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2021 TikTok Masterclass | Grow Your Account & Business | Step-By-Step Guide To Viral Videos

teacher avatar Darius Mora, Chief Marketing Officer & Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Top 10 strategies to grow on TikTok


    • 3.

      Rules for successful post


    • 4.

      Elements of a great post


    • 5.



    • 6.

      How to use sounds


    • 7.

      Take advantage of effects


    • 8.

      Why titles are essential


    • 9.

      How to write a functional description & using hashtags


    • 10.

      Rocket fuel for your growth: trends & challenges


    • 11.

      Cross promote your content on other platforms


    • 12.

      What you learned about a great post


    • 13.

      Growth secrets


    • 14.

      The growth formula


    • 15.

      Reverse-engineer the algorithm


    • 16.

      Go pro with your gear


    • 17.

      Recording off TikTok like a pro


    • 18.

      What to do when your video flops


    • 19.

      Creating your content plan & frequency of posting


    • 20.

      Engaging with other TikTokers


    • 21.

      Why you shouldn't use bots


    • 22.

      Inspiration for content


    • 23.

      What you learned about growth


    • 24.

      Making money with your audience


    • 25.

      Promoting other people's products with influencer marketing


    • 26.

      How to make influencer money


    • 27.

      Case study My RedBull deal


    • 28.

      What you learned about monetization


    • 29.

      Here's what's next


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About This Class

You've heard the crazy success stories. People going viral overnight. Brands building a massive businesses. TikTok is no longer just for kids. It's the most popular social media and you're missing out. 

In this class I will give you a step-by-step guide on mastering the science of growing your account and going viral. Everything from creating your first TikTok to advanced growth tactics. Most importantly, I'll teach you how to monetize your account and make money. 

We’ll Cover:

  • Creating your first video and setting you up for success with best practice. 
  • Growing your account being your wildest dreams. 
  • Hacking vitality and how to get maximum exposure with minimum effort. 
  • Monetizing your account and making money as an influencer, affiliate, brand and more! 

Who is this class for?

This class is for everyone who recognizes that TikTok is the biggest opportunity for growth right now. For everyone who doesn't want to waste months guessing what to post. For everyone who is ready to take their social media game to the next level!  We start with the basics and quickly dive into the advanced strategies. 

About me:

During the day, I'm the Chief Marketing Officer at Reflectly. I helped grow the business from 0 to 20mil+ users in less than 3 years. During the night I'm a podcast host (Darius Mora show on Spotify), YouTuber (Darius Mora channel) and Best-Selling, Highest-Rated course creator on popular platforms. 

Me on TikTok: 
I have grown my personal account to 35.000 followers in the first 3 months. I grew our business account to well over that number in the same amount of time. TikTok is not magic. There is a process that guarantees success. If you following this class I promise you will achieve similar results, probably better. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Darius Mora

Chief Marketing Officer & Instructor


Hey there, I'm a Digital Marketing geek, Chief Marketing Officer at Reflectly, and an Adventure Junkie! 


9+ years of app marketing & social media experience with a specific focus on ASO, free marketing, paid user acquisition and retention.

- Experience with iOS and Android apps.

- Currently CMO at one of the fastest-growing tech companies, reaching 20mil+ users.

- Previously CEO & co-founder of 4 app startups.

- Got accepted into the best accelerators like Accelerace or Blackbox VC in Silicon Valley

- Raised capital to build apps from 0 to 3m users.


