If you’re a fan of online fiction, we bet you’ve heard of Wattpad.

It’s home to the Wattpad Stars, an elite group of writers who collectively have millions of reads on their stories. Read on to find out how they found success, and how you can use their experience to fuel your writing career.

Wattpad Star Ninya Tippett

Ninya Tippett has found success with contemporary romance stories, primarily with strong female leads. She’s come to know this about her writing through years of experimentation and reader feedback, but it didn’t just happen overnight. It’s taken awhile to find her creative voice, which helps her work stand out from the crowd and helps her followers identify with her stories. “I would say this to any aspiring writer out there… you have to start with what you’re passionate about, with what you enjoy the most.” Whether you’re feeling stuck or already have your inspiration handy, Ninya’s here on Skillshare with tips to help take to your work to the next level through a strong creative voice.

Wattpad Star LIndsey Summers

Lindsey Summers found her inspiration from the writers and stories she found on Wattpad. She posted her first story with a little liquid courage, and could not believe the response. It has over 81 million reads to date – even helping one girl’s mother through a difficult breast cancer surgery. “During the surgery she read my story and it brought a smile to her face, and that really touched me just to know that I had helped someone through a really rough time.” Her secret? Her story is expertly woven around strong main characters who keep readers hooked. Now, she’s excited to help you craft your own characters and stories that inspire with her Skillshare class.

Wattpad Star Ali Novak

Ali Novak wrote her first full-length novel when she was 15 years old but “never thought a publishing company would take on the rough draft manuscript of a teenager,” so she turned to Wattpad to share her story. She honed her revising skills as the story started to gain traction over the next few years, and through repeatedly polishing her work for both online sharing and publishing company review, her dream of becoming a published author eventually became a reality. Want her insider tips and tricks? Lucky for us, she shares it all in her Skillshare class about polishing a manuscript to take your writing to the next level.   

Wattpad Star Rebecca Sky.png

Rebecca Sky started out by posting her first story just like any user on Wattpad, but today her massive and engaged audience has been one of the biggest factors that has allowed her to pursue her passion for writing full time. “I never originally thought of myself as a writer, and now it’s the only thing I can imagine doing.” So, how did she do it? Rebecca grew her community through identifying her primary audience, engaging her readers, and building her brand through merchandising her work – all essential tools for any writer looking to build a successful online following around their work. Want to follow in her footsteps? Her Skillshare class is the perfect place to start.

From finding inspiration and developing solid characters, to polishing a manuscript and building an online presence, these Wattpad Stars are here on Skillshare to help take your writing to the finish line and beyond.

Enroll in the Wattpad Stars’ classes today and start writing – you never know where your story could take you!

Written by:

Katie Keohane