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2022 Goal Setting: Design your Year, Start Habits & Accomplish your Goals

teacher avatar Filipa Canelas, Content Strategist & Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Past!

    • 3. How to set Goals!

    • 4. Progress!

    • 5. Plan!

    • 6. Habits!

    • 7. Reasons!

    • 8. Revisiting!

    • 9. FB Group

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to this class that has the potential to change your year!

Have you ever struggled with accomplishing your New Year’s Eve resolutions?

Your answer is probably, yes. It’s easy to go through a bunch of wishes in our heads that we lightly expect will come true. But in reality, they never do. Especially, because we don’t commit ourselves to it.

In this class, you’re going to learn how to set proper goals, that are highly effective and motivational. Those goals won’t accomplish themselves alone, because they need your attention. You’re going to learn how to make progress every single day to guarantee you will achieve your ambitious goals this year! 

There’s no better feeling than making progress every day to accomplish our most meaningful goals and desires! By the end of this class, you will be feeling fulfilled and ready to take your year to the next level!

 Make this year, the year you become the best version of yourself! This requires work, discipline, and habits, but this is the way to reach your goals. Your success, whatever it means for you, is built every day. The small victories each day, add up to huge gains, that will make you achieve the goals you set for yourself!

And don’t forget that having a great year is not only about achieving goals. It’s about feeling more positive emotions and being around people who make you feel good! But, you are responsible for making others feel good and for spreading positivity and energy to those around you! When you face life’s struggles and challenges with gratitude, things start to happen, and suddenly you feel happy all the time. It’s not easy to smile when things are not going very well, but it’s the best way to make them go well again!

 Let's go! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipa Canelas

Content Strategist & Content Creator



Hi, I'm Filipa Canelas! I'm the founder of Able-Academy, a content strategist and author.

I Empower Businesses & Entrepreneurs to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy and Leverage their Content for Brand Awareness.

Content is my jam -- I've written 200+ blog posts, 50+ hours of video content, a 150+ page book on time management, and a LOT of social media posts.

I have been featured in Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington, the Authority Magazine & Billion Success. I've reached +40,000 people (just like you!), including professionals from NYSE, Airbus & Hitachi, just through the power of content marketing.

If you're frustrated with your content marketing strategy and are ready to accel... See full profile

