Why do some TikTok posts go viral and some don’t? We can talk all about TikTok’s algorithms and demographics until we turn blue. But with the example of leggings on TikTok, it’s better just to show you.

TikTok Leggings: What Are They?

“TikTok leggings” refer to a style of leggings with a high waist and ribbed “honeycomb” pattern from brands like SEASUM and GYMSPT. 

But what are TikTok leggings, exactly? The leggings are flattering in all of the ways that might look good on social media. You probably get the drift. 

That creates immediate TikTok appeal. But we’re interested in more than that today. We’re eager to see how a simple product can go viral on TikTok to the point where famous singers are flaunting them within a few short months.

Why Did They Go Viral?

It’s difficult to find a “video zero” that kicked things off for TikTok leggings. But by the summer of 2021, the hashtag “#tiktokleggings” had over 600 million views. 

It’s not difficult to imagine why. Before-and-after TikTok videos of users trying these leggings on have all of the elements of a viral TikTok post:

  • Surprise. Last year, TikTok poster Devin Olson’s “like, what?” surprise at the effectiveness of the SEASUM version of the TikTok leggings created obvious intrigue. Who doesn’t want to try an expensive pair of pants that makes you look in the mirror and say “what?!” with awe?
  • Market match. TikTok’s demographics trend female and young—60% female, for example—the exact demographic who might be in the market for a pair of miracle leggings.
  • Visual appeal. Leggings on TikTok are a product built for the medium: You can see their impact within a few short seconds.

The unique appeal of TikTok is that you don’t have to have a large following to create a viral hit. 

As Taylor Loren notes in her Skillshare class about mastering TikTok:

“Every video that is posted on TikTok is shown to a small group of users … based on how your video performs with that small audience, the TikTok algorithm then decides if it should be shown to a larger test group.”

What does this mean? If you can create a video that will appeal to your small test group, you stand a chance at going viral. Catering to the interests of TikTok’s demographics sets you up for success.

It isn’t difficult to see how TikTok leggings caught on from there. Curious users saw the videos on their “For You” feeds, tried it out themselves, and shared the results. Viral success was a foregone conclusion.

amazon pants
Source: Amazon
SEASUM’s high-waisted yoga pants demonstrate what’s possible with a viral hit.

Do They Really Work?

According to TikTok users, yes. Devin Olson said, “Okay—please go buy these.” Another user named Sophie said, “I’m never wearing [another pair of pants].”

Amazon reviews—currently with over 70,000 ratings—average a 4.1 out of 5, with plenty of user-submitted pictures and videos to verify how well the magic pants work. 

Where to Find Them

Wondering where to buy TikTok leggings? You won’t be looking for long. Plenty of companies are happy to cash in on the trend. 

But if you want to know where to find TikTok leggings that helped kicked off the trend in the first place, there are a few products that fit neatly into the viral craze:

Go Viral With TikTok Content

Part of the appeal of TikTok is that you don’t need a major following to go viral. You simply need a video that appeals to TikTok’s users. 

When you prove to the TikTok algorithm that you can drive engagement to a small audience, the big-time viral hits are sure to come—miracle leggings or otherwise.

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