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15 Minutes Watercolor Lavender & Bee

teacher avatar Art by Snehal, Watercolor Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Understand Shapes & Color Palette

    • 4. Paint Lavender

    • 5. Paint Bee & Add Dark Tones

    • 6. Bonus Video - Various Illustrations

    • 7. Thank You

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About This Class


Let’s play with blue and violets!

In this class I will teach you step by step how to paint lavenders and bee in loose watercolor. 

This class has explained very basic steps to follow and you can create a beautiful painting out of it. I have also included a bonus video of  various lavender illustrations to create your project.  

 I will be sharing with you

  • How to draw Bee
  • How to paint Lavenders and Bee  
  • How to add background splash 

If you are completely new to watercolors, then I would recommend you to try my other classes specially https://skl.sh/36uHtlQ where I had explained various watercolor techniques in detail.

I would love to see your class projects. Don’t forget to upload it in the project section.

If you share your paintings on Instagram, don't forget to tag me @artbysnehal

At the end of the class, you will able to create beautiful Watercolor painting.

Happy Painting!


Stock Images: pixabay.com  unsplash.com  Music: purple-planet.com 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Art by Snehal

Watercolor Artist


Hello, from Art by Snehal. 

Snehal is a Designer and watercolor painting lover with a Fine Arts background, originally from India. 

Her interest in the watercolor arts began when she moved with her husband from India to the U.S. in 2014. Soon after she moved here, being surrounded by countryside and urban wilderness, her love for flowers and birds started growing. 

She find her inspiration comes from being in nature. Most of the birds she painted, were visited her patio.

She found that art always came naturally and allowed her to express the way she felt about the natural beauty around her.

You can see all her paintings on her Instagram @artbysnehal. or Visit her blog on https://artsnehal.wordpress.com