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1. Introduction: First of all, let me congratulate you for being here. This shows your commitment and motivation to craft a better ear in life for yourself. Having the motivation and interest to seek classes on how to improve yourself already says a lot about your future success. And improving yourself is always a gift that you are giving to the words. It doesn't matter if you're watching this on 1st January or 25 of September. You are always in time to change things for better and to improve yourself. But if you do seem to be watching this in the beginning of January, I hope you have a great great year. Now you have to be clear in what you want. Your ear toe look like you were the one deciding how this year will look to you. So start by writing in your journal a word that describes your ear, a word that describes how you want your ear toe look like. So I want this New year to be extraordinary. As Brennan, Bouchard said, there are two things that can change your life. Either something new comes into your life or something new comes from within, so make sure that this year you commit yourself to get something new coming from within. That will give you an extraordinary year because you have the power and the motivation to make this year the best year of your life. If you commit yourself, do it well in this class, you will learn how to set proper goals and how to actually achieve them. But remember that this is not only about achieving your long term goals. It's also about the journey, and you have to learn to enjoy the process that you commit yourself to every new year. I've been writing my goals down and also a plan on how to achieve them, because having goals is not enough. You have to work towards them. So this class is not about writing your New Year's resolutions and waiting for them to come true. It's about setting proper goals and actually working to make them come true. You don't need to compromise all of your time to achieve your goals. You just need to commit yourself to make progress every single day, and that might be one of the most important things that you can take away from this class. So attach your identity to who you want to be, raise your standards and then improve yourself. Make progress every day to make sure you can rise to meet those standards. Because when you say you are not optimistic, don't think that you will become optimistic when you say you are lazy. Don't think that you suddenly will stop being lazy. You have to decide who you're going to be, and you have to attach your identity to. That's so the side now that you are a high achiever and that you will achieve all of your goals, because when you actually decide that you are a high achiever, you become much more prompt to achieve those goals. You can choose to be a high achiever to be a more kind person, to be more optimistic, to have more joy. You are the one deciding who you want to be, so I hope you can make progress on this class by watching it tilted yet. But more importantly, I challenge you to apply the things that you're going to learn here because those are some of the things that will help you to have a better life for yourself and to actually achieve your New Year's resolutions once and for all. So I hope to see you inside 2. The Past!: especially in the beginning of a new year. People want to forget everything that they went through, and they just want to start fresh. But I don't think it's important to reflect on how your previous year went and to think about what's been happening in your life in the past year or just in the past couple of months. You can write down the things that you are really proud of achieving this year, things that brought you a lot of happiness, things that you walk that were really important trips that you did with your family or anything else that comes to your mind and then also reflect on the things that didn't went so well. What made you fail that goal that you set for yourself? What's negative emotions? Did you feel last year or in the last couple of months? What bad habits did you start or keep? And you can add your own questions to this reflection because it's important to make sure that this process is your own process. So it makes sense that you can come up with your own questions and then later answered them . It's really important to get an overview of how things went so you can make sure that this new year you will do everything that you possibly can to make everything better. So Tim Ferries wrote to block Post, where he goes through a process that he follows each year to review. His previous here consists on a few simple steps that might really help you out. So splits a sheet of paper into two columns. Positive one and the negative one. Grab your calendar and go through the tasks, activities and people where you spend your time on. If that's task or person triggered a positive emotion, then write them in the positive column. If they triggered a negative emotion, add them to the negative called after going through your calendar or planner. Set aside 20% of each column that produced the most impactful emotions, both positive and negative, so you can just select 20% like one or two, depending on the lens of your list. Now, using your answers scheduled more positive activities, tests or events. We, those people or things that created those positive emotions last year. And don't forget if it's not on your calendar, it's not riel, so make sure you commit yourself to do more of those things that caused you happiness. Repeat the same process, but this time using the 20% off the negative calling and f those events or people to win not to do list. Make sure you see this list every day, so you actually want forgets. If any person or any activity or task made you miserable, why do you keep spending your time on it? So make sure you avoid this column and make sure your schedule more activities on this one . 