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100% Rye Bread (The secret recipe)

teacher avatar Thomas Charles Mathiassen, A Culinary Project

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How to make a sourdough starter.


    • 3.

      Scale off ingredients.


    • 4.

      Mix the dough.


    • 5.

      Scale off the rye bread and shape.


    • 6.

      Bake the rye bread.


    • 7.

      Slicing the rye bread and final thoughts.


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About This Class

Secret rye bread recipe (Ragnar) i guess its not a secret anymore, in this class we are going to make a 100% rye bread with grains and barley malt. This rye bread won a bronze medal at the world bread awards, and it is named after the viking Ragnar Lodbrok.

I have attached a pdf with the recipe, enjoy the class.


Meet Your Teacher

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Thomas Charles Mathiassen

A Culinary Project


I have always been crazy about bread since i was a kid, my earliest bread memory was when my mother would send me to the local bakery Langhoff's bakery in Silkeborg, Denmark to pick up a freshly baked bloomer, wrapped in a piece of paper.

My mother would cut some thick slices, of the bloomer a generous layer of butter and fresh strawberry jam, i was the happiest kid in the world, to me it was magic.

When i was around 11-12 years old, i would deliver newspapers on bike in the morning before i went to school, and at the end of my route i would knock on the backdoor to the local bakery, and have a chat with the baker, exchange a fresh newspaper with a fresh Danish pastry and one day he asked me if i wanted to come and work in the bakery, to help out a bit with the cleaning of... See full profile

