You’ve created a masterpiece and now it’s time to spread the word about your latest creation! Whether you’re teaching a Creative, Business, Technology, or Lifestyle class, these tips can help you market your class and gain new followers.

Building a following can take time, but it’s never too soon to start. We’ve broken it down into a 3-step process: Pre-Publish Marketing, Class Launch Marketing, and Post-Publish Marketing.

Read on to find examples and inspiration for marketing your class throughout each of these steps. Once you have a few ideas, stay organized and on schedule by utilizing our marketing template.

Pre-Publish Marketing:

Before your class goes live, share an image or video as a teaser to build excitement and anticipation.

  • Give followers a sneak peek about your upcoming class by sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Try a message like: “New Class on [Insert topic] Coming Soon! Follow me to stay in the loop and tag a friend for a chance to win a free access link once it goes live!” Already published a class? Share your channel referral link to encourage students to sign up ahead of time.

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  • Upload your class introduction video to YouTube or Vimeo, which can serve as a teaser for your class. Be sure to include a link to your Skillshare profile or channel referral link in the description, so they can follow you.

  • Highlight your upcoming class in a Discussion post to all of your Skillshare followers by sharing a behind the scenes photo or the cover image to pique their interest.


Class Launch Marketing:

Once you hit publish, it’s time to let your network, family, friends, and followers know your class is available.

  • Announce that your class is live across all of your social media channels, as well as invite your friends and family to watch your class on Skillshare. The more minutes watched your class gets in the first two weeks it’s live, the higher it will trend on Skillshare, making it even more discoverable by even more students.

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  • Emphasize your class referral link in your announcement, which gives students two weeks of Skillshare for free. It’s a great way to earn extra revenue and drive even more minutes watched in your class.

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  • Host a challenge or contest to encourage students to start watching right away and complete the project. Be creative with your prizes. Consider offering a 1-on-1 session, a piece of art, or a social media shout-out.

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Post-Publish Marketing:

With so much noise online these days, make sure all of your followers know about your class by posting a follow-up 1-2 weeks after the class is live.

  • Incorporate your channel referral or class referral link into your email signature for a friendly and evergreen reminder about your Skillshare classes.

  • Share a student project from your class on your social channels as a way to continue building momentum in your class and highlight just how invested you are as a teacher.

  • Find online communities, groups, or blogs related to your content area. Make helpful comments and offer feedback often. When permitted, invite members to check out your class for more tips and insight.


Set your Skillshare class up for success by developing a marketing plan for your next class. Don’t forget to use our template to stay organized. Have ideas we haven’t thought of? Comment below with your ideas or email us at!

Written by:

Lisa Goza