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10 Tips to Improve Your Video Creation Process

teacher avatar Amy Lin, I help beginners learn Chinese

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Before Your Continue


    • 3.

      Tip #1 - Improve Your Video Quality Easily


    • 4.

      Tip #2 - Turn Off Auto-Focus


    • 5.

      Tip #3 - Create a "Posing Video" For Thumbnails


    • 6.

      Tip #4 - Easy Thumbnail Creation


    • 7.

      How to Create a Thumbnail - Tutorial


    • 8.

      Tip #5 - The Key is the Lighting!


    • 9.

      Tip #6 - Good Old PowerPoint Presentation


    • 10.

      Tip #7 - Screen Recording Choices


    • 11.

      Tip #8 - Maximize Your Free Trials


    • 12.

      Tip #9 - Editing Tip - Edit Backward


    • 13.

      Tip #10 - Audio Editing - Noise Removal


    • 14.

      How to Remove Background Noise on Audacity - Tutorial


    • 15.

      Class Project & Thank You


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About This Class

I have created over 200 videos ranging from talking head videos to screen recording tutorials. Here are my top 10 tips to improve your video creation process. I cover topics such as how to improve your video quality easily without buying an expensive camera, how to create great looking thumbnails even if you are not a designer, how to improve your audio quality with two easy steps and more.