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1. Intro.: Hey, guys, Welcome to John scored food. We're gonna make 100% rivalry. I thought that I will share with you my secret recipe for the rack rye bread that won a bronze medal at the World Bread Awards so you can make it at home right now. 2. How to make a sourdough starter.: What's up, guys? Childs Here in today's video, I'm gonna show you how to make your very own Solidos daughter, which is your first step in making the perfect soured over. It's almost every agent I think that makes your red rice. Some took groups off leavening agents. That's a chemical route, Then this group, where you will find industrial Vegas cheese. And then there's a joke route. But you will find out. Beloved Saleh, Go. This is one. Basically a salarios daughter is water and flour, but it's a little bit more complex than that. Inside, you'll find Wild East on Bacteria's Toby. More specific, you'll find lactic acid bacteria's. Those guys are responsible for the rice and your bread. Basically, they eat on. They burp on. They fought on. The magic happens. That brings us to the next question. Why should we bake salad or bread to me? This four reasons, the 1st 1 being the flavor. To me, it's simply better. But that's a matter of opinion. I think it has a lot off complex flavors and aromas. Reason number two is the texture. You will find that Ah, sour dough bread has a really, really nice crust and a JUI texture and an open crumb and nice air pockets. The third reason why I like sour dough. It's the shelf life. The bread will stay fresh for longer because it's slightly a sitting. The fourth reason is nutrition. Sodo helps to break down the protein and make all the nutrition available for the body, and it will give you a slow rise in your blood sugar compared to a white standard feasted loaf. When I start a new sado star, I always use organic home your flower. In this case, I used a spell flower. A organic whole meal is more likely to contain the bacteria's on the right. Use that we need scale of 40 grams off flower on 40 grand off water on. Give it a good mix onto all the flowers. Been hydrated fruit. Now cover your job with a lit very loosely Andi. Set it aside for 123 days. After a day or so, you should start to see some bubbles forming on the top off the sado. And if you sell a toast, us toe separate a little bit, and there's some brown war on top that is completely normal. You're sado should now smell slightly acidic and maybe a little bit off beer and wheat. At this stage, we will feed this hour. Go again and we continue to use the whole meal. Um, in this start up face, this time we use 60 gram off whole meal flour and 60 grams off water. Give that a good mix and cover it loosely and put it back. Ah, for 123 days now your sourdough starter will enter a face way will rise and collapse. And that is completely normal. That just means you're sado is really active. Now we will enter a stabilising face off your sour dough starter. This time I will feed it with a mix off 50% white flour on 50% whole meal flour. And we will do this seven days in row. That is to stabilizers roo and make it more predictable. And this time I use 100 gram of flour on 100 grand off water and of course, this sourdough starter. So get into a routine for the next seven days where you feed the sado Sada with, uh, two tablespoons off salarios data on 100 rounds off flower on 100 grand off water on the remaining off your solidos dollar, you can eat a give it to a friend or you can discard it. After seven days, your sourdough starter should look something like this. And if you are interested in making 100% rye bread, you could of course, make 100% rice Our which looks a little bit different but your principle is the same guys. I really, really hope you enjoyed the video. And I hope you manage to make your sour start. I get it too, to like this one, Onda. Now it's time for you to baptize shows our I named my guest would because I'm a huge fan off Cleanest would. So let me know in the comments section below What? You're baptized your sorrows. 3. Scale off ingredients.: So now let's get started with the robbery. Have a a so called off some some graves that are soaked yesterday. First of little scale off my my rifle. I need 260 my right. So if you don't have a sourdough starter, I suggest that you see our video on how to make your own power. I'm gonna need 287 and 1/2. 17 grand Salt. I need 68.8 million off water. I'm just gonna add that to my sofa. Then I'm gonna need so body bolt on. You can buy this on on Amazon in small blesses. I need 32 a half ground. This is some sticky stuff, all right? 4. Mix the dough.: all this open, I'm gonna get that last mix Then at the end of a little mixed my house. Remember that there. Ryan doesn't have too much gluten. So this this bread doesn't need too much mixing. You just have to come together like that, and then it's ready to to put it militants, okay? 5. Scale off the rye bread and shape.: you have some £1 tense bought on Amazon I'm gonna grease familiar with because Robert tends to just think a little bit. So make sure you are you are you are tenants. Really, really well, all the way up the sites. And then I put my tunes on the scale. Um, in this recipe should give you to a driver when you I just put him in the That's no shaping . So it looks like this. That's one. Just let your fingers and no cover your eye breath with a Tito living in a warm place to prove until there is just about the tip off. Tim top off 10 and small holes were thought to form on the top. I assure you that when he's proved 6. Bake the rye bread.: As you can see now you're your rye bread is approved all the way to the top off Tim. And if you look very closely, you can see some small holes starting to form on top of your dough. That means that your story is proof cannot keep anymore cos I actually back, so it starts to come out through the top off the breath. So now preheat your oven to 202 110 degrees. Put it in with a tray off water in the bottom. I begged for 35 minutes. Turn them around in your oven on begging for another 15 minutes on your Robert. Should be big if you don't. If you're not 100% sure that is baked, put in a thermometer. And if the bread is 95 degrees Celsius in the middle, that is picked. So yes, you're right. Brits straight out of the oven and Robert tends to stick a little bit to the tin, so leave them for just a couple of minutes toe. Release the size off your 10 and then you congenitally take a knife. Run down the sides just to make sure that your rival is releasing from 10. Otherwise, when you tip about the breath, you might destroy the rival if it sticks to the 10 so make sure is released and put on I love gently without nice rye bread, I should get a C. There are still a little bit soft on. You need to let it cool until next day before you slice it or it will stick to your life. Actually tastes better the next day, so be patient on leave them to cool off completely, preferably to the next day. 7. Slicing the rye bread and final thoughts.: you. - Now this rye bread is just perfect with some cheese. And it works very well with pickle hearings or salmon. Any meat as well. But I prefer with a little bit of bottom. It's like that. A nice piece off break, a bit off problem. And apple chutney works really, really well again. A little bit of on a nice, mature cheddar on from whole grain. My stuff. All right. And they know it. Perfect. Davies. Rye bread with grains. Barley malt on. This is just awesome. You know, that is just amazing. See you next time.