build up this relationship a bit is see if there are any links that have been broken on their West site or if there is a resource that yours has really topped, the yours has gone above and beyond that post. It's a lot better, and you could ask them to swap out what they had with your particular link. But if that is not an option, there's nothing that's broken. There's nothing that's necessarily better or different about your post. Then you could just ask them to go ahead and just add that to their list as something that is a bonus. So let's say I have a website and I'm gonna be featuring Crock Pot recipes, and I'm gonna put together you know, one of my favorite crockpot Russkies, or find my favorite Crock pot recipes. So what I want to do here is you'll see, I put in this search query where I'm looking for my keyword. My key phrase here and resource is I'm gonna put some search queries together that you can use to actually look for some of these resource pages. But then I can go through what I conceive E which one of these pages might make sense? So this is 31 best crock pot recipes, but this is coming from Pinterest, so that might not be the right place, but I could see what that links through to does that page or that blawg that has these 31 recipes actually collect these links and could I reach out to them? This is an actual website on Pinterest, or Social Media 100 plus cheap crockpot meals for large families. So that might be one eso not everything is going to be a fit, but you kind of just got a scan through the resource. Is that do pop up and see what? What would that work then? Here again is I just put in a search term that I think other people would use to look for this type of content. So this is best of crock Pot recipes. So here we have 70 plus. So this is clearly a listens. Very unlikely that this list is going to be everything just from this Web site. It could be. But a lot of times when you see these bigger numbers are pulling it from different places. We have 85 here, 50 here. So this is allowing me to start coming up with some potential back link opportunities. And I want to start noting all of these down. Of course you want to click into them. You want to see this is actually link out to websites like, I think will the type of recipes that they're featuring here, You know, let's say one follows a particular diet and yours doesn't at all. Well, then those links might not match and doesn't make sense to reach out to them. So we just got a research someone just a little bit. See if they actually make sense before we start reaching out to them. But this is a really good opportunity. Teoh. Just add your value in front of an audience that is already gonna be looking at these resource lists and these resource elicit are already ranking and can drive through some traffic to your website. In addition to that great back link 18. Using Other People's Traffic to Generate Visitors & Backlinks: now, we just talked about content, marketing and how powerful that can be when it comes to creating a really, really valuable resource starting the back thing process. And it really just kind of explodes from there purely because of the value. So now when we can take that same concept and move over to posting those types of resource is on someone else's website. Well, first, they're gonna love you. They're gonna really enjoy that kind of content for their site. But it is now giving you that back link back to your website. But more importantly than just back Ling's, we also want to make sure that when we looked our criteria again, but the website is relevant, it's really gonna benefit. Are back link profile on one of the ways that Google looks at that is it Does that back link actually drive traffic to our website? So when we can create something of value or putting it on a relevant website in his driving traffic back, well, good, that's helping us now convert. Google sees that this is valuable and now this is really an evergreen piece of content that can continue to drive traffic for a long time to come. So when we are actually going out there, we want to search for some guest post opportunities. Okay, So what we can do is we go over to Google and I'll show you an example of this here as well is that we're gonna put in a search query. Typically, we're gonna put in the niche we're gonna put in the keyword we're gonna put in the topic idea plus, ah, words such as a guest post. Some actual websites will say guest posts have a link for guest post opportunity, so they might literally call it that guest post or guest posting. Others will say contribute. Some others will say right for us, there's different ways that people phrase this on their websites. When you search for your niche or cured your topic plus one of these plus one of these here , then that's gonna help you generate some additional ideas. So I'm gonna show you some examples of this, but before we do, I want to make sure that if you get into guest posting that, you don't pay them to have your post actually published, okay? So stay away from that stay away from any sites that do this Just to generate revenue like their source of revenue is just for people to pay them to be on the website. That's not gonna pay off well for you. Now, when you do a gas post opportunity, you don't want to use your exact anchor text. We're going to save that for some other opportunities. So you can use one of the other strategies that we talked about here earlier on. And just make sure that should go without saying that your website that you're trying to acquire the back wing from should be relevant to your topic. Okay, So ask yourself is that once I going to drive the traffic that I want to my website were my purely doing this for SCL. So let's look at a couple of examples here. This is one that you can see right here at the top. They have listed this as a guest post. This is a guest post by and then it gives a little bio. A lot of times you actually see this at the bottom of the post. You might have a note up here that does identify this as a guest post. But then typically the author bio here is down at the bottom. But you can see this is the whole post that they've added into the website here. Same thing on this one here. This is a guest post by and then you have this listed here and you can see she is getting a link back to her website here. So that is going to be beneficial for and it's content for the website. So when you want to take your topic here as an example, paleo diet plus and then quote right for us. And as you can see when you're just scrolling down here, it brings up all of these websites. Okay, we have ah, polio hacks. Blob right for us polio living for newbies. All of these websites here offer some sort of way for you to write for them so you can scan through these quickly. You'll be able to look at the quality of these sites. Another quick tip. If you want to use, you can install this free tool called the S e o Ruler extension, and this is actually going to allow you to put in a phrase like this And then it's going to allow you to extract a list of, let's say, the top 50 or even the top 100 results that come up so that you can easily scan through all of those. You have all the links and you'll be able to track which ones you're going to go after and kind of what the status is, so that's a great way to do that. Otherwise you can run through them yourself and pull that information or have your assistant do it. If you are visiting websites like this one, the Web designer, they have a great newsletter, and they also have a blawg here that they post to. But if you'll notice they also have a link down here at the bottom. And this is typically where you're gonna find these links, whether it says guest post oh, are right for us. Contribute. And if you actually click here, it will take you to a page that tells you about what you would need to do in order to contribute to this website. So if this topic made sense for your website, you would go here, and then that would give you more information about what you would need to write about how long it would need to be. And you know just generally what their criteria is. If you would need to submit the whole article up front or do you just need to send in topics, for example, and that will give you everything that you need to know? So this is a really good opportunity to not only land a back link to your website but also pull in a lot of relevant traffic. And once you land a guest post opportunity, you can use that as an example to land another guest post opportunity on another website. Just make sure that when you do this, you're not just purely doing this for the link that you are intentional about working hard to provide value to the audience, who it's going to be put in front of 19. Benefiting from Soon to Be Broken Links (Before Other Link Builders Find Them): purgatory in Link Building is a strategy that was shared from John Gillam, and this is essentially where we're looking for opportunities where a link has not yet broken. But it's going to break or it is no longer going to link to the resource that the person intended. And we want to advise the website owner of this that we can have them replaced that resource with our new and hopefully better resource. So essentially what we're doing is looking for expired or auction domains that have won a lot of links and two are relevant to your website. So, as you can probably imagine, this can be