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10 Types of Watercolor Flowers - Explore and Paint Step by Step

teacher avatar Pooja Kenjale-Umrani, Watercolor Artist

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      3 & 4 Petal Flowers


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      5 Petal Flowers & Poppies


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      Tulips & Coneflower


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      Conclusion & Project Ideas


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About This Class

Consider this class a sequel to my class 20 types of Watercolor Leaves! Did you enjoy painting a variety of leaves? It will be even better this time because in this class we will paint 10 types of watercolor flowers, step by step.

Painting loose style florals is my favorite subject in watercolors and I am so excited to share my style with you.  Through this class you will be able to paint:

  • 3,4,5 petal flowers,
  • Poppies
  • Tulips
  • Coneflowers
  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Anemones
  • Peonies

We will discuss about interpreting the shapes and prominent features of each of the flowers and how to paint them in loose style without worrying too much about details!

Are you ready to paint some beautiful florals? Come , let’s celebrate spring, let’s celebrate flowers! :)

If you like this class, do consider leaving a review so this class can reach maximum students. 

Thank you,


Music: https://www.bensound.com

Opening Lines: William Wordsworth

Meet Your Teacher

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Pooja Kenjale-Umrani

Watercolor Artist


H E L L O,     I      A M     P O O J A

I quit my IT career to take on a dream to do something creative – establish and nurture a successful art business! I am a self taught watercolor artist with a drive to become a successful entrepreneur in the creative world. I am a surface pattern designer based out of North America and I absolutely love making designs that bring joy. My goal is to be able to see my watercolor designs on lifestyle products that you and I use in our everyday life. I have licensed my designs to print on baby clothes, phone cases and accessories, books covers, etc. I also sell my original work and many other products vi... See full profile