If you want to see a sneak preview of my app marketing & social media advice, feel free to browse my latest blog posts on ASO, monetization, paid acq... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hey everyone, welcome to our course on tiktok marketing. Did you know that tiktaalik is currently the fastest growing social media platform in the world, gets downloaded significantly more than YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. It also has the highest engagement across any social media platform. You tiktok is the biggest marketing opportunity for both individuals trying to build personal brands and businesses, companies are selling services and products. Did you know that I'm ticked off. You can post a video with 0 followers and get a million views overnight. That's not possible on any other social media platform in the world, just like Instagram, facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. Tiktok is going to be replacing grid to jockeys really knew has an enormous amount of potential, but it's similar. The early days of say, Facebook or Instagram for evil didn't really know how to grow their account organically or how to be effective at running ads on the platform. And that's why I partnered with my co-instructor, Darius's Hey, my name is Doris. I am the Chief Marketing Officer at roughly which grew to 10 million users in three years. And x, which part of that Tiktok, I've grown both my personal profile and reflect these company profile on Tiktaalik to 10000 followers in the first 30 days. In this course, we are going to cover number one, how to grow your account to the first 10000 followers in 30 days, whether you're a business or an individual, By timing trending videos, reverse engineering the algorithm and optimizing your delivery. How to monetize your audience and make money directly on tiktok with six strategies helped to drive meaningful results on other platforms outside of ticks up. For example, driving traffic to the website for capturing the leaves or potential customers or in growing your Occam's on Instagram or YouTube. Most of the other quotient is only cover surface level information. And instructors don't have any real-life experience with Tik Tok, which doesn't months creating the most up-to-date course on the topic and then watch as we literally gained thousands of followers throughout the course, enroll now and we'll see you inside. 2. Top 10 strategies to grow on TikTok: I grew both my personal account and a business account, 10000 followers within the first month of posting. And when I started, I knew nothing about Tiktok. You can grow so much faster than I did in this lecture. I'll give you temporary strategies, how to grow your account and create meaningful connections on the platform. By the end of this lecture, you'll be able to start posting and grow your account quicker than I did just to let you know, this is just a brief overview of all 10 strategies. We do have individual lecturers on each one of the strategies and we dive deep into the details. But this is the quick overview, number 1 and post three to five times a day. On Instagram, your pictures and videos are displayed to your followers, so you post more than once a day, you could type to annoy them and engagement will go down. But on tiktok, the order of them is different and your videos are displayed to a small group of users on TikTok, if they like, it is displayed to more and more users. But if you post a second video, but displayed to a different group of users, a third video, again, a different group of users. So there's really no upper limit and you can post five times a day. You will not annoy anybody, but you have five times higher chances of hitting that viral video. That'll take you to the next level number to participate in challenges. Tik Tok has created official challenges which can participate in, if you don't have ideas about content, how to start, how to create videos, you can simply go to the challenges but dissipate. And these challenges are very, very popular. You're likely to get a lot of attention, a lot of use, and a lot of followers. Number three, catch people's attentions in the first one or two seconds. The attention span on tik tok is very, very short. People scroll a 100 miles an hour and you willing to make sure that you show something interesting or again, to go funny in the first one or two seconds, then keep them engaged throughout the entire video. Number four, follow trends. Trends are what keeps Tiktok going. If you see anything repeated on your field or the For You page three times in a day is basically trend. It could be anything from using a specific song, specific dance or showing something in a particular way that is a trend. So you can do is jump on that, try and do the same thing, but create your own spin on it. These trends are very popular. People loved to watch them and you're likely to gain audience from using the trends to your advantage. Number five years texts overlays in your video. It is a very powerful tool that keeps the engagement up. And there's several different ways you can use it. But for example, you're shooting a video and you can explain what is happening in the video using texts or if you're talking, you can provide additional information which you didn't have the time to say in the actual video does a way to provide additional value, keeps people engaged. And also sometimes it may not be easy to hear you. Having a short summary of what you are saying is also a great way to keep people watching. Number 6, make a video without any words or spoken language. This is contrary to the previous strategy, but if you make a video doesn't have any words or spoken language can go viral in several different countries around the world and it can really go big globally. Tik tok is a very distributed internationally. There's tons of countries that don't speak English. They're doing really, really well. I have have growth. So if you make a video that can be understood without any language, you can actually go viral in any country in the world and go really global. Number 7, research the top creators in your niche and then find out what can or can't and they're posting and get inspiration. Tiktok is a very diverse platform and the content really varies a lot depending on your niche. So what you do is researcher niche, find the most popular creators, the best creators in your niche, scroll through their feed and then find the top ten videos in terms of views that they have. Watch those videos, figure out why they posted what they posted a wide worked really well, and then get inspiration and post something similar with your own twist, with your own personality or your own brand. Using that type of video, content. Number 8, use popular or trending songs in your video. Before Tiktok, it was called musically, which was a lip sinking app. Now music is still a huge part of the platform and people were literally scrolled through video through using a popular song so you can get more attention and more views that way. Number 9, create a duet or a React video. Docker is a feature that allows you to create a duet and we'll put the original video on your video side-by-side, people are watching it. It's a great way to create engaging content, especially if you don't have any ideas for new videos, you can just undo it and just react to what you're seeing on the screen. We've seen a lot of these perform really well. And finally, number 10, use one of the three important elements that are present in every single viral video. The three elements are humor, creativity, and providing valuable information. If you use one or more of these, you're much more likely to create a successful video. So let's recap now you know what are the top 10 strategies to grow your accounts to 10 thousand followers in one month. They are number one. Post three to five times a day number to participate in it challenges. Number three, catch attention in the first one or two seconds. Number four, follow trends. Number 5, used text overlay. Number 6, make videos without any spoken words or language. Number 7, research the top layers in your niche in your field. Number eight, US popular music. Number 9, created Dweck or a React video and use of humor, creativity, or providing valuable information. This is the end of the section. In the next section, we're going to walk you through how to create your account completely from scratch, step-by-step. If you already have an account, feel free to skip this section and go to the next section, which is pro tips on your account. 3. Rules for successful post : Welcome to another very cool section. In this section we're going to cover how to create your very first post will be a really cool section. We're going to cover the five main elements of a pulse. What are the necessary part is you need in a really, really good Tiktok posts and also show you how I create my post addiction. People watch step-by-step how I create good posts. And we're also give you a little hint. And what is the best strategy to Career Account? Very fast. If you're ready, let's get started. 4. Elements of a great post: Once you scroll through a lot of videos on ticked out, you'll notice that all of the great post, the one that it tends to appear on the homepage and for your page, tend to have five elements that are really, really working for them. In this lecture, we're going to cover what are those five elements. And by the end, you will know how to use them and you'll have the complete overview. Let's jump straight in. I'll give you the brief overview of all the five elements. And then next couple of lectures, we'll dive deep into each, every single one of them. Number 1 is video and the actual content that goes into the video. This includes the challenges and trends which we'll cover in depth. But basically what is the actual video? Number two is sound. Sound is very, very important. And this could be a song or any music that you take from tiktok. It could be also your original sounds so you can just record your voice if it's a video, for example, you're explaining some marketing strategies. This we want to have a song playing in the background. You won't have your voice could record your own sound. He also important music or other sounds from outside of Tiktok. So we'll cover all of those. The third one is affects. Effects are very important part of Tiktok, we form most of the trends and one of the easiest ways to grow your account is to create videos using effects and trends that are currently popular. And a lot of you delight and pleasure impressions and a lot of you. So we'll cover affecting detail. But if for example, an effect could be an overlay on camera it to be a sort of a facial recognition. It could be using certain images and that's all given to you by the tick tock. It took stock quote, constantly upload new effects and they'll highlight new trends, but we'll cover that in the next sections. The next one is titles. So titles are important because it's just simple text that you can display, can overlay text over your videos. And a lot of the users that you're kind of displacement, maybe their English is not fantastic, so it's easier for them to follow if you still text, you also have secret detention at the beginning when you post a video, you can also read it and you can add some additional value information that's not easily taken out of the context. So if you're not seeing something right away, you can maybe just add it as a text. So that's why it's important. And the final one is description and hashtags. Hashtags and tiktok are a little different than a hashtag on Instagram. They're still important, little different. And assembly descriptions, descriptions tend to be much, much shorter than our other social media platforms. And we tend to use much fewer hashtags on Instagram, for example. But in the next couple of lectures, we're going to dive deeper into all of these individually. So to summarize, you know that the five important elements are obviously the video and the content. The sounds that you actually use in the video, the effects to titles, and finally, the hashtags and description. If you're ready, let's jump in and we'll cover each one of those and explain how to use them to your advantage and how to create a popular videos that will deliver either business results or personal branding results or grow your account. That's what you want. 5. Video: Docker is a visual platform, so obviously, video is the most important point of your entire post. In this lecture, we're going to dive deeper into video. We'll talk about how exactly to use video, even if you're brand new and you haven't maybe spent a lot of selling Tiktok. We're going to describe how to take advantage of video. And especially described. You might see a lot of, for example, dancing videos, a lot of trends for does not necessarily what you need your post. Even if you still want to grow your account, for example, as a business, maybe dancing videos are not relevant, relevant for you, but don't worry, you do not have to post dance videos. So in this lecture we'll talk about how to use video. And I'm going to walk you through the actual interface of the camera and I'll explain how to create some of the effects that are very popular on tiktok. If you're ready, let's get started. There are several different types of videos are posted you can create. Now, there are trends and challenges and wherever several lecture just on those because they're very, very important and the quickest way to grow your account. So for example, if you see like a comedy sketch or if you see a certain effect in your feed, at least three times. Three times in one day is probably a trend. And also challenges will cover IT. Challenges and trends make it very, very easy to post a video on tiktok with r being creative or if you have no idea what to post, That's a great way to start. Maybe you've even if you have a business and maybe some of the challenges are not directly relevant for you, but it's an easy way to get started. And again, we have a separate lecture for that. But what you need to know that you can create challenges and trends and you can create and upload your own videos. So for example, I wanted my accounts to be educational and provide a lot of value. I really want to create density videos and I don't want to grow my come just for the sake of growth. What I care about is the type of audience that are going to help because app-specific idea and purpose for my specific type of account, I wanted to provide value and I want my followers to be, for example, if I'm providing marketing value and marketing tips, I want my followers to be interested in marketing and not just have followers for the sake of followers. One thing to remember is that TikTok is a very fast platform, meaning they catch people's attention very, very quickly. If your video doesn't get attention in the first doesn't catch attention, the first one or two seconds, people are going to keep scrolling. Once you get to the normal behavior, you can watch some people their own Tiktok. There's crawl salt, fat. If something is not interesting, you don't get a second chance. So your video needs to catch attention right away. If you're following a trend or is challenged, people are familiar with those two. They're willing to wait a bit longer. But if it's just a view that you're posting something to keep in mind as a brand. The attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and you really don't have much time. So you need to communicate the value read up front. And then once you Krista attention, you can go into more depth into the actual video. And one important thing to note before we actually do a walk-through of the actual user interface on tiktok and show you how to record videos is make sure that your lighting is very good. One of the most common mistakes that people do when they start posting and Tiktok is there lighting is not very good. You don't need professional grade or anything like that. We do have a separate lecture on professional learning. For example, ringlets would do a whole lecture on that in the future sections. But just make sure that if you're posting a video, ideally you are standing. If you're outdoors, it's great. There's a lot of lading, but if you're endorsed, make sure that you are standing in a window and you're facing the window, you're facing out so that the sun and the delay comes directly onto your face and the stuff in the back is darker and more in the background. So this how you sort of separate yourself for a lot of late. If you turn it on the other way when your back is to the window, I see a lot of shadows and they're going to be very visible. So make sure that you have really good lading for your first post. So I have my phone here with me and actually going to walk you through the camera and the different elements of the actual video. And we'll talk about what's important and how to use the camera. Now, I'll just mention that I prefer to shoot my videos using a normal camera apps, tiktok up, but using a normal camera app, editing it afterwards using an app called spliced, and only afterwards importing it into TikTok and adding some of the elements like the sounds and the effects, any of these other things. They're just my personal preference. We do have a separate lecture on how to do that as well. But this is the very simple form of how to record a video inside TikTok app. And I'll walk you through the user interface. So as you can see, I'm over here, my homepage and the For You page. So I'll click on the plus button that's on bottom, and that will open the camera. And as you can see, this has the camera and it's recording my face, as I mentioned at the beginning, is possible to record off Tiktok, edit the videos, and they're important in here. But for this part, we'll talk about specifically, how do you record the videos over here. So from the top right, as you can see at the very top, there is the icon for flip. So I can flip the camera. And over here, you'll see, for example, it's recording the other camera. Then on the next icon is speed. So speed allows you to record videos and obviously higher speed. So if I click on, on, on two over here, if I record a video, then we should play it back and we played back at twice the speed. You could also do slow motion so half. So if I click the speed button, it'll just hide this options, but it's opened by default. The next icon we have as beauty. And this is a beauty mode. Should we make any more beautiful? But it's basically just uses AI to clear the skin. So it should, skin should be smoother using the beauty mode. I'll turn that off. Then the next option we have the filters. The filters are not very popular. Deselect sort of filters like you've seen on Instagram. They're very popular there. But the filters, I'm not really popular. They're not used very much. Over here. There's different options for different types of filters and go on and on, but these are very rarely used. So I wouldn't even worry about that at all. And then we have the timer. So that's pretty simple. You can set the timer on your, on your phone and then it will start recording and three seconds. But also if you record with other timer, you can edit the videos indie up afterwards. It actually, it has to quite sophisticated editing options inside the app itself. Now in the very bottom, you'll see that we're right now it says 15 seconds, so that means recording a 15-second video. Click the record button, go for 15 seconds. We can also click to 60 seconds. Now most of the videos that we'll see on the homepage and before you beach, most of the videos are getting a lot of attention, are at least 10 seconds long, so ten plus and about 15 seconds, sometimes 20 seconds in length. So pretty short videos and do quite well. Then there is a template option. So template and it has some alternate off. But tuplet option basically allows you to import pictures and it'll create it into videos. Does, doesn't work very well. Tiktok is a video native platform and I very rarely see any pictures that are uploaded this way. So this is for the camera and the left side over here we have the effects. But we'll talk about the effects where we're separate lecture because there are very important for tiktok and under bottom right you can click on Upload and it'll open your camera and then you can upload some of the videos from there. So you can, as I mentioned before, you can record videos using your normal camera and just upload it. And then you do the editing insight. The. So I'll record a short video over here so we could use it as an example. At the top, you see over there it's showing me how long I have to record. So this is a 60 second video, I believe. So. 15 seconds. So we'll record it for 15 seconds. Yes. So neat option is that you can record a part of the video and you can flip the camera and continue recording. So I'll show you how that works. I'm going to go back and delete this segment. So it was a hitting second video, a 100 record. And here let's say I'm introducing a concept, so I'll talk for five seconds. And then what we can do is we can switch the camera and I can continue recording using this so I can record my computer or whatever that is. And that's it. And I'll flip the camera again and it's back to me and I can continue talking. So this is a neat way that you can record your self-introduction, something that you can record action and newer back to introducing it yourself. So this is a good example. I'm going to click on the little check mark here on the bottom right over here. And then we can go to the next part of the process, which is the editing. So first-party ruled the filming. And the next part we do with the editing. So here, as you can see, here, it has the audio that I hadn't put it on. I'll turn off the audio. And there's a number of options we have over here. So the video will keep playing in the background. But on the right side, I'll click the extension button and you see there's a bunch of options. So from the very top, again, we have the filters. You can also add filters in here. So not only do we have filters in the shooting mode, but also in the editing mode. Again, if you record a video after soggy important, you can still add the filters, but they're not very popular. Then we have adjust clip. So you can adjust the length of the clip, but I'll remove any, as you see, any effects or textiles pictures, but we don't have any effects. So I can say continue. And here on the left side of the bar is It can see I can drag it left and right, and I can edit the length. So if I wanted to not include the first couple of seconds and also at the end, I'll trim it. In this way. You see we've trimmed the video. If I click on Save, Let's trim the parts of the video that