a TV is process, but it can pay off really big. It can be very easy to start getting some links now. This is a process that once you have the crosses down, you can show someone else how to do it. And you can hire an inexpensive virtual assistant and let them comb through all of these in and handle this process for you. So essentially what we're doing is we're finding out their content here so we can throw a link here into the archives and we can see what was previously there. Why did these particular sites actually linked to this particular content? Something there was good. And why did they want a link to it? So then we can create that content or weaken just creates a man even better. So now we can outreach Teoh these website owners that previously linked to that content, letting them know that the site is no longer working. It is now not producing four or four error. But it's up for auction and you have a resource that you think would be very valuable. And now they can use that resource instead of the old one. So this is an easy way to use outreach tool from SCM rush. Once you have this list or you've had your via go through this list you uploaded, you create your template there and then you can start sending out these emails. With these requests, you can monitor the request, even amount of monitor the emails that have been coming back and follow up if needed. So you will need to send a lot of emails to start getting some responses. But even if you could go through this process, you can pick up. 1234 links. This is really good to do. So if it seems too tedious, don't necessarily just forget about it. Maybe this is something that you can hand off to someone else and you can benefit from these links. 20. Let Me Fix It: broken link building is a very popular option when it comes to Link Building because it's one that's really effective honestly and all we're doing here is we're going to other people's websites. We're finding links that they have on their website that are broken and we're offering for them to put our link in there instead. And this often works because it's an easier request because Web masters here they need to update their website. A broken link on our website isn't good. It's not good for us. Yo is not good for the visitor. So they want to update this. So surely if we have a resource that is equally good or even better hopefully than the resource that was there, it's relevant, makes sense, then they'll be able to replace that there. So what we want to do here is we want to go out and find these relevant sites and we want to search them to find a back link. Now, this can sound very, very tedious. Luckily, there's some tools that can help us out with this. So, for instance, we have link minor, and what this is gonna let you do is you're gonna put in the URL here of the relevant site that you would like to have your resource listed on. And you're going to do a search to actually find any of the broken back Ling's there. No way. Now you're gonna be able to approach them, let them know about the broken link they may not be aware of yet and make it super easy by saying, Hey, this is broken and here's something you can replace it with. That way they don't have to go out and figure that out themselves takes him to second stuff date. There are also a lot of broken link checkers that you confined if you go look for browser extensions. So, for instance, if you're using chrome very similar for all the other ones as well, you can look for a broken link chucker and these come and go. So what you're gonna want to do is just check for the different reviews here. You know, this one gets a lot here. Broken link checker has a lot of reviews. Looks pretty good. So this is actually one that I've used. I see a use a lot, a lot of people who are looking for these broken back ling opportunities here is well, so essentially what you're going to do is you're gonna install this and then you're going to go to a particular page, and then it is going to pull those broken links or what we call 404 errors on any of the Web page that you put in and then the baby out list so you can go out and contact the web master. 21. Content marketing: I'm sure you've heard people say content is king. Gotta have a lot of content that have great content in order to get ranked. And I do want to talk about content for a moment because it is important the type of content that you can create. And of course, the more valuable content that you can create something that is more visually pleasing to those who are reading is something that is actionable something that is really, if you think about it, something that a person would look at and then actually resource that they could continue to refer to these of the types of things that are really going to help you get a lot of back Ling's mawr organically because you can start off working on the process of back linking and then others were naturally going to start picking it up. And so the effort that you put into this is really just going to expand beyond what you can do on your own because you just have something valuable. People just want to genuinely share it. So when you comes to content, there are certain types of pieces that just tend to do better and A lot of people don't create these because, well, they take time. They do take time and effort to do, but they really pay off. So these are things like list posts. I'm gonna show you some actual examples of some that are really good. They get back links and what this process looks like. But anything that could be considered an ultimate guide being something that walks everyone through the step by step process or or just a resource that they wouldn't have to go elsewhere in order to look these could be MPA graphics that are really needed to show you one of those things that are studies or resource is that have been done even in depth tutorials and guides that will walk someone through something they want to learn and teach them how to do it. So then afterwards, they could go take action on that and see some results. So, as you probably can guess, as as a road, this list they do take the time they do take time to create. And that's okay, because these are the ones that even though you put a lot more time into it, they pay off Really pay off. They build your brand authority, they help acquire those back wings, and then the people convert because they see the value that you have provided. So let's take a look at some of these examples. This one, for example, is a list post as 75 plus oils carriers and so on of essential oils here so you can see that they have list out each essential oil. And it has all of this, the notes about a consistency, color application, precautions and so on. And this is a really long post that list out all of these 75. Okay. And even at the top section here, they have a little bit too far. There they have some notes. Motions salute all of this for you to learn more about when you click into their Well, now you have all this. And so this is a really, really good guide on the central oil's here. Now, in a completely different topic. Here we have the ultimate guy to Facebook ads. So this is another long post walking them step by step and notice how visually pleasing this is. They have added images. He's a great things to do? Ah, bulleted list. Breaking up text, embedding videos. These are all ways to make a piece of content more visually pleasing. It keeps people on the page. It helps them to share it more. You're going to receive more links. It's going to be more useful than just a solid page of several paragraphs going on and on so you can see that this is quite in depth here. Now, this is another one from Hub Spot Ultimate guide to Google docks, and they literally just walk step by. Step through. Okay, well, here are the six steps that we're going to go through for you to understand how to use Google Box and be able to benefit fully from it. And as you can see, this is another. Long posts are given screenshots. So this is literally something you could take and take action on you could immediately implement into to your work. So this is another really good example here. Now this is an infographic, and this is actually an interactive infographic which you don't see too often, which is pretty neat. And this is something that can really get a lot of attention because it just kind of how needed is now. This is about the Beatles. So we're in the music category now. And it's not about who actually was writing their songs. Now if you see you have the different members of the group here, but then you can see as you hover over them it shows who was actually writing this song. So this guy only did 2% here, we got 12% and it's showing you throughout the years who was actually spending the most time writing the songs for them. So these infographics, even if they're not animated like this, is very advanced here, actually attract a lot of attention and could be embedded on a lot of sites. So you can see here we have no why this This is older. One is older example here, But we have over 100 comments. But people are just going back and forth about this saying how neat this is. This gets a lot of shares and the back links naturally start to happen from this. This is an example here of a survey. So every year, right local, which is an awesome S e o toole for local businesses, they put out these surveys, and it just covers the SCL industry what to expect here? And