10 maneras de aumentar tu presencia orgánica de Instagram (¡sin anuncios!) | Diego Davila | Skillshare

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10 maneras de aumentar tu presencia orgánica de Instagram (¡sin anuncios!)

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      #1 Promociona tu Instagram en tus otros canales para ganar seguidores


    • 2.

      #2 Añade Emojis para aumentar la descubribilidad


    • 3.

      #3 Crear un tema de fotos


    • 4.

      #4 Añade hashtags para llegar a más personas


    • 5.

      #5 Asociarse con otros influencers para aumentar la exposición


    • 6.

      #6 Regalos para hacer girar para atraer nuevos seguidores


    • 7.

      #7 Crea una biografía que toque el corazón de tu audiencia


    • 8.

      #8 Crear gráficos de cotización que compartan las personas


    • 9.

      #9 Post Graphics con preguntas para tu audiencia


    • 10.

      ¡Sé consistente!


    • 11.



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About This Class

En esta clase de skillshare aprenderás las 10 mejores maneras de hacer crecer tu presencia de Instagram de forma orgánica.

Sí, eso significa que aquí aprenderás a hacerlo sin pagar por anuncios.

Creé esta clase de una manera que garantizara que tuvieras resultados reales.

Estas son estrategias poderosas que puedes implementar en tu cuenta de Instagram. Estrategias que te ayudarán a llegar a más clientes y a agregar más valor a tu público.

¡Nos vemos en clase!

