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12 Things All Successful Marketers and Bloggers Do

teacher avatar Kiara Smithee, CEO of My Solar Solutions

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Staying Inspired


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      Visual Content


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      Written Content


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      Content Sharing


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      Build Relationships


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      They Invest


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About This Class

Many of you creators have awesome skillsets, products, illustrations, and creative work but struggle to get your work noticed! My goal is to help you get your work noticed and turned into profit if thats your ulitimate goal. Lets take creativity to the next level and share your tallents with the world.

Welcome To The Course! 

Tip 1: They Build Relationships

Staying relevant in the digital age can be tough, especially with the countless webpages contributing to the competition; that's why it's important to build  relationships with your fans/customers. Building relationships is crucial; however, only a small part of the road to success. 

In this course students will learn the TWELVE fundamentals to being a successful blogger and content strategist. The course will address the different techniques one can use to build a following as well as address different marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Take Away: Students will gain step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success as well as a list of resources for implementing the twelve strategies discussed. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiara Smithee

CEO of My Solar Solutions


I have worked with / sold to a handful of different industries. In my classes, I teach skill-sets that made these companies successful; and how you can reach decision makers at some of the most successful brands in the world and grow your sales with the simple methods of Psychology. 


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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Welcome to the course. My name is Keilar Smithy. I'm going to be teaching you guys some successful techniques for running the Blogger marketing website. There is a lot of things that successful bloggers doing. We're going going over some of those heart strategies as well. Asan, Techie stuff such as CEO and marketing gonna be providing you guys with a lot of resource is so go ahead and click the next video We'll get started. 2. Project: Hey, guys, welcome to the course. So we're gonna go to the project for this class. It's very simple. Always days they're gonna be doing is downloading the class outline that you're going to see in the notes section of this course. And you're gonna say that to your desktop and fill it out as we go. I recommend you can print out if you would like, but since you're gonna be uploading it to the project section, it might be easy. It's just to fill it out on your computer. So it's ready to upload. Um, you're gonna we're gonna go over a bunch of resource is stuff like that. So make sure you take really good notes. Maybe ass trick. The one the resource is you feel the most relevant for your blogger or website. And then the most important section of this project is marketing your blogging, your website, leaving your information so that other students at sea your project see, your website can reach out to you if they find interest in your niche. So that's the project. Pretty simple, straightforward. It's gonna be important for you guys to upload your outline so other students can take a look at what you have as well as myself, and I'll be providing feedback, um, and review. So go ahead and download that and we're going to get started in our next video is going to be having a niche, so let's get started. 3. Niche: Okay, so we're gonna be talking about niches. And for those of you that are not familiar with that term, what that is is essentially it's a topic. A specialized but profitable corner of the market. So what are you going to be focusing on? Um, And if you don't, if you're just starting off and you don't know what me She should pick here some direction on, um, what you can do to kind of figure out what you want to write about or run a website about. So I recommend picking something you're passionate about and have that passion of yours be popular enough to that so that other people will find your passion interesting. Because if you pick something that you're passionate about and not a lot of people find that interesting, then it's just not going to be successful. People are gonna want to follow you. So, for example, if your passion about pumpkin carving that's great and I'm sure there's other pumpkin Carver enthusiasts that would love to follow your art, But that may only be trending in the month of October, and you want to think about the whole year and, um, you know, for the future. You don't want to just think for one season. So, you know, pump concurring may be great, and I'm not discrediting that, but try to think of something more broad but tailored, Um, and then with that, how competitive is the market and how will you stand out? So, for example, if you pick travel, you know how you gonna taylor that down? Because there's many types of travel. There's backpacking, there's hostels, There's cruises. There's all types of traveling you can dio on. And when someone searches, travel it be so hard for you to pop up on the top searches on Google if you just focus on basic travel so you can tailor your brand of your website, your blog's to a certain type of something, whether it be travel, culinary fashion, you know photography. If you can tailor down, that's your best bet, and you know you're gonna find those readers and followers that are gonna have a genuine interest in what you have to say and engage with what you're talking about, which is awesome, because engagement is what build relationships, and we'll discuss how that plays into website and brand success. So some examples. Travel Coronary fashion photography. Well, we use fashion is an example. You have men's and women's, and then you can break it down from there. Do you have, like, New York style or do you have San Diego style? Um, obviously, both of those styles are very different. Um, that would come in handy on Pinterest, for example. Um, all the ladies out there know how awesome Pinterest is. If you type in fashion, you also can have your sub categories. You know, casual, cozy New York warm, whatever. So, um and we're going to discuss Resource is to pull content off your website onto Pinterest and how those will create a following as well. So finding a niche and then making a plan and higher and execute that really important, making sure that topic of yours is popular amongst the general population. Um, if it's not interesting, people just aren't gonna follow you. They're not going to take an interest, and you won't be successful. Is a blogger website. So make sure whatever you're doing, it has a good interest. And if it does, make sure you can stand out 4. Planning: All right, So we're gonna discuss planning and effective planning, and I will first start off by saying was quote that I'm sure you've heard before. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and that could not be any more true. Um, researching your market is super important because you are going to be able to generate appropriate content for your audience. And that's the That's the most important people is your audience. They're the ones that give you the ratings and the attention, everything out. So you want to plan your content around what your viewers and followers want to see, so there's a tool you can use. Google Analytics is a great one, Um, and this will help you see what people want to read about. So here's Google Analytics. Um, it can be a bit intimidating at first, but I can just show you a couple of basics and how useful it ISS. So if you look it over this left call and we're going to focus on the audience section from a click audience gonna drop down, you can do overview. So here you have, um, you know, you're different increments you can do hourly day, week, month. So just today I've had anyone knew sessions. Um, pretty good. That's if I posted something today. I'm sure that would have been much more. And that can kind of just tell you, you know, how popular, how successful is your blogger website doing on a day to day? Um, another demographic you conduce do is age. So what age is looking at your content or your brand website? Whatever. Um, gender as well. Uh, my followers air primarily female just cause the type of content I post you can also go by interest, which is really cool. Um, so just click overview. And here's all your different categories. You can add room categories. I haven't really spent too much time in these kind of just put very vague ones, but you can tailor those to your personal, um blawg website and then geographical location over here on the left, um, language and also location obviously really important because, um, you want to write something that people are going to be able to relate to. So here's my to the United States is primarily the group of people that read my content, and then following is Australia, Canada, Mexico, etcetera. Um, language. Obviously, if you're writing in English, you can You'll know who's gonna be reading it. Um, they're ready. And Chinese? Probably Allah. People from United States. We're gonna be reading your Chinese blog's. So just have that in mind. What language are you writing in? Um, really quick about location. If you've traveled like myself, you're gonna know that different countries use different words. Um, for example, I had a friend when I was traveling, and China, he was from Australia. And he was like, I'm so pissed. And to them, that means drunk. But in the United States, if you say I'm pissed, generally that means you're angry. And so I was, like, confused because we're having a great time. But you're saying he was pissed? Um, so keep in mind when you're writing that who's reading your content? If you're using slang because they might get a completely different message. Just wanted to note that since Australia is my second, um, demographic, there kind of a cool thing and then also cool to know is the medium so mobile is a highly growing medium. A lot of people check their news or they browse or whatever on their mobile device. So you can click mobile here and go to devices and find out which devices are looking at your, um, your page. And that's important when it comes to a Web design, because some may not be adaptable. So if you know and where press, it's pretty responsive. But, you know, let's say your I mean, I don't know what some of these are like Ella. No, I do. But you want to keep in mind what devices? Air looking at your page. And you want to make sure that your website is responsive to those devices because if they're not, people are going to get annoyed. I don't want to zoom in and scroll over and all that, Um, it'll be 20 my maths and hassle fin, and they will leave. And that will raise your bounce rate, which was, um, up here. So my balance rates kind of high, so I need to figure out why it could be the medium. But mobile is definitely a growing device, so make sure that your website is mobile friendly. If it's not, you're making a huge mistake, and you need to fix that. So that's Google analytics. That's only a tiny drop in the bucket of what you can dio, um, with Google Analytics. There's a lot of interesting things on here. Definitely recommend you get on there and Lauren it and utilize it for your, um, your book. So next we'll talk about, um, you're editorial calendar, and basically you are mapping out what content you're going to post and how you're gonna generate for your market campaign website Bloggers. Well, so there's many types of content and you want to present that content on the right medium. And we're gonna discuss different types of content right now and how you're gonna place those in seniority on your calendar. So what order should you fill in your calendar? So we have these right here, business posts and our product posts you want to feature. So if you of your brand produces a product and you're gonna be releasing a new product or an accessory or whatever, um, soon you can notify your followers about that product so they could be looking for it. Um, the next type of content is your current events and holidays. It's kind of a given. People you know, brands, post Halloween posts or Christmas or Thanksgiving posts definitely should be doing that. Like if nothing else, you should be doing that because everyone's doing that. So think of something creative. If you're a serf company, you know, try to think of a cool surfing slash Halloween thing to do and then content specific posts kind of tricky, But basically, if you want to post a video or an infographic or something that requires time to make, you need to give yourself enough time to produce that. And, um so let's say you want to publish a video on the 24th. You're gonna give yourself at least a week to edit and put that video together so it's ready to publish, um, and then also think about what mediums, you know. I'm gonna put it on Facebook