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12 ways to monetize your illustrations

teacher avatar María Medel, Animation and Illustration Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 1. PRESENTATION

    • 2. 2. PRINT ON DEMAND


    • 4. 4. RUBBER STAMPS






    • 10. 10.SURFACE DESIGN

    • 11. 11. SOFT TOYS

    • 12. 12.PINS AND STICKERS

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About This Class

If you are an illustrator, you probably sell your originals and get commissions from clients.  But your time to work is limited...trading money for working hours  is exhausting. You need a more scalable way to earn money, less dependant on your time! Enroll in this class to get some hints and tips on earning an extra money on the internet with your illustrations. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

María Medel

Animation and Illustration Artist


Hello! My name is Mar?a Medel and I'm an illustrator and animator artist, but what I like the most is to create adorable little characters for all kinds of projects, from a short to a baby plushie. I work mainly in digital, but I also love working with my hands and paint, embroider, sew ...

I've scribbled since I remember on tablecloths, street guides, textbooks or my parents' house walls. So, as I could not sit still, I decided to make this my profession. And here I am.

I love learning from others and I'll try to teach something myself . Thank you for stopping by. I hope you like what you see here

You can see more of my work on my site and store. Follow me on Instagram as maria_medel_illustrations

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1. 1. PRESENTATION: my name is money omitted. I am an illustration and animation artist, and in this class, I'd like to show you some ways to monetize the administration's that maybe you don't know about. And I think you like them because most of them are digital uses, so this means you create the administration's once on sale them in the Internet as many times as you want, and if you want to know about this place and growing these guys makes. 2. 2. PRINT ON DEMAND: hi again on things for enrolling. If you are an illustrator, you're probably getting commissions from customers, so ready and maybe yours or sale. Eureka knows. But besides, you should be looking for a more scalable wait to wear in money from your art and less dependent on your time. I guess that by this time you already know the print on demand service. In case you don't, I'll explain it very quickly. It consists on uploading your illustrations toe aside that prints them on a variety of items, from cautions to form cases. You'll get a small royalty every time that a customer chooses one of your ministrations. This is Cecil, and this is my store here. And as you see, you have one illustration and you choose the item, you want it to put it on. Notebook. Post guard iPhone case I. But Kay's This is society six on, and it also has many, many items, And this one I discovered recently, it's boom boom boom boom prince dot com. Sorry, and it is specialized in products for Children. No, the sites are a good choice because they have a lot of traffic, but the inconvenience are that there is a lot of competition and your perfect margin is very low 3. 3.DIGITAL STAMPS: designing Todo stumps is my favorite way. You're for news on money right now. Did you tell stumps are line drones with transparent background that people use in scrapbooking on corn aching. They print them on, color them with different techniques like markers. What colores colored pencils. You can create your own and sell them on your stores on Dah, Wanda or etc. Did you actually my Etsy store and I'm gonna show you sound sample suffuse as you see people bring it on, then coloring markers in this case and include them in their products. I think it's cool. 4. 4. RUBBER STAMPS: the next wait I want to talk you about is derived from the previous one, and it consists on making your digital stamps physical. You can do it pound corrupted by carping your stamps on rubber sheets. In that case, you can find the supplies Onazi or it's a studio, which is the new at Seaside. For supplies, find a goat dish wound in the Robert each or even heats or tutorials you can find many minutes applies here, and then you can sell your storms here as well like this, and the other option is to help them made by a manufacturer on a polymer sheets. This is called clear stamps. I haven't found many of these manufacturers online, this one called off centric. When the site is both of sentry group dot com, you go to crap stamps, clear stamps on your CV service. You stay over the other one. Is steelworks a period? Brooke Onda Societies still wears a period of calm, and you can see the services here as well. Okay, and once you have them right, you can sell them all next year as well, or even distribute them on scrapbooking stores. More specialized stores 5. 5.COLORING PAGES: also similar to do. You don't stamps. We have two yolks, you know. Sign your coloring. Take it, which are line our demonstrations. That can be Goal Erding in different techniques. Those stumps. They are usually very detailed illustrations or corporate for shadow illustrations. Cory pages are quite the thing right now. I've been read that last year the United Kingdom run out of coloured pencil. This is because they say that calling have therapeutic properties because it relieves stress and promotes relaxation on even meditation. It's golden you yoga. You can create a coloring book on the same topic from silly Down on Amazon, for example, like case here and, as you see the word relaxation appears very open or even motivational quotes. You can sign Corrine books for Children as well, but here I was talking about coloring books for adults. Most common topics are animals or flowers. Okay, so you can make a book for you can just sell the separate shoots on on its star very little expressions. Sounds great. Shadow restrictions grace game 6. 