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Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. #1 Cross-promote your Instagram in your other Channels to Gain Followers: Hey, guys, welcome to these video. Happy to see you here in this model on. I'm sure you will love this model, because here right now is starting in this video, we'll talk about the 10 ways that you can grow your Easter presents organically without at without a spending money. Just doing simple strategies on all the stories are actually very simple there not rocket science on all off them that tennis try. These are things that you can start implementing today right now on that. Actually, my suggestion is that you watch these on when you're watching the 10 half of a piece of paper and a pen and just write down the ones that you will implement right now that we will implement today on your business. OK, The 1st 1 is to cross promote your Easter Graham with other channels that you have. So what is that exactly? You probably have any star from account right now on. That's amazing on you. Also, half of press and some Facebook. You maybe have a Facebook page. Maybe you have from our Facebook group. You can also have a YouTube channel. If you have a deep channel, that's amazing to Maybe you have a presence on Twitter or you have an email least with name and emails off your customers. That's a matter what's the case? Or maybe you have a website. So the first strategies to cross promote your Easter Graham handle the use their your account in your other channels. Okay, this looks simple, but it's powerful because my case, for example, if I have, let's say 1000 people on my Facebook page that I like in my Facebook page, I can go there and parade, oppose inviting these people to visit me on Instagram, saying Hey, please go until unfollowed me on instagram toe to receive the new update or, if you want to be even more even a smarter even though do a better promotion. What you can do is you can do a life session on instagram on you go to your other channels on you share that you say, Hey guys on Facebook or on my email list, I am doing tomorrow alive training for you, ah, 100% free on instagram. In order to participate, just click on the link and follow munis sermon. You will see the notification so that's a way to gain more followers very fast. Just run is like transferring followers from your other social platforms to Easter Graham, honest are creating that momentum that will grow your account. 2. #2 Add Emojis to Boost Discoverability: Okay, The second way to girl Your interim presence organically without at is toe Add emojis to your post to your account into your account bio Let me show you why this is amazing And this is important. A new study revealed that 50% off the tax on Easter Gram contains emojis right now and here we are looking and sprout social dot com website I will share these resources on sharing you on this video here on these lecture on the resources area So 50% off everything. Every text that people post on instagram 50% of them has immortalised on it on why do you need to start using that? Let me tell you in 2015 here where Instagram saw the people were using emojis all the time on they enable the chance for you to use the mortar on hash tax So right now you can create for example hashtag travel But also you can create a hashtag and emoji instead of writing. You can use emojis for the hashtag on the big thing. For you and for your business. Here is the people on Instagram. Every user can go there and search for the specific Hashtags with emoji. I'll show you examples here and the wonderful thing. Look at this. This is unbelievable. They correlate website for the individual Emojis were hashtag It's more than 6.4 million times in one month. So that means any one month that they did this study they saw that more than six million times people use hashtag Sweet Ahmadi's Let me show you examples here on how on also I'll show you here how people can discover you your business using this hashtag search So here we are on the FedEx We talk about these also in the course earlier we're hearing the FedEx website You see that they are using hash tax on their bio. OK, this is important if we go toe Ah, random post Here you see that they have hashtag on the post actually know hash that they have emojis on the post on People are using a ma jigs on the comment to us. You can see here let's take another look on travel Neuer account. So travel, Lloyd, You see for example, the beauty off and they have the Italy flat. So the beauty off Italy, they are using emojis here. Um, they have another Morty here on Look, the common Everybody is using a more diskette on the common. That's why 50% off every text on instagram has emerges today. So how can you use these on your on your advantage on the business when you post something , try to use cash that with the mortgages? Because people user on instagram they're searching in that way There certain for hashtag with the much Let me give you an example on before that. Before going to the cell phone, let me show you another data Here, here we are on the correlate website and you see here the top 100 emerges on Easter on the top 100 hashtag emojis So you see that the heart and this data is not updated. I'll show you the updated data in one second here, but this is good to have an idea on. I'll share the link off these also in the resources area off the selector. So you see here that the hard For example, little off was used more than 575,000 times own hash. That is not just a single emoji is hashtag heart and I'll show you the example right now the number two east These smiley face with their two hearts on the eyes 3 21 k three number three is the keys 185 k on You have all the top 50 here, so you can take a look on this article So you will see how these specific how this individual immodest are performing on the hashtag on Eastern. So now let's go to the cellphone. Here we are. And if I go to the search here, let's go search you see that I can type here hashtag and I can add any emerges. So let at, for example, the heart, the love you see now that we have more than 16 million posts that are using hashtag love right now in this article from Correlate we they are saying that this is the number one and looks like it is with fire half a 1,000,000 hashtag But now we see that we