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20 Ways to Overcome Stress and Live a Happier Life

teacher avatar Nitesh Gurnani, Face Reader | Life Lover | YouTuber |

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      Why Tackle Stress Now?


    • 3.

      My Stress Story


    • 4.

      Sorting Possible Reasons


    • 5.

      Reviewing Lifestyle


    • 6.

      Short Term Strategies


    • 7.

      Fast Acting Strategies


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      Long Term Strategies


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      Congratulations and Welcome!


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About This Class

Stress is a common problem that affects millions of people around the world. It can have negative impacts on your physical, mental and emotional health, as well as your relationships, career and overall well-being. Stress can also prevent you from achieving your goals and living your full potential.

But stress is not inevitable or incurable. You can learn how to overcome stress and live a happier life with the help of this class!

In this class, you will learn 20 powerful strategies to deal with stress in different situations and time frames. These strategies are based on scientific research and proven practices that can help you cope with stress effectively and efficiently.

You will learn how to:

  • Use short-term strategies that can be implemented within a week to cope with stress. These strategies include setting priorities, planning ahead, delegating tasks, saying no, and taking breaks.
  • Apply fast-acting strategies that can provide instant relief from stress. These strategies include breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, gratitude, and positive affirmations.
  • Adopt long-term strategies that can help you prevent and reduce stress for a lifetime. These strategies include changing your mindset, developing healthy habits, building resilience, cultivating social support, and seeking professional help.

You will also learn about the causes, effects and signs of stress, and how your lifestyle can contribute to or alleviate stress. You will learn how to identify the sources of your stress and classify them into three categories: controllable, influenceable and uncontrollable. This will help you focus on what you can change and accept what you cannot change. You will also learn how to find peace with the present and achieve success in life.

By the end of this class, you will have a toolkit of effective techniques to manage your emotions and overcome stress. You will be able to live a more balanced, peaceful and happy life.

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to overcome stress, anxiety and depression. Whether you are experiencing mild or severe stress, this class will help you find solutions and improve your quality of life.

Don’t let stress hold you back from living your best life. Enrol in this class today and discover how to overcome stress and live a happier life!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitesh Gurnani

Face Reader | Life Lover | YouTuber |


Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks & Life Lover who has been featured across international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist. Nitesh Gurnani has a mission to impact 1 Billion people to lead a balanced life both personally and professionally. His platform empowers people to tap into their inner potential, conducting compatibility and career readings as well as offering empowerment coaching.

His personal experience extends over 9 years, however, he founded ChehraSpeaks, not until 2017. He is driven by the passion to enable people, personally and professionally to improve their lives by giving them the ingredients to harness their inner power by an elaborate understanding of their own personalities.