3. How to set Goals!: every New Year's Eve. People plan their future. They think of all the incredible things that we want to achieve all the amazing trips. They will take all the healthy routines they will put in practice, all the great things. They will achieve all the great things that they will. Why? But according to US news, 80% of resolutions fail in the second week of February. Why? Because people writes a bunch of things that they wish they had the wish they were. But they don't really commit themselves to doth to those things. They write a bunch of things without giving it much thought there, right, they want more health and energy, but they don't do anything that will help them to get more energy and more health. But the reality is even worse because most people don't even take the time to write their goals down. So please go and grab a piece of paper, your journal, and make sure you are actually writing those things down. We are all afraid of failing, and so most people don't even bother to write those things down. They just go through some of their wishes in their mind, which is definitely not an effective thing to do. So please, even if you stop watching this class right now, take one thing for your life. Grab a piece of paper and planned of things you want to achieve. Plan your life, blend the things you want to get. Plan the feelings you want to be feeling everyday. Plan to things you want to give, blend the things you want to receive and write those things down. That's really important. And other thing is, don't think small. Don't limit your visions and dreams just because you don't really know how to achieve them . But now the most important thing is setting. New Year's resolutions is not going to make them come true. You have to work towards your goals. You have to make time for them. You have to set a priority to achieve that goal and commit yourself to work so worthy every single day. Because really setting New Year's resolutions is not going to do the trick, because those resolutions will never leave the paper. If you don't do something toe actually accomplish them. I'm a huge fan of Brendan Brew charred. He's a best selling off their own personal development in high performance, and he calls smart goals dumb girls. If you're not familiar with smart goals, they stand for specific, measurable, achievable relevance in time bounce. But if you're really limiting your goals, toe all of those criteria, you can't really dream big and think what things you really want to achieve. You will end up with a bunch of goals that don't motivate. You, don't excite you and don't make you work towards them. So what's the purpose of setting goals? Would so many restrictions if you have a really ambitious goal that it's not really measurable? According to this smart goals list, you can really have that coal, which doesn't make much sense. There are still times when smart goals are importance, especially when braking an ambitious goal into smaller, tangible golds. But don't make your life goals. Smart cults make them crazily ambitious. You have to dream and think big because that's what will motivate you and excite you to achieve those goals. So stop setting smart goals and set ambitious goals that make you excited to wake every single morning to achieve them. If you know exactly how to achieve a goal, maybe it's not that ambitious, and maybe you really should dream bigger. You have to go beyond your current expectations and your current abilities. If no one is saying that your gold is kind of crazy, you really should think twice about it and create a bigger goal. It doesn't really matter if your goals are 100% achievable. What matters is, are they really making you enjoy the process? Are you really excited for them? Are you really motivated to wake up every day? Are you really willing to do anything that it takes to achieve that goal? That's what matters the most. If you've always wanted to start the block, don't set the goal of starting a block. Set a goal of publishing 50 articles. This and if you think that's too much and that you don't have time for it, make time for it. If it's important to you, you can always get your goals. Must be constantly challenging you because that's how you were going to grow this year. You only become stronger and better when you work actively towards something that's bigger than you, even if you don't achieve any of your crazy and ambitious goals, at least make sure you're progressing towards them. You should be challenging yourself every single day. You should be feeling alive and driven by the process because the process is way more important than the goals. Because it might take you years to reach the goals because it might take you five years to reach a goal. But the process is something that you go through every single day, so it's important that you actually enjoy and look forward to it. So set goals right now that really motivate and excite. You drink big and only then you can start by looking backwards to see what you have to do every single day to achieve that goal. But dream be when setting your long term goals. Now, if you think you like the confidence toe, achieve all of those goals, I think you will benefit from hearing the competence. Confidence loop is quite obvious that the more confidence we have, the more able we are to achieve bigger goals because when we lack confidence, we take a step back and we avoid making risks or taking risks that will move us forward. But how can we actually get more confidence that we'll we'll achieve our New Year's resolutions. The answer lies on the confidence competence loop. When you like confidence, you have to become more competence. You have to acquire new skills that will give you the confidence that you need to achieve greater things. When you become more skilled and trained, your confidence grows and because now you have more confidence you will be able to take on bigger risks that again will give you more competence. And because you have more competence, you will again be able to have more confidence, and this process or this loop continues to go on. But remember that you have to start by acquiring or developing skills that they that are really necessary to take you to the next level. If you don't really know how to start or where to start learning a new skill, feel free to check my online class on the subject where I will help you out to acquire a new skill faster and better and be ready to feel more confidence when you get more competence. Be ready to achieve your impressive goals because you're making progress towards that 4. Progress! : Now that you have your goal sets, you have to think about other things. What