have six more than 16 million. So this is great. This is great. Going like crazy is growing every day exponentially. So if I click here on the heart on the 1st 1 we'll see all the post Were people used this specific hash that heart So if I opened these beautiful let's see here the cat Let's look for it Mawr Okay This is like in Japanese. I think so We have the heart Here he is. The hashtag are Let's find another one This one The second line You see care be under his own wind on hashtag heart You see that people are using these on eastern So if you use I'm not saying that you need to use the heart. You can use any off the sim ologists for your business for your account on when? If people will come here your customers, Your potential target audience will come here uncertain for the specific hashtag Let's see these lady with hands up we have 22 more than 200,000 post with these specific hashtag Okay , let's find another one here Let's use this Miley with the sunglasses More than almost three million hashtag with these post with this hashtag So here we are on the beauty here is that people can follow you see the follow button here. If I could come here I am following all the post on instagram that are used in this harsh stack with this emerging By doing that, if you are using always the same Emordi on this case, for example let me show you if I go to FedEx, you see that they are using the camera emoji in almost all on its Not this one. Let's check these one here. Here we have. This is the camera Emoji. Next picture camera emoji. Next picture the camera emoji again. So this is They're using these in every single post that they have because they are giving credit to the hour. The author off the picture looks like the forum again. Camera emoji. So what happened there? What? What that means? That means that if I un follow if I am a target hours off this company and on following their specific hashtag with the camera emoji, I will see pictures from this company here on my timeline if I am following the specific one in this case and following their the smiley face with the sunglasses So all these pictures will show up randomly on my instagram news fit. Okay, Let's see these one for the dog for example, we have here the specific emerging. So this is how works. I hope this is interesting to you. People are using it and we need to know we need to adapt your business on your strategy toe . What working now on what's working now? Are Emojis escaped? Let's jump to the next video. 3. #3 Create a Photo Theme: the next tried G East to create a for a theme or a style for your eat a gram. So when people see your photos, they will know that East coming for new. Let me give you example. This is not mandatory. Variety is always good, but some brands are working in this style, and it's working very well. They're having great results. So I'm sharing this with you. Evaluate if this is good for business or not. But let's go to right now to the strategy. So what we're saying here is to create the same style. Off pictures pose the same style off boats. Some Barents used the same color, so when they take pictures, they pose that on that day, the colors match with the logo and stuff like that. Let me show you right now, here we have from you wear on Brandon Bouchard's He's a great New York Times best seller author, and it's a great guy. I did a lot of his courses on read all his books on I really like him. So he is on the personal development and training space on you See that he supposed in mainly pictures with quotes on it on. These things are good, because are very share a bowl People love to share unto, like, quotes when they see a quote that they like people are compelled to share with their friends with her family. So you see that the style is very similar in all the post, we have a picture. We have some friends on text, which is usually a quote on. That's how it goes. Sometimes you have some call to action videos on the stuff like that. This is Brandon brush. Are we goto? FedEx. They are posting mainly pose for off their plane or their trucks. So let's see here. Playing plane. Plane, plane, plane, truck. Blame plain people. Plane, Plane, truck. Truck. Truck. Truck, Truck. Plane, Plane. So you see that east? They have a team. They have a style off posting their posting. Their service is to the liver mail to you. So they are showing you their son with you. The tools that they use, which is which are planes on people on trucks. Okay, So you see that the style is similar in all the post. The next one is Chanel. And these this is good. Want to you. See, they're posting their products. The colors off Chanel are These colors mainly are yellow. Ah, a little big being a light being on earthy colors like brown and stuff like that. So you see that most of their posts are using these caller scales. Okay, If we go to Ferrari, they are posting mainly the same style of pictures, you know. Ah, great picture with great colors and all is all about their cars. That's it. Cars in all the pictures, we have their cars on the picture, the photography. This is what I want to share with you for therapies to is taken in the same style in the same way. They don't have one, which is like super colorful Ana, nor one which is last color for all the photography's. All the photos are half the same style, the same spirit. We go to my competition competitors because we're talking about a bakery heat on these cars , you see. Let's see here. You see that these Magnolia bakery they take pictures off their product and take a look on the colors on on the forest style is very similar. You see, here here we have the cakes is very similar colors, similar picture style. The distance between the Prada, the cake and the camera is almost the same in all the pictures on this is working very very well for them. They have almost 400 1000 followers. The next one is five daughters Bakery logo Here he spink. Look, the colors here on the post we have being We have a being color. Another pink color here pink. This bay, beautiful baby is here to you see being pink. So they are maintaining the same style in all the polls that they are using. Okay, the next one is Ah, bakery bling. And you see here again, the pink color, the same style of pictures in all the post. So this is what I want to share with you on. This is a not a mandatory strategy. Again, this is a suggestion to see if this will work for your business or not, but powerful brands all over the war. I d using these on the same style. So if you can take pictures of the serial a little more advanced, you can take features and use half on your picture. The same Tom's the same Toller comes or Tom's or the same colors that you have on your lawyer, for example, That would be great. Okay. I hope you like this. I hope you are excited on Let's go now to the next Rieti. 