Nitesh ... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi folks, isn't dish and underscores I'm going to share with you suppose strategies you can use to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression in your life, which can help you live a more cherished life, a better relationship, a better carrier, and a better Postman connection within you and outside you prayed. So in this course I'm going to share with you the eight boxes that you're seeing in front of your screen. And in it there are around 79 AD slaves which will help you or constraints. So the first box which you are seeing right now is why you should tackle stress now in this box and I'm going to share with you deposit the effects designs and the celebrities who have gone through stress and how manys trace. Then I'm going to share with you my stress story, my story about my love life, my stress stories about my depths which, which were super exhausting literally. Like. Then I'm going to share with you the possible reasons which you can classify your stress. And then we are going to leave you with lifestyle and how your lifestyle is contributing to the stress you're going through. Then I'm going to share with you 20 supose strategies in total, which, in which I'll be sharing the short-term strategies and fast acting strategy that you can really use it instantly in your lane. The long-term strategies that you can really use to kill the stress for like, then I'm going to thank you for completing the cost. So a brief introduction about me. I'm Daesh and I'm a passionate life lower face reader by a profession and tech consulting. And I love creating courses and helping people with my courses. I have personally been through a lot of difficulties and whatever IT strategies and successful things that have applied in my life to help live a better life. I'm going to share that with you. And this course is going to be a super helpful banning for you. So I'm looking forward to see you inside the course. 2. Why Tackle Stress Now?: So folks In this video, I'm going to share with you why you should tackle stress right now. And we are going to discuss how communist stress and whether celebrities also have stress on. Thank you. So these are the data which I have extracted from these three sources, which is the American Institute of Stress mental health ORG dot UK, the recovery village.com, right? So how common history 77 percent of people experience stress that affects their physical and which can attribute to the stomach pain, the headaches and everything is like 73 percent of people experience stress that affects their mental health. And we all, we all know that because we have gone through that right. 48% of people have trouble sleeping because of stress. Even my dad who has been going through some of his health issues and he also find it difficult to really sleep during that period DO of stress when he was really suffering from an inlet switch where you felt incurable. And 80% of people feel stress at work, right? This is all the data which we can really resonate with. So what are the stress causes? Write this, we have to know because if we're going on the journey of how you should overcome your stress, you should be resonating with the fact that what are the causes of stress? So 36 percent of people have cited there owner family's health condition as a factor. Even in my in my life, begins, the super-important, which I believe in your life is when families super-important. And if they're doing good, then we're doing good. If they are not well, then all of our heart and mind is involved in their life, right? So that the can become better. So personally for me or for me, this is one of the biggest reasons of why I get stressed at times. 22 verse insight adept as a stressor, 49 percent between any two 24 years experienced tress comparing themselves to others. I'm sure this has happened with you also in my life. Also, in fact, we tend to compare our lines with others, right? So there is also one of the causes of concerns and the 36 percent women experienced stress due to their body image and appearance. This I'm showing, you know, and this data is captured based on the research of more than, I think 4000 subjects. So there's the data which we can really resonate with. So the other cause of stress is the housing worries to have big houses or to have even one house or car, right? Yeah. And this pressure to succeed is also a major factor which contributes to stress. We all can resonate with them Sean, than the increase workload or transitional period. Which show, which is like, which you say like a mini each crisis in which like in 25 to 30 years, we experienced this submit, age crisis, right? Then you can experience stress. So when you have an argument with your family members, right? Or you can have your existing financial barriers. These, these are broadly the stress causes light, and what are the effects of stress? It can have a behavioral or psychological impact on your right. And this also is a study conducted, I think, by Americans of stress, which says that 46 percent people reported that they eat too much or eat an elderly due to stress. You know, it happens that we do emotional eating. Even, even like when I have gone through my stress, I use to engage in a lot of emotional eating and I'm going to share about what is emotionally eating later. But let's look at just the effects of stress right now. So 29 percent reported that they have started drinking or increase the intriguing and 16 percent reported that they started smoking or increased their smoking, right? So this is 0. This is a major thing which happens just because of, just because of our stress, right? So 51 percent of adults who felt stressed and reported feeling depressed and 61 percent reported feeling anxious or just a super large fingers to really tackle this issue, right? So often people who say that they have felt stress at some point in their lives, 16 percent believing is 16 percent had self harm, and 32 percent said they had suicidal thoughts and feelings. So it becomes super more important to have the strategies to counter this trace, right? So 37 percent of adults who reported feeling stress reported that they feel lonely as a lizard, right? So, you know, when, when you feel you're lonely, That's also one of the effects of stress. And what are the, what are the signs of stress? So if, if, if you, if you have a state of constant worry or anxiety, the constant struggle you are having within you. Like you're not living your life properly. Or you are thinking for something for which things are not happening and you are in a state of constant worry. That is a sign of stress. You'll find difficulty concentrating. You have a restless state of mind. A lot of thoughts are happening. We are displaying irritability and you are getting angry and things. And this is what is the contribution made by 45 percent that they feel irritable and angry because of stress. They have low energy. 