if you do achieve your goals by the middle of the year? Should you stop fighting for it when you set goals, you should always think long term well, when you set goals, you should always create a sequence of goals that will help you to progress, even if you achieve the first goal that you set, because there are always more goals to achieve related with the 1st 1 So let's say you want to lose £4 this year and you end up losing those £4 in the middle of April. What's next? Do you stop exercising leaves? Stop eating healthy. You just stop all of your effort because you've already achieved your goal. That's why it is so important to add more goals that complement the first goal. Use sets and those goals will make you grow. If you indeed lost £4 in the mail of April, you have another goal after that one that is now going to the gym five times for week to gain more muscle or start running every single day or enrolling in a workshop to learn how to cook healthy food. It's really important to promote your growth along the way, and you can do it by setting goals that go beyond the first goal you set. This doesn't mean that you should always be in satisfied with watch you achieved. No, you should always be proud of where you are right now, and the process that will take you to the next level is something that should actually excite. You were not scare you. So be proud of where you are right now, but also be confident that you will get to the next level and you do it by creating sequenced the goals that go beyond your current level of capabilities. So grab a journal, write your main goal and then write other goals that will come next. Other goals that you will start to achieve when you achieve that 1st 1 Don't turn your New Year's resolution into with checklist that doesn't give you any room for improvement. Create a sequence of goals that will challenge you and that will make you grow throughout the Think of it as a business. If you have a dream to create business, that's not on Lee. The goal right? You're just not going to create a business and then do nothing after it. Because if you manage to build your own business, you are always going to continue to make it grow or to make it better or to improve the costumer service, to create better marketing campaigns, to improve your products, to creating your product. So it doesn't stop in the creating my first business, right? Get if your goal is to create a business than if you do create a business. You should just stop working for it. And we know that's not true to starting. A business might beat the main goal, but then you have other goals that will go along. That main goal setting goals is not supposed to be a one time achievement, but a growth a constant growth throughout the year and throughout your life. 5. Plan!: you decided that you were going to lose £5 this year. But what are you actually going to do to make that goal come true? What are you really going to do every day, every week, every month to achieve that goal? If you don't schedule any activity in your planner that will help you to achieve your goal at least once a week. It doesn't matter if you set goals or not, because you're probably not going to achieve them. I don't really believe that. If you just write all of your goals in a piece of paper, they will suddenly all become true. I really prefer to work towards Michael's to make sure I can actually be in control of achieving them and off turning them into a reality. So make sure you block your calendar to schedule some activities or tasks that are a requirement to achieve the goals you set when you actually take the time to grab your planner and to write the things you are going to do every week or every day to achieve your goals, things start to take off. You will get momentum because you are seeing progress every day or every week and distort, and you see yourself getting closer to vehicle because you are actively working towards the goals you sets and not just waiting for them to happen. If you want to write a book of this year, the book want get written if you don't actually write it. So you can block 30 minutes of your day every single date of the rest of the year to make sure you actually finished that book. And I'm sure you have 30 minutes of your day that you can dedicate to achieve your goals. Because if they are your goals, then you should actually be excited to achieve them. And you should be excited about the process and by scheduling the things you have to do in order to achieve your goals, you are making sure that you will actually achieve those schools, and scheduling and planning is not supposed to take your freedom away. It actually gives you more freedom. As Joeckel Welling said. Discipline equals freedom and I totally believe it. If you want achieving more in a smaller amount of time, you have more freedom to do other things. And if you're actually blocking your time to do the things that your dream requires. You aren't getting more freedom. You weren't making progress towards something that you really want to achieve. It's not really an obligation by planning and scheduling. You are making time to achieve your goals. You are making yourself free because you are giving yourself time to work towards your goals and dreams. And there's no better feeling than debt by making progress. Every day you start creating a habit off, eating healthy or writing every day, or exercising or working towards your business. And with all of that momentum, suddenly you see yourself making progress every day, and you might even accomplish the goal you set before the year ends. And because you created a sequence of goals, you are still making progress every day, even if you achieve your goal in the middle of the year. So suddenly you are now in really good shape, with a best selling book in your hands and with three more new employees in your business. But this only happens when you make progress every day, and so you have to schedule the progress you want to be making 6. Habits!: Creating you and healthy habits is one of the most common themes around New Year's. It's great to have healthy habits that sustain your progress and sustain your health. What I highly recommend you is to associate the goals you want to achieve with some of the habits that you really need to develop in order