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1. Introduction: when all at once I saw a crowd ah, host off golden diffidence beside the lake, beneath the trees fluttering and dancing in the breeze. I'm Pooja from by the Lakeside Arts Studio and a welcome you to my third skill share class painting. Loose style. Florence is my favorite subject in watercolors, and I'm so excited to share my style with you. In today's class, we will pain 10 types of watercolor flowers. Through this class, he will be able to paint 34 and five petaled flowers, poppies, two lips cornflowers, lavender roses, animal knees and peonies. We will discuss about interpreting the shapes and prominent features off each of the flowers and how to paint them and lose style without worrying too much about the details. So are you ready to paint some beautiful Florence? Come, Let's celebrate spring that celebrate flowers 2. Supplies: to paint flowers I will be using. My arch is cold pressed in by 10 block. I will also be using strata more imperiled 500 series water Gonna people. It is absolutely okay to use a single sheet of people being all your flowers together. 100% caution People will definitely give you better results. Four Pains Amusing basic shades off being purple, yellow, blue, violet, red, round and blood. I have named most off the sheets while and mixing the colors, but they're mostly from prima piece to dreams salad. White nights are deserve Daniel Smith and consider to paint flowers. I will be using ground Russians off the sizes. 02 and six. Princeton and silver black well with gashes. Work best for me to get those nine steps and bound shapes. Last week. We need a palette for mixing condos. I always use a white. It is easy to be on mixed candles without beating ajar off clean water on a people travel to play more clashes and that pigs color. Now that we have all the supplies in, please, let's be in some flowers 3. 3 & 4 Petal Flowers: to paint the three pattern flowers. I'm using a tiny amount of anti goat Vincent Newton professional and mixing it on my battered. I'm diluting it just a little to paint the first mayor of the flower. Using a size six round brush, I'm painting a very light outline that resembles hardship. Once I have the size and the outline of the pattern in place, I will fill it up with post war shoeprint ago. Carlo, I would go ahead and make two more Britons in the same way and leave a gap in the center to put a double Ito. I'm keeping her petals in perfect with uneven edges and not thinking too much about the sheep. Once I have the initial wash of three petals ready, I will go back to our darko value off the Indigo condo. While the patterns are still wait, we will place the darker value near the center, and this red on red technique will allow the Darko value to march with the first wash your freckles. Let's repeat and make one more flour next to the 1st 1 I'm using the exact same steps as we did for the first flower. If you make a bunch of such flowers placed close to each other and add some leads around it , it would result in a beautiful arrangement. Do try this out doesn't mean project. - After my petals are ready and still drying, I will quickly grab Samir Lucado and place it in the center. I will allow it to slightly bleed with the patterns for that natural. No. And there you go, our three petaled flowers and already to paint a full petal flower I have mixed while it follow on my palette, I will start by painting an oval shape with corners at both ends. I will paint four such battles with the washing toilet condo, leaving some gap in the center. Oh, it is the most simple shape to being flowers, and you can use things in clusters in your bookie compositions, and it's fillers around big flowers. If you group them together and paint them in shades of purple color, they would resemble lack shops. Next means one more flour, this time with a light wash appointed so we can come back to it on Agra Dakhil value around the center. - Once my petals are ready, I would finish off by idea, according to the centers. Okay, let's beat one more type off a four bedroom flower to paint this type amusing Prussian blue Carlo and making simple back and forth strokes in the form off lines that are close to each other. I'm keeping them slightly rounded to make the flower look fuller. I will make four such pedals and leave a bigger gap in the center of this time. After the first wash, I will Agra Darko value around the center and allow it to plead. - Let's repeat the steps and paint one. Move lower. - I will finish up or the flowers by adding some boats off the black governor in the center. I'm painting one more diaper before pattern power, and you can see that it is a fairly simple round shape. Once you know the basic technique, you have no limit to your creativity and campaign flowers out of your imagination. Like I always say, there is no right off when it comes to painting, lose flowers and leaves as a project. Consider coming up with more such three and four pattern flowers, using the flowers here as a guideline, and you will be amazed at the world. I think that you can paint Oh 4. 5 Petal Flowers & Poppies: to drop five pattern flowers. Let's use the same techniques that we used to draw three and four better flowers. Only this time we will try to fit in five petals around the center. I'm using the leftover shades off blew off my palate. I'm making small round strokes to draw a pattern and continuing, keeping a star shape and mind to put all the five patterns. Try not to make your patterns look perfect. Natural strokes will only make your flowers look effortless and soft. Once we have the porcelain ready, we will drop in some darko value and adding yellow in the centre. Even complete the flower by slightly changing the shape off the pattern. You can paint one more five petaled flower in Sudan for teardrop shape. I'm simply calling the edges a bit on, leaving some gap between the patterns, and you will see it looks like a totally different flower. Oh oh , to make side facing plumbers, you would simply need to make a few patterns facing in one direction. And then I understand from the side oh , to paint red copies. I'm using a mix of scarlet from white, Knight said, and Senator Red poppies are wiping cheerful and reflect some of wives through their car, trusting red, black and green card of combination while trying to find them. In those times, that is the exact essence that we want to capture. I'm starting by drawing for Big Petain's Using the Red Wash that I mixed on keeping them lose without worrying too much about the dictates. I'm feeling in a dark over you off red colonia the center and letting it bleed through the rest of the pattern. When I think lose red poppies, I interpret the flower in terms off with bright yellow and simple sheep off the patterns. Once this is fixed in my mind, I don't wish, really look at reference photos went being there. So when you paint your poppies, try to put down on people what catches your attention When post look