we did. Then we have voice effects. So I'll turn up the volume and continue recording. And we can add any effects fridges and download it. So I'll click on chipmunk. Introducing a conference on and continue recording using this. I'm introducing a concept. Yeah. So these are any zoning effects that you could include in the video if you wanted to? I don't see them use very often, but if it's relevant for your video, then you should, by any means, totally use them. Then we have voice-over. So if I click on voiceover, I can record my voice over this video, maybe something that we import it or you only include it. You shut the videos, let's say outside and you are shooting some action video of something. You want to talk over it. You can do it over here. Then we can trim the audio, but that's not possible right now because we haven't added any sound. You can trim the audio that in there by default. But if we're at, we could add a song and then you can trim the song afterwards. And then we have the volume. So volume because here I can increase, decrease the volume of the original sound and also Sartre. And there's a table that right now because we haven't included a soundtrack. But I'll show you how to do a little quick assault on the bottom left, I click on sound. You just need to know that here is where we can add sounds. We do have a separate lecture on sounds because they're very important. But you can add them over here. And then on bottom we have effects, again with super electron that we have text titles and stickers. We don't have a separate lecture on stickers, but they're very similar as stickers on other social media platforms like Instagram and Snap have them. So it's basically just a sort of an element. Then you can add, let's say I wanted to create a poll. To click on this, I could ask a question and questioned and put it in yes or no. And then people, they'll see this video can respond and it can engage with the poor, and it can do that. So this is the basic option of the camera and eating. Again, the first particle's cameras second part was editing. If I click on Next, this is where the video has the final touches and we can posted for the actual profile on the very top, there's a description and hashtags. We do have a separate lecture on that. So follow up. Then you can see it will ask me if I want to post it publicly or privately or just to friends. Keep it public, allow comments. Comments are good because when people engage in companies shows the algorithm that people liked the video, go up, then you can allow duets and reacts. I mentioned the Western reactor, so you can also disable that option, but why not just keep it open? And by default it will save the video to your devices. You can turn that off. If you don't want to save all of the videos, it doesn't really matter. And then an Ambari them, as you can see, you can share it to other platforms. It's great if you have following and other platforms you should by any means, sugar TikTok content because they can let other people know from other platforms that you have a Tiktok profile and then you can follow your profile. So these are the main elements of the video. And in the very bottom you can see we can either post it or we can save a draft. I would like to batch producing the content. So I'll take a couple of hours for maybe half a day on a weekend to just prepare all of the videos and shoot all the videos. And I'll save them all as drafts and I'll post them throughout the week. On the fly. We do have a couple of lectures and then we talk about the frequency of posting in the comment and all of those and don't worry about it. This is just a very brief overview of what options are available in the camera. So I'm going to go ahead and save this video as a draft. And now if I wanted to add a new video, I can have it and draft. So recap. Now you know that you need to get people's attention the first one or two seconds, if you're endorsed you to have a really good lighting, make sure that you're standing in the window. You know that you can record your videos inside kicks OK, and then also edited inside the app or like myself, you can record it off Tiktok, use an editing adclicks place and then import it back and take stock and add any important elements there. So these are all the important walk-through of the UA camera. In the next video, we're going to look at sounds. 6. How to use sounds: Sound, songs and music because the most important element of your TikToks, right after video. In this lecture, we'll talk about what role the sound splay, how to use sounds to your advantage, and how to find great sounds that will help you get more attention and get more views and grow your followers. Tiktok was originally an app called musically and music. It was basically a lip sinking out, so sounds were a huge part of it. Actually, Tiktok is slowly changing the way even music industry works. If you know the song now, all-time road became the number one song and liberal chart in the US. And he has a record, world record for the longest time is spent on the number one chart. That song and blew up on tiktok. Somebody uploaded it to the user and their video. I think I reused over and over again and wouldn't viral just crazy. And Tiktok single-handedly sort of was the biggest push and the virality of that song and what made it stick on the Billboard Top Charts for the longest time ever. So you can imagine how important sounds are inside the app. Now, there's basically three main ways to use sound in your text. Ok? Number 1 is very basically if you're doing a value video. So I think, for example, explainer if from talking about marketing, I would record my own voice and I would just use that as a sound. So if I'm providing something valuable, I'll use that. Number two is to import and use a song. So one of the videos don't necessarily have somebody talking or even if you do, you could use a song in a background, use music. There's a lot of 15-second songs inside of text editors can use for your benefit. Also, you can import music and other songs that are not in Tiktok yet. Other times when a video is just a video of something else, if you're doing a trend or a challenge, necessarily not talking into the video, you can use a song. One important thing to notice is that if you can use a video without any language, so just songs and music, but no actual you talking. And there's no sort of written word in the video, you'll have a chance of going viral in other countries other than your own or just your own English-speaking country. Because your current that the content that is transcended the language barrier has an opportunity to go viral in other parts. And Tiktok is very evenly distributed. There are a lot of users that don't speak English on TikTok. So one thing to keep in mind is that if you only use a song that's popular, but not any sounds or any sort of spoken sounds of words, then you have a higher chance of going viral globally, not just in your own country. And a final third part of using sounds as a lot of people will do funny sort of sketches and comedy skits using imported sounds or sounds from TV shows, for example, or sons from other popular videos on YouTube. So it doesn't have to be your own sign, doesn't have to be a song or music, but it can just be a sound. For example, people will do with the import a part of conversation from a famous TV show and they'll re-enacted their selves. But I'll use that original sound. A lot of videos are going to very popular this way. And you can also use it in a smart, creative way for business purposes. It doesn't have to be just comedy, but there's a third option 2 you sound. So I'm on my phone here and now we're going to show you how sounds are used and how to use those sounds in your own videos. So first off, we have a video over here in my home feet. I'll play the video. So right now this is a popular trend or a scheme people are doing. And they're showing themselves and their next to their significant others that are working at home, but they're not. And they're all using the same song. The song is sort of the glue or the element of the skipped heard a song. You know that it falls within this one theme. So I'm under for your homepage and a bottom on the left side and the bottom over here you seem that it says, sound yay for cats. If I click on that thing, it'll show me the sonic. So if I click on the top left, there's the song, and these are all the videos are using that song. So it's a really cool part in thick dark, you can identify all the videos, they're using it. And then you can see what are the actual, the trends. So you know that it's a trend because there's a lot of people using that same sound in their videos. So I'll show you some other ones, for example, over here. So as just people being silly, basically that's what it is. And one thing to note as they're organized in popularity. So from top to bottom, the most viewed over there. So she wanted to use the Sun. Now one thing I really recommend is saving all of the sounds that you like or any scientist popular, you should literally save it. So I'll just click to Add to Favorites. Now it's in My Favorites, it'll be saved to my profile and air can use it whenever I want. When you go through textile, you'll experience, you'll hear a lot of different sounds and songs. And it's sometimes impossible to remember the names when you want to use it for your own videos. So if you see anything that you like, definitely save it. Also, if you see a, or if you hear a song or sound multiple times in your feed. So if you open your feet in a day and you sent me three times, is definitely a trend. So if you want to hop on that trend, you should save the Sanger to sound and you can use it later on and on the top right, we can also share it. So you can click on the Sharing button. But it's not important right now. And if I click on the bottom, he says, use the sounds. So I'll go ahead and click. And as you can see that you'd open the camera and then a top it already has that sounds. So if I was to record something, I'm going to go record. And again here it already has the sum in the background. So if I wanted to actually use this video, I will go ahead and click Next. Click on the volume and you can adjust your volume here because it can hear it. The video doesn't have the voice of me talking, so you only use that song. So that's one way you can jump on the trends and use the songs. So I'll go ahead and turn this off. Actually, we can exit. Yeah. So you'll see songs in your feed if I scroll through my feed. So again, if I click on the sound, this is the original sound. And as you can see, this is not a trend because this song only has one video. So there's not people that are jumping on it. This is the original sounds. Somebody recorded it. That's what they said. And what I can do now is again, I can use the same sound and record my own version of the video. There's no trends are started. Somebody sees or hears funny audio, they'll repost it. And then somebody reports that again and again. And that's how things go viral very, very fast. So also, whenever you record a video and post that, other people can use that sound themselves. And if your business is can be a really good thing. If your song takes off and goes viral, then that's amazing branding. That's really, really good exposure. This is how music goes viral on TikTok. Somebody will hear a song and it can click on it and then use it in their own right. This is how the song all-time road when viral. So this is going to be really good for you if you are a business or a musician. And another way to use songs, I'll show you, I'll click on the plus button. And again it opens my camera. Let's say I wanted to record me talking about something. I'll use this chart and on the bottom left there is a Sound button. And you can see again, bottom left click on the Sound button. And here I have all the songs that are available in Tiktok. So it will be different on your region. So different regions have different songs because there's all the permissions and the rights. But it basically shows you what are the common playlist and the top charts. So for example, over here on the playlist, see the orange icons as Tiktok viral. So I'll go there and it'll show me all the songs that are currently kicked out of viral. These charts are updated. And if I click on the first song. So this is currently a very popular song and Tiktok and that's why it's shown as viral. So on the right, I can click and it'll add it to my favorites. So again, if you discover a popular song that you like you to save it to your favorites. And if I click on Play, I can use it in my video. So I clicked on the, on the icon on the right and he'd added it to my video. And now I can go to Editing, Click on a volume. I can control the volume so I could turn off my original sound that I recorded and increase the sound of the song, or vice versa. We could just put soundtrack as very quiet, maybe just 3% that it's an a background. Then I could increase my volume recorded. And I wanted to record it. And I wanted to record it. Yeah. So now we're gonna go next and we could poses video. It has that original song. This is how you can use songs, discover songs, think a safe songs to favorite or upload your own sound. Just keep in mind that anybody can repost. And this would make us tick tock fun because you can use the elements of other people's videos and it makes it very easy to interact. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at effect is one of the most important elements that make videos called viral effects. 7. Take advantage of effects: The ratio of pupil on tiktok or they create content versus consumers much higher on the creation there any other platform out there. One of the main reasons for that is effects. In this lecture, we're going to dive deeper into effect. I'll explain what it is and how you can use it for your advantage. I fixed are either visual overlays are all games that Tiktok is created that makes it super easy to create content. These effects are often part of trends or training videos on TikTok, so it's very easy to use them and it's one of the ways to hop on that trend, train and be able to push your video outside of our users. People are familiar with trends that are popular. And if you're using a trend, they're more likely to actually watch the video because they know what to expect. But you also put your own spin on the trend. So over here, I am in my phone and I'm inside the TikTok app and I'll show you how you can use some of the effect. So we're going go ahead and create a new video over here. You can see now we have the camera off click under create a new video button. So an a bottom-left side, it has the effect button and it'll show you all of the effects that are currently available. So over here we have the training effects. And if I scroll to the side, we have new effects that are available. Maybe there are some for pets. Ar just went to reality, face falters and Norse mythology. So back and go to trending and over here, any safety effects that I might have. So I'll go over here and something to note. There are new ones coming up all the time. And also your different regions will have different effects available. So depending on where you are, you may not see the same ones that I have over here, but I can just show you two of them real quick. So this one is a face tracking effect. So as you can see, as I move my head around, the camera will track my fixed. This one is very popular and I've done a video with this for later. I'll show you that one. And if we scroll through, there's all kinds of effects. Just one was very popular. So the one on the top right is a little submarine, and it was a submarine challenge, admittedly tracks your head, your face, and then remove the submarine accordingly. And then you play a little game. So I'll go ahead and click on it. As you can see, the way I moved my face now moves a little submarine. This is what makes ticks out videos. They're easy to create. You don't really have to have an idea. You can just hop on a train and do the same thing. He's an effect. So in the actual videos, if you see under and the home screen and a For You page, whenever there is an effect being used, you'll see it in the actual video. So let me show you where it looks like. So over here, there's a video that I recorded from my page. And one thing to notice on the bottom left you see it says face tracking. So shows you that I'm using that specific effect. If I click on feast tracking, it shows me a list of videos. And all these videos are using this specific trends. So if you see it in homepage, you like to train, you should add it to your favorites. Just look there, I've added it. And you can see the different videos. And here they're organized in order of popularity. So the most popular ones at the top, if I click on one. So you get the point, scroll through, you'll see that the videos at some point of the video are using this effect. If I go back, this is the way I was, I was talking about where I'm moved to a different country. These were the arguments. And as you get the point, this specific trend was very popular because he was using a fixed tracking and he was using that specific sound as well. So if you use those to your sort of part of that trend, and then you have a higher chance of your video going popular because people already know what you expect in they're looking for different twists on those kind of trends and is the same on your home feed. So for example, here I've scrolled and there is a specific video over here. And as you can see on the bottom left, it says there is a little gold star and it says rainbow mode. And if I click on that, it'll show me all of the videos they're using the rainbow moan. And I could click on the little camera icon on the bottom, and it will be using it. So this is the rainbow model. This is a very easy way to find what trans people or you link what effect and then use them to your advantage. And again, you don't have to use all the trends specifically if you have a business account, maybe you want to use dance videos, any of those, but you can adapt them. You can still communicate your message in a more fun and a more creative way using a trend. Now one of the easiest ways to really grow a business account and get more attention that way is to communicate your message and communicate about your product or your market or whatever is relevant. By using these effects. The real key, as you have to spend enough time on tiktok gifts to scroll through the videos to understand what trends that are popular and then you should jump on it as soon as possible. This is why the trends move very quickly. That's why it's not a good idea to have to beat you up to become a content plan. We do have a lecture on how to prepare your content, how to schedule some of it. But if you plan too far ahead, you're not going to build to be adaptive and dynamic. And some of the trends may only last for a week or two. So I'm going to hop on them when they are active, when they're hot. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at titles. 8. Why titles are essential : Titles are a great way to add value or substitute your video. In this lecture, we'll take a look at titles and how you can use them in your own videos. Titles are basically very simple piece of text you can add to your video and their use as a substitute. So if you're recording, maybe you're recording your product has a video or you are putting some action or something that's not just you speak into the camera and I mean, there's no voice, but you're just recording an action. You can add text, they will substitute, explain what is happening. You shouldn't be adding too much texts, but one to three words might be able to add some value to the video. That's basically what they're used for. Titles are also great to help your video go viral in countries that are not necessarily English-speaking countries. So when you post content, it will be delivered to the region and to the country where your SIM card is located. But if the video is really good, it will get distribution in other countries as well. And maybe even if you're an English, but maybe somebody's English is not fantastic and they'll be able to follow along if you add titles. So again, you should have me so scripting out the entire video, but you can very simply add sort of bullet points are the highlights to the video and it will help you follow along and to see what you're doing. So I'll show you real quick what I mean. I have my phone with me over here. We're going to record a short video. In this specific case, I'm just recording myself talking. And we'll go ahead and click Next. And you see on the bottom it says text. So over here I'm able to add text. And like I say, you shouldn't be using this as a supplement or a way to add value or anything that's not set in the video, you could add it over here. So I'll just write marketing tips. You can also sometimes I like to use titles, as you can imagine a title for a video. We'll add it in that way, sorry, apps. It helps to sort of set the scene, explain what is about to happen. So if you read it just like this, it can be difficult to see on that background. So I'll go ahead and click on Edit. And then on bottom. And the left side of the keyboard, you see the little a in a frame. If I click on it, I'll put colored background. And it makes the title and much easier to see. One thing to remember, you shouldn't put it too close on the bottom, on the top because there's other texts when you post your video. The bottom it has the name of the author and a song. So you should put it somewhere that's visible also what you shouldn't be covering the action. So to put it right there, if you put your fingers on a text and you can make it larger or smaller. I have. So you're gonna put it somewhere, we'll add a value, but it doesn't necessarily interfere. So here I wanted to show you, here is a video that I've recently posted. And this is a video where texts was very important and I use titles to explain sort of a story I was going through. So in this video, I'm basically trying to communicate it. Teachers in many people around you will not believe it or trying to start a new business. And I've used just video of myself without talking, but I used sort of titles to explain the story. So I'll just play the video real quick. Hey, I can. So you get the point. And this video basically the titles helped me explain the story and tell what's happening. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at descriptions and hashtags. 