4. #4 Add Hashtags to Reach more People: at the hashtag stew. You're opposed to gain Mawr followers to reach more people? We already talked about the great importance off the hashtag own your instagram account on your bio on all the post here Here we are again on the FedEx Easter rampage on you see here they use the hashtag FedEx here They use the hashtag on every post you see here at Venter is on the rice and they have all these cash tax here. So why this simple? This is important because people can discover you using hashtag people can click on this specific hashtag when they are on the platform on Instagram and they will see all the related pictures with this hashtag And also, you know, that is good to describe your photo. So if you have a photo off a plane, maybe you can hash hashtag plane so more people can discover your post. Let me show you one tool that you will help you toe Add this right hashtag stow your eastern post. Remember that we need to add something that is relevant to the post on or something that east specific keywords that your arias will look forward when they are on instagram So here where we will have a side call hashtag giffey dot me I will add the link to these on the researchers. IRA, off this lecture on this is great because in here you can type specific cash tax on this system will give you the popularity The recent popularity, the train off the month, the trend off the week on also give you which is most important on these specific strategy . They're related hashtag So if I am posting something about, let's say bakery because let's say that my business I may sometimes we have difficult times to seat on to know which one is the next most popular hashtag on the bakery space, right? How do you know that? Only guessing. So not anymore. Because here we have the hashtag giffey website. So let's stop type here. Uh hashtag bakery to see what we have. The popularity is 54 up to 100. The recent popularity 30 that Trent off the moon, it decreased 3% on in the week increase, actually 20%. So here we have the related hashtags and you can create an account here on this website if you want. This is in beta right now. So when we start for bakery, we see the other popular, uh, has tax Here, though. Saw the most popular after Baker is cake. Okay, so after bakery, the most popular cakes. Why, If I am posting something about a cake off course, I need to use cake. The next one is sweet. Okay, After that we have cookies on you Get the idea here. You can add on You can show upto 30 related hashtag You can order by least if you prefer, or you can order by the graphic. Also, you have killed the top influences that are using these hashtag right now you can visit their profile if you want. Let's try another one here. Let's try travel. Okay. On travel, we have photography after travel. The most popular hashtag it's photography. So if I am travelling on, I'm posting the hashtag travel. I could also add the hashtag photography right, because is the next most popular on we have ah t t o t Vacation photo adventure hotel landscape Nature Foot off the day. Um lp on you see the popularity off the travel hashtag east 84 numbers off 100 recent popularity. 75 on in India In the last week it increase 73%. Okay, so you get the idea here we have a graphic also off this trend. How it's growing over time. The top 66 languages that are using these 88% English on this case on the country's on We have the spelling variants travel with a capital T or will all lower case. That's this trying t police use cast act How many hashtag is up to you? You can add up to 30 right now on Instagram Don't overload your polls with a with hashtag to just at the relevant hashtag for your audience. Okay, See you in the next video. 5. #5 Partner with other influencers to Boost Exposure: the next tried G E to grow your instagram account organically without at east to partner with other influencers doesn't matter. If you don't know the people that are on your niche, you can visit their instagram account. You can establish a relationship. You can send a direct Easter, a message saying Hey, we are in the same needs. What do you think about doing a partnership? Maybe you can promote something to your followers on. After that, they can promote their followers about your business. This is a lot of people are doing this. By doing that, you are opening the door to new people that are already on your target audience on wood that are potential followers off your account. For example, if you have any storm account about traveling photography, you find other people other influencers that also post about travel and photography. You contact them on. Let's say they have 1000 followers right on. You have, like, 100 for hours. These followers probably are different, but the target audience is the same. The people that are interested on these on the other influencers account will also be interested on your account on your post in the value that you are adding because it's the same neat right, the same target outers. So by this changing promotions between these two accounts, you are opening your doors to receive these new 1000 people that follow these guy on. You're also sharing with your audience these guys channel. So you are is easily doing that a monetary trunk section. But with followers. A lot of people are doing this. Think about that CERT on Easter and who are the top players for your niche? Or maybe know the top players? Maybe who eyes are supposing on Instagram, who also is investing on growing audience on instagram that east on your same niche that also have your audience over there. Think about that. Maybe contact these people contact 11 of these accounts and see how it goes. And after that, if that works, you can replicate on do it form or more account. OK, I hope you like these. See you in the next video 6. #6 Run Giveaways to Attract New Followers: the