Pineapples may look spiky and intimidating, but they’re big old softies on the inside—and they truly aren’t as difficult to cut as they seem. Plus, cutting a pineapple yourself ensures you get the freshest fruit possible, and it’s much more affordable than buying the pre-cut stuff. Read on to learn exactly how to break down this tropical treat.

How to Cut a Pineapple

There are newfangled ways to cut pineapple, and we’ll talk about those in a minute. But how do you cut a pineapple traditionally? Below, Skillshare teacher Pam Chavez walks you through the standard, simple way to slice up this fruit.

1. Choose the Right Knife

lady with pineapple
Choose a long, sharp, serrated knife for the job.

Cutting a pineapple easily—and safely—starts with picking the right knife for the job. Most importantly, you’ll want to choose a knife that is long enough to span the entire width of the fruit. Choosing a serrated knife is especially helpful for getting through the thick rind. Finally, make sure it’s nice and sharp so you don’t hurt yourself trying to hack away with a dull blade!

2. Slice Off the Top and Bottom

cut pineapple
Next, slice off the top and bottom of your pineapple.

Next, you’ll want to create a stable base so your pineapple isn’t rolling all over the place while you try to cut it. To do this, simply lay the pineapple on its side and slice off the top and bottom to flatten off both ends.

3. Shave Off the Rind

cut pineapple
An optional step: Shave off the rind of your pineapple.

Now it’s time to get rid of that thick skin. Working around the sides of the pineapple, slice off the rinds, moving the knife in a c-like motion that follows the shape of the fruit. You want to cut far enough in that you get rid of the eyes (the prickly brown dots that are no fun to eat), but not so far that you waste a bunch of fruit. Err on the side of caution—you can alway go back and shave off a little extra if there are eyes left over.

If you want to cut the pineapple without removing the skin—so that you can eat it in wedges like a watermelon—just skip this step.

4. Cut Through the Core

cut pineapple
Cut through the core—you’re getting close!

Using the round core as your guide, divide the pineapple into four quarters by cutting it in half straight down the center, and cutting each of those pieces in half again.

5. Trim Off the Core

cut pineapple
Eat the core or cut it off—the choice is yours.

While the core of the pineapple has a delicious flavor, it’s tougher and less sweet than the fruit itself, so most people prefer to trim it off. Simply lay each quarter on its side or end and cut as close to the core as you can to avoid wasting fruit. You can eat these cores if you like, freeze them to use in smoothies, or toss them in your compost bin!

6. Cut Into Pieces of Your Choice

Time to slice your pineapple!

Finally, it’s time to choose your own adventure and slice your pineapple into whatever shape and size you prefer. Keep the steaks as is to toss them on the grill for a unique treat, dice them into the tiniest pieces for fruit salad or pizza toppings, or anything in between.

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TikTok Tricks for Cutting a Pineapple

As with so many other life skills, TikTok has a hack for cutting pineapple. Sydney Shook went viral after sharing a method in which you roll the pineapple and then pull it apart, though various YouTubers who have tried it seem to have mixed (and messy). Attempt at your own risk—or just use the tried-and-true method above. 

What to Do After You Cut a Pineapple

Once your pineapple is cut, now what? You could just eat the tart fruit as-is, or use it in desserts, throw it on some homemade pizza, use the juice in signature cocktails, and so much more. Get creative in how you use this delicious, tropical fruit!

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Written by:

Erin Greenawald