14, 41% of people said that they feel that they're not interested in doing things. They have lack of motivation. They experience the changes in mood. The self esteem levels are quite low. And to counter that, they use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal trucks to just relax for a short period of time, but they don't know that it has such a harmful and disastrous impact in their letter. And I'm going to share this when I'm going to share the slides on how you overcome stress. So these are the stress signs in brief. And these are the celebrities who have gone through stress disorders, right? Oprah Winfrey, you can see Miley Cyrus illegality. So this is not something which show which we can avoid it, something which we need to counter and kill rate. We need to kill our stress. And that is super important for us to live a happy and wonderful, right? So this is all about what it is in this lecture and in the next lecture I'm going to share my story. Then we are going to go further deep down into the cost to discover the super strategies to counter stress, anxiety, and depression in your life. 3. My Stress Story: Hi folks. In this video I'm going to share with you the story of my life and the story of my stress which I have gone through so that you can resonate with it. And you can really are certain that there is a way to really overcome stress and anxiety in your life. Like so, I'm going to first share my story and my love life. The first love it I had. And for the first five years I was I was involved with a goal and, you know, seemingly forced your seem to be good for both of us. And then there was this sort of confusion and I was in need of our attention. I was more into her. And I just wait and every single time to talk to her, I talk, then things are not moving the way. We have wondered. And I was so much involved at every single every single minute. I was just thinking of her. And I was just thinking the way to steam connection with hot. And, you know, all of these Israeli mounted my stress in my life. And and you know, after the forced to, your things started going haywire and 0, we would not connected with each other as as we intend to, intended to be. And in the fourth baby or every single minute, boys was a painful experience because I was not able to get rid of her from my mind. And I was just thinking that God gives me some v so that I can really get toward hold. And you know, what I've discovered and what what I boiled down over that period was that I was not taking action, I was not being clear and I was not being acceptable to what life is presenting to me. And that was a biggest setback for me editing. And and yes, the confusion though, unclarity, right? That was something which was contributing to my stress in my, in my lovely friend initially and later after. I think when I really have this collaboration within me that she's not the one for me. The more I was at peace and Leto, she actually came to me and she was more into my late, but I really decided that I want getting into that. But that was really an exhausting period in my life. And exhausting Period, my lovely rate in which initially I experienced good things and later on it just was not made for me. So, you know, you can have those stained and you really need to have strategies that you can really use to overcome stress rate. And in that I just, if that if I recall that, I would just say that the confusion and lack of clarity was the biggest causes of those those painful times for me. Right. So I I take it as a beautiful experience because it has led me F01, the depths of feelings which other people go through and how we can help them by listening to them. And that was the part of my love story. Now it is good and happy and everything is rosy. So the other they stress story of my is my depth sorry, where I have done my NBA and there's a huge load all because of that. And I had a good job and I was just so worrying and discussing with my dad. Whoa, this was the thing to three years back. And I was discussing with my dad how we can relieve the PID loop such a high interest rate. And I was worrying literally every single day and I was not seeing the ways in which I can develop my existing revenue sources so that we can expand on the income base. And every single day I was just thinking that things are not happening. And and whenever I was going God is shutting my door. I was just thinking on these lanes and I was being depressive rebels being exhaustive in my mind in terms of what I can do to boost my sources of income. And I can just say that those were the days when I experienced extreme, extreme stress and extreme loneliness. In terms of that, I have to do something. And it was a whole lot of pressure and Borden and me. So it was really frustrating. And I can really resonate with you if you are going through that phase. But I'm assuring you that there is only the ESA strategy which you can use. There is a piece which again at the end there is a way you can boost your income sources. And I'm going to share that with you in the strategy which I'm going to share with you. But this is just part of a very brief story which, which I have shared with you right now on my low and the financial journey. And in the next lecture, in the next video, I'm going to share with you the reasons of stress, reasons which you can really use to sort these trays into. And then we're going to move forward without video series. 4. Sorting Possible Reasons: Hi folks. In this video I'm going to share with you the possible reasons and how you can really classify your stress into three categories, right? So the first is you can take a practical solution. So for example, if you are going through a health issue, you can go to a doctor and help diagnose the issue which you're going through. That's a practical solution, right? If you're unemployed, you search and you search for the jobs you prepare your CV, you, you seek for a reference from your friend. Those are the practical solutions which you seem to take, right? So this is the first category where, where you're taking a practical solution, right? And the second solution is the second category of where you've been classifies that those that get better with time. So the ones that educate better with time is the finances, right? So if you want to have a house, and that house has an EMI, and it has an EMI of maybe eight to ten years. So that gets better with time, right? And then a sudden stress reasons for which you cannot do really anything about. And in that, I have, have, have written an example where you are giving, giving an exam, you can just prepare for the exam, but you have to wait for the result and, you know, you're not guaranteed the success in it just because of your preparation. So, so, so we, we tend to get stress worrying about our exam results, that how that exam result would be or how the result of whatever things you are doing in your life would be you cannot really do anything about. So it's