instagram stuff like that. So that's planning. Um, he failed to plan. You will plan to fail, so make sure you get a calendar. Recommend a big I'm a visual person. I like to see it on paper so you can go to, like, Target or wherever, and get a big desk calendar and write down those major dates um can also, you know, having on your computer and then have it on your phone. Many resource is, but make sure you have a calendar with your content in there. So you never miss a post. You know, miss a date, anything like that. And we're going to go over some resource is so that you don't miss suppose for a date or you have reminders are automated posts that will be helpful for keeping up with your And then the last thing I wanted to mention is the resource is for this. So when it comes to events, I recommend the Chase's calendar of events book that will just tell you a calendar of events so you can get some ideas. Um, you can find it at Barnes and Noble. I'm sure is an e book on Amazon. I recommend that book as well. So check out the resource, um, and then get ah, calendar or create well and excel sheet or something and start filling out your events. We're going to go on to the next video, so go ahead and click. Be staying inspired 5. Staying Inspired: Okay, so today, right now, we're gonna talk about, um, staying inspired. And it's really important to stay inspired as a blogger because this is what drives your content. This is where you get inspiration to put out new post pictures, whatever you may have it. So creativity breeds content. Um, any creative artist will tell you that takes an active effort to stay inspired. And there's some resource is you can use in order to be inspired. The 1st 1 is footboard. Follow categories that interest you and are relevant to your niche. Zeit is very similar to flipboard and then, of course, Twitter, Facebook, instagram, those trending hashtags magazines and then some online publications. So this is footboard and essentially what it is is it's a personalized magazine. You select the content you want to read about. So for my magazine, I have psychology, health, travel, marketing and then these two are kind of just hodgepodge of things I found were interesting , but they didn't really fit into a category for me or just something you want to read later . So I have a couple in there and then I have these magazines, and from what I understand, you can create as many magazines as you want different topics. You just click this new magazine button here, Um, and then you have your articles that are in those magazines. So all the articles in the psychology magazine are obviously psychology related. You can have followers, and then people can like the articles you publish. I'm new to this, so I haven't really doubled in followers and all that stuff. But what I will say is pretty cool. Is, um if you see an article you like and you have friends on your profile, you can, um, send them your article Are the article you came across so you can click on different articles, Read about them? They're interesting. You can put them in your magazine where you can put him in, read for later instead of spending like 30 minutes on instagram, just aimlessly liking photos, read, um, read an article and be inspired. And hopefully that will give you some ideas on what to publish. Just for example, I click that Millennials Square and I would actually follow this because it's relevant to my market. So you click. Follow now I'm going to start seeing articles relevant to millennial age. And if I like it, I can choose to do a heart. I can share share on Twitter, share on Facebook, share be email or I can flip. And what that does is it just opens up thes, and I can add it to their. And if I click it, it will open up the actual article when I can read it. So that's a really cool, um, application. There isn't app for your phone and obviously a desktop version both or super user friendly . I recommend them. Maybe spend 20 minutes a day on those help You stay inspired. So that's footboard. And then let's talk about the next topic. So a little bit of notes for you guys they're on foot board and then as farce. Social media resource is, is crazy zones Facebook, instagram, Twitter. All those can actually be a good source of inspiration. Um, starting with the hashtags. So instagram very easy on your home page. When you click the little house you'll see trending. Take some time to look through those. See what people are posting and see what people are interested in, because that's going to tell you what type of content is going to be noticed or testament Time on, um, in Facebook. There's the same thing. All you do is you type trending in your search bar in Australia, the most trending posts and then Twitter, of course, usage the trending hashtags. So in regards to digital publications, there are a few out there. This is the one I recommend. Um, not only because it's has great content on there, but because you can publish your own content. And that's really cool and important, because that just opens up your content to a whole new market. If you publish your the log posts or whatever on this digital publication. Now you have all these other people reading your content and hopefully clicking on that which is going to be linked to your page, your website, your blog's So you're just building ah, following by just posting your content on other digital publications. So that's a really good thing to do. And then the last inspiration resource is more for visual artists. It's called this inspiration, and it kind of just looks like, um, it's right here looks like Pinterest, but for decor and you, they have a blawg and all these things over here. Um, really cool. I was inspired by some of the in about, like, the settings I know. I saw a picture with a lot of green, and it inspired me to write an article about my perfect work environment. So for me, I like to work in an environment that has trees, plants, flowers, whatever. Um, and I just was inspired to write that by looking at this photo. So it's not loading, but, you know, there's a bunch of different photos here. Um, just spent some time, you know, browsing, and you might be inspired to write something about it. So that's kind of the overview of staying inspired really important, because it's going to give you ideas to publish awesome content. And it can even give you ideas on how to present your content as well. So that's that for staying inspired. Going to click the next video, we're gonna talk about producing high quality content and how that is important for your marketing 6. Visual Content: So we're going to discuss quality content, and a big message with any marketing effort is to understand that content is key. People engage and