they talk about their fine means and they break this down into, you know, actually, what's being talked about, You know, how many hours are local marketers working? What kind of salaries are they seeing? How are they pricing their services? What services? Air they're offering. So they are working to attract people who are in the Esso field because they haven't s yo software. So this is a really good survey that they can put out. It attracts a lot of back links That's really good for their own sdo to bring in even more traffic. But it is also at the same time bringing in traffic that is highly targeted for them. So you can see again how visually pleasing this is with different charts and how they've broken this up into different sections here. So do think about instead of working even harder, just trying to get more and more and more links. How can we simplify the process for ourselves? And in addition to quick wins, this is another way that we can do that and making sure that what we produce if we produce less, but we make it of more value. It is going to help us acquire more back links than what we can likely do ourselves is going to bring us targeted traffic and really help us get to again that ultimate result member. Just try to get back links here. We want to bring in links that are going to help us reach the ultimate goal of bringing him or leads more customers, more sales, and that is really what it's all about. 22. You Share, I Share, We All Share: we have the more obvious side of intentional link building where we're actually going out and trying to target a specific website or specific Web page that we want to acquire a back link from. And another sign of building back Ling's is in our content promotion. We need to be promoting promoting promoting all of the content that we're taking so much time to create that we're putting so much ever in two and we, at the end of the day have a very valuable piece of content. You want to get that in front of as many people as possible, not just get a back ling. But one of the ways that we can at the same time generate traffic, which in turn can help us generate more, leads, more subscribers and so on, and hopefully pick up some back links in the process is to use some of our content promotion. So one of the ways that we can do this easily is with content promotion sites or co promotion sites and these air websites that allow us to connect with others who are in the same industry, not necessarily a direct competitors, and have them share our content, we can share some of the there's that puts us in front of their audience. That's gonna help us get more traffic again, more shares get more authority, become more well known. And some people may be able to actually link back to your content if they feels valuable, if it's relevant to their audience and and their website. Of course. So I will share in a resource section here some of the different to co promotion sites that you can sign up for ends. You can start getting your content out there right away. Show you a couple of examples here. We have tribe er and this is another one viral content. Be that has been around a while. One of these focus on social media promotion. You have this other one called Q promote here, actually curate content by hand for a lot of different industries. And so this is how you can actually go and sign up to have your content be a part of this, and that way they're gonna get you in front of good people who are relevant to you as well . So these air definitely some sites that are worth checking out. You can check out the whole list. But this is something that you should be doing already as part of your content promotion plan. Again, I have entire course just on content of motion. This is a small piece of it that can then in turn, help you receive back links from sources that you may not intentionally be trying to or no that are out there. That would be a good opportunity for you to acquire more back lings. 23. Fastest & Easiest Way to Build Valuable .Gov & .Edu Backlinks: government and educational links are very valuable. Links in Google tends to give them a little bit extra emphasis. So being able to incorporate some of these into your back link profile is really great opportunity. So one of the fastest ways that you can receive a back ling from one of these sources is to actually offer a discount two members of the government cell, whether this is just employees or you're offering this to teachers and even students if you're looking at schools so some teachers are government employees, and then you can also go to schools and you can look at their et you up site and see if they have any discounts that are available to specifically teachers and students within that school. So doing a quick search here for Fairfax County government, plus in quotes employee discounts, brings up a bunch of results here. And so I'm coming over here to the dot gov website for Fairfax County Here. This is one that ones that came up and this is actually not necessarily just specific to Fairfax County. This is bringing up the entire state of Virginia that that county is inside of, So they're looking at. All of the state employees now have discounts to all of these different places and services and you can see they even have different categories. So this is an awesome opportunity to say Hey, we have a business here. We have a website that offers a particular discount that we can offer exclusively to your government employees and then they can add you to their list. So that is an easy way to be able to get a dot gov website back Ling, partly because people at this website they want to be able to give their employees even more discounts. And so it's a lot of value for them and it's of course, valuable to you. So now what happens is that once you receive this back link, you can also take this to other websites that aren't necessarily a dock gover dot review website just dot coms dot nets And you can ask them to mention your website as one of the businesses that offers thes discounts so you can see here. This is just a dot com website that mentions all the stores that give teachers discounts and then they have it by category here the different books that clothing stores you Arianna . So this is a way to get added to some of these lists. Same thing with students. You can look for the dot review websites, and then you can go out to some of the dot com websites and find any of those resource is there. And because these websites want this to be the most valuable resource that they can, they're constantly looking to improve these types of links. So this is a good way to normal and get the dot gov and dot edu back Ling's, but then be able to take that same discount and mention it on other dot com and dot net website Sac, and then add to your back link profile. 24. Easy Features for Easy Backlinks: if you're wops, I uses a particular theme, particular template, particular plug in or some sort of functionality on your website. Ah, lot of times these tools want to showcase those who use their tool because it really helps give people inspiration. It helps drive traffic to them. It helps them get more sales, and so they want to showcase this. You'll see this a lot of times. So if you think about how you look at the list of the different tools that you use in business, you look at the theme that your website is using the different plug ins. Perhaps then you can go to their website and see if they have any type of showcase or any listing that lists out the the Web sites that are using their tool. So, for instance, every single month, elegant themes shows off different Web sites that are using their most popular theme divvy . And you can see here they have the showcase. So these are all the ones from January of 2020 and here we go. We have the first website gives a second with a screenshot, and of course, here, As you can see, there is a link going back now, especially if you are someone who is designing websites. Then this is a way to build up some social proof. Does show that you were featured here. You were selected the best for that particular month. And of course, we're gonna get the back link and perhaps even possibly some traffic here. A swell, even if you aren't actually developing sites or anything, you can still generate some traffic, depending on how much senior site is if it catches anybody's I. What happened is when you get listed on sites like this and inevitably you're likely to get picked up on other sites are going to cover this same topic. So, as you see, if we head on over to this other website here now, they're covering the most awesome divvy theme examples. So now they are taking all these different websites and they're gonna list them out here. Now, what they've done is likely gone to divvy to the showcases and gone out and actually looked at their different showcases over the different months and started compiling some of their favorite here. So that definitely could be one of their possible sources to get this. So that's why this is a good way to get your site featured on more than one site just by getting it listed on the 1st 1 Now here's in another example of a business directory plug ins. If you actually were using this plug in here on your website, then you can submit it to them and you can see that they have listed out different sites here and they're actually linking back to the specific directory. So this is a good way