to achieve those goals. So if you want to lose weight, you have to associate a habit of going to the gym every day, running every day or eating more healthy to that goal. You have to believe that going to the gym or eating healthier will take you towards your goal will make you achieve that really important goal for you that you set. And by associating a goal with the set of habits, you are actually making sure you have the motivation to create those habits because they are a requirement to achieve that dream. There are a bunch of habits that everyone should commit themselves to practice every day. I struggle with keeping the habit of exercising every day. It's one of the habits that I struggled the most, but I know it's important, so I'm actually always trying to fight against that urge that I have of stopped exercising in doing other things. Some of those habits might be meditation, exercising, journaling, acquiring a new skill, anything. All of these habits are important no matter the goals you sets. But it's really important to connect your new habits, the habits that you want to develop or acquire with the goals that you really want to achieve. So if you want to start a new business or a new company, meditation will help you on that goal. Why you have to know why you have to set your intentions. You have to understand this correlation between the goal and the habit you want to start developing if you have the goal of being a part of that incredible band that you've always wanted to, you have to make sure you associate that with a habit of practicing guitar every single day . Journaling will free up your mind and will make you more focused on the task of writing your first book. As you can see, associating your goals and dreams with the habits you have to develop is quite easy but requires a little bit of efforts, and you have to create your own reasons. You have to write them down and you have to do it for yourself. And believe me that this association between goals and habits will make a huge difference in the long term because it will sustain your motivation. Levels have been talking about more general goals, such as exercising, meditating or journaling, but you should set all their type of habits that are even closer to the goal you want to achieve. It might be the habit of writing every single day for 30 minutes, or the habit of learning more about marketing or with online courses every day or the habit of publishing one piece of content every day. All of those habits are even more correlated. Read your dreams, which is, ofcourse, something that you really should consider. You have to think which habits will help you to achieve the goal you want to itchy. You might have one or two big goals, but you might need way more than two habits that will help you to achieve those goals, and the habits you set might improve over time. Instead of 100 push ups that you've been doing every single day for the past three months. Now you're going to start doing 150 instead of writing for 30 minutes. Now we're going to write for 45 minutes, so don't limit yourself, and you should also not limit the habits you've been starting because if you are on track, if you've been keeping up with your goal, perhaps it's a great time to increase your goal to make it more challenging. So don't limit yourself to the first habit that you decided you wanted to implement. If you feel that you are on track and you've been keeping up with the goal for more than two months, perhaps it's better to challenge yourself a little bit more. So don't limit yourself to all of those habits that everyone talks about. You should associate your habit with the goal you want to set in. That way you will sustain your motivation regardless, all of these habits that you might want to start there's a complementary one that you should practice no matter what. I've learned this with Brendan Birch art, and it's basically been changing. My life basically consists on a weekly progress assessments, so you sit down with your journal and you start writing how those habits that you've been implementing our impact in your life how are they making you move forward? How consistent have you been? How can you improve? How did your week went? What emotions did you experience last week? Why and what made you feel that way? What didn't work? Well, how can I serve better? How can I have a greater contribution? How am I progressing on my goals? How am I not progressing on my goals? Whatever I've been doing, that is really hurting the process of achieving my life dreams. This takes you 20 minutes every single week, and it has the power to change your life. Every single time I go through this, I feel more excited and alive to continue to work towards Michael. If I felt sad or and fulfilled during the previous week, I have time now to reflect on that, and I can trace a plan to make this week better. If the Brilliance Week didn't go very well, you can now set the intention of feeling grateful every single morning, said the intention of feeling more focused every time you start working on that project, setting the intention of feeling more energetic when you go out with your friends. Self assessment is one of the most powerful habits that you can cultivate for three reasons . The 1st 1 is when you reflect on the previous week you can see what didn't went really well , which gives you room for improvement, and you now know which things you have to change. The second reason is after the assessment, you will feel more motivated and excited to continue to work towards your dreams. The third reason is the more practice you put into self assessing yourself, the better you become at understanding your emotions so you can better manage them. 7. Reasons!: some days, you might feel that your goal is not really something that you want. You don't feel very motivated to do it. You really are not feeling like working towards your goals. And so you start questioning. If that's really a goal, that you want to witchy for yourself. Well, perhaps it might not be the right girl for you. Who am I to discuss that which you, but most of the times and I talk from personal experience. The problem is not the goal. The problem is that we are lazy, and we are not willing to do what it takes to achieve that goal. And so it's easy to