next strategy to grow your eastern followers organically is to run giveaways. Giveaways are very popular on Instagram. A lot of company companies on individual brands are doing it every day on you can do that. It's not difficult. I will share with you here on this This electron, their resources area. This article from social media examiner and this by easy is, by the way, a great website. How to run an interim contest in four easy steps. Okay, there is a video here. You can just read these and we see the images and you'll know how to do it on Why this important? How these war exactly what you are doing is you are asking your corn your current followers on also people that are not your followers toe pose on Easter grand with specific hashtag that indeed this hashtag is related to your business. It's your hashtag. Maybe you can create a new one or you can use one that already exists. I recommend you to create one unique has that in order to this. So people were posed and will tag you also in the count you will have the roast every every company have different rules on in this article. They are also explained here how to create your rose. What is the best way to do it on all that? So you will have a lot of people. All your followers are most of them posting on Instagram with specific hashtag also tagging your in summer account on the post. Why this is important because every one of your followers, they also have followers. Let's say let's say half 1000 followers on Let's say that in average every one of my followers have 100 for hours. So if one if these people are posting, their followers, will also see that. So we are exposing, we are sharing and we're going, Ah, viral. Let's say with this promotion with this kid, give away not only around your followers, but if they take action and post on Eastern, we've your hashtag and with your tag. They are also going and sharing that with all their followers and this is how things start to grow. This is a great strategy. Looks a little bit complicated in the beginning, But take a look on this article that I am adding here on the resources aria un applied this astride T. I promise you these East Ward doing a PSA test, See how it goes on share with me here in the Q and a session. 7. #7 Create a Bio that touches your audience's heart: the next tried G East to go to your INSTAGRAM account and create a bio on Eastern Bio that talks to your customer that address your customers feeling that addressed the goal off your customer? What are they looking for when they are looking to recent account? Why do they slope for your company? What do they need your products or services? What value are you bringing to the table and try to create a phrase in 150 characters I know is difficult that create an emotion in your customers hub. That's a goal, and I'll show you some examples and that that will give you great followers. Not only not only will increase the number of followers, but the followers, the people that follow your account will start becoming raving funds, which is amazing. So let's take a look at some examples here. Here we have the Travelocity, uh, Paige, and here we have. Look at these Travelocity. Every journey begins with a single step. Let us help you take yours. Wow, this amazing. They're selling travel packages to their they're selling vacation packages, fly tickets on there, saying that every step begins with a single every journey, Every amazing journey. Begin with a single step. Let us help you take years. This is talking straight to the customer the customers. When they go to a Travelocity website, they are looking for experiences. Most of the time, they are looking for magical moments. Vacations, travel. Beautiful places on day are in this phrase this simple phrase They are talking straight to this group of people are going to their website looking for that. Okay, the next one is FedEx. They are sharing hear their goal. The mission, which is FedEx delivered more colorful. Connect that war. Their goal is to the lever all over the war and to connect the war with every box they deliver. And they are sharing that here with their outings. The next simple is there are a lot smaller companies, $5 bakery. I just big this randomly on on Eastern to show you as example on there saying these or pastries are made fresh daily from scratch. Always norm GMO sourced locally on organic. Not nothing is sweeter than family. I think this is great because their target outings are people that like things on, especially food, that are made from scratch that are made locally with great ingredients. The half no chemicals. I have no norm. Gm. All right, On at the end, they are also putting another great phrase, which is nothing is sweeter than family. So basically they are creating that emotion they are giving to their customers everything. They want the customer one fresh they want making for scratch. They want non GMO, they want organic. And they were Luckily, they are giving all that Alinsky on the phrase. And also it's a born was there saying, Hey, nothing is sweeter than family, okay? On their setting, sweets so on. They are a family business, you know. So now is your term. These strategies to create toe Think about go right now to your instagram account. Open on your browser on yourself. Take a look on your bio. See how you can improve. See if you can add some words that will generate that emotion in your customers heart. Okay, on Do it when you see the world, you can just change it very easily on your storm account, Goto added settings on you adding profile actually and you will be able to change that. Okay, 8. #8 Create Quote Graphics that people share: This is one powerful guys. A lot of people used the's on Mueller. How to it right now this is quotes quote graphic with quotes are one off the most share images on instagram. So if you share the dissenter way to gain more followers, you create a graphic and I'll show you in one minute in this video, how to do it You create a graphic on you. You you enter a cool there. It can be a quote from you if you are a writer or it can be a quote from anyone. Enter the quote she posed that on your instagram and your our audience will start sharing that quote If they identify with that, of course, you need to know your audience to create quotes that they will like and I'll show you some examples here These are