spend time looking at great content. So you want to make sure you're publishing quality stuff, and there's some resource is regarding this. So first thing you want to post high quality photos or videos, whatever. Maybe you don't want anything to be distracting about your content. If it's blurry, did blurry or buffering? That's not good. That's a distraction. People are gonna deviated away from that. They're not gonna wanna wait for to be clear or whatever. So, um, recognizing a good photo is a talent. Um, if you're not a photographer, that's okay. Um, I teach a course on mobile photography using your iPhone or any smartphone device and a teacher a couple tricks to enhance your photos and give it more of that professional look. I recommend you take that class just to learn a few basic techniques about photography, and so when you're looking at photos, you may want to re share or publish on your blogger or instagram or whatever you'll know the difference between a high quality photo and and not so high quality photo both in pixels and in visual, um, visual, like visually appealing, uh, photos. So you want to make sure it's high quality if the photos pretty or the videos, good people are gonna spend more time looking at it, which is good, and they'll interact till either like or share whatever. And then the other thing. That's important when it comes to visual content on your bog. Social media, whatever is posting relevant content. So this goes back to Ornish and making sure we're staying focused on organized. I see quite often a lot of brands or bloggers. They start to get off track and they start to post pictures that don't really fit in with their style on. And then, you know, you look at their instagram. You kind of have things that are all over the place. So really, make sure that when you're posting something, it's it's trending, it's relevant to your niche and that it's of good quality. Amoako over some resource is for visual content. So I mentioned infographics, and for those of you that don't want infographics arts, basically those pictures with words and maybe some little clip art looking things. And the reason those air so successful is because our brains do less work to digest visual content. Visual content is easier to read and more appealing than a large text. If you ask me to get information, I rather read a couple words on a pretty posterboard than a pair, craft or press release. So this is a quick and easy and pretty way to send out information about events you may be having. Or, um, this is really common on Pinterest you seen on Pinterest all the time like a photo with some words over it, saying, You know, best homemade face mask. You know, that's a lot more appealing toe look at then a paragraph saying Click here to read about a face mask. So can Va is this website right here? And it's a, um, website where you can design your own infographic, and it's really for people that didn't go to school for graphic design like myself, I am not an avid graphic designer. I'm actually pretty bad at it. I can't really put things together in this artistic way, so this is really cool because it gives you templates and you kind of just drag and drop. And then you added the content in there so I could, you know, name or whatever. You know, skill Shik. So if I wanted to advertise my skill share core, skill share and then here it could maybe say like with Kira, Smithy, you can change the color, you know, kind of just make it for whatever you want. Teoh published. So those those air cool really good for Pinterest? Of course, if you're writing an article on something and you want to present it in an infographic infographics are really popular on Pinterest. Sometimes they work for instagram and Facebook. Um, like I said, think of what you're media outlets going to be to advertise your article and, um, you know, use the right message for that. So if you don't thrive in the creative arts side, that's OK. There's a lot of resource is you can utilise to help you generate and recognize great content. Um, I mentioned my mobile photography course and then also this infographic course here canvas . So check out those resource is really good, and I'll help you, um, create great visual content 7. Written Content: Okay, so we're continued quality content and we just discussed visual content. And now we're going to discuss written content in the types of writing styles that tend to be most successful is a blogger, um, and Web publisher. So the most successful blog's tend to be journalism style, and the reason for this is because you can build credibility with your readers and they learn something in addition to being entertained. Credibility's important because if they they can read about your opinion. But the facts kind of back it up and make them trust what you're saying. Trust that it works. So, for example, I have a website and I just posted not too long ago do you know how to detox? And this is very journalism style. And what that means is, your your It's very to the point and informational. And then you're crediting, um, you know the source in your writing. So the concept of detoxification has become a widely popular trend today, society providing many mixed reviews on the effectiveness of so called detox products. It is known that many marketeering strategists claim about detox products, saying they yield amazing health and weight loss benefit so if you know anything about news writing, this is very, um, new style. And then I go on to credit the dietitian that I sourced in here, um, to back my, um, original statement, and I don't really put a lot of opinion in it. Um, I could, because this is my personal blawg. But I like to personally write for new style and Michael's to inform rather than, um, leave an impression of my opinion on my readers. So I go on to just, you know, in a little bit more detail about detoxing. Um, and then addressing some concerns doesn't really work. This is what the studies say. And then at the end, most importantly, you cite your resource is I just recommend you do that regardless of your writing style. It's just a good habit to get into, um, and that alone kind of just shows that you done your research here worth listening to. You have credibility, and it's gonna, you know, bring loyalty. Your your followers and people that read your stuff are going to respect what you have to say, and they're going to probably share because it's good information, and you have provided the resources to back up what you're saying. So that's journalism style. Um, another resource that you can use for written content is the Hemingway up, and this APP identifies problems in your writing. It also groups the problems in the categories, so you learn how to fix