again to get traffic and also to generate a back link. 25. Backlinks Without Text: images air not often thought of as content. And so this is usually a strategy that people are not using in order to acquire more back Ling's. So there's actually a couple of meat ways that you could go about this, and one is intentionally trying to use images to get back wings, and another is in this. We're going to be publishing an image resource so typically what this is If let's say you have a piece of valuable content and you want to break this content, really summarize it into a visual. So is this a graph? Is this an infographic? Is there some way that you can take what you're talking about into and put it into a visual to make it easier for people to understand, really help break up the text to make it more share a bull? That's what we want to do here, and then what we can do is we can find out who is using that image as you start to promote that content. So again, remember, I've talked about when you're creating content, you're writing content for your website. You want to be promoting the heck out of it so it gets as many shares as many views. It's driving as much traffic back as possible and hopefully picking up some back Ling's along the way. Now, as you share the content that has a really great visual, people are naturally going to start to want to use that image. And so there's a way to find. Now, if anyone is actually using that image and hasn't given you credit by way of a back ling. So what we can do is a Google reverse image search. So if we pop over to Google, what we can do is when we're in Google images, we can simply click on search by image. And if we have an image, we can upload it. But more often than not, what we're gonna do is we're gonna grab the image. You are l from the website, and we're gonna paste it in here and search by that image. Now that's going to go out and find any of those same images that are appearing anywhere else on the Web and that we weren't able to click through those different links and see how they actually linked back to us as a source of that visual that graphic that image, whatever it is that we have. And if not, we need to reach out and say, Hey, I'm happy to let you use the image they have created. However, I would appreciate a back link and then you can give them whatever you want to put in for that back link, your anger, text, all of that. And then they should comply with that. Now. Another way to do this is, let's say here were on this particular article. And as we scroll down, we see this infographic, right? So this is very valuable. It's very well designed, has a lot of good information. So what we can do here is we can right click on this and we can either say copy, image address. And then that's where we jump back over to Google images we paste in the image were all there, and we search and it's gonna pull up. All of the examples here, or we can do is simply right. Click on the image and click search Google by image. Either way, that's gonna help pull up the information. So now, as we scroll down here now, we can see okay, it's on share able dot com. It's period on Pinterest in some different places of it. Click through. It might show us other websites that have put it on their actual website there. So we see we're getting a lot of Pinterest to views Here goes into another page, so sometimes you might only get a couple of hits. Sometimes you might get a lot of hits, but that's a good way to be able to go out and get some back links from people who already have proven that they think what you have is valuable enough to share and remind them that they got to give you credit for that. Now another one is to offer image Resource is toe others and say that you're gonna do you are welcome to use these images intentionally put together images that certainly works If you're going to do this for, like a specific niche, you know you really Mitch down into the types of images that you're going to create or who you're creating them for, and then you can go out and promote this as a resource for others in this niche and allow them to use that image so long as they give your website back link. So that is something you could do to more intentionally provide value and, in exchange, receive a back link from relevant websites. And you know they're gonna be relevant because they're using the images that you've really made sure are specific to the type of audience that you want to attract. So this is a couple of great ways Teoh receive back Ling's from images. 26. Value Swapping: link trading congee a fast way to receive some back lings. And as your network rose, you establish more relationships. Then this is going to be even easier to dio now. You don't want to just link swap like, Hey, you just place a link on your site somewhere in the footer, a resource page wherever, and I'll throw a link on my site. It's just not as valuable to do, but typically, if you can do a more of a swap, a trade of posting articles of you think about sites offer guest posting, for example. But even in this case, this isn't necessarily ones that do. You can also open this opportunity up to those that don't publicly advertised this opportunity to everyone. And they complacent a post on their website that that you have right nor is about you and links to your site, and you can do the same for them. You can even space this out so it's 30 days apart, or something like that on. You could even just add them within a resource that you already have. If you already have a post and you would find it relevant again, adding that value to do to the reader to the visitor and putting their link with in that post can be done as well. But typically when you do these trades, you want to do them with a website that has similar authority. Okay, we talked about the page authority, the domain authority and the traffic that is going because we're not just trying to get back link. We're also trying to get traffic, and that really works when it is relevant to the topic. Both of the sides share that relevant topic. They share a similar audience and that that traffic, those visitors can be passed from one to the other. So if for any case, you can't happen to find someone that is very similar to yours, but someone who is open to this opportunity, then you can also work out a deal so that whoever has the lower amount of traffic or has a lower authorities site that you can swap a different deal. So let's say one of them will create a post at in a link, and the other person may do the same, but then they can add into maybe pay to boost that post for them. If they do something on social media, they can do, Ah, give away. They could do something social. They can add in something that increases the value for them, since they have to work a little bit harder to send them traffic and more visitors to that site. So it's always an opportunity. One thing that I want to emphasize, because this is something that can work really well. But it may not be where your ad, depending on what you're working on. So if you are linked building for your own site and you have built up somewhat of a portfolio of websites and they are semi relevant, they can share the same audience. Then it can work well for one site to link to the other, and you can easily acquire that because it, of course, is in your own portfolio. So this is a great way to be able to take one audience and be able to link them to a new product service website that you have very easily because you own both of those assets. So just something to consider as you develop your portfolio down the road. If that's something you want to do, 27. Responding to Requests from High Quality Sources: really good source of back wings, meaning to really good, high quality back Ling's is being able to connect with media. There's a lot of different media outlets, and where we think about media, we often think about the huge media channels that everyone knows. But there's a lot of smaller sources as well that come easier to get in, and they really can make a difference as well for your back link portfolio. So what we want to do is we want to make sure that you're using sites like Help a reporter out here, and this allows you to go in and be a source and just kind of monitor the different topics that people are requesting quotes from or insight from. So that way you can go and offer what it is that you have, and when they linked to you in that resource, a link up with what you have that's going to be a good way to, of course, generate traffic back. But then you also have a high quality link from media, so those are very valuable and just simply going in here and setting up your profile. Monitoring the specific topics that are going to make sense for your site can really make a difference when the right story comes along, 28. Who's Talking About You?: while you're actively working on back linking one of the simple things for you to do is to set up alerts so that any time someone mentions the business name, they put the address, the phone number, your name someone associated with the business. Any thing that you believe someone would right or mentioned in relation to with the business or the website, then it makes sense to set up an alert for that. That way, any time that you, the website or mentioned anywhere on the Web, you're gonna receive alert about that and you can double check to make sure that they actually linked back to the website. If