With a handful of online learning platforms to choose from, teachers often ask us what makes teaching on Skillshare different. Today, we’ll share the three key reasons why teachers prefer Skillshare over Udemy. 

Leverage Skillshare over Udemy to build a following   

Students on Skillshare see learning as a daily habit. Rather than taking a one-off class to land a new job or get a promotion, they sign up for Skillshare membership ($12.00/month) so that they can be constantly learning from the teachers they love. Each student who watches your class automatically ‘follows’ you on Skillshare and is notified each time you publish new content. These students become your brand ambassadors because they appreciate what you have to offer and are excited to share your classes with their own communities.

For many teachers, the exposure from Skillshare has led them to new freelance clients and has even helped them to grow their followings on other platforms. Motion Graphics teacher Jake Bartlett is a great example of someone who’s built his following from the ground up by teaching more and more awesome classes for his students to enjoy and share. 

Get Followers Teaching On Skillshare

Earn steady, predictable revenue through Skillshare’s membership model

Each month, Skillshare shares 30-50% of its membership revenue with teachers through our royalty program. As a teacher on Skillshare, you’ll never have to worry about pricing or running steep discounts on your classes because membership is consistent, and 30-50% of revenue always goes back to our teachers. When we do run special discounts on membership to bring more students to your classes, we absorb those costs on our end to make sure teacher earnings are not affected. Teaching on Skillshare over Udemy ensures that you understanding how your earnings work. 

Although classes tend to make their biggest splash during their first month on the platform, most teachers continue to see a steady stream of students discovering and watching their classes over time since new students are constantly signing up for Skillshare. Because membership provides a lower barrier to taking classes (as compared to Udemy’s a la carte model), it’s easy for students to join in on your class at any time. Teela Cunningham was even able to turn teaching on Skillshare into a full time job. 

Give back to a unique community of creators

All classes on Skillshare are project-based – they encourage students to learn by creating an awesome project to share with the community. Teaching on Skillshare over Udemy, you get to watch in delight as your students take the skills you’re teaching and create something totally unique. When your class goes live, you’ll have access to all of our awesome teacher tools to connect with your students and inspire them to learn by doing. That’s top Skillshare teacher Mary Kate McDevitt’s favorite part of teaching – watching her students do their own amazing projects and utilize their new skills to take their careers to the next level. 

Mary Kate Teaching On Skillshare

Already teaching on Udemy? No problem! Don’t hesitate to teach on Skillshare as well. Start your class draft at www.skillshare.com/teach, and if you need any help adapting your class to make it a great fit for Skillshare, email our Teacher Support team at teach@skillshare.com. We’re here to help! Learn More

Written by:

Megan Burt