6. GRAPHIC ELEMENTS: Another option would be to create graphic elements for all their designers. Maybe your administration's can be used to be part for wedding bite birthday card. Where it's it, and you don't need to be able to design oldies by yourself. You can sell them for older designers to include Amando designs. You can sell on my quotes, banners, floral elements, departs, illustrations, Exeter. In this case, it would be a good thing to create your ministrations in Victor. And then you can Children in stock for two sites, like Shatter Stop here. Another one is Natalia. All of this restrictions are made in vectors. Another one is deposit photos, and you could sell your vector administrations also in marketplaces like it. See, of course, and my favorite credit now is creative market. Go to grab beaks ministrations, so you'll get an idea of what you can sell. Here you can sail Laura elements. CrossFit bundles. Christ forms. I won't miss cats here for a year right here. Vectors as you can, or you can also sell handmade homes are you know how to make them. You could also sell completes the exit 7. 7. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS: you could also turn your registration. Since soon embroidery patterns ideas here. I think it's a good idea to go to, etc. To see what's there. Um, the Inconvenient is that if you don't know how to embroider, we should get someone to dust because because you shoot, include a group picture off the results. Well, maybe there step by step, and once you have it, you can sell it young, etc. The Wanda or any other marketplace for our Descents. Another option would be to turn their illustrations crushed each patterns, and for these, you have online sites like need pro pic two pat or C stitch. But these are free options. So if you want to do it more professionally, where we you shoot, get, uh, stuff, And then, of course, you can shell them. Mezey, Rwanda 8. 8.TEMPORARY TATTOOS: Another option would be to the signed temporary tattoos, both for Children and grown ups. For these, you have special kind of paper on which you can praying your tattoos on your personal printer, your home printer, and then you could go to etc. To sell them course. But if you are thinking about making the larger print runs, there are some manufacturers one line like cartoony here. But you need to order at least 500 units or temporary two twos here. But you need, um, you need to order 2500 units, cities larger print. But you have also straight that stuck comb and 25 we have no minimum order, and then you can go to ETC. The one, though, or any other side for art ISMs. And so so you're Tutu's there. Or you can always make your own site to tell your illustrations. 9. 9. REGULAR TATTOOS: Another option would be to go to Ah physical tattoo studio on over your designs. Or you could also go to the online version like Create my two to the home and participate. No contest. You can see the prices here, or you can also sailed your designs on its own marketplace going to be signed. But you need to know that they get a huge commission. It's about 25%. 10. 10.SURFACE DESIGN: you could create pattern designs. And if you don't know how you have many, many classes here on skill share with these patterns can create poverty. Sign wallpapers, give rubs or even scrapbook, um, papers you can have them made. I am. Tell them in your store it sealed whatever. Or you can also open an account on sites like Spoon flour and get to commission Every time you're your design is sold. Spoon flowers have teach site, then it has a lot of options. And this is another side of food. Let's come public chicken fine. A lot, A lot more. 11. 11. SOFT TOYS: Another idea would be to make some toys based on your illustrations, but once again, you need to know how to shoot. And if you don't, you need to get someone who does, because you'll need, um, a picture. Good picture off your toy and you conceal the toy. It still or you can also still the pdf butter, but you need a sample of well. Or you could just sell the design on sites like spoon flour. So you make front on the side on the back story on and on the guides for trimming so people can show it together. I feel it on. There have been 20 nursery design and accessories are quite personal, fashionable right now, so I think that's an interesting news to explore right now. 12. 12.PINS AND STICKERS: we'll see number you livin on 12 together and it's about signing stickers and pins. You can make them based on your illustrations. Or maybe you can make them toward there for parties. Um, weddings, etcetera. You could also make planner stickers. Londoners are quite the thing right now, so I think it's up. I'm interesting option. Then you can sell them on, etc. As you see, you conceal almost anything on etc. Or you could also sell them on eBay, the one the IT center. And these are Peens that you can make by hand. Or you can go to sites like Camel Oon to have Tim Reid. Okay, and that's it. That's my list. I hope you found these interesting and useful. I hope it helps grow your business. If you know any other use, I encourage you to tell us about it. And as your class project, I'd like to see one picture off one off these uses. And if you posed more than one, that would be awesome. Thanks. And see you