they didn't, that is an easy opportunity for you to reach out and ask them just to make that a link, and that is going to give you a back link. And it's also going to help you at the same time. Keep an eye on what's being discussed out there. On the flip side, This is also an opportunity for you to set up some alerts for actual keywords around your website topic, and when you do this, you can see what is being talked about out there And are there any people that you should be connecting with? Are there any websites that you should be getting to know started to reach out and meet with these people or introduce yourselves? Is there any way that you can get a back lane? And when you do this, this just keeps you on top of the industry and things were going on. So a couple of good tools for this or wanted in Google alerts and all you need to do is type in here whether it is the topic of your website, and this is going to give you all of the content that has been coming up about that, obviously get more specific here and you can put in the business name again. You have been in the business phone number, the business owners name, maybe anybody on the team. And then what you can do is you can set the alert. So how often do you want to happen? Do you want it only to be for English speaking sites, or do you want to only be in a particular country on? Then how do you want to be delivered? You want? Receive an email would you want in your feet? And then you can set the alert, so that's how easy that is. Another, a good option is buzz sumo as well, and this is going to allow you to monitor what's me and set out there. And of course, it comes with some other benefits as well to help you generate some more ideas. Kind of see what's performing out there. Start connecting with some of the other influencers out there, so it's added benefit of using bus to mow. But if you're just looking for a free tool, just kind of find out what's going on out there. Google alerts will get the job done for you. 29. Becme an Interviewee for a Guaranteed Relevant Backlink: writing post for other sites takes a lot of time between outraging the actual writing of a post. Just the overall time that gets invested with writing a post can be quite tremendous. And so one of the ways that you can receive a back link without having to spend as much time writing is to become a guest on someone else's podcast. So you don't actually have to produce the podcast. You don't have to host a podcast. You just have to show up for someone else's. And so there is still, of course, outreach in order to land a spot on someone's podcast. But this is a great way to start with some of the smaller podcast that that made maybe get less attention. But they need some actual guest, and so you can use that name to get into another podcast. And you can use that one to maybe get into a little bit bigger, more popular podcasts and kind of work your way up there as well. But you don't have to. You can go ahead and pitch some of the ones that you think you would be really good fit for , and that you can really add a lot of value to There are so many different types of podcasts that are out there. There's just nearly every category, so you'll have options I'm back to, regardless of what your actual content is about, is definitely something to look into. So just as an example here, what we're actually going for is we're looking for how we can get a link within the description of the podcast show notes. So, taking this one, for example, you can see that there's a podcast right here, and then they have their show notes here. So they have the description, they say who the guests are, and then they have additional information or resource is so you can see right here This is the guest, Cassandra. And here she is author of And then there's a link to her website here. So this is a really good way to receive a back link, and you'll be able to see Is this actually a follow or no follow back link as well? And here we go. We have another one here, and this is what they cover. And then you can see here again, we have the links down here in the description. Same for this one as well. We get down to the show notes here they have their length in right in here. We have the link here for the actual guests website, so this is gonna take them over there. But more importantly, not only you're going to get traffic, you're going to get that back link, and this is one that's just going to stay over time. So not only are you building up some of that authority lead your also building that back link so that this is really starting to work for both search engines. And this is William the authority with people you know, the whole reason we're doing this in the first place. So this could be a really good opportunity to start connecting with others. And now that you have been on someone's podcast, well, guess what? Now you have started that relationship. They're no doubt going to remember you. And as you build up other content or you build up something else of value, you're going to be able to start working with them or sharing what you have with them. Said they can share with their audience and you could do the same vice versa. 30. A High Quality Backlink from a Site Google Loves: now, just like with podcast, which you can also do is be interviewed on someone's YouTube channel. So again, this is a great way to not only build up your authority, start sending actual viewers over to your own channel to your own website wherever you want to be followed. But you can also receive a back link within the description of this YouTube video and that , my friends, is a back link. And you know, Google loves YouTube since they own them. So that's a good back link that you're able to get a swell. So you can see here that this video here is actually an interview between two people and this is the guest here, over on the left. If you scroll down the description, you're gonna see her website link right here, as well as all of her different channels that she has right here. So that is a good link right there in the description as well. But you don't have to be near the person in order to actually do an interview in person. So you can see here. This is another example of an interview here, and they're actually interviewing this particular doctor here and you'll see here that he just pops in on on screen. So he's in his own location there in their own location, and he has chosen for his link. If you want to follow him to be right here to Twitter now, that could be whatever you want. That could be your website, of course, if that's where you're trying to build back links there a swell. So this is another opportunity to get in front of an audience that is going to be very similar to yours already. Trust the people who are talking so therefore, that trust is going to be transferred to you. It'll drive traffic to your website, drive traffic through that link and, of course, give you a valuable back link at the same time. 31. Backlinks from What You Already Use: This is a strategy I enjoy because this is something that could be easier win depending on if you have something available now or it's rather easy to convince people to do this and what this is is actually purchasing or think about the products you have already purchased and seen. If you can review those products in some form or fashion, we'll look at some examples of how you can do that and have them listed on the website along with a link back to your site. So especially for businesses or websites that use something relevant to the topic, this can be even better. So there's a few ways to do this that I want you to think about, and then I'll show you some examples here. So having them actually linked to your review. So let's say, for instance, you actually write a review of a particular product on your website and then you send it to them and they can add that to a resource that maybe they have on their website in link back to your website because I wanna showcase that review. You can also ask them for a feature testimonial what this would be is you're giving them a testimonial for how great their product or service their website is, and they feature that on their website. It builds social proof for them, and then you ask them that a return they link back to your website, another one that could be more in depth as if again you are a customer. You can volunteer to participate in a case study, and this is almost a before and after. Look at what happened before you were a customer. What happened after you worked with this, whether it's a service or a product and then showing the results. So this is a even better way for them to showcase some of the results that people can expect. Help them build social proof. It can help them generate more customers, and you ask that you receive a link back. Of course, within that case, study and what happens is when you start to do this, you can also unintentionally receive back link from others who are researching. So depending on what you say, this could be picked up on other websites as they're mentioning the product or the service that you are a swell so Let's look at some examples. This is a real estate technology site and you'll notice a lot of these sites for products and services. They do feature testimonials because of how powerful they are. But this allows you that somewhere in there, whether this is the picture, this is the name. If they listed the