9. How to write a functional description & using hashtags : Hashtags on tiktok are used actually very differently than they are used in Instagram and Facebook, for example. In this lecture, we will talk about hashtags and your video description, how to use them to your advantage and make sure your video gets as much as possible. Again, let's start with the description. So description, once you have moisture ready to post your video, you'll have the little option to read a description. And the description is very, very short on tiktok, the character limit, as is it a 100. And people don't use descriptions much during use them. And they're definitely don't do very long descriptions. So if you have to read description, do something very, very brief, very short, one or two sentences to describe what's happening in the video. Ideally, you can add something more valuable. So don't just describe what's happening, but if you can add another perspective, another view, you can use the description box to add even more value is seeing whether you are a business or a person. And you could use the description box to write something that's interesting and makes the video you're going more engaging. As you might know, on Instagram, hashtags are used in order to gain views in popularity. So when you post a video or post a picture on Instagram, you'll also add hashtags, either in the description or in the comments. And you get a lot of the views from the hashtags directly out of the people on Instagram will search popular hashtags. So if this was a lesson on marketing, you will be searching hashtag marketing and you get a lot of the videos, a lot of attention. That's how people are constantly searching. I'm Tiktok, however, it's quite different. And thick dark view. If you'd be able to actually search for direct half-lives, it is possible. You can certainly do it, but most people discover and videos in their feed, not through the different hashtags. So what actually happens is that when they're in tiktok and you search for hashtag marketing, you'll see the videos there. But then when you go to your feet and you'll scroll, you'll see more videos that are tagged with hashtag marketing. So haptic still serve the same purpose of discoverability. They'll allow you to find users for your video, but not in the same sense that they're more sort of indirectly linked, then they are directly affected, for example, like an Instagram. And it is the same concept with long-tail or popular asterisk. Imagine a graph and the most popular hashtags are the most difficult to get because they have the most traffic and most competition. And then as the popularity goes down, also the competition goes down. When you are just starting out, you should choose less popular hashtags because it'll be easier for you to compete and be higher ranks. When you scroll on tiktok, you'll see videos organized by popularity. So the most popular are the ones with the most views will be the very top and then on the bottom. So if your video is number 100, not many people are going to see it. A delay, you should start on what we call long-tail hashtags are the ones that are lowering papillary Lauren competition. And then as your account grows, you can increase the hashtags black but popularity and have more popular hashtags and you'll be ranked higher and higher. It goes kinda videos. So I have my phone over here and I'll show you how a user might discover hashtags and then how you can use hashtags and descriptions to your advantage. So let's start off with the hashtags. I'm going to go ahead and click under a certain button. And then let's say you're searching for marketing, So you wanna do hashtag marketing. I'll go ahead and click. And it'll show me the top, which is the connection with top videos. Here I'll see the top users, top videos and also the top hashtags. So if you are trying to figure out what are good hashtags for your specific industry or for your niche. You should look up that word and then you'll get a list of all the hashtags that are relevant. That one. And again, we can see they're organized the popularity. So the very top hashtag, hashtag marketing has 380 million views that you've got a hundred and eight hundred fifty two million, et cetera, et cetera. So at the beginning, I would use something less popular. But again, you want to choose something that has no traction, something so complicated that it has five years, that's not very useful. It's sort of a balancing between there and how advanced of the growth and your personal account. So I'm gonna go ahead and click on digital marketing. And it'll show me all of the videos. They are ranked for digital marketing. So you can see from the top the most popular and then going to less and less popular. And I could click on a video. I'll pause it and shows me an a bottom of the video. On the left side there was a short description. It says net work on Instagram for free. And then it has all the different hashtags. It is less hashtags that are used in Instagram. So this one has 67 different hashtags. And again, to discover more videos within those, I could click on New York, nice. So let's see. I'll click on personal branding. And it'll show me all of the videos that are ranked for this one hashtag, personal branding. And over there no top we see it hasn't any 7.5 million US. So let's go back and you can also click on videos and I'll show you the most popular videos that are ranked for hashtag marketing. So now if I were to search for these hashtags and I'll click through the videos. The algorithm is basically learning more about me, my preferences. And if I will go back to my home feed in the For You page, it'll certainly more videos that are hashtags are tagged with marketing. Now I'll show you briefly how you can use the descriptions and hashtags when you're posting and video. So over here, let's say I am recording a video and we'll just pretend. Record this much and we'll go next. Again. You would do the normal editing as you would again and click Next. And then I get the description box over here. So on the top you see there is describe your video. You can also add hashtags and you can also tag friends. So if you are collaborating with somebody or you and I get somebody's attention, or you want to mention somebody in a video, you could tack friends. So I'll go ahead and click on description and Logisim. This is top five tips on using hash tags. So this is how you would write out the actual video. And then I can click on Done and I have the description again, use something very short, something very catchy, that can maybe be used as a sort of a title of the video that's actually use any big descriptions. And then what you wanna do is go in and click on hashtags and on bottom right side of MCU. But you can see there's already a hashtag over there. And then it'll show me hashtags that I've used before and I can search for new ones. So I would put digital marketing and digital marketing. And as you can see from top to bottom, it shows me the first, the one that I've actually typed and then some other videos. And I'll show me how many of you users videos, half. So you could do digital marketing. Again, I could do digital marketing in the now, which is maybe the next one that has tips. You could do. Tiktok marketing. And you'll see now in terms of what kind of hashtags you want to use and the number. I think the best thing you can do is look at creators in your nice that was there, doing really, really well. And you can see how many half-lives are including they'll show you the number that is right for you as we saw, a lot of those have 4, 5, 6, 7, don't put too much. But also you had the opportunity to use more than one. So five might be the right number somewhere on there. But look at that top performers in your specific niche. And then you can also look at what hashtags they're using. Obviously, a really popular account is using very sort of means. Big hash, like, like hashing, marketing. You will not be able to rank for those, but you could click on that hashtag, see what are the videos, and took out other relevant hashtags. So this is one way to discover what tactics are relevant for your specific videos. And at the end, if you're collaborating with somebody, what you can do is put in the at sign and it will drop down a list of my friends. And I could tag people or my friends in the videos and just we'll tag them. These are people that I'm following on friends with. And then you'll be able to tag them in the video as well and there'll be visible. So when it's under homepage, we were able to click through and then seeing that person as well. So now you know that you should keep your description very short, maybe one to two sentences in terms of the hashtags, you can use maybe 34567 hashtags. But look at your competition, look at what they're doing, the popular accounts in your niche and learn from them. And you also know that hashtags are used a little differently there and Instagram. But if somebody searches for a hashtag, those user will still see videos are also used with that hashtag. So they said You can tell the algorithm. You want to show your videos, that type of target group. In the next lecture, you can follow along as we put this altogether. And we're actually going to create a post from scratch. And you can follow along. 10. Rocket fuel for your growth: trends & challenges: The quickest and easiest way to grow your account on tiktok as simply by participating in trends and challenges. And it's exactly what we're gonna discuss in this particular lecture. But the lecture, you'll know what trends and challenges are. You'll know how to participate in them, and you'll not to take advantage of them for yourself, whether you're a business or your person posting on your account. Trends and challenges are the reason why the ratio of people that actually post videos versus just consumed is so much higher. And textiles and other platforms, for example, Instagram, if you want to post a video or a picture, well first we need to know what to post. And a lot of people just consume the content because they don't know what kind of contribution you can make where they can post. And oftentimes shy and a just feel self-conscious to post videos. Tic tac makes it super easy to post and become a creator, even if you are not very creative, even if you don't have a lot of that cool ideas. And that's exactly why to create it challenges and trends. So challenges are created directly by tiktok and I'm going to show you both of those, but they're created directly on TikTok. And you can participate in this challenges and make it very easy to post videos and trends are created by other users, so it's not official syrup Tiktok content about it created by other users. It's oftentimes combinations of using different images and different effects to create a certain type of video and know people well. If they repeated, it becomes a trend. That becomes, if it's repeated enough, becomes sort of a viral trend. Anybody can participate and they can make their own spin on the video. This is super, super interesting, both as a person growing your particular profile, but also as a business. As a business, it can be sometimes difficult to come to a new platform and understand how it works and it become part of it. Lot of times people will just repost videos or content from other platform. It's just, it looks out of place. It looks odd. Now, the easiest we can adapt your business to Tiktok is by participating challenges and trends and using it to communicate the message that you wanna communicate it with your product to your target. Demographic. Challenges can be found in your Discover tab and trends are, you'll see them in your home feed basically if you see something three times and engage. So if you see somebody using the same video and they're using a funny skit. And if two different people use it and you sit in, in your, in your For You page proofs, likely a trend. So let's take a look at both of those. So over here, I am in my account and I'm gonna go ahead and click on Discover. So I discovered the first thing you see are challenges. So the very top is the search bar, and this is the normal searching were discovered she want to search for a particular user or a video, or if you know that you're doing a search bar. But right up next, we have trends. Now, first you see the hurdle, the trend, and the right side you'll see the views. So this particular trend level up, if I click on it, is 4.8 billion views, It's billion. And you can either edit to your favorites, just like effect, just like sounds. You can add it to your favorites. Or you can scroll through and see what videos are there. And if you wanted to use this particular participate in this challenge, you can just click on the little camera and you would already use it as an effect on my phone as well. So we're going to go back. And then if you click on the video, this is what this particular trend is all about. So there's crawled through the videos, you can see they're all have the same, they're the same song. It's the same theme. It's animals jumping hover, it rolls of toilet paper. So that's the challenge. It's called level up. And you can participate. And you can, if you would click on the participate on the camera button, it, you would use the same song and get creates similar video and make your own spin on it. So again, not all challenges are relevant to older people or all the businesses. You should go through the challenges and find whatever is relevant for you all. Let's take a look at another one. So for example, this one is called quarantine time. I'll click on it. And it's going to show me has a 100 million views. And the first two videos are the official ones. So this is what Tiktok saw some videos. They're doing really well. And then they created a challenge from those videos. So great and click Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday. So you get the point. The reason why challenges are super, super easy to participate in, because you don't have to have an idea or your own. All you do is go into challenges. See which one is fun for you and you participate. That's it. And this is also one of the reasons. I mean, that's the main reason why it's so easy to participate in TikTok. Why so many people actually become creators of content, not just consumers and old blood from gross, but also one of the easiest ways to grow your account is by doing a challenge like this. So I'm gonna scroll down and you could see there's many more, there's new ones popping up all the time. And there's tons and tons of challenges. The ones you'll see will be depending on your location. So those are the ones that you'll see over there. And there's a new one almost every day. So TikTok will create a challenge. There are posted there and it's who can participate. Trends are not officially created by tiktok, but it's something that users pickup and I'll do it over and Oregon. So as an example, or I participated in the submarine workout trend that was happening. So the trend required users to use a specific effect called submarine challenge. You can see it on my phone. If I click on it. It has all the videos using that specific challenge. And I've also added a song, but it was not part of the challenge. The main part of this challenge was using this effect. Basically doing a push-up challenge while controlling the slow submarine with your head. So it's one example of a challenge. Again, this makes it super easy. In this particular one, I was just having fun, but you could find ones that are relevant to your business or to your niche, or you're sort of personal brand and participate in dose. So here's another example of the very popular trend. It's basically one sound is going around a lot right now and people are creating their own spin at that particular song. So I'm going to show you a couple of videos. And basically to participate in strength, all you have to do is use the sound in the background and then create your own version of that particular video. Okay, employed in a house in a minute. House boy, boy, in a house in a minute has void. Void, void and a house in a minute, how is it void? Void in a house in a minute has void. Void and a house in a minute. How's void? Void in a house, in amino house boy, boy didn't come off again as blue and in Occam void and a house in a minute, house boy, Cam Board and a house in a minute. How's it? Boyd Campbell. So as you can see, people are creating all kinds of crazy video. So this is an example of a trunk. So challenges creative directly by tiktok and trying to something that users create. And then they'll, they'll recreate it. And that's how it goes viral. The easiest way for you to grow your account, whether you're a business or a person, is to participate in challenges and trends. Because already popular people are watching them. They are interesting watching them. And if you create your own spin, you're not just getting your accounts for the sake of growth and getting followers, that you can get valuable followers within your own niche. But this is one way to find new followers. In the next video, we're going to take a look at how you can promote your content, cross promote and other platforms from tiktok. 11. Cross promote your content on other platforms: And the final team intersection is how to cross promote your content onto other platforms. In this lecture, That's exactly what we're going to talk about if you're on tiktok, chances are that you have other social media profiles, for example, Instagram and Facebook. A really good idea once you post new content on things like, especially when you're a user and you just came to the platform and you don't have any followers. Really good idea is to promote this content on other platforms. So the easiest way you can do that is you can directly post from TikTok app and you can post your content into other platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You could also send it to friends in WhatsApp. If you're brand new to the C-terminus, a really good way to start promoting your content. There might be a lot of your friends or audience tiktok that you don't know about or other people in your network. And if you don't tell them directly, you just now going to know. So what you can do as possible each other platforms and it's a good way of telling other people that you're under blind form and they can follow you because when you post content and other platforms from texts OK, it will have the Tiktok watermark. So even though it's on Instagram, they'll still be visible as thick, dark continent. And for the very beginning, this might be a good quick tip to get your Instagram followers or Facebook friends. Arthritic attack, so they can follow you, support you there and you can start growing your audience. The more attention your videos will get at the beginning, the more likely they are that it's going to go up. So whether people watch the videos and rewatch them and engage in comments and share at the beginning, you have a higher chance of increasing. We do have several lectures on how to grow your account ID as the entire next section, and also lectures about how the algorithm works. So don't worry, we're going to explain all of it in the upcoming lectures. One thing to know, just remember that you can cross-promote your content from TikTok directly into other platforms. And it's a great way to start. 12. What you learned about a great post: This is the end of our section on creating your first post. Congratulations, you have learned so much information and I know that participating in challenges and trends is the fastest way to grow your account. You also know what are the five main elements of a great post is the video that you can create, the sound, the effects, the titles and descriptions, and the hashtags that are the five main elements. And the next section we're going to take a look at how to grow your account personally, it's my favorite section. We're going to dive deep into all the tactics that will allow you to grow your following and not just number of followers for the sake of followers, but also from the business perspective, how can you find the tip of followers that are relevant to your specific business so you can generate actual revenue or real business results, not just followers because you can't pay rent to the followers. So I hope you are ready to jump into the next section. Come with me. 13. Growth secrets : Welcome to a new section. This section is all about growth, growth tactics and strategies that will help you grow your account, get more followers, and get more attention. For me personally, this is the most exciting section of the entire course. This were most of the value lies. I think what sort of biggest lessons and insights are in this section, I've been researching tech stock and very active running it both as a user as accompany for several months. And most of the things that I've learned are very valuable will be in this section. Currently, Tiktok is the biggest marketing opportunity as of right now, looking at all the platforms across the world, Tiktok is the largest marketing opportunity. The thing is, there's not enough content to satisfy all the demand of the users. So there's many more users that want content, that there's content. This sort of supply and demand is going to equal out over time. We're going to get more saturated as more people come into Tiktok. Well, you just won't get on. It is going to get more saturated with more difficult to grow. But right now it is super easy to grow because you could post a video on tiktok with having 0 followers, you can million views. It's very, very possible that has happened and we've seen several cases like that happen. We want or you can just blow up and you don't have to have any followers. Now we're going to cover everything like a simple step-by-step formula to grow your account. We'll talk about the actual algorithm and everything that goes into it. We'll talk about the posting frequency. We should go into a good post and all of these really cool things we're going to cover in the next following lectures. 