what needs to be fixed. So if you're not the best speller like myself, this will correct that if you don't have a copywriter which most farmers don't there. One man band, this is going to do some grammatical errors and stuff like that. That's the Hemingway app dot com, and it gives you some different categories. So if you didn't say journalism, but you still love writing, I recommend this because it can give you a bunch of different types of sentences if you're not familiar. So hard. Sentence of very hard sentence phrase, adverbs, passive voice. All those things that, um, you don't really think about when you're writing and this is the app here. It's not app. It's ah um, it on the website. They do now have the desktop app you can download. It is, I believe, 9 99 So I think it's worth the investment I would invest in that if you're always writing because, like I said, you want to be credible on If you have spelling errors and grammatical errors, people aren't going to really respect your writing. You want to make sure all of that is, uh, good. So some examples here and it tells you what's wrong with it, which is good, because you can learn. So, for example, you know this sentence is hard to read or the sentence is very hard to read, so it's probably a run on sentence. Um, this phrase has a simple, simpler alternative, like you can use a different word. Um, it tells you, you know, hopefully advert remove, it doesn't belong. There doesn't fit. Um, it tells you if you're tens of voices consistent, you know, phrases and green have been marked to show passive voice use. A passive voice came for two or fewer. It just you know it helps you, and it's good because you can learn and then also corrects your work. So really good resource. Hemingway up. Definitely use it. If you want to do the 99 I recommend it. I mean, what's $10? I think it's a one time at thing. Yeah, it's a one time purchase, so invest. It will be good. You'll learn it will only increase your writing skills, and it will help your overall blogging website content be good. So that's that for, um, your written content. 8. Networking: Okay, so we're gonna talk about networking how it is essential for getting your blogger out there and getting views. There's a lot of ways you can reach out to the public to brands and other business owners, depending on your blogging each. So guest post got supposed to really cool. It's a great way to get your content on others. More successful websites, blog's brand pages, etcetera. So if you are a travel blogger and you eat nutrition bars because it's convenient, you can maybe reach out to a protein or nutrition bar company and say, Hey, I love toe. Write a post on how I incorporate your cars, you cars, bars into my lifestyle and then in turn, hopefully they will publish it on there. Um, blawg. And then, you know the following builds from there. So how you can network, um, it's kind of kind of obvious and self explanatory, but for those of you haven't thought of it, you ca ndy on people on instagram. Um, you would actually respond. You'd be surprised at the response rate because, um, even if they have a lot of followers, I don't think a lot of people are utilizing that GM. Um, now I'm sure it'll become much more popular, and as it becomes, more popular might be harder to get noticed. But I've done it and I've had a really good success rate. And, um, it's a good way to just open up the invitation. Tell him to email use than you have a more formal conversation. Not through like a text a medium. So send out your link to your website. Give him a little quick description on wire, contacting them and tell them if they're interested to follow up via email and provide your email. You can use the same tactic on Facebook Messenger. You know, message brands on Facebook and say, Hey, you know, I'm a blogger. Here's my website. Love to speak with you some more and then also linked in all of the's social media sites are great for networking. Lengthen. You can tailored a little bit more and search specifically for people in those market fields and then a resource that you probably weren't familiar with or thought of his Kickstarter because people are always looking for bloggers to feature their product or creative works. So what Kickstarter is, it helps artists musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators find the resource is and support. They need to make their ideas a reality. So to date, tens of thousands of creative projects Biggs and big and small have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community. This will help with search results linking to your page as you start to feature more products people are curious about. And you can also just network with other business professionals. You know, ask questions. Follow forums, etcetera. Good resource to help. It's kind of like you scratch my back. I'll scratch your back type of thing, their up and coming. You're trying to get your bog and stuff out there. You guys come work with each other. They put out a product that is relevant to your market. They need writers, so it goes hand in hand. So get on Kickstarter. Look for products that are relevant to your niche, your market, and start networking with them. Reach out and have them call you. Um, so you know, networkings key? They say it's not what you know, but who you know. And that is a big thing. Um, for blogging. Um, so definitely get on the networking grind 9. SEO: Okay, so now we're going to discuss some online marketing skills and specifically, looking at a CEO. It's probably a term you've heard before and what that means. A search engine optimization. And it's the use of key words that your Web pages at the top of search results. So the top surgeons you should be focused on are, you know, Google, Yahoo and being most popular ones. Definitely Google. And the reason for using these sites, other than the fact that people use those the most, is because you don't have to manly submit your website to these search engines. Thes Sarge engines now send out spiders to crawl the Web instantaneously. So essentially they are looking for you. You don't have to submit your work to them. So ranking high on the search engines is you know, your best bet for getting your bog out there. So site optimization and little definition is the process of adjusting your site. Blawg and social media accounts toe work well with search algorithms, so you appear at the top of search results and in turn, get people to visit your site. So if you type in Google, um, beach vacations, that's a very broad term. And, uh, that would be two key words there. Beach and Travel will discuss key words in our next video, but, um, in regards to what shows up first on Google, if you type that