business name somewhere here below the testimonial, you ask them to actually link back. So do consider that even if you go to a page like this and you're not seeing links on it, do not be afraid to ask. OK, do not be afraid to ask them for that in return. So I should if you're working with some businesses and we don't have a lot of testimonials and you want to just something that's maybe a little bit more powerful for them, whether this is a video testimonial, you want to write something out, share something there. This is another one that is actually a case study. So this technology company, they have the success stories section of their website and you can see they start to give a little description what was going on. You can click through to read more and Now they have this whole case study here about what happened. Okay, so this company need assistance. Was project in a very short time frame and and then it walks through what happened? But you'll see here the name of the company is here, and it actually links to their Web site. So now they have received a back link from this company, which is likely an easy win for them to be able to acquire. So definitely think about these different opportunities that may be available for things that you have already purchased or for relationships that you've already had. And you've hired someone. Is there a way to benefit from that? Or can you find a company that maybe you want to work with and you see that they use one of these approaches and then go ahead and make that purchase and reach out to them to offer this opportunity 32. Giving Back to Aquire Edu & Various Other Backlinks: an easy way to acquire a dot edu back link is to offer a scholarship, and a lot of businesses will do this because it doesn't make sense. Typically for a lot of websites to receive a back lane from an educational type of website because they're not relevant. However, when we can offer a scholarship that really can change the game. So this is actually wave almost buying a link because in order to receive all these Dottie view back links, you're gonna have to take some money and dedicate that towards a scholarship. If you do this, please, please. I encourage you to offer the scholarship and actually follow through with the process. There are people who have done this just to get the back wings, and then they don't ever pick a winner or actually pay out. And that's just kind of yucky to do. So let's not do that and waste anybody's time. And another good piece about this is if you actually play this and and you do this in a legit way. In actually offer this scholarship is that once the person has been selected, the student has been selected, you can then take that story and go back to the school. You can go to media and other places to start acquiring other back links as well. So that's a good way just to to build some some news around the businesses. While So this is an example of a website that is offering a scholarship. They put in what this is about, why they're doing this. The amount that they're offering in this case, $1000 and what they actually want, what they want the person to do, where to actually apply. And then that's that. So I grabbed this link and I head over to rule on I pop this in here. You will see. Now, of course, it comes up with the actual website. But if you continue down now, you're going to see here. We have a dot com that link to it, but we have a dog TV. You here, ah dot org's here. So this is starting to pull up on some different types of websites that are getting word of this. Here we go. Have another dot edu one here, so this is a great way to be able to pull this up. So if you have a scholarship that you want to offer, even if it's, you know, $500 then you're able to go and look for some of these sites already listening. Other scholarships go to the universities, the colleges that are around the business. If it is a local business and start there and then you'll be able to branch out from there . When you do this naturally, some other websites are going to start to pick it up because they're scouring these other websites trying to compile all of the information about possible scholarships. So this is a great way. You don't just get one back length, but typically this going to help you get several back wings as your website gets listed. But you also want to use this in a way that's gonna build credibility and authority for the website as well, so people can see that you're giving, and they like to support businesses like that 33. Bigger & Better for Backlink Attraction: the skyscraper technique for link building is a term that was developed by Brian Deane. This is actually a simple concept. However, it does take quite a bit of time, but it can be effective. And so what this process is is you're going out there and you're finding relevant resource is to the topic on your website you're looking at the most popular resource is out there who's linking to them and then you take the time to create something even better, something even more valuable. Maybe you're making it longer. You're adding in more sections. You're adding in video. You're adding in images. You're doing something to make this just this ultimate resource that really blows the last one out of the water. Then you're going back to all of the websites that have linked to this originally great resource and you're sharing your new and improved version of that with them and saying, Hey, I see you've linked to this, but this one is really a better one, and you're giving this to them as an option Now, not everybody is going to take you up on that option. Not everybody's gonna look at what you have But you will have some of them who Look at that resource, See how much better it is and then replaced the previously linked resource with your new one. So this is why I say this is a simple concept. However, it does take quite a bit of time because you have to actually create the content, and it has to be so good that they're gonna be willing to switch out what they already have with yours. 34. Buying a Link...Without Actually Buying The Link: you're never going to hear me tell you to go out and buy it link and go find a website that says by a link by a back link and click on that, pay them in the post a link to your site. Okay, that, of course, is no good. That's not going to get you anywhere. That's of no value. However, there are times where you were essentially paying some money. But the reason that you're doing it is to get a back link even though you're paying for something a little bit different. So this is where we can sponsor podcast, weaken sponsor events. We can sponsor shows and then receive a back link on the website on that particular page that's coming over to our Web site. And so, of course, that gets us in front of relevant eyes. But it's also giving us a great back link, and this is something that's Evergreen. Is people going back to previous episodes are gonna be able to listen? Sometimes shows or recorded people are gonna be able to see that in If you are sponsoring an event, for example, then they're posting on the website, and they're often promoting you elsewhere on social media, putting you in a Pamplin so on. So we can simply do some searches to find some potential opportunities like this. So if you have a website on photography, for example, we can look for photography. Plus, this show is sponsored by or this podcast is sponsored by this event is sponsored by and it's going to pull up some opportunities within photography that where they've done this before. So now you can go to their website and see What is it that you need to do, or at least reach out to them to start that conversation. So you can see here that when we put it in quotes, it's gonna be looking for that exact phrase. So this is a podcast hero that has been sponsored. Here's another photography podcast that's been featured here. So you go on down and you can see that all of these air sponsored by someone and so you can go through and just keep clicking through the search results here. So you want to make sure that you make sure there is a discussion when you are sponsoring someone. So, for example, here you can see that this particular podcast is sponsored by bus shot. However, that's not a link, and I don't see their link anywhere right here. So we make sure it's clear that you do want a link, especially if you're pain that you're gonna be getting that here. We also talk about associations and organizations that that's something that you're part of . This is another opportunity for you here. You see that they have an event or they had one previously. This is old event, but you can see that the season was actually sponsored by Civic Plus, and this particular show is sponsored by Hayden Orthodontics. So this is why they have actually acquired to sponsors for the same shows that they're doing here. But this is where you'll be able to go out to the event page here. This one in particular is you. So that's good and see where they're actually going to link to you as either season sponsor or for just one particular show. So if you have a little extra cash and you want to be able to acquire a back link from a very specific site, you know is high authority, you know it's going to be high quality, and you want to ensure that you're going to get it. Being able to essentially pay for that back link through some sort of sponsorship or donation is really going to