Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or you’re a seasoned professional ready to make your next career move, there are countless opportunities to work in marketing remotely. The key is to know where to look. In this article, we’ll go over some of these opportunities, where they exist, and how to find them. By the end of it, you’ll feel ready to explore all available options and find remote marketing jobs that are perfect for you. 

Where to Find Remote Marketing Jobs

Marketing is an indispensable tool for nearly every organization, which means that opportunities are widely spread across different industries, types of companies, agencies, and institutions. 

Let’s take a closer look at where to find remote marketing positions. 

  1. In-House Marketing

When marketing is done in-house, it means that all marketing activities are done by the company’s employees. Depending on the size of the company, this may mean a team of just one or two people or an entire marketing department. Here are a few different types of companies and what kinds of marketing roles they may need to fill: 

Large Corporations

Large corporations have thousands of employees who work in marketing. They generally have a dedicated team for every type of marketing out there, each headed by their own VP and with its own set of directors, managers, specialists, and assistants. 

When you work for a large corporation, you typically have a very specific set of responsibilities—like email marketing, social media, or paid advertising for one subset of products or services—and only ever get exposed to a small branch of the company’s overall marketing activities. 

Small Companies

Smaller companies have smaller marketing teams. While you would still only be responsible for a particular branch of marketing, you’d be more likely to engage and collaborate with team members who work in other branches. If you’re relatively new to marketing and are hoping to learn as much as you can about what other people do, a smaller company might be a better fit. 


Startups typically start out with enough capital for just one or two employees dedicated to marketing. These people are responsible for scaling the business and eventually building a robust marketing team. 

Ideally, they should have years of experience in executive level marketing positions—they should be able to evaluate all possible marketing activities and prioritize which ones are worth their efforts and resources while the company is still growing. 

Small Businesses

Marketing a small business often requires a jack of all trades because the volume of work doesn’t justify hiring more than one person for the job (sometimes the owners even make do with their own skills and knowledge!). 

If the small business runs primarily online, it’s enough to have one person take care of things like search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and email marketing. If it’s a brick and mortar business, more traditional marketing efforts, such as print and radio ads, may be more effective. 

  1. Marketing Agencies

Some companies prefer to hire a marketing agency, rather than in-house marketing professionals. If you’re someone who loves working on multiple projects for different clients, you’d do well working at an agency instead of a single company. 

Marketing agencies are brought on to help identify opportunities, develop a strategy, and implement marketing tactics. They usually hire people with very specific skill sets (for example, an SEO specialist or a paid advertisement specialist) to create teams that can fulfil every client’s unique needs. 

If you’re considering this route, keep in mind that there are two types of marketing agencies:

Traditional Marketing Agencies

Traditional marketing agencies offer services like print advertising, public relations, and TV or radio placements. 

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies focus on online marketing and offer services like web development, content marketing, and social media advertising. 

  1. Consulting Firms

Consulting firms offer an option in between hiring in-house employees and a marketing agency. 

As a marketing consultant, you would help clients improve their marketing results by evaluating their current efforts, providing suggestions, and helping them come up with a strategy for moving forward. Their in-house marketing team would then take your advice and go off to do the work themselves. 

Marketing consultants typically have many years of experience in the field—you should be able to effectively evaluate businesses of all sizes and at all stages in order to offer valuable advice. 

  1. Marketing Publications

If you’re experienced in marketing and passionate about helping other companies succeed with it, another option is to work for a marketing publication. These are educational resources that help marketers learn new skills, stay on top of the latest trends, and try emerging tactics. 

Sometimes these publications are put together by agencies, consulting firms, and companies that sell digital marketing tools, in order to attract new clients. In other cases, they’re prepared by dedicated print or online media companies whose only mission is to give back to the industry. 

If you’re passionate about marketing and are excited by the idea of researching, writing, and editing content about it, there may be a place for you at a marketing publication. 

Locations to Consider

Since you’ll be working remotely, you can apply to work just about anywhere in the world. This opens up many more opportunities than you’d have otherwise. Here are a few locations to consider: 

Your Own Country

Working remotely in your own country is perhaps the most straightforward option. You don’t need a special work permit, and filing your taxes remains nice and simple. 

You’ll likely be much more comfortable on the job, too, since you’ll be familiar with the culture, expectations, best practices that are proven to work in your country, and third-party vendors you can utilize. 

If the company has an office in your city or a short trip away, it might be nice to be able to meet with your colleagues in-person every once in a while. 

United States

The United States is home to some of the largest corporations in the world—think Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple—so if there’s a specific company you’d like to work for but you don’t live in the U.S., it’s possible to work there remotely. 

Many of these companies have headquarters all over the world, so it’s also possible to start out in your own country before transferring over to the U.S. office. 


Working abroad offers a multitude of benefits for both the employee and the employer. For you, it will likely be a massive learning opportunity and a challenge that helps you become a better marketer. The employer would benefit from a fresh perspective and a new set of skills that maybe isn’t common among local marketing professionals. 

Countries all over the world are looking for English-speaking employees, but if you know another language, you could also be a valuable asset in a country where that language is spoken. 

How to Find Remote Marketing Jobs

Now that you know where remote marketing jobs exist and what your options are, let’s take a look at how to actually find open positions. 

  1. Companies’ Websites

Landing a job at your dream company is a lot more fulfilling than ending up in a company you’ve never heard of until you saw their job posting. To take this approach, make a list of the companies you’d like to work for and periodically check their website for open opportunities. 

  1. Job Boards

Browsing through job boards like Google for Jobs, Indeed, and Monster allows you to search using keywords and filter by attributes like date posted, location, and remote option. This way, you can see, at a glance, what kinds of jobs are out there and how you can refine your search even further. 

  1. Marketing Blogs

There are countless blogs and publications aimed at keeping marketing professionals informed of the latest trends and tactics. Many of them regularly publish a roundup of job openings or share them in newsletters as they become available. Be sure to add these blogs to your RSS feed and subscribe to their newsletters to hear about new job opportunities. 

  1. Social Media

Small to medium sized companies often post about new job openings on social media. Their employees also share these posts with their own networks and beyond. To take advantage of this, be sure to follow your favorite companies on social media and keep an eye out for shared posts from friends and family. 

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ultimate hub for new career opportunities. Companies and their employees often share new job postings, while HR managers and recruiters browse profiles while searching for potential candidates. 

To set yourself up for success, be sure to regularly update your LinkedIn profile with as much information as possible, and put effort into growing your network of connections, so you’ll be more likely to see opportunities when they get shared. 

  1. Recruiters

Executive level positions often don’t get posted to job boards and social media. Instead, recruiters conduct a private search by reaching out to potential candidates. To increase your chances of getting contacted by a recruiter, take care of your online presence—make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and optimized to appear in searches, get your name out there by publishing content online, and be an active member of your profession. 

  1. Your Network

Stay in touch with everyone you’ve ever worked with or crossed paths with in a professional setting. When you’re actively searching for a new job, let them know and see if they might be able to help. Actively participating in professional development groups, associations, and communities can also help expose you to new opportunities. 

Start Your Search!

Your new remote marketing job is out there—take advantage of all these sources and you’ll be sure to land your dream job in no time!

Ready For a New Remote Marketing Job? 

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Written by:

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