at the flower. Each time when I'm painting forced washer for pedal, I'm dipping my brush forced in the color, then rinsing it a bit in water. Then I lowered my brush with a little water and collided toe get a wet surface underneath. Similarly, each time when I've seen the second layer with a darker value. I try my brush and then pick up the pigment without adding too much water on my brush. - Now let's try to paint a poppy that is slightly bending, standing at an angle by drawing angle poppies. Try to leave a wide gap between the pedal facing us on the back patterns. Oh, - let us paint one more poppy that is completely facing the other side. In this case, we won't see the center portion off flower. - Once my flowers are done, I'm using South three wax stems from some parts. - Poppy birds are drooping down and are oval in shape by painting them into P style and sticking to the basic shape we've been. Catch the essence of the party now to pain presenter off the flowers. I'm just grabbing some mellow canoe and then placing black on top of it. Oh, once I have to send does I will have a lot of stamens around it. To paint these detained, make sure to use a swan size round brush. I'm using a size zero round brush. You're Bobby Flowers will instantly look right and come to like the moment you are centered appeals to them 5. Tulips & Coneflower: to be in patrol, it's I will be using three shades off the local. No lemon, you know, is the lightest Carlo to start with. Can you, you know, as a middle value condo and new clothes. You know, as the told shoot to make sure that matter. Lips are wiping time, right? I'm not diluting my colors by adding too much of water. I want you mixing some sub dream to paint leaves. Instance before you jump in to paint your two lips, I would ask you to take a fleeting glance at some pictures off, really to lips. This will prepare your mind to compose a basic shape and help you in the placement off patterns. I have loaded my brush with lemon yellow, and I'm starting off by drawing the outermost, better facing us by making a stroke from top to bottom and broadening the stroke at the base off the tulip, then amounting aside schedule, which will be slightly. Turner. Come back to the post one. I'm also leaving a small white cap to differentiate between the two battles. Make sure your top to bottom strokes are slightly curved. To make the two lips look fuller. and add some dimension to it. I will then paint a small stroke behind the first petal to show the backpedal off the tulip , so this forms our basic shape off the tulip. We will now build up on this by adding a layer off cadmium yellow from the sites off the petals to at shadow and roundness to them. And in the end, I will act Naples yellow at the base, off the tulip on the inner sides of the petals to further enhance it and bring out the color, contrasts and shadows. I will finish off the tulip by adding a stem on a couple of long leaves. The pain believes amusing the point, drag and release method, which I explained in my previous class that talks all about leads under shapes that completes our first loose time to live. Let's paint one more to live this time or more close one more like a barn with tight patterns. We will use the same sequence of colors like we use for the post war. Try not to be too anxious about getting the shape perfect. Remember, we are not going Korean ism, but an impression off them. We want to make a loose interpretation off what we perceive when we look at the rial to lips. Once the outer petals have dry, I'm going back to our a darker shade in the center portion to show the tightness off the closed threatens before people want to the next flower. I want to show you a slightly opened up to live, which has patterns that according outwards. So as you see, we have tried to draw tulips and three printed lease on multi off them are showing different moods off the same flower. What for our next flower, which is the cool flower? I will be mixing three shades of pink for the patterns crimson from the free Mop Eastern Dreams palette mad early from the white knight set, and my agenda from art is, um, I'm also using chocolate brown from the cream, a pistol dream said to be in the center, off the flour and sepia toe. Add some details. If you see pictures of own flowers, you will notice that they have really prominent centers that look like big brown spheres from weather patterns are drooping down, so let's try to paint those shapes loosely to make our own version of the corn flour. I will start by making a round circular shape that is slightly flattered at the base. I'm keeping this ground portion slightly bigger to show the bullets off the center, which I think is the highlight of this flower. Once I have to send a roughly, please, I will start fainting the patterns by mixing the later shoot off. To drop her patterns, simply place the tip off your brush at the base off the center, then dragon and downward direction and release the brunch. To get that find, tip off the better. Make sure that your patterns are called and have a sense off roundness, especially to the outer ones, to catch the a sense of drooping petals. Let's come to new to act patents and try to cover the bottom semi circle, often power. I'm leaving some white gaps while raising the veterans so I can come back and hear them. The darker shade of pink way belong. Go back to adding second letter to the centre. I'm using a darker mix of chocolate brown and sepia and policing it at the bottom near the petals. This is wet on dry technique. Once I placed the second live and mortared, I will makes one more shed by adding more sepia and make some details on the surface of the second layer. Amusing the tip off the brush to place the darker ship around the center. Thats is the wet on wet technique to make the center off the flower of natural and bring out the next show. I'm painting some darts around the service, and you will instantly see the difference. I'm going back to the patterns again and painting a few more using the darkest Children. - Lastly , I will finish off the flower by adding leaves and stem. - Some final touches to the petals on our corn flour is ready. Oh! 6. Lavender: the pain, the lavender twigs from using oil it from the white Knight said. Even start by painting really tiny to your drop or oval shapes that will form the lab independence on the top portion of distance. I'm trying to place them in a vertical arrangement, as if they're all tied together to a common life. Even started with a lighter, cheaper and more power off used our core values. As we add more bears who paint your love understands. Make sure to use a small size round brush, which will make painting off the parts. Super. If you have a look at the pictures of loving the flowers, you will notice that the appearance plastered parts or tiny teardrop shaped presence that are held together to the length of the center stand. This castor is usually an imagination off various sheets off purple, lilac, pointed and others. Once you know the basic sheep mentalities off the flower that you're trying to paint, it is all about putting it in your own state. Uh, we will come back to our details on the top portion once the Force lier has tried in the Meanwhile, I will get the stem and leaves in place if you notice lavender leaves are small, so I'm going to make just some really light strokes to show the delicate leaves. I'm then adding a doctor value off the winding condo and adding some deep things to the But you make it no natural. Try to act some barge on the stems. - Alright , let's try to be one more love in this step. If you are a couple of light and darker that stems in your composition, it will make really nice minimalistic piece. 