give up on a goal when we feel tired and lazy. But those moments you have to continue to make progress because you want that goal. You're just not reeling to do what it takes to get there, at least in that day. So don't give up on your goal just because you're not feeling like it's today, remember, the process is as important as the goal itself, so make sure you enjoy it. Make sure you make it into something that you are really looking forward to a great way to go through a period where you're not really motivated is to go through a lot of reasons why you want to achieve that goal. When you go through this process of writing all the reasons why you want to achieve your your goal, you attach emotion to the goal. I like to use the method debt Tony Robbins suggests, which is to associate pleasure with achieving the goal and associate pain with not achieving it. This emotional connection will give you more motivation to achieve your goals and enough reasons to continue making progress every day, even when things get tough and difficult, you have to continue pushing yourself to make progress every day because that's how you are going to achieve your goal. So writes all of the reasons why you want to achieve that goal, how that will make your life better, how it will make you improve, how it will make you a better person and then write all of the reasons why it will cause you pain. If you don't achieve that goal, and when you feel more unmotivated or when you don't feel like doing it, read all of those reasons and make sure you get more motivated to achieve your long time long life goals. 8. Revisiting! : even to people who write their goals down. Don't ever look at those goals again. They don't put on their calendars, the progress they wish to make every single day. They don't write the reasons why they want to achieve those goals. They don't implement new habits that supports those resolutions. From this, you can already predict that this year won't be very different from the previous one. But we are now equipped to make this year an incredible year because we are the sighting to make this year the best year ever. So it might be important to you to revisit your goals monthly or weekly. It's also important to read or to even rewrite the reasons why you wouldn't. We want to achieve the goals, but don't think you will forget your goals If you don't revisit them, it won't happen because you blocked your calendar with a bunch of activities that will leave that will lead you towards the end goal. Scheduling activities or tasks that will make you achieve that goal is way more important than re reading your goals every single day. If you don't actively work towards your goals, they will never leave the paper. But feel free to revisit your goals and your reasons every single time you want to 9. FB Group: Hi. Just a quick video to tell that I recently created a Facebook group that you can now join to be part of a community of people who are interested in personal development in constant growth. See you there. 10. Conclusion: we've reached the end of this class. But this is only the beginning. Often incredible year, often incredible sets of months that will make you more successful, more happy, more joyful, more grateful and everything else. The journey that comes ahead requires commitment, work ethic, motivation, excitement and a lot of work. But I have no doubt that you will be able to achieve all of your goals if you do all of the things that we talked about in this class. I believe each and every one of us can really achieve what we set our minds to, and this year will be a different here for you and for me, because we are giving our best to achieve the goals we really want to achieve while implementing habits that sustain those goals. So start by connecting your identity to who you want to become. Do the things that the person you want to become would dio. And that's person is highly engaged in the process. And he's highly committed to grow every single day by exposing himself or herself to new challenges. If this year one of your goals is to save X amount of money, you can't really limit that goal. You have to see yourself saving that amount of money while having a lot of money to do other things that you really want to. You have to set high standards and come up with enough reasons that will make you rise. To meet those standards. You can't limit your goals, your current capabilities. You can always learn the new skills or the new things that will make you achieve that goal . But please, you can't limit your vision. Make this year, the year you become the best version off yourself. This requires work, and you have it's and commitment. But it's the only way to really achieve the things you want. Your success, whatever it means for you, is built every single day, with small victories each day up to huge gangs. In the long term, that will make you achieve the goals you sets. And don't forget that having a great year is not only about achieving goals, it's about feeling more positive emotions around the people that make you feel great. But you are also responsible for making other people feel great to you are also responsible for spreading positivity and great emotions around others. When you face life struggles and challenges, would gratitude things start to happen and you suddenly feel happy all the time? It's not easy to smile when things are not going very well, but it's the best way to make things go well again. As Rendon for Chart said, too many people are waiting for something to keep them happiness, and that's why they are constantly unhappy. So both you and me are going to make in extra effort this year to bring happiness to every moment of our lives. It doesn't mean if we are always going to succeed on this mission, but we are going to constantly try to make every single day better than the previous one. I really hope you enjoy this class and took some lessons in practices along with it, but it's really important to act on those so right you're goes down and schedule the activities that will help you to achieve your long term goals. Feel free to leave a review on this class because it helps me to improve, and I'm always trying to challenge myself to become back, so have a great year and I hope to see you in other classes. Thank you very much