Considered working for yourself? Take this quiz to find out if freelancing is right for you. 

Today, more people than ever before are working as freelancers. That being said, it can be pretty daunting to decide to work for yourself. 

Before taking the plunge, its important to determine if working on your own is right for you. You will want to examine your personality and consider if you are: 

  1. Well organized

  2. Comfortable working alone

  3. A people person

  4. Passionate about your craft

You will also want to take your current circumstances into account.

  1. Can you leave your job on good terms?

  2. Do you have a place to work from?

  3. Do you savings to draw from as you get started?

  4. Do you have a network you can reach out to from the get go?

  5. Do you have a website set up?

If the answer to these questions isn’t unequivocally yes, that doesn’t mean that freelancing isn’t right for you – but you may want to take some more time to set yourself up. Maybe set savings or social media goals before quitting your job. 

For more help getting started, check out this article on networking as a freelancer and this article on top things to do  before starting your own business. 

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