14. The growth formula: As I mentioned in the intro, right now, is the biggest opportunity for growth on tiktok is now going to be the same in six months or a year, it will get saturated. But right now to exactly, it's kinda like Instagram and Facebook 17 years ago when you can get on, Create a massive following and grow organically without having to pay for at. In this lecture, I'll share with you a simple formula for growth. What are the steps you need to do? And you are guaranteed growth of your account, your followers, and the intention you can get at Pixar by the end the lecture, you'll know exactly what you need to do in order to grow your account, we'll get started. The first thing you need to do is post several times a day. Now, the algorithm on tiktok is different. In the next lecture is specifically little bit the algorithm explain how it actually works. But I just wanted to let you know that on Snapchat for example, or on Facebook and Instagram, if you post, you post your followers. So people don't want to post more than once a day because I know their followers have too much content out there. But I'm textile going to work differently. You're kinda does not only displays your followers, but also to a lot of other people that are not your followers just yet. And if you pause several times a day, you have more opportunities for a piece of content to go viral. You have more opportunities for growth. These kinds of videos will not compete against its attention because there'll be shown two different types of people. So the more basically you post to higher chance you have of something going viral and higher chance you have of getting the good growth looking forward. Now, ideally at the beginning, when you start up your account, you should be posting three to five times a day at 1000 like a lot, but at least three times a day at the beginning. Once you grow and you hit a certain skill or because slow down or we do it once a day. But at least at the beginning, the ideal number is three times a day. I'm going to show you a couple of accounts over here on my phone. And just so you can see, what is the posting frequency. So for example, over here we have Clayton Morris, years 0.5 million followers. He's an entrepreneur, TV host. I'm going to open the first video. And as you consider bottom, it says that he was posted three hours ago next to his name. It says three hours ago. I'll scroll down and it says one day ago, three days ago, four days ago, four days ago, five days ago. Five days. Five days. Five days. So you can see another five days, six days. So you can see that he's boasting anywhere between one to five times a day, at least for the last couple of days. And I mean, here's a ton of videos and posting for quite awhile. So when you look at the accounts that are growing fast are the ones that are already doing well. They'll still post a lot. I'll show you another one. Are we, are we have Charlie Sheen, Emilio, she's if not the biggest creator and Tiktok, one of the biggest ones. So you can see you right now she's almost 50 million followers, which is just insane. And I'll click on a video and you can scroll through. So this one was close to 20 hours ago. 20 hours, 21 hours. 21 hours, one day. One day. One day. One day, one day or day. So you can see she's supposed to get a lot of videos. Three days. Three days. She has a lot of video she's posting four or 56 times a day. And not just because she has a massive following, people that are very, very active on tiktok do get to be promoted more by tick tock. Tick tock is actually promoting people that are very active on the platform. So the first thing you can do to grow is post three times a day. The second thing you can do is follow challenges and trends and participate in the challenges and trends. This is right now the in terms of content, this is the fastest way you can grow your account. Challenges are posted directly by tiktok and I've, we've done lectures on challenges, you know what they are, but you can press up and challenges and then trends are types of content is posted by the users. And it can be anything from a sound that people use over and over again or a certain sketch or types of videos. If you see something in your feed three times in a day, it pretty much a trend and that you should jump on it as early as possible. People really love TO YOU strengths. And the following. Look at a lot of attention from those. So if a trend follows within your sort of niche, you should absolutely jump on it. And also you can take a trend and then adapted to your niece or maybe let's say you're a real estate broker and there might be a new dancing trend. It doesn't mean that you just copied because what they're doing, but you can adjust it, you can do a dance. And the girls are several explainer video and talk to people about your real estate business or given them in a device that provides some value. Well, let's see, like what are you looking for? Buying a house or when you're selling out or any advice and tips. So it doesn't mean you have to do dance videos, they're popular, but you can definitely adapt it to your own version or what you are doing. A quick, I'll show you a couple of shreds. Just sort of show you what I'm talking about. So for example, this is a trend. It's a sound that people are using and they're creating music from it. So I'll click over here and you can actually hear the sound. So you'll click on the video to find the figure. You don't crush bad boys, married one, barrier, tough one to figure out. So you get to a point, this is a sound from a TV show and then people are using that sign and they're creating their own sketches. So. Again, this doesn't have to be like You should find something that is within your niche and then adapted. Also, if you do have a business account, let's say you're posting something about, let's do a realistic example. It doesn't mean that every single video has to be about real estate. You could also just have some fun videos. And just for the heck of it, there's nothing stopping you from doing that. Visiting another example of a trend, and this is a filter. So like I said, sometimes transcript me music and sound, but also could be filter. So this specific one is called color FIR filters. And I've seen this one in my feet several times. I'll go ahead and click on that link you want, and you can see there's these blinking lights in the background. So that's the trend that people are using it. Yep. So you see there are several people using it into videos, and that's a very popular trend. And the last one is identity. So this is an account of the family. And this specific sound and advance has been very popular. So there also recreating it. You get the point. So these are some examples of trends that people are following. And this is probably not probably, this is definitely the fastest way to grow your account is jumping on trends and challenges as soon as they appear. And then creating with your own way and your untwist and adapting it to your own niche. Third piece of advice is making videos shareable and relatable. When people share their videos with their friends, the algorithm picks this up and then they're all rank the video hire. And also if you just think about it, remember perspective. If you can relate to the video, it is, it is something you're going to watch over again. You get to share with your friends, and you're much more likely that the actual video is going to do well and sort of a basic principle. But it is important to consider if you don't care just about growth in general and just being sort of Tiktok viral for, for the sake of being viral. But you actually care about driving real business results. You need to consider what does your audience and then make that video relatable and shareable within your audience. So wherever is your target audience. If we're talking about the realistic example as previously, if you're a real estate agent and you need to produce videos that are little bit more shareable to people that are within your audience. So if you're doing value posts about, for example, top five things to look out for when you're buying a house, then did something that people were buying a house will actually really want to C and then I'd be able to share with their friends. So number 3, make it relatable and shareable. Number for debate or comments will increase watch time. So again, the next video will be about the algorithm, but something you know, that the watch time increases how well the video is doing. So the longer people watch it or they're, rewatch it, the better the video will deal. And when people post a comment while they're commenting, the video is playing in the background. Meaning if you post a common, then he takes, for example, the video will play over four times in the background. That is going to really help. I've noticed a lot of my videos. And if I post a video that's sometimes maybe unconventional or controversial. And people will comment actually every time they comment, even if it's a negative comment. But if the comment that really helps the video do really well, That's something people actually don't realize. So if you can create a debate or conversation in the comments, that is really, really fantastic, you should engage with the people. But the best-case scenarios and multiple people will sort of talk and some of them videos. It really, really well. I don't even participate in conversations that are just ticked on their own life. But because people comment over and over again, the video is playing, the watch time grows up, and then the video keeps getting shown to more and more people. So number 4 is conversation will help your video grow. Number 5 is videos without language or texts will transcend the language barrier and isn't going to really, really help you. So the, the sort of distribution across the world on TikTok is much more even than for example. So Instagram or Twitter may be very heavily focused in the US, but not as adapted the other parts of the world. However, Tiktok has a massive following, and India and other parts of China, other parts of Asia, all over Europe. So things like is very, very global. And if your video doesn't use language, then it has a chance to be shown and going viral in other countries. Will you've seen this happen over and over again? And whenever I post a video that doesn't have any words in it, so I don't speak in a video and also it doesn't have any text, so you know no English again, can't tell where countries from languages in the video. And then it has a chance to be shown in other countries will be displayed to users that normally wouldn't understand, for example, English content. And they're going to really push it out. So it's like your video will, for example, it will go viral. In India, you're going to get a lot of attention and also in your home country because it's sort of, it goes globally. So the fifth piece of advice is if you can create a video without using any language, it doesn't opportunity to be shown globally, not just in your own country. And a six piece of advice is, be yourself, be authentic and have fun. This, we've mentioned a lot of sort of rules. And if you just copy everybody else and you just do everything the same and you do it as a job or is a task is going to be seen in the video. People will be able to feel it. And if you're not authentic and you're not yourself, people are really feel it on the go negative vibe out of it. So the last piece of advice is just have fun with it. Be creative and, uh, when you enjoyed the process, your viewers were also enjoy the videos more. And you'll be able to see it in a graph. So don't stress too much about throwing. So we've covered a lot in his lecture. This was a really cool one and I hope it's helpful for you. It's the six basic tips on how to grow your account. Number one, post three times a day. And we're to participating challenges and trends that you see in your feet. Number 3, make the videos relatable and shareable within your target audience. Number 4 in the base will increase watch time, so stimulate conversation if you can. Number five, videos without language will transcend to that language barrier and be shown in all over the world and many other countries. And number 6, be yourself, be creative, be authentic, and have fun. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at the actual algorithm and I'll explain how is it that your videos can go viral? Have millions of US, even though you have no followers at all, when you're just brand new on the platform. 15. Reverse-engineer the algorithm: Tiktok, all your them is different than the other platforms like Facebook. Instagram is very special. In this lecture, we're going to talk about the algorithm. And by the end you'll understand how is it that somebody else can go viral, have millions of US without having any followers on the account. So when you post on Instagram at your video is meant to be displayed mostly, the majority only to people who are already your followers. And it can be very difficult to grow because it's hard to sort of get out of that follower circle. But the way to work on, because different when your first post a video, the video will be shown to a smaller group of people. So think of it as a circle, sort of bulls-eye. And think of a small circle. So your first publish a video gets shrunk to a small circle. And then if the small circle of people engages with the video, and we're gonna talk about all the different signs are the variables the algorithm takes into consideration. But it's a determining if your video is good or not. So if the video has good engagement from the users and then thinking I will see that the ears good. Let's show it to more people. So think of the circle expanding and think of a bigger, bigger circle. And basically the more and more engagement you keep getting on the video and the more attention it gets, the SQL, we'll keep expanding. So the video is good, sort of hits all the viral points that we talked about in the last lecture. And it really resonates with people. The circle will keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And there's really no sort of top limit of how much attention you can get. I mean, we've seen accounts that have maybe one or two or three videos, really not much attention at all to have no followers. And the selling of the post the video, and I'll just blow up and we'll get a million views. There's happens so many times. So the algorithm is very different in that way. And that's why it's the real magic of tick time because you can get on a platform, be nobody and then suddenly have a viral hit. Now, once you do hit a viral video, for example, you'll get new followers and it'll be easier to go viral the next time basically. So the more good company can produce, the easier it's going to produce really, really good content. I've seen, for example, one of the first video, the second video I posted, it got 30000 views overnight. And it wasn't nothing special, just a simple video. And I've got a couple of followers and then maybe put a bunch of videos. They've got, let's say couple thousand years, but nothing extraordinary. And then like a week later I'll post another video and then hits 70000 view suddenly. So the key is to keep posting videos and then keep increasing your chances of hitting that good video that's going to take off. So nobody really knows how to love tiktok and nobody really knows what goes, what's actually in the algorithm, and what are the exact things that are determining your video. But we've done a lot of tests and we can determine what are the variables that have bigger impact than others. So from what we've seen so far, the number one thing that will contribute to the success of your video is watched him. There's a single most important thing as both Holland people watched a video, but also if they rewatch the video. So if somebody watches it twice, you so if video is, let's say 15 seconds long, somebody watches, walk twice this thirty-seconds. So the longer a personal watched the video, the more chances that the more better signal it is to tiktok, that video is doing really, really well. So Weinstein was super important. That's why it's fun to create videos that are watchable over and over and over again. And videos that people maybe want to watch several times. And over and over again, it'll really increased the watch time. So I'm just going to get their attention, the user attention in the first, second or two, but I need to keep the attention. The videos will be entertaining. So number one thing is watch time and re-watch time. Just one. Noticed that if a video gets ten seconds or more of watch time, on average, people that actually watched through it. We tend to see more of those on the For You page and on the homepage. So a lot of the deals will have more than 10 seconds over there. There's just one sort of tip it that might help. The next variable the algorithm looks at to the second variable is shares. So when you share the video by setting it to other texts occurs and say tiktok, or if you share it through WhatsApp or messenger or sharing the link with other people. So when people share your video a lot to share with their friends, that's the second most important thing that TikTok will look at to determine whether or not people actually liked this video. The third one is comments. Comments are good. But I think the real reason why comments actually helped her videos because while people type a comment, the video is playing in the background. And if it's up a long comment, the video may place several times in the background. So comments helped. But I think the real reason why you're helping us to increase the average watch time. And that's actually the biggest contributing factor. But when we look at the, all the variables, the comments would be the third one and the last one is likes. So when you click the little hard button on the video, that's when you like it. This is the last one is not as important as for example, on Instagram and Facebook as there was. What really matters again is the watch time. So to summarize, there are four things, four variables did the algorithm takes into account when determining how popular your video is and whether or not it should show it to more and more people. Number 1 is the watch time. Number 2 are the shares. Number three, our comments and I'm before are the likes. This is what you need to know what the algorithm and if you can design a create videos that really helped you increase the wash time, you have a high success, high chance of hitting that success and having your videos go viral and growing your account overall. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at pro gear, what to do if you want to step up the level of your production. 16. Go pro with your gear : If you're producing a lot of videos and they're just not taking out, they're not getting a lot of attention. One of the reasons might be because you're either don't have very good lighting or the audio quality is not very good. In this lecture, we're going to take a look at what you do if you want to improve your equipment and your production quality. So we're going to look at pro equipment, but he ends the lecture, you know, what are the most important elements that are required? And if you want invest a little bit of money, which you can do to improve your quality of TikToks by a lot, if you would improve the quality of your TikToks, there are four main things that you could consider. Number 1, the camera, the lighting, the stabilization of the camera, and microphone or audio. We're not going to cover the camera because that's pretty simple. You want to improve the quality of the video. You can just get a better phone. That's pretty simple, but it's also as a very, very, very expensive option. We're not going to cover that. We're going to focus in this lecture on the stabilization of the video, on the audio quality and on the actual lighting. The first one, we're gonna take a look at the actual editing and there are three main options for lading. Number one isn't natural light and it's the best option because it's the cheapest. Sometimes when you can record indoors the quantity of the lining is not very good. So the best thing you can do actually is very, very simple. Just to put your phone inside a window when you're studying in sight, putting it in the window. So that way the natural light comes every clean your face and the stuff behind you. It's a bit darker as more shadows should do the other way around. Where to put it into camera towards you and you're sitting in front of the front of the window of the light will come across you and your face will be very dark. So this is like the simplest thing. Just make sure that if you are endorse, you're directly standing in the window. The second option is using a circle lighting. So it's a little circle sort of light LED light to go either around a phone or somewhere nearby the phone. And this is the most common version used for TikToks. And I can show you an example. So here we have an example of It's called a ring light, the circular light. As you can see, this one is made for mobile and you put the phone right under the light and there's different types of options. Now, country you're in, there might be different options. This one is from Amazon instance, the, the basic choice, $47 is pretty affordable. You might want to thank cheaper ones, but the quality may not be as good. And the construction also might be quite shaky, not last very long. So this has pretty good option. Most of the ticket are curves that are taking it more seriously or the people that produce a lot of videos indoors actually use this option. And you can notice a lot of the times when you can see sometimes people have little circular light in there, either to reflection of the light. You can see it actually in some of the videos you take in spite of somebody who's using a ring light. But some of the not definitely necessary, some of the biggest creators just use natural light and just put their phone in the window and the user natural light is just as good. But if you don't have that option, bring light is a pretty good second option. The third option for lighting is a more of a professional studio setup lights kinda like what I have over here. I have two big lights pointing at my face and we're lighting up the entire studio that way. Now this really is an overkill for Tiktok. It is absolutely not essential, but I wanted to show you any ways in case you wanted to go all in. So for example, over here we have a studio, lights it up. It's super affordable, it's only $80 and you get actually pretty good lighting setup. Now again, this is like heading into professional territory and it's much more complicated. She's there were lighting because there's shadows behind you and you have to position the lighting in the right way. So definitely not necessary for tiktok. The best option you could do is get the ring light if you don't have access to really good natural light. The second we're going to talk about is that tribelets and the stigmatization of your camera. Now, if you do get the ring light, like I spoke about in the lighting part of the video, you do not need a stabilization because it comes with a tripod. You can sort of fix your phone to it. So that's really the best option. You do not need any other stabilization. Otherwise, you can simply put your phone on any like on a piece of furniture or anywhere else. It really you don't need any tripods, but I wanted to show you some options just in case you really wanted to have one. So the first option over here is a handled tripod