very important to classify the going through into these three categories that, whether that has a practical solution, whether that gets better with time or whether it is something you really cannot do anything about. And 423, as you can see, you can release worry and let them go and how you can do that. I'm going to reveal that in the strategy that I'm going to share in the further lectures. But as of now, whatever stress you're going through, try to classify them into these three categories. Whether it has a practical solution within it gets better with time, or whether it's something you cannot do anything about. In the next video, I'm going to share the lifestyle and review whether that lifestyle of yours is contributing to the stress disorder or not. 5. Reviewing Lifestyle: Hi folks. In this video I'm going to share with you how your lifestyle can contribute to your increase in stress. And the first TO the host pointer here in the review lifestyle is other things which show, which could be handed over to someone else. And in this, I'm going to share my data story. So my dad is an accumulation of specialists and that is a very rare breed of profession. And there are not a lot of acupuncturist in the world. And in the city which I'm located in there, I think it's only one or two of the spring. And he founded it extremely difficult in the initial part of his office. So acupressure Joni, where he was not relying on assistance or to help him, right. And it was any was thinking that he asked to do all the things from valence himself and and nobody will be able to support him or to assist him rate. And he has recently gone through a health issue which which is which is very difficult to handle Lambda. And he's still experiencing that issue in his chest or it's related to some gastric disorder, we're not able to actually find it, didn't. No, it's been from an IO and that has forced him not to continue of work with the machinery was doing earlier and that required assistance from someone to support him. And when he really thought on that territory to us for help and to have assistant, he really found out that there was some work which really he can handed over to them. Like there was some minute things. Having the tape attached to the magnets and the pins attached to own the body or the message which he can give to the patients from with the help of a system. So there were things that she could handover to them, right. And when he did that now, now he is able to go wherever you want. So he's traveling. And and then the assistants are continuing to continuing the health center so that he is now having more freedom. So look, look at your life and things that are there, things which, which could be handed over to someone. And ask us, ask a question that can you do things in a more leisure leaving. So as you know that I have created this course and I have contributed to many causes earlier as well. And initially I was, I plan that I need to shoot a course in one day and I finished my cause and say what, 23 days, your designer courses into three days. But it was very painful and stressful on me. So what I did was I broke down all the all the parts of the causes into what, seven or eight days in which I plan windy. I write for one lecture, then I write for the other lectures. And similarly, I take, I breathed on all the stuff which I have to take in terms of designing the course is my marketing the course has, so it has become more happier for me to design courses rather than doing it in what, one or two days. I have broken, broken them down into few days so that I can have a more Jolie course. I can have a more wonderful cause in turns off my mindset rate. So as these questions from me, from yourself that that stress or which are having in your life, identify the cause first of oil and things that can can you take assistance of someone in that bro, breakdown that into the number of t so that you can accomplish your task. So as these questions and prioritize, prioritize things because that is definitely going to help you. And in the next video, I'm going to start with the short-term strategies. And then moving forward we do is we are going to share with you the super strategies of stress. There are going to be 20 Zuko strategies. So wait for me in the next few lectures and you're going to unlock the real art of countering stress. 6. Short Term Strategies: Hi folks, this is a dish, and in this video I'm going to share with you the short-term strategy that you can use to counter the stress. And then integral fine for short-term strategies which I have classified into DVG, the S, which is the starting headers or this box in which you're seeing in front of your screen, right? So first, what you can do is you can talk yourself through it. And this, this I really have used in my life where I have a habit of talking to the stars. And whenever I was stressed, like, I think two years back, three years back, I think I was in the way and I was going through a route, say and I was walking and I was talking to this terminal is about the issues whichever is having and how really I can counter those counter the times which I was going through. So if you don't have a friend right now to talk to, you, really can talk yourself through it. Discussed with you that what are the problems that you're going through and what are the ways that you can really adopted to counter those challenges. And I, and I'm sure that your inner guide actually will answer you on that. And it'll give you ways which you can really use or to recover from the current stress which you're going and you're going to be more logical in terms of arriving at a particular solution. You know, I use a strategy of talking to stars. You can use it in a talking with yourself. Don't, don't feel like you're being crazy at it. It is just a strategy in which you can really use to counter the stress. And you'll really feel like, you know, talking with yourself. So find a space. You can just walk around Rome around or you can also do things like we, where I, I feel that if I talked to start I become a star one day. And that was what I was thinking when I have been doing the talk with the stars, don't think. So. You can talk yourself through it. And this is going to really help you counter your stress. And the other strategy which you can use is to be in the present moment. The biggest contributory of stress is, is when we worry a lot about the past or we worry a lot about the future. And then we don't stay in this moment in this lecture. And we're thinking of other things in my life as to as to whether weather tomorrow LV or waking up at time or not, whether tomorrow I'll be going to the gym or not or I think or whether I'm going to buy that car which I had been aspiring for or not, right? So these are all the things which we are thinking right now, which is really not meant for us right now, but we are thinking of it and, you know, the past and the future and the biggest contributory of