help you out, and it can be a good way to spend money if you do have it. 35. Buying a Link...Without Actually Buying The Link (Option 2): another way to essentially buy a link is to some way partner with a non profit organization . So this could be partnering with them, sponsoring with them, making a donation to them. But you want to do this somewhere where you're gonna be featured and actually received that back link. So when you go to a different websites, you're gonna need to look to see how they're doing this. So, for instance, this one has different corporate sponsors and you can see they put the logo here. So this will be the image anchor text here, and this is actually linking out to these particular businesses. So that is an option as well. Now we have another one. Where this is advertising different sponsorship opportunities, you can see they have different levels. Some of them are quite expensive. But the reason you're doing this is to get a link. You can see here, you're gonna get a clickable link to your site on, so that is what you want to be looking for. And, of course, they add in a lot of other promotion there, and this makes sense as long as it's relevant. And it is the same audience that you're actually trying to get in front of. So you Onley really want to do this when you could make sure traffics gonna make sense? Or the website is really of high authority and it's just going to show that you made that donation to him. And that is something you can share in your website as well, Because that looks good. It builds trust with the visitors coming in, seeing that you are, in one way or another giving back to others in need. So when you go to ah nonprofit website here, you want to look in their menu here and you can see they have a donate options. You can actually make a donation, you can become a sponsor. And then here they have a page for their actual sponsors. So this is where you want to click through and see more information about what it takes to become a sponsor. But then you'll be able to see here that these are the businesses who made donations. They've sponsored them and they are giving a link back here in the form of an image link. So this is something that you consider now you may be thinking, Oh, I don't have $500.2500 dollars, $10,000 to spend on a sponsorship. There are a lot of smaller nonprofits, especially in local areas, that you can consider that have sponsorship options. That or maybe $100.200 dollars, something that is a lot smaller. And you just kind of went away how important it is to receive that back link based on their authority based on the audience, that it's gonna put you in front of a swell. But this is a good way to receive some dot org's back lings as well and, you know, hopefully benefit the good cause to. 36. Do You Have Any of These Existing Relationships?: how is like to start with easy wins and one of the easiest winds is to think about the Web site or the business. And are there any associations, organisations? Any groups that they are part of? Do they have any vendors that they work with any partnerships to help them keep up and running? And if so, those air great places to start. Do those websites have a place for them to be listed as a member, like this one? Has a membership section. Find a member here, you can go in there and see that they're part of the directory. So if the business is about a landscape professional, while it's gonna make sense for them to be there, so this can be a quality link, an easier one. Teoh get if you are a painter, for instance, and you work with a vendor to get supplies or wholesaler. Do they have places where one you could give them? The testimonial here and you could be listed on their website so that other painters could then see your your testimonial. It'll provide social proof for them and, in exchange, receive a back link, or do they have a database that they can share for anybody who wants to find a painter that you could be a part of that this is an example here of Shopify expert. So if you actually provide a service using Shopify, can you be listed as an expert there in their marketplace? Not only can that drive traffic bring you business, but then, of course, it gives you that back link. So this is where we want to start. Is thinking about any of the vendors manufacturers, that new work with organizations, associations, any of those groups that already have that connection there. No us. We use and see what is a way that we could acquire a back link from their website easily. 37. Extra Value for Extra Promotion & Backlinks: on this opportunity and requires a bit more work. It is more involved, but it could be really, really powerful and it's really, really fun. And so we're going to take a look at some examples of this right away here, and this opportunity is to create a tool that you can actually house on your website or that you can use to link back to your website. And really, it just connects an audience, gives them something of value and it sends them over to your main website, and this can help you produce some back links as well. Now you can either house this tool on your website itself or you can create this separately . So what is good about this is that you're not only building back wings, but this does help you build up a bit of authority, and it really can get a lot of eyes on you, especially when you do this right. So let's take a look at this tool Now. This is one that they have created called pigeon and and you can see that this works as a CRM and automation suite that works directly in side of Gmail here. So This is what they're trying to sell. You can see they have pricing here so people can have the option to pay for some of this. So let's look at this example here. This one is called pigeon. This is a CRM and automation suite of tools that works inside of G melon. As you can see, they have a pricing tab up here. And so there is a free option, obviously, to add this tool inside of your Gmail. But if you want more of features, they're going to be selling that. So that's what they're actually trying to do here. So now what pigeon has done is they created this separate website called How to Say No and what this does is this allows you to take templates and put them inside of Gmail. So that way, if you need to say no to someone, if someone has requested something of you and you want to say no, but you're not quite sure how this gives you basically the emails of how to respond for you and this is free. So now if you could see here that it says right here the top built by pigeon for Gmail And then there you go a link back to their website. Now what's gonna happen is that this website is going to end up being picked up by a lot of different places. It's a free tool. It's something that's a value people are gonna link to it. They're going to share. It's gonna get a lot of traffic and there they have their website right there. But that makes this website more important. And so that's gonna make this link here more valuable as well. But as you can see here, we have a lot of different templates. And then again, right down here at the bottom there, is there link again. So now we're gonna get people coming over here. So what they have done is one of the things anyway that they have done to market. This tool is they have put this on product hunt. So you can see here. They've got nearly 1700 up votes and you got a lot of people here talking about it reviewing it. And this has sent no doubt a lot of traffic over to that website, which in turn is going to send traffic over to this main site as well. So as you can see sometimes when you have an opportunity to build a back link, there's opportunity where you're just building back links and then you have the opportunities like this. That arm were involved. I will amend, Yes, but they can pay off in terms of getting you more paying customers quicker. You're getting the back link. Of course, You're building up your authority very quickly. You're building a resource, and so you're accomplishing a lot of things just by doing this one task. So this is something to consider that depending on what your actual niche is, the topic that your website covers, what is it that could be a value that you could give away that wouldn't take a tremendous amount of effort to create, but at the same time is still very valuable. 