like this. This one is super cheap, only $18. And the good thing is that this tripod can be wrapped around, for example, like a pole or a piece of furniture. And it's actually very flexible in the way that it can be used. So this is a really good option. Just put your phone in there and then you can take the actual TikToks. This is the cheapest option is you could do and it's really good if you don't have a place where else to put it. Also, when you shoot a lot of outdoor skewed, put it on like a tree branch for example. It's a really good way to hold the phone. And the next option over here we have is a bit more professional and bigger tripod. So when he's twenty-seven dollars over here on Amazon, this one you can extend the legs, so it's actually quite long. And you can put it on the floor and it'll be actually quite high. So you can shoot videos that are more at the eye level. I'll make sure you get the right length for whatever it is that you need. But this is another option. And a third one is to very fancy option discipline is for toxic, they're moving around. It's $90 for gimbal stabilizer. You put in the phone in the actual stabilizer, and as you move your head around, it will keep the default of day very steady. Now, again, you do not need any of these to make great TikToks. But if you do move a library, if you're in a very shaky environment like a car and you want it to be beautiful production, then you can use some of these sterilization techniques. And the third option is microphone's for your IO. Again, vast majority of your videos we find just what they're using the default Mike. Again, a lot of the times you will not even be using your own audio into textiles depending on what kind of videos you're making. A lot of videos are a lot of music that's already in the video without you having to record anything. However, if you do a lot of talking videos, again, what you can just use a default mix in the fonts that works very, very well. But maybe if you're in a very windy conditions or you're outside and in the makers not good enough, you can use some of these other options. So number 1 over here we have the road Mike that's compatible with font. So actually something you can attach to your phone and hook it up and you can use that one. This is another way you can see it. It goes and attaches to the phone. And you can record it with this. You can also add a little wind protection over there. So this will improve the quality of the audio. It will be a little better than the default, especially when you're out there. There's a lot of no's. This might work well for you. And depending on what your location, but he's can see, for example, you can buy a used one over here for what, 50 bucks. The next option is what we call a laugh make. So this will attach to your shirts, wanted to note that it will be visible so people see that you're using. And Mike, again, this is more a professional set up depending on the brand and what kind of make you're going to get will set you back around a $100, for example, for a mike like this. And then the final one is, this is also an overkill option. But if you want to shoot more of a setting like this and you could have a mike that's anywhere. It's not very much near. You can have it above your head. Or with professional setup like this audio technical Mike. And that's again, professional grade audiologist will sit your back several hundreds of dollars. This total overkill for Tic-Tacs, you don't need it, but it's an option to consider maybe to recap now you know that you really don't need professional gear in order to create really, really good TikToks. Unlike an Instagram tiktok, the production quantity doesn't matter that much, as long as it's the the audio is good enough so you can actually hear it. The lighting is good and you can actually see yourself or see the person in the video. It's totally fine. You do not have to go super fancy. For example, Instagram doesn't have to be so polished and professionally made over there. So you get keep it very simple and similar, Very good. The best thing could probably do is if you don't have good lighting, good the ring light. But the four main components of improving the quality is the video, but it's buying a new phone. We didn't cover that. Next one is lading. Bring laters the best for that one. They wanted to, that is audio. So we cover different types of the microphones. And then the final option is using the tripod, we're stabilization. So now you know what are the options, but really it, They probably the best investment if you really wanted to, commits to make a great tech stocks is just by a ring light ball cost a buck, $50, even cheaper depending on the quality. And also comes with a little trite, but you can put your phone there, hold your phone, and they'll provide great lading and you can go all in and creating TikToks. In the next lecture, I'll give you a little hack, a little trick on how to record the videos without using the TikTok app. And what are the benefits of doing that? 17. Recording off TikTok like a pro: Most of the people that I know the screen, a lot of Kickstarter videos. I actually use the TikTok app to record the video directly. They record after the app, and then they can edit the videos inside. In this lecture, we're going to discuss what are the benefits of doing that and why maybe something you should consider. By the end, you'll know whether it's a good option for you if you record a video inside of the TikTok app. First of all, there's limited functionality terms of the editing, so there's no damage it can do in terms of the editing. And every time we recorded inside of the app and you save the video, it will have the Tiktok watermarks on it, so you'll not be able to use this video in, for example, future TikToks or until the other platforms and the editing is very limited. So what I do myself and also I know a lot of creators and actually like to record using either the default app on your phone out for the actual recording the videos. Because then you can save it and you can use it several times. In the next lecture, we'll talk about why you might want to re-edit your videos in the future. But I prefer to use just my default app for recording the camera app. And then I was in a video editing app called slice. And I'll show you, I'll walk you through why I use that one and what kind of functionality it gives me. I personally like to use an app called splice. There's plenty of apps in the absolute, in the Play Store for video editing. If you have one, that's great, but I can show you another option and why I like to use splice for video editing. So I'll record a video on my default camera out. And then I have the video and we're gonna go ahead and create a new project. And I'll just import a video, for example, this one. And I do have the production. So that one is a paid subscription to the app. There's also some free features that you could use. Now, this pro option gives me a really cool transitions between edits. So that's why the main reason why I'm using the editing app. I think it's just a lot of fun. Again, you can use this one. You don't have to use an editing app like this one, especially out of p21. But I'll just show you what is possible. So not only you can add all kinds of effects and you can add a voice and text inside of the app. But that's not what I use it for. The main reason is because it allows me to add really cool transitions. So as you can see, this video that I have imported has the Tiktok watermark. So this video is we're directly exported from TikTok. And that's the reason why we normally don't record the TikTok app, but I do have the original version of the video as well somewhere. But just for the purpose of this video, I'll show you over here. So let's end with this clip. And I wanted to do a transition here. When I point the camera away from my face over here, I wouldn't split it and maybe do a cool transition there. I use a lot of these when I do sort of explainer videos were valid videos where I might do sort of marketing tip on the lake. The top three chips to grow your TikTok account. And after I say that, I would like to have a transition individual. Now the main reason to have transitions in a video and have it more dynamic because it catches people's attention. And if you can grab them at the beginning and have something interesting there, it's more dynamic and it keeps the viewer there for longer. So that's one of the main reasons why I do it. But I'm going to go ahead and click on the video and then I get another menu option on the bottom. Again, the last time you can do here with the video, for example, I will be able to crop the video if it didn't not want it to have the Tiktok watermarks in there. So I could go more detail and then the watermarks wouldn't be there. So that's one thing I can do. And we've been, for example, we can keep that one. But the main reason, like I said, just wanted to split it so I'm going to keep it. Over here was the split, Split button. And it's going to split the video into two parts. And you can see now that clip is split here. I'm going to click on the transition that we have created. This video is from a random marathon in Greenland. And it's something else that goes with that. It was cool. So here I'm clicked on a transition on the bone. You can see I have all these different types of transitions. And I'm going to click on one of them. For example, the whip top right is going to play it for me and see the transition, how it went, how it showed the video. You could also do work to a different side and maybe up and down whip. Or maybe there might be a blurred option or blur and denote for example, blur, spin, circle out. So all kinds of interesting transitions. I like to use these three simple CrossFit is another good one. We're color fade. So I like to use, if I want to spice up the video icon, for example, talking about if I'm providing some value and, and showing users and I have like an explainer video. I'd like to do a transition between each of the explanations, even doing a 2030 second video, you have a lot of transitions become more dynamic, and if people are more likely to actually stick to it to recap, now you know that if you record directly into the app, whenever you export it from the app, it has the Tiktok watermarks and it's not very easy to remove it you to crop the video. So one thing that you can do is record after it's OK and then import it into the TikTok app. And every time we want to use that video, in the next lecture, we're going to look at what you do when you post a video and it flops. If he doesn't really take off. 18. What to do when your video flops : If you publish a video, but he doesn't do very well. Don't worry, not all is lost. In this lecture, we're going to talk about what to do when your video flops or what to do when your video, it doesn't actually take off very well. But in the lecture you'll have a very clear sort of three-step process or think things should remember when your video doesn't work. Let's jump in. The first thing I need to mention before we dive into the actual lecture is that you should focus more on quantity rather than quality. And what I mean by that is that on tiktok, you can post a ton of videos and there will be natural fluctuations in how much attention you're going to get. Not every video is going to skyrocket. And if you'd have a viral hit with the video, does 5 million views. The next one could have 10 or get really, really sort of no attention at all. That's totally okay. And it's normal when one video flops, you shouldn't cry about it and stop being active on tiktok just to know that you should focus more on producing more content. So my sort of general concept is when a video doesn't work, I don't spend too much time worrying about it. I just keep posting videos because then I only look at the winners and learn from them rather than the ones that are not going to work. That being said, I do have three things that you should consider when your video flops. Number one, don't delete the video. Some people have been asking me and a lot of people even deleted videos that didn't perform very well. It's one main reason to delete it because I guess they didn't want to have videos that don't perform well under a profile, but I don't see the reason for this number is going to drag you use your videos. Don't have a lot of US. It doesn't really matter. And it doesn't actually really, if you do have a video that doesn't perform very well, it doesn't tell the algorithm that you are not a good creator or anything like that. It's actually doesn't hurt your reputation within the algorithm. So there's no real reason to delete the video. On the other hand, you should keep the video because I've noticed sometimes I'll post a video and he doesn't do really well. And then maybe I'll get picked up in a week or two and suddenly starts to get views. And I've seen this happen several times. For example, video, we'll get a 100 years or no attention. And then suddenly you might just take off a week later and you'd never know what's going to work. The reason for that is that right now there's not enough creators to create all the content for all the older users. There's just so much demand that the algorithm doesn't just serve new videos are also take old videos from your profile server to the audience. I see that I have a couple of videos did really well. And, and one didn't start all that while it, I mean it did okay. A couple of thousand views, but that was about it. But for the last month maybe it's been getting a lot of attention and that they're getting a lot of use. And I have no I haven't done anything. There's no like new comments or anything. It just being shown to new users so you never know when your video is going to take off. Number two option is look at your analytics. Now we talked about how to do Tiktok Pro and get access to the analytics. And you might want to take out the analytics and see what is the engagement with the video and see if there's anything you can understand if there's anything different. And you might be able to give you a sort of insight and tips on what to do. Maybe you want to change something or are you can look. One if you're consistently posting and you're not getting intention, that's also a good thing to consider in your analytics to see what kind of videos your audience watch it. So what kind of songs your audience listens to authentic sock. So we'll look at those as sort of inspiration. But typically your analytics and see if you see any nuances or anything new, anything different in that video, there's a work and see if you can learn from it and then improve next time in the final and third thing is to re-edit the video and publish again. Now, sometimes we've seen that you could publish a video doesn't do well. And then people will publish the same exact video a month later and it will do better. So the algorithm is quite unpredictable. And also there's sort of a bit of a seasonality to it. Like sometimes you'll just get more attention on your account then other times and he doesn't really have to do anything with what you're doing. Sort of sometimes you'll just get more engagement and more attention. So we don't really understand how it all works within the algorithm because it's sort of a black box for us users. But yes, so you shouldn't worry about that. You can just sort of republished a video. Or even better, you can re-edit it. So that's one of the reasons why we talked about in the previous lecture, where you should save videos into and recorded with your camera and see if it into your gallery, into your photos because then you can re-edit the video and different way. So I also showed you the app that I use spliced. And for example, if a video wouldn't do well, you can take it off and you can edit in different ways. Tried to add different transitions. Maybe we tried to do a different texts, maybe even different song or audio if it's not necessary for the type of the video that you did. So you could try to edit it and publish it. So that's the sort of tip. So now you know there are three things you can do is share a video flux. Number one, don't delete it and we're to look at your analytics. And number 3, re-edit and published. Again. That being said, remember that you should focus on quantity, not quality. So if your video doesn't the world, you can learn from, it just keeps posting more videos is going to get better. You'll get more attention and learn from the winners. Don't spend too much time under losers. In the next lecture, I'll trivial couple of videos that I've posted that did really well at the beginning when I first opened my account, that did really well and you can learn from them. It'll be a bit of a case study. 19. Creating your content plan & frequency of posting : If you want to grow your account for you, you don't know where to start. It can be very frustrating and just crawling through the video. Sometimes you don't know what kind of videos you should create. And there's lecture, we're going to talk about a content plan, basically how to get you prepared to start posting. We mentioned before that you reposting at least three times a day at the very beginning when you start your account. This might seem a lot, but it's a good time to start. Now, from my experience, what's best is to batch produce content, meaning that you should sit down and dedicate, for example, an hour or two or three, or maybe you just one day or during a week, record all your videos, you save those, impulse them throughout this and the following days. And this is the best strategy from my experience. If you try to sit down three times a day to record a video and sort of interrupts your day, especially when you're running a business. It just, you don't have to the time necessarily in mental, willpower and strength to like sit down in Europe today, three times a day. So the best thing to do is to sit down, dedicates half a day or even an hour, and just create as much content as you can, save it and post it in into your feet afterwards. One thing to note about planning is at trends on tiktok move very, very quickly. So it's not necessarily a great idea to create a lengthy plan into lake producing content for the next month, for example. That is something that's commonly done on Instagram or Twitter or some of the other platforms on YouTube. People have this long Canada, especially for businesses and people whose long calendar is a pulsing, I would honestly recommend that it's good to have a sort of a plant mini-batch produce for the week ahead. But the trends move so quickly that if you plant something too far ahead, it may not be popular anymore. You're gonna sort of mess that wave. And if you're wondering what type of videos you are going to produce, the best thing to do when you're starting off is open your account and you can search relevant hashtags. So find hashtags that are relevant to your specific industry. I'm going to go into my account, so I'm over here. Yes, sir. Step and you're going to find relevant hashtags to your specific industry. So for example, if I wanted to go ahead and I would do, I would look up hashtag marketing. That's a very, very broad, very big topic, but I will just do marketing and maybe marketing tips. So look at marketing tips, is going to show me the top videos, users and hashtags and all those things. So if you click on hashtag shows you all of the hashtags. And the cool part is on the right side of the screen you see it shows me what are all the views on that particular keyword. Marketing tips doesn't have a huge amount of use, but it has some attention. You can find hashtags that have billions of use. So for example, I will click on video and I'm going to see the most popular videos for that particular hashtag. And they're organized in the order of popularity. So at the top, the first video is the one that the most viewers test, the most popular video. Do you never know what video? Instagram content? Yeah, so this is the most popular, is just crawl down. It'll be less and less popular. So the best thing what I'd like to do is I'll look at the videos and the users that are the most popular for my specific hashtag. If it was marketing tips, I wanted to create content, then the best thing you can do is coincidentally else. And goals scroll through and watch as many videos as I watched. So you really learn what kind of videos get attention. Videos actually work. That's the best way to figure out what kind of content that you should be producing. And what I'd like to do is I'd like to save all the videos that I think are interesting and fun. Because maybe you don't necessarily want to create all the videos. You'll want to copy a piece all of them, or create all the same ones. But if you find something that's interesting or relevant, you can save it. And then I use that as an inspiration to get to later on. So I'm gonna go ahead and click the little share button and, and bottom right. And over here, if you scroll to the right, you can see you can add it to Favorites. So I've now added it to favorites. And at the beginning, you can scroll through the hashtag, go through several, scroll through several of the videos, and then save whatever videos you'd like and whatever you find interesting. Now, if you see somebody multiple types, so he had to make it a bit email and email. So I know that this guy has been around and I've seen a lot of these videos. But if you scroll through the hashtags and you see somebody that keeps popping up, you want to click on their profile. And you can see I'm already following this guy. And then you can see all of the videos from that specific person. And you can do again the same thing. You can watch the videos. And then if you like them, you can see them to your favorites, just like I did over there. And really this is the quickest way to learn what kind of content already works. Again, you don't want to just copy paste. You want to put your own spin on the continent. But you want to find people that are already doing well because success leaves clues. And if you can find people that are you doing well, you can just follow their lead. You can learn from their examples and take insights and in the query your own spin on the videos and also use it to grow your own account. Now, there's two strategies to create a content plan. Number 1 is to have, be more dynamic. Don't really have a stricture planning or for example, Excel sheet. That's what I like to do. So when I first started, I would look up the relevant hashtags, for example, marketing tips. I would follow all the people that are relevant to that hashtag. So people that are posting at the top of the videos. And then the algorithm will show me videos from those people, but also some videos are very similar to del Sol. Show me other creators that are doing really well. So the algorithm will naturally feed me videos that are similar to these videos is how you can discover interesting content. And I'll save all the military interesting. And then when I create my content, I'll just go through my six videos. I'll watch them all. And then if I feel like doing my own version of some of these, that's something we're going to do. Now another version is that you get and safe the handles of the people that are doing really well to put them into an Excel sheet. And then you can go through them later on. And then you can watch those videos for inspiration and then create your own content plan that way. But I think because the trends move so fast, it's good to get Japan and trend as soon as possible and use the round user right sounded and decide the right effect. And the best way to do that is to follow people within your niche. And then in your feed, you'll see videos are very similar and you can learn from them and then take your own twist and do something similar. So to summarize, now you know that the best thing to prepare your content is first batch per views. So you wanna make sure that you take an hour or a couple of hours or even half a day to create content or you can use later on, you're going to post at least three times a day at the very beginning. And in order to discover what kind of content you should be doing, you want to search relevant hashtags and then go through the videos. Take inspiration, saved the ones that you like the most, and then use those for inspiration to create your own spin on those videos. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at engaging with other tech talkers in real life. 20. Engaging with other TikTokers : One of the best way and most fun way to grow your account is to engage with other texts occurs. And it's exactly what we're going to look at in this particular lecture. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with other tick Docker's is a fantastic way. Strategies to grow your account. Well, when you both post the video, you're getting engagement for both of you. What you double the chance of one of the videos going viral and really taken off. But even if you pause the video for two accounts, even if it doesn't go crazy, you still get exposure. If your femoral posted, you can exposure from their audience. And then there'll get exposure from your audience and there's two people. It's a fantastic way to collaborate and create videos. Obviously not always you have an opportunity, but in-person engagement and collaboration is a really, really fun way to do it. There's also a great way to establish relationships. So we can actually either building your friends and connect with people is a really good way to grow your audience. And maybe you can find somebody that has a bit more followers than you, a few steps ahead of you. And just so you can sort of breach the gap quicker is by collaborating together and videos. You can either reach out to person directly and then meet with them that way. Or you could also do meetups and conferences. There's not as many of them for Tiktok as they are for other social media, for example, There's plenty of conferences on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter, a lot of marketing conferences. There's also sort of meet ups that happened more and more often. So I think there's going to be more frequent in tiktok as well. And some of the bigger cities do a lot of meetups. Were creators like to get together. So depending on what's your location, you could use an app or a website like Meetup. And you can see if there's any irrelevant meetups in your area is their argument. You can create one and see if you can get other content creators together, create new friendships, and then do collaborations and create content. It's a really fun way to grow your account. Now, one fantastic way she wanted to reach out to people that you don't know yet either in tiktok and you wanted to maybe work with them, we'll start creating the relationship first is to leave a comment on their videos. Do something, you can contribute any value to give us any suggestions, any advice, or just told them that you really enjoyed the video. Now, to do lake the comment, that means they're actually noticed it. And that's sort of a good sign where we can write them a message. You can directly write them a direct thing. Of course, if somebody really big, they get so many messages, so flooded, you're not likely to be seen. But if it's somebody that's within your, within your reach and a similar number of followers as you are, you can reach out to them directly, send them a DM. And then you can actually talk about getting together and growing your account together. So to recap, now, you know that doing collaboration's in-person is one of the best ways to grow your account. You can either reach out to the person through the amps by leaving a comment and then see if the engaged with their current sending a DM than actually started talking with them and meet in person. Or you can go to meet-ups or they meet a lot of creatives, hopefully create some new friendships and you can collaborate in-person afterwards. In the next lecture, we're going to look at it using bots to grow your account. 21. Why you shouldn't use bots : Bots have been around for a very long time in the social media world to grow people's accounts. But is it very bad idea to use it? In this lecture, we'll talk about why should not be using bots to grow your account. So bonds are automated services that had been around for a very long time. They were very popular on Instagram and they're automated services not allowed by platform. So Instagram doesn't allow these, but they're kind of not illegal, but they're just not permitted by the platforms to grow your account. And they're usually done by either bringing fake followers to like blob the number of followers that you have or incentivizing maybe some other followers to follow your account. There's, there's also weird and sketchy waste. This is not really permitted, so it is sort of a gray zone, but you shouldn't be doing anyways. Anyways, the top three reasons why you shouldn't be using, but on tiktok is number one. You can get easily band actually, Tiktok is more strict than other social media platforms. And if it sees that you are using bots or there's a weird artificial way. You're increasing your follower count, they're going to burn you. So there's the first reason. The second reason is that you're not going to get more engagement drawing, going to get followers. So you will have more views on your videos. You will have more comments, more likes, more shares. If you've, we're not actually going to watch your videos, it's just artificial followers. So it's really a vanity metric is a number that doesn't matter. And this became a real problem. And Instagram, some people that use their bots lead increase their follower numbers. But the crazy engagement and then brands didn't want to work with them because they're engaging with low, low, given the data, a lot of followers, a lot of those were fake. So actually, it was really difficult and it's impossible to recover from that. You can't get your engagement numbers up once you have so many followers there, I'm not actually engaged. So it ruins their sort of accounts and they had to start all over again. So the second reason why you shouldn't be using it is because it lowers your engagement. And the third and final reason is because if you are growing your brand on tiktok, you likely have a certain goal in mind. You don't want to be famous for the sake of being Tiktok famous, but you do have certain metrics or goals you want to sell products or any of those things. And having fake followers is not going to do that. It's not going to drive your sales at the end of day, the most important thing is how much revenue can you drive if it is a business for you, or how much recognition you can you get if you're building a personal brand, but if you're fake followers, it will not improve, it will not help. So you should not be using it to recap. Now you know that the top three reasons why you should be using biases, because number one, you can get bent. Number 2 decreases your engagement. And number 3, you cannot actually drive real business results like revenue. 22. Inspiration for content : When you first joined TikTok, it could seem difficult to have all these ideas for producing videos and you see so many creative people and maybe you just don't know if you have what it takes to produce so many videos, but you'll learn that there's so many different ways that you could produce videos and there's so much different inspiration engine you use. So in this lecture we'll talk about the main things you can use for inspiration to produce your own very cool content. Number 1 is challenges. We talked about challenges many times before, but if you don't know what to do next, if you don't have an idea for a video, you could easily go to challenges to, there's new challenges almost every single day and you can participate in those and do a lot of cool videos. Number two is effects. Again, we talked about Effects before, so you know what they mean. You can easily go into effect, you can play out maybe new effect. There's also trending effects in the actual app. So there's a new ones coming up all the time. You suit wasn't trending which ones are new? And you can check out the trending ones and then do your own spin. Even if you haven't seen these effects are used in your feed. Which ones are not very popular yet, they're not trendy. But maybe you can start adding your trend and you should try out new effects. The third one is following a trend. So like we said, if you see something in your feeds with the times, it's probably a trend, somebody's using a certain, certain effect or certain sound or audio or certain way they're doing something. If you see it happen over and over again from different people, it is a trend and you should jump on it. So I mean, one of the easiest things you can do, open the app that's closer to the feed and then do your own spin on what are the popular Trent's number four is follow people in your niche, learn from them, take inspiration and do videos that are similar. Again, don't copy what they do, but you should find people that are in your niche, gold through their profile. Let me check out what are the popular videos or videos that you would find yourself, or videos are relevant to your specific business or an issue personality and then learn from them and do your own spin. And a final one is hashtag again and you know what hashtags are, how they're used. But if you have just no clue what video to the next look up rather than hashtag. For example, in my case, my me hashtag marketing tips. I can scroll through the videos and then see if I can find something that appeals to my personality, my communication style, and I could do my own version of that video. So to summarize, now, you know that even if you have no idea what kind of content to create, There's five different ways that you can get inspiration for videos. And there are so many videos you can create. Number one, participant in challenges. Number 2, do affect. Number 3, follow a trend. Number four, follow people in your niche. And number five, find relevant hashtags, so many different ways to create amazing content. In the next lecture, we're going to conclude this section on growing your account. 23. What you learned about growth: So this is the end of our section on how to grow your account. And one of my favorite sections in this course are populated. You have learned so, so much. You know how to grow your accountability should be posting three times a day, make the videos available to other people and so many different things we've talked about. You also know how the algorithm works. You know that the watch time is by far the more simple and thinks and what to do to increase the wash time. And you also tons of other hacks. What you need to grow your account, what not to do to grow your account. And you also know what kind of inspiration you can get. Where to get inspiration for building really, really cool content for yourself. In the next section, we're going to take a look at it. Really fun section, how to make money on tiktok. And we're going to cover a lot of different waste. There is in total six different ways you can generate revenue antics that which is really cool, whether you are a business or you're just a simple person that you want to monetize in your audience. We're going to cover all of those things. I'll also share a personal story on how I became a sponsored athlete actually on social media, I was sponsored by Red Bull and I'll talk about how I got that deal. And then so in a different key studies we didn't go through. So it's really cool. A lot of case studies. I hope you enjoy the next section, and I really hope that you liked this section on growing your Tik Tok account. 24. Making money with your audience : Right now, there's already a ton of people making a lot of money, anthrax, OK. Some people even live completely off of the revenue that can generate on the platform. The good news is that the train is moving in the positive direction, meaning more people are making more and more money and his ongoing to improve going forward. In this particular lecture, we're going to discuss all different ways you could make money right now. And some ways we're soon we anticipate or predict you're going to be able to make money on. Ok. But ends lecture, you'll understand what are different options for you and was the best option in order to get started to generate revenue and make money on tiktok, the first and the most common way to make money is to sell other people's product. This is how most of the people on tiktok make money at right now. And there's two main ways to do that. Number one is to do what we call influencer marketing. So when IT company will pay people that are big craters on text, so it doesn't have to be big. Sometimes there are small creators as well, but tends to be a larger company will pay creators to promote their products. Very simple. The other one is affiliate marketing. So we're going to dive deeper into both of these influencer and affiliate. Next lecture. These are the biggest ones and most popular. And that's what we're going to focus on the most part, just want to quickly mention it over here. If you want to find any influencer campaign on tiktok, it's actually very simple. You go through the Discover tab, click on Search, and then lookup, add. The thing is every single paid advertising or influencer campaign, it needs to be marked as hashtag ad. That's illegal policy. And then you're gonna click on hashtags. And then yeah, so the first one, and it's going to show us all the videos that are tagged with hashtag ad. And they're, they're ordered by the popularity. So the more views they have to hire at the top, there will be. So at the very first, we're going to click over here. We can see this very first video is from Zach King. Zach is a huge crater on tiktok. And as you can see, this is a promotion for a movie, the movie Cole Doolittle, I think that's the movie. And they're using a hashtag, talk to animals as well. And this is a video that's Zack has created. He's a very fun creator. He does a lot of video editing and sort of visual as against the over here. I'm going to keep scrolling. This one is for, for Samsung Galaxy. As you can see that there's a dance video and other Zach and campaign from kind Snacks. And then you can scroll through it basically see for the Cash App. So yeah, Basically if you want to see what current can be either happening for influencers, you can check out the hashtag ad. The second most popular way to make money on tiktok is to promote your own products. So whether you're an influencer and you can design and create products, for example, a money. She's a big creator and she has a line of merchandise like clothing that she sells. That's another option which you can do are also big companies. For example, Bosch is a B2B company that sells tools. And boss will have their own account and they'll sell their own product. So that's another option. You can sell your own products. The third option is song promotion. So if you are a music creator, you probably know of tiktok because all-time road number 1 song in the world blew up on tiktok and it completely changed the way music industry is looking at Tiktok as a promotion tool. So as an addition, you can promote your own songs. And we're going to do a case study on all-time road and the next lecture. But you can also reach out to influencers and other people and ask them to use your song if you are a creator yourself, and once you hit a certain number, it is very likely that you're going to be contacted by producers and music readers will ask you to create videos with their song. Another option, and this is how you can monetize your audience, but creating songs and then charging the creators of the producers are fourth option is doing live sessions. So I'm Tiktok. If you have more than 1000 followers, you can do Tiktok live just looking at the grim life. It's very simple. You can do Tiktok life. Many craters are choosing to use this option as well. And then during the Tiktok life, people can give you gifts. And these are gifts, digital gifts, but they have to buy them with real life. So instead of TikTok app, people can buy gifts and then during a live session and they can donate his gift to you. And as soon as you reach $50 in gifts, you can actually take this out and put it into your PayPal account. So in generally, this is not a huge and way to make money. Most of the craters that have tried us have generated small amounts. It's 50 or a 100 bucks or 200. Originally, it was tended for music creators. That's always sort of all started that time. Musicians could do live concerts and fans could give them gifts and accumulated exchange for cash. It is something that we might see happen more and more often. But as of right now, it's a fairly small way to generate revenue. I know some creators who, for example, for fun, they would do a Tiktok life and they would record themselves why they went to sleep. So there was lost sleep and just had to think on the whole time not showing anything. Just showing them sleeping. And there are some people said maybe somebody in that big amounts of money, but several that are made whatever, a hundred and two hundred bucks just by going to sleep. The next option is growing TikTok accounts and then selling them for profit. Now, this is not a huge Arctic dark just yet, but we know that it happens quite a bit on Instagram. People grow in account popular column to a 100 thousand followers, finally 1000 flowers. And then I can solve that for profit because they know maybe accompany can use that account or somebody else who has a product can use that account and promote their products. So if you don't have a specific product, it might be a really good option to actually grow in a cut. Right now is a really great opportunity to grow a TikTok account organically. I'm not aware of any marketplaces where you can sell accounts. I know there's places where you can do that. For example, with Instagram accounts, you can sell it because there's certain amount of attention you can get from it. But if you don't have a product of your own or you don't wanna start other people's products. That's another option where you can grow an account and then eventually sell it off. Again. This doesn't happen as much anti-clerical right now, but it's probably going to happen more and more often as something that we've seen on Instagram already before. Another option is to do consulting. So first of all, you have to approve yourself that you can grow your own account. So step number one would be to grow in a column to a reasonable chunk of people. Let's see if you get a $100,000.500,000 followers and sort of a decent amount of followers. You can then help others do the same. So you can be sort of a consultant. Again, this could happen either for individuals. So some people might be willing to give you money and just help because I'm coaching one-on-one coaching to grow their personal account. Or you could also become a consultant for companies and help them grow their own incomes. This already happens several times where a company didn't know how to use six target themselves. But they know it's a very important and social media. They want to be present on it, but they don't know what to do or they tried it. They're not getting much traction. So what does sometimes will do is they'll reach out to other creators. I'll ask them for help to grow their account. And it basically become a one-to-one consultant or a coach and you can charge an hourly basis. This is not a huge right now, but as more companies will come into the platform, this will become more and more. It'll become more and more frequent Ambien, another way to generate revenue, and the final option is a bit of a trick one because it's not an option as of yet. So right now you cannot generate revenue by just getting views, for example, on Twitch distributaries for gaming or in YouTube, you get paid directly for views, the more views you have. For example, on YouTube, then there's YouTube. You take a certain cut of these ads. This is not an option on tiktok just yet. There's something we might see in the future and are mentioning and just because it has been talked about a lot in the media recently, but we don't have a confirmed communication from tiktok about this, so we don't know for sure yet. But basically, the bigger your account would be, the more revenue you wouldn't be able to generate. But it's not an option just yet. All right, so these are all the different ways to make money. Just to recap, we talked about that you could sell other people's products through influencer marketing or affiliate marketing does the first option. Second one is you can sell your own products. Basically, if you're a company, you can sell your products or if you can click Browse, there's an influencer, you can do that. So that's the second option. The third one is sand promotion. Whether you are a musician and you want to promote your own music, or you can promote other people's music. The fourth one is live sessions again, and you can stream live, receive gifts from your audience. Not a very big amount of money right now, but it is an option. That was the fourth one. The fifth one is you can grow accounts and then sell them off. So that's option number 5. 