stressor. You know, if, if we're being more mindful of what we are doing at this point in time. That is when you're really countering your stress with a bigger insight, right? So, you know, try to be in the present moment, focus your attention towards what you're doing right now. And if you're listening to lectures right now, just listen to these lectures. You know, try, try avoiding thinking of what you'll be cooking in their dinner or what you'll be cooking in the black fur. Because that is only going to deviate your mind from what is happening in the present. So stay focus in this lecture, right? And the other strategy which you can use is the guided image imagery. So guided imagery is where you're walking. You're walking your mind into a place so which is right down on there, but you're closing your eyes and maybe imagining, imagining a Nietzschean where you are going very well experiencing and having a sensory experiences may be smelling a beautiful flower and maybe experiencing a beautiful sunlight. And you're just walking through that nato and you're just feeling the Countess of the V is you're feeling the communists of the river which is going around you. So guided imagery is a strategy where you close your eyes for a minute or two. And you tend to imagine yourself in a place that, that is nature friendly, friendly, that is something maybe you're going on a Mountains and everywhere There is no and you are on top of that mountain and maybe you are marking that flag that you have a complete victory or maybe something, whatever you want to imagine, you can use that guided imagery with you. And you can just realize that after one or two minutes, when you're coming back to, coming back to the self, you feel relaxed and relieved, right? So this is what you can use. I have used it personally and this has really helped me. And the other strategy is that you need to be aware of smoking and drinking. This is just small and large. I'm sharing that. It can give instant boost to you and it can keep you in a relaxed state for only a small period. But this is not big long-term strategy, so never use, or I would say, if you are using smoke and alcohol, don't TO increase that consumption because that is only going to harm you in a longer run. And I'm going to share this folder with us. Well, and the other thing that you can use as you can speak your heart out with a friend or maybe connect with someone who, whom you have not connected with for a very long time. And who is your friend? I used to use this strategy where I connected with my friends will be 34 years. So back to which I have never spoken to and sharing my life stories with them, share and listening to their stories. And you feel that they are also going through. The challenge is they're also going through difficulties in their life. And when we're stressed, we just think that we are the ones who are struggling and others are having a great play. But that's not really the case when you speak your heart out with your loved ones, with the ones whom you have connected with. You can better resonate with the Payne's you're going through. You can better stress you're going through. And it's always a great thing to share your story of life. Share your problems with your loved one, so speak your heart out with your loved ones. And that is definitely going to help you in a short term. And I think this video is definitely going to help you cant DO the stress in the short term. In the next video, I am going to share with you the fast acting strategies which are going to instantly impact your life and instantly relieve your stress. So I'm waiting for you in the next lecture. 7. Fast Acting Strategies: Hi folks. In this video I'm going to share with you the fast acting strategy which you can use to counter the stress in your life, right? So the first strategy which you can use in, in short, I have termed a lad fat, which is definitely the first letters of these words, the starting strategy so, so that you can remember right? So L stands for listening to soothing music. And research has proven that listening to instrumental music can really alter your brain activity and reduce your stress levels. It increases the oxytocin levels, which really is responsible for happen is on one side. So listen to the music that you love. It rarely has a beautiful impact in relaxing and free-living you in a very, very short time when you're really looking for countering your stress. So what's your favorite music? Listen to that when you're really stressed in your life. And the second which I am mentioning here is don't be too hard on yourself. You know, our inner critic is so strong that we tend to find faults within us. And when some order when someone says bad for us, right? Taken what? I would just say that in a seat in the truth. And if you find an exception to that, you know, just ignore that and, you know, be a very true friend to you. Think of yourselves as, as your own best friend. Because at times and things doesn't go our way, we can be very hard on ourself and just for finding that perfection in our result, we can just have a bad impact on us or we can do activities which are super row killing for us. Maybe have an or, as you were seeing in the initial slides that 32 percent of the people who are suicidal tendencies because of stress. So That's the reason for them there. They're too hard on themselves, right? So, you know, when someone criticizes you don't find the inner falls within NEW except the truth. And finally exception. And you have to be kind and supportive to seat in the changes in really moved forward, right? So don't be too hard on yourself. And what is the aroma therapy? Aroma therapy stands for, you know, scientifically this is also proven that soda and saints have, have this tendency to relieve you certain sense are responsible for altering your brain activities and help you with calming your mind and releasing more oxytocin levels. So, so I have just written a few pointers yours that you can enjoy your candles on body products or which you can really incorporate into your daily life so that you can really count on your stress in, I would say in an instant impact and have an instant impact. So that's what you can use. And the other point which I would like to mention your focus on your breeds because, you know, just changing the way you breathe can really have a significant impact in your life and it really can help you calm your mind. So I would just say that close your eyes right now and breathe in through your nose and watch your belly filled with air. Count slowly to three as you inhale. Hold for 1 second and then slowly breathe out through your nose as you count to three, again, breathe in through your nose and imagine that you're inhaling, peaceful, calm it. Imagine that is spreading throughout your body. As you exhale. Imagine that you are breathing out stress and tension from within you like. So this is a breathing exercise which you can really do and focus, focus