38. An Advanced Opportunity (for Use with Multiple Sites): Now, this is a more advanced opportunity, and this opportunity works best if you have a portfolio of your own sites that you work on or even if you are doing this for clients and you have a portfolio of niche client sites, this really brings the back links to you. So you have people requesting back Ling's from you, and this allows you to work out an exchange of some source. So just start this. You are essentially creating a website that is going to attract certain types of link builders that are going to be similar to the types of links that you want based on the topics in your portfolio. So essentially you're gonna be ranking this website for terms that link builders are actually looking for. So, for example, lawyer back links or back lings for landscapers could be an example. And so your niche site would be for those who are looking for back links in that particular industry, and they're going to come across your website now. What happens is this means you have people who are looking to build back wings and they're approaching your site, and they are requesting for help with that then in turn, you can take the back links that they want and you can add them to your sites. But in exchange, you're asking them for a back link back. So in this case, you may take the back link that they want and you put it on site to. But then you take a page from site five and you give that back to them and they need to put that on their website. Someone else comes to you, you give them a back link on site three and then in exchange, you offer them a back ling from sight one to post on their website. So this allows you to just basically be attracting at the back links without having to go out there and work harder. Your job is essentially to rank this back link site. So this is one, as I mentioned that a little bit more advanced. It's only because you need to have more of a portfolio sites in order for this to make sense for you. But if you dio, this is really great way to be able to do this, that a lot of people don't take advantage of 39. Find Your Proven Promoters: when you're first starting with building back links, you're starting from scratch. But as with anything, the more more you do this mo mentum is really gonna build. And this process is going to become faster and easier for you as you go. So you should be focusing on building relationships over time. And I know you mentioned this a couple times because I can't stress just how important says so This is not a licious. Get in and get it back link and get out. Let's try to see how we can make this a long term relationship. And so you want to make sure that you're really starting to create a list of people that you are starting contact with, given a list of people that either whether you've intentionally reached out to before or who have just linked to your content without you specifically asking but starting to build up that list of contacts, you can say, Hey, this is a list of people who already started to know me. They believe my content is value, and that means they may just linked to me again. Or be able to better yet put me in contact with somebody else who may think my content is valuable and linked to me as well. So we talked about co promotions that you are me, making sure that you are signing that for those that you're starting to notice, who is actually linking to you and starting to build that relationship with them as well. Pay attention to the comments that are coming in on your website. If you do allow comments, see who keeps liking different post. Who's actually engage with those posts are actually sharing those posts. They are leaving comments there, and that way you can start to see. Do they actually have a relevant blawg? Is this something that they might be able to help promote? A Swell because they are your loyal fans. They are following what it is that you have to say on your Web site and the same thing as your website. You can pay attention to what's going on in social media. See who is sharing out your content and kind of check in. Look at what they might have going on and see if it's anything relevant so that you might be able to start to connect with them. So when you actually intentionally do this, you're going to start to see potential relationships that if you don't focus on this or you don't have this list that you're starting and keeping your eye out that you're going to miss. So this is a good opportunity to start building your team of proven promoters from the beginning and this list, I promise you just going to get bigger and better as you go. 40. Which Email Address Should You Use for Outreach?: as you have been discovering, there is quite a bit of outreach that is required in order to start building up some back links. And so what I want to make sure that you're aware of is to not do all of this outreach, especially when you're out reaching two people cold using your actual website or your business and domain name or your domain email. And the reason for that is that if people don't know you and you're starting to send in a lot of requests to different places and people are flagging you, a spam that is going to flag your whole domain and you're gonna have problems with that. So the better option is to get just a cheap email address that you can use, and that way you don't have to worry about it. If anything happens with that domain, you see it's starting to get flagged. You can always just switch domains and not have to worry about it so you can just set up something that is similar to your names of people. Start to recognize it, but not necessarily the same one. So if you want to use something like name cheap for example, then I mean, this is less than a few bucks a month. If you go with one of these bigger ones, if you just want, start with $1 per month. I mean, it's just so cheap that it doesn't make sense to risk your actual website domain email instead of using something like this. So this is definitely something that you want to consider so you can outreach without having to be overly concerned with your domain email. 41. Email Outreach Send Times & Frequency: when you're ready to start emailing out out, reaching to receive these back links, you want to think about the time of day that you're sending the emails the actual day of the week and the frequency that you're sending these emails. So too often I see people who start out with link building send out an email that isn't very personalized. They're just sending out an email like, Hey, give me, Give me, Give me and they send it out once it doesn't work and then they're done and the very frustrated. So we want to make sure that we have a little bit of strategy here. So typically, when you're sending out these requests, I like to shoot for early afternoon. People are coming back from lunch. They're starting to look at their email again. You know, they've handled some of those bigger morning tasks that are out of their way, and they have time to focus on that. Another time that has worked as kind of a backup time would be mid to late morning time. So you're getting past that initial rush in the morning where people first sit down their inbox names. So many emails toe look through to respond, to take action on. So I want to kind of get out of that time space. I also like to send emails on Tuesdays and Wednesdays primarily for some industries. Saturday's can work, but this depends on you know if you're doing more business type of websites than you want to stick to MAWR during the week during business hours. Some are businesses that operate more on the weekends, and that's really when their team is up and running, so that can make more sense. But there also could be the team that is up and running actively out there helping customers on Saturdays and Sundays, Let's say, but that doesn't necessarily mean the marketing team who may be doing the website is. So this is just something you have to think about when you work on different websites. I also highly encourage you to plan to send out maybe two or three emails to the same person, and you're going to make them a little bit different. Your personalize them, of course, because you are much more likely to receive a response when you follow up, you may have hit the person on a bad day. They may have had a lot going on that day. They may have had a lot of e mails. You never know what's going on. Maybe something they just need to think about a little bit. And when you follow up, they're much more likely to respond. So if you don't hear back the first time, don't make the assumption that it's just over. There is no possibility. Do plan on following up when you follow these three tips is is gonna help you increase Hominy responses that you get. But don't forget to test. Every industry is different. All the businesses that you reach out to are going to be different. So never be afraid to test and find out what's gonna work for the industry that you're targeting. 42. Name Drop for Accelerated Results: as you begin to back Ling also think about the sites that you have already received back Ling from and how you can use that as a bit of social proof in order to land back link on an even bigger website. So if, for instance, you want to guest post on a particular site, it's more authoritative. There are a little bit more strict on who they allow. Look back at your current back link profile anywhere that you've been mentioned online and incorporate that into your pitch. As you are asking, say, we've have been also mentioned or we've also written for site one site to site three and list those out. And what we can do here is essentially name drop in order to land back wings on bigger or more authoritative websites. So even when you're looking, for instance, here I'm in ECM, Russia, the link building tool here and there. Give me a list of prospects here so I could even sort this by domain score. See who is most authoritative, of course, following the guidelines that we talked about here at the very beginning, seeing which ones will actually work, I think would would be best here and then starting with some of those smaller ones and then moving the way up to some of these websites here, that arm or authoritative. So you have a 45 53. See which ones of those we can actually go after now. And which of those are actually going to be monitored a bit more? We need to actually get in touch with the owner, their work with them, and then use those to Lynn, those bigger, more authoritative back wings.