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Amy Lin

I help beginners learn Chinese


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1. Introduction : Hello. My name's Amy and I have made over 200 videos, which can be elevate embarrassing for me to say, because even after 200 videos, I still make me steaks, and I'm always learning in this video. I want to share a 10 tips with you that will make you video creation process more fun and easier. I'll be coming topics such as how to improve you. Video quality. We don't having to agree you camera how to create a really nice looking Faneuil. We don't have into higher a designer and how to improve your audio quality with two easy steps making a video. That's not how to be frustrating. They can be fun and Polanco easy. It listed all of the work, but it was really fun to make videos. I hope this tips n tricks will help you improve your video creation process and making more enjoyable for you so that more people can hear your important message. I look forward to seeing you in the class 2. Before Your Continue: before you continue with this course, I wanted to keep in mind that your videos do not have to be perfect. They will get better. As you make more videos you content. It's way more important than the median order editing affect assault. As your viewers can see UK here, you're clearly then that's good enough. Here are 10 tips to help you overcome some off the common obstacles and make your video creation process more enjoyable. 3. Tip #1 - Improve Your Video Quality Easily : tip number one. You don't need to have an expensive camera in order to create a great video. If you are creating a talking head video, that's where the viewers will see you in differing and you are talking to the camera, then a webcam. My just work. The weapon quality will depend on your laptop. However, you can easily improve you. What can quality by having a really good light or just by sitting in front, off natural light? Take a look of the following videos. This video is filmed under my room light, which is kind of like yellowish light and this video it's filmed in your phone off the window. And finally, this is my co unclothed studio light. I'm doing air quotes because it's not a professional set up, but it's perfect for me. I will show you my like to sell up later so you can take a look 4. Tip #2 - Turn Off Auto-Focus: Tip number two. If you are going to film the overhead video that that's where the camera is pointing down at your desk and you showing people how to draw seven things on how to create certain things, let's say that the focus it's the paper. Then make sure to turn off your auto focus this way. The camera does not doom saying Andrew out as you move your pencil around. 5. Tip #3 - Create a "Posing Video" For Thumbnails : tip number three. If you're looking for the perfect video snap on your talking had video dead. That might take a while. So one type is to actually film a small portion where you do different poses so that you can pick one later home. And that will make things a lot easier than trying to find the perfect image. While you're talking, you're talking heavy deal mm recently to film that video initially, but you're going to be so much happier when you are looking for a screenshot. 6. Tip #4 - Easy Thumbnail Creation: tip number four to create a looking fell mail. You don't need to have any kind of designer experience. You can use free websites such as Kemah or pick Monkey Camera even has templates that will help you create a fungal really quickly and easily. Both are free online programs that you can use, and they are really bricking a friendly. 7. How to Create a Thumbnail - Tutorial : in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a thung out really easily using canvas. Once you have looked and go ahead and click on you to find out which is the same one you can use for skill share, I have already of all the picture that I picked earlier. So to make things a lot easier, you can just go ahead and go to lay house and look for assembled that you might like. Make sure to pay attention to the corner by here. If it's is freed, it's for to use. If it has a dollar sign next tour, that means you have to pay for that. You should get a free one will work, and you can always make your own design as well. So let's see. I want to pick, uh, this one so I just drag and drop that into the frame, then go to my file and dragged this picture that just covered my face. Can't let's move this to no, let me change the layup with them and you can play with different settings to find the one that you like. And here I'm going to show you my, uh, my process off editing this summer for the course for this course. Uh, 8. Tip #5 - The Key is the Lighting! : tip number five lighting. It's one of the key elements. When they come to creating a great video, you don't need to break the bank in order to have the perfect lighting. If you live in your area where it doesn't ring a lot there, you just take advantage off natural light by natural light. I don't mean that you need to sit under the sun and sit under the everywhere There's no shade. The shaving area is actually a good part. The nausea, the area. You're just going to make superb white videos, and that's not going to look good. And what you want to do is to stand in front, off the window. So you are facing the window and he will give you the perfect lighting for videos. Second, if you're not an early bird, or if you prefer to work at night, then what you can do is to sell out co unquote artificial light. You don't need to buy those studio lights, although there would be nice if you have the right libel. It's not the seller that makes the key difference the key element when it comes to lighting , it's the libel if you want to have that nice white bright light you want to get libros There has daylight on it this way. It will give you that white light redder than that yellow common light that you see in different houses. And this is the light I used to feel my intro video. As you can see here all I have, it's the regular lamp light, and I didn't even buy this for filming purpose. I had to buy this because one of my old apartments did not have any light in the room. So it's simply a standing light and I'm using a daylight libel there, and this lipo is perfect, and this limits great. It's really easy to move around, too, if you had to have different backgrounds. 9. Tip #6 - Good Old PowerPoint Presentation: Tip number six Good Oh Power Poem presentations. Think you are done with Power Point presentations after you graduated college? No. Creating a Power Point presentation. It's actually a very common way to create different online courses. When they're raising the word slide, they actually mean each power point slide. In order to turn our Power point presentation into a video, I need to do it. Sell up a screen recording software, which I will talk about later and present your pope representation. If you have created a pall upon presentation before then, you know that you can really customize each slide and you can turn them into a very nice looking video. 10. Tip #7 - Screen Recording Choices: number seven. Remember, I was talking about the Power Palm presentations In order to capture that you're going to need screen recording software. If you have a Mac, then you can use quick time. Quick time. It's more than a video player. You can actually use quick time to film a talking head video and a screen recording, and not to mention that it's completely free. If you're only PC, then, unfortunately, it does not come with the first off word I can use. However, most popular software, it's Come Tasia contagion. It's not just an editor, but it's also a screen recorder so you can use continue to record your screen and at the in it when you are ready. 11. Tip #8 - Maximize Your Free Trials: tip number eight. A lot of software come with free trials. So if you're planning on making a video, they implant the videos ahead. Once you have all the foot is ready, then, Donald, a free trial. This way you will maximize your free trial. Sometimes companies offer discounts for students and teachers. Make sure to check any special offers so we can take advantage of that. 12. Tip #9 - Editing Tip - Edit Backward : tip number nine. Now we're talking about editing. Everything is probably one of the most time consuming aspect off filming a video well besides the filming herself. The reason why, I added it might be time consuming. It's that you might have to repeat several things during the filming process. So when you're going back to Evolet, you will have to rewatch the entire thing again. Even though I have created a lot of videos. I still make a lot of mistakes whenever I film, when I record my waist overall, when I talked to my camera without any script or just with the cue notes, I tend to get really nervous. And sometimes I would mess on my words. So I often have multiple takes. Dis full one sentence. So here's a very handy tip when you are added A, you want to add it backwards. What that means is in self editing. From the beginning, go to the end of your video. The lesson. As you said, it's usually going to be the one that's perfect and then go to the sentence before that, and that one is likely going to be a mistake so you can delete that a lot quicker than trying to listen to the entire thing from the beginning to the end. In trying to find this perfect footage, different software might have different words for cutting your footage so they can tell it apart or you don't eat. Here are three common turns, you see, so if you need to look for a specific program, they need to learn how to cut N delay a specific portion. You can use one of the key words, so the common turns are cut, trained and spoon. 13. Tip #10 - Audio Editing - Noise Removal : but last tip to number 10. Okay? And now we're onto our last tip, which is audio editing. I do not have a lot of experience when the council, although, added ing. But the one thing that I do know how to do and that I feel that it's very essential when it comes to creating Audio four on my courses is to remove the background noise by background noise. I don't mean babies crying all dog sparking while you trying to talk. If that's the case, usual public awaits when they are quiet before you recording audio by background noise. I mean the silent part. We are not talking. But then you still hear that tools our or something like that. It depends on the level off your backward noise. Ah, la times people might not notice. But if you have your volume really loud, you're going to hear what I'm going to show you. It's a basic background noise removal. It's not perfect, but it works for most common computers. If I use a really good headphone, for example, even after my background noise removal, I was still here backer noise. But that's only if I used my really good happen. If I just use my record headphone all my regular speaker, then I don't hear the background noise. So we know working with background noise removal, I recommend using a headphone and do keep in mind that sometimes when you do backward noise , you was my out a slightly. As long as you're adding it's not extreme, it's not going to be noticeable. 14. How to Remove Background Noise on Audacity - Tutorial: in this video, I'm going to show you how to do a voice removal in audacity. First, I'm going to drag and drop my audio file into a dusty. Once the fire was ready, I'm going to go to the end of the video. This is where I purposely stayed quiet for five seconds. So I can use this to indicate a noise removal profile. If I post play, am I not here? Unless my speaker is set to the mix, However, I can see that it's not completely silent because a silent should be something like this. You can still see some sound here. So I'm gonna do I'm going to so like a small session like so and then click on effect. And over here we are going to click, um, noise reduction and then click on get noise Profiled. This means is going to capture the simple as the noise profile, and it will automatically close that window. Now we are going to plus control eight, which will select the entire track. Then click on effect noise reduction, then click on OK, you can play around with the settings if you want to put fact your noise removal you should . I just stick with the default options, and that's usually fine. So I'm going to go ahead and click on OK, not pere attention to this part. Okay, as you can see this part, it's a lot cleaner. Now if I play this part, I was still here. A bit of noise, but it's a lot better compared to before by is not before option. There might be small changes to my regular wars, but it's not effect as much. Now I'm going to click on file and then truce export audio, which will explore my entire clip and then this. It's optional. I usually just live it and then click on OK, okay, so the file with the Name E means I have added the audio, so I'm going to go ahead and bring it to my video editor. Then I'm going to match my original audio with the new one that I just made. This might be scary at first, but once you get used to it, you would be able to pick up really quickly on where to sink. How my name's Amy and I have made over two legends Me. Hello, my name's Amy and I have made over 200 videos, which could be all of the embarrassing for make asleep 15. Class Project & Thank You : Now we have come to the end of the course. This concludes my 10th of full creating videos for all class Poor jet. I just want you to use Wandell tips and let me know how it goes. Then give what? Taking this course. And I hope you have found this course helpful by