on breathe. So even while you're sleeping, because once you feel that you're breathing properly, your life will ship properly. And I'm telling you that because I haven't really done that myself. Right. So so focus on your breathing, especially when you're going through a stressful times when you're going through maybe ANOVA staying, just observe your breath. The, the, the wouldn't be proper rate. So focus on your breath and try to do this 3 second strategy where they are in Even for the first 3 second and then you're exhaling for the next three seconds and thinking that you are releasing out your stress and tension, right? And then getting a hug from your loved one. I'm not sure about the lion up, but you can ask your friend or your loved one for a hug. Because when you hug someone, oxytocin, known also as a cuddle hormone, is released. Oxytocin is associated with higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress, and it also reduces your blood pressure. So don't be afraid to ask a loved one for a hug if you really need it because that really does help. And you know, whom's whoever you get or you have a personal connection with, you know, with your parents, with your friends or with some of your relatives. Hug them with a very open heart. And you'll see that your stress is getting released and you'll feel that you have a better sense of joy within. This is what you can adopt as a fast acting strategy, which is definitely a walking one for you, right? So the next TO what you can do is ask a question from you that whether fairly this thing which you're thinking in your mind that if let's say if I'm unemployed, I'm just thinking of a job or I'm just thinking that nothing is happening for me when that really will let really help you moving forward. If I just think and worry about it or taking action with me, ask this question, whatever circumstances you're going through in New York in your life, whether just pondering and thinking about it will help you. And this point I'm mentioning here is because I have many clients in my face reading my menu for clients who might do face reading for and one of the major causes of consensus. They just worry for a longer period of time. It's not for a deeds for in your and they still are on that seem interim steep where they were the last year or so. Things that and ask a question from you that whether really being in a thinking zone or in a worrying zone is helping you something that is destroying you, right? So this, on this, you can really act fast. And once you, once you ask a question from you, you can really get, get, get into a state where your UA stress and not under stress, right? So that's all about the fast-acting strategies. It's lad fat, which is L, hall listening to music. A for aroma therapy before don't be too hard on yourself. Fs focus on your breathing. A again is for us the question and gene is where data hug, right? So in the next lecture I'm going to share with you the long-term strategies which are super helpful for countering the stress, anxiety, and depression in your life. And that is definitely going to help you in your relationships and in your personal life as well. So let's meet in the next lecture. 8. Long Term Strategies: Hi folks. In this video I'm going to share with you the long-term strategies which you can use to counter the stress and anxiety in your life. And these are the 11 supose strategies that you can use to counter the stress or in a longer period of time. And this you can really enable in your life and you can really see the magic happening in flourishing linearly. So the first one is the exercise. So exercise really helps you or reduce your cortisol levels, which is responsible for your stress, which is a stress hormone, right? So it helps you lower down your stress and increases your endorphins level, which is responsible for treating you naturally through stress. And your sleep quality also improves when you, when you exercise, you can exercise either through walking, dancing, joking, having an online yoga, or whatever you wanted to do. But you have to engage in an exercise and make sure that you are doing some sort of physical activity, maybe 10 to 15 minutes or D, if that's the minimum which you can do, but do it regularly because that really helps you get out of that stress zone. And I usually I'm fond of walking on having a brisk walk. And I used to have like 90 minutes of walking period in my wedding day every single day. So have that one sort of physical activity which you can really do because scientifically proven that exercising his heel released and exercising helps you lower down your cortisol levels. So include this as a practice if you have not been doing so because it really does help signficantly, right? So the other thing which you can do is avoid procrastination because being lazy and just bringing your task to the another day ahead causes the stress two roles and oiled. If you have to accomplish a task or maybe finish a project, maybe next week, you know, dealing that Tesco by a D. You have to do all those activities which were meant to happen in the next 70. You have broken it down into the 60s. So you have reduced your one day and that short period, that short span where you have not organize yourself well, you have to load yourself up and that also accounts to stress. So make a to-do list and prioritize things. Because if you prioritize and plan things and get it accomplished on a specific plan D, you'll feel that you are not contributing to the strength with which human on which you may have been experiencing. Also avoid multitasking job because multitasking is also related scientifically to contribute in contributing due to the stress levels, right? So the other part is having a balanced diet. You know, data goes a long way in terms of how you're thinking. And in our culture it is says said that Jessie unwell salmon, which means whatever food which are intaking, that's how your thoughts are shaped. That's how your mind is shaped. And in US clip shows it is written like what food you're eating and how much you're eating. So look at, look at the proportions of how, how you are having your food intake and don't engage it emotionally eating, which means if you are accomplishing something in life and your reward, rewarding yourself with food. You know, a reward yourself with food, but don't engage with Go emotionally thing and you do eat food more row. It's proven scientifically when you, when you watch show, when you watch a video of your choice, or when you watch a TV series of your choices because you don't have count of what you're eating. And you just get to lose in that flow of watching the videos and having the food and you're not accountable for what you are putting inside the stomach. So having a balanced diet is one of the super important factors in countering. So there's a long-term measure which you can really set to have a wonderful life with reduced shell, right? So the other point here is you