in is, um, how great your S CEO is on your website. So some ways you can do this practice goods site optimization strategy is posting relevant content. So that way, when Google searches your website and they find, you know, beach or trouble that it's relevant and it will pull it up, people actually click your article, um, and read it. Be consistent. Update often so that there's always material available to the surgeon gin to pull from and then make sure it's easy for search engines to find your website. You know, having those keywords, which we will discuss later. And then, um, some resource is that you can use to kind of learn a little bit more about it and see where you currently rank are right here. So S E o sweet. It's a free one. And then zoom rank dot com. It's cheaper, it's not. Free was cheap, and this will show you how your site currently ranks on different search terms. Really good website to utilize. And then if you're using WordPress, which I'm assuming most of you bloggers are, Yost is a really good plug in you can use. I use that one really easy. And then, um, another resource search engine journal resource is learned. Just click that link there. And then Google Web master gives you suggestions for site optimization and a CEO information. Um, overall message for s CEO. I have for people because I get people that will come to me and now, you know, bring me their website and the like Here, make this first on Google, make this on the first search result page of Google, and I tell them like we can do that, but it's not gonna be as quickly as you would like. It takes time. Um, persistence and patience is the message for a CEO. You're you're not going to get till where you want and the first major go go overnight. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of research. You have to stay updated on different techniques. Different. Um, you know, algorithms. An algorithm is essentially just like a code. I guess you could say that Google uses to find, um, content. And you have to make sure you understand that so that you can tailor your website to that algorithm. So it's a lot of research, a lot of patience and persistence. You have to stay persistent. Um, in order to be successful at s CEO. And if you were a blogger and you don't know anything about Seo, I highly recommend you start learning because if you don't have good ASIO skills or you haven't outsourced someone who could do that for you, your websites not gonna be noticed. There's so many bloggers out there, you have to fairly stand apart and get your blawg noticed more or first, um, so definitely do your research. Be patient. And, um, as a body, you need Teoh know how toe use a CEO and make it relevant in your sight 10. Keywords: Okay, So when we talk about s CEO and search engine optimization, the one of the fundamentals of it is keywords. That's essentially what these search engines are looking for. So they, when you type in a term on Google, um, spiders or bots, scan the Internet to find content relevant to your request, and they used the keywords to find the content. So you want these phrases or words to be imbedded in your block posts? That's what that's what a keyword is. It's looking for key words. Um, there are certain keywords that are more popular and use more often, and you can get books at Barnes Noble on keywords. You could look him up on the Internet, and you want to incorporate those in your post because the bots I mentioned earlier um, which essentially, just like spiders or crawlers, uh, they are crawling your page looking for the keyword that you typed in your Google search bar. So some tips. There's general tips. Um, if you sell local or regional um, or in regional territory, incorporate the location name in your post. So, for example, right. San Diego Ocean Beach Cafe opposed to San Diego Cafe or just the word cafe because you're gonna get so much more results and is going to so much harder cause there's a 1,000,000 cafes. So the more you narrow it down and Taylor down like we discussed, the better you're gonna you know, um, have more words that the Internet can pull from or this engine can pull from, so that really just hopes. Narrow down the search. Um, use Google, enter search terms, and then click the search button. Then click the related search options in the left margin and check out other phrases that are being used. Um, and then also, if you already have a website, look at your analytics for keywords you were already using that are effective. That will be a plugging in your WordPress and then also focus on the verb ege of your demographic. Um, in target market audience. I kind of mentioned that earlier with Google Analytics, for example, someone in the Southern states might search for the word bucket where someone in Northern States will say pale. Um, a bit of psychology kind of goes into SL marketing, so brush up on these techniques in terms kind of understand where your markets coming from in the type of Burbage and slaying even that they might be using, because when they type bid into Google, you want to make sure those words are available to that search. And then some resource is for keywords are here's followed Digital Point. It's a free keyword tracker and keyword ranking tool. Google inside some a big finna Google Research trends. In these search terms, you can see which ones are most popular, effective etcetera and the Google keyword tool, freaky word generator and statistics it can suggest Q. Words. Um, an inward tracker is another key word suggestion tool, so you can do a free trial. See how you like it. Sometimes you just can't pull the words out of nowhere. So this is good cause it'll suggest some for you. Kind of takes a little bit of the thinking out of it, So that's keywords. And those play into essentially what makes search engine optimization what it is you're giving thes surgeons the words they need toe pull up a search result, so keywords a really important you can find a lot of books. Articles on the latest keywords that are trending 11. Content Sharing: Okay, so we just discussed keywords. And now we're gonna go over content sharing. So once you have written in your bog posts and published it on your website with all your keywords and proper mechanics and effect, you want to share across multiple platforms, specifically your social media sites. Hopefully, your content is share a bowl content, and people want to share with their audiences. So what shareable content is essentially is that people we'll want to share it. Don't think it's funny, your relevant and they want to share with their friends by either sharing it on their wall or tagging them. So types of shareable content Um, for example, our names, funny videos in quotes. You'll