We caught up with some of Skillshare’s very best teachers and asked them about their motivation for teaching. Read on for their thoughtful and inspiring responses.

“Feeling comfortable with teaching, realizing people are connecting with my process, and then seeing how they take it and start their own careers – that’s the best part.”


Mary Kate McDevitt, Letterer. 5 classes, 37,000 students

“I first had the idea to teach when I joined the Skillshare community as a student, years ago. I’ve always appreciated the format – being able to watch videos at my own pace and get feedback from the teacher or classmates– and I cannot think of a better way to learn than from the people who inspire you. Now, I think it’s the greatest feeling when I see a really talented artist create an awesome block print and credit me with inspiring them to try it. That’s a pretty amazing thing.”


Jon Brommet, Graphic Designer. 4 classes, 2,300 students

“These days, the majority of my income come from teaching on Skillshare. This gives me the freedom and opportunity to support my family by doing something that I love.”

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Jake Bartlett, Motion Graphics Artist. 9 classes, 12,000 students

“I really wanted the course to help people understand the importance of good typography. As a graphic designer I used to take my background and education in typography for granted but I realized that not everyone was lucky enough to have that initial influence … So I relished the chance to teach a course in typography that could inspire or help people use typography more effectively in their work, whether that’s design, illustration, presentations or animation.”

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Faye Brown, Graphic Designer. 5 classes, 7,000 students

“For me, the audience and the quality of people that I’ve encountered on Skillshare—what they’re doing, what projects they’ve worked on, what companies they’ve started—those connections have been invaluable. More valuable than money.”


Jack Zerby, Designer & Entrepreneur. 4 classes, 7,700 students

“I was a student on Skillshare and I remember looking at all the amazing teachers and saying out loud, ‘I’d be interested in doing something like this.’  But I didn’t think I was qualified. Then one day I completed a project for Marte Marie Frosberg’s class, and someone from the Skillshare team reached out asking if I’d ever considered teaching. Not to get weird, but it was sort of like the universe answering back. Saying here’s an opportunity for you.”

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Lindsay Crandall, Writer & Photographer. 1 class, 2,800 students

So what’s your reason for not teaching? At Skillshare, we believe anyone can teach, and that most certainly includes you.

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Written by:

Nataleigh Kohn