can have a positive self-talk session with you. So don't self criticize or self-harm. We tend to predict a lot about ourselves. And generally that prediction tend to be on that I don't deserve this or I'm not getting I'm not getting things which I want in my life. And we tend to be very harsh on ourselves. And there's one of the biggest factors which contributes to their stress. Because if one failure which we endured, and that is something which we establish. Our next further parts of our life. So the way we talk with our same defines what we really think and what we really think is what we really accomplish rate. So make sure that whatever failures you're going through, you're keeping yourself positive, you're keeping yourself charged because that is super important for your success in the long-term. And eight, and voids are kinda magnets which you are going into the universe. So whatever you are going to speak, you're going to manifest rate or part of it you are going to manifest. So if you say that you're bad, or if you say that that whatever you want in your life is not meant for you, then it won't come to you because you said to your votes, and you have reflected your words into the universe to get it back to you. So have a positive self-talk thing with you and you'll discover in a long-term that life is improving for you and you're countering stress and handling stress in a better way. And the next thing which you can do is have more gratitude with whatever things you have in your life. Generally, we tend to criticize with the with the, say for example, if I'm unemployed, I want to get implied and I wanted to have that sense of independence. But during that period when I was unemployed or when I'm unemployed, maybe at this moment say, I'm ignoring the things which I have in my life or the food which I am eating, right? Oil. We tend to ignore and all of the things which we have. It's like we tell we take it as a given. And I would just like to narrate a story here that when I usually go to a walk, there are small children who are selling balloons and was selling street foods just to make a living, just to have, just to have a life of their dreams, just to, just to have a basic sense of necessity in their length. And you know, when I see them, my heart really, my heart really at 1 in X and at other points, it makes me realize that I'm blessed with so many beautiful things in my life that I'm able to have. Able to have a wonderful life. I'm able to come here and I'm able to have an earphone, MME to have a mobile phone which these guys are not having in the they may not have it for the whole lifetime, but they're struggling hard and, you know, suffering through it. But they're not really taking a boat down or they're accepting, they're not accepting their defeat rate. So I'm going to have gratitude for things which you have in your life because it goes a long way in relieving you and giving you good things in life. Mark my words. If you have more gratitude and you'd have more things that you really want in your life. Because I have also experienced that gratitude and humility grooves lonely in keeping your mind in a peaceful state, right? So the other part which I would like to say is the checking the exposures. And through checking the exposures means what you're exposing yourself to, what you're reading, what you're listening to. So if you're listening to a lot of news, a lot of discussion which are based on negative self-talk. So on, which are based on, which are based on maybe say, you're watching a panel in a new channel having a discussion on that. This surprises of Euler increasing and in our country, the price of petrol are super high. And if you are keep, if you keep yourself watching to that new channel for longer period of hours, maybe 23 years, then you are going to manifest negativity in your mind because if you really boil down on news channel or what they usually discuss their discussed difficulty days discuss problems. And when you listen to those problems in your life, right, you're actually putting those negativity into your mind. And once you're doing that, you're going to discuss that, right? It's like, it's like an analogy of on an orange juice. If you're squeezing in orange, you will get an orange juice. So if somebody squeezes you, in a sense, when you're not when you're not getting things in your life, you are only going to speak all of those things that you're listening to and that is negative stuff, right? So mind what you're really watching, you know, expose yourself to peaceful things, to inspiring music, to inspiring or maybe a TV series, you know. So whatever you watch is what you're going to manifest. So check the exposures around you. What pharyngeal keeping those friends zone really a boosting your confidence or other degrading you, you know, check the exposures. Exposures could be whatever. Putting your senses out. So your senses are your eyes. Your eyes stands for what you're watching us and for what your listening. And your tongue stands for what you're tasting. So, you know, keep yourself. Four, keep your exposure is in a peaceful way that really long in terms of countering this trace in a longer-term. And the other point which I would like to mention here is our stress. One of the biggest common factor which we all experience and that the major culprit of it is when we expect or when we desire of sodium thing to happen in our lives. And in cutting down on expectations is not easy but that Israeli natural because every human is different. So for example, if you're in a relationship and you're experiencing tough times in your relationship and you want your partner to change for you. You know, you are expecting that you are trying to change him or her through whatever activities you're doing, through whatever sacrifices you are doing. But that person is not changing and you're expecting every single day that he will change and even change. But he or she is not changing for you. And you know, that expectation is contributing to a stress in you because, because it happens when you expect, even in the Buddhist, if I say the Four Noble Truths of Buddha, the second one is based on that desire is the root cause of suffering. So if you can cut down on your expectations and if you just focus on what you're meant to do, what is the current STI of that are laid? So for example, if you have to hunt for a job, right? You are focusing towards website on which you can search for a job. Focusing only towards that rather than voting that whether you will get a job or not get a job. These are all the side factors and, you know, once you apply in your CV and whatever you do out of that, you know, you, you, you do it with your full heart and you do it without expectation, you know, subgroup save this thing that do things without expectation and do as if you are living in the present moment and leave rest of the guard. So do that and this is definitely going to help you. So when, whenever you are having