7. Roses: to begin painting or rules. Start with the darkest radio off secolo. Using a small size brush, make small C shape copes that we represent the innermost and the tightest. Britain's off the rules. Then, as you go outwards, start diluting the cargo by taking the color off your brush. While doing this, Lord, some water onto your brush to make the patterns on the outside. Make sure you don't act too much water on your brush, and so you make it water departments instead of soft vendors. This is something you need to practice to Kanto Soft bruises. Also, I'm switching to a bigger size six brush to paint the patterns on the outside. I'm also going back to our slightly darker value on the inner sides, off the patterns to show shadows and television on dependents. Don't forget to softer the harsh lights. Using a brush. I always tried to connect the edges off the bedrooms with each other, so you're those loops attached and together. - Once you're comfortable with the size of the rules that you want, but you you can stop adding years. Feel free to go back on dr your Animal spenders to keep your rules some finishing touches. For your reference, I will go ahead and bring do no roses using the exact steps up. - Oh , now, let's try to be a small bruise bird from the same. I will make small round strokes to represent the sender patterns. Then who showed the most presidents? I will simply paint two overlapping layers and work on the ship when I feel it looks good enough. If you're painting a rose. But for the first time, try it happening to a picture to understand the hair off the post patterns off the Once you interpret the basic ship, it will be fairly easy to beat. - Once I'm happy the reader barred looks. I will finish up by adding some sevens and step Oh ! 8. Anemones: to paint animals these amusing while it from the white knight set and some shades of Portman from our dessert to paint animals. We've been there the patterns to show the front and the back patterns. Start by using a light wash of violet and paint broader frightens that have slight roundness to them. Oh, I would begin by painting the front bedrooms forced and then act back pensions in the gaps behind. Once you have position the front patterns, we will start painting the beckons at the back. Animals come in a wide area off condos on painting them. It's always delightful. The main reason why I love to paint them are there dark and gold centers. Let me a lovely contrast to the beautiful sheets off patterns I'm writing and to go to my violet color to paint the darko value near the centres. - Animals have black centers, which took quite detailed and hence doobie patients to do at those details. To draw the center. I'll be making some black dots without painting a black circle, then leaving a small drink around the center. I will be in some standards around this compliance and finish off with enters or dots on the standards. Now let's go back, draw a flower and being the center. There you go. Our animal is now regularly. You can surely drive this flower in other colors and see the results. 9. Peonies: to paint peonies. I will be using the prima based on dreams palate. Before you start painting your puny, try to fix three basic colors, which you will use for blending. I want to achieve a very soft coral and pink punal, so I'm using cruciate off base jumping and mixing some yellow to get the third orange like or I'll shoot. When you start painting peonies, you will realize that you won't be able to achieve the same shape on Carlos. If you try to repeat every P, M E will look different from the other. Since we're working on loose style, I'm going to focus on getting my based on colors right and try to capture the lush near field off the fluffy patterns while painting your patterns. Start out slowly by taking it threatened by president, but try to place each pageant by thinking for just about two seconds and you will achieve a nice full appear me by painting it slowly and my plan in just a little if Europe. So for this puny on painting the front patterns post and then building up by adding the patterns of the back to achieve us After looking puny. I'm making sure that my colors are diluted with enough water. I'm intentionally painting watery washes off pink and corals and then adding a bit of darko values. Toe. Achieve beautiful bleeding off condos. - Uh , I'm alternately using the pink and corn shades on, blending the three shades together. Feel free to go back to previous Fattal's and build upon layers to bring out the lash. Look off the flower each time you place Darko values on your petals, prince your brush and blend the colors using clean water. When you're satisfied with the overall, look off the puny stop adding layers. In my experience, if you play around too much with the petals, you will soon down your flower into something we did not expect. It is all about stopping at the right time, so keep taking pauses and check if you're done with your flower. Oh, I went ahead and being the tomb origins off opinions for your reference, you wouldn't see that each being looks different when drawn in different styles and different colors. I want you to try out the same and come up with your own style and make it your kind of beauty. In the end, I'm finishing off all the Tribune's with yellow Sandoz and standards Oh oh oh 10. Conclusion & Project Ideas: I hope the flowers you painted in this class with me will be a good starting point for you to make your own floral arrangements and booking compositions. As a project, you can paint some really pretty floral bookmarks and note cards using different flowers we painted today. You can also pain florid postcards and digitize them to make your own products like calendars, coasters, no parts notebooks and so on. Trust me. Once you start painting Florence, possibilities are in this. I assure that you won't fall short of options to decide how you want to make use of your ability to be bones. Lastly, to please let me know the reviews. You are fun in this class and I can't wait to see your long infusions if you upload your projects on Instagram stagnant by the lead side. And I would love to feature your creations in my stories. And thank you so much for taking this class. I will see you again in my next class. Until then, keep creating