61 is consulting other people and doing one-on-one coaching how to draw other people's businesses. These are six ways you can make money on Tiktok. Right now, there's more ways than any other social media platform, and right now is an opportunity we can grow your account very fast organically. So it's a really, really good opportunity. You didn't, if you start at the very 0, at the very, very beginning. And the seventh passive eruption in future might be just look on YouTube or Twitch where you get money directly for views and the money comes from advertising revenue. So these are the six and potential seven ways you can make money on Tiktok right now. We're going to do some case studies in the next lectures. And we're also going to Dave, Dave, deeper into influencer marketing and affiliate marketing and how you can make more money by promoting other people's products. So that's what the rest of this section is dedicated to. 25. Promoting other people's products with influencer marketing : As I mentioned before, promoting other people's products is one of the biggest and most popular ways to make money on tiktok. Some of the biggest brands like BMW or Chipotle, the festival company, do campaigns on tiktok all the way down to many, many small, small companies that do influence from marketing. In this lecture, we're going to take a look at how much you can expect to get paid for an influencer campaign, how to get started. And in the next lecture, we're going to look at it exactly how you can get a gig. By the end of this lecture, you should understand what are the requirements and was the process for starting your influencer, career? Influencer marketing is basically when a company pays you to promote a product to your audience. That's the very basic level. And the first thing you need to understand that since Tiktok is a new platform, in general, the craters on things like get paid less other platforms. So an average, I mean, there's nuances, but on average, YouTube creator sent to get paid the most then is for example, Instagram and those kind of influencers. And then there is Tiktok, so it's exciting for answers. You get paid less. The biggest reason is just because it's a new platform. There's not many companies that are on it yet. So it will take time to the average price that influence group. It will go up over time. But as of right now it is quite a lot. Now, one of the reasons why YouTubers get paid so much is because YouTube is a search engine. So if you post a video, it's going to remain on YouTube. And if a company pays for a videos, we promoted that video was going to stay there. It'll keep getting views because it's ranked into search engine as if an Instagram, if an Instagram or post in Instagram story, that video is going to be there for 24 hours and then it's done and that's it, and nobody's going to see it afterwards. Now TikTok is kind of in the middle, right now if you post a video, is going to be seen at first, but it also will good videos keep getting views afterwards. One of the reasons that happens is because right now there is more demand than there is actual content. So I think over time we're going to see that the prices tiktok are going to be closer to the prices on YouTube. So if you're wondering how much you can embed it as a creator. Well, first of all, there is no golden rule for how much you can get paid. There are estimators I'm going to show you, but I think as there are wildly inaccurate and there is a massive differences, will they'll tell you. So you'll put in your username, that ticket, your views and your engagement, and they'll estimate how much it could compete. But I've checked some of them. And to be honest, I wouldn't really rely on these. Now, I have both been an influencer myself where I was paid to look in vain. For example, I was a sponsored athlete by Red Bull, but also I was on the other side as a company where I would have ran hundreds of influencer campaigns, where I would pick the influencers to promote a product for my company. And honestly, these estimators are not very accurate. They usually wait, overestimate how much you can get paid. I don't know what are the algorithms that go into creating the estimators. But basically, you're going to get paid as much as accompany is going to offer like at the end of the day that the company has the power. Right now, there are many, many more influencers looking to get paid. Then there are companies looking to pay. So it is really the leverages on the company side because they have many, many more choices than you as an influencer will have. You can of course negotiate with them, rule a bit. But honestly, unless you are a very, very big influencer, you're not going to have much negotiating power. Now in terms of when you should start doing deals with companies, The short answer is that the longer you're going to postpone, the more you're going to grow. And then we're going to be pure. And the easier it's going to be for you. If you try to monetize your audience too early, they're going to sense that you're doing it for money or doing it for the wrong reasons. If you put in too many ads as well, they're going to have descends that you're not creating it for the fun of the creation, the videos. You just sort of posting videos to make money. It's going to become very obvious again, there's no rule of numbers like at 1000 followers or ten thousand, a hundred thousand or a million. Just to start getting brand deals. It really depends on what's your plan, what's your objective? Ideally, though long you postpone it, the better it's going to be. One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you do a deal with a company as an influencer and you post a video, you always want to include the hashtag ad. So hashtag ad instituting clinic individually and description. That is a legal requirement and it sort of separates the normal continent you do for fun versus the candidate is sponsored by a company. So here is one textile money calculator. You can put in the username and I've put it in or put Matthew hussy. He creates dating advice, as you can see it as 600 thousand followers. And this website will tell me that he can make. Well, first of all, there's a mistake because it says Max earning proposed as 92000 and minimum a 125 thousand. I don't know what the minimum is bigger than the max. So that's the first mistake. But also I've seen a couple of other platforms and they all show wildly different number. I checked another platform, that one shouldn't be about $10 thousand per post. So really, I wouldn't use these estimators as anything accurate. I've seen several of them and they're all wildly different. The only taking the number of followers, the thing is what you need to consider is that when a company has an influencer, they also really look at the demographics and was the age of your users, for example, was to location. Obviously, if your users are in the United States, you're going to get more money than if your users or if your followers are in, for example, Pakistan, just because it's cheaper to advertise in Pakistan, price will be lower if your audience, maybe if they are people with higher income on average and maybe get some average age of 35. They might have more disposable income than a 16-year-old. Just an example. So your file was not the only thing matter the really thing that also going to matter for the company as what kind of an audience you have, what are the demographics and psychographics of your audience? And obviously that needs to be a match between you and the company. In the next lecture, we're going to take a look at how exactly you can get a gig from a company as an influencer. 26. How to make influencer money: You might be surprised, but as an influenza, you have several different ways to get influenced your gig from a company. In this lecture, we're going to cover the three main options, how you can get a job and then what is the actual process, the approach. But in the lecture you'll know what is the best part for you and what's based on your current numbers and followers, your goals. What is the best way to get an influencer gig for my company? The first thing to mention is that there isn't a sort of threshold or a rule of thumb number like at which point can you start working with companies? Believe technically you could start at the lowest level possible. But the more followers you have, the easier it'll be to speak with companies to get gigs and, and to, to negotiate with the different companies. And Tiktok love the influencers say that by around a 100 thousand followers, they start to get a more and more opportunities for cooperation with companies and sort of influence or drops. So you've got sort of keep that, keep that number in mind. Maybe a 100 thousand followers just start to see more opportunities. But there are three main ways how you can reach companies and get influenced OR gate number one is a direct dm so you can send a message and find the company. And we're going to cover all of these into detail. Number 2 as using a platform and number three, using an agency or an agent. The first way to get a gig is directly reached to accompany through a DM on tiktok. Obviously not all companies are in TikToks. You can only do what the company is already there. You should only deal with companies that you know personally. Ideally companies that you prize that you have tried, companies that you can trust yourself. You don't want to promote something that you can't trust. And maybe a big company that's done a good sign for you and also for your followers. So a great example of a company does a lot of these is Chipotle. It's a fast food company in the US. And over here we have the cheap older profile. And as you can see, what they do on their profile, basically they just repost content from influencers and from other people, their pitch. So if you have a certain amount of followers and it's beneficial for tuple lead to maybe there'll be interested in paying you and then you could create content for them. Now, I've been an aside of both as an influencer where I will speak through campaigns and also I was on the side of the company where I've paid influencers to run campaigns for me. Now one piece of advice I would have is first, when you reach out to the company, don't just say you want to work with them and leave it at that. Ideally, companies are looking for creative people that really want to work with the brands. So when you reach out to them, if you send a message, first of all, include whatever experienced you might have with the company. You can say you've known the company for X amount of time, you loved the product and say why you want to work with the company. Companies do want to know why you want to work with them and they will look at you very differently if you actually have a real reason. Number two is, have a suggestion what kind of content you would have already do. So take it a step ahead. And in the very first message, already say that you are thinking of doing this and this with their prior decide you want to showcase it. Maybe you want to do three different videos. And the more initiative you take, the more you're going to shut down you want less, the more likely it is that you're going to consider, even though maybe you have not as many followers, maybe you have a small number of followers. But one way to really stand out is to reach out to a company and say why I wanted to do it and tell them what exactly is it that you want to do as a company? I've received so many messages from influencers. Just say, Hey, I would love to work with you, and that's it. And honestly that's not very impressive. And as a company, you get a lot of these and we don't even consider so many of them. So first we'll look at if the influencers within our target group. Then we'll read the message. And then we only look at, for example, how many followers they have, what kind of engagement, and all of these things. But if somebody would really take the initiative and be creative, or even ideally already make the video. I don't post it, but make the video that you would make with the product, share with the company, and say that if we're going to do an influencer deal with you, then you can post the carbon and that's the absolutely best way to do it. I see so few influencers that actually do this, that really put in the effort and yes, not all companies going to see, yes, he's going to take more effort. But you're actually much more likely to land a deal with a company if you go ahead and put in all of this effort upfront, has happened to me a few times as accompany, influence or reach out to all these things. I would even create the content and then send it to me before they're posted. And every time an influence to do is I ended up doing a deal with them and bring them even if their follower numbers weren't all that huge. The second option is that you can join a platform. So over here I have one example is a tribe group.com. So as an influencer, you can go ahead and join as a creator and as a platform where companies will, they're influenced her gigs and then you can apply for them. You can create the convenience and the company can select what kind of campaigns like and what they want to work with. So in this specific campaign, you'll have to first create the actual ad without getting paid. And Asia company chooses you only then you get paid. So you have to do some work up front. But then it's really good for the companies because they get to sort of test out what kind of curious they can expect that this one is up looking at your God tribe group.com. And by the way, there are tons and tons of platforms or new ones popping up all the time. So depending on your region or your niche, you want to check it out. I mean, the easiest were just to look up on Google, influence of lifeforms and you can join. It doesn't really cost you any money to join these, so she can join them. It's great for you. The more you joined, the more opportunity you will have. There's difference in quantity, of course, but it will depend on your niche or location. It might be different from country to country. Here's another example of another platform. This one, it's called effluence. And again, you can join as an influencer or as a brand. And if you're an influencer, you will basically silane a basic profile. And it will be able to apply from gigs and you'll be able to do this. Now, there's a different level of engagement of the platforms. Some of the platforms only serve as a search options. So basically create your profile and a complex can find you under the spectrum. So only search is the simplest one and the more complicated where the platform is also actually handled in management or the campaign, the payment and all these things does the other end of the spectrum. So if you join there, it's more sophisticated of a platform. When you work with the companies, obviously sometimes you can get paid. It was just fantastic. But if you are maybe a smaller influencer, you don't have as many followers and other ways that you don't get paid directly, but you get free stuff. So for example, from hotels and maybe you can get free states, you may get free products. And we know a lot of influencers that actually get a lot of free merchandise. And again, it will depend on your vertical. And then we'll kinda of an influencer. You are, for example, fashion influencers will get clothing, et cetera, et cetera. The final third option to get a gigs is to join an agency or get an agent. Now this option is for the biggest influencers out there. So once you really, really low, then it may make sense to get an agency or a, an agent to work for you. Now, again, this is for the much bigger ones. And they take a lot of the effort out of the job when you're apart. So if you hire an agency or an agent on Dell, be able to find those for you, but also to take a certain cut, whatever they may be, 10, 20 percent of the pay is what goes directly to them. Here I have an example of Fen bytes, That's one agency in the UK did you quite well. And they work with influencers. They also help find companies depending on where you are, we want to find an agency and simple way to do it, but we did a quick Google search and you could do Tiktok influence her agency or to collect me to answer agent. But again, this is more for the bigger influencers and the cases that somebody there's much more followers. And so whatever that might be, 0.5 million followers and million followers maybe adapt on you have so many influencer deals that you just can't handle imagining yourself. Best way to start off is either message to companies directly yourself, reach out to them, offer them to the job, then other opportunities to join the platforms. And once you've done all of those and you have so many gigs that you just can't handle anymore. Only then maybe something to consider joining agency or getting an agent. 27. Case study My RedBull deal : In this case study, I wanted to share a bit of a personal story. So as I mentioned, I was under the influence, recite myself. And actually I was a Red Bull sponsored athlete, so I get influenced her deal with Red Bull. And this was actually done on textile. He was an Instagram. It was just a few months back. But the same dynamics will apply to TikToks. I just wanted to share sort of my experience and how that happened because I've had next to basically 0 followers on Instagram at the time, I had 200 followers. So really nobody getting a deal with Red Bull and it wasn't paid in cash. But I got basically an infinite supply of Red Bull of the drinks. And if I get it end up getting so many rentals. So the way it happened is that I was preparing to run a marathon in Greenland. It's a really cool marathon. The first five care directly on the ice sheet and do something that was sparing for months. And one of my friends actually has worked with Red Bull before and some other campaigns. And she knew me directly and when I told her about it, she said that I should get in touch with red ball. So she connected us and then we ended up talking. And we had a couple of meetings over Skype. And basically I told them what I'm planning to do while I'm doing it, what are the objectives and degree to sponsor me? And not only did I get Red Bull, so I went to actually meet them in person to the offices and there's just told me I can take as much writable as I want. And I came back and they literally carried away, I don't know, like a 100 cans of Red Bull. They also give me hats and some other sort of swag that you can buy in a store, but only rebel athletes get just something to show. Did you don't have to have a huge following. What really matters to a lot of the brands is that you have passion for the brand. You're excited to work with the brand. You have a cool idea and you are doing something cool in real life outside of social media. So obviously it would be impossible to get a deal with Red Bull if it would just be posting sort of normal pictures on Instagram. We're really got their attention is that I was going to do the marathon in Greenland and the, it's, it's one of the most extreme marathons in the world, like freezing cold temperatures. And it's one of those sort of tough as races in the world and that's what everybody likes. Didn't really care that I would not have them and you followers for them what they really care about, what's the content. So I had a camera with me. I took a lot of pictures under trip, lot of videos that I'm posting, a lot of them and also we wrote an article and then Red Bull actually posted it on their official website and they shared it on, around. One of the reasons why it was attractive for them, because I was a first-person from my country to compete in that specific competition. So again, they thought that this might be a good idea to London national press and they would show the story, would be in the news. Some other social media people might be sharing it. So even though I didn't have that many followers, but the story was so cool, they're definitely there up for actually doing it in sponsoring me. So if I wanted to continue with their Red Bull deal, I could have just gotten more races. And also I use this Red Bull dealers an advantage to get other sponsorships. And as soon as I told other brands that I got Red Bull deal, there were very happy to also work with me and either do product. And I didn't end up pursuing this further. But I would have been able to also get like Derek cash. Influencer deals with some of the extreme adventure sports. So just to show, goes to say that you don't have to have a massive following. It's going to be the same and TikToks. But if you have a really cool story or it can be super creative and do something fun for the company. They may be able to do it without even having a huge following and your site. And you start off by just doing sort of maybe a priority it like I did with them. We did give me the rebel cans and the merchandise. But then you have a relationship with the company and then you can sort of build on and keep going from there. But you just want to get your foot in the door. So if you'd really want to get a deal yourself, and again, I would recommend either a creative, I'm Tiktok, do cool things in real life and their reach out to brands and companies that are that you aspire to the you think are fun and that sort of thing would align with your personality. They're looking for an example. When I spoke with Red Bull, they had very specific characteristics. They are one it into people that they would sponsor. They wanted somebody adventurous and fun and out of the box. And, and at the time I sort of felt fed my profile and that was a, I was an athlete for awhile, so does definitely wanted to, they wanted to communicate as well. So this is just one quick story to share. In the next lecture, we're going to look, take a look at some other case studies, specifically on tiktok, how companies sponsor influencers. 28. What you learned about monetization: This is the end of the section. Congratulations, you have an intersection and you've learned so much. You know, there are so many different ways you can make money on tiktok. The first one, for example, is stealing other people's products. You can do it through affiliate marketing or influencer marketing. We've covered both of those. You can also sell, promote people's music. You can do a live streaming. You can do so many different ways to earn money on tiktok. 29. Here's what's next: Hey guys, thank you so much for watching the course. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you want to continue your education, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, various more up on YouTube, I constantly post new videos about trends and hacks and things that are working and social media space. If you want to take it to that next level, go to a website, subscribe to our mailing list, where I share exclusive insights, strategies and hacks that work right now on social media. So oscillator.