expectations, just cut down on them, watch yourself, watch your inner child oh, within you that whether those expectations on really increasing your suffering or not and maybe evaluate your past life. I'm sure that you'll be able to reflect back that whenever you had expectation who ended up on a suffering sign because it's a natural law. And you expect you suffer. And when you don't expect, you can accomplish better results than you can even ever think of. So cut down on all the expectations with your relationship, with your partner, with your career, with your personal life. And just focus on the activity which is really important at this moment, which is really the need of the art, right? So cutting down expectations will definitely help you long way countering the stress and listen to the scriptures. This is the, the, I think, I think this is the ninth row strategy in the long-term strategy, listening to Scriptures definitely help you in longer-term IoT Central Park with Visa. And this has been my practice for the last two, I think 67 months. And that teaches you lessons of life. That teaches you the way to live life, that teaches you the way to actually have a central controls. And that actually helps you. You'll be able to discover that. Or listening to script shows or really helps you with the calming your mind really helps you give answers to what you have been seeking for. And if, if I were to say my favorite scripture is pug with Gita, you can listen to Swami cellular prion and now on YouTube also that that code is super-helpful. I will make sure that I'll attach links in the PDF which I will share with you, right? So listen to script chose. And the other part is surrender your life Right here, sir, Endo means there are things which are not under our control. And, you know, because we tend to worry a lot about our destination, a lot about our final goal that we failed to focus on the process. So when you think that things are not under your control, if you believe in God, that's one of the biggest victory. But surrendering here is one of the biggest lesson which you can really do because there are up to a limit, you can control a certain thing, right? You can control a process by being into it, but you cannot control the present, right? So surrender yourself. You know, I have discussed this in one of my classes, which I'm going to share with you after this course is finished. But the art of surrendering goes langauge lake or releasing all your worries and giving it to the divine, giving it to the god. And this really helps you bolster your life because you feel that you are not the one who is doing all of the process which you are doing. You are only a part through which everything is happening, right? It's like you are being energized by a powerful force which is above you. And through to that force you need to surrender for things which are not under your control. So surrendering is something which will definitely help you. And the other thing is to read stories of great people every single day. Or it may be twice or thrice in a week. These are all the stars of which I have read stories from and I have shared in my classes as well. Listen to them, listen to them on YouTube or wherever. You can find their stories are read them, read their biographies, how they have countered the stress in their life. And you pretty much resonate with your life as well that toy. And these are normal people who have achieved something extraordinary because of their focus concentration and better stress management. And you'll be able to feel that stress is something which we really can get overload and overcome in a very beautiful and healthy way. So make it a practice that you read stories of great people, maybe twice or thrice in a week. And this is definitely going to help you long term. And I think these other strategies which will definitely help you counter stress for a longer run. And in the next lecture, I'm going to thank you and congratulate you for completing the course. And I'm going to share with you the concept which I had, the premium courses which I have, which will really help you achieve the best version of you. Thank you so much. 9. Congratulations and Welcome!: Many, many congratulations for that you have made it so far. And this is the final lecture of the seas how to overcome stress, SFL Super Strategies. And I would just want to congratulate you once again for completing the course. And I'm just asking you a question here. Are you ready to release your stress and be happy? Are you? I believe that you are. And on that note, I would want you to have a look at my other courses as well, which is the 20 Superbus to transform your life. This is the background image. I will attach the links in my PDFs. But in this course, I'm going to share with you the power of purpose, the power of focus, the power of patients. How you can have more patients in your life. The step-by-step implementation of how you can really grow yourself, how you can have a delayed instant gratification. How you can have a look at the power of love in a whole new way. And you're really going to cherish that cause it's a premium course. It has been loved by so many people, like more than 3000 people have enrolled in that course. A premium costs and it is going to definitely transform your life. I'm going to attach links in the description or in the BDS. So how I look at it at that cost and we are the cause of mine is the complete phase feeding masterclass because I'm a professional face reader. So you can have a look at that caused oil. So, so this division which was seeing your it's it's the meaning of eyebrows. The division of how you're making decisions and how a person is meant to be what these ICs, what big I says. I also have a mini-course on this, on the other classes where you can have a look at that also. And you can learn about what your face tells a story about every face tells a story. You had your story and that story cannot tribute to your career, do your relationship. So you can low and that for me as well. And I'll make sure to attach the links there. And last of all, I would want you to get into my group. And this is what you can. So it show on Facebook and the group name is happy discussions, face reading, relationship advice and analysis. And this is the current background of that group. We discuss all the fun activities CEO at. We have a powerful live discussions every week here. So you're definitely going to enjoy this group as well. And finally, I would just want to say that thank you for making it so far. Thank you for giving me your time. And I hope that these strategies, you'll find them helpful. And I wish you the best in your life and make sure that I'll come up with more personal development courses. And whatever I have, I can just contribute in your life and make sure that you share your feedback and review is because they mean a lot to me. And once again, thank you so much for your time, energy and resources.