These are one of the most share posts on Easter Graham. Here we have a can account from quotes a note. We have almost half a 1,000,000 followers here. More than half a 1,000,000 followers on you see that they are only posed in court. That's it. That's all they are doing. And you see here, for example 21,000 likes 19,000 likes 26,000 likes 32,000 like 17,000 likes 39,000 lights on 726 Common. So you see that people like Woakes on these specific niche right on this account, The next one is close traveler These air quotes for people travel. They have 34,000 followers on you See here 2000 like 11,000. So every post here is a quote. I am not saying to you here that you need to have every post as a quote. It's not that I am telling you this astrology, because if your business is open to these, if dependent, there are some business that are not open. If I have a bakery, probably I won't be posting quote. All right, I will pose pictures on my products or how my clients are consuming my products. Right. But if your business permits, you can be open to the possibility. And I want you to know how good this is to create post graphic with specific quote on it because people share the last example I have for you here before showing you how to create the post for free. East from Brenda Bashar. This is a guy, as I told you in prior videos, that I follow this. Here's a New York Times bestseller, Our outer on He's posting. Most of his posts are from quotes from his books, so this is even more powerful because if they're his business, allow him to actually share his brother. This is his brother, right? Everything he's right in here is something that he wrote he created. This is a way not only to his combining juice strides. He's promoting his products, his services, he's ideas, but also joining that with the power off graphic with quotes. We are very sure a ball. Okay, so this is Brandon Brush Art. But think I look on. The website is Canada dot com, a c a and v a dot com. Probably you are familiar with this. This is our online software that you can use to assign anything that you want. A line basically email header Facebook. Post Easter imposed YouTube Thumbnail power points. There is no limit off the things that you can create with these free software on. You can use these to create actually a quote, right. An image with close. So let's go toe class here and find Easter. Graham, Let's see here. Social media Post Easter imposed. Here we are. This you see that When I put the mouse and top off this image, it already show me the exact size off the image. The recommended size by, um Isa room. Here we have a new C layout. In the layout, you have free templates that you can use right now. For example, let's click on this one here, leave in the moment and make it beautiful. That's it is ready if I if I want. Of course I can just come here and I can edit any any of thes right. But I can leave it like this leaf in the moment and make it beautiful. And I can add more things to hear. I can change the image. I won't show you here how to do it. I have other courses on Canada, but it is very so you can just come here and try and you'll see how easy it is to create this graphics. When this is ready. I just come here. Download? Yes, and it will be download toe my hard drive or to my cell phone. If I am doing for myself on the recent app for Android and on IOS to for Canada on, you can use these two great quote on share with your audience. So here is a suggestion for you. I think if you are open to try these, try now, create one. Come here to Cannes virtues one of these templates. If you want to modify, do it on. Share these with your Audi and see how they react. You can share once a week see how many likes you have analyzed. The behavior off your out is that they are liking these kind of posts are not on. By doing that, you will be increasing. If this works, people will share your Your quote on these will help you to grow your account on to gain more followers. 9. #9 Post Graphics with questions for your audience: Welcome back, These strategies very similar to the last one. The last one. We talk about writing quote graphic with quotes and share with your audience, because that will generate more shares between your followers on that, consequently, will attract more forward to your account. That's good. This is tragedies to create graphics with questions on it. Just great. A graphic. Put a question on as your audience to reply on the Comets. What's that? Then touch off that first your grain engagement with your followers. You'll be surprised how much engagement engagement one graphic with questions can generate , and I'll show you one example here or Nikes Eastern Eastern page right now. So you will have a clear idea off what's working and how works. Right on. Also, when Instagram sees that you have one post with a lot of engagement, it starts showing to more and more people, and that will help you toe actually going to connect with more followers and not track more followers to your account. Okay, so let me show you one clear example for Nike here. I will pick up one off the post that where they are asking questions, these one for example, in the center here we have an apple watch and we have a questions inside of it. Are we running today? That's the question. This is for runners. People that love Nike that like that they follow them on Instagram. Let's see how many comments they have. They have almost 7000 comments now. 6895 comments right now. So you see that people are commenting. They are answering the question. Are we running today? Let's see here. Yes. Onda love Emoji. Yes, Yes. Good. Like yes. So everybody's saying yes. Here on you see, the engagement these days have a future engagement. So how do we know that this is actually performing well for Nike? Let's do these. Let's compare with all the posts around this one to see how many comments the other post has. Okay, so we here we have almost six point a K comments. That's the top, right? The top left inside, we have almost 2000 3800 2900. 3300 Stew Han 2700. Almost 4000 3.4 on 2.7. Okay. On here we have a huge I mean, these almost double off all the other ones with almost 7000 comments. So you see the power off asking question to your hours And also you can ask questions that you want to know. The answer is the best way to interact with your hours. If you have a question about what do you want? Oh, my case. I teach online. I am teaching you these, sharing my strategies. If you are, follow me on Instagram. Maybe I can create opposed from my students saying, Hey, guys, what do you want to learn next? Shared with me here on the comment. So I will see people commenting. People will start engagement. Each system will show these to more people because they see that people are engaged with the past. The post on Also, I will get a lot of value because I'll see what my audience want, right, So that's amazing. How do you do this? You can pose pictures, ladies, with a question on it or a side show you in the last video you can use can va dot com and he don't cover that. Come, you go to the Eastern Post And here we have an example that we were working on the last video again. You have the templates here, elements, text. You can customize this in any way that you want and you can ask the question. So this is the one that I pick up here. This one live in. The moment is free. So I can say, for example, what are you grateful for today? What are you? What are you? Lets the lease. Let's move these here to the top. Let's change these toe Grateful on. Let's create copy these one. Let's see. Create a new copy. Okay, so we duplicated. Grateful for today. Question. So let's organize this here. What are you grateful for today? And we can increase the site off this spot here. Toe 56 maybe. Yes. Okay, so here we are. What are you grateful for today? This is a question for my out is I can just I added this. It took me, like, 30 seconds to add it. I can download this right now imposed on my eastern. So, people, if this is actually my goal with my audience, people will start replying to me. Hey, and grateful for these angry for? For that? Because my audience is actually about that topic. Let's say off course you will. You need to ask questions that I related with what you are delivering on your company with your goal with your topic. Your niche. Right? So this is how we do it. This is powerful. I hope you try it on. Let's try right now. The next strategy. 10. #10 Be Consistent!: Okay, guys. And the last time, one of the most important strides, I think, is the most important. Because if you don't have this one you any off, the others want work. The last strategy and the last suggestion is to be consistent. Be consistent on your posts on your posts. Cattle. If you decide to post every day, do it every day. Commit to it. Your arms will start expecting that for on you they will look forward to your post. And if you miss one day they will start asking themselves. Okay. What happened with the A word he's not boasting today. What's going on? So please be consistent. This is the secret off Any social media. Doesn't matter if he's instagram. Facebook, you toe periscope. All the social media is the big secret is off course. You need to share good content. You need to add value and all that. But if you are not consistent, you will grow. But you will grow very slowly. The fact of being consistent will help you to gain more followers faster because you will see people reacting engaging with you know what your your post sharing, commenting, liking on you that will attract more and more people from your out your target audience. People that are already on Eastern Room. They are ready to see your content, so please be consistent posts every not every day if you don't want but post every time you come meet toe. So if you say okay, let's do once one great post a week. That's fine. It's up to you. That's the time you want to invest. Perfect. But do it every week that if you are doing twice a week perfect, but do it every time it's time to post. Your audience will expect that in the beginning it won't make much difference. You will be posting, for example, every day, and you said okay, I don't see too much growing on. This is a lot of work. Keep doing it. Be consistent and you'll see the results will come to you in big way. OK, I hope you like this. Siri's off 10 astrologist 10 ways to grow your organic interim presence without at all. The strategies we share here are 100% free. Their simple strategies. You don't need to pay for ads or for so far, for any off that you can just use it. But the good thing, the most important thing here is just to apply. It's not enough just to watch the videos learned. This is writing. That's great. You are motivated. You are happy. But I need to be 100% honest with you. My goal here is to see your company grow to see your instagram account grow. That's my goal. If you don't accomplish that, I am no successful. And I I'm here to help you on toe warranty that you are really apply the strategies so you will see their results. So see or go back here right now in the curricula and see or the least offer strategies that I share with you on this model and write down two or three that you are committed to apply. Right now, Today, maybe this week scandal on your calendar. Say okay this week that that day Friday I will sit down for half an hour on I would think about it. How I don't think about how can I apply these three strides. For example, on the next week you apply to more strategies ongoing like that. The more important thing is to apply what you learnt. So we will have the results that you are 11. Congratulations!: you were at the end of the course. Congratulations. You just finished all these course and I want to thank you very much for investing your time here with me on my skills Course on owner. Because you need that. Before we go, let me tell you, I need you to do to small things. The 1st 1 is to follow me here on a skill share. Why you need to follow me basically. Because when you follow somebody an executioner, you will get an email. Every time I release a new course for you. I have plans. Amazing courses with greatest tried on learning every day with my clients in the real world . And I am creating every day new courses, packaging and publishing here on a scooter for you. So click on the follow bottom here on the pages. Somewhere around here you can follow. 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And they're all these amazing strike, thank you very much. Go to my weapons also to see other products I have for you. Diego Davila dot com on me, I'll be happy to see their on. I'll be owner to see you in my next sculpture cars