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1. Introduction : welcome to the series of $15 watercolor paintings. Hello, Minding misleading I'm a logical artist and designer. Lavender and B is a very inspiring combination for painting. This easy pleasing painting can be a great addition to your portfolio. This class has explained very basic steps to follow, and you can create a beautiful painting out off. I have also included bonus video off serious of injury illustrations to create your project , grab the supplies and see you in the glass. 2. Art Supplies : Fortis painting, we will need watercolor people. I am using cans and £300 Corporates paper watercolors. This is half fancied you can use which avarice available with you, a small brush to paint the entire painting and Quincy Boudreau API. Then we believe people total and clean glass of water. In next radio, I will give you a demo on how to draw love under shapes and be a long victory using color palette. 3. Understand Shapes & Color Palette : we will be painting loving, just direct Leavitt brush. Before that, I will quickly walk you through the basic shapes, so it will be easy to keep in mind. Oil painting. Let me draw them little bigger so that you can see them clearly while painting. You can make them around this size. I just wrote over she 12 and three. Arrange them. Lecter's just point them towards stand. You can make some off the Parton's and dressed just brought two pictures side by side. There are a variety off levendos, but over a means to paint them in a loose watercolor style, so it's OK not to add any details to them. Next part is leave. They are quite keen and rounded on door again arranged them in a very to create a natural composer friend. Let's see how to drop the begin by drawing the head part off the draw Kidney Bean ship as a body. Our lines in between sketched the league's. Lastly, draw the things Let's have a look at colors we will be using for love under light drama in blue late boiling, then our trauma in blue. These green yellow for being will be using yellow three orange, brown and black. Let's start with the vendor painting 4. Paint Lavender : I'm loading my brush with or trembling blue and as we learned the basic shapes, keep those in mind and grab the brush quickly. Or you can simply aren't brushstrokes painting the worst em keep repeating until you get desired density. Now loading my brush with boil it color instead, off painting all the levendos in a row, we will create some unusual interest by making some off them darker and some very light in color. Always keep in mind that nearest things to your eyes will be docket and the ones for the Ravi from you. This is a very general rules applying to the same object under the same lighting conditions . Following this general rule, we will make some levendos look behind the nutters, and there's way there will be a deft in the painting. I'm mixing the attribute off blue and provided on touching on specific areas to make them darker. As I explained about creating depth in the painting, let's spend a couple more dog levendos. Feel free to play with blue and violet and clear some variations, leaving for Spain upper part off a vendor, then reveal our steam and leaves. Once we have enough Levendos on page. That said, I'm going to use the same technique to paint rest off, tell a vendor's, As I mentioned before, you can make variations, make some off them dance than others. And now let's make some lighter levendos. For that. I have made very watery color on applying it in the same vein, like reading the DACA levendos. Place them here and there to create a good composition. - Making what reeve oil it toe A couple of light wondered Levendos in the background. If you're no taste, we still have some empty space where we can paint darker levendos. I'm loading my brush with blue and violet and planning toe paint it a little higher than others. - For now, just leave them as it is and reveal our streams and leaves. Today that will help us decide whether we still have some space to are more levendos or not . First names. I'm mixing yellow and green and applying it like a teen stroke. Let's Airstreams to lighter levendos force. I have made poor to relight green. I'm rotating my people for adding steams. It's more convenient for me to move my hand quickly in a straight position you can keep it straight. If you're comfortable battery, let's Acto the remaining ones. Then we will know to the dark one. This time I'm adding more big men for the darker ones. Follow the same technique and our stems all off them. I'm rotating the paper bag is really to make some off them, doctor. So just are another layer on top of that, adding some darker green at the beginning off stem moving forward believes Let's use the same color on add leads to darker streams, simply adding those rooks and alternate me. We are almost done with dark ones. Now let's move to the lighter stamps. For that, I'm making very bo tree light green and adding to lose in the same fee. Now we're done with leaves and looking at the composition. We still have some space toe are a couple more levendos. It's acting in a combination off light and dark in alternative fee. By adding thes, it will give some British to this composition. Otherwise, it would have been looked like and complete our light and dark stains to respective levendos. As the streams are done, add leaves. Tow them. Now they're done with Levendos. Let's that be over here in next radio Beeville draw and paint be 5. Paint Bee & Add Dark Tones : it's grab a pencil again by drawing the head off. To be drop a kidney bean shaped as a body part. Make dividers in between draught of things. Lastly, sketched the league's Let's paint. Be loading my brush with your low for base layer, applying it in alternate sections. Now Lord a brush with orange color Why the your little still We'd just apply the orange at the bottom part. Two statute lighters in between empty spaces I'm using great as a base layer, but if you don't have a great color, then you can use lighter black color or off watery black. Now I'm loading my brush with brown color for head. I think it on left as a second layer on gray patches. Just blend them smoothly. Now I have loaded my brush with brown color, and I will quickly show you how to fix. Instead, Conley at a darker tone, Grab a clean side off paper. Total quickly priests on uplift to show the transparency. Off wings are the color as a border and use a water tow. Blend them smoothly. Now I'm loading my brush with black toe act. Our core values added to the specific areas use the same color on our 10 strokes as leagues , and lastly are very teen stroke as antenna. Just to make it more realistic, load the brush with orange color and touch it on the specific areas like this. Now we will our taco tones to some off hellevang goes for that. I have already created a combination off glue and voil it on adding it like this. Make some green into the same blue and just touch at the bottom off each loving ger just like this. You see green and applied at the bottom part off the leave where it attaches to stay, just worried for the darker one, so it will help them separate from lighter months. There we go. You can either keep it just like this, or are some green splashes in the background will quickly walk you toe in the next radio 6. Bonus Video - Various Illustrations: apply the water, followed by the green color. Gently touch on the specific 80 years, dragged a brush and it will create an effect like this. It will be your some mattress you can play for the green pigment makes some off. The patch is darker than others. Here are a couple of variations I have created for your reference. Thes are done using the same steps we learned in this class. You can use him as a reference to create your own version. Love ender Hope can be used as a kitchen wall painting. This is the second variation. Instead of farting background, you can our splashes off toilet on green, another variation where you can use the people horizontally on our multiple piece here and there. 7. Thank You : I hope you enjoyed this glass. I would love to see your artwork. Don't forget to upload your project in the project section and you can drag me on instagram with art by snail. Thank you. See you in the next class.