see names a lot on Facebook and instagram, like the fat Jewish is a perfect example. I know I tagged my friends in the factory wishes Post Facebook is mainly for funny videos. You could die your friends in that or share them on your wall and then quotes on all platforms. I really ah, good shareable content. So some resource is for content sharing. So what we just discussed with share a bowl content, which means whatever you're posting is so funny or so amusing that you want to share with your friends. Now what? We're gonna talk about his content sharing. So this is what you're doing to get your post out there? I use a couple of different websites and automation sites. So the 1st 1 I want to discuss with you is if this then that. And it's a social media on a musician formula. Basically. So I have it right here and I'll show you. So if this then that means if I do something here, then it will do something here automatically. So look at my first example. If new photo by Cura Collectives that's my instagramming hashtag get inspired, then it will be added to my Pinterest board. So it's it's autumn ization. You're creating formulas, um, so that you don't have to manly go and pin or post or whatever. So I have a couple for Instagram regarding hashtags. If new photo by care collectives hashtag travel, then it will be added to my travel board Pretty cool and I don't know why, but sometimes they deactivate So they're in their gray like this. You have to reactivate them. I think they do that just to make sure they're relevant. This is a really cool one. I like this one a lot. This one's for mainly personally use and staying organized, so I have my Spotify linked. So if I like a song on Spotify, then it adds to a Google doc. Ah, list. So I do like music Mondays. So throughout the week I will like songs on Spotify. And then I have a database on my Google drive of all the songs I like so that when I go to post a music post on Monday, I don't have to stress about which song or whatever. I have a whole list of songs that I've been liking all week that I can pull from. So that's a really cool autumn ization site, one of my favorites. I recommend that, And then buffer is also good one. Another scheduling social media optimization site comes in anyone you want to schedule poster tweet for a few days out, and it's a good way to make sure you never miss a post. You can manage multiple social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, lengthen, etcetera. Keep in mind if you have an I have TT If this than not linked with your WordPress and you schedule your blawg post times in advance. Their WordPress. This essentially is the same thing because with if this than that your post will be published on your social media sites when you're blawg post launches. So it all its all preference. Basically, what I'm saying is it's gonna post twice. So keep that in mind either kind of pick one or the other if you have a formula for your WordPress posts, Um, make sure you de select the box in your WordPress to publish, because then you're gonna have a posting twice to everything which just doesn't look good. So it's it's a preference thing. Depending on your content goals, these will come in handy for you. We talked about our editorial calendar and events. Um, I think that buffer would be cool to have those, you know, holidays and current event posts scheduled in there. They're pretty simple, basic. You don't have to think about them now. Be a good one to have scheduled automatically. So that's that for content sharing and shareable content. Really important, too. Know the difference between those and utilize those because that's what makes your content go viral and your website becomes successful 12. Build Relationships: so building relationships with your fans and the community that follows it was important because they are what give you loyalty. And the best way to build relationships with your customers and your fans or readers is to be transparent and to talk with them and especially want to be transparent if you make a mistake. And this is more geared towards marketing and brand. So an example is Pepsico. They ran a very controversial commercial. It's a Mountain Dew commercial. Go to YouTube and type in Mountain Dew controversial commercial. And over the first thing that pops up, you'll see a goat, and that's all I'm gonna tell you, so you can go watch it. And basically they come out on Twitter because it is a very offensive commercial. And they say we apologize and take full responsibility. That is the correct response. There have been other brands that say they don't take responsibility, and that is something you do not want to do because people are gonna lose respect for you If you offend somebody, whether it was your intention or not, and you know you have ended them, you need to apologize. Um, which is the right thing to do in any situation, not just on social media as a brand. Um, not. It's not always our intention. Sometimes it just happens. Just gonna own up to it, take responsibility and apologize. So that goes in hand with responding to your fans on social media. So someone mentions you, respond to them. That's building relationship. If they take a picture and tag you on instagram and they say, You know, you take a picture with your Starbucks and say, Love my mocha this morning it would be cool for Starbucks to respond and say Glad you love it or something because I know for me a Starbucks responded to me and in terms of I go cool , they noticed me. You know, it's nice to be noticed and to feel relevant, invalidated by mentioned So some resource is you can use to know when people are mentioned , mentioning your brand or your products or whatever is mention dot com. So mentioned monitors millions of sources in 42 languages, helping you stay on top of all your brand mentions on social network sites, forums, blog's or any other Web page. That app lets you track your team's actions, share alerts and assigned task generating reports. And expert, he mentions, can help you get a snapshot of your mentions by a source or language over selected period of time. It's not free, but they offer 14 day free trial, and then they have a basic plan that is free so you can try those out. Um, there's some restrictions on the frequent, of course. Another one that I use is Google alerts. So with Google, or do you can monitor the Web for interesting new content, mentions of your brand or even yourself? Your competitors? You basically tell Google what you want them to alert you on as they're extremely easy to set up. This is probably a good place for beginners to start. Um, by creating a Google alert, you receive email notifications every time Google finds new results on that topic that interests you across your blog's form, the new sites. This could also work in the reverse way, so convention it can send you alerts on positive things that people are saying about your brander, your blogger, whatever. But it can also mention if someone is complaining because you want to address the complaints almost more than you would. The praises. If someone tweets about a bad experience, it would be in your benefit to, you know, apologize to them and ask them to email you privately so you can get to the bottom of the issue the best way, just on a little tangent. The best way to address a conflict or a problem on social media is to, you know, tag them and ask them to reach out to you privately. You don't want to really engage in that discussion on a public, um, wall or form for everyone to see. People will see that you're addressing or acknowledging that that person has an issue and the in in the vehicle. That's cool. They're working toe resolve the issue. So if I were to think of an example, if I stayed at the hotel and that hotel gave me horrible service and I tweeted about it and I said, Worst experience ever at this hotel. It's that hotel responded and said, We're sorry for your bad experience. Please e. Most so we can figure out a way to give you a better experience next time or something of that nature. People are going to see like Oh, that's cool. The hotel cares enough to make her experience better, like reimburse her, make it right with them. And then you know you can have that conversation with that hotel in private doesn't need to be on blast for everyone to see. I think that's a big mistake people make is they put all their information out there on social media when it doesn't need to be all out there. So that that's another tip these air some resource is you can use to see who's talking about you, how they're talking about you. And it's very important because you want to know what's being said about your brand or your posts or whatever. So those are some cool resource is you can use, and its mother ones are hoot suite. Um, it's one of the best free social media management tools available, and it covers multiple Azman sites, including Twitter, Facebook Linked and WordPress Sports Square and Google. Plus, the weekly analytic reports on an excellent team management facility could be very useful when there's more than one person handling social media accounts. So just another resource really popular 13. They Invest: Okay, so we all know that running a website or blawg takes time. You have to invest your time, but you also sometimes have to invest your money. And what that essentially means is you're gonna have to. Well, you're going to spend the time making your website and finding what you're gonna posed riding the post etcetera. And the money comes in with having a web host. So I use Blue Host. You know, there's a fee for that. That's, um, basically a a Web host. Host your website or your web page. Um, if you need to buy a website template So where presses a bunch of free templates. But if you want a more visually is that a template? You can purchase one. He Sometimes you have to update them, and you have to purchase those camera gear if you need to take high quality photos. Sometimes you have to buy reading material so that you are well prepared, well informed. If you read about products, if you're a fashion blogger or, you know, whatever it may be, you're gonna have to buy those products until you're successful enough to where people are gonna offer you those products for free, Um, and then also outsourcing skills that you may not be advanced in. So, for example, a CEO I mentioned earlier that if you don't excel in that area that you need toe, either learn how to do it, or you can outsource those skills and invest your money in those skills. So running a blogger, you have to invest your time and your money. It'll be worth it in the long. And if you stick with it and you are persistent, go ahead and click the next video and we're gonna go over the last tip, which is learning. 14. Learning: Okay, So whether it be learning how to market your blawg, better learning about consumer trends or how to create better content, there's always something new and improved. And if you want to be a successful marketer blogger, whatever on hold the public's interest, you have to stay relevant up to date, which means you will always be learning so successful blockers, for the last tip is, they never stop learning some things you don't need toe learn or study would be marketing strategies. How to create better content, what's trending and means of productivity. Well, what we mentioned, some resource is on how to be productive and utilized. Resource is so, for some, resource is other than the ones we've already mentioned about learning. They're kind of similar to stay inspired because in the foot board you could actually wearing a lot. But in other ones, pocket readability the skill share course you're even learning something, and then Google Doc. So the Google docks I want to show because it's a little bit different and tricky. Um, it's really cool those. So here we have my Google doc resume and I want to draw your attention to this side panel right here. So what it's doing is it's pulling words from this document and pulling them up into the side panel. So this comes in handy when you're writing something and you want a source. Um, you want a source? It. So this is an example of something you can learn. You're gonna go to tools research and in that barbell, Papa. So I have a budget keywords in here Google analytics, AdSense, WordPress, ASIO, etcetera. And what I can do is what Sam typing, you know, at the end, you probable what? And I want to add a resource to it, can insert link and then boom pops up right here. So it's pretty cool. You can, um, basically, what this is doing instead of pulling up a separate tag our tab and copying and pasting that resource link into your post, you can just do it directly right there and then upload that where we want. So it's a cool little thing. So stuff like that, like little tips and tricks for productivity, you can learn. Um, and if you just never stop learning, the more you learn, the better you will become and more successful, you will be 15. Closing: Well, guys, that completes our lessons for all things successful. Bloggers Dio I hope you found some value in what I had to share today. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to upload your outline to the project section that is a part of the class. And then, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I want to thank you guys for taking the course. I hope you enjoyed everything. I went over and you will find those resource is useful in your business.