Our most successful teachers are able to earn steady revenue by consistently publishing classes to Skillshare. Every time you post a new class, you have an opportunity to engage your existing students, attract new students, and compound your monthly earnings. Teaching consistently has unlocked new opportunities for many teachers in our community. We hope the teacher stories below inspire you to get started on your next class and get back into to the class creation hustle.  

Manage your creative business, stress-free

From her monthly teacher earnings, Amarilys Henderson is able to confidently manage her creative business. Amarilys says, “The greatest benefit of my earnings is less stress. When unexpected things broke or I needed new tools to improve my workflow, I had the finances to cover it. The expenses aspect of running your own business isn’t fun, but the mental relief that the funds are there is priceless.”

Financially support your family

Another great upside to teaching consistently is the financial security it provides to our freelance teachers. Illustration Teacher Ohn Mar Win notes, “My earnings on Skillshare give me overwhelming security for my kids and myself. I can support my family without worrying about where the next freelance gig is coming from. I’m now able to feed my creative soul and explore my art even further.”

Secure a new home

Top Teachers Jake and Jamie Bartlett are able to use some of their teacher earnings as they secure a new home for their family. Jake tells us “Once we find the right home we’ll be putting our down payment on the house with Skillshare being our largest source of income.”

Spend more time with your family

Craft Teacher Margaret Smith tells us that her teacher earnings have given her a flexible schedule and subsequently, time to see her family: “Skillshare has allowed me to take an extended motorcycle trip over the summer, spend time with my daughter a few weeks ago when she had her baby, and now I’m teaching online full time! The amount of time I now have with my husband is wonderful.”

Travel to your dream destination

In addition to a flexible schedule, our teachers have been able to visit their top travel destinations. Hayden Aube shares with us: “Outside of the long-term impact, I got to spend three weeks in Japan just recently which has been a lifelong dream. That is a direct result of my earnings on Skillshare.”

Get back to creating and experimenting for fun

Teaching on Skillshare has given Rich Armstrong more creative freedom and the opportunity to learn new  things just for fun – which can be hard to come by when you’re a creative. Rich tells us, “I’ve been able to get back into creating for the sake of creating, doing